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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  February 2, 2021 12:00am-1:00am +03

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national security this is a political imperative here's the conflict are we telling a good story. we're really interested in taking you into a place that you might not visit otherwise it's absolutely feels that you were there. and you are untainted this is the al-jazeera news hour live from london coming up a u.-turn for democracy the military takes power in me and mark prompting international condemnation and a call for sanctions to be imposed. the country's democratically elected leader uncertain suchi has been detained and replaced by the military's commander in chief . a special delivery in south africa one and a half 1000000 doses of astra zeneca coronavirus vaccine touched down in johannesburg. i'm sorry all the sports the italian
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football set aeration opens an investigation into the on field around that scene from marilou cancun and slats and am of it at last week's milan darby. meanwhile as military has tightened its grip on power purging key ministers from the day following a so far bloodless coup on sunset she has called on people to rise up in comments written before the takeover but whereabouts remain unknown after she was held in the middle of the night instead the army is resting power in the hands of commander in chief men. 24 government ministers have been removed and 11 already replaced phone and internet connections were caught and state t.v. forced off air or banks closed when people scramble to take out cash a un security council. the meeting is now set for tuesday and the military is keen
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to point out it's only temporary promising free and fair elections in a year's time but it's worth remembering this coup came just 6 years after the 1st civilian government was installed in half a century is a foul with places for man gone. in dawn raids in yangon members of my democratically elected leadership were rounded up and detained as the military staged a coup. the state of emergency is in effect nationwide and the generation of the state of emergency is set to one year the military says it was acting in response to widespread election fraud its chief minimum lying now rules the country this is our worst nightmare quite clearly this is the myanmar military scrapping the democratic experiment you know you're talking about a party that won a landslide election truly a landslide election and all of the sudden we have. we have the president and other
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top people. under detention and a state of emergency manufactured by the military to justify your long seizure of power the raids came shortly before the 1st session of a new parliament was supposed to begin. party the national league for democracy had won a landslide victory in elections in november instead the military is now patrolling the streets here in yangon it's been a tense day as information has continued to him although we have seen an increased security presence with riot police congregating in a few key areas the streets of remained relatively quiet the energy is released a statement accusing the military of trying to return to a dictatorship and urging people not to accept the coup ok i am now you know we have a lot of struggles right now for food for life in general for the health you know us people have got the covered problem and now we have
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a coup we were about to be ok and now this happens what do we have to do to survive some supporters of the military did take to the streets in celebration the new leaders have pledged to hold fresh elections and allow the winner to take power. but this is a country that only recently emerged from 5 decades of military rule and many are skeptical. how can we believe they will stick to that one year period based on what there have been other things in the past we couldn't believe them over there will be a solution when all the people unite there's a growing list of nations expressing concern over the situation as well as the united nations its former special rapporteur on myanmar says military chief men on plying is pursuing his personal ambitions i mean i why i wanted to be the president are so that he can stay in power the reason he wants to he needs to stay in power is his his family has so much at stake in.
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businesses are businesses run by the military or its cronies or its associates minimum lines power play has left many in myanmar uncertain about what comes next and with banks and some shops closed people are stocking up on supplies early file al-jazeera yangon. earlier spoke by phone to christine china borgen to the un special envoy for me in march she told me that the country's democratic progress since 2011 has been reversed in just one day. i am really deeply come her especially about the good cooperation of your state took an urgency and also the transfer of all legislator people executed anche at the shore power to the military and the commander in chief and east means
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a real serious blow to the democratic reforms in myanmar and therefore d.c. is really not acceptable and we cannot allow a group like. him no more open in 2011 and that we are now just one date back to square one and we are going to do all our efforts of your goal in the last couple of years to bring forward to a. just one goal even before the crewmen mars' military was playing a powerful role in the largely civilian government it had a quarter of seats in parliament and control over the defense border and home affairs ministries those powers were enshrined in the 2008 constitution adopted when the country was still under military rule it could also veto any changes as bad on some suchi from becoming president because she has children her foreign
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citizens but she became defacto leader with president when eant a close both were detained in the coup a former general and vice-president mintz way will serve as acting president he's transferred legislative executive and judicial power to the army's commander in chief senior general mean unhanged this isn't the 1st time a sensor she's been detained by the military or a bad man looks back at her turbulent relationship with the armed forces. ansen suchi was once considered a beacon of democracy who stood up to the country's powerful military leaders now the military has seized control and arrested her replacing her with a military general it says the action is legally justified but many reject their concerns as an institution that the election results will trigger government policies that will weaken the military's power in the system i think everyone in
