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tv   Drug Trafficking Politics and Power The Lost Territories  Al Jazeera  January 25, 2021 11:00pm-12:00am +03

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now to see relief streaming live on the you tube channel. plus thousands of our programs to get with documentaries and indeed. subscribe to eugene woods like al-jazeera english. or a. hello i'm barbara starr in london these are the top stories on al-jazeera the european union has accused the pharmaceutical giant astra zeneca of failing to deliver a coronavirus fax seems this by providing funds to ramp up production the company told the e.u. on friday that it won't be able to meet supply targets until the end of march top officials have been holding urgent talks with astra zeneca to encourage it to increase production the block has been criticised for the slow rollout of vaccines among its 27 member states which have recorded more than 400000 deaths
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last friday the company astra zeneca surprisingly informed the commission and the european union member states that it intends to supply considerably fewer doses in the coming weeks than agreed and announced this new schedule is not acceptable to the european union that is why i wrote a letter to the company at the weekend in which i ask important and serious questions. the european union has preferred the development of the vaccine and its production and wants to see the return. but there has been the more positive news from the drug company medina it's announced that its vaccine appears to work against more infectious variants found in the u.k. and south africa the company says it will also test
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a new booster shot to increase resistance against the south african variant. protesters have thrown stones at police in the dutch city of rotterdam as the country braces for a 2nd night of violent demonstrations against coronavirus restrictions around $250.00 people were arrested in several towns and cities on sunday steadfast and reports these are all frustrated angry young people who are complained that they are losing their freedom as they say because of corona masher and we have a curfew in an island since friday night and since that curfew the anger has gone out but there's a lot of the baiter in an ambulance was actually behind these groups of people who are committing this violence the huge condemnation around the country also from the prime minister who called it criminal violence you can hear the firecrackers right now the young people are going around the neighborhood trying to play cat and mouse
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with police so there's a lot of for this caution who are these people. are they actually protesters are there's a lot of discussion also about the right wing of political parties who might be supporting them there is a big mix of for people who are. playing in this in these protests or in these riots i have to say. ugandan opposition leader bobi wine says military troops are still surrounding his home despite a judge's order that he should be freed the country's high court has ruled that whines house arrest is unlawful and they wrecked it security forces to leave his residence he's been detained since uganda's presidential election on the 14th of january president 70 was the cleared the winner but the opposition has accused the government of rigging the results. democrats from the u.s. house of representatives are preparing to formally launch the 2nd impeachment trial
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9 democratic lawmakers will deliver the charge of incitement and insurrection to the senate later on monday the former president is being prosecuted in congress for allegedly inciting the riot at the u.s. capitol on the 6th of january which left 5 people dead if convicted trump could be barred from ever holding office again. meanwhile america's special climate envoy says his country is back to take a leading role in fighting climate change john kerry was one of the leaders addressing a summit in the netherlands on how to adapt to a warming planet new u.s. president joe biden last week agreed to return to the 2015 paris climate accord after donald trump pulled out those are the headlines a stay with us drug trafficking politics and the power is coming up next more news at half an hour we'll see that by.
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the. in 1971 richard nixon launched the war on drugs. america's public enemy number one in the united states is drug abuse. in order to fight and defeat this enemy it is necessary to wage a new all out offensive washington send agents from its brand new drug enforcement administration. specializing in intelligence the da pardon of the french police and its investigations within 5 years 3010 traffic isn't dealers were arrested and the chemists of the corsican mafia fled to the french connection was dismantled.
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under the connection france eisa for a. cause i speak latin when he has come to see us as heroin continue to flow on to the american market another drugs surface deep within the andes 3rd cocaine. fixed dreamily wrath the white powder list out the while the finance the wolf of wall street and the jet sat there was a time magazine cover the champagne of rogers a wonderful drug that you can get high on and it's not addictive wrong. dead wrong .
