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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 22, 2021 6:00pm-7:01pm +03

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music you hear is your own the most beautiful music in the world the silence we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter the oldest 0 understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world is another matter when you call. the news and current affairs that matter to you. already. or. this is al-jazeera the best. hello i'm rob matheson and this is the news our live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes u.s. president joe biden is expected to sign a raft of voters focusing on fixing the economy. the u.s. senate will also vote on nominating biden's pick for defense chief if approved lloyd also will be the 1st african american to take up the post. security concerns
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in syria's largest refugee camp where at least 12 people have been killed in recent attacks. respond to threats. and pushes ahead with plans to make tech giants pay for content they used to get for free. around the. pacific rhinovirus. next hour. the us president joe biden is focusing on how 1900 has hit the economy biden's going to sign executive orders expected to help those struggling to feed their families or find a job he's also expected to make his 1st official call to a foreign leader canadian prime minister justin trudeau that might prove awkward because 2 of those already said he's disappointed by biden's decision to halt
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construction of the cross border keystone x.l. pipeline meanwhile the senate is set to confirm biden's nomination for defense secretary lloyd austin a congressional committees back to austin even though the former general hasn't required waiting period since he left the military another committee is going to consider biden's nomination for treasury secretary he's picked janet yellen who served as chairwoman of the federal reserve for 4 years until 2018. now we're going to get more on those nominations from hydro castro in a moment 1st let's go live to mike hanna who's in washington d.c. mike let's talk about those executive orders 1st of all they're specifically geared towards how covert 19 has had an impact on the economy and this is an enormous job isn't it is indeed he's continuing to issue executive orders focusing on contacting the pandemic today is expected to sign a number of orders one of which will be increasing the minimum wage for federal
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contract workers to $15.00 he's also going to be signing orders pertaining to living conditions of americans to improve conditions issuing further food stamps providing some kind of financial assistance but all of these measures he's taken to combat the pandemic. underneath the oval rocking legislation that he needs to get through congress he can sign executive orders on certain aspects of combating the pandemic but in order to get his overall package as 1.9 trillion dollar relief package through that he needs the assistance of congress and that is being discussed in congress at the moment the other thing of course is the question of who the new proprietor didn't phones make his 1st phone calls when it comes to international leaders and interestingly his 1st phone call is to justin trudeau and as we mentioned just before it's already got off to a slightly rocky start what more do we know about. well as you
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say it will be his 1st phone call to a foreign leader the u.s. neighbor a close relation and says you mention to it is slightly problematic perhaps not as problematic as the relationship that justin trudeau ahead with the previous president however joe biden making clear that he wants to suspend the construction of the keystone pipeline which runs across the united states from canada well the environmental concerns he wants to take another look at justin trudeau has expressed disappointment about this so this is getting off to a slightly contentious start however it is likely to be smoothed over to a degree obviously trudeau will want good relations with his counterpart across the border now also that has been reported in the course of the morning from the national security council the national security advisor jake sullivan has put in a number of calls to traditional allies officials from france the united kingdom
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germany and japan so this once again the biden administration quick to reach out to its international allies particularly in the light of the disruption that was caused to the relationship and to the previous administration mike thanks very much indeed mike hanna talking to us from washington d.c. . well how did you cast it was the capitol let's talk through those senate confirmation hearings of the moment the 1st one in the sense that the headline of the moment is defense secretary the waiver against joy that could have stood in the way of former general lloyd austin when 2 fairly quickly and one was due it was pretty much bipartisan wasn't it. that's right it was and that really paved the way to what we expect to be a quick confirmation vote that's set for the senate floor at 1030 this morning in washington in just about a half hour's time * and as you mentioned this waiver that austin required in order to get to this next step will this is due to a federal law that says a u.s.
