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tv   Whose Truth Is It Anyway USA The Current Battleground  Al Jazeera  January 30, 2021 8:30am-9:01am +03

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but the cheese is so precious the older it gets the more it gains in value and so the producers use it as a guarantee for bank loans. it's a currency and international name a comforting and traditional family staple that people have wanted more of as they're forced to stay home both here in italy and even thousands of kilometers away stephanie decker al-jazeera in the province of edgy media. this is al jazeera and these are the top stories the european union has reversed a decision to use emergency brakes it measures to restrict exports of coronavirus vaccines to the united kingdom backtracks after a diplomatic row over the move which would have prevented vaccines from entering the u.k. through northern ireland drug companies novak's johnson and johnson have introduced to new vaccines to fight the pandemic johnson and johnson's inoculation is
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a single dose both produced weaker results on the more infectious south african strains mexico's economy last year suffered its biggest contraction since the great depression of the 930 s. it now has the 3rd highest number of coronavirus fatalities in the world with more than 155000 confirmed deaths. game stop shares have shot up again by around 70 percent novice investors have been pushing up prices in a bid to damage hedge funds kristen salumi has more from new york. overall the market is down it was the worst week for wall street since october with all 3 major indexes closing 2 percent lower about 2 percent lower even as game stop in other stocks that are considered overpriced and overvalued continue to soar game stop was considered overvalued for example when it was trading at $40.00
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a share it's now trading at $325.00 a share well than a dozen countries have to be in ma to stick to democratic norms of the concerns over a possible coups the military has said it may take action of alleged irregularities in november election which the cheese governing party won a majority of seats in parliament china has executed a former top bank a found guilty of taking more than a quarter of a $1000000000.00 in bribes shelmon was put to death on friday in the northern city of tianjin the u.n. says more than 200000 people have fled violence in central african republic in the past 2 months the military backed by un peacekeepers a russian or a wanted troops have been battling a coalition of groups trying to overturn december's presidential election when you see on al-jazeera after whose truth is it anyway. it's 10 years since revolutions
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across the arab world challenge the power. but how did these leaders rise to their positions the principle of the facilities dictation is to be patient they played the game very carefully. how did they stay in control the common saying amongst the arabic states is is incredible will to survive the arab awakening absolute power. on a just. thing. and i want you all to know that we are fighting the fake tears spring phoning the enemy of the people and this president has undermined us from the very beginning he's called this enemies of the people he has told us that we are fake media and he is trying to undermine and try to wedged between the electorate and us the fake news
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is creating violence. you know. if the media can't be trusted to report the news then that's a dangerous place for america what you just did is inflammatory and everybody in this room is only trying to do their job they are the same shape you just go skiing in new. york. to tell your children don't use them in the end of the people but they go through film so what do you base your maximum amount sit down sit down if you please say sir down you get one why should. you do. this is the white health welcome to it this is where all of us in spain retches and all the television people put together the information that we provided a look. i work for c.n.n. it's an analyst of playboy or. right a column. behind us you can see where everybody does their life shot all the major
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networks. that room used to be where we had briefings but we haven't had a briefing in about 2 months so instead what happens is there's a makeshift podium you see people bringing chairs out here we have 249 chairs and air conditioning and if the feet away. you know she is just joining with me and sarah how do we sanders the press secretary is scheduled to come out here this morning the state run television fox and she'll probably come over and visit with us and hopefully have a few words to say to us and we'll try to find out some information places that place just. in the morning where i live there are you do you think about asking trying to the city which you get from stocks deterrents i think it's hypocrisy at its best can you tell me the president this is replaced what used to be a feely press briefing is now a short 5 to 10 minute gaggle in the driveway of the white house is there already
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so they can control the press a little bit better keep the questions and the answers down there right now since you have so one question to the distractors this administration has gotten a lot of heat and for its credibility to know what you guys and so i would argue you know that's what i want out of your credibility or an order i'm just asking the question aren't about me so the question is for the sizable portion of the public to believe that this administration has no credibility what is your response to that i think it's real simple if we come out and do the very best job every single day the media is the one that has perpetuated the russia collusion hoax for the last 2 years and i think before you guys start looking here and asking questions about our credibility you should take a real hard look at your 00 credibility isn't questionable the answers as you see are not forthcoming thanks aaron thank you very much shit yeah today's press is under fire but you person here you do your job you ask the questions that's what you're. to do every day.