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on june 18th 2019 somewhere in the pacific ocean. the war on drugs is engender new leviathan invisible unconquerable prey that are nearly impossible to spot today out in the open seas a rare catch. in the underwater belly of this beast the coast guard discovers over 7 tons of cocaine bluetooth worth $230000000.00. when drug lords full criminal organizations reinvent themselves once more they never disappear they simply recruit pose into networks not structures they become nodes in
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a wider network and even the commom nodes in these networks you can take down a c'mon bird but it doesn't dismantle the workings of the network it's. a new era for criminal organizations began at the start of the ninety's in a system where everything was exhilarating transportation communication cash flow globalization. the triumph of free trade hoped to raise borders. i believe we have made a decision that will permit us to create an economic order in the world that will promote more growth more equality better preservation of the environment and a greater possibility of world peace. in 1904 the united states along with canada and mexico inaugurated the greatest
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free trade zone in the world no more trade barriers and fewer border controls. ringback mexican factories stepped up the pace and lines of trucks at the u.s. border grew longer. 'd hiding drug cargo in the stream of vehicles became the favorite pastime of the mexican cartels implanted along the 3000 kilometer border. heroin marijuana and cocaine flowed practically unobstructed helming the country mexico's sole political party the p r i received it sheriff the profits go. as long as the traffickers take drugs to the gringos and as long as they don't challenge the state it's ok as long as they don't act against the new interests of the right to keep power as the state will not interfere with the drug trade very much.
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in colombia at the head of the cocaine trafficking chain the political establishment finally let loose on drug traffickers. under pressure from the d.n.a. the criminals who came after pablo escobar hunted down the shell companies were dismantled under arrest increased. to absorb losses those who'd survived counted on the mexican transporters they asked them to step up the pace. and they worked. and wanted a time they were flying convoys 7 or 14 points would take off a car with each loaded up with nearly a 1000 kilos of cocaine and landing in northern mexico and show or they would be staged there and smoke across the border into the us. the logistics of the mexican cartels will fool proof they had the upper hand over the
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colombians and imposed a new division of labor the mexicans took charge of the riskiest a most lucrative component of the traffic cocaine distribution in the united states make an assignment that i know made the bomb which must. be is almost 40 years kick obvious mess. it in the get out on that system as it must perform the c.e.o. live your lives your boss at my door or camper cayley's into that than up letter the battle is to sunny you suppose in much of let. in this enables us you know your lazy then what. mexico got caught up in a never ending spiral of violence meanwhile colombian traffickers step back to focus on production covering entire swoll the valid and with coca crops.
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by the end of the ninety's drug production had become concentrated in lois areas where is impossible to unseat. colombia was the world's leading cocaine producer and another country emerged as a permanent player in the story of drug trafficking afghanistan the world's top opium producer. today 80 percent of the world's heroin is produced in afghanistan the completely illicit drug represents one 3rd of the country's revenue. from the dusty streets of its capital kabul to the highest levels a state board of afghanistan has become addicted to heroin. an addiction that was born in the eighty's in the midst of the cold war.
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the soviet army occupied the country's big cities and in the countryside the russians strove to repress afghan resistance. so in the mid 1980 s. they adopted so-called scorched earth policy they decided to destroy the countryside so people could not live there and in order to do so they would burn down orchard this troy what the system poison of alice but not everyone moved instead people started called the rethink opium poppy. for 10 years opium poppy funded the tribal leaders resistance to the soviet occupation what was once a marginal crop became the main source of revenue for peasants and warlords. when the russians left afghanistan tribal leaders clashed in a struggle to take power.
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several 1000 afghans died in that was. throughout the ravaged land one movement channeled the anger of a people prostrated by years of conflict. the taliban gained ground. they had political objectives that didn't like drugs when they started they really were very upset with all those corrupted watch in afghanistan and they read them like she wanted to bring law and order because of the kind of law and order we lived with it was their perception show part of that was to stop opium opium us or vice is haraam is not clean. everywhere they went the taliban imposed their strict laws closing movie theaters outlawing music hiding women from view but opium was the livelihood of tens of thousands of families if they banned it the taliban rest losing support in the countryside. to build political capital
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the taliban started saying well the koran says that opium poppy is her and it still has to use it but it would say as long as you produce opium poppy for dick a fuse for the infidels as long as it goes to russia or goes to the us that's perfectly fine with us. o.p.m. allowed the taliban to finance their advance on kabul the afghan capital fell in 1906. afghanistan was immediately ostracized by the international community and cut off from the world. afghanistan was around richland and there was no foreign aid. and so opium was for the knife to cut through the gordian knot of this social puzzle of how to restore economy it's an annual crop you put the seed in the ground and a few months later you've got
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a commodity that's illicit that magically crosses all boundaries you know without any impediment whatsoever. the taliban set up labs on their land and turned afghanistan into the world's leading heroin producer. drug money made them both thinking they could flout international know in 1908 they granted a safe haven to members of al qaeda. but heroin could not ensure the survival of an entire country. poverty was rife in afghanistan. the taliban regime sorely needed international aid in hopes of regaining international favor the taliban outlawed opium poppy production throughout the country in 2000. peasants risk to death if they planted the forbidden seed. in just one year nearly
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every poppy field in afghanistan had disappeared and the international community and said things like well you know thank you and the united states undersecretary of state colin powell actually a word the regime i think $41000000.00 in foreign aid but there are other issues human rights the status of women. and so the un wasn't going to recognize them and so the taliban. you know in retrospect conducted an act of economic suicide. after the attacks of september the 11th 2001 the united states invaded afghanistan . in a matter of weeks the taliban were pushed back into isolated zones doomed to disappear
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. but patiently little by little they reconquered the land by encouraging the cultivation of opium poppy a miraculous source of funds for the rebirth of the movement. colombian aspace. in colombia in the mid ninety's coca fields covered home stretches of land far from the cities which were now on the high surveillance. drug traffickers sought refuge in the jungles of mountains well out of the state's reach. by you suppose i. could give you more just program of the area. for territory.