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defense secretary has to be at least 7 years removed from their active service judy now austin retired in 2016 so he didn't quite meet that requirement and there was some hesitation initially even among democrats who said that setting this historic president to again issue another waiver they just did so 4 years ago for jim mattis trump's 1st defense secretary there was some hesitancy there but then last night when they were put to the vote on this question of the waiver we did see in both chambers the waiver being granted to general a retired general lloyd austin and that's why in the next hour or so we do expect him to become the 1st confirmed african-american leader of the u.s. defense department or that is a significant milestone shattering that glass barrier something that president
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biden had insisted was important to him in picking his cabinet of advisers to note austin is was serving as the commander of u.s. central command he oversaw the u.s. troop withdrawal from iraq really gaining president. biden's trust from that experience and now he will be one second firm to overseeing the defense department 40 percent of after duty troops by the way are also people of color and so this again is a historic milestone for the u.s. defense secretary and in terms of the other the other hearings that we're going through i believe on to the blinken is going to be heard for us secretary of state another one is going to be course as we mentioned janet yellen she's done for treasury secretary no she may not be as easy a sells for the republicans is it because one of her key elements that she wants to hike taxes on corporations and wealthy americans. that's right
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none of this coming as a surprise given that yellen is really in lock step with president biden's plans on this we heard her confirmation hearing earlier in the week she though does have the endorsement of every living u.s. treasury secretary from both parties her performance was not criticized during that hearing she very much though took on pushing through biden's coded plan that $1.00 trillion dollars plan that congress is set to tackle next she will be the most vigorous advocate for that here on capitol hill which of course already puts a target on her given the hesitancy among some republicans to sign on to that plan but her vote the committee vote followed by the full senate for a vote is expected sometime today as as it is the u.s. secretary of state nominee anthony blinken. i do thanks very much indeed we're just
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hearing that the chair of the committee which has. been has been hearing from janet yellen in the case for janet yellen says that he is likely to support janet yellen in the post of treasury secretary obviously we're going to be keeping across this story as it unveils but biden's administration has also reached out to russia with a proposal to extend their nuclear arms treaty by 5 years now it's the last remaining arms control pact between washington and moscow since donald trump withdrew from 2 others despite time seeming admiration for blood near putin relations deteriorated heavily between the 2 nations johnny angela looks at what might change under joe biden. there are many international leaders who will have been glad to see donald trump leave the white house. the vladimir putin is probably not one of them. the 2 men reportedly admired each other and that's done little to improve relations between their countries the chemise that sort of extremist dress
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the trumpet ministration has introduced $46.00 new sanctions against russia are legal entities economic representatives 46 this is never happened before despite the restrictions trump and i worked rather effectively on stabilizing the oil markets. president joe biden on the other hand is no fan of putin's he's called russia the biggest threat to u.s. security vowing that moscow will pay a price for interfering in u.s. elections and a suspected recent hack on u.s. government agencies this attack constitutes a grave risk to our national security was carefully planned and carefully orchestrated it was carried out by using sophisticated cyber tools. he trackers succeeded in catching the federal government off guard. russian analysts and now trying to predict what that price will be. i believe that biden will leverage the
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idea of peaceful limitation peaceful pressure by means of economic sanctions financial influence and pressure on the ruble as well as pressure on international banks biden has plenty of such resources at his service not less than he has military means. the kremlin also has disdain for biden dating back to his vice presidency when he pushed for sanctions against russia in response to the annexation of ukraine. are areas of mutual agreement the start control treaty is top of the agenda it expires on february 5th and without it nuclear proliferation is possible. months of talks between the kremlin and ministration on extending the treaty failed moscow is now hoping for a quick deal with the new president. biden's administration will submit to congress a proposal to extend the new start treaty from our side chilled north is we're
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ready if needed to complete the same rectification process. biden's team will demonstrate early on how it intends to work with russia and whether it can find a way to work with russia at all. or walk images professor of history of the catholic university of america he's joining us from washington d.c. d.c. by skype thank you very much indeed for being with us on al-jazeera there had been suggestions during the trump administration that all loudly appropriate in really had to do was sit back and let trump trump how are things going to be different do you think biden administration. well i think that. the core priority for the by the administration is going to be with reinvigorating the transatlantic alliance and that will be done with an eye to russia i think. it's important in europe that will i think the confrontation there because markets see it when right where i think that may come into play but i think that biden