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myanmar understands that they're using the law to their advantage the coup is a culmination of a turbulent relationship between suchi and the military that's been going on for decades suchi is the daughter of the late nationalist leader aung sun and she spent much of her youth overseas. she returned home in 1988 when she joined student that protests against the military the taken power in 1962. the movement was crushed and hundreds of protesters killed. a year later she was imprisoned in her family home and would spend 15 years in detention. in 2010 the military released suchi who walked free among large crowds of supporters. it is difficult to achieve democracy and after we achieve democracy it is hard to maintain we have to do a lot of work and we have to take things. in an historic shift for military rule
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cheese national democratic party came to power in 2015 she became state counselor and the de facto leader of myanmar but after 5 decades in power the military maintained much control. the constitution allowed to control the defense and interior ministries and it was guaranteed a quarter of seats in parliament that gave it another hour to veto changes to the constitution suchi is extremely popular in myanmar in 2900 she appeared in the international court of justice where she defended the military against allegations of genocide in 20 twentieth's november election her n.d.l. party won a landslide victory the military kind the win was fraudulent just over 2 months later it seized power by force provoking void spread criticism. cities previous
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detention did little to undermine her popularity but now it's unclear how active and vocal her supporters will be under threat of military action nor about a manly al-jazeera. train international at roehampton university's also a former legal adviser to the international commission of jurists in in ma he joins us now from london have a skype thanks very much indeed for being with us given the amount of power that the military already had as was just described there why do you think they've gone ahead with this this point well i think your report is right the incredible and extraordinary powers in signing the constitution for the military also included the ability to take it power back when necessary and the timing of. the big tyrant of a senior general and his and. the humiliation loss of the
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military's political party in recent elections as has really brought this to the forefront that. the military now realizes that that there is the national league for democracy is making inroads on constitutional reform and gaining momentum and then they saw this as an opportunity they also see that there is not a lot of consequences in the region for a step for militaries that take over and continue operating in that gap in this market and say i mean there has been a set amount of condemnation from this from western countries and they and the u.s. in particular has yet to strongly say that might consider sanctions when it has a u.n. meeting on tuesday when in reality what do you think will happen you think there will be sanctions and if so what difference will it make. do you do national community needs a complete reset on the region and. continual i do you know that me m.r. was the good news story was wrong. but it is new and there's
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a certain reality on the ground of the testimony of victims and human rights activists across the country who warned repeatedly that the death of democratic reforms while a progressive military dictatorship were not the equivalent of living in a liberal democracy the rule of law and human rights. it is now in thailand or. i'm going to ask you what you thought was going to happen to the people have been arrested well and i think we really too early to tell where the fate of the people arrested at the moment but i having worked in the in the judiciary and with the judiciary and b.m.r. . the chances of a fair fair trial on international standards in normal cases is 0 so in a politically charged environment like this you can guarantee that there are not going to be international standards up well you mentioned. the human rights issues
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and the un has said that they fear that this came out west in the upright of. some of the 600000 still in the country it is that is that your concern as well. i think that for all internally displaced people all the different minority groups that are in ongoing conflict with the military this is is terrible news for refugees in china thailand and bangladesh this is this is not a good situation but especially you know having worked in the m.r. with lawyers civil society activists journalists to potential human rights abuses very high for those people. it is really now up to the international community including regional neighbors including china and india to to really to make a decision and take a stand on whether they want a rule of law human rights abiding liberal democracies or we really except. an
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author or a tear in capitalism as the norm in the region and just basically had not could you think to be protests it's again it's still too early to tell and keeping in mind that people are already under restrictions for covert 19 purposes this is happening at it's at a time when when people have already. their lives have been turned upside down you have economic turmoil in the setting of global supply chains that's impacted the country you didn't go in 1000 gross's you now have as one of your interviewees suggested now have on top of all of these problems you've now got a military coup and all of the uncertainty that that brings a much will depend now on how the military uses this power in the coming weeks and months how it deals with legitimate protests how it deals with the covert 19 crisis
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these are question marks on the 1st day of this this is and i thank you very much indeed for taking time to talk to us. thank you. cost. of hundreds of thousands of rang of refugees living in cox's bizarre mean lawful and military crackdown in 2017 time a child has more from the capital dhaka where the 1st official reaction was from the foreign minister he said it really doesn't matter who is in power the repatriation agreement must be followed through now the foreign ministry itself send out a press release saying that it hopes that the constitutional arrangement and the democratic process will be upheld in myanmar although i spoke to some official off the record they're still concerned that things that might military might take a hardline approach need to be saving concept there has been recent trilateral
