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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 23, 2021 1:00pm-2:01pm +03

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this is al-jazeera. they're on the clock this is the news our live from coming up in the next 60 minutes felton's joined protests across russia demanding the release of the opposition leader electing the only rested last week after his return from germany . donald trump's impeachment trial in the senate will begin in february he's accused of inciting an insurrection. of top corona virus vaccine manufacturer
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cut its promise deliveries to the e.u. by 60 percent blaming supply chain problems plus. we are in one of the most famous museums in the world in front of our give me some of the most famous paintings in the world i'm stephanie decker in the if it's a museum in florence whether reopening is raising a debate among italians about the need to control mass tourism. with the sport the 6 months to go until the take here lympics and organizers are insisting it will go ahead despite pandemic concerns like to tokyo in the next hour. hundreds of people have been arrested across russia during protests demanding the release of the kremlin critic alexina valley this is the scene currently in moscow police facing off with protests. as many in the crowd are calling for president
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vladimir putin to step down protest the planned in dozens of cities right across the country then as straight as brave temperatures of minus 50 degrees celsius. right he was organized often of and he was arrested last week on his return from germany he was being treated for a near fatal poisoning. has this report. the rallies across russia have been banned but that didn't stop people in khabarovsk from coming out to make their voices heard on. the sin city has seen months of protests against the kremlin but this rally was specifically in support of president vladimir putin's fiercest critic alexina valmy. they were soon scuffles with police authorities have gone to great lengths to prevent such acts of defiance including a race thing several of the valley's told by aides in the lead up to saturday's protests the kremlin's described the rallies as unlawful and warned of tough
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consequences. calls for parts haitian and illegal actions constitute an administrative violation and can lead to punishment including arrest. it's alexina valley's arrest last week that's behind the protests he was taken into custody soon after he touched down in moscow on a flight from germany where he had received months of treatment for a poisoning which nearly killed him he's accused president clinton of ordering his murder. violated the terms of a 2014 conviction for financial misdeeds and jailed him for 30 days in a video posted soon after his arrest he said. don't be silent resist take to the streets no one will protect us except ourselves. his supporters have said his calls dozens of videos on take talk of gone viral showing
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students taking down pictures of cruisin in their classrooms or covering his photo with nivelle nice image instead the kremlin's warned online platforms they could face fines of up to $50000.00 for allowing content that encourages protests russia's largest social media network the contact has blocked all pages linked to the release system coming to them or so russian investigative committee has initiated a criminal case on enticement of minors into eagle activities that pose a danger to their lives carried out by internet and social media. mass protests have led to novell news release from custody before but some analysts believe the tactic worked this time because he's become too much of a threat to president putin's grip on power. brian al jazeera. let's bring in ben noble who's a lecturer in russian politics at university college in london joins us live via skype from the british capital and the tensions clearly running high in russian
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city is how the kremlin play this you think they're in a difficult position are they do they keep novell in prison or risk sparking further outrage or let him loose where he could easily act as a kind of lightning rod for more protests. i think it's clearly not a crime really wants to get in about any behind bars and we shouldn't forget that today is an incredibly important moment that both sides of the kremlin that wants to show that not only doesn't have the support that he has but one of our nice team they want to show that in fact a large number of russians are willing to brave the cold to defy the restrictions against these process to show their support and anime and what is your sense looking in from the outside do you think that there is the support that novelli claims that he had us. we know from polling data from september 2020 that 20 percent of russians approve of his activities what the credit doesn't know is
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with his increased visibility now including in response to how the kremlin has treated him since he returned from germany whether that take it is likely to go up on not only does suffer from the fact that state controlled media does not paint him in a positive light and so we always have to treat these triggers with a certain degree of caution that the kremlin really doesn't know what could happen to his or his approval ratings going forward which makes today especially important right says a case of question of how people view the way that these protesters are treated you can see people being led away there by police being treated by the police that because economic problems are growing across russia and do you think the kremlin sentiment is going to keep on going to is going to gain momentum. it can very well in relation to economic issues in the country regarding the pandemic and we shouldn't forget that in september this year there are very important elementary
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elections and yvonne these team coordinates tactical voting it's called smart where the goal is to try and rally opposition forces behind the candidate that's most likely in their unites the united russia count and united russia is the seat that is supported by the kremlin the kremlin certainly doesn't want see that particular project a small saying having any more success than it already has his team and played the social media game very well here and they releasing this investigation into putin's palace and. so-called palace and tens of millions of views have. been struck with that and it's really struck a chord with people responding to talk and so forth. yes the last time i checked it had 65000000 and has far outdone outperformed the 37000000 views that the video regarding. alleged corruption of to me tremendously that the former prime minister received when that video was released in 2017 so as well as