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this is the briefing room in the briefing room is operating get probably 10110 people packed in here i work down this way. so c.n.n. and fox are down here reporters covering the white house do not have contact with the administration and we have limited contact with the actual person that we're covering the president he likes to say he's transparent but he shows up in the take questions pretend he can hear some cut other people off tell people sit down tell people shut up and off he goes. and this is not how i usually count since historically very much off the rails i mean you get it right all the time he ever did and he had probably the best interactions so there's a a law that the army can't be used as a police force some it's called the posse comitatus act as i went up and was asking folks in the pressure up they didn't really know what the law was and one of the
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press aides he started singing a song from the lion king you could've walked a fair under the past 3 or 4 presidents and they either know what you or tell you what you had least no more you were talking about and they wouldn't have called it the who live and they wouldn't and they definitely would not have sang part of the song for the children's movie on something as serious as sending armed u.s. military personnel to the border to perform a police action on a plane and robert muller. what a stupid question. what a stupid but i watched you a lot of us got a lot of snow right some think in very. hills that he'll start another fire over here today to move us off this fire i think it was monday or tuesday i listed 10 or 11 issues that we went through in the course of one. day 11 of them would have been
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a huge story in the previous administration and some of them get lost because just you get rolled under i call it the chaos but yeah and i'm always shocked by the continued shock about donald trump this has been his entire adult life has been run this way and he has read his yeah. will be out on the rose garden where the president is going to appear for the national day or prayer he may or may not take questions he's not going to take a question now but will show up because it might be our only chance to see the president today to get a question to ask. ladies and gentlemen the president of the united states this is true. people are so proud to be using that beautiful word game. and hiding from me they're not.
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going to run for questions in this thread and it's pretty cheaply done that way. to the mall. she. says she would is this white house in historical perspective that white house is very different and it's because the president is very different and i think we are in a very divisive time period and he got elected as a sharp partisan captured. it wasn't that he created it greta just think the president is not that big sperry as a government official and so business experience and the level of information that you have to provide is a lot less than it is once you get into government asking the question if you want to push was governor before he came. here obama and senator they learn that the
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press is part of governing and then you may not like it but you have to learn to live with it this president doesn't seem to want to live with. it and. listen so this week following up on the motor stuff and if we send anything off to anyone else that that's the stuff that we should do because all that stuff that happened in the last 24 hours. and i've recently did feature going back to the border interviewing drug dealers and illegal immigrants so what i'm writing now is basically act 2 of the muller investigation. there are stories that i have covered that stick with me this was the spot news story we did about a shooting of a police officer in san antonio and it's because of that story that i went to jail
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had a source and i kept that source confidential. a reporter really only has one thing your credibility. this is my 1st station id and i was covering the reagan administration business from the gulf war george bush the 96 democratic national convention clinton obama administration was not as candid is they claim to be but i'll be honest with you i don't like any of them. it's their job to put their best foot forward it's my job to find out what they're actually doing as president are you worried about indictments coming down in the senate so it's an adversarial relationship but it doesn't have to be a person i say or watch c.n.n. should be ashamed of itself having you working for them you are a rude terrible person i always thought that all of them up until trump i could i could stomach and i i respected all of them and i don't necessarily respect from the fake news is creating vile. i'll tell you what if the media would write
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correctly and write accurately and write fairly you'd have a lot less violence in the country you can't call me the enemy of the people and call me fake news and have threats made against me and me respect what you do. well i. was people feel like it's ok to threaten a reporter. because the president has threatened reporters. i had my window of my car bashed i've had people call me and say i'm going to kill you. i've had to call the police a few times because of threats i know other reporters that have bodyguards you don't get to threaten the process we're not the enemy of the people we are the people i think it's that constant barrage of fake news directed at this president
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if the media can't be trusted to report the news then that's a dangerous place for america in one of us if we don't get it right the audience has the opportunity to turn the channel or not read the 1st class i had with sarah sanders was about 6 months into this administration were i did as you just ran your to provide the answers and what you just did is inflammatory to people all over the country who look and say see once again the president's right and everybody else out here speaking to you and everybody in this room is only trying to do their job but i think if anything has been inflamed it's the dishonesty that often takes place by the news media and then another 6 months went by and she's talking about how the administration is doing such humanitarian great things on the border when they were putting kids in cages now. that one affected me personally because i've seen what happens to children on the border come on sorry you're