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ministration is going to try to avoid anything resembling a military conflict joe biden's already said that he wants a wide ranging ranging intelligence review of allegations against russia if any of those approved to be true how do you hold russia account to account at a time when the world actually needs russia when it comes to dealing with covert 19 and yemeni nuclear deal and so on. i think that. that's correct i think that one. agenda by the middle ministration will be there to get the american public about hacking and cyber interference political meddling and i think that they think they're about the. people about what's going on so that will be one for us but i think on the diplomatic front if there is confrontation over it cyber issues and political meddling is going to be a need for diplomatic engagement with russia and that's something that the biden ministration has already emphasized in the new start treaty the ratification of
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that is a sign that some diplomatic business will be conducted between these 2 powers how do you negotiate or renegotiate an extension farai for a start treaty when trust between both sides has really just completely been eradicated. i think one does it because it's clearly in the national interest of the united states and it's the national interest of russia so that motive here in this case is not just saying that. they. need to do in these kinds of arms control agreements we're going around the girl who are even when there was very little trust and they and they were at that time i think there is there is a precedent. for making these kinds of arrangements where they can manage something more ambitious diplomatically i think that's very much in question i think it's important to note isn't it that we're going to we're going to head to the senate now so i'm going to leave it there thank you very much indeed for being with us this is michael chemist thank you very much and
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a few times i want to cross over to the senate chuck schumer the leader of the house and speaking that's listen then over in the senate last time around i yield the floor. mr president republican leader yesterday evening we learned some of the national guard forces who have been helping protect the capitol complex we're being made to read you watching algis you know we've just been watching. state of the house the senate chuck schumer just giving a very very short briefing about. the impeachment and mitch mcconnell is now speaking that's listen national guard including more than 300 kentucky guards are on local and federal law enforcement to help supplement our very own capitol police in the wake of january the 6th year of congress on your country appreciate all you've done to secure the capitol and the inauguration later today all of the are
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meeting a number of mock kentucky and who've been helping out here at the capitol it's going to be the highlight of my. in the near future congress needs to smartly transition toward a more sustainable security presence keeping a gap will save cannot and will not require huge numbers of uniformed troops and vast systems of emergency expensing to remain in place forever but the inauguration behind us we should find the right middle ground between the unacceptable lapses 3 weeks ago and the extraordinary legal short term measures that have been put in place sunset time and in the main town we need to make darn sure that we look after the men and women who look after us emma tread on totally different matter while business perceived on the floor the democratic leader in iraq and kind of flesh out the shrug sure of this 5050 senate when leaders
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a lot dasha wrote a similar agreement 20 years ago it was going to need at all the reaffirm the basic standing rules that govern legislation here in the senate it was safely a senate that no majority would break this rule for short term gain flora mark surrounding those $21.00 discussions specifically cite the legislative filibuster as an important and unquestioned part of the backdrop that lay beneath the negotiations on the finer details it was assumed no one would ever takes out step after the fact leader daschle the democrat praised the legislative filibuster is a crucial rule president biden has praised this distinctive feature of the senate on many occasions our current democratic colleagues used it liberally liberally over the last several years when they were in the minority more than 2 dozen signed
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a bipartisan letter and 2017 saying our republican majority should not break the rule by brute force and he said it again 2 dozen. democratic part of the letter and 273 and our republican majority should not write this rule by brute force i agree i didn't do it. president drop was not happy with it he tweeted against me numerous times. because i didn't do it in a of the lodge loaded filibuster and so the democrats use it constantly as they had every right to they were happy doing 1st on 60 vote threshold for practically every major bill i took up so we'll continue to request that our democrat colleagues reaffirm their standing rule of the senate which they have been happy to use