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about an equal it makes in exodus he regarding elections also this and he corruption strands dimensions of his what is another reason why the kremlin really doesn't want to see him be a coordinate is going forward and to what degree or not a toll will the kremlin be influenced by international opinion on this has been a quite an outcry over the valleys imprisonment. that has and we know that they're trying to downplay they foreign minister sergey lavrov has said that western politicians calling kind of on news release as a way to try and distract their own citizens from what he's called the crisis of the liberal development model so we know that the kremlin is trying to ignore these international coals and it does seem as though the trend is for the kremlin to try and put him behind bars and we'll know much more about that on the 2nd degree when it will be clear whether you will be put behind bars possibly for 3 and
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a half years and then there's a 2nd case that could put him behind bars for an additional 10 and those state elections coming up in september all eyes on those 2 as we have this this build up potentially of protest. definitely and for the kremlin another reason to worry in the lead up to those elections is united russia's approval rate sayings don't look very good for the kremlin they've been hovering around 30 percent for a while and the kremlin has got used to controlling the state duma the lower chamber at the national level parliament and if it lost its supermajority or if it lost its majority then we could see very very different politics in russia than we've seen for the last 1520 years all right well we'll keep a close eye on the ongoing of protests in moscow and across the country but for the time being it ben that noble appreciate that thanks very much thank you. the days has been set donald trump's 2nd impeachment trial will get underway in february
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senate leaders agreed to a 2 week delay allowing the chamber to focus on confirming joe biden's cabinet picks and a covert 900 stimulus bill trump is accused of inciting insurrection when he encouraged his supporters to march on the capitol building earlier this month i did your castro reports now from washington d.c. . donald trump has left washington but not his presence will soon be the center of attention again as the defendant in his 2nd impeachment trial this scene from trump's 1st impeachment will be repeated monday when the house sends to the senate one impeachment article charging trump with inciting insurrection. egged on by trump's call to overturn the election a mob of his supporters stormed the u.s. capitol on january 6th causing 5 deaths we all want to put this awful chapter in our nation's history behind us. but healing and unity will only come if there is truth and accountability and that is what this trial will
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provide will also and it is now standard the $100.00 senators will be sworn in as jurors on tuesday with the trial scheduled to begin in earnest the week of february 8th from around the world on present a minimal process of this cannot be an insufficient process that the former president tried to do. or damages the. or the program it's the president joe biden has stressed the trial should not jeopardize the senate's focus on passing covert relief and we're trying very hard to get up and running these crises the better the trials timing will depend on whether the senate will hear from witnesses how many hours of arguments will be allowed and if there's a way to make progress on biden's agenda simultaneously there is also the
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constitutional question of how to put a former president on trial a 1st for the nation really this impeachment trial is about whether mr trump will run for president again in $22041.00 of the punishments authorized by the constitution for conviction on pietschmann is disqualification from holding future office and that's a momentous decision to be made and i mean made with the solemnity and gravity conviction would require the vote of 17 republicans only one voted to convict trump after his 1st impeachment now resigned to his florida golf course polls show a majority of americans want to see trump gone from public office for good. castro al-jazeera washington. well u.s. president joe biden has signed 2 more executive orders this time focused on relieving the economic impact of the pandemic the measures are short term fixes
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ahead of a much larger proposal biden is looking for a bipartisan support in congress for a $1.00 trillion dollars stimulus package john john has more now from washington d.c. . the new president pleaded for urgent ended aggressive action to turn around a floundering economy families are going home people are risk to be the victim job losses are mounting again we need to act on capitol hill president joe biden is pressing for a massive 1.9 trillion dollar relief package for workers and businesses hit hard by the global pandemic but that measure following the 900000000000 dollar economic rescue in december faces opposition from republicans in a bitterly divided congress i don't think is bill's going to make it but we need to do something so in his 2nd full day in office biden took 2 largely symbolic steps signing executive orders to expand food assistance for families who need it and
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raising the minimum wage for workers on federal contracts to $15.00 an hour and the american people are hurting and they can't afford to wait they need help right now and that's the motivation behind the actions of the president will take today i want to be very clear these actions are not a substitute for comprehensive legislative relief. but they will provide a critical lifeline to millions of families. the executive orders are stopgap measures in an economic spiral that has 10000000 americans out of work as the covert 1000 pandemic forces one business after another to shutter its doors. the economic recovery depends in large part on this speed of a vaccination program that seeks to deliver 100000000 shots in biden's 1st 100 days in office the goal herd immunity that would ultimately allow americans to take off their masks and get back to work but there are 328000000 americans and those shots
