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and. i find this protest part of the viewfinder asia series on al-jazeera. be the hero the world needs right. washing. donald trump's impeachment trial in the senate will begin in february he's accused of inciting an insurrection. as a whole romney watch al-jazeera live my headquarters here in doha also coming up astra zeneca cuts promised deliveries of its covert 900 vaccine to the e.u. by 60 percent blaming production problems also day of plant protests across russia demanding the release of jailed opposition leader let's see the valley the kids
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with the rest of the east of the country. falls from their homes 2000000 people displaced in africa's whole region the u.n. says aid agencies are dangerously overstretched. welcome to the program the date has been set donald trump's 2nd impeachment trial will get underway in february senate leaders agreed to a 2 week delay allowing the chamber to focus on confirming joe biden's cabinet picks and a covert $900.00 stimulus bill trump is accused of inciting insurrection when he encouraged his supporters to march on the capitol building earlier this month heidegger castro reports from america's capital. donald trump has left washington but not his presence will soon be the center of attention again as the defendant in his 2nd impeachment trial. this scene from trump's 1st impeachment will be repeated
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monday when the house sends to the senate one impeachment article charging trump with inciting insurrection. egged on by trump's call to overturn the election a mob of his supporters stormed the u.s. capitol on january 6th causing 5 deaths we all want to put this awful chapter in our nation's history behind us but healing and unity will only come if there is truth and accountability and that is what this trial will provide will all senators now stand or the $100.00 senators will be sworn in as jurors on tuesday with the trial scheduled to begin in earnest the week of february 8th from patient began with an on president a minimal process of this cannot be an insufficient process the former president tried to do. or damages the senate or the program
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it. president joe biden has stressed the trial should not jeopardize the senate's focus on passing covert relief and we're trying hard to get up and running these crises the better the trials timing will depend on whether the senate will hear from witnesses how many hours of arguments will be allowed and if there's a way to make progress on biden's agenda simultaneously there is also the constitutional question of how to put a former president on trial a 1st for the nation really this impeachment trial is about whether mr trump will run for president again in 20241 of the punishments authorized by the constitution for conviction on pietschmann is disqualification from holding future office and that's a momentous decision to be made and i mean made with solemnity in gravity conviction would require the vote of 17 republicans only one voted to convict trump after his
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1st impeachment now resigned to his florida golf course polls show a majority of americans want to see trump gone from public office for good. castro al-jazeera washington. now u.s. president joe biden has signed 2 more executive orders this time focused on relieving the economic impact of the cave at 19 pandemic the measures a short term fix is ahead of a much larger proposal by is looking for bipartisan support in congress for a $1.00 trillion dollars stimulus package john 100 possible from washington d.c. . the new president pleaded for urgent and aggressive action to turn around a flown during a condom me families are going home people are risk of being evicted job losses are mounting the game we need act on capitol hill president joe biden is pressing for
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a massive $1.00 trillion dollars. relief package for workers and businesses hit hard by the global pandemic but that measure following the 900000000000 dollar economic rescue in december faces opposition from republicans in a bitterly divided congress and i don't think is bill's going to make it but we need to do something so in his 2nd full day in office by going to 2 largely symbolic steps signing executive orders to expand food assistance for families who need it and raising the minimum wage for workers on federal contracts to $15.00 an hour and the american people are hurting and fake can't afford to wait they need help right now and that's the motivation behind the actions that the president will take today. i want to be very clear these actions are not a substitute for comprehensive legislative relief. but they will provide a critical lifeline to millions of families. the executive orders are stopgap
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measures in an economic spiral that has 10000000 americans out of work as the covert 1000 pandemic forces one business after another to shutter its doors. the economic recovery depends in large part on this speed of a vaccination program that seeks to deliver 100000000 shots in biden's 1st 100 days in office the goal herd immunity that would ultimately allow americans to take off their masks and get back to work but there are 328000000 americans and those shots might not reach most of them for 6 months or longer president joe biden says he's been playing catch up following a trump administration that never developed a comprehensive national covert plan costing precious months and lives mirroring the economic toll is the death toll here in the u.s. now topping 400000 likely to reach 600000 before the pandemic is over
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john hendren al jazeera washington vaccine make astra zeneca has cut its promise to livery to the e.u. blaming supply chain issues now the company has slashed by 60 percent for the 1st quarter of the year with $31000000.00 doses not expected to be delivered it's a severe setback to the block's vaccination program which is already suffering after biotech slowed that supply let's get more on this one corresponds to bassett who joins me now from in the netherlands i mean we are hearing that there was a problem for the even accessing more of the vaccine for various produce is this going to be a real concern for e.u. members. absolutely i.d.u. has been struggling since the beginning with these vaccination programs they only have to approve track scenes at the moment which is pfizer by intake and moderna and both of them are struggling by in tech fight
