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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  February 2, 2021 9:00pm-10:00pm +03

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i'm. so glad they're exposing direct links to corruption at the highest level of the bangladesh government. do you think. i'll just the right investigations told the prime minister's man. this is al jazeera. oh well come on peter w watching the news hour live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes the russian opposition leader alexei nobel needs been sentenced to 3 and a half years in jail for violating parole. state leader aung sun suu kyi is moved from a detention facility kept under house arrest as calls grow for her release. calling
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it an act of betrayal the u.s. senate democrats submit their arguments to impeach donald trump his lawyers dismiss the accusation. and. just like everybody is right now you coronavirus variance in the u.k. lead to calls urging people in badly affected areas to go outside only if necessary . all the sports will hear from the biggest football. team gets ready for the. world cup appearance on home soil. ok let's begin with some breaking news out of russia with a prominent kremlin critic. begin a jail sentence he's been sentenced to 3 and a half years for violating his parole going back to 2014 he'll will serve 2 and
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a half years as he's already spent time under house arrest his offense was committed as a result of him being treated in germany over suspected poison attack several months ago now in a moment we're live in moscow 1st charlie angela with the very latest. once again alexina valley is paying a high price for his criticism of the kremlin as a court sentenced him to $3.00 and a half years in prison the judge found the valley guilty of breaking probation failing to report to russian police over an embezzlement charge the fact he was in hospital in berlin was not accepted the valley was there recovering from nerve agent poisoning he alleges was carried out by the russian state. outside the court a major show of force from police rounding up and detaining the valley supporters who call not only for his release but for the release of russia from putin's rule. is pretty you know this is total lawlessness you can think whatever you want about
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alexina valmy as a politician but the problem is that if such high profile people can be arrested in a live television broadcast without a reason it means that people like you and i are known people they can do whatever they want to us become one of these trial is a sham like many other trials in russia this is a politically motivated case he was poisoned in russia that crime is not under investigation he returned to russia and they have jail time straight away everything these going on has nothing to do with justice. after days of nationwide rallies detention centers are overflowing and despite the threat of new sanctions from the west the kremlin has shrugged off criticism from the u.s. in europe and continues to deny that the valley was ever poisoned. still not have an answer for on what basis the swedish military conclusion that mr only was poisoned by a. group in the last 10 years in the valley has been jailed more than 10 times many
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working for his anti corruption network have now been detained and his spokeswoman is under house arrest but his lawyers promise to appeal against his verdict while he asks people in and outside russia to continue putting pressure on putin charlie . ok that's what's happened inside the courtroom in the last 90 minutes or so our correspondent alexandra god is outside that courtroom for us here on the news hour so alexandra you probably won't see him because he's going from being held in detention bars to being behind bars. while indeed we are not going to see him he is going to be actually 1st brought back to he's been in detention center where he's kept because there is this 10 days for appeal process that his lawyers did announce that they will appear appeal but there is not really a lot of people in russia that believe that appeal might help him so most probably
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after 10 days have a softer if they lose the appeal then he will be then transfer into prison by the choice of the court what does this do to his political aspirations. well you see when he left russia and he left it in a coma he left it in a medical plane it was one kind of a politician politician that was outspoken against put in that was pointing out the corruption but the opposition bases here in russia is not very big and was smaller bands so he was not the one that maybe everybody that doesn't like 14 liked him but when he returned the way he returned he returned in a manner that was there that showed the bravery and then it was also discovered as we see in the protests that his support base is
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a much bigger he returned as an opposition politician number one and number one opponent to putin so being the 2 and a half or a judge or put it more precisely 2 years and 8 months in prison might not harm his political career but if other charges come in and there are pending on some new embezzle meant case and that results in more years in prison then no one can tell what kind of politician will come out of that phrase and then alexander what was your reading of his kind of emotional librium because when he was in court standing up inside that glass box waiting for the judgment he looked very sanguine he was laughing and joking with his supporters he was making the hot symbol with his hams he clearly knew what was coming his way and it didn't apparently faze him one little bit. well indeed the
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heart to the symbol that he drew on the glass was meant for his wife which was that they are present for this hearing and present at the trial they were exchanging gestures for which they got reprimanded by the judge reading the verdict at that point from the very beginning when he was arrested at the airport when he landed from germany he was in the beginning quite sure that the law is on his side but after he was arrested on what he and his lawyers called an unlawful of war and then after that when he 1st appeared he was very clear that this this is a whole charade that is a political showcase process which is meant to scare not only him but also millions that support who support him and are against the putin regime so the way he behaved in cork cast