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might not reach most of them for 6 months or longer president joe biden says he's been playing catch up following a trump administration that never developed a comprehensive national covert plan costing precious months and lives mirroring the economic toll is the death toll here in the u.s. now topping 400000 likely to reach 600000 before the pandemic is over john hendren al jazeera washington well the biden administration says it will review its predecessor deal with the afghan taliban wants to show the taliban is sticking to commitments to reduce violence cut the ties with on groups be gauging negotiations with the afghan government as part of the agreement signed last february the us agreed to withdraw its troops by may this year the states on let's put decide to use the head of international relations department to cut down
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university joins us now from kabul mr sadat welcome to the program so why do you think the by ministration deems it necessary to review this as the taliban not being living up to its commitment. i'm sure. you know what should be agreed. and out of to. read on. i don't think we can we. got connections very poor with this so i think we should pull out from mats and we'll try and hook up with a couple again a bit later in the program to talk further about this important story but i've also had on the news hour including mass graves in libya authorities trying to identify hundreds of civilians killed in the civil war. a powerful storm hits an area of
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mozambique that has yet to recover from the devastating effects of cycling less than 2 years ago. i got support coming up to basically do just one of its biggest stars look back at the career i don't just died at the age of a. moral top story in the ongoing protests in russia we can speak to across 100 got 4 he joins us live now from moscow and i was going to we've been seeing a big police presence going on what pitch are you getting. well yes indeed they are more than 3000 arrested people here in moscow and these numbers are growing every 5 minutes there is police everywhere and the riot gear and they are becoming more rough for by. a couple of policemen
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by behind us and at this point the detaining a man that was just standing there the whole area. there is a whole line of fans that are getting field to up now these people gathered to say here in order to protest. in the end in order to protest against putin and for economic. what about the chances of this gaining momentum and that's a big concern for the kremlin isn't it in how they respond to this. well in how the kremlin responded to this we see that there is a huge potential because the moment people take the streets they started taking preventive measures they actually in past 2 days detained people for sharing their intention to come today to protest they also have been knocking on activists door
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warning then they shouldn't do this they ordered the social media to take down any content that calls for this protest and at the same time kremlin spokesperson were saying that this is not an action of opposition but provocateurs trying to cause a course of action how things will develop that we will see and by that you also see what sort of an impact it will have on the oppositional movement in russia and purchase not just happening in moscow but of across the country. yes indeed it started this morning i mean this country has like 11 so as the sun was rising from the russian far east over siberia the protests were happening there and they were also with multiple arrests specially in far eastern run both also in the sound siberia no. what we have as an information from some independent media is
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that before moscow brought this started and also one instance petersburg there were 15000 people in these other places of russia this was a call for a basically nation ride nationwide protests are done exam to back with use the day goes on the protests continue in russia and in moscow and it's on to go for thank you very much. china has reported more than $100.00 new daily corona virus infections for more than 10 days in a row it is the worst cases it has seen since march last year and this comes on the anniversary of the world's 1st covert 19 lockdown when china sealed off the city of will between january and june testing has been ramped up in parts of the country had a favorite gluten new year holidays and that's when hundreds of millions of people are expected to travel to visit their families. and thousands of people in hong kong have been ordered to stay at home lock down is the toughest pandemic
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restriction imposed on the territories so far in effect said that the populated district that accounted for half of all new korean virus cases over the past week on kong has been struggling to contain enough break since november ageing brown is in the district where the lockdown is in place and explains why it's been hardest hit by the virus well this is something the hong kong government probably wanted to avoid locking down one of the most densely populated neighborhoods in the city but the tape and jordan areas have been seeing very high infection rates during the past week to 10 days those infection rates running up between 70 to 100 a day so now over the weekend medical workers are going to be testing tens of thousands of residents who live in these pretty decrypted buildings you can see behind me and that's possibly one of the reasons why the virus has been spreading many people live in lot of basically subdivided apartments within a flat basically one room apartments where there's barely enough room for even
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a bed they share washing facilities toilet facilities kitchen facilities and government officials say they believe that the virus here has been spreading through broken sewage pipes now so far hong kong has recalled recorded about 10000 coated infections since the outbreak began in january last year we've had more than $160.00 deaths but this is a 1st no lockdown up until now and of course the worry for many people is this lockdown might have to spread to other areas if we start to see infections rising in those areas the vaccine maker ashes anika has cut its promise delivery to the e.u. blaming supply chain problems the company has reduced its offering by 60 percent for the 1st quarter of the year only $31000000.00 doses are now expected to be delivered it is a severe setback to the block facts a nation program that is already suffering after pfizer by intake slowed their supplies lets me talk cross one step vasant he joins us now from amsterdam and