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a biotech has now stopped delivering to certain countries because they simply don't have enough supply certain german states have stopped giving or japs also italy spain are struggling it's only on bone and has actually threatened now to sue the company pfizer by intact for not keeping up the promises of deliveries but also astra zeneca it's not yet approved here in the e.u. and that's the vaccine that they all had put their money on they ordered millions of doses of that fact but only at the end of next week there's hope that the vaccine will be approved here at amsterdam by the european medicines agency but also the company has already announced that it will cut 60 percent of its deliveries so everyone was hoping here that this would be the beginning of the end because europe of course has been hit very hard and is struggling really badly still with this pandemic they hope that was the beginning of the end but that seems to be too optimistic of course the pandemic of the current virus raging across
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europe closer to where you are in the netherlands the authorities are preparing for a curfew the 1st since world war 2 i mean what does it look like in reality on the streets where you are or what you're seeing and hearing across the netherlands. yes it's been quite a shock here for people in the netherlands from the beginning of the fund that make the government sad there are no strict measures necessary in the netherlands they called it did an intelligent lockdown people should take their own responsibility but here we are 10 months later and facing the strictest measures so far and also more strict than in neighboring countries there will be a curfew starting at 9 pm tonight lasting until 4 30 in the morning and a very strict curfew only people who have a dog can walk their dogs but there are some exceptions but you really have to prove that you're one of these exceptions with lots of documents also people are
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only allowed to have one visitor in the house which was more before this is all to prevent the so-called u.k. variant from hitting bad here in the netherlands some cases already have been found here it hasn't spread as much as they were fearing but experts here fear that it could get a lot worse in the coming weeks also flights from the u.k. have been banned from today and also from south africa and brazil and american countries because of the different variants there for the update thanks very much to bask in the forests in arms to them. belgium is banning residents from taking non-essential trips abroad to try and control the spread of the more contagious covert 19 variant it will also tighten restrictions on people traveling from britain south africa and south america when you create a virus strains have been found belgium has one of the highest per capita death
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tolls in the world. britain's prime minister is warning the current virus varian sound in the u.k. is not any more contagious but could be more deadly the news comes just as britain appeared to be making headway in reducing the spread infection rates of started dropping by around 4 percent today but boris johnson says the u.k. can't consider easing restrictions until the government is confident the vaccination program is protecting the population tens of thousands of people are expected to protest in cities across russia demanding the release of kremlin critic alexina valley he was arrested last week on his return from germany where he was being treated for and near fatal poisoning alexia bryan explains. the rallies across russia have been banned but that didn't stop people in khabarovsk from coming out to make their voices heard on. the eastern city has seen months of protests against the kremlin but this rally was specifically in support of
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president vladimir putin's the assist critic alexina valmy. they are soon scuffles with police authorities have gone to great lengths to prevent such acts of defiance including a resting several of the valley's top aides in the lead up to saturday's protests the kremlin's described the rallies as unlawful and warned of tough consequences. calls for parts haitian and illegal actions constitute an administrative violation and can lead to punishment including arrest. it's alexina valley's arrest last week that's behind the protests he was taken into custody soon after he touched down in moscow on a flight from germany where he had received months of treatment for a poisoning which nearly killed him he's accused president coton of ordering his murder. violated the terms of a 2014 conviction for financial misdeeds and jailed him for 30 days in
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a video posted soon after his arrest he said. don't be silent resist take to the streets no one will protect us except ourselves. his supporters have said his calls dozens of videos on take talk of gone viral showing students taking down pictures of person in their classrooms or covering his photo with novell nice image instead the kremlin's warned online platforms they could face fines of up to $50000.00 for allowing content that encourages protests russia's largest social media network the contact has blocked all pages linked to the release. of the most so russian investigative committee has initiated a criminal case on enticement of minors into eagle activities that pose a danger to their lives carried out by internet and social media. mass protests have led to novell news release from custody before but some analysts believe the
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tactic won't work this time because he's become too much of a threat to president putin's grip on power. brian al jazeera. let's just take you to some of those live protests right now they're happening across russia these in the east of the country in your country peaceful protests of course we'll bring you more pictures as we get them from across russia through the day. still ahead here on al-jazeera why a community in argentina says it's being stigmatized in lockdown against its will also musgrave's in libya authorities trying to identify hundreds of civilians killed during the civil war to stay with us.