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a clear responding to the questions like why he didn't report saying well i was not aware of you because i was not aware of myself i was in a coma is actually to show the great face but also. earlier show that he has no doubt that they will change he is suspended sentence into a real prison time very briefly alexandra do you think this might make him more popular not less popular. oh definitely yes because this is what people reacted 1st of all he was hailed for for his move to return back to russia when there was a warrant for his arrest or where he was already be called by some officials that. for in secret services are behind him so that already bought him a lot of sympathy among the population but also the way this process has been handled amongst the opposition minded people is seen as outrage so for sure yes in
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this these were writing more support definitely. xander thank you very much that's his wife outside the courthouse speaking to assemble reporters and journalists as soon as we get a sense of what she's saying although i guess at one level it is probably quite predictable what she will be saying she'll be saying he's a strong man she will probably be saying we fight on we fight to win she will be saying this was a sham trial and we will carry on with our drive of opposition trying to stand up against vladimir putin the russian president but that's my speculation we don't know that's what she's saying as soon as we get a sense of what she has been saying or bring it to you here on the news out of world nina chris cheever is a professor of international affairs at the new school in moscow she says president vladimir putin is wary of nobel these growing popularity. and we know doesn't look
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like revolutions because more than anything. and you know given russian history probably justified he's terrified of losing power he's also a man of great ambition to be a great man and so if he if not by me can take him down then he's no longer he doesn't he's not going to be considered a great man so that is a little bit. but the victim of a k.g.b. vindictive part of of putin but i think more than than anything is that by his existence he can not be allowed to continue his work it least in a space that is legally allowed so to speak and that's why when we follow the trial i mean it is like for me i study a lot of. critics studying this purges of 937 i mean this is a farcical trial which a trial which has absolutely no legal basis basis which now might be in fact said
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and he also said very well in this trial is that they try to scare me because scaring me one man it's also mean that scared they're scaring you mean miles need a young son suchi is being moved to house arrest after parties government was ousted in a coup she was detained by the military alongside dozens of senior politicians on monday in the hands of gentlemen on lien was appointed his own cabinet the military says its takeover is only temporary and is promising pre and fair elections in one year's time well the crisis was discussed at the un security council they held a special meeting in new york to decide on an international response and possible sanctions james bays diplomatic at a so james that meeting has now come to a conclusion or to be got so far. well no agreement among security council members of the way forward i think this was really just an exchange of views of the current situation each of the 15 delegations
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sounding out the others on what they think about what's happened and what should be done next and trying to get the very latest information on the ground the 15 ambassadors were briefed by the u.n. special envoy christine shana bergen who gave the latest information an interesting lee she gave the briefer the beginning of the of the meeting and then later in the meeting came back with the news of banks and suci and the fact that she has been moved out of the initial detention that she was put in and now is being confined under house arrest it's not clear which house she's being held in and exactly where she is being held after that news was made public we put that point to step out of who is the spokesman for the secretary general he made it quite clear that it doesn't really matter as far as the u.n. is concerned whether it's house arrest or whether she's be detained in some sort of
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jail she's still being detained and that goes against the democracy and the democratic journey of that the country was supposed to be on and i guess an l.d.s. supporters me and maher should be holding their breath here because of regional vested interests the u.n. security council those ambassadors they need to talk of the they always do don't they they always talk to their presidents and prime ministers they want to find out what the line is back home and if we are waiting on something. constructive or concrete rather coming out of the u.n. security council it could be days or weeks. it could be some time i think and certainly that is the word that we were guessing we got a summary of what happened in the meeting from the british ambassador the current president of the security council barbara woodward and she said discussions will continue she was speaking to us in her national capacity because she had no agreed words to give on behalf of the security council if they come up with a statement they have to agree a statement if they come up with any further action like
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a resolution then they have to have a vote on it and clearly permanent members of the security council can veto any action and when we talk about permanent members clearly with regard to the current situation i think we need to look most closely at russia and also most importantly china because china is the country that has the real leverage with regard to the military in myanmar i look at a completely different file the file of north korea and tell you how that has worked in the past when the security council's considered tough action against north korea the chinese have been very very slow constantly looking to beijing for the latest guidance for the mission here in new york to pursue things and often the course of action has come out of negotiations directly between the u.s. and china with regard to north korea policy and sometimes it's taken weeks even months and then they bring it back to the rest of the security council so that's