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a parent don't you have any empathy for what these people are going to do you have let's try and you guys can settle down it's like sorry i'm trying to be serious but i'm not going to have you get a lot of furniture really isn't so low and the have these people have nothing they ran and i know you have to get some more t.v. cameras set yourself up i want to read you know this request go ahead real honestly it's going by fast it is a serious question and these people have nothing they come to the border with nothing from children you just you're a good parent of young children don't you think in the end of the people that they go through children that it's ok for them to spend i do not expect you to lie to me all the time on everything that you say thank you mr president i'm asking you to clarify where you get your numbers because most of the d.n.a. crimes reporting statistics that we seize show the drugs are coming across at the ports of entry that illegal immigration is down and the violence is down so what do
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you base your flags on come on let's go so he's got the same facts i've got his government keeps the facts and none of the government facts showed and still don't show that there's a crisis on the border and secondly out of the when you go one you get one with a set your sights and wait sit down sit down could you please answer down you get when i why should the press is not after donald trump. the press is after the facts so your own government stats are wrong or you say oh no i used many stats and then he said it was us let me tell you you have stats that are far worse than the ones that i use. my job is to press and ask questions and ultimately the president will say what he says and people can decide whether or not he speaks the truth. president when you had the arms embargo on you were asking other nations our allies particularly to observe it publicly but at the same time i believe you concede you
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were authorizing breaking that embargo by the united states how can you justify this to the city. in front of this crowd my son and. it is good to see my. you don't i'm trying to find out about this place i don't know about this place. i enjoyed my time in the white house as a reporter when you come back no i would never come back it's a young person's game it's for you it's for people with a lot of energy i never had to contend with what you have to contend with today with this president and this press secretary in this administration i've dealt with people who they dodge they weave once in a while they would tell untruths but not regularly not so that everybody falter. so could you take them or you could i do any better than you can no no not at all i
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think you and the others in the press room asking the right questions failing but not because you're not trying not because you're not thinking about what the american people want to know or should want to know about the their president or his administration i never had to worry about that people wanted to know and they wanted facts no one said they were alternative facts no one said it's the press it's. news. we make mistakes we try to correct but we always make mistakes are human right. now day 85 i feel very. close just like the sound bites and. they like it they feel like. 3 to one so welcome back to just ask the question today it is a treat to have my mentor on this show sam donaldson who for years covered the white house for a.b.c. what's wrong with the white house today going to take dumb to trump is what's wrong with the white house i mean donald trump is basically ignorant about things other
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than his cunning ability as a con man right he started at the roy cohn cones philosophy clearly was we can win at any cost and never mind whether it's legal or not never mind who you heard or not you we. got a truck has a doctor that philosophy do you think trump has your relatively harmed a the united states and b. our profession i think he has harmed it greatly i do not believe it irrevocably harm i think quoting lincoln in the good sense of the american people will ultimately prevail i think the majority of people in this country want the mores want the ethics wants the morality all of the standards that we all grew up with their parents their grandparents we're a country built on standards yeah he's harmed them in every possible way but i don't think he's destroyed i will see in 2020 what about our profession i think we
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were harmed in all of these multiple ways that people can get their news fox news very disturbing murdoch rupert murdoch has done great harm to this country yes he has and roger ailes god rest his soul i want to address the idea that every time i'm told that he's the most transparent and assessable for. but you know he is anyone who's actually watched him listen to him or read his tweets either directly or in the news those yes anyone who has his or her eyes open has got him code i'll tell you sam in the white house today there's very little humor that's what how can there be is so grim and i don't remember it the same as when i 1st knew it was there well i hope it gets caught out we can do this all day always good in the name of the show is just ask the question will catch you next
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time. today is the nerd prom as they call the white house correspondents' association dinner right and i need to know why i am the last 3 years president trump hasn't shown up and this year he's banning any one of his staff from showing up as well. by the way and i hope. when that thing went down with you and you came out only that. they're not in their seat you. know what you did shawn you stood up and was man and i love you thank you but you later. i always gave in and i love it. i had a horrible relationship with think all of me but you know i gave him grief he took a lot and then left. but i thought in the end he was
