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when all that seems to matter is the headline when narratives and counter narratives obscure reality the listening post drips away the spin lays bare the bias done covers the uncomfortable truths the listing posts on a. war. this is al-jazeera. you're watching the news our life from a headquarters and i'm dead you know coming up in the next 60 minutes on your. blog with. a crackdown and russia hundreds of protesters are arrested as crowds take to the streets demanding the release of opposition leader of all the. lock down anger demonstrations planned across europe against strict coronavirus restrictions and
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the economic fallout. donald trump has reportedly parted ways with his key defense lawyers 8 days before his impeachment trial begins and will tell you how the nigerian government plans to revamp 3 if it's or oil refineries after years of mismanagement and corruption. i don't see just images only of sports beat sentence to win the cup a little is doing so qualify for the club world cup. welcome to the news hour heavily armed police are cracking down on protesters and russia as they demonstrate in defiance of government orders so they're demanding the release of jailed opposition politician alexei navalny as you can see hundreds of people have been. arrested across the country in some areas entire rallies have been
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broken up and in moscow activists are being dragged away like that as soon as they come out on to the streets this is the 2nd week of demonstrations which have been held in multiple cities and warnings from russia's interior ministry have seen crowds shrink but thousands have still turned out regardless so alexina vali was arrested 2 weeks ago when he arrived from germany that's where he's been recovering from a poisoning he blames the kremlin for the attack which at tonight's we'll get an update now with alexander a god forward she's joining us from moscow to talk us through the scale of these protests because we are seeing them right across the country. yes indeed like last week this is the 2nd week in a role that they are going to cross the country song from the far east over siberia over the oral mountain towns and then to the european part of russia in the far
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east they're already there already finished a lot of people have been detained specially in rather cross talk where the people were pushed on the ice or frozen. and then they were detained there we see that there were a couple of thousands of people at that which is in the mountains and other towns indeed across russia but here in moscow people don't get a chance together so they are detained almost immediately and the whole of the very center of moscow is completely sealed off. the metro trains are not stopping there and the buses are not going and pedestrians cannot enter that area areas so the protestant meeting points have been moved away from that point but that is not helping because as you can see people are being very swiftly detained by the police . and people don't really seem to have that much fear because they seem to be coming out even though as you're saying there is
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a risk that they will be detained and they are getting arrested. yes indeed there is a very fair chance that when you show up you will be detained people don't even manage to say something they're not taking off today or transparent but the ones that are coming to protest they show no fear they know that most most probably for 10 minutes they will end up in one of the bands like the one behind me one of the petty bends and then they will be taken off but despite that the ones that are determined to show their protest are coming out of the streets of ok alexandra thank you so much for that update from moscow let's speak to. a political scientist at the russian academy of sciences he is joining us from moscow as well thanks very much for your time with us how concerning is all of this for vladimir putin. actually you know this broad
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has such a can place on the big and bigger scale and will continue because mr no volley has in mind the symptom of elections for the state duma i think that. keeping in mind that 2025 percent and. supporting the president vladimir putin in russia and. in the in talks all about 40 percent are. supporting the president putin and his trade and i think that that's not the big deal for for president putin the only thing which is probably worrying him that a lot of people are coming according to the streets to support. mr nunn wallie because mr know vollies is regarded the hero we we here in russia he in russia for a very long time i have haven't had such a hero like mr know of all the looky he was almost poisoned he came to judge me and then hit each other and to russia on purpose because he knew he knew that he would
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be addressed that the even tried to and probably could be jailed so i think that that is the big concern for president putin darling's raucous us especially does not like economic economic economic conditions and also seeing it on the conditions on that they can yes that's my question to you i mean are these protests about never only himself or are people protesting against the other issues that are important to them they corruption in the country as you were just saying economically does yes yes yes economic problems growing in mali even mold jean did not make problems and unpaid salaries so that. the 2nd approach from the job certain people are cannot find another job and there are lots of families are living on the they do low on the on the are very low. wages so they see especially since economic. demands and another in other
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people the 2nd 2nd that people are just going to support no valid because they got to keep you know a lot of people especially in the regions of moscow and that still oddly that is because a lot of people supporting the volley because he's a hero he said you know what we got i mean i do next i mean we've seen the authorities trying to climb down on the protests they're arresting people they have there's a police presence as our reporter was saying on the streets what more will the government do. that's hard to say right now i can praise you that the more protests will go worn on a good day the shuttle he will go on especially keeping in mind that mr numb ali will be brought to court and key just on the address there. so those sympathizing with the mist and of ali will be checking down to the streets despite the at
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arrests and this by its any detainment so i think that. broadly probably probably the government could have more correct. on the protestants but that it won't help the costs. economic the months economic conditions are. pushing people to the streets and. not only that the because i missed the live always in you know and. probably there will be more. reactions against the protesters so you know we see that these protests seems to be the biggest the biggest protests in the history of russia right since i don't know since probably a 9090 s. ok a lot of merit something we thank you very much for speaking to us from moscow. a
