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the press is not after this after. we're not the enemy of the people we are the usa the current battle ground truth is it anyway on. al-jazeera. you're watching the news our life or our headquarters in doha coming up in the next 60 minutes the e.u. says astra zeneca is bound by contract to deliver millions of doses of its covert 1000 vaccine as the block prepares to give it approval for emergency use and other vaccine could come on stream later this year novak says trials show its jobs to be
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nearly 90 percent effective against covert 90 in china says it will no longer recognize a special british passport issued to people in hong kong and accuses the u.k. of political interference and. communities in nigeria a dutch court is expected to deliver its verdict against oil giant shell this hour . with your support of the 14 days of quarantine the world's top tennis court in australia and friends were. welcome to the news hour the european union is expected to give astra zeneca kovan 1000 vaccine limited emergency approval in the coming hours now that's despite a growing dispute between the blog and the company about a short. of supply so the e.u.
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says the vaccine maker has breached its multimillion dollar contract it was expecting at least $80000000.00 doses by the end of march but astra zeneca cut supply a week ago blaming manufacturing issues now on thursday brussels warned it may have to ban exports of vaccines produced on the continent to protect stock and it's questioned why it appears that the u.k. supply has been unaffected well there's another potential help for the global inoculation dr that's the novak's vaccine produced by an american firm but which has been tested in the u.k. and elsewhere it's shown to be around 90 percent effective we'll get more on that in the situation in the u.k. shortly with paul brennan who will join us from london but 1st let's bring in dominic came from berlin and dominic it seems that that rao is growing between the e.u. and astra zeneca over vaccine supply. the point to
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make here is the urgency which the european union believes needs to be brought into this whole scenario they want they were expecting remember tens of millions of doses of this vaccine for which they've already made a very large upfront payment more than $400000000.00 they were expecting to have tens of millions of doses of the vaccine once it's approved which we expect approval to come sometime this afternoon european time from amsterdam where the regulator body for the e.u. is based and that once it would be approved that then tens of 1000000 doses over the course of the next few months would be made available but we now know that that's not going to be the case or at least far fewer will be made available and the route between the e.u. and the u.k. has come down and the astra zeneca rather which is based in the u.k. its headquarters there their hours come down to the interpretation of the contract signed between the 2 parties we know that earlier in the week the c.e.o. mr soria of astra zeneca spoke of the best efforts that his company would try to
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bring to bear to supply the european union well this morning the president of the e.u. commission ursula funday lion speaking to german radio has said no the best efforts element only applied in the initial developmental developmental stages and that now that the vaccine exists and is being injected into people in the united kingdom well there now astra zeneca is binding lee committed to supplying the e.u. with the doses it said it would do so you see this it's not quite a war of words but there's no question here that the european union is insisting upon what it believes is a binding commitment and it has a serious shortfall of millions of doses of vaccine to deal with over the course of the next couple of months and dominic let me ask you about what german health officials are saying about giving that astra zeneca job to those 65 years old or it officials seem to be cautioning against that what more can you tell us.
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well this is another interesting element that's unfolding of the course of the last few days the standing commission in germany from a health perspective that looks into the approval of vaccines and informs the health ministry of its recommendations and of course is the health ministry from a political perspective that would decide upon it but it was revealed earlier in the week that commission was likely to say that because of an insufficiency because of not enough data about how the vaccine the astra zeneca vaccine works in those who are over 65 that it should not be authorized for use in those over 65 until more data was available well the interesting thing is that the german health minister the federal health minister has been speaking in a news conference in the course of the past hour and has been asked repeatedly about what that entails and his his reply has been well known this is just a draft document that's been circulated by the commission and that new binding
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decision will be made until the vaccine is authorized for use in the e.u. well then we're expecting that to happen this afternoon so in some ways he's trying to dodge the subject however he did say eventually that he expected that perhaps it would be the case that it would be only to be used in those under the age of $65.00 with the huge caveat here that the recommendation has to be made the vaccine has to be authorised and then he can make the decision as it were and one final thought there is pressure coming from a political perspective here in germany from conservative allies of mr sharon the prime minister of a very market a man who has his own political ambitions potentially to be chancellor of this country in the next 9 months or so he said well if you can't authorize the vaccine for those over 65 well then give it to the to the medical personnel in hospitals and in care homes so that they can benefit from the protection that it would it
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would provide so lots being talked about here right dominic a leg up we'll let you. but i will speak to the later thank you dominic a reporting from berlin let's join paul brennan he's give us the update from london and specifically on that novak's vaccine paul what do the trials tell us about its safety and its efficacy. well reaction so they announced minutes from novak's this morning here in the u.k. has been was like spectacular and thrilled and compare and contrast for example the trials and tribulations that the europeans have been having with their vaccine rollout to the rollout that's been taking place here in the u.k. i'm outside a mass vaccination center in wembley within within sight of the famous football stadium here this one of the 50 mass vaccinations senses that are in existence and some $1300.00 vaccinations senses of large and small to prices that are scattered around the u.k.