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the way things have worked on north korea the problem potentially on this is that you're not going to get that sort of dynamic right now between the u.s. and china because i think both sides are very very tense at the moment wondering what the policy of the new biden administration ship between those 2 superpowers james thank you very much james bays our diplomatic editor there at the u.n. . well meanwhile inside me inmarsat dozens are trying to make sense of life under the new regime stores are reopening under the watch of the military but many aren't giving up the fight and he fell has more from young gone. a day after a coup in myanmar soldiers on the street a stark reminder of the new military regime. in yangon banks and shops reopened as the city seemed to be quietly returning to normal but the mood among the people here seemed low as they digested what had happened. when i heard the news i couldn't believe it i'm sad i'm sad for the people i feel pain in my heart i think
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people are going to face trouble i would. rather i can't even eat or sleep we are not strong enough to do something back to them we don't have power they seize the power because they have guns we hear nothing. on monday the military detains to factor leader aung san suu kyi and other prominent political figures since the arrests some regional ministers and lawmakers have been released. in a country where she and her and l.t. party remain extremely popular winning a landslide victory in november elections this coup will undoubtedly be unwanted by many but always people are men and women. even children don't want to return to military rule and they hate even the thought of it in the very founder of it or even want it but what can they do the n l d party has released
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a statement repeated tongue sansa cheek calling for the people to protest against the military's actions. all the voters who gave their backing to his in the 2020 general election should follow all sounds too cheesy instructions to carry out civil disobedience. that cool has been widely shared across social media here on the streets of yangon it seems like business as well but over at the company voices of dissent off starting to be heard. the n l d is calling for the immediate release of those who have been arrested a party spokesperson says tucci is in good health i and as the sun goes down the sons of resistance can be heard in the city. people striking pans and drums from their balconies and sound in their car and all in protest against in the trickery alley found younger al-jazeera.
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ok let's get more on this joining us now is serene todd ross in new york she's the deputy director of advocacy at amnesty international shereen tad ross how should people with vested interests in gauge with what's going on inside the country they should take the situation extremely seriously because we have seen this play out before and this is not the 1st time the military in myanmar have executed a coup we saw what happened last time we saw the widespread violence the extrajudicial executions that took place under the hands of the security forces there are hundreds of thousands of people across the country right now whose lives and whose liberty are extrinsic and there is a very small window look at unity for the international community to finally do the right thing and exert the pressure that it shouldn't done years ago on the military to bring them back in line what countries have got more leverage with the military
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. there's no doubt that we've seen countries in the region including china have a direct line to authorities in myanmar and that's why it's really important when you look at forums like the un security council it's so easy for us to sit here and say it's useless they're paralyzed china india they'll never let anything happen but the fact is that a body like the un security council does have the tools to to make a difference to stop violence to prevent a further deterioration they can impose targeted sanctions on the military they can financially isolate the generals whose names we know because these atrocities have been taking place time time again over the past 2 years and there are various u.n. reports including who is human rights reports as well from organizations like my own pointing to the names of those military generals that should be sanctioned we
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need to see an arms embargo so that we can train stop the flow of arms that are going to the military and finally the situation should be referred to the i.c.c. the international criminal court not just because we need the wheels of justice to start training but because we also need the generals to feel the pressure to feel the international pressure which they so far clearly have not felt when you talk about atrocities one's reminded of course of the events to do with the writing of muslims over the past 2345 years if essentially the country stays calm isolates heat lost alone but calm over the coming year between now and we're told an election a free and fair election in 12 months time although there was nothing really wrong with the last election that we've we've just had in the m.l.t. did very well do you see a situation where the military will go back to the bad old days of going after minorities because they can. i don't see any reason why we should have any
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faith in what the military are saying about keeping the country quote calm for the next year we've seen their actions and the actions speak much louder than their words and we have seen them in the last few years commit terrible atrocities i remember one of our researchers who was there in 2016 talking about how she would speak to her she spoke to a mother who had to choose between which child to carry so that she could flee the area and she have to leave one of the children in a very village we heard about women being raped by military soldiers we heard about children being thrown into fires as entire villages were torched i'm not sure we should have any space in what the minutes here saying this is extremely dangerous and the world should wake up and do something we have to leave in the sherene but ross the deputy director of advocacy of amnesty the new york thank you so much.