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meeting between china bangladesh and myanmar china is a very close ally of bangladesh it has been trying to influence china to excite pressure on me and mark to start their repatriation process and there was some progress there was going to be another meeting in director general level of foreign office about the country to start the process. me on my side that it won't be anytime soon. till june or july not that whole thing might just fall apart because they'll be too busy with domestic politics right now there's been interesting reaction from the camp i spoke to a lot of the rowing a leaders as well as some community people i know they're happy actually they said that she is behind bars they're rather detention they said she has been a big failure for us she gave us a lot of hope we even voted for so many of us during 2015 election but she let us down it was during her time that janet genocide and the trust that it took place they're not very happy with the military because the military has been the key from
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sixty's onwards to systematically. crack down on joining us and deal legit i missed them. people in thailand have protested in support of me in mass civilian government. was. the the. at least 2 people were injured and 2 others arrested as police tried to break up the rally outside min mas embassy in bangkok 1200 people took part in the demonstration. for the military chief who is now assumed power in myanmar met china's top diplomat last month china has long been an ally of myanmar and has strong economic interests there and china's response to the coup has been muted as katrina you reports from beijing. well china's foreign ministry has released a quite brief statement in response to what's happening in myanmar its it said that china hopes that all sides could properly manage their differences under the constitution and legal framework and uphold stability beijing also described itself
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as a good friendly neighbor to myanmar and said it was watching closely and waiting to see how things develop to there so quite a muted statement no criticism whatsoever china has tended to take a non interference approach to these matters and most importantly beijing seems to be concerned about stability the stability in myanmar and if things should escalate how that might affect the greater stability of the asia region but of course man was very close to china relies on china economically ton is the biggest trading partner 2nd largest source of foreign direct investment but what is true is that the military will certainly need backing going forward especially if any other into international players place any economic sanctions in on myanmar on the military beijing's economic support will be a sort of lifeline for military going forward certainly hasn't commented on that directly but it's watching very closely the main thing for beijing is ensuring that
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its own interests of very well protected and they're also going to be watching and waiting to see whether this transition office china any other opportunity to expand its influence in the region to european union governments condemning the military seizure of power and demanded the release of anyone who was detained or has more european reaction from paris. the head of the european union commission on delenn put out a tweet a bit earlier saying that she strongly condemns the coup and that also she says that there must be a rapid return to a legitimate civilian government those sentiments echoed by the head of the e.u. council sharma shell also condemning the coup saying that the vote that was held at the end of last year must be upheld must be respected he also called for all of those that have been unlawfully detained in myanmar to be released and we found
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reaction here in france as well from the french government the french government spokes person. speaking a bit earlier he said that france is watching the situation very closely indeed with a lot of concerned paris watching hour by hour were his words he also said that paris is talking to international organizations and partners including the united nations as concern grows and those sentiments echoed by the german foreign ministry who also put out statements condemning the coup the european union has been very adamant over the last months that it is very important that we are mar continue to go down what it calls what the e.u. calls a democratic path they were supporters of the elections at the end of last years a lot of concern here in the european union. coming up on out there this news are britain asks to join a new trade deal but it's looking a very long way past its neighbors. in al jazeera investigation uncovers
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a criminal network colluding with bangladeshi security forces and profiting from links with the prime minister. and we hear from an olympic and paralympic archer from iran who's training hard to secure her place at the took your lympics. a plane carrying south africa's 1st 1000000 coronavirus vaccine doses has arrived in johannesburg the country is battling a 2nd wave of infections driven by a more transmissible variant 1st identified there the astra zeneca jobs produced in india will be given to health workers scientists believe they remain effective against the new strain south africa's the worst hit country on the continent i mean tim miller is in johannesburg and explains why the arrival of the doses doesn't mean vaccination can begin. well there's been a lot of anticipation around the arrival of those vaccines of that vaccine at least
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that $1000000.00 doses that's come through now it wasn't clear all slew these processes what exactly what was going to happen and now it seems that rather than the x. actual vaccination process beginning any time soon it will take another 10 to 14 days for those 1st jabs to be given and that's often a quality assurance process the storage of the vaccines as well as tests on samples just to make sure that everything is as it should be we do expect the government to implement a electronic database where people can register to get the vaccine but at this stage that focus will be are now front line workers people working in hospitals and health care facilities and in a later at a later stage phase 2 of the government grohl out will see essential workers like teachers and police officers able to get the vaccination also we know that it's on
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a voluntary basis and we do expect that the government may encounter some difficulties around confidence within the south african population around the efficacy of the vaccine and just exactly how it works because of course as many countries around the world that have been a number of conspiracy theories misinformation that people have come across on things like social media so these are some of the challenges the government is facing aside from the issue of logistics and getting that vaccine to all parts of the country as quickly as possible. britain is ramping up covert testing after it emerged the south african variant may have spread in some regions experts urgently want to test 80000 people in 8 parts of england mobile testing units and some home kits are being sent into the affected areas health officials say 11 people had tested positive for the variant over the last 5 or 6 days who had no links travel.