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a man of principle and i can appreciate that i don't think sean was ever a true believer in the trump agenda and i believe that sarah is and that's the difference between that and that's all the difference in the world. great stuff. so constancy freedom of. the press doesn't sound right now doesn't mean that the students are still they brian i watch her get up i mean you talk about somebody that's a loser she doesn't know what the hell she's doing it starts right here right so i have to find out for some of this you know i can't even think i am not the enemy of any limits or. police say the shooting that left 5 people dead on thursday was a targeted attack on
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a local newspaper the capital gazette journalists caught in the violence described the scene as a war zone with one crime reporter tweeting there's nothing more terrifying than hearing multiple people get shot while you're under your desk and then hear the gunman reload asked to comment on the journalist slayings president donald trump who earlier this month labeled the news media the country's worst enemy walked away but tweeted his condolences as a precaution police deployed to guard the entrances of the new york times and other large u.s. media organizations an ominous sight to mark uncertain times 2 . nearly a year ago friends and coworkers members of our professional family ripped from us in a day none of us should ever forget one of those people was my friend when he went to use. that incident also figured in the recent reporters without borders
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assessment that now ranks the united states as only the $48.00 freest country for journalists and places us in the trouble democracy category. you shouldn't have to worry about die off covering news unless it is ancillary to covering the news. for this day has meaning and you breathe life into it every day as they did. i love every one of you special love for the we have heard of the capital because that. will be in raleigh gerald jobs they want to point out was right what was wrong and what we could do better so the members of my staff. enjoy the incredible about. to return to work after june 28th.
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i am proud. to work among these giants. so i'd like to thank you and i thank them thank. you for the go through and. i think most folks. when it happened. was just in shock the 1st thing i thought was i hope that it doesn't come out that the shooter had a vendetta against specifically the news here but i hope it's just something random working the site is going to the 1st place and all that stuff and it was specifically targeted in the space. and that that was really really scared the living hell out of. what happens if i write about somebody who really doesn't like larry we're going on now is he in jeopardy of getting shot
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'd. i don't think i was prepared for what we've actually seen i was going to start with a recap of the inauguration but i think we've covered that pretty well from the day . one when they showed 2 pictures of 2 inaugurations and said listen donald trump had the largest inaugural numbers of anyone and you could see by the picture that that wasn't true you knew where this administration was heading. don't believe your eyes believe me any credible progressively worse with sarah sanders tough but she's good you know you also have a tough and bad right and of course she and spicer and elbowed gone. everything is deflection with this president he doesn't want you to look at what the left hands doing want to watch this and so he's lying to us and filling us full with smoke so he can i add what's actually going on the cutting of taxes for the ultra rich the
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robber barons running free cutting regulations and that's the thing that donald trump doesn't want you to see donald trump doesn't do anything that doesn't benefit donald trump. the real problem for the us with trump is their autocrats all over the world and despots who listen to the president the united states the leader of the free world and figure it's ok to jail beat up and kill reporters. so for the press it's never been a more tenuous time and that i fear will continue if he is reelected. the old saying is that once there was a dream that was wrong once there was a dream that was the united states the constitution the declaration of independence are 2 of the most beautiful things ever written by man to explain how we should govern ourselves and not be at the throat of a despot. and that's what's at stake.
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i'm counting the cost the world's richest and the protests to reform the institution how much is the highlands king worth is the u.a.e. the next day to exit out of bag and coffee farmers in colombia struggling to recruit by. counting the cost on al-jazeera it's the u.k.'s biggest hospital with the eventual capacity for 4000 covered 19 patients built inside a london conference center it took just 9 days to construct with the help of army engineers dramatically expanding the critical care bed count and other similar sites on the way the actual london numbers could be much higher than advertised researches say that huge gaps in testing capacity that the government is now trying
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to close extrapolate that across the country and the spread of corona virus appears far wider than anyone thought. that the tories terraces of the football ultras where club loyalty come in violent confrontations when i was young when there was a football match we were right because the fans would go crazy but in indonesia one group of revolutionary supporters has taken a stand against male aggression with a carnival mist display of peace and unity to fans who make football old truism angels on al-jazeera.
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al-jazeera. where every young. i'm convinced l. in doha the top stories on al-jazeera the e.u. has moved to impose export controls on coronavirus vaccines on the irish border has provoked a furious diplomatic row more than ireland 1st minister described this as an incredible act a facility within hours there was a u. turn from brussels but the export ban will still apply to the rest of the u.k. and could block millions of doses the tory gave to be reports. the irish border a flashpoint during break that talks.


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