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new wave of infections along with more infectious strains of corona virus have prompted countries around the world to tighten restrictions but the renewed measures have also triggered more protests at least 5 countries are protesting or have rallies planned on sunday against stricter government measures most are in europe police in the netherlands are bracing for more protests on sunday hundreds have already been arrested during consecutive nights of curfew riots it's the worst civil unrest the netherlands has seen in 4 decades that's also the 1st curfew since the 2nd world war let's find out more she's joining us from amsterdam so high well how widespread do we expect these protests to be step. it's still quiet now but yes we are expecting a protesters threw out of europe here in amsterdam the location where the last week's rally took place has already been announced as a high risk area by the amsterdam mayor she said she's worried that sort of weapons
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will be taken to the protest rally sticks septra so people are not allowed to get near that area but to be no that people have announced to go there anyway also a lot of people have been detained in the last weeks we have seen this riot as you just mentioned but also people who are actually calling on social media to attack these riots have been detained there have actually been jailed already really strict measures here in the netherlands i'm not a large rally is expected in the austrian capital of vienna we are expecting around 10000 people there also it's also facing harder restrictions again against the corona measures the country is suffering badly because of the tourist season of course ski resorts are off limits to foreigners so economically it's it's really difficult so people are gathering there who are actually against the restrictions but also people who see no need for these restrictions but also political motives
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are at play here throughout of europe in austria the extreme right party is attending this rally and also its leader is making some speeches thier you can see that overall across the continent the support for these measures are diminishing there is a poll from belgium that said only 40 percent of the people are still supporting the grownup measures compared to around 6070 percent only a few months ago and i suppose the protesters will be looking out for whether their messages and their protests are actually pressuring their governments. well let me seen as a real police crackdown here in the netherlands but also in other countries there is no mercy basically for any of these violent violent riots we've seen of course looting in the past week here in savile cities so it's been this very hard to position by the government against any of these corona protests and that could lead
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to more on what you can see here in the netherlands but also in belgium and other countries as irritation is increasing of course it's been a year and also there's been a very unclear indecisive government policy that we've seen across several countries here so people are really getting impatient because instead of it getting better it's getting worse and also they had this promise in december that the fax nation strategy would would help that there would be vaccinations and that would be the end of the dark tunnel that we're going through but now this vaccination strategy is not working though the rollout is very slow in europe people are not seeing any perspective and that's one of the main reasons that's being mentioned now for this increase of protests and also irritation and disapproval of the government ok stop fast and thank you for that update from amsterdam. south africa's tourism sector has been hit hard by a coven 1000 locked down it's
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a vital industry for the economy and particularly in cape town but businesses right across the city are now struggling to stay open robyn adams has been finding out more. time is always been a dream destination for travelers around the list of must see interactions is in place. december and january a peak period. but visitor numbers of down by as much as my 90 percent. include night time curfews and a ban on. beaches all to. all of those snaps posted to social media nowadays include some interesting visitors the police law enforcement and the national army who put all the shorter life card in we have gone down prices have gone up and people are suffering at the moment they are having difficulty surviving lots of business is. closed down if they're not already closed down the damiano family
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originally from bulgaria has been struggling to make ends meet i mean survived lockdown despite the reduced client numbers husband daniels to a company which he started in 2007 as not it's always very hard i used to hear 1000 of these vehicles and now i have only one i don't have income from march of last year. just down in long street the heartbeat of guy turns into payments seem to off and too late signs even when. people get out to the streets no one can know and can find jobs takes 3 of us. can get maybe one maybe 100 on an ordinary day it would be difficult to find a parking spot a chemist by a beach front but then cut down hasn't had one of those an ordinary day in nearly a year businesses on the famed step of suffering on that side of the main job it
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would be lined with informal traders selling their way is mainly african but only a handful of them remain notorious even the base their close they've been. just maybe you can get different going to run for survival is very difficult because of lockdown so what's the way forward how will we cover these are questions we put to the local government who look at the industry as all it's really important sic to focus on a contributes around about one comma $2000000000.00 u.s. dollars to the city's economy and it creates around about $300000.00 direct and indirect jobs so for us a priority is to make sure that we stabilize to do it as a landscape by making as much relief available to our to as a hospitality industry and that could be for example the reclassification of your property if you've got a tourism business property back to a very dangerous category and that could really reduce right suppose we've also implemented these are the missions for people printing or building from we're going