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steps say at the vaccination program is under pressure tell us more about what's. absolutely this is a very serious setback for the 450000000 citizens of the european union the vaccination program is according mated action among the 27 member states and they started a bit later already compared to the u.s. and the u.k. there was a lot of complaints about that there's quite a robust approval system here in place at the european medicines agency here in amsterdam where approval of vaccines takes longer compared to the u.s. and the u.k. and now the 2 vaccines that have been approved in the e.u. e.u. that's a biotech pfizer and moderna are basically getting very scarce there struggling to keep up production at the buy in tech fighter facilities the property trying to build new factories in germany and other places but they simply can't keep up with
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demand so in the larger states in germany they already have stopped vaccinating altogether also in italy and spain are similar problems italy and poland are now threatening to take buy and prices to court for not keeping up with delivery and then the art of vaccine astra zeneca where most of the european countries have put their money on the order of millions of those of this vaccine is now also saying the same thing they can't keep up with production they're already cutting 60 percent so instead of $80000000.00 there will only be $30000000.00 delivered but the fact she has yet to be approved and that will happen only at the end of next week. and instead every nation dealing with a crisis is a see fit and where you are in the netherlands authorities preparing for a curfew which is the 1st one i think since world war 2 looking like and how people responded to. absolutely this is the 1st curfew as people say here since world war 2 and it's a bit of
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a shock for many people in the netherlands that it has come to this because in the beginning the government has been quite lenient they have called it an intelligent lockdown they put the responsibility where the people themselves but nothing helped and the situation got completely worse so now the government says they have no other option than to put a very strict curfew which is the strongest measure compared to other neighboring countries here it goes into effect at 9 pm tonight and last until 4 30 in the morning and there are only a very few exceptions and you really have to carry documents to make sure that you won't get a big fine so it is a lot of focus on planes about it actually also people have been trying to be creative because people who are walking their dogs can have this exception so dark rental service was very much flooded with requests and also people delivering food uniforms of these delivery services have been in high demand so there still are like a psychological factor here that people are still struggling to to to commit to these
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measures to fight this from that being together. that's a picture from stuff us reporting in britain the prime minister's warning the coronavirus variant found in the u.k. is not only more contagious but could be more deadly this news comes just as britain appeared to be making headway in reducing the spread infection rates have started dropping by around 4 percent reports johnson says the u.k. cannot consider easing restrictions till the government is confident the vaccination program is protecting the population. we've been informed today that in addition to spreading more quickly it also appears that there is some evidence that the new variant the varian that was 1st identified in london and the southeast may be associated with a higher degree of mortality. still ahead here on al-jazeera why community in
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argentina says it's being stigmatized and not down cases well. that a super bowl surprise for hardworking doctors and nurses that's coming up joe inspired. the remains a winter storm produced an awful lot of stuff and strong winds in sweden a beautiful picture but it did cut off that part of the country is pretty similar in northern norway as well got some remains of the storm the next massive cloud came in through central europe does not provide the same wind but it will provide a certain amount of snow all the way from austria through germany avenge the southern baltic thank coming in behind the next frontal system with a north westerly breeze to its culture and i would bring a band of snow followed by a few showers and when always cold reaches the warmth of the bad or the asiatic you
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get stormy weather this particular effect croatia and the high ground just inland throughout the baltics so luxembourg shows that incoming front as evening snow on sunday then it blows through the temps just as much the same at night it gets colder by choose day this picture on monday though and you know it is still raining already once again on the coast of croatia last night in the balkans everywhere else is looking pretty similar it's not quite a stormy in spain or portugal are there but if you look at split in the east coast the part of croatia it is windy and wet for a couple of days the temperatures in the teens dropping down to single figures and getting colder night not a typical winter weather for anyway. for . anti fascist anti establishment and pro volunteers despite the recent official disbanding of its militarized wing
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a basque separatist movement is found alive and well on the terraces of a build files stadium. a place where political revolutionaries share a platform an ideology with violent football hooligans. and read all death on al-jazeera. north korea isolated and heavily sanctioned yet earning billions around the globe here and 39 is involved in everything that makes money for north korea. to carry defy the cuss words take on tyson. the money this year and it goes straight into the coffers as a leadership a $2.00 part people in power investigation bureau $39.00 cash for came to.