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said a painter to star most but it was true that we told you so much you see 2 of them that no i put. in these remote areas a modern day far west london long to whoever had the means to take it. knowledge landowners purged colombia's land of its wealth. gemstones minerals oil rare woods. to extend their operations these large families created militias that would move populations by force colombians called them paramilitaries. with coca crops booming in the countryside drug traffickers also outfitted themselves with paramilitary groups. made up wrote they had like the air around with medical care or young men it journalling got a gallon of foreign militaries they spray hardly left the air or the last couple of
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those go along those little bases with the toll. he made more steering the ship there but. rovers. the paramilitary leaders gradually took control of coca production and the labs and handle connections with the mexican cartels and major international crime networks . deep in the jungle the scramble for cocoa would change the fate of another group. the fog a marxist guerrilla group fought for a fair distribution of land. active on a few fronts but with meager means they would extort large landowners and kidnap them for ransom but in the mid ninety's thought guerrillas adapted to the changing
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times. we don't look at them now michael said about google many commuters also because about. dying on the rail not acquitted of the global gag order but let all those you know but it's only job is your little call of what is in it down the middle and so they say it's ok to cultivate coke and being good revolutionaries and trying to build a social base so they start delivering a variety of public services flush with the money they get from taxing cultivation . the far cues drug money to buy arms and ammunition. but also communication tools that allow them to synchronize their various fronts and make rapid progress. the fog continue their abductions targeting the very heart of the government governors deputies and former ministers were all held hostage.
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the guerrillas camped outside what bar they were hearing marrying and they were outside fairly interview end of the ninety's people were talking about the potential of columbia becoming a knockers state with the guerrillas taking power. faced with the fox growing power paramilitary groups wanted to retain control of coca production zones in 1907 all the paramilitary factions gathered under one commander . a far right militia of 20000 men the united self defenders of colombia defied the guerrillas. meanwhile colombia's legitimate military suffered ambushes by the far soldiers were abducted in the hundreds. just curious places mafias that mean an economy in sand the us here. the barriers port long we have
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this in the queue and. i'm contracted as gary has been and really look as an innocent i mean secretary adolescent has seen us here to list yes you decide this but let's put us on the. paramilitaries eliminated their opponents. the systematic killing led to the displacement of millions of people. the paramilitaries dictated their nose in the zone say took over areas the state could never reach. taking control of their lead to their lives on money hankel long be lost in going through i.e. and last but i military say years and years of principality allowed it they were there it was on my nose you just can't commit the much activities you must act or the our body our last ability. will be my now only thought of me i was longing to go to rupa you know but i really got into the moment over when i rang a beautifully up the number of only the matter bottles. represent us young politico
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. in the early 2000 the paramilitaries were in the same position as pablo escobar 20 years earlier. it's your body. before the congress one of their leaders salvatore man crews are defended the role of his men. a few years later salvatore monk nicknamed triple 0 would admit to the murder of 300 people. didn't want you. to look at the deity. so what about all of you leave it. there you. see
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a. salvatore man cruiser spoke to an appreciative audience. paramilitaries control the 3rd of parliament colombia had failed to push traffickers out the paramilitaries had turned it into a narco state. unlike colombian traffickers the cartels in mexico never tried to take the reins of the government. traffickers except to the game of corruption orchestrated by the single party the p.r.i. in power for 70 years. in 2000 mexican shrugged off the all for a tarion reign of the p.r.i. by electing dissenting fox as president. it was the promise of a new era for mexico and the change in power reshuffle the cards for traffickers.