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plenty more still to come here on the news hour including the u.k. prime minister pain tribute to a national hero we'll look back at the life of captain tom war. and the supreme court in the philippines weighs up a controversial terror law introduced by president deter today. also ahead the liverpool boss says pushing for a miracle we'll tell you why in sports with sorrow in about 30 minutes. u.s. democrats today submitting their briefing outlining the impeachment charges against the former u.s. president will trump his legal team has submitted its response and dismissed allegations he incited his supporters to attack capitol hill on january the 6th of this year she had pretends he has been following developments in washington she just to be clear kick us off in this conversation here i thought we were heading to a situation where the democrats weren't going to get the numbers anyway and how can
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you impeach 8 formally sitting now former president. funny you mention about that actually in the in the legal brief that's just been filed obviously impeachment brief that's been filed by trump's legal team but as far as the democrats the clerk. if that if the framers of the constitution that meant any political official to be impeached it would be a politician who was clinging on to power at any cost and they make the case that's precisely what donald trump was up to both before the election even when he was suggesting the election was about to be stolen then after the election when he for example put pressure on or seemed to be pressure on local officials in georgia for example to take another look at the results and then in what the democrats and there was inciting his followers to come to the capitol and challenge the electoral college vote count here in congress on january the 6 and as i put it vividly
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in their brief. trump summoned a mob to washington exalted them into a frenzy and aiding them like a loaded cannon down pennsylvania avenue which resulted in the riots that we saw here on january the 6th they also address this idea that you can't impeach someone who used to be a president they say look there is no january exception the president was leaving office in january on the 20th when the new president is going to be sworn in if that is how we look at the constitutional constitutional approach to accountability then surely any president would cling on to power would feel that they could do whatever they wanted in the last days of office because they would not be held accountable by congress on both those on both those arguments on all the 2 main arguments are one it is constitutional and 2 trunk was central you couldn't imagine the insurrection of john reed the 6 without donald trump that's the democratic right we must leave it there many thanks. back to europe the u.k.
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variant of corona virus has mutated in the way that could help it vade vaccines that's according to a scientific advisor to the u.k. government in london it now has the e 484 k. mutation the same as has been seen in the highly contagious south african and brazilian corona virus variants scientists say if the virus has this mutation you may need higher levels of antibodies to defeat it levels that might not be created by current vaccines and early study into the finds a biotech vaccine should have provided less protection against the south african variant clinical trial data for the novak's and johnson and johnson vaccines showed the same vaccine developers like modern are looking at updating their shots to offer better protection against the different strains the u.k. has started door to door testing of 80000 people in a bid to flush out cases of the mutated virus chris smith is a consultant rogers to cambridge and editor of naked sciences he joins us on skype
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from cambridge in the u.k. chris great to have you back here on the news so thank you forgive me if i'm oversimplifying this we think now the science is telling us there's at least one variant there that is immune to the vaccine. well immune is a strong word we hope the immune people are going to be those who had the vaccine but what this represents is the virus changing and evolving which all viruses do and evolving in such a way that the protection conferred by vaccination might be less effective than it was against the classic or parent strain of the virus and this is because these changes or these mutations alter the shape of the outer coat to the virus and if they distort the shape they can make the virus more transmissible which this change appears to do but at the same time they make it more slippery so our antibodies that we make in response to the vaccine find it harder to gain a toehold and neutralize the virus and that's why entities like madonna are saying
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they might want to update their back scene in order to reflect these changes that are beginning to entrenched in the virus so does that mean if one encounters a virus what you're encountering is actually something that at a cellular level is less sticky is less spiky you use the word slippery there so it can still get in but it goes in in a much more efficient way it's more contagious is more infectious. well all viruses evolve and change and this one is no exception and as it's going through the population what these viruses are doing is is evolving in-situ way that they optimize their ability to grow in us and spread between us and if we place an additional obstacle in their way in the form of protection from a vaccine this is also going to speed up the rate at which the virus discloses changes that enable it to surmount that barrier and this is one example of how that might be able to happen now the good news here is that the vaccines that we're busy making against this new coronavirus are relatively easy to update they are
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relatively easy to change but what's not easy to do is obviously to vaccinate millions of people which is why keeping the spotlight on this thing looking at how it behaves looking at how it spreads looking at the effect that it doesn't doesn't have on people who have and have not had the vaccine yet this will be crucial in the days ahead so we can really learn some good hard facts that will improve how we should best move forward is there some other good news here chris as well briefly please and it's this 6 months ago 7 months ago you and i were having conversations on the tangy news where you and i had a conversation i remember this distinctly as july august where you were saying look we've got to think about variance this thing might change it might reinvent itself and here we are sure as eggs is eggs we're having that conversation but we know about that conversation we know about the backstory to it and we know what it can do and here it is doing it so we're kind of ready for it offset against vaccination and in the u.k. is going in very much the right direction particularly compared to some of the
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other e.u. countries pardon me formerly e.u. countries. this week we will see the milestone of 10000000 people being vaccinated in the u.k. and that's an amazing achievement to have done that in under a month the goal of course is 50000000 people vaccinated by the middle of february this will help to rein in the spread of the virus and it will make it much more difficult for the virus to produce these sorts of variants and so now it's a game of cat and mouse if you will who can get the most people vaccinated the fastest to suppress the risk of the virus changing any more than it has already and where we get there before it does let's hope we can let's hope christmas there in cambridge in the u.k. great to talk to chris thank you very much pleasure thanks very much. it was 100 years old captain tom moore died today in hospital after testing positive for covert 19 mr moore raised millions of dollars for the british n.h.s. the health service by walking laps in his garden during last year's lockdown u.k.