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but again you want to remind of our top stories this hour and hundreds of people have been arrested across russia during protests tomorrow and the release of kremlin critic alexina valmy from moscow to the far east of russia protests are planned in dozens of cities across the country. a cave in $1000.00 vaccine maker astra zeneca has cut its promise delivery to the e.u. blaming supply chain issues which is a severe setback to the box back to nation program which is already suffering off the face of biotech slave supply. and donald trump 2nd piece for trying to get underway the week of february 8th the former president is accused of inciting the siege of the capitol building. now as we mentioned a bit earlier the bite ministrations says it will review its predecessor deal with
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the afghan taliban that we try to speak to side farm so that little while ago the head of the international relations department cut a new diversity i could have another try another connection wasn't so good before you can hear us loud and clear now why do you think does the new u.s. administration want to conduct this review has the taliban not been living up to its commitment. i believe the new team needs a comprehensive review of go hungry men because they will have to understand what will be an issue agreed on so that is. become a. policy later on and also they would have to look i'm the commitment made by the taleban in the doha agreement to what extend. shown commitment at the top of the bill high grade men and on and to understand that i think the biden seen really need 'd the company with you on the situation the afghan vice
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president i'm going to solder he said earlier this month that he believes if the united states had conceded too much to the taliban in what way is that the case do you think. yes if you look at the communist nation approve they were more disconnected with the one government and now. the afghan government has some concerns regarding the agreement and looking at the indication that we mean our might and patience is. the commitment which is made in the agreement that would mean a bad end to the bad one government will definitely be shared with the by the present right to work with them. that's the local that the afghan government is is really looking. at the opportunity whether they have those elaboration where they
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could all share that we got into the hungry man that has been trying to read the feed that. we're moving into what the problem and much has been. yes so if this is the u.s. government review it finds that the taliban has gained too much if you like from the previous the deal with the previous administration and what do you think it means for the way forward and the peace deal between a potential peace deal between the taliban and the afghan government. i think. by that time especially seems more committed to the democratic and the. violence. if you look at agreement remain rejection of my comments made you think mentioned that by not only seeing that reduction but a 3rd in line. if fallen out among the we're not sure who might be going through the. agreement made i think. there would be an
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aftershock. and that's when. you know the. meeting with the show that it happened and so there will be an. outcome of the review and been. going to. appreciate your analysis of the sites very much indeed thank you the funerals have been held in the libyan capital tripoli off the discovery of several mass graves 14 bodies identified by family members were laid to rest they were found in the city of talk you know form a stronghold of forces loyal to the border 25 to hundreds of civilians were forcibly detained tortured all killed in the is that it was under control. well labor is internationally recognized government is opened an exhibit to help people identify the personal belongings and the remains of loved ones and hope that they
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might be recognized and laid to rest on the train as more from tripoli. close and personal belongings from the remains of people found in mass graves this site has been opened in tripoli to help people identify bodies and possessions belonging to the relatives of loved ones at least 338 people have been reported missing in the town of sort of tuna allegedly killed by the el kenya militia loyal to warlord police to have to during his veiled military campaign on libya's capital other mass graves are being uncovered is the heart of me that identified the body of one of her 3 sisters last week today she's recognized 2 more of her sisters also. i came to identify my sisters who were kidnapped by the outcome of the admonition my message to those who killed my sister is they are women why did you
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kill them the youngest had 4 children and she was pregnant now these refrigerated containers are where the bodies of those found in the mass graves and to whom are kept at once their bodies are identified they're then transferred to their loved ones so they may be buried so far approximately 125 bodies have been found they are brought here for autopsies. and their personal belongings are documented and put on display malik is a nurse and has 2 brothers missing he thinks he recognizes one of them by his clothing and the ring he bought how i feel is it's difficult to explain you know it's have been this body should be my brother or not we cannot confirm and come down. and least we have percentage just we have like 80 percent that sand. and. that is the others didn't
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found their sons and their brothers their sisters they don't deserve this. desire to end this way. there are $31.00 bodies here for family members to attempt to identify including those of 4 women and 2 children get it and have thought of that once we believe the family is identified a person's belongings we make sure only information matches clothing ted turner's dental records once confirmed a request is made to release the body to the family. although there is pain after identifying her sister's there is also some long needed closure but it will likely take more time for her to know the fate of her 2 brothers malik traina al-jazeera tripoli. yes a group deal for relative. tropical cyclone eloise has made landfall near