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it did break what i would call the park's mafioso and that is to say the. essential of the understanding between the mexican state and the major narcotic rafiki in organizations that they were they were untouchable the rogue going to be tortured. so it did break that certainty of that you had had 4 years under the p.r. or. the p.r. i acted as a mediator between the cartels. once they were gone violence was the only way to weed out competitors. overlapping was soon broke out among all the cow tiles. there was a woman to my class a local eurasian and i know a lot in that room aerials but our boys are going to marry and they'll put out a medical bit of a gun it's their main goal to put a moving closer. to us.
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in this cartel war the historic bastion of trafficking the cinema was on every front driven by the insatiable appetite of its leader el chapo freshly escaped from a high security prison el chapo guzman is one of the most successful drug traffickers ever in history and his nickname before chopper was a quick one because he was able to move drugs into the us at a very very high speed say would be 0 in a stuffy field would emblematic i. meet. in a not cool to them he can. chappell was also very diligent and very systematic in how to manage brutality and extortion against rivals.
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clever and ruthless el chapo would have to strike even harder if he wanted to stay in the game on the other side of the country the gulf cartel recruited elite soldiers from the mexican army and created an armed wing last said to us. military discipline planned operations intelligence methods were redirected with a single goal terrorize the competition and take over that territory just triggered one upmanship among the other cartels wanna. and sooner or outfit it themselves with the elite units scenes of horror erupted. people have come to expect a lot from al-jazeera over the years it's the reporting the commitment to on the reporter places the commitment to the human story. but it's also the idea of challenging those in power if
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a politician comes on this channel they will be challenged and that's what people expect of us they want the questions answered. that is what we've always something that's what we will continue to do. in india you'll be true 1000000 people have been excluded from the least of see just. what i want a speech the family's life to live along. at 16 cush who is living her dream of being a journalist but her father has his own dream for her to follow tradition and be married as our investigations bring a face to face with the ill fated some of india's young women her father's search for a suitable husband continues. can both their dreams come true must one overcome the on a cruise deadline part of the viewfinder series on al-jazeera. if
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you want to help save the world. enduro. the. the old. hello i'm barbara starr in london with the top stories on al-jazeera the european union has accused the pharmaceutical giant astra zeneca of failing to deliver a coronavirus fax seems the spy providing funds to ramp up production the company told the e.u. on friday that it won't be able to meet supply targets until the end of march top e.u. officials have been holding urgent talks with astra zeneca to encourage it to increase production the block has been criticized for the slow rollout of vaccines among its 27 member states which have recorded more than 400000 deaths last
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friday the company astra zeneca surprisingly informed the commission and the european union member states that it is tense to supply considerably fewer doses in the coming weeks than agreed and announced this new schedule is not acceptable to the european union that is why i wrote a letter to the company at the weekend in which i ask important and serious questions the european union has preferred time and the development of the vaccine and this production and wants to see the return. them across from the u.s. house of representatives are preparing to formally launched on trump's 2nd impeachment trial 9 democratic lawmakers will deliver the charge of incitement and insurrection to the senate later on monday the former president is being prosecuted
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in congress for allegedly inciting the riot at the u.s. capitol on the 6th of january which left 5 people dead if convicted trunk could be barred from ever holding office again. ugandan opposition leader bobby wine says military troops are still surrounding his home despite a judge's order that he should be freed the country's high court has ruled that one's house arrest is unlawful and directed security forces to leave his residence he's been detained since uganda's presidential election on the 14th of january president was 70 was the clear the winner with around 58 percent of the vote but the opposition has accused the government of rigging the results going to have more on all those stories on the al-jazeera news hour that coming up in just under half an hour from now coming up next though drug trafficking politics and power continues thanks for watching l.c. and half an hour of.
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clever and ruthless el chapo would have to strike even harder if you wanted to stay in the game on the other side of the country the gulf cartel recruited elite soldiers from the mexican army and created an armed wing last sit us. my god they were in michoacan i mean the organized crime group there they were cutting off heads of rival court also and literally tossing them on the dance floor. i mean it was it was out of hand. in 2006 the newly elected president philippe calderon declared war on the cartels and sent the army to the front 45000 soldiers try to win back the lost territories focusing their efforts on lost say to us the most bloodthirsty of the cartels.