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novak's is a drug which has a lot of advantages according to the data 1st of all storage it can be stored at a normal refrigerator temperature so it doesn't have the difficulties that the far as a bio tech vaccine has as far as transportation and storage secondly the results themselves 1 were extremely encouraging and as i say through old and spectacular 2 of the work that i've heard this morning 89 percent effectiveness the numbers involved in the trial were relatively small these phase 3 trials and the data now has to be presented to regulate says in a matter of weeks from now so we're not talking about an imminent approval most likely we're talking about approval or consideration somewhere around a full time on the rollout of the actual vaccine itself in the 2nd hoff of 2021 so it's not an immediate breakthrough that said huge encouraging and that sort of 3
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other vaccines that have already been approved for use here in the u.k. all right paul thank you so much for that. let's discuss all things vaccine with jeff liz r us is the head of health systems at the barcelona institute for global health news joining us from copenhagen thanks for your time with us on the news hour i'd like to get into the rao that's currently taking place between the e.u. and astra zeneca over vaccine supply but 1st what is your reaction to the news of the novak's vaccine that's showing to be around 90 percent effective so far it's fantastic news it's inspiring news it's what we want to hear any time a new vaccine against covert 19 shows that strong results it's just good news for the world it was a it was a small number of participants more studies are needed they need to submit their results but it's a great step forward area will definitely be keeping an eye out on that one ok let's turn our attention to the european union and an astra zeneca obviously this route taking place over a shortage of vaccine supply and you expect this to escalate and what will be the
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implications of this on vaccine rollouts in european countries. well the implication of course is that if we don't have this supply it was expected that the nations those down and that that's really devastating right now were still in the winter months receive cases increasing high levels of mortality so we need to be vaccinated as quickly as possible and importantly we've told the population we've convinced them you know you need to get that the majority of europeans are willing to get back so that it now we're telling them that are there we have contacts in place we don't have the expected supply so i'm not it's hard to know if it will escalate i'm glad to see that the european commission and astra zeneca officials are meeting. they need to do everything possible to to ramp up production to resolve the matter and i suppose from you is point of view what they say is that well there are delivery bottlenecks concerning this vaccine but those are only
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a couple to the e.u. and not the u k. is the u.k. getting preferential treatment is that's what's going on to ask that of course denies this but what's your opinion. i mean it's hard to know if the contract is closed we know there's 2 plants in the u.k. there's plans in belgium and the netherlands we also need to remember that right now the e.u. hasn't even approved. yes isn't it next year that's expected to come right about now since all of this is been going on to get ready for the most helpful or expected approval so i think you got me and the e.u. yesterday negotiations need to sit down look at the supply make the numbers more transparency and we know what's going on and also look importantly where else we can increase production so we have the astra zeneca plants but i mean this is we're talking about 27 e.u. countries so what other opportunities are there to to produce this vaccine to jeff
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those are as thank you so much for speaking to us from copenhagen thank you now thailand's government is facing criticism about its vaccine rollout after it switched vaccine companies just 2 weeks out from its 1st phase thailand had originally chosen the chinese sort of odd job but is now moving forward with the one produced by oxford astra zeneca that vaccine is set to be produced locally later in the year by a firm own by the thai king scott hadley reports from bangkok. protesters gathered outside the offices of bio science in bangkok this week accusing the government of being swayed by royal influence over its covert 19 vaccine program the company is owned by the king and now holds the exclusive contract to manufacture the oxford astra zeneca jab in thailand so far the only certified vaccine that prompted the main opposition figure who was banned from holding political office for 10 years by court last year to go public with what he saw as
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a flawed process. other question is better disc game gave too much benefit to one company on a royal defamation complaint has been filed against hannah torn for his criticism but he's undeterred and says his concern is more than just possible collusion during contract negotiations if anything were to go wrong with the vaccine manufacturing the government's hands are tied you have legal immunity because it used to stand but as a window to the government contract she is the chair of this committee and the things go wrong the government cannot. do or know become to be the minister of public health says there's no room for politics when it comes to vaccines i fully believe strongly believe that i have quiet the best the most proper.