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mozambique port city of beer which was devastated by sunken into a less than 2 years ago rivers and the surrounding areas were already swollen before the storm hit these 3000 people have been evacuated from breezy district in the east louise's expected to lose strength as it travels inland dumping rain across and zimbabwe east and south africa and botswana let's cross to you for me to miller who's monitoring the progress of that cycle in johannesburg for me to say what are you hearing about what's happening and the impact well it's quite concerning that it's been quite difficult to get information out of mozambique and this might be an indication of how devastating the cycle own has been but what we have heard so far is that they've been strong winds up to 150 kilometers per hour that's at the height of the cycle and that made landfall earlier today and of course there's been immense rain in the days leading up to the cycle on making land form a landfall and that's continuing we know that just ahead of the cycle and making
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landfall a shops in the city of barrow were closed streets were deserted those streets already flooded and the major concern is around the outlying area of boozy that area also is home to the point where river water they has a radio risen to flood levels and now with that additional rain from the cycle and this is concern around how devastating the destruction might be in that area do we know what kind of possibilities are there for people to escape the worst impacts is there any way that they can hide what kind of refugees have. well it's difficult not to compare this particular cycle into what happened in $29000.00 with cycle own it die and in that particular case that was one of the worst storms to be seen across this continent on record and that particular case the government was criticized for not doing enough to prepare people for the incoming cyc loan this time around it seems that there's been
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a bit more effort to prepare people aid agencies have evacuated hundreds of families from the bay area from the boozy area to temporary shelters we know of potentially around 900000 people but also what's important to remember is that just in december there was a tropical storm that displaced around 90900 families so that's also a concern given the limited resources aid agencies have in terms of helping people there there as well to the biggest port in that area it provides it brings in goods for northern coastal mozambique that port has been closed of course now resources are limited and that's a major concern given how many people have to be taken care of and following that cycle in 21100000 people are still displaced so we're talking about aid agencies and a government that has to deal with the aftermath of a cycle that took place 2 years ago and now having to deal with the latest
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aftermath of this particular cycle and that made landfall earlier today familiar with the reporting there on tropical sort from the louisa making landfall near mosul thanks a lot for review. families in mexico's capital are being forced to take coronavirus health care into their own hands because hospitals are overwhelmed 100 securing daily for expensive oxygen refills to help people recover at home and some are using personal vehicles instead of ambulances at least 90 percent of mexico city's hospital beds are full and thousands more infections are being recorded every day brazil has received more than 2000000 doses of the k.v. shield vaccine from india the vaccine was developed by astra zeneca and oxford university and is being manufactured by india's serum institute the batches arrived as brazil registered more than 56500 new cases of covert 900 friday and with more than 215000 deaths the outbreak in brazil is the 2nd deadliest in the world after
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the united states. argentina is more than 3 weeks into a mass vaccination drive using russia's sputnik vaccine it was one of the 1st countries in latin america to impose a lockdown to fight given 90 but while most look downs have been lifted thousands of people in the northern province of formosa still living in isolation traceable reports now from want to set. and isolation center in the province of formosa in northern argentina. people here say they are being held here against their will. this man says nobody is taking care of them get their food out yes the radio here we've had children here for 22 days and no specialists or doctors have seen them please stop lying people are going to find out the truth about what's happening in this province. reports indicate there are over 3000 people in isolation in the province argentina was one of the 1st countries in latin
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america to impose a quarantine to prevent the spread of covert 1000. but when most lockdowns around the country have been lifted the lockdown in formosa has remained in place and broken since march last year human rights groups are questioning why people are taken to this isolation centers and the treatment they receive once they're there there are reports of people being picked up in the middle of the night in their homes and taken with their families and that's why human rights organizations are asking provincial authorities to ease this restrictions immediately foremost us government says it's radical measures are necessary to fight coronavirus the government claims only 6 people have died of covert 1000 in the province and that their policy has been successful. was omitted but many for most i do not agree on thursday local legislator was detained when she went to an isolation
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center to demand people to be allowed to do the quarantine at home we spoke to her once she was released. a new formosa feels like with 2nd class citizens because the rise that people normally have are not even respected here we don't have freedom to move we don't have personal freedom people are kept here in isolation for the schools are controlled by the police the n o one. here's what psychologists doctors that's not happening human rights are violated the centers are guarded by the police people are not allowed to go inside their belongings are checked by the police it's like a detention center. indigenous communities have also claimed they're being discriminated against for members of the indigenous group were detained on thursday for protesting against local authorities for the most or is one of the poorest provinces in the country and has been ruled by this same man for 25 years called