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on many occasions are going to us we're going to truly replicate the 20 i want to very minute we need to reaffirm this crucial part of the foundation that lay beneath that yesterday also shared a proposal for the pretrial. now you're watching al-jazeera we're bringing you live pictures from the senate floor in washington d.c. on capitol hill where the senate minority leader mitch mcconnell has been talking initially about the security preparations that were in place at the capitol on january the 6th when the riots there to place he then went on to start talking about the filibuster mechanism which is a political mechanism by which senators are able to essentially talk out. any part of least legislation which is placed before them i believe it requires a minimum of 60 votes to pass but i want to get more details on this from heidi jocasta who's been listening to this heidi just get bring us up to date if you can
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on the importance of the filibuster mechanism in this why wait in matters so much at this time. or rob as you know right now there is a democratic majority in the senate but by the thinnest of margins it's 5050 in fact the number of senators of both parties but we have that he tiebreaker vote a vice president come alive harris and so most legislation going forward needs to be bipartisan because as you mentioned there's that filibuster rule that's been in place that would require more than just the simple majority now what some have called the nuclear option is for the leader chuck schumer to remove that rule which would give democrats the ability to essentially force through their agenda on that slimmest of margins if every single democrat plus the vice president votes for a certain piece piece of legislation that is something that joe biden appears to be
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adverse to he of course has just been sworn into office and he campaigned on unity he is telling he's told voters voters that he would be able to bring together both parties and finally see some bipartisan action here in chapter capitol hill that's been missing throughout all of trump's years and much of obama's as well so there's still much discussion this this rule this procedure to get rid of the filibuster if that were to take place would be significant in that it would give democrats the ability again to pass through their legislation given the current makeup of congress without having to convince any republicans to join them heidi i do want to ask you something that is probably more important the fact just prior to mitch mcconnell speaking we heard chuck schumer just briefly talking about the nuns who palosi is going to bring in the impeachment action on monday this of course is the
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impeachment against a president that's right a little child. and that's the closest that we've gotten from any one as far as the next step timeline because of course the thing we're waiting on now is for nancy pelosi speaker of the house to transmit that article of impeachment she would not say yesterday when that would happen and now as you as you mention schumer the senate majority leader has just said that that that transmission will occur monday so what happens after that well we would expect that the senate has until the following day that's tuesday to. be bring go back into session and start discussing the the shape that this impeachment trial will take that is squarely within the power of chuck schumer the senate majority leader now of the democrats to craft how he wants this trial to happen we heard from. from the now minority
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leader mitch mcconnell giving out his proposal for how he would like trump's impeachment trial he doesn't want that to begin until mid february in order to give the former president attorneys time to come up with a defense we're not exactly sure how chuck schumer or the remaining democrats feel about that though inmate actually play to the democrats favor to given that they want the senate to be able to finish this confirmation process for joe biden's cabinet so still unclear exactly what how this this trial will take place but the most solid piece of information we've got to hang our hats on at this point is that on monday the article of and peach mint which charges former president trump with inciting insurrection will be marched across the capitol rotunda and delivered to the senate which is the 1st step in getting in setting up for that trial that at
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this point is proposed to begin in mid february and it is thanks very much indeed that's how did you come to bring us up to date from the capital. u.s. president joe biden's begun what he calls a full scale war time strategy to combat the coronavirus pandemic biden signed a string of executive orders which he says will speed up america's response to the health crisis one of his teams is working on a centralized vaccination strategy now to revealing the trumpet ministration had failed to coordinate one before leaving office the us has the highest rate of covert 19 deaths in the world and british government minister in charge of the u.k.'s vaccine rollout says cover 19 will go through unvaccinated communities like a fire the warning follows reports of vaccine hesitancy among some ethnic minorities and fears that a low uptake in these groups will affect mass inoculation plans they've baka
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reports from london. 3 to 1. 100 some of the very this is where the battle against vaccine disinflation is being fought community by community this british muslim t.v. network in east london debates tackling some of the many myths that have taken root around the pandemic. whatever the myths whatever the false information out there that is not correct we all need to i mean obviously we are we are british muslims we are part of the society we need to make sure we get. in a recent british survey 42 percent of respondents from bangladesh in pakistani communities so that they were all likely or very unlikely to be vaccinated and their figure rises to 72 percent of black and black british people meaning those people who are most at risk of contracting cope with 19 and ending up in hospital or even dying of the virus and now at least likely to be vaccinated. it's