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people i will make sure that there will be. i already privilege siham by a science or alternately manufacturer the oxford astra zeneca japara thailand and the region up to $200000000.00 doses a year to receive $20000000.00 in government funds to upgrade its facilities part of a pandemic grant system the job will be free to all thais and will run as a nonprofit operation but c.m. bio science stands to substantially boost its revenue once the pandemic is over busy times at this buddhist temple here and bangkok's chinatown as people come out to pray for good fortune ahead of the lunar new year while recognizing the government success in containing kobe 1000 some are concerned about the vaccine rollout and the politics surrounding it. but i think that the vaccine plan is not clear we still do not know if the vaccine is safe enough to use and that's what we want. well you know my fat no one like that i don't know what the future holds i
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think that this is a very early phase and we won't find out the results of the vaccine immediately. what the year of the ox will hold for the people of thailand depends on controlling the virus and the success of its vaccine and many people here praying for just that it's got harder al-jazeera bangkok. and more ahead on the al-jazeera news hour including this we look at why a possible free trade deal with the u.s. could worsen kenya's problem with plastic waste in sports news back to winning ways we'll have action from liverpool's victory in the premier league that's always coming up with peter a little later. but 1st china saying it will no longer recognize the british national overseas passport available to 3000000 hong kong residents beijing made the move off to the u.k.
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long stay visa scheme that allows these passport holders to apply for british citizenship it's in response to the national security law imposed on hong kong by china the u.k. government says it's standing up for freedom let's bring in katrina you joining us from beijing what more is the chinese government saying about this. well just for a little bit of context under this anybody in hong kong born before the in 1907 that was the year that the territory was hangin handed back to the main one is eligible for british national overseas status status or to have been a passport which is essentially a special u.k. passport now china has hit back today on friday and said it will no longer recognize a benaud passport as a valid travel document so hong kong residents will not be able to use it to enter or to leave hong kong now beijing has been actually mulling over this move now for months and it's related to the national security law which was imposed by beijing
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in hong kong last july now that more basically outlaws any separatism or any subversion against the government and since it was imposed dozens of people in hong kong have been arrested and many critics believe it crushes the rights and the freedoms guaranteed to hong kong people in the treaty between the u.k. and mainland china during that handover period so many people have interpreted this move. in a passport as a way or an avenue for people for the people who are concerned about their rights in hong kong to essentially flee hong kong into the u.k. now one of the biggest critics of the national security law was boris johnson the prime minister of the u.k. and his government and he recently expanded the rights of the b n o holders saying that they are able to apply to live and work in hong kong for about 5 years and eventually to seek citizenship and he said that this was on during the ties in the friendship between the u.k. and hong kong people now this infuriated china and on friday china's foreign ministry spokesperson jolly jen said it was
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a gross interference of china's sovereignty and also said the move was turning hong kong people into 2nd class british citizens now china not recognizing the be in a past but will be this way to be beijing's way to block this move london did estimated only about 300000 people would take up the u.k.'s offer but still this would have been hugely embarrassing for beijing. all right thank you so much for that update from beijing let's speak to nathan law he's a pro-democracy activist who fled to london from hong kong he's joining us from london thanks for your time with us on the news hour and new. this announcement by the u.k. government tell us why. yeah definitely new to the u.k. government such that it's a commitment to the agreement with hong kong and when hong kong's freedom is being the theory that baidu commentators of the national security law it's a response from the u.k. get one that gives it to the people of say seeing political suppression.
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bearing that responsibility as one of the correspond of. the treaty so i think it's definitely a very prompt response to. even issuing rights in freedom we don't. try any move to no longer recognise this process or at the british national overseas passports to those in hong kong does that complicate things. for now we don't have much evolution about how old the transcript and more were carried out. in the statement basically when the people get into mainland china we don't use your passport we use the term permit and when we leave hong kong if hong kong government is going to apply these of these statement to the way that they have brought the control maybe we need to use the home passport to do the for the border and when we arrive even the u.k.
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we are getting out of the in or passport for now if not all of the actions you are noticed by the chinese government i don't see it. really creating a lot of chaos in terms of getting people moving to do you k. or in their lives daily lives. what do you make of the fact that china has said this is in fact a violation of international law and it interferes with their internal affairs because the u.k. did change the rules after trying to impose that national security law on hong kong last year. i think we're going to get this. get this very stripped. it has clarified themselves online they don't have not breached any. some of the british on that creation if they're just all who are in a room full of people assume a great deal and not changing the stages. to being know.