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prime minister described him as a machinable hero solid balance looks back at his life. he inspired a nation during a difficult time captain tom moore fund raising hero has died of covert 19. in april 2020 of the an obscure retired british army captain captured hearts when he attempted to walk $100.00 lefts of his garden at the time of his 100th birthday he wanted to race 1500 dollars for the national health service and state he raced 43000000 and his story went global i'm delighted the word there for the research of old. sources warsaw has turned into this enormous sum of. the cause is so good. we were delighted that we got so much money for such a good cause and. his optimism was contagious his
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catch phrase you'll never walk alone became a number one hit. a book about his life followers and a film is in the making. queen elizabeth came out of lock down to give him a knighthood and he entered the guinness book of world records what can you do. i think. or was there all. who would have you talk to bob ill of him if she could here's a good and mincing. captain tom served in india and burma during the 2nd world war. he likened the fight against covert to a battle was. doctors and nurses on the front line the prime minister pay tribute to him when news broke he was in hospital well i can say this captain tom moore has been an inspiration to everybody in this country during this pandemic and i think
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our thoughts and our prayers are now with a little and with his family. despite being prioritise vaccination he developed pneumonia before he could be protected against the virus. captain tom moore who's died at the age of $100.00 still to come here on the al-jazeera news of israel's covert 19 vaccination program has been so successful the pace is slowing but where does that leave the palestinians we'll take a live update. also ahead argentina has legalized abortion but women wanting the procedure of facing numerous challenges. and the australian open champion is getting fired up ahead of his title defense tennis action coming up in sports in about 15.
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or. now by the evidence of the satellite picture it's very quiet of arabia but event iran not so necessarily in turkey has bit of a hint on the surface here of what's happening way up in the atmosphere and what is happening is going to start to develop an area of low pressure over northern egypt and northern saudi and this circulation which would be very cold breeze down through egypt will produce rain in north and saudi in jordan many parts levant and across in iraq it was when she spread open up and bring rain all way down through saudi arabia through iraq and you think it might keep going south yeah i think it probably will cure it gets us rain on saturday beyond that but the hard to forecast it will probably start to disperse to be honest this is the focus of saturday was widespread showers there mostly like ones for society maybe bahrain and the heavier rain still middle of iraq and going across into iran ok back to the closer timeframe now and the satellite picture reveals masses of range you might expect
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through parts of symbolic way of botswana and south africa bit of a secular nation here in the our shop is the heavy of the rain now but swan is always going to be in this so the capital gets 3 days of thunderstorms and then by time we get to wednesday it's. the suit to that's the main beneficiary. of. that the tourist terraces of the football ultras where club loyalty come in violent confrontations when i was young when there was a football match we were crying because the fans got to go crazy but in indonesia one group of revolutionary supporters has taken a stand against male aggression with a carnival lescott display of peace and unity the fans who make football trizin angels on al-jazeera. it's america's worst kept secret cracked open the time of
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a pandemic exposed in the time of trump through the turmoil of 2020 the big picture traces a century of racial injustice to reveal how philanthropy politics and economics preserve structural inequality keeping white a supreme and black in its place a race for america part one on a. welcome back you're watching the al-jazeera news our my name's peter davi let's just recap main news for you so far this hour russia's most prominent opposition politician alexina bound he will spend 2 and a half years in jail has been sentenced for violating his parole while he was
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recovering from nerve agent poisoning in germany for more alexander is in moscow alexander do we know where he's been taken. peter he has been taken straight from the court by the police back to the penal detention center where he's planned his days basically ever since he came back to russia there he will be at least 10 days because that's the period of appeal after 10 days the today's verdict of the court becomes final and then he will be transferred to prison the prison is going to be determined which one is going to be in russia is going to be determined by the judge at the moment today's verdict came in through a social media he's a supporters called people to go to the center of moscow but the center of moscow and also central. are heavily guarded by the police and here in moscow central