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to support it so that we can just you know give people that financial relief at this point in time while many of cut their losses and closed up shop people like daniel. jack and the estimated 75000 of his was jobs like risk in the midst who have no choice but to live out the. robin adams . let's not speak to her in borat's who is a professor of economics and director of the development policy research unit at the university of cape town he's joining us from there thanks for your time with us on the al-jazeera news hour so prick over at the south a african economy was growing slower than expectations how damaged is it now in your assessment as a result of the coronavirus yeah thank you very much terry and i mean i think what's happened as with most emerging markets and certainly on the african continent as well and globally is a mess of contraction so our growth or cost or 2020 indicate an average consensus
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contraction of about 6 and a whole the same. relative to last year so you very actively you seeing the largest contraction in so that because what an economic history. and the consequences of. 2.2000000 jobs lost at the last comment yeah that's a thing on unemployment specifically and we saw in robin's reports him talking about the jobs lost in the tourism industry in cape town. we know that in the last the 3rd quarter excuse me of 2020 unemployment was at a 17 year high so what is your outlook for regaining these jobs that have been lost in the in the short term. so i think what's going to happen is we are probably going to as as a lockdown eases and assuming that we don't have a 3rd wave. come back on stream across the board including those in the tourism sector and you're going to see a probably a push an increase in growth rates 2021 or put average consensus again of about 3
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percent in lead terms it still means that we we're not quite back where we were pre-code 19 but it means some will move forward in terms of jobs what's going to happen i think is a recovery of some jobs i think those jobs 'd in the informal sector in domestic services those with what we call low intrigued by area and exit. jobs those will probably come back on stream and so he's seeing some sort of recovery into 2021 of some of those 2000000 jobs lost the concern is the permanent job losses and so 111 data point to keep an eye on is our unemployment rate which averages about 25 percent one of the highest in the emerging market world is that going to take up beyond 25 percent as the back scene comes in and over 1000 dissipates yeah that's a thing on the vaccination program we know south africa hasn't started its vaccine program yet but is the procurement of vaccines what's going to help is that the
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economic policy so to speak that south africa needs right now. yes i think that's a key part of our strategy i think is to 2 legs of a strategy against covert 19 the 1st of course is to prevent a 3rd 4th 5th wave. through all the sort of behavioral factors and other other instruments such as law and the 2nd is the procurement of. sufficient number of doses of the vaccine i think we're on track with slightly behind relative to the other developing countries but hopefully we'll come on stream over the next 8 months with an appropriate exene strategy ever that's insufficient in and of itself to get the economy on to a longer run growth part at the growth of as you said at the outset we came in to cope with 19 with very low growth levels we should be reaching 567 percent growth levels that's not going to happen in
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a postcode environment without significant structural reforms to the south african economy all right thank you so much for speaking to us from cape town kerry. plenty more ahead on the al-jazeera news hour including farmers protesting in. hunger strike against the government's controversial new agricultural laws clears a cloud of uncertainty in myanmar. like the parliament to meet for the 1st time. with manchester city's winning run in the premier. but 1st the former u.s. president donald trump has parted ways with his lead impeachment lawyers a little more than a week before his trial that's according to u.s. media trump is accused of inciting the siege at the capitol building earlier this
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month his aides say they plan to argue the trial is unconstitutional because he's no longer in office early indications show limited republican support for a conviction clyde wilcox is professor of government at georgetown university in qatar he says trump's chances of acquittal are such that he doesn't need a strong defense. what i'm hearing is that trump wants to make the case at the impeachment trial that the election was stolen and there's 2 problems with that 1st of all it clearly was not stolen that's been adjudicated dozens of times and there's never any evidence for it but secondly the argument is problematic because it seems to imply well what i did was justified because of a stolen election and that's simply not the right kind of defense in a trial like this he's obviously done this but he doesn't need a very strong case because it takes 2 thirds of the senate to convict 2 thirds of the senate who are present so as long as he doesn't really screw it up he's going
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to be acquitted his best defense is the argument he's been making the last week that he might go start a patriot party that threat is enough to keep many of the republican senators in line however he's also threatening to show up himself to defend himself that would be quite a circus but i think it would also be it's what what happened here was really really bad and so if you don't hold a trial it sort of implies that it wasn't serious enough to actually go forward with the trial on the other hand if you waited a 2nd time then that doesn't really help either the republicans don't want to go on record with the vote but some of them who said let's not have a trial might wince faced with the actual evidence with the video of the invasion actually go to convict. farmers and india have held a hunger strike as part of very long running protest against new agricultural laws
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the internet has been blocked at the camps they've set up after a week of violence or birdman the reports. are these farmers have refused food for a day 100 strike to show people in india that protest is nonviolent i this of the months of protests escalated into violent scenes this past week on the outskirts of the capital new delhi. on friday there was street fights of the supporters of the governing party shouted slogans against the goddess would have fired the. police disperse the crowds using tear gas on patents. and on cheese day a pharmacist tried to rally culminated in these scenes at u. county status right through. foam as if we counter protest sites for 2 months to demand the government repeals 3 new agricultural laws the government has offered to