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a growing concern for the british government that wants to offer a 1st dose to every adult in the country by september if the adult population of the rest of the countries vaccinated the virus to look for a place for it to infect a human for it to infect and if it infects particular communities because they happen to be unvaccinated it will absolutely go through the market and will be hugely damaging while the whole world is searching for a vaccine this is one of many fake news items distorting people's understanding of the virus and the vaccines it claims inhaling steam kills the virus specks it is poison specks it is going to change your d.n.a. wild conspiracy theories a deepening public distrust of medical science leading to an angry protest by this man outside a muslim community center offering covert jobs with muslims or south asians it can
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be this article that scene where. the vaccine specifically pork products which is of interest to the muslim community and then there's other types of minutes which are at all. viruses. work all the vaccine can cause infertility or it can fundamentally change your d.n.a. of course i'd like to order. all of these are false there's no truth and. there's a sense of unease among some black londoners many a keen to be vaccinated but told us he thought there might be different vaccines for black and white people. yet these. covert hesitancy also extends to alter all the docs jewish communities again over fears the vaccine contains pork or is this controversial israeli rabbi popular or new cheap suggested over fears that alters people's sexual orientation conspiracy
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theories exploited a lack of trust in the government and the health system that for some ethnic minorities appears to favor white people and the more affluent the challenge now lies in building trust in vaccines proven to protect us all the bark at al-jazeera london. 10 markers hold all flights from the united arab emirates after reports of fake coronavirus tests in dubai where travel restrictions will last for 5 days officials in copenhagen say they've received a tip off that pre-departure tests taken in dubai might not be accurate travellers must show a recent negative test on arrival in denmark japan's government denied reports it's considering canceling the tokyo lympics the british newspaper the times says the japanese government has privately concluded the games will need to be called off because of the coronavirus pandemic victoria gave in their reports. the olympic
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games jewel to be held last year but were delayed because of the coronavirus pandemic now a rise in infections has forced the government to impose a state of emergency in tokyo and other parts of the country and that's raise questions about whether the summer games will be held in 6 months as planned newspaper reports that you pan's government has privately concluded the games will have to be reshaped jeweled have been denied by the prime minister. regarding the tokyo games it will be a symbol of humanity overcoming the novel coronavirus and a chance to showcase japan's reconstruction from the devastating northeastern earthquake and tsunami to the world we will be well prepared on the measures for the infection japan has spent $25000000000.00 preparing for the taking of a lympics most of which is public money but a recent poll shows 80 percent of japanese people don't want the games to go ahead this summer. even if japan was able to curb the coronavirus i don't think we can
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welcome athletes considering the current situation it should be cancelled the money we spend on the game should be used for antivirus measures and stayed. 80 percent i want the olympics to go ahead but the other 20 percent i wonder what would happen to japan if it was canceled when i read it going through a lot. analytics has been cancelled only 5 times before in war time a final decision on whether to hold the games this year or not is expected in early spring i think the date to watch is march 25th that's when the charge really begins for northern japan 4 months 10000 runners crossing the country arriving there will enjoy our 23rd in tokyo it would seem absurd to start the torch relay and then have to have no olympics the international olympic committee make 75 percent of its income from selling broadcast rights of the olympics if is cancelled it could lose an estimated $2.00 to $3000000000.00 of revenue victoria al-jazeera. still ahead
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and al jazeera we're going to have the latest on gold miners in china have been chopped underground for 12 days. and 2 of the biggest names in the n.b.a. go head to head on the courts chose going to tell you who came out on top in sport . conditions as you probably know in northern syria turned miserable well full cost wise they are improving the studies at the temples will slowly rise the consequence of what happened is as this system went through and has gone that is we picked up something of a strong wind dancer. usa which brought dust storm with it the breeze is still there saturday and sunday but it is weakening somewhat and you'll notice nothing