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metro stations have been shot down the police started. securing the area hours before the verdict came in probably having had some experience with how this goes in the previous week or since he came back they decided to act preventively and as we hear dairies already some detentions but they are not allowing anyone to approach the center of moscow and st petersburg we did see supporters. outside the court after the verdict what did they say. well of course the rally supporters in a sense did expect this outcome but they had some hope it is not going to be like that so people who support the vile me but also in general people who are positionally minded thinking this outrageous and for them this whole process have
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been a political process and they've been thinking that this is a political trial since 2014 because and then they were their opinion was confront the european court of justice the dictator in this trial to be unfounded the verdict on found in the whole process actually being sort of arbitrary so for them at one hand this was something that they did expect but deep in their hearts they didn't want it happening and they are disappointed and angry in a certain sense now because they seem this is a failure of the legal system in russia and the legal system in russia according to them being used for political purposes alexandra so the courtroom in moscow thank you very much. israel's coronavirus vaccination drive appears to be slowing down as many people have received more than $3000000.00 people have had their 1st dose but in palestine iraq concerns about its low vaccination rate their lack of supply and
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the potential spread of a new strain over to need to bring him in how many people in palestine have actually been vaccinated. the palestinian authority has started you know killing a dozen of palestinians they are from the front line medical staff after the palestinians of received 2000 jobs from israel they are a part of the 5000 that israel is go to be providing hosting ins for emergency use they are waiting for more 5000 vaccines that are coming from russia and 37000 from the w.s.j. was the b.o.h. kovacs program but all of that is not going to be enough to meet the urgent needs the palestinian health ministry says that there are around 100000 palestinians who are working in the health sector and these are going to be the top priority in
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addition to the elderly and those with chronic diseases and the minister has said that they're looking to inoculate around $3200000.00 palestinians over the next few months but this is not going to be an easy trust us giving that did not direct scenes haven't arrived yet and she also said that some of these vaccines will be getting or a they will be sending them to the got fixed now if only all the health ministry has reported and in a decrease in the infection rate in palestine but this is mostly because many palestinians are not getting tested and also there are growing concerns because the news 3 of the quran a fire is the new variant has appeared in dozen in some areas in the occupied west bank. thank you very much news correspondent ramallah. japan has extended a state of emergency in turkey on 9 other regions for one month in an effort to
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curb coronavirus infections and with less than 6 months until the start of the tokyo olympic games the government says it's not a question of whether the games will be held but how al-jazeera florence louis explained. well it all wanted that's been the question surrounding the tokyo 2020 and the impacts already postponed by yet because of the pandemic i think one of the biggest questions of course is whether or not it's safe to bring about a 1000000 spectators s.-chip expects to to one of the most densely populated cities in the world during a pandemic and i think what you need to do is think about you know 20 years from now how mr remember this moment well we look back at tokyo 2021 and say boy that was a big mistake that was out a super spreader event on tuesday tokyo 2020 president you she remotely looks we need to go beyond our discussions of whether to hold or not and discuss how to hold
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it organizes and the international olympic committee are due to announce this week the measures against coronavirus help put in place to ensure the safety of athletes and officials but public enthusiasm for hosting the games is waning in 2 polls conducted in japan last month 80 percent of respondents say the tokyo on the backs should be canceled or postponed japan itself is battling a rise in new coronavirus cases the government has just extended a state of emergency in tokyo and other regions for another month but it is keen for the games to go ahead saying it won't be a symbol of human victory against the pandemic organizing one of the world's largest sporting events is difficult enough pulling that off during a pandemic would be a big challenge and most likely a high risk one florence louis al-jazeera. at least 69 people. been arrested in turkey's capital ankara while protesting in solidarity with students in istanbul
9:43 pm