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mostly it's in the knees here in the philippines that are getting the bulk of this rainy season weather malays is a little bit drier in the forecast at least so that part of borneo in the absence of there are few she asked but the claim the majority of the blue doppler tops of the orange tops are dancers sumatra java bali west papua and it's this general area which is certainly what it is drying up for the central part of philippines you'll notice and with a tropical low which briefly go a bit stronger now being sitting over more or less the great sandy desert so western australia this rain is falling and these welcome by those few farmers who are out there it's like the edge slowly east was and science what's ahead of it is quite hot plates at $41.00 melbourne is warming up and in perth we're in the twenty's and only in the twenty's that he will be pushed out of the way is the rain comes down towards adelaide but melbourne then gets to $41.00 during monday but
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there's weltering because summer given what's happened so far it's been on the cool side that like a new zealand lovely weather for the most part and i should out in the western side right in the bottom of south in the sunshine fairly warm sunshine it's not that different on monday. on counting the cost of trillion dollar man we take a look at president biden's plans to revive a pandemic it is on a meat and create millions of jobs plus can he man fences with america's traditional allies we talked to multiply minister for the view from the. counting the cost on al-jazeera. revealing eco friendly solutions to come back threats to our planet on al-jazeera.
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land. welcome back you're watching al-jazeera with me as a whole romney a reminder of our top stories donald trump's 2nd impeachment trial get underway the week of february the 8th the former president is accused of inciting the seed of the capitol building. russian pleas of crackdown on demonstrators out a number of eastern cities supporters of travel and critical alexy in the valley march through the streets and the 1st of dozens of protests planned across the country on saturday and coated 90 vaccine makers astra zeneca has cut its promise delivery to the e.u. claiming the supply chain issues is a severe setback to the box vaccination program which is already suffering after pfizer biotech slowed their supply. argentina is more than
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3 weeks in term mass vaccination drive using russia's vaccine that was one of the 1st countries in latin america to impose a lockdown to find cope with 19 but while most lockdowns have been lifted thousands in the northern province of formosa are still living in isolation trees by reports now 4 but as always. an isolation center in the province of formosa in northern argentina. people here say they are being held here against their will. this man says nobody is taking care of them they're careful that yes you're a hero here we've had children here for 22 days and no specialists or doctors have seen them please stop lying people are going to find out the truth about what's happening in this province. reports indicate there are over 3000 people in isolation in the province argentina was one of the 1st countries in latin
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america to impose acquiring team to prevent the spread of covert 1000. but when most lock downs around the country have been lifted the lockdown in formosa has remained in place and broken since march last year human rights groups are questioning why people are taken to this isolation centers and the treatment they receive once they're there there are reports of people being picked up in the middle of the night in their homes and taken with their families and that's why human rights organizations are asking provincial authorities to ease this restrictions immediately for most us government says its radical measures are necessary to fight coronavirus the government claims only 6 people have died of covert 1000 in the province and that their policy has been successful. but many for most i do not agree on thursday local legislator was detained when she went to an isolation center to demand people to be allowed to do the quarantine at
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home. we spoke to her once she was released at all or most a new formosa feels like we're 2nd class citizens because the rise that people normally have are not even respected here we don't have freedom to move we don't have personal freedom people are kept here in isolation for ever the schools are controlled by the police the uno while interiors with psychologists doctors that's not happening human rights are violated the centers are guarded by the police people are not allowed to go inside their belongings are checked by the police it's like a detention center. indigenous communities have also claimed they're being discriminated against former members of the indigenous group were detained on thursday for protesting against local authorities. for the mossad is one of the poorest provinces in the country and has been ruled by the same man for 25 years old were divorced. jillian's fran who many accuse of controlling the province like
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a personal fiefdom. argentina is struggling to contain the spread of covert 1000 over 40000 people have died in the past year and when many here justify extreme measures others say forethought have gone too far. in selling and when i say 100. 1000 people in hong kong have been ordered to stay at home the lockdown is the toughest pandemic restriction imposed on the city so far now it affects a densely populated district which accounted for half of all of the new trend of virus cases over the past week hong kong has been struggling to contain a new outbreak since november adrian brown is in the district where the lockdown is in place and explains why it's been hardest hit by the virus. well this is something the hong kong government probably wanted to avoid locking down one of the most densely populated neighborhoods in the city but the yama tate and jordan areas
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have been seeing very high infection rates during the past week to 10 days those infection rates running up between 70 to 100 a day so now over the weekend medical workers are going to be testing tens of thousands of residents who live in these pretty decrypted buildings you can see behind me and that's possibly one of the reasons why the virus has been spreading many people live in water basically subdivided apartments within a flood basically one room apartments where there's barely enough room very even a bed they share washing facilities toilet facilities kitchen facilities and government officials. say they believe that the virus here has been spreading through broken sewage pipes now so far hong kong has recalled recorded about 10000 coded infections since the outbreak began in january last year we've had more than one $160.00 deaths but this is the 1st no lockdown up until now and of course the worry for many people is this lockdown might have to spread to other areas if we