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the identity of the people under that richmond of course we can see the side. of the british on death row shoot 1st by committing the national security and destroying freedom in hong kong so it's a full response from the government and marilee by day away immigration land for hong kong people with top sports and i think we thank you so much for speaking to us from london. thank you. well supporters of india's ruling b j p party are accused the fatah farmers who are demanding the government would draws controversial laws that they say will ruin their livelihoods riot police fired tear gas in the province of haryana as they attempted to clear a protest site however most farmers and protest leaders refuse to move the farmers
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have been holding their demonstrations for months. judges at the dots court of appeals have started reading their verdict into a long running case against oil giant shell for nigerian farmers accuse the company of causing widespread pollution they are seeking compensation after saying 3 or all spills in the early 2000 destroyed they're facing villages where the dress is falling proceedings for us from so what do we expect to happen afterward and what should we be looking out for in the next hour. well basically the rain it's difficult to say what the judges would pronounce at this moment but and lots of people in the niger delta hoping that. shell would be indicted and forced to pay the peroration to these people that are some people who said them means of livelihood farms fishbones and other businesses have been totally destroyed because of this oil spills although at the moment kenya is
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progressing a little at a slower rate much more much more slower than what people expect that a lot of people are hoping that there will be a comprehensive cleanup of the niger delta because the concentration right now is only on a 1000 meat is square kilometers of the polluted niger delta which is not to close and try to do you know going to line them up at the other sites that have not been assessed by the united nations reports in 2011 much much larger than going in on itself 15 to 25 times the size of a going and so a lot of people were expecting that the government the oil companies as well as the international community were focused more to bring to an end the fire the pains of people in the niger delta we went there to see things i was that progress in the cleanup process. workers educate any forbad to flush out truck oil in border creek as all comes to the surface
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a boom truss the slides for you back to a ship it's a job the contractors hired by all john child must quickly accomplish before the type returns the clean up is due to litigation against the company following a massive oil spill in the record in 2009 is scope of this walk is to remediate. polluted areas and board up creek. after the next phase will be the restoration. among groups and monitoring so far is a $1000.00 hectares. while shellings contract to say they have done a lot to subsides the nigerian government led decontamination effort jointly funded by the shell company is off to a slow start. heavy machinery is now deployed farther inland to excavate and treat contaminated soil we take it for what we had planned but we're trying to see what we can do to catch up there's still
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a lot of work to do to catch up i mean to take. an assessment by the united nations environment program 1st published in 2011 shows that pollution from more than half a century of oil production was worse than all regionally thought the report recommended a $1000000000.00 fund to clean up alone an area covering 1000 square kilometers the work which began success later could take at least 25 years to complete much of a is a wasteland this is dead fish and crustaceans no longer spawn here farmlands fish ponds and even underground water supplies have been polluted by hydrocarbons leaking from old pipelines we could some activists in the region are less impressed with the work so far.
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is one. how many years. and that's not the only concern significant amount of all 3rd continues in the region further complicating the process of reversing the environmental damage experts believe 15 to 20000 square kilometers full of nigeria's oil producing region require the attention is currently receiving. but they fear that unless the entire region is decontaminated is clean up me in the end be a waste of time and resources as re contamination could occur. and i know addition to that the major concern now is that all the pipelines that are still there some of these pipelines have been laid for more than half a century and their own leaking oil from beneath this oil from under the river as
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well as the issue of all free standing in the niger delta still continue so the process of cleaning up the entire and i didn't i could take ages along with interests with an output from a bruiser thank you still had 0 newshour. god bless you all thank you. we'll take a look back at the life of american hollywood legend cicely tyson. and it doesn't go according to plan is the defending n.b.a. champions look to avoid a 2nd straight loss peter will have the action in sports. how either the weather has been exceptionally mild if not hot across western parts of
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europe took down towards the southwest and now we can see on thursday off know the temperature got up to a staggering 29 degrees celsius that is around 12 degrees about the seasonal average so some very very warm weather something's going to cool off over the next couple of days now let's compare and contrast that with the weather that we see across the other side if you have moderate sweeps in from the atlantic with this gag of weather fronts with some rain sleet and snow there's a fair bit of snow just around the black sea this is into western parts of ukraine where we saw a good covering of snow cause widespread disruption that snow actually extending down across the other side of the black sea into good parts of turkey so we have seen scenes like this more wintry weather more wet weather pushing across parts of greece turkey pushing across the black sea back into ukraine rain and snow there most now of course the northern flank that stretches its way back into a good part of poland so a good covering of snow too over the alps and there's that moderate continue to just tumble its way through not quite as maltose