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drug make a fire as a has pledged to deliver an additional $75000000.00 vaccine doses to the european union union for the 2nd quarter of the year that brings the total number of doses for the block this year to 600000000 according to european commission president also the for the lion the facts and rollout has been slower than hoped in part due to supply issues astra zeneca has reduced its quota of doses to the block by more than half causing a rout over the company's contractual obligations germany's chancellor angela merkel has outlined an improved vaccination plan after criticism of the slow rollout that when it came explains. there's been a rising tide of criticism in germany over the past few weeks at the speed or lack of it with which this government has been immunizing its population against covert citizens seeing vaccinations taking place in the u.k. in the united states and israel and wondering how it can be that germany is moving so slowly relative to other countries well now the government the federal level but
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also the state governments have had a very long meeting on monday which they thrashed out how they were going to change their their plans for vaccination how they were going to be how they promised the citizens that be many many more deliveries many many tens of millions more doses and basically ending with anger merkel telling germans that they could all expect to receive an offer for a vaccination by the end of the summer that's basically 8 months less than 8 months from now interestingly minister presidents who were involved in the conference the berlin man but also prime minister of area saying they were unhappy at the speed with which things are taking place but they have to accept the priorities changing as they have been the other thing mr zircher the prime minister various saying no chance of any lock down being eased any time soon paradoxically on monday we heard from the chancellor of austria the bordering state to the various saying they
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intend to reopen the schools partially on the 8th of february with more schools reopening on the 15th and that some shops had dresses zoos museums other sorts of institutions will also be reopening in a sort of way as of the 8th of february. a global vaccine sharing scheme aimed at low income countries is closer to sending out its 1st doses the world health organization lead kovacs scheme sent estimates of the number of doses to 190 countries over the weekend the 1st shots are expected to be dispatched later this month and into march kovacs aims to deliver $1800000000.00 doses to developing countries this year those with larger populations lower incomes and we can health systems will be prioritized so come on out of there this news hour. that most high profile national security defendant goes back to jail as his bail hearing is delayed. new york wakes up to what could be
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a record breaking snow fall. on the world's top tennis players continue their preparations for the 1st grand slam of the year. the cold of winter is being edged slowly out and is a slow process freezing rain and snow or light to take place on the edges well this atlantica which is quite a complicated mess pushes off into the east of europe where daytime temperatures are still subzero but 6 say the changes taking place snowfall in the higher ground sometimes on the ground as it happens and back in the warmer air in particular in portugal have a couple of days a significant rain in porto for example the temperature in the teens it's windy than the wind drops but it's still like to be raining now on the front page warsaw
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is a good example it's hard work temperature creeping up to freezing but the sunshine you're about to see will have just seen a problem disappears the clouds become gray again sometimes full of snow but that is the process of easing out the cold at the real cold hangs around in the southern baltic vilnius is minus 2 by then it went to a high temperature but head south and tempers are definitely on the way vienna 7 prague is about 10 degrees tempers a bit of a story in north africa as well also on the north coast you got some of this windy wet weather just dragging through from tunisia into libya most places are dry and foreign but down in nigeria up to just temperatures 37 or 38 is pretty much on the high side. to make a change. change your life or the part of the country challenge the access to truths you want to create something you push to break it continually mold it up
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to turn the status quo and fight injustice all mobs to get. will. witness personal documentaries that alter deception on al-jazeera. it's 10 years since revolutions across the arab world challenge the power. but how did these leaders rise to their positions the principle of the before is dictator is to be patient they play their game very carefully and how do they stay in control the common thing amongst the arabic states is is incredible will to survive the arab awakening absolute power.