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start to see infections rising in those areas. funerals have been held in the libyan capital tripoli after the discovery of several mass graves 14 bodies identified by family members were laid to rest they were found in the city of that huna a former stronghold of forces loyal to ward cleaver hafter hundreds of civilians were forcibly detained tortured or killed in the years it was under their control well libya's internationally recognized government is open and exhibits to help people identify the personal belongings and the remains of loved ones in the hope that they might be able to recognize them and put them to rest when the trainer has more on this from tripoli. close and personal belongings from the remains of people found in mass graves this site has been opened in tripoli to help people identify bodies and possessions belonging to their relatives and loved ones at least 338
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people have been reported missing in the town of sort of whom are allegedly killed by the el kenya militia loyal to warlord khalifa haftar during his failed military campaign on libya's capital other mass graves are being uncovered is the heart of me that identified the body of one of her 3 sisters last week today she's recognized 2 more of her sisters also. came to identify my sisters who were kidnapped by the outcome of the admonition my message to those who killed my sis's their women why did you kill them the youngest had 4 children and she was pregnant now these refrigerated containers are where the bodies of those found in the mass graves and are kept at once their bodies are identified they're then transferred to their loved ones so they may be buried so far approximately 125 bodies have been
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found they are brought here for autopsies. and their personal belongings are documented and put on display malik is a nurse and has 2 brothers missing he thinks he recognizes one of them by his clothing and the ring he bought how i feel is it's difficult to explain you know it's have been this body should be my brother or not we cannot confirm and come down. and least we have percentage just we have like 80 percent that sam. and. that is the others didn't found their sons and their brothers their sisters they don't deserve this. deserve to end this way. there are $31.00 bodies here for family members to attempt to identify including those of 4 women and 2 children get it and have thought of that
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once we believe the family is identified a person's belongings we make sure only information matches clothing ted rowlands dental records once confirmed a request is made to release the bodies of the family. although there is pain after identifying her sister's there is also some long needed closure but it will likely take more time for her to know the fate of her 2 brothers malik traina al-jazeera tripoli. the un's refugee agency says the number of people displaced by violence in africa as a whole region has passed 2000000 a 4 fold increase since 2019 it says humanitarian teams are now dangerously overstretched and is appealing for more international help armed groups have been spreading across the region in recent years fueling ethnic tensions and attacking security forces in countries including marley and me share a man is a spokesperson for the west and central africa at the united nations refugee agency
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he says civilians have been bearing the brunt of the violence. you know it will be what are all the numbers that it was 2 years ago and that's because of the only lancing attacks will gruesome on civilians people are being forced to flee. war and they're not just that. and they're fleeing in their own country they're receiving support from their communities local communities or themselves stretch and that's a tragedy and here we're talking about 2000000 internally displaced people on the observed you have over 850000 refugees people have fled the crisis and cross the border to neighboring countries so host communities are of a stretch the teams on the ground her. gruesome testimony as people sling attacks telling that's the lead wheel of the night on groups were shooting around that tell us about sexual violence rapes that tell us about being at night walking for 3540
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kilometers on food. when they arrive then it's shelter because wherever they go the host communities don't have enough space to hold the people we don't even want or they need food they need burn a city score sentient they also need to have access to health so here on top of all the bare essentials for now that people need me to ensure that they have more densely they shouldn the government they live all of the action against the pandemic and yes we need the international community to gauge support the overall humanitarian response so that we can show those who are showing responsibility and generosity that supporting people forcibly is everybody job. us baseball hall of famer hank aaron has died at the age of 86 aaron's best move over taking babe ruth's career record in 1974 eventually finishing with 755 home
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runs but he had to contend with racism and death threats from people outraged the black man could overtake a white baseball icon and was only a homerun king in 2007 nicknamed hammerin hank he spent most of his 23 years as a professional with the atlanta braves among those paying tribute is former president barack obama he said in a statement humble and hardworking hanging words often overlooked until he started chasing babe ruth's home run record at which point he began receiving death threats and races letters letters he would reread decades later to remind himself not to be surprised or hurt and those letters change tank but they didn't stop him. a man recovering after receiving the world's 1st double shoulder and arm transplant in france felix glitter songs from iceland lost both limbs 2 decades ago after an accident while working on
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a high voltage power line the operation was performed in the arm by a french hand transplant pioneer who met mr gratis on a conference in reykjavik it's unclear how much function he'll recover but he's described the transplant as his greatest dream. and. i would like to think the whole team of doctors who made this operation possible special thanks go to the nurses orderliness and physical therapists who didn't extraordinary job for me to help me get through this very difficult week i am very touched by the efforts of all the resuscitation staff who have far exceeded my expectations they have shown great humanity and professionalism and i am very grateful to them in the. courtyard is there with me so whole robin a reminder of our top news stories donald trump's 2nd pietschmann trial will get underway the week of february the 8th the 2 week delay allows the senate to work through cabinet confirmations a broad and helpful.


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