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put them on hold for 18 months the fall most of them dropped saying the only benefit to big businesses. although there is heavy police presence the fama say more people have been inspired to join them. i want to congratulate the farmers of punjab and the unions for awakening the other farmers in the country who are fed up with the modi government and are sitting quietly at home these unions have mobilized them to protest on the streets and now this movement is not just confined to punjab and haryana but has spread across the country the indian government has responded to days of violence by blocking mobile internet services in 3 protest locations it's a method often deployed to prevent unrest elsewhere an unusual move and the captain authorities of blame some of the farmers for instigating the violence but the farms and so. it's a government that's a plane barely ordered 1st the government tried to remove people from the guise of
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cool border using force since it had few protesters but the union leaders did not allow that they instigated the locals here to cause a riot through stone pelting and other means these protests have been one of the biggest challenges the prime minister had read. lelie heart of india's population is employed in agriculture 11 rounds of talks between the pharmacy humans and the government has failed to resolve the crisis now the protesters here say with time their movement is only getting stronger you're about it badly al jazeera bangladesh says relocating more rohingya refugees to a low lying island despite calls from human rights groups to stop they warn the island is at risk of flooding from storms bangladesh wants to resettle a 10th of the 1000000 refugees living in camps on the mainland they took refuge there after being forced out by
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a military crackdown in neighboring me and maher. the prime minister shaker has seen a build housing for us we were asked to come and we came here at our own will my people and relatives came here earlier they said it's better here so we came. and a day ahead of the opening of the new parliament in me and maher fears of a possible military coup linger cheese n l t a government one november's elections by a landslide but i can say sions of electoral fraud protests and an increasing security presence have put the country in a state of uncertainty a foul reports from yangon. tension on the streets of miami how this week as the country braces for a possible political crisis. going on we're not saying the military will take power but we're not saying it won't either. this was the moment that it all began in a press conference and. shews de military spokesperson zalman turner refused to rule
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out the possibility of a coup. the following day military chief men on lying stoked fears when he said the constitution should be repealed if it was not abided by the comments follow weeks of complaints from the military a voter fraud in november election and demands for an investigation of the military is forcing you receive the government in order no you can't just ignore us we are the stakeholder we have. obligations we are the guardian to the constitution so this is a major message the military is trying to send it to the government and also the international community. fear escalated after reports of an increasing security presence and sightings of armored vehicles being moved around various cities as tensions reach their peak on saturday the military issued a new statement saying the commander in chief's comments had been misinterpreted. but just hours later emboldened by rumors hundreds of protesters gathered in yangon
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at a pro-military rally where speeches welcomed a coup with support of the people protests like this have been happening on an almost daily basis over the last week while they have been getting attention they don't control the numbers that would be considered the popular support but that crowd is gaining confidence and if so can fit in the community as the pressure builds the have been violent attacks on and i'll the supporters watching on. the n l d say accusations of voter fraud a just being used as an excuse to sow fear or your way railway senior general minong lang is making the m.l.d. scared and making the people skewed his main intention is to extend his senior general position. military chief men online is due to retire in july and may be fearful of losing power although imminent action from the military now appears less likely tension remains high as relations between the civilian government and the
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military reach an all time low alley file al jazeera younger. at least one person has been killed in fiji after a tropical cyclone made landfall another 5 people including a young child has been reported missing the storm battered the island nation with winds of up to 140 kilometers an hour it brought heavy rains causing widespread flooding almost 8000 people are sheltering in evacuation centers. still ahead on al jazeera anger on the streets of capital after 5 people were killed in a fire at a leading hospital and going solo the swedish film festival. movie buff the chance to watch films on an island alone for a week. and i only show gladly go through quarantine if it means you can play at the olympics we'll hear from her a little later in sports. in
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eastern europe it's still cold and that cold air is heavy servings being steered arrived if you like the area of high pressure and the everything i'm talking about is and it's coming from the atlantic is quite mild now full of moisture it's more rain than snow and this year in the mountains and france is still got a flood warning out for the next few days and that's represented by the full cost for to lose it's going to rain continues with through monday and start of tuesday are for things improved it's not cold temps up to 17 degrees so we're talking about atlantica coming up against the cold sitting there as more snow for the northern part of the u.k. and then rain eventually takes over in places like germany that is sleet and snow inverted and warsaw is up to 0 serve rise in temperature grey skies admittedly is still quite well for the south of europe and the storminess has died away by
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tuesday enjoy the sunshine whilst you can it's only in the balkans for example and immediate future some of that wind or rain one effect north now cheerier north and tunisia most of north africa of course is fine and then there are a few showers in west africa just catching the coast not that many new wouldn't expect many at this time the year but temperature wise just have a quick look it's quite tie in places and nigeria is a case in point. but . it could be the biggest land grab in history. as powerful nations lay claim to territories under the ocean $21.00 geologists are secretly plotting new borders. as the struggle for resources intensifies some of the world's most powerful scientists speak out. oceans manakin on al-jazeera. and the tories
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terraces of the football ultras what club loyalty come a violent confrontation when i. when there was a football match we were crying because the fans. got in indonesia one group of revolutionary supporters has taken a stand against male aggression with a carnival display of peace and unity. to make football resume angels on al-jazeera.