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and i'm going to remind the top stories here now jazeera mean mars military has tightened its grip on power purging key ministers in the day following a so far bloodless coup the un security council is expected to meet on tuesday to discuss the situation. the whereabouts of unsound suchi is still unknown after she was detained in the middle of the night she had earlier urged people to resist a military takeover of. the white house is warning it could remember sanctions on myanmar because of the crew there u.s. president joe biden has called on the military to relinquish power immediately we remove sanctions the united states i should say remove sanctions on burma of the past decade based on progress toward democracy the reversal of that progress one assessed to take an immediate review of our sanctions laws and authorities followed
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by appropriate action so that's why he called it out i don't have anything any additional steps beyond that to predict for you at this point in time. but to go ahead is in washington d.c. so to tell us more about the reaction from president biden. it's been very swift and stopped as president biden is from democrats and republicans in congress the state department basically sending the message to the military in me and mar that they need to reverse reverse course now or they will in fact face sanctions the democrat in the senate foreign relations committee went further and said there would be other actions likely right now what's happening is the president is team president joe biden and his team reaching out to allies in the region around the globe because he made it clear on the campaign and when he was the head of the senate foreign relations committee for decades is he believes that it is sends a stronger message when it is a coordinated response so it's unlikely you'll see the u.s. just go it alone and announce a actions they're going to want to at least this if you follow the form of joe
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biden in the past he's going to want to be able to announce any steps he's taken along with allies all cross the region and across the globe so look for that in the coming days also there probably waiting to see exactly how the people of me and my respond to see if they if the military faces internal pressure as well as external pressure and so what options does he have you know the u.s. is long saying me in marble all the way back to 997 bill clinton banned all u.s. companies and people from having any new investment in me in mar george bush highlighted the banks me and mar and a lot of the military organizations cutting them off from the u.s. financial system obviously the dollar is not how most trying to trans actions are done internationally we even saw barack obama president former president barack obama he said that no high quality jaida rubies could be exported to the united states so joe biden has a president biden has
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a very long list of potential options if he wanted to if he wants to go down that road but he could he does have the possibility of really crippling the me in maracana me. thank you very much indeed. hong kong media tycoon and pro-democracy activist jimmy lie will remain in jail while judges consider his bail application the 73 year old is accused of conspiring with foreign forces under china's sweeping national security nor did it upon a report. a charged atmosphere as jimmy lie enters the building housing hong kong's highest court there's a heavy security presence unusual for a bail hearing but this is the 1st national security law case to make it to the court of final appeal oh yeah the side they're shouting matches between pro-democracy activists jimmy lies supporters and those who want to see him locked up but they seem like that we are very angry with jimmy like he is
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a traitor and used his newspaper to incite riots and influence young people to me live is a billionaire with a rags to riches story and also one of the most high profile pro-democracy activists in the territory. he is one of the handful of people so far to have been charged under the national security law that was imposed by beijing in july last year but these bail proceedings are viewed as an arena for a struggle between china's communist party and hong kong's judiciary the pro-democracy activists say before we can even get that bell and it will become a very useful too for the regime to the rest anyone any prisoner for 4 weeks if not for 4 months before you can get a trial and we had to travel the fair or not is and i had a question fundamentally undermine no you didn't destroy the principle of common law which has been practicing for will for it for decades in an unusual move for
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the top court their new overseas nonpermanent judges presiding over this case that's only happened in 10 out of $700.00 courts of final appeal cases in the last 24 years almost all courts of final appeal cases. the worst that the international judge to sit on the panel it's a tradition that underlines the independence of the judiciary and shows that the legal system here are called international standards but this time all 5 judges are national security lawyer judges handpicked by the chief executive the court of final appeal is seen as the last holdout against beijing's increasingly assertive rule according to hong kong's legal community the ruling is likely to set the tone for what could be a large number of national security cases if political conditions here continue to deteriorate the legal parlin our desire of hong kong. one year after the u.k. left the largest trading bloc in the world britain is officially asking to join
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a different scheme the country's trade minister has made a request to join the comprehensive and progressive agreement for trans-pacific partnership 11 country deal removes 95 percent of tariffs between its members including japan canada and australia unlike the e.u. it does not impose any laws on its members or seek to create a single market. a comprehensive and progressive trans-pacific partnership includes 11 nations thousands of miles from the u.k. on both sides of the ocean including those with strong historical ties to the u.k. such as australia canada and singapore it's a market of $500000000.00 people and the u.k. would immediately become the 2nd biggest economy after japan membership the of the group removes 95 percent of tariffs on trade apart from a few select areas but for britain the impact on day one would be small all 11 countries account for just 9 percent of u.k. exports that's less than it sells to germany alone. john ryan is