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under the army's blows los zetas imploded into a multitude of groups they tighten their grip on smaller territories. and the violence ratcheted up a notch los zetas filmed them murders and torches in detail leaving azad on the walls and bodies of their victims. they didn't just stay involved in drug trafficking you have to pay what's called would be sold for everything so if you are running human smuggling through the territory. if you are engaged in kidnapping in the extortion they convolved more you have to pay they have to pay the south. the army unable to fight on every front left this in a lower cartel to prosper. by the end of the bloody wars. had expanded his zone of influence to tijuana and ciudad why has. the heresy to buy that out that these mean leave your lens here.
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entrepreneur sent. in the solomon the same man who will in last for mass express the west but also his gallery at the scene ok our mental yeoman top the latino men 1010 minutes 20 that the was asked to gather an e-mail is there mattie was. at the start of the 2000 the u.s. and colombia also chose the military option they are aberrated the most extensive plan for battling drug trafficking plan colombia $4000000000.00 over 5 years. hundreds of american advisors revamp the colombian army. bolstered by these new
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means colombia turned away from its initial goal. the main traffickers paramilitaries allies of the state were not targeted. the plan against drugs became a war plan. bogota poured everything it had into fighting its main enemy the far guerillas active in nearly half of the country is. sinking in power the list albert made of the m.p.'s and at the record you. can see the colombian about radios in which assigns seen that this is. one years. look we're going to go but us will be here. but arctic show how to get there is really lousy and. the dirty war waged far from the cameras dealt a severe blow to the far its historic leaders were eliminated in time
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a process of negotiation will begin with the guerrillas. for colombia the military offensive was just the 1st step. the next stage was initiated under pressure from washington despite plan colombia tons of cocaine was still flowing into the us. the colombian government was ordered to take action against the paramilitaries. in 2006 the hard right empower practically offered them an amnesty leaving over 100000 killers unpunished paramilitary fighters turned in their weapons to carnival music. where the gave way to bus to go in the blood big not to eat and keep tomatoes have see the alleged victim as nicholas was in the courses in the corner of the city is
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one e-mail you perform one thing and earlier. and a lot of good those systems on us and they must buy the military's. because equipment giving prelim iraq we're going to elect them whatever number one is infinity. the biggest jolt came from the supreme court. the judges decided to open an investigation into the incestuous relationships between paramilitaries and political leaders. a large scale cleanup began. the court examined flushed out and convicted several politicians. these efforts towards justice and memory continue today in a colombia that seems to be catching its breath. violence is diminishing in the big cities and colombia is becoming a tourist destination. yet well out of sight and hard to reach
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areas the same actions are carried on endlessly. after measures the. yellow would have thought a lot of the processor is like up us the. us. like thousands of coca grow is this farmers in judeh eradication campaigns led by a far it is with the help of the da. for 30 years agent orange monsanto's glyphosate and thousands of liters of herbicides were sprayed on coca plants and ravaged entire regions. just do it i know in them nor in what they're going to go.
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we're worried about i have no owner of budget where i live booker blah. better on their bread and when he got just a on your door on his 3 hectors this grower produces roughly 70 kilos of coke a pace which earns in 10 times more than if he grew coffee. 'd to make one kilo of cocaine it takes $350.00 kilos of coca leaves $400.00 once it is transformed crosses borders is sold bulk than retail uncut all this means that same keno of cocaine sells for over $120000.00 on the streets of new york $300.00 times its base price. in colombia coca still finances dozens of armed groups they are the distant successes of the great cartels direct descendants of the paramilitary factions or fox who refused the historic peace deal in 2016. for the trains that were in the new they are going
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to let go and all of the telcos in the market going again longer see america most likely more as it goes all for your neck remain ali go your the males see venus have to get mosul and sell the us down soon as he just didn't complicate limon he had counted them or they cased us can tackle 2 other cock up when directly out of the various. courses can assert was also moscow more. just living all the more the color wasn't there is a gap in there is a matter. as long as drug crops grow criminal or insurgent movements can take possession of them in afghanistan the u.s. underestimated this latent danger. after driving the taliban out of power in 2001 washington for the problem was solved. a few years later the us army was facing a powerful insurrection the taliban had used drug money to enlist thousands of
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fighters. in 2004 under pressure from washington president hamid karzai declared war against 0 pm. but the afghan president would play against his side his authority was held only by the fragile coalition of warlords and former mujahideen who used drug money themselves to run their 5. of course there are many people in the afghan government too involved in in the drug trade seamus and in the other on the opposing forces this is not a secret everybody knew it it was not very convenient in those days to talk about it because there are political allies that's west that was the logic. in 2005 in the region of helmand over 9 tons of opium were discovered in the governor's basement president hamid karzai had to remove him.