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the top stories on the al-jazeera news hour more than $500.00 protesters have been arrested across russia as they demonstrate in defiance of police orders this is the scene in moscow where demonstrators are demanding the release of jailed opposition politician and. protests are expected in belgium austria and hungary again strict coronavirus restrictions and police in the netherlands are bracing for more demonstrations hundreds have been arrested during the riots and some nighttime curfew came into force last week. the former u.s. president donald trump has parted ways with his lead to impeachment lawyers a week before his trial that's according to u.s. media he's accused of inciting this at the capitol building earlier this month. israel's army has killed a palestinian who it says attempted to attack soldiers in the occupied west bank security camera footage shows the man pulling an object from his pockets and running toward soldiers at a bus he was then shot dead the army said he had 3 knives connected to
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a stick it happened in the area south of. illegal settlements and outposts. protesters angry over a fatal fire at a romanian hospital are calling for the president's health minister and police chief to all resign hundreds attended a rally outside the health ministry on saturday at least 5 people died in the blaze at their my tables hospital in bucharest on friday it's the country's main hospital for coronavirus patients and it was the 3rd hospital fire in romania in as many months moving on to. we have more on this story barbara i'm gopal reports. these charred window frames some of what's left of my hospital after a fire swept through it fire crews worked through the night to put out the flames
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removing both of us me from the unfinished look in the 1st of all i'd like to express my condolences to the families of the patients that died it's for people 3 of which were found carbonized and the 4th one they try to resuscitate but to no avail. it's not clear what caused it but there's anger over the 3rd hospital fire and as many months protest as suspect there's corruption behind the lack of investment and aging buildings they want the president and the ministers in charge to resign. even more than that i am but the fact of to 31 years in which we paid taxes and got nothing in return not a single new hospital was built in romania in 31 years although we paid the money was stolen from the romanian medical system we want the resignation of those responsible if things don't change radically. remain as president to promise to get justice for the victims see thought. the situation is somewhat repeating
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itself we had a tragedy not long ago there were smaller fires at other hospitals and certainly the reasons at the us they are under investigation the investigations will bring to light what happened who is guilty and the guilty will be sanctioned but these promises may not be enough to quell growing anger maté bar hospital was built in the 1950 s. and had been recently renovated even before the cave a pandemic remains health system have been criticized over inefficiency and politicized management this latest fire is certain to put the government under more pressure to reform it barbara and al-jazeera. members of the world health organization team have visited a market in the chinese city of han as they investigate the origins of the pandemic the animal market distributed food to the entire city and is thought to be where
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the virus was 1st detected the team has visited 2 hospitals that were at the center of the early outbreak also visit a covert $1000.00 museum dedicated to the early history of the pandemic before it drafting a report. brazil's neighbors are imposing new restrictions on travel to and from latin america's largest country as concern about a new coronavirus variance spreads across the region vaccine rollouts provides some hope but officials warn there is still a long way to go before the end of the pandemic daniel the reports. thank the rare piece of good news amongst the coronavirus misery believe us 1st like the nation a nurse in the country's hearted eastern city of santa cruz. i feel good very excited and also a bit nervous but positive she's in the frontline doctors want a medic is dying every day the virus has killed 10000 bolivians the government has
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ordered 15000000 more doses of the russian sputnik and the ox that astra zeneca vaccines. but we have a plan to combat the corona virus in the 2nd wave of planned to have stages such as tests test and more tests a plan that has a 2nd element to provision of vaccines that today are becoming a reality for our health workers there's a similar story in colombia where the president announced the national vaccination program is to begin in 3 weeks only one of my last column i would like to inform colombians that at this moment acquisitions are completely closed in order to guarantee the vaccination for the target population that we set out in the national vaccination plan the new lockdown has been imposed in the capital while borders remain closed trapping. these migrants mostly from haiti but also cuba and africa their ultimate destination is united states lab and this young request they have