12:37 am
a visiting fellow at the london school of economics he says breaks it may work against the u.k.'s attempt to join. this is not a 100 percent chance that the united kingdom would be accepted by this group this this group would have to look at the fact that britain was a member of the e.u. rep for a round trip 43 years and had a lot of exemptions from membership not being a part of the single currency and except a name stormed out of the out of the the e.u. and now is to keep. trade agreements bought it is quite far away britain is not a asian pacific country i think one of the the main factors is possibly the united states might join this group but that won't happen for another year or 18 months for them to consider that because joe biden's already said deal with their
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domestic issues and muslim council of britain has elected its 1st female leader as our mohammed is taking over secretary general of the u.k.'s largest umbrella group of mosques muslim associations and islamic schools mountain's mess of the count who was the 1st muslim to hold that post says her an action is terrific. that's a she joins us now from glasgow scott thanks very much indeed for joining us and congratulations on on your appointment how significant a moment is this for for you and for the organization. yeah i mean it's been quite an order in a truly humbling experience i think i've received so much support and on social media through messaging and obviously a lot of media attention to set it for me it's been quite a huge experience and i guess i just feel really excited for the opportunity and being a young muslim women leading you know the largest muslim umbrella organization within the u.k. is quite
12:39 am
a big deal and i'm just glad i hope that inspires will to be young people lots of young women as well to feel confident in their abilities and what do you think it tells us about what british muslims kind of want and need out of the organization i think you know there are tanks and misconceptions our road to muslims especially muslim women and i think it's a testament to our affiliates you know our members and the community who elected me and to see that actually you know and redo value women and be value young people and diversity and i'm as bad as different as it gets i guess you could say and so i guess in some way that clarifies my are some misconceptions and shows i guess the true reality of our communities in the direction that we're heading one commentator . john muhammad has an author of generation and young muslims change well said i i hope anita ship will crush the tropes about silent submissive muslim women and an usher in a new era of engagement with muslim communities do you think that idea of muslim
12:40 am
women as submissive is prevalent still in the u k. and in there is a lot of misconceptions and definitely what we're seeing is you know a resurgence of how we define the narrative around women especially muslim women and you know i think my appointment is definitely a step in the right direction and unfortunately you know a subtle phobia is the really rampant and visibly muslim women are some of the most affected by this especially with some of these stereotypes about who we are what we do and what we don't do so and i definitely think you know that the tide is changing tell me about coronavirus what what kind of action does your organization need to take to to improve for example vaccine take up which has been an issue. his or the m c b has been leading proactively in facilitating a national platform where we've got affiliates from across the country such as the bridges the medical association mental health organizations better burial groups
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and so on and so forth even charitable sector coming together to support and challenge the misinformation or in the vaccine and we appreciate there has been a lot of and fake news and so we've been actually providing that guidance making sure that people are getting the correct information and we've even had scholarly input on that so for us it's really about leading in that conversation and challenging the again in a lot of. thank you very much indeed. thank you thank you. argentina is the 1st major country in latin america to legalize abortion but accessibility to the procedure remains difficult particularly in conservative provinces there is terrorism bo has been visiting hospitals in the capital what is are is asking doctors about the issue. already under pressure from gall that 19 argentina's hospitals are now having to adapt again abortion has just become legal in argentina dr while the son of says he has seen many women affected
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by botched abortions and is happy times has started to change in those the years. in the past 2 days since the law was implemented we have had requests to terminate pregnancies we are trying to move as fast as we can as we have a pandemic and we are trying to minimalize the presence of patients in the hospital . i it's a major revolution in this overwhelmingly catholic country in december the senate voted in favor of legalizing abortion women rights groups have been arguing for years that thousands of illegal abortions already happen annually and they pose a major threat for women thousands of them end up in hospital because of complications but now women can have a free and safe abortion in a public hospital. where company women a lot we try to make it easy for them without too much crying we try to keep them away from obstetrics and bigger tricks we have other female doctors that come here