hundreds of people rallied the university in a stumble on monday they've been staging protests for nearly a month now against president wants appointment of a new university head at least 159 people were detained of course in pakistan has ordered the man who's been on death row for 18 years to be moved to a safe house he was acquitted last week of the 2002 murder of the american journalist daniel pearl. shaikh had received the death penalty for involvement in the beheading of mr pearl he's always denied despite his previous conviction pearl's family and the white house have expressed outrage come a harder is following the story from islamabad. the court had ordered for the removal of omar shaykh immediately from the dead carried to a more comfortable and weimann perhaps and a barrack and then within 2 days could be moved into our safe house where he will
9:44 pm
be allowed to meet his family he is not yet free completely because the terms of fake. release will be known after a written order to ensure by the cog however right now the court is haring the appeal filed by the government. against the equator of omar shake it could also be remembered that one of the key leaders of al qaida the number 3 college mohammad had confessed to taking part in that beheading directly that date was not able to prove its case the court not started by with the proof that was given to the court and therefore had now decided to all go listen to the review predation decide ideas should be delayed but under strict security he will not be a free man it is a step in that direction but did not completely free yet lawyers in the philippines
9:45 pm
are protesting against an anti terror bill that's been signed into law by the president roderigo to take they say it's unconstitutional violates human rights to melinda gunn now from manila. 13 lawyers representing 37 petitioners are asking supreme court justices to scrap an anti terror law the legislation championed by president with the go to terry and backed by the military but the scale of this legal challenge to the government isn't precedent to any one of us can actually be branded as a bare risk based on the definition of terrorism in the law for example as they speak now they can interpret this us there which is also a message to the filipino people we should get involved we should be informed about this we should study what this law is all about because this is not just about us lawyers we are fighting for our civil liberties and for
9:46 pm
a future the anti terror law broadens the definition of terrorism and allows the military to expand surveillance and detain suspects for weeks without charge the government says it needs the law to fight insurgent groups in many parts of the country and the national security adviser says it is designed to protect civil liberties but. the reason is that critics say the government has weaponized the law to systematically stifle dissent democracy they say is under siege this is why they turn to the supreme court they say as the filipino people's last line of defense against tyranny. al-jazeera. in december argentina became the biggest latin american country to legalize abortion but access to the procedure remains difficult especially in conservative provinces to reason as more. already undue pressure from 19
9:47 pm
argentinos hospitals are now having to adapt again abortion has just become legal in argentina. says he has seen many women affected by botched abortions. and is happy times has started to change in my thoughts the years. in the past 2 days since the law was implemented we have had 8 requests to terminate pregnancies we are trying to move as fast as we can as we have a pandemic and we are trying to minimalize the presence of patients in the hospital . i it's a major revolution in this overwhelmingly catholic country in december the senate voted in favor of legalizing abortion women rights groups have been arguing for years that thousands of illegal abortions already happen annually and they pose a major threat for women thousands of them end up in hospital because of complications but now women can have a free and safe abortion in
9:48 pm
a public hospital. where company women a lot we try to make it easy for them without too much crying we try to keep them away from obstetrics and but yet trix we have other female doctors that come here to be with them we're ready for this next step. doctors here say many of the women who come already have children and cannot afford to have another one venue law says that a woman can have an abortion after 14 weeks of pregnancy the province of want to hide it is distributing this booklet that explains hospitals how to proceed when a woman comes and requests and i wash and this says that they have up to 10 days to interrupt the pregnancy timing is crucial until now abortion was only legal in argentina in case of rape or if a woman's life was at risk and that's why in many conservative areas in the country authorities postpone legal abortions for months forcing women to deliver their babies. has been covering women rights issues for years she says political will is
9:49 pm
crucial if then we get out of. the implementation is very clear and i think the conservative fundamentalist sectors don't want to see the implementation across the country they will try to do it become to stop but that's where it is important the political and political commitment to guarantee the law is implemented and it's not just on paper. prior to the passage of the new law precedent of the for amanda said broad legalization of abortion was a matter of public health that needed to be addressed and that's why hospitals in the country now see themselves as essential to help the government in their next step toward securing abortion rights nationwide. when a site is. still to come here on the news. a female.