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a 13 celsius in madrid on saturday maybe 12 here on sunday that wet weather that winter weather continues to watch the balkans and notice clouds and rain to the northwest. i enjoy bringing my maybe my children so they can see and get more comfortable 5 years children are at the heart of america's love affair with weapons at the very makes no reply and therefore need to shoot and it's fun but a new generation is fighting fire with a recently your money for research because you don't want to see it and you do speak it fluently. never again part of the radicalized youth series on al-jazeera and the tourist terraces of the football ultras what club loyalty become a violent confrontation when i was young when there was a football match we were crying because the fans got to go crazy but in indonesia
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one group of revolutionary supporters has taken a stand against male aggression with a carnivalesque display of peace and unity just fans who make football old truism angels on al-jazeera. lose. her the war we live in. the world on the. other getting the top stories on the other 0 news hour the european union is expected to give astra zeneca as cover 1000 vaccine emergency approval in the coming hours that's despite a growing dispute between the blog on the company over a shortage of supply china will no longer recognise the british national overseas
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passports available to millions of hong kong residents it's after the u.k. launched a law in holders to apply for british citizenship in response to china's national security law. they did the court of appeals has ruled the oil giant shell must pay compensation to a group of nigerian farmers they accuse the company of destroying their fishing villages as a result of 3 oral spills. one of them papal responsible for the iran nuclear deal has been named as the new u.s. special envoy to iran robert malley is a former top advisor to the obama administration and was part of the team that helped negotiate the 2015 nuclear deal coronavirus deaths in one of america's worst hit states may have been grossly underestimated that's according to wire reports an investigation by new york's attorney general has found deaths and terror homes may be more than 50 percent higher than officially reported the study
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examined discrepancies in the number of fatalities recorded by state officials and they care homes themselves these are our loved ones we lost. you know if someone is grandma's someone's mother or father and they're on call i mean this is families. missing someone dear to them and. you know for so many people i've talked to them the fact that they you know people i've talked to people all over the city who have lost folks and they could not be with them. made it so much more horrible so this was a just a you know among all the other pain that we went through in 2020 this was arguably the very worst part of it. we have to make sense of this we have to get the full truth and we have to make sure it never ever happens again nothing like this happens again and we have to be honest about the numbers. brazil has vaccinated
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more than a 1000000 people but that's less than half of one percent of the population and cities like right now as the gateway to the amazon rainforest still face a shortage of oxygen and hospitals corruption scandals are also hampering the vaccine rollout monica has more. on you back to vaccines has arrived in my mouth and inoculations have resumed after being suspended for. the vaccination program she munder scrutiny after local authorities work used to favoring themselves and friends by skipping the line in taking shots a head of health workers and the elderly to field hospitals have been set up in manaus where patients must wait for room each attack or are they to me were swapped field hospital should help us redistribute patients. but this is the largest city in the brazilian amazon still thinks is
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a shortage of oxygen and health workers have been working around the clock to keep patients from suffocating to death like many both anything he does and didn't make it well you ask a nurse the hope here and she says she can't do anything because she's dealing with another patient who's dying right in front of you there aren't enough health care workers to deal with this we wouldn't be in this situation if the amazon a state had invested in health care where did all the money go the health minister is. visited man hours this week for the 2nd time he's also being investigated for allegedly mishandling the crisis. so we did big increase in the number of infections in early january tripling the number of infected people this was a completely unknown situation to everyone. and then there is the new variant of the corona virus discovered in my mouth and much more contagious than the 1st it has already spread to brazil's richest city as
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a result countries like the united states portugal peru and colombia are restricting flights to and from brazil. tell us for a period of 30 days passenger flights from colombia to brazil and brazil to colombia will be suspended brazil has the largest covert 19 death toll after the united states but according to a study by australia's lowy institute comparing how $98.00 countries have dealt with the pandemic brazil is considered the worst it's at the bottom of the list right after mexico colombia iran and the u.s. china was not included due to a lack of data. resumes pres in jail both are nodding as always downplay the virus and even question the value of vaccine he has also asked governors and mayors to avoid. them but then i wouldn't think twice about restrictive policies you
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must understand that isolation lockdown and confinement leads to distribution i've always said that the economy works hand in hand with life. and now so have just imposed new restriction measures but in rio de janeiro where the number of infections is also growing the beaches are crowded and social distancing to be a thing of the. mind to not give. any addition or. us federal judge has ordered the extradition of 2 americans to japan who are accused of helping former innocent chairman carlos ghosn flee the country michael taylor a u.s. army special forces veteran and has son are accused the full system going in 2019 he fled to lebanon on a private jet hidden in a box was accused of financial crimes in japan charges he denies there's been another twist in the financial battle between multi-billion dollar wall street