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to be with them we're ready for this next step. doctors here say many of the women who can already have children and cannot afford to have another one the new law says better woman can have an abortion after 14 weeks of pregnancy the province of want to hide it is distributing this booklet that explains hospitals how to proceed when a woman comes and requests and i wash and this says that they have up to 10 days to interrupt the pregnancy timing is crucial until now abortion was only legal in argentina in case of rape or if a woman's life was at risk and that's why in many conservative areas in the country postpone legal abortions for months forcing women to deliver their babies. has been covering women rights issues for years she says political will is crucial if that one cloud over same in the implementation is very clear and i think the
12:44 am
conservative fundamentalist sectors don't want to see the implementation across the country they will try to do what they can to stop it that's where it is important the political and political commitment to guarantee the law is implemented and it's not just on paper. prior to the passage of the new president of the for a man the said broad legalization of abortion was a matter of public health that needed to be addressed and that's why hospitals in the country now see themselves as essential to help the government in their next step toward securing abortion rights nationwide. when our scientists. are a serious investigative unit has uncovered a criminal network colluding with the security forces of bangladesh and profiting from powerful links with the country's prime minister investigation found evidence that general as head of the bangladesh army helped criminals to evade justice and make money from state corruption well thought and has exclusive report. general is
12:45 am
easily armored head of the bangladesh army and the man appointed by prime minister sheikh hasina to defend the country. our surveillance team follows the general to malaysia and discovered that he's also guarding his own secret waiting for him as his brother harry so ahmed he's a convicted murderer and an international fugitive from a notorious dukkha crime gang bang to dish police put him on their most wanted list another brother is also there joseph was on death row but freed after he was pardoned by president abdul hamid in 2080. 9 we then tracked down the 4th armored brother anis as with harry's he's on the run after fleeing a conviction for the same killing of a political activist mr for rahman in takar back in 1996 the men get a diplomatic escort from the bangladesh high commission their bond was shake
12:46 am
a scene or began when the brothers worked as her bodyguards in the 1990 s. in a convert recorded call general as he says the prime minister recently praised the loyalty of the brothers while speaking to prominent members of her ruling party. haris has been in hiding for 20 years protected by the general before he was part of a crime gang on the streets of dhaka now he says he can exert influence over state institutions. people here. are going to pull. down. play nothing for nothing. we found harry still hungry where he runs numerous businesses under a false identity he tells our undercover source that he has shaikh has seen
12:47 am
a support. because you don't get that 7200000 you know that refers to them but little thing for them to. think of. her response who acts as a middleman for business deals in bangladesh. the man on the left is her son's business associate they think they're talking to a fund manager in london who wants to invest millions in the bangladesh hotel to do so this is really really because he. really. is. but the meeting is a sting set up by al jazeera as investigative unit. and. his son says he takes 20 percent from every deal this is. basically.
12:48 am
using. there because mr leader everything will. be going to. al-jazeera invited all those involved including prime minister shaikh a senior and general as he's ahmed to respond to its findings none did so well thought out his era. and you can watch the full investigation all the prime minister's men on ours here tuesday at 12 g.m.t. . a powerful winter storm has struck the u.s. northeast causing widespread disruption in new york and other major urban centers it's always forecast to bring up to 60 centimeters of snow on tuesday alone the new york city mare and new jersey governor have both declared states of emergency people in new york have been encouraged to stay at home and only essential workers and 1st responders are allowed to travel by road christine salumi is in new york. we've already seen 15 centimeters of snow fall here in new york city and we could
12:49 am
get up to 50 centimeters and that has prompted city officials to the fire the state of emergency and it's not just the snow itself it's the high winds that could get up to 80 kilometers an hour and that is making for a very treacherous traveling conditions with low visibility on the roads not to mention power outages in areas outside of the city where the transmission lines are above ground so officials are warning people to stay off the roads they say travel problems could continue for days of course thanks to the coronavirus many people are already working from home and doing remote schooling but this is yet another impediment to vaccine rollout so many people are now finding that these appointments that they fought hard for are being canceled and poor new york city restaurants they only have outdoor dining allowed for another 2 weeks and needless to say not a lot of people are going to want to eat outside even with some of the elaborate set ups that we're seeing around the city to keep people warm and of course it's
12:50 am
not just new york the east coast from philadelphia all the way to boston is being blanketed with snow as much as 60 centimeters in some places. still to come on now and this news out in sports transfer deadline day across europe is top leagues i'll tell you who's going where in just a moment. the
12:51 am
all the. time for sport now his sorrow. i saw in the time
12:52 am
a football federation is open investigation into the route between romero new kaka and zlatan and for him of age during last week's milan zogby the ins and a see saw as had a huge confrontation which included a head to head cash during the coke but it's highly a quarter final now both players who have film a man you know it's a team mates were booked his last time later dismissed for a 2nd on related yellow now they have also been allegations us lets on news racist language which he denies and it's a big day across europe top 1st as transfer deadline day and one deal that has been completed sees german world cup winners some make a dairy move to bond as league aside but when the midfielder joins from its highly champions prevents us because he had a trophy laden tama you've a winning sariel 5 times this season however he's been out of favor and has not played a single game few ventus since the start of the campaign. liverpool posted this video here that you can see on social media to announce the signing of sense about