9:50 pm
9:51 pm
time for sports this hour thanks a lot peter while we start right here in doha a stadium will be at 30 percent capacity when the fee for club world cup kicks off on thursday cafés domestic champions over here are making their 1st appearance in such a high profile tournament and somehow mushmouth one of their star players to find out more. qatar is hosting the club world cup for the 2nd time 4 of the world's continental champions are in the mix and saw our cutters domestic champions at the
9:52 pm
high they both several of their country's top players including elmer as the striker who scored a record mongols of qatar became asian champions in 2019 to go to break. i will now start out in the south put it out again and this is going to be a great experience for us it's like a mini world cup and i hope that i can help my team as much as possible. in his international team mates have a busy year ahead qatar have been invited to play ask guests in south america's top tournament the corporate america and the european woke up call pfizer's well as they look to sharpen their skills ahead of the biggest event of all the 2022 world cup on home soil. and then i will pull out. their duties and we have a lot of competitions and it's a lot of pressure but all the tournament that we play and give us great experience will be playing against big teams that usually qualify for world cups like portugal
9:53 pm
it's a great challenge for us which we need in order to develop. 4 of cutters one. cup stadiums are already fully operational with more set to open later this year and the country is also preparing to host the 1st ever fifa arab cup in the van and december with 22 nations taken part. got that had the picket appear at the catch our is challenging the world with its amazing football facilities if you take a look at the stadium for example with its unique architecture it's something that makes us really proud as it represents us who we are our culture and traditions we're not only representing catarrh we're representing all arab countries and in 2022 we want them to participate in this once in a lifetime opportunity for the middle east. are up against africa's continental champions and the on thursday and egyptian team who are
9:54 pm
themselves well supported in qatar. when l. will go through to face european giants by munich in the semifinals santa hamlisch al-jazeera. home of cops as a miracle is needed for star defend virgo van dyke to return from injury and play a part in the reds premier league title defense 29 year old needed nice surgery after being injured against everton in october since then it would have developed a defensive crisis with a number of their back line also suffering injuries it prompted the club to sign a center back spend davies and i was on cab back on deadline day and with the transfer window now closed teams are submitting their squad lists for the remainder of the season. i think if we have space for birds on the thames exist i think you boss on a premier league is that. nobody told me that i have to change something. that. if but if you have space and chance to get them both will be on the list if they
9:55 pm
aren't on the list then it's only because you hope for. nearly a miracle under a bus has been sacked as coach a french side must say this happened after the 43 year old offered his resignation after a dispute with the club ross boss wasn't happy with the cup citing levy and chum from celtic during the transfer window without his authorize ation the incident compounds what's been a disappointing season for moss say so far they went out of the champions league in the group stage and off struggling in mid table in the french league novak djokovic she's looking good to the australian open just one week away the world number one played his 1st match in season on tuesday he caught a victory for team so here in the a.t.p. cup as he beat denis chaparral over in straight sets not long after that he took to the courts again to win a doubles match for his country which is the reigning australian open champion will be looking to win the event for the 9th time. now to take your olympic organizing
9:56 pm
committee president insists the games will go ahead regardless of the pandemic situation and that people should be asking how to proceed with the games rather than if it will go ahead in the 1st place games organizers are rolling out what they've called a playbook this week a step by step rule book on how to ensure the safety of the 15000 athletes a new risk coaches judges media and v.i.p.'s attending that's all despite public skepticism in japan with coded 19 restrictions extended for another month in the capital and other regions but some a games is scheduled to begin july 23rd the. athletes are under mentally challenging conditions asking themselves if it's ok to join the olympics the government needs to address such concerns from the athletes. and a solid bron james is involved in some on court drummer on monday during the l.a. lakers game against the atlanta hawks le bron james is involved in
9:57 pm
a heated exchange with an atlanta fan referee halted the action of the woman was ejected from the arena you know a back and forth between 2 roles. you know we said ok she said if i said my piece and there was no jump into. this. i don't think. you should be kicked out but the matter how complex may be and it could if i look at it all again the bit about the game or so it really gives you lots of sport for now but i'll be back later sara thanks very much that's it that was the news we'll have more news on this channel in a couple of minutes with season. even
9:58 pm
recent history can become ops cured 3 intrepid photojournalists returned to the epicenter of peru civil war and tracked down the brave characters that they had captured through their lenses 30 years earlier. imagine a rising challenge to the official history that denies indigenous peoples contribution to the peace process witness seen again on a jersey. february on al-jazeera on our streets and access to iran's nuclear program is about to end will u.s. president joe biden overturn trump sanctions and help rebuild relations al-jazeera sets out on a journey to the heart of what it means to be a true supporter of the beautiful game the u.s.
9:59 pm
has the highest covered 1000 count in the world the new administration has promised to turn that around we'll have extensive coverage the big picture reveals how a perfect storm of events in 2020 exposed the truth about wakes up the hawk to the united states and as president joe biden embarks on his 1st month in the white house we'll bring you the latest developments escape attempts to repair global relationships february on al-jazeera. the philippines is biting to restore induct saying. that the body can you deny any wrongdoing. why when a student asked to guides on al-jazeera. understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the wound is another matter when you will be even in the news and current affairs that matter to you.
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kremlin critic alex and yvonne is sentenced to 3 and a half years of violating his parole while recovering from being poisoned. plan. of this is out is there a live from london also coming up.


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