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hedge funds and small time traders a number of lawsuits have been filed against trading platform robin hood's. block people from buying more shares in the gaming store game stop there harding explains . robin hood online brokerage has been one of the hottest been use for investors in retail trading. now it's a target of disgruntled customers celebrities and politicians here's the latest on that robin hood shares in the u.s. store game stop were down until a chat group on reddit recently banded together to buy stocks that sent the company skyrocketing undercutting major hedge funds who were shorting the stock but on thursday those shares tanks after robinhood restricted purchases of new stocks of game stop on top of that robinhood also blocked a new trades in several other companies including amc blackberry and nokia which
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were also soaring because of the chat group users on the app can still close out positions but can't buy more adaptive da blogger dave portnoy says robin hood can't just try to block online trends simply because they don't favor traditional trading there's no way to foresee that and that's why things we want to get where you can just pick up and change the rules at a whim whenever you feel like it why why can a bank if i make a deposit just say that's our money now. one of. our many investors who made it big on game stop and other blocks companies are furious as fuck they have a big stake in robin hood and they get to tell him what you know that's not right they're going to follow the herd but the c.e.o. of robin hood says he is doing his customers a favor we absolutely did not do this in the direction of the market maker or hedge fund or anyone we rally to your other market participants so we're really
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unprecedented. in order to protect the firm and protect our customers we had a few limited buy in the east in the starts this user on twitter said this is. my portfolio when robin hood decides to protect me. other investors who buy stocks based on internet trends feel the same way starts that by the way i invested in because i believe in the internet i believe the wall street that i believe in reddit and i believe that they would go up because i believe in the power of that and you can't cry foul if you're too joan to realize the power of the internet the fall out even cause to u.s. political adversaries to band together democrat alexandria ocasio cortez says she supported a hearing to investigate robin hood's actions republican ted cruz tweeted saying he fully agrees the irony of robin hood's name is not lost on game stop investors this
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woman said imagine naming your app robin hood and then blocking purchases when the poor are literally swindling the rich leo harding al-jazeera award winning american actress cicely tyson has died at the age of 96 she was known for her portrayal of strong fiercely independent black woman. has this report from los angeles. i don't want to be with you cicely tyson was an actress of enormous guild a trailblazer and a role model for black women in theater film and television station was nominated for an academy award for sounder in which she played a strong sharecropper wife and mother struggling to keep her family together in depression era louisianans. in the 1974 television movie the autobiography of miss jane pittman tyson portrayed
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a woman born in slaved living through the tribulations of the jim crow south and perseverance until the civil rights movement dawned ok. oh no one can oh yeah i think a lot can make oh what if. in the climactic scene tyson as jane pittman defies menacing policemen to drink from a whites only water fountain symbolically triumphing over bigotry. tyson received 2 emmy awards for the film she broke down barriers for not just black people in hollywood but for black women to particularly women of darkness yet she wanted to uplift the culture she wanted to change this the perceptions and not buy into the stereotypes that we know that hollywood and the entertainment industry has historically had for black people born in harlem to west indian immigrant parents
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tyson broke into show business at age 30 she rejected the standard roles of maid and mammy that hollywood ordained for dark skinned black actresses tyson appeared in dozens of films television shows and plays. she received the tony award broadway's ultimate honor at age 88 for her role in a trip to bountiful she was honored in a ceremony on hollywood's walk of fame in 2018. i just couldn't live like that. tyson was married to jazz genius miles davis from 1981 to 1988 in 2016 tyson was awarded the medal of freedom by president barack obama and spoke of her belief in the golden rule we meet each other the way we want to be treated not ok what they are what they should need
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to know i guess earlier this week tyson's memoir titled just as i am was published in it she wrote i want to be recalled as one who squared my shoulders in the service of black women as one who made us walk taller and envision greater for ourselves in that as in so much else in her long life cicely tyson succeeded. so ahead on the. sports news. when the super bowl and their own town.
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hello again while kenya imposed the world's strictest ban on plastic use 4 years ago but environmentalists fear the country is now under pressure to weaken its results they accuse the american plastics industry of trying to influence a trade deal so it can increase its waste shipments under the guise of cycling has more from nairobi. sifting through mountains of garbage is into clean all safe way to make a living but it has to get collected not clear plastics she can make about $4.00 on a good day. maybe 8 and i'm here because. we are not employed by anyone we are here because of poverty the plastic we sought belongs to a company they are the ones who make money out of it. she's among hundreds of
1:46 pm
people who work at this dump in kenya's capital nairobi they're part of a small recycling industry which struggles to cope with the piles of waste that grow with the economy whatever can be recycled is separated and bagged up ready to be taken away organic matter eventually decomposes and then if you look closely at what's left is just plastic which can take more than a century to decompose environmentalists say kenya's plastics problem is about to get much worth because of a free trade deal that the government is negotiating with the u.s. many of america's largest oil and chemical companies who profit from plastics represented by a lot b. group called the american chemistry council he wrote to u.s. government trade officials suggesting that kenya could serve as a hub the u.s. made plastics in africa enabled through the kenya u.s.