12:53 am
ben davies as they look to both the injury hit defense davies joins from 2nd to sign preston north end for an initial fear of 700000 dollars 25 year old has never paid top flight football moving on to n.f.l. stall tom brady says he would definitely consider consenting is paying career beyond the age of 45 now it's time for a book and is quarterback is currently $43.00 and is preparing for his 10th super bowl this sunday with his team taking on the kansas city chiefs would you consider playing beyond $45.00 especially with the way you're playing right now yeah definitely. i would definitely consider that you know again i think again it's a business or you know just respected by how long. you know you never know kind of when. you know that moment it's. just because of the context and there's a lot of training that goes into it. and again it has to be 100 percent commitment
12:54 am
from myself to keep doing it. take care lympics may still be in doubt jew to the pandemic but i think so around the world so training for the games is one of the machines the iranian paralympic an impact on and she says the dave star of the curve at 19 crisis for the hasn't said her from her goals despite the many obstacles she faces from to her until such a bari has this report. a paralympic gold winner in 2012 the only iranian woman who has ever brought home a gold medal. match he is now part of the national paralympic and olympic archery team the 35 year old was paralyzed after a car accident in 2003 prior to that she competed in taekwondo. competing in the olympics has been a lifelong goal to recount i meant courage as i always dreamt of the olympics to take part in the games at some point but i never thought that dream may come true
12:55 am
especially an archery and the paralympics as well. her mental health plays a huge part in her sport but also in her teammates performance. has been with mit for 4 years. especially as i call her the engine of the team when she's training and is satisfied with her work it has a positive impact on a teammates who try to improve and reach her level their expectations from themselves raise when they see her setting of the record. she was the flag bearer for iran in the opening ceremonies of the 2016 olympics a day she says she will never forget she has already qualified for the paralympics in japan later this year she is now training to compete in the olympics as well covered 19 has not only affected these athletes personal lives but also their professional ones they can train for months at the start of the pandemic so now they are trying to make up for lost time they tell me even if the paralympics and
12:56 am
olympics are cancelled later this year they will still continue to train because for them it is now a way of life. these women are relatively new additions to the national team as they enjoy a much needed break from the cold. a glimpse of everyday life peeks through but zara's focus and determination shows no respect she sits on a number of committees for athletes and explains the challenges she has faced as a woman rough equivalent to one with i think there are obstacles for women all around the world let alone a woman with special needs who is wheelchair bound and doesn't have access to many facilities had it not been for those challenges and invitations sahana mattie wouldn't be the person sitting before you today i think iranian women under all these circumstances prove many things and themselves to the world a country under sanctions a disabled female athlete and a pandemic with no clear end in sight all obstacles for most but here they are
12:57 am
viewed as hurdles to overcome dorsett al-jazeera to her on serena williams is containing have her praise for the 1st grand slam of the year the australian open on monday she beat daria carlo in straight sets in a walmart tournament at melbourne park simona halep also won the romanian defeated and the stays there puts a progress 6464 strain open stossel fabray this year's event has been pushed back by 3 weeks to allow players to quarantine and that so is support for maybe there will be more later sorry thank you very much indeed and as always plenty more on our website address about his al-jazeera dot com as ever made on television news out of the back with more news in a minute i had a. february
12:58 am
on al-jazeera under strict access to iran's nuclear program is about to end will u.s. president joe biden overturn from sanctions and help rebuild relations al-jazeera sets out on a journey to the heart of what it means to be a true supporter of the beautiful game the u.s. has the highest prove it 1000 count in the won't the new administration as promised a time out around we'll have extensive coverage the big picture reveals how the perfect storm of events in 2020 exposed the truth about wakes up the talk to the united states and as president joe biden embarks on his 1st month in the white
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house will bring you the latest developments escape attempts to repair global relationships february on al-jazeera to make a change. change a life or the path of a country challenge the accepted truths if you want to create something you 1st break you continually mold up to turn the status quo and fight injustice down the whole month between drug tests and. school of sound going to school college jobs and. witness personal documentaries not also deception on al-jazeera american people have finally folk in america as i see it when america is off balance or will become more dangerous the world is looking unfair as the mixture of sadness and beauty. with the election behind us will the republican party dump truck to the feel we can take on us politics and society that's the bottom line.
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a u.-turn for democracy the military takes power in may in ma prompting international condemnation and a call for sanctions to be imposed the country's democratically elected leader has been detained and replaced by the military's commander in chief. our intake of us is our 0 live from london also coming up a special delivery in south africa one and a half 1000000.


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