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without his revenue the governors militia change sides he's 3000 men joined the town of and and upset the balance of power. in the region of helmand fell into the hands of the taliban who turned it into the country's leading zone of heroin production. to cut off the taliban's main source of revenue the u.s. beefed up its military response. u.s.b. $52.00 bombers and us f. $22.00 raptor fighters bomb taliban heroin labs so here's a. an f. $22.00 fighter costs about $400000000.00 and a heroin lab which sounds fancy but it really is as a a mud brick shed with some rusting 10 drums an a and
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a cheap electric heater probably $50.00 worth of equipment. where the u.s. uses its most sophisticated military equipment and all of its targeting and teligent and research the drones to modern term movement you know the satellite imagery is the b. 52 bomber which is the biggest military plane on the planet and to to attack these these these 10 bruv sheds with their steel drums it is a. i think a demonstration of the limits of coercion. that is not one case where education has bankrupted by the insurance or significantly weakened them to made them easier to defeat people go hungry and they literally don't have anything to eat and they will protest and they will mobilize
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and so what happens is that the criminal groups insurgent groups like in afghanistan or in colombia get a lot of political capital people switch allegiance to them. and in fact the history of the so-called narco militancy next insurgency nexus is that the state wins against insurgents when it stops eradicated. after 50 years of war afghanistan's capital is now home to the world's highest concentration of drug addicts. in the countryside practically one out of every 2 families is affected by heroin addiction the country continues to founder.
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in mexico a century after trafficking 1st began popular culture celebrates narcos and the swift rise in society. the small farmers who planted poppies in the last century in the mountains of sinhala gave birth to traffickers able to exploit every crack in the system. with drug trafficking organizations can afford the best lawyers they can afford the best investment brokers they can afford the best account. and the security forces of force and are hugely out. in terms of accountants and lawyers. hundreds of millions of dollars belonging to the sinhala a cartel were found laundered in the accounts of the world's biggest banking institutions. the banks all of tamed illegal settlement no convictions were pronounced. we produce
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a german system. from them all stubble it was sunny mondoubleau santa able to buy the bin that is it for the levels come sell if it's known. as you dogs of wood to what happened to our. southwest a honda is a survivor the year when you would take on don't own this elvis didn't also to keep put his young total production in an issue about it and yet none of us picked you not for sale not even a real nephew. left or the little name on there who are you chris for said the market. in 2015 is called when you contacted electricity grown infatuated with.
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one of the world's greatest drug kingpins was brought down by an amateur mistake. extradited to the united states and sentenced to life in prison el chapo left in his wake and nebular of drug trafficking and the myth of a hierarchical cartel held by a single man. today in mexico violence has crept in everywhere all the time. yesterday's big cartels have been split up by the army which is still deployed throughout the country a myriad of small elusive groups a pair decline disappear and reform constantly. on the pacific coast acapulco mexico's crown jewel has become one of the most dangerous cities in the wild. around 30 crime organizations are active in the
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region. in. the middle. of. a. make of what end. only here your is the. is oil of this and. the dirt there for you. what the. force. went and. for. over the past 10 years more than 40000 people have disappeared in mexico killed by criminal organizations that blindly strike extort or kidnap for ransom people who
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often times are innocent. it was called me or mine or dumb ass me or mine or like your sick with the other team go the whole year that doesn't mean dossing we took or get rid of. mary over garak owns the land relentlessly searching for his brother's body with other grieving families he has dug up over 400 bodies over the last 5 years here just an hour's drive from acapulco. but i feel i want to the well i get a little celica but i don't mean to wear boss. was a daughter and i was. the last beer. when dollars it was all horse. by merrick look that up to see horse. westsail see it as a compass he look at don't believe in the credit that i said in my east but in pursuit
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of proceed i'm up bored. with a set get this up by the sky an atlas both. yes i knew us and yes the scandal of evil because i don't recall the title. but us here have a whole creamy none over scandal problem in those unwearable and i one of the last was a splendid. service and we had losses to enormous by such as me we need to see to their souls he is better. fitted into this will go into. your oracle is only a h. a
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. i think of any other not persona. in a theater they could. i don't care but indeed the that the hero look but i don't why they done it ek different. but as he does to me he will say force us clandestine us and me he will he. told us that but the when other is the color of his mass may he can muster the nice and i mean just organise as young as the market is here and there. is a look up i see that there bro has dca they have got to set a scary those. let's see.