1:47 pm
trade deal. kenya's environmentalist are alarmed james who gave years one of them he started a campaign led to kenya planning plastic bags 4 years ago he says america's plastics industry wants to increase its trade here and the dumping of american plastic waste america is known to small nations into accepting trade deals that we you know would be good for your side but not for other countries so i'm twisting small nations like kenya into accepting such a trade deal we mean we are going to reverse the gains we have made so far some gains that we've already being reversed for generations soft drinks here have been sold in glass bottles which are returned and refilled the plastic is taking over it's more profitable for plastic manufacturers a waste for the dump the american chemistry council says it's not seeking to override kenya's existing regulation of plastics and kenya's trade minister was
1:48 pm
denied that any such proposal is on the table the environmentalists are skeptical but president joe biden now has a chance to change the direction of negotiations. by sort of. a cloud that will allow. for the last. 10 years already struggling to deal with its own growing plastic waste the environmentalists say more plastics and more dumping would be disastrous malcolm webb al-jazeera nairobi kenya. the coronavirus pandemic has devastated the live music industry in most countries but new zealand has emerged as one of the few places in the world where bands can still play to large crowds when he reports on the town of. it was it's been
1:49 pm
a career defining 12 months for this rising new zealand band while much of the world has been in various forms of coronavirus lockdown l. a b. has been traveling the country playing to packed stadiums we've been able to still perform. get out there and play gigs and and tour material which has made our fan base just explode. so it's been a it's been an awesome year but in other countries the pandemic has destroyed the live music industry one of the world's largest festivals glastonbury in the united kingdom has been cancelled for a 2nd consecutive year industry leaders worry that without support from the government and insurance companies some concerts and festivals may be lost to the goods it's very hard to. underestimate the state's under exact on the music industry and we need now government to support that too is very critical time so that we can get to operate again. with the main
1:50 pm
form of income playing live music largely gone artists have taken gigs online swedish band the hives are playing what they call the world's 1st world wide web world 2 of substituting stadium shows like this for online concerts tailor made to different markets you graphics this it seems important to us that we're actually playing to people i mean. germans are going through you know we can play to the germans in new zealand there are no restrictions on public gatherings so the summer festival season carries on compared to those in most countries new zealand musicians and bands are clearly in a fortunate position but strict border controls mean no begins international acts and that seen at least one company which employed hundreds of concert support staff close its doors to go the people that usually keep the live music indeed. afloat far away from the bright lights and big stars are the ones that are suffering the
1:51 pm
most during the pandemic new zealand stars and their fans are enjoying their freedom while it lasts but feel for their counterparts in other countries a try and not talk to my mates to much of a city because you don't rub it in their faces then you know it's like it's pretty unfair what's happening. very unfit you know to fellow muses around the world so we just feel blessed and lucky to be able to get out and play and right now new zealand bands can claim to be playing some of the largest concerts in the world when hey al jazeera reglan new zealand it's time for an update on the sports news we're peter there in thank you very much after 14 days of court and teen the world's top tennis stars have been enjoying some freedom ahead of the australian open and a few of them have been back out on court playing in front of fans for the 1st time in a year david stokes reports. after 2 weeks largely confined to the hotel rooms it was no surprise to see novak djokovic and serena williams taking a stroll outside in the adelaide sun unlike more than 70 of their fellow pros in
1:52 pm
full lockdown in melbourne they have at least been able to train for 5 hours a day but still they glad it's over putting their feet on the ground you know just doing something that i didn't have a chance to do so you know just just having the space i think that's what we all kind of missed for william she's been quarantining with her 3 year old daughter alexis and they marked their release with a trip to the zoo we had a calendar in our room and every day we mark the x. on the days that went by in a big circle on the corn team ending day and we promised her that we would take her to the zoo to see who was a. kangaroo is the players then headed across town to play in an exhibition tournament where 4000 fans were allowed to watch but minutes before he was due on court joke which pulled out of his match because of blisters on his hand not what the crowd wanted to hear but he. practice partner philip crown of it stepped in and took the opening set against yannick cinna only for djokovic to then make a u.