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made is to be allowed entry into panama that is not possible because there is a presidential order to close the borders as a precautionary measure but in addition panama has all of its borders closed ghana has closed its long border with brazil barbados has announced a lockdown while canada has closed air traffic from the caribbean and mexico until april in mexico the president went before the cameras to say he's recovering from the virus and to announce the purchase of vaccines bolivia daigle i still have covert but the doctor stone me to tie have passed a critical phase i'm not presenting myself to you so that there are no rumors or misunderstandings i am well although i still have to rest he was speaking of mexico became the country in the world with the 3rd highest number of coronavirus deaths more than 155000 behind only the us to brazil a situation made worse by oxygen shortages in the capital despite that foreign
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tourists taking advantage of mexico's more relaxed travel restrictions continue to flock to the beaches of the corona virus. some of us are family ready had it. it's not that big a deal and the governments are making it worse than it actually is however for many elsewhere in that in america it can get much worse the vaccination programs provide hope but on the horizon it's still a long way off when they're all jazeera when osiris. peru is beginning a strict lockdown for the 2nd time in 10 months to ease pressure on its overwhelmed hospitals a shortage of oxygen is forcing hundreds of people to look for it on the black markets they've been queuing up for days and sleeping in tents to secure supplies the lockdown will last until mid february portugal says it's running out of intensive care beds as it struggles with the world's highest coronavirus that's whole per capita health ministry data shows there are only 7 intensive care beds
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left on the mainland out of 850 some critically ill patients are being sent to portuguese islands including midair portugal has also recorded the highest number of new cases per capita in the past week pandemic has forced the postponement or cancellation of many film festivals around the world but some have taken creative steps they gothenburg film festival in sweden has held a contest giving one person the chance to see all 60 films on the programme from a remote location reports from the island where the winner is about to embark on a movie marathon. the show is struggling on film festivals around the world still with plenty of films it's the festival part that's somewhat lacking. here at the gotham but film festival they've managed to avoid going totally online while giving the pandemic itself a starring role. the festival has chosen one person out of 12000 applicants to
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spend a week on the island of how the where a load in the cup to get straight between the north sea and the baltic with nothing but films to keep them company it's a different experience to watch the films under those circumstances where you're all by yourself in your home feels different to what the scene where for example there is a big party going on or where people are very touchy and we want to take it further and take each day extreme. the winning applicant is a merchant lisa and her author who has been on the frontlines of sweden's battle with covert 19 i'm looking forward just to be able to reflect a bit about what happened this year and not being anxious of infecting other people i've been meeting a lot of patients so idea of not being faked in people is really appealing. and ross will be able to watch the 60 festival premieres in headquarters on the island or in a screening room in how to whereas lighthouse have video diary will go online
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during his stay before because of the festival is a social distancing and how the pandemic is change the world and our relationship with film a week on this island of watching movies is an attempt to at least us write the surface of the sense of isolation felt by millions during the lockdowns of the past year cinemas journey away from theatres and into the home but gone a long time ago going to the movies in the company of strangers make it more appealing again once the pandemic finally ends. al-jazeera hum there where sweden. still ahead on the al-jazeera news hour a glimmer of hope scientists are one step closer to saving the northern white rhino from extinction not for the 1st time in his career patrick readers involved in a controversy over the rules of golf will explain in sports.