1:45 pm
word of. jillian's fran who many accuse of controlling the province like a personal fiefdom argentina is struggling to contain the spread of covert 1000 over 40000 people have died in the past year and when many here justify extreme measures others say forethought have gone too far. and one of. the if is in museum in florence has reopened its doors to the public but the rules to curb the crown of us pandemic meant the world famous museum was closed for almost half of 2020 but the pandemic also means the usual crowds of tourists. in the people of florence are finally getting a chance to enjoy the arts and culture in a more personal way stuff reports not from. intimacy with a masterpiece getting back to chile spring all to yourself would usually be unheard of the crew in a pandemic has stopped the mass tourism that would usually fill these corridors
1:46 pm
rooms and that means florentines are coming back to visit something many had long stopped doing she saw stuck a few not sure why i lived here until i was 25 years old i would come on sunday mornings as you would go have a coffee in the jet of the war then you'd come for a walk around the your feet see we would walk in and out with ease this of course was a long time ago. consider. if we consider it part of our culture as a florentine it's our home museum you'd have to book a month in advance then you'd have to stand in long queues you don't feel like it's your home any more it makes you lose the desire to visit these are arguably some of the most famous paintings in the world this is what the chinese spring and then over there you have the iconic the birth of venus to be able to observe them pretty much alone is an extraordinary privilege and it's raising a question here among italians about the need to control mass tourism. outside
1:47 pm
florence is unrecognizably empty. temp you know that miley. in normal times this would be full you couldn't even take a picture there were so many people there was a queue here with the party that you're behind it's a bit sad that florence needs people. for those who live here despite the hard economic times of the pen demick is caused something should change the very best that only lunch i mean there should be a balance a bit less people i don't know how but there's a need to rethink it also for the future because it isn't beautiful for anyone not here and for the tourists i feel to come to find the city sir chaotic said for you can't even take a walk. to the director of the feats he tells us that this is one of the. off to museums in the world with around 4 and a half 1000000 visitors each year florence together with venice and bustle on our other 3 top cases of really bad over tourism. and
1:48 pm
it's not just bad for the city for the inhabitants of the city but it's actually bad for the tourists themselves i think it's it's really important to take advantage now of this very difficult situation and really to really think how we're going to. project our offers in the future. arts and culture many here tell us is a right for all the coronavirus has forced us all to stop and here at least many hope it will result in a new better way for everyone to be able to enjoy and share these treasures of the past stephanie decker al-jazeera at the museum in florence. through it here on al-jazeera a member saving john green leads his team over the line into the final the america's cup challenge a series that's come up joe it's paul. will
1:49 pm
takes a road trip across spain spanish people enough to tell you they are and where they come from and i am no exception but one woman's journey sitting her heritage out of covering new insights into christine spawns of the bush and all region it's a story that seems to have been airbrushed from the street. in search of moderates on al-jazeera. the latest news as it breaks the explosion near an $18000.00 transmission site knocked out mobile phone and internet service for miles with details coverage many up told us that they have both end up voting for either they are worried about the think you need to secure listen in of the country from around the world china's leaders are dependent on the success of its that seems to improve its national image which is something since
1:50 pm
the beginning of. the all. the. has been happening while the sport is just nick thank you very much there are exactly 6 months to go until the take care lympics but several question marks still remain as to whether they can go ahead during the pandemic as states for murders emergency in much of japan but the government has denied reports they have privately decided to cancel the games is still not clear how overnight his plan to get tens of thousands of athletes to take care what they will eat fact scenes or if fans will be allowed nevertheless the international and pick committee remain confident the games are on we are enjoying the full support of the chuppah nice
1:51 pm
government and we had another consultation with all the i.o.c. members yesterday everybody is really determined to make these olympic games in 6 months from now the light at the end of the tunnel. let's go live down to the main lympics stadium and take care to join a peace reporter steve wade stephen the organized this the games are on but still no plan that we've heard oh how can they be so confident. join the let's start with the big picture i think that helps understand what's going on the i.o.c. is a sports story in about oh $5.00 or $6000000000.00 every 4 years most of it comes from t.v. selling broadcast rights 75 percent they have to have these olympics go on if there are no olympics they have no income so that's why the i.o.c. is very confident going to happen and why they have to have them have the japanese
1:52 pm
state has invested $25000000000.00 in the games probably more they need to have them go on there's also some space saving and then another card is that the check if you have japan would fail to hold these games in 6 months beijing has the winter olympics 6 months after i don't think that's a look that japan wants japan wants to pull off these games and not cede the stage to china so that's a really important factor and money as it often does explains a lot of things about these games but david need a look at the issues at the australian open right now a much smaller offense in terms of how many people have what makes tokyo officials think they can do better. i think tokyo has been studying tokyo for 10 months has been watching how sports events are slowly evolved japan is head 50 percent capacity in some bits baseball stadium they watch that beat australian open they see in the world for the bulls they're what they're going