1:53 pm
turn and make an appearance after all. of the time because. no matter if you give me 5 despite the blister on his right hand the serve produced some trademark shots to secure the victory. i am sorry that i didn't step in on the court from the beginning. i had to. had to do something with my physio and i wasn't feeling my best last couple of days. sometimes. serenus trip to the zoo clearly did the trick she won her match against miami osaka with both players enjoying performing in front of a live audience again we haven't played in front of a proud member here so it's been a really long time so this is really cool and then for having us and trusting us with your with your laws was great we were so happy just to be here and now it's where it's just really thanks for coming out i haven't seen people in it feels like
1:54 pm
forever so just to play in front of you does it's really amazing meanwhile in melbourne the process to release players from full lockdown continues because of carbon 19 cases on that flights they've been confined to their rooms for 14 days or more and unable to train show to be a huge disadvantage when the australian open begins in 10 days' time david stops al-jazeera. in football liverpool have ended their willis run with a 31 victory over talk them the defending champions have gone 5 games without a win and for without a goal a billet back to their old selves on thursday night with goals from rebirth of amino trained alexander on hold and saudi oman a victory lifts them back to 4th in the table still 4 points off the leaders manchester city having played a game or meanwhile they marino and tottenham find themselves down in 6th place. meanwhile over in the netherlands check out this go from davie clawson as i accept standard their lead at the top of the good of the v.c.
1:55 pm
that was the pick of the bunch in their 31 win over vellum 20 who are 2nd from bottom and 10 games without a win i x. move 4 points clear of b.s.p. . pakistan of one 1st cricket test against south africa in karachi by 7 wickets. no man ali picked up 5 wickets in south africa a 2nd innings these efforts helped dismiss the tourists for just 245 that left the pakistanis needing just 88 for victory player of the match for his 1st outing century for hitting the winning boundary the 2nd test starts in rawalpindi on february 4th the defending n.b.a. champions los angeles lakers have lost a 2nd game in a row on thursday the lakers were hoping to bounce back after a one point defeat to the philadelphia 76 is the night before but it was not to be the detroit pistons were in no mood to do the lakers any favors blake griffin scoring 23 points as detroit won $1792.00 the biggest game in american
1:56 pm
sport the super bowl is less than 10 days away now and the 2 competing teams are hard at work preparing for the contest the tampa bay buccaneers of reach the n.f.l. showpiece fixture for only the 2nd time in food since 2002 thanks to the performances of star quarterback tom brady he joined from the new england patriots at the start of the season after spending 20 years in boston and winning 6 super bowls. experience doesn't matter playing well matters and the team that wins is not going to the most experienced teams could be a team that plays the best so we've got to prepare the best we've got to execute the best. not to perform the best under pressure and if we do that will be champions and if we don't we won't be the buccaneers would enjoy a home field advantage as the super bowl is being held in tampa a formidable opponent awaits them though the kansas city chiefs are gunning for a 2nd league championship title in a row chiefs quarterback patrick maholm says the build up is not the same as in
1:57 pm
2020 it's definitely little different compared to last year last believe the same time last year when we were here we were practicing time in the same manner making sure that we're ready to go for you probably get a little bit more info because you get a full full nother week where you don't have as many obligations as far as going to different places in media and i never thing like. so it's a little different but the same time there is a football game at end of the day if it makes your rating go to matter matter when it is finally in golf and patrick grieve has a share of the lead up the farm is insurance open but almost as champion hold 8 buddies in he's opening round the torrey pines in san diego which will host the u.s. open in june reid finished the day 8 on the part time but sweden's alex nolan who showed some impressive backspin skills here to set up one of these goodies at the 9th hole. that's old sports news from l.b. you're going to little later with more during ok we'll see you later thank you so
1:58 pm
much peter and thanks for watching the news hour on al-jazeera laura collins with you in just a moment we'll have much more of the day's news coming your way thanks for watching now those are of the 5 for now. on counting the cost the world's richest monarch and the protests to reform the institution how much is thailand's king worth is the u.a.e. the next state to exit out back and coffee farmers in colombia struggling to recruit like. counting the cost on al-jazeera the american people have finally for
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poking around here as i slipped $1.00 america's off balance or become more dangerous to the world is looking unfair i was feeling mixture of sadness and. with the election behind us will the republican party dump truck to the fuel weekly take on us politics and society that's the bottom on. the health of humanity is at stake a global pandemic requires a global response. w.h.o. is the guardian of global health delivering lifesaving to school supplies and training to help the world's most found people uniting across borders to speed up the development of test treatments and of that scene working with scientists and health workers to learn only we can about the virus keeping you up to date with what's happening on the ground in the womb and in the lab. advocating for everyone to have access to essential health services now more than the world needs w.h.o.
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make you feel won't. be. for everyone. a dutch court order oil giant shell to pay compensation to contaminating communities in nigeria. all of them are a cattle that says al jazeera live from doha also coming out they use astra zeneca as bound by contract to deliver millions of doses of its covert 19 vaccine and the has to give it emergent approval from urgent.


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