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frank assessments colleagues on the ground in the canaries what is the situation there's only one doctor and one nurse or one to 200 people informed opinion as to how big this foreign policy figure in the early stages of a bomb in the situation he comes into office with a huge amount of foreign policy experience in-depth analysis of that day global headlines how will a place like good live get the back seat when there's no money at all the rest of rich countries are fighting for an inside story on al-jazeera. com and make sure you're not hyping the situation be part of the debate my main characters are women when no topic is off the table the law is in the last allow child marriage to happen legally these are basically archaic walls they are often legitimize and legalize pedophilia on air or on line jumping to the college section and the team to be part of the discussion this stream on out is there
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a. hell of a gun for much of the last 30 years africa's biggest oil producer nigeria has imported refined petroleum products because it's old refinery. are unable to produce enough to satisfy local demand there's also been decades of mismanagement and corruption now the government has begun a process of modernizing 3 of its refineries reports from. this is one of nigeria's government run or oil refineries in the city of port tucker. but most of he still peroration has been shut down to
1:46 pm
a great equipment and facility the government plans to hand over these money losing ventures to invest just run after decades of mismanagement. africa's biggest oil producer has turned from self-sufficiency in refined petroleum products in the 1970 s. and eighty's to now a net importer of the product. it's for plans continue to operate well below capacity and sometimes shut down for months of say that cost to stop what we have done different now is to make sure that we know what we're doing we would do it i would go back to the origin of that if i needed such a way that you don't normally stick somebody delegate that project and that is well on cause finances don't cancel one of them well working with us to make sure that we have a fantasy of what you've got a refund if. there's a new urgency to complete the commercialization process nigeria has been hit by a lot on prices and
1:47 pm
a weakened global demand. the government desperate to shore up its revenue base sees that he find a risk as a way out of an expensive fuel import regime subsidized at more than $2000000000.00 a year nigeria's refineries are about to face their toughest competition yet africa's biggest refinery owned by the continent's richest man and he couldn't but it will soon start production in nigeria it has the capacity to find 650000 barrels of oil a day compared to the combined capacity of 445000 in government own facilities. all industry sources say between july and september last year the country imported more than 5000000000 liters of refined products. a subsidy program that allowed those connected to politicians to steal hundreds of millions of dollars annually has cost the government huge losses in the past it's crap the subsidy 3 years ago but still the losses continue to mount there we have a line of sight what does with the jeep when just will be delivered and ultimately
1:48 pm
will come but when i did i would become the hubble to trolling for that into a sub because of vision so much of fact that we're expecting any bus from west africa what are you just up doing so nigerians say they are cautiously optimistic if this is not revived. it's i'm probably wrong. in spite of the age of the technologies that's produced over 50 years ago to refineries of that age around the world at last to fully functional so i think they can be rejigged to the point where they wish to come back to the functionality in such a way that the big government of nigeria the peoples of nigeria still have stake in the refineries. officials insist this time it will be different but nigerians will so hundreds of millions of dollars lost through the subsidy program say they'll wait to see how and when the government delivers on its promise to make it greece.
1:49 pm
let's get an update on the sports news with peter thank you very much we'll start with the biggest game in south american club football and there was very late drama in the final of a couple of it all day as the 2 brazilian team sends us and palmetto us playing in a largely empty american our stadium in rio only $5000.00 special guests were allowed inside subject to a negative covered $900.00 test there were no goals until the 99th minute when substitutes for the low pass got the winner fulfilment it was their 1st defeat on top of it in the game but it was enough to secure them the cup a trophy for the 2nd time in history. the celebrations continued into the post match news conference with the palmetto us playing such a coach. yet he joined the club in november living apart from his family who are back in his native portugal. mike mccue stay used to post is one thing that it costs a lot to be a good coach it's because i can't have both worlds professional and family i'm the
1:50 pm
worst father was son worst uncle the worst husband was brother it's true i have no doubt that i'm the best coach but i've lost everything that's why i cry into my pillow because i can't be with my daughters. there were no fans inside the stadium but there were thousands who gathered at the airport back in sao paolo to greet the palmettos team on their return home the huge crowds ignoring social distancing rules in a country we moved into a $20000.00 people have died from the corona virus 2nd only to the united states and less than one percent of the population has been vaccinated. how matters will now head to qatar for the club world cup a tournament for the continental champions which starts next week european champions by munich will be competing too they won their latest match in germany's buddhist league or for one against often i'm not surprised to see robert leavened of ski among the scorers keeps them well clear 7 points ahead at the top of the 10 . ac milan remain 2 points clear of the top of italy said they are were knocked out
1:51 pm
of the comp italia by local rivals into early in the week but things went better against bologna on saturday slaton ybor him of which is spot kick was saved but n.c. rich put in the rebound and from kids seeing school the 2nd half penalty as it finished 21. and benches the city have strengthened their position at the top of the premier league maybe sheffield united one nil to move 3 points clear and with a game in hand on their nearest rivals manchester united who do you know with also on saturday. manchester united striker marcus rash that has spoken out after being racially abused on social media following that arsenal result the in an international described as humanity and social media at its worst he wrote i'm not sharing screen shots it would be irresponsible to do so i have beautiful children of all colors following me and they don't need to read it beautiful colors that should only be celebrated. french football club marsay have condemned an attack on