1:53 pm
to do i think they're probably going to announce it next week is what they're calling their playbook they're going to ask athletes there are people coming to quarantine for 14 days probably that are going to get to the airport or someplace and be tested that are going to be put on a plane they're going to arrive until you know they're going to be tested again they're going to be put on a bus and taken to the athlete. village and put in a quarantine a very strict quarantine they're probably going to be no non japanese fans no foreign fans here yet fleet village is going to be a sealed bubble. the opening ceremony instead of $11000.00 athletes will being told there's probably about $6000.00 they're going to cut that down it's going to be a full epic schedule but it's going to be there's going to be very few hangers on or fewer coaches fewer extra people around that's how they hope to pull it off and they know i think. that there's going to be some casualties it's impossible that somebody is not going to get colder here but as i said at the top the i.o.c. has to have this come off otherwise they have no income so it's really important parity for them to execute these games in some fashion much of japan is in
1:54 pm
a state of emergency right now vaccinations haven't even started costing billions what to the public think about hosting these and aids. it's probably seeing public opinion here such as 80 percent saying either postponed or canceled that's a little deceiving because the real number is 35 want to cancel 45 would suggest postponing but still people are not behind it right now but that's because of course people have other concerns they're worried about their pocketbooks they're worried about the pandemic they're worried about their jobs they're not thinking about the olympics right now and we're in dead of winter right now it's cold that's on nobody's mind right now and the virus is surging flood i think when spring comes the weather breaks a little bit the virus backs off i think we're going to see a different mood but of course there's no guarantee they can pull off these alerts i mean i think it's going to happen but nobody really knows how or condo the
1:55 pm
defense minister said the other day it's touch and go it could go either way and i think that's actually dick pound i.o.c. vice president said he thinks it's about a $3.00 to $1.00 shot that takes place and that's what we're talking about probably going to happen but it's definitely possible it won't happen and if you. remember it was last march the end of march last year when they were saying it's going to happen it's going to happen it's going to happen and suddenly they had to have had to postpone it so they could clearly happen again but i think it's probably going to go ahead for those financial reasons unless there is a catastrophe all right stephen life the in a rainy take care thank you very much. one of the biggest baseball stars in history hank aaron has died at the age of 86. great aware. and famously bright babe ruth's home run record in 1974 playing for the atlanta
1:56 pm
braves he dealt with racism throughout his career especially in the build up to that season when he received hate mail and death threats from people who did not want him to break wreaths records nicknamed hammerin hank he finished his career with 755 home runs a red coat which stood for 30 years until barry bonds broke it in 2007. he said the war not only for what you should strive for as a baseball player but as a human being just the you know me of class and integrity you know no it's harder than this one it's a it's a truly sad day for organization when i was a child hank aaron was the big sports hero lone mountain ali i just had to pay homage to god it's been really special to me as a sports day and then adam bandt a stoic man super bowl winning quarterback catching the holmes has been play it's a play in the a.f.c. championship game the kansas city chiefs star has spent the last week being tested
1:57 pm
for concussion being knocked out in the chiefs win over the cleveland browns in the last round and his chiefs will take on the buffalo bills on monday. there was a super bowl in the english f.a. cup it came from well over hampton wondrous portuguese midfielder the team you scoring from long range against normally charlie early in their 4th round match a stunning strike was the highlight in wolves one know when they'll face all snow all southampton next. and in sailing any us team u.k. have reached the final of the america's cup challenge a series 4 time olympic sailing champion ben ainslie led his crew to a 3rd round robin race win over its leaves luna russell in clint on saturday make it their face victory from 5 starts it means any austine u.k. will get to race against one other yet to be determined challenger to win the right to face holders team new zealand for the america's cup in march. all right that is
1:58 pm
but for now back to nick don't see later thanks a lot for that so wrong will be here with the other half are using cover minutes but for me to clock the rest by for now. and if you don't i will be a much more. cynical than you. 'd used to. be in the. 2 words you. can even know. something i knew i. could even.
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the american people have finally folk in america as i see it one america is off balance or because more dangerous the world is looking at us next year of sadness. with the election behind us while the republican party dumptruck the feel we can take on us politics and society that's the bottom of the 1st hand glimpse of the challenges faced by journalists in the age of donald trump we are fighting the fake tears fake phony the enemy of the people through the eyes of a veteran white house correspondent what do you base your blacks on polices or down the press there's not after trying this after that we're not the enemy of the people we are the people usa the current battleground whose truth is it anyway on. teaching you to watch out just the way english streaming might not you tube channel
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