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the. each mass grave must be visited by the authorities who are storing over 27000 and identified bodies as of today. a new chapter in the story of drug trafficking is opening somewhere in china a return full circle. criminal organizations have stolen yet another secret from the pharmaceutical industry. by manipulating chemicals they've managed to synthesize fenton on
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a distant cousin of opium. manufactured since the 1950 s. for medical use fentanyl is made without the slightest trace of poppy flour the drug is 100 percent synthetic today these ports were the 1st bundles of opium arrived in the 1900 centuries mark the point of departure for invisible cargo of an infinitely powerful drug fentanyl is at least a 100 times more potent than heroin so it might take several trucks trailer trucks of cocaine to supply the u.s. drug market for a year well it might take just one cataloged to supply a small car load to supply the u.s. entire opioid market but fentanyl you can basically forget about the agriculture i mean you don't need. peasants grown warlords who are shipping opium if your is a way of chemicals the as you can you can manufacture in china and ship to mexico
11:55 pm
and use them to produce drugs life and all it greatly simplifies the process and it means you can base your operations anywhere so modern centered these drugs really have the potential to radically change the illegal drug trade and the politics international relations and geopolitics to surround it. fentanyl flows into a country grappling with the greatest addiction epidemic in its history. in the united states the overprescription of painkillers encouraged by pharmaceutical lobbies has caused hundreds of thousands of patients to become addicted to opiates when their treatment stops and the illusion of well being is shattered they turn to illicit markets. every day middle class men and women join the horde of heroin addicts and fall victim to fentanyl which is less expensive and then not more
11:56 pm
powerful. fentanyl kills $30000.00 people each year in the u.s. . this vial is a death trap for those who seek refuge from the pain of living. yet there's nothing fatal about that as long as the war targets drug trafficking rather than the causes of drug use we will live in a constantly shifting maffia environment the world of drugs was created by our so seattle choices and our economic system the only solution is to change it. welcome to down from every one of us. even those working quietly behind the scenes. so you can relax enjoy the perfect breaking news.
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and when you leave with a smile we know law days work is done cats are always welcome to our home. for. the heat wave 2 or 3 day he is being pushed out of south australia's gong through new south wales and victoria sydney will hang on for another day the forecast is $36.00 here but that is going to be just about 15 degrees as this rain comes through that rain is quite heavy contains remains of the tropical depression that came in over western australia
11:58 pm
a few days ago and the streets or down towards new zealand but it's a takes the heat away from those partly down to about 25 on wednesday in sydney the tempest over new zealand quite hard as well triste church will hang on to that heat wave until at least wednesday when changes then you're back down to normal all below normal come friday. that we've seen actually a rise in temperature recently and is in the forecast for southern japan as rain replaces the snow in fact starts to melt the snow what's left in south korea and japan so there's a flood risk there as you can see and then things get colder again at least they're coming out as cold across beijing for example down to 2 degrees after briefly being into double figures i'd like to say the same is happening dramatically in northern india but no persistent fog in the northern indian plain and back this will not move if anything temperatures go back into cold wave conditions.
11:59 pm
to make a change. change your life or the path of a country challenge the accepted truths if you want to create something you 1st break and then you remove to turn the status quo and fight injustice down the hall months to. move to school. with miss personal documentaries like total deception on al-jazeera. it could be the biggest land grab in history. as powerful nations lay claim to territories under the ocean $21.00 geologists are secretly plotting new borders. as the struggle for resources intensifies some of the world's most powerful scientists speak out. oh sure. on al-jazeera.
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this is al jazeera. hello i'm barbara starr this is the al-jazeera news hour live from london thank you for joining us coming up in the next 60 minutes europe at the man's answer is over are holed up in vaccine deliveries but there are signs that one of the jabs does fight to the new variants. and 2 new studies show how lockdowns are making the rich a wealthy.


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