1:52 pm
their training ground by hundreds of fans that ended up with a player being supporters holding flares continue their violent protests over the team's recent poor form setting fire to trees letting of smoke bombs and vandalizing the inside of the center it happened hours before the sea was supposed to host rain on saturday the match was postponed of the defender of gonzalez was injured by throwing objects police made several arrests i mean just in 14 days of coron teenage of the australian open tennis their soccer says she'll do it again for the olympics in tokyo there were reports last week that the games would be scrapped altogether but that was refuted by the organizers it has not yet been confirmed whether or not athletes from believing in turkey would need to undergo a quarantine period the way that i feel is like i will stay in my room for 2 weeks to play the one picks i missed out on the last one and
1:53 pm
playing in tokyo would be very special to me. my concern would be how the general safety of everyone else because you're opening the country and everyone's flying in from different places or for the 1st time in his career goal for patrick reid is caught up in a rules controversy this time at the farmers insurance open at torrey pines in san diego it is ball into the rough at the 10th hole the ball was embedded so you picked it up and he was given a free drop which is allowed if the ball did not bounce 1st but t.v. replays showed the ball did bounce 1st which is cause the controversy really went on to save par and has a share of the tournament lead heading into the final day and 2019 he was penalized 2 shots for deliberately improving his lie in a bunker at the hero world challenge. when you have the rules officials narrow by color so that you do the textbook and exactly who are supposed to do and that's all you can do you know. when we're out there and we're playing we can't we can't see
1:54 pm
everything that's why you rely on the other players other opponents you rely on volunteers as well as ron the rules officials and when they all say that what we've done was the right thing you move on and you go on in the n.b.a. le bron james on the current champions los angeles lakers have stayed in touch with the top teams in the western conference thanks to a narrow win on saturday the lakers were up against the boston celtics who or 5th in the east had suffered 2 defeats in their last 2 games to philadelphia and then detroit but on this occasion they will get the upper hand anthony davis scoring 27 points los angeles 196954 the 13th one of the season they are 30 in the west for 3 of the elsewhere charlotte hornets were also winners on the bulls scoring a career high 27 points charlotte beat the 126114 that's 2 wins in 2 nights for the hornets. ok that's all the sports news from l.b.
1:55 pm
again later with more 3 we'll see you later thank you so much peter well there is a global glimmer rather of hope in the race to save the northern white rhinoceros from extinction 2 more embryos have been successfully created bringing the total number to 5 but a sara reports there are many challenges before a cough is born. scientists in kenya it's only in germany have for years been tied to be working together to save the northern white rhino from extinction bots there have been obstacles with a pandemic affecting one of the most important conservation projects in the world and off to several failed attempts to harvest a number of immature eggs known as finally there was a breakthrough in december 14 eggs were harvested from 5 to one of the last 2 remaining northern white rhinos on earth. that was the highest number of you ever got i know and we were extremely happy about it dot com and on christmas
1:56 pm
eve to embers for photos and saw that we really at another tool and blue 1st of every existing scampers all 5 embryos are now stored in liquid nitrogen in a lab in to be the scientists are looking at ways to implant the embryos into a stargate mother the southern white rhino after roaming in the wild for millions of years the last remaining northern white male named sedan died in 2018 scientists saved his sperm and used it to fertilize the eggs of his granddaughter a fact that neither fast today nor her mother knows gene can carry a cough and this is where the southern white rhino comes in we already done quite a few a war a little war with using southern white embryos for each other less richer than the northern y. as a top dog to understand and to develop the procedures so far out of that i'm sure we didn't get the brain you see but we are understanding what the problems the
1:57 pm
challenge is don't stop there experts say they don't have much time to save one of the largest land mammals on earth we have to produce a car and then the next to see years but right now we can't really go up as an automaton or employ those because we haven't pulled them that we can produce a pregnancy and therefore we working with info to solve them that i was using exist technology to helping them to have a cough and then get properly is a pool of that ample transfers that entire cascade is successful. one of the most endangered species in the world once roam central africa in large numbers but decades of poaching and destruction of their habitat led to their extinction in the wild while the embryos raise hope the process of saving the northern white rhinoceros still faces many challenges including whether a cost borne from this process would even survive hideouts.
1:58 pm
thanks for watching the news hour and al-jazeera laura trials with you in just a moment she will have much more of the day's news coming up see later thanks for watching. i really did bad things. without being able to forgive somebody like me a convicted war criminal seeks out the survivors of a prison camp to apologize for the crimes of his past i just can't. let that showing. the unforgiven
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disabled victims are one on a just 0. if you want to help save the world. sneeze into your elbow. the i. want you to. keep the law. a crackdown in russia hundreds of protesters arrested as crowds take to the streets demanding the release of opposition leader alexei navalny. hello there more of this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. knockdown anger demonstrations planned across europe against stricter.


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