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much has changed in syria or in iraq except the sun is still out in the tempest slightly harder what's on the ground by wet muddy weather is still on the ground significant weather once again in the form of a tropical psycho has come across across gone across madagascar and it's on its way to mozambique now it's just been upgraded to a severe tropical storm that's based on the wind strength that wind is probably the bit on the conservative side it could get up to 130 kilometers per hour about time it makes landfall which will be within about 18 hours somewhere near berna i remember barry was badly hit by ida not that long ago well this is nothing like a strong but it is quite a damaging storm as a potential storm surge up the river just south of there or 4 meters. but. once hosni mubarak became president so began
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a story of conflict and isolation on one side a wife and son the sights set on succession on the other president increasingly distant from the egyptian people when his beloved grandson by mubarak need to step down but then the flames ignited in tunisia exploded in egypt and everything changed ever so 2 of the fam. and then the unset luck on another name in a mob boss you look at that. had the luck to make the says it has. to set up in the shot in less than. optimal with some and others i'm going the how to and i'm a what's missing. what
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you notice here in mind of our top stories this hour breaking news the u.s. senate majority leader says the article of impeachment against donald trump is going to be delivered on monday trump has been accused of inciting an insurrection on january the 6th chuck schumer says the senate will conduct a full and fair impeachment trial of the former president. the vice president biden is set to target the economy on his 2nd full day in office is executive orders are expected to help those struggling to feed their families or find a job because of the pandemic. japan has denied reports it's considering canceling the tokyo elim pics the british newspaper the times says the government has
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privately concluded the games would need to be called off because of the pandemic. the u.n. says is concerned about the security situation in syria's largest refugee camp after a series of murders at least 12 people have been killed in a whole camp since the start of the year the u.n. says the violence could jeopardize the delivery of aid and humanitarian assistance well sonia khush is the city of response director for save the children she's joining us from amman by skype it's good to have you with us why are these attacks happening. you know it's difficult for us to say we didn't know it can increase in attacks starting actually in august of last year but it has really picked up and 2021 our numbers are that there actually are probably about 17 killings that have already happened whether it's for ideological reasons or personal disputes or criminality or a combination of all of the 3 the effect on humanitarian services is what's really
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concerning us save the children has been affected by these attacks in terms of our education services to children i note that about 62000 residents i believe according to the o.c. ha about 80 percent of them they say are women and children it's perhaps surprising that attacks like this would happen in a town where the preponderance of women and children is so great. yet as to our information is that these attacks are mostly being carried out by men you know they happen in broad daylight and as i mentioned we've been unfortunate affected by them and one instance a wall of our school was hit by 10 stray bullets and another more recent incident one of our school tents was partly burned down so we're really looking for camp authorities and those who have influence on the camp to look at the protection of those 80 percent women and children you know they need a safe place to live and camps are not natural places for children to grow up the
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fact that they're in a camp put this long makes it all that more important that they have a chance to learn and be educated and and stay safe give us some text some sort of description of what life is like for people there about to come. well you know what there's a lot of attention right now to the killings but in general all hold is no place for children to grow up we have a lot of challenges keeping children in school and getting them the health care they need you know we're doing a lot to try to get children to be able to leave the camp whether it's iraqis to go home or syrians or all of the 10000 foreign women and children just to give you an example of what life is like there you know we had a case of a 9 year old girl from azerbaijan that my team has been taking care of she needed kidney dialysis we tried so hard to either get her the health care that she needs on the ground or to get her out of the camp we want to accessible with either wind
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and she died last week so in general whole it is not a place for children to grow up and unfortunately now their services are being affected by this increase in violence i have visited a couple of times similar to this in the past and the impression one gets that one key element is the amount of trust between the people in the camp and also the aid agencies who are trying to support them one would imagine that seeing an increase in attacks like this is perhaps inadvertently eroding trust in the un's ability and aid agencies ability to be able to protect people how difficult does that make your job. well you know i think they do understand that humanitarian agencies aren't managing the security and the camps so we really call on those who have the ability to influence security to do so at the same time we also don't want it to be an overly securitize camp either people need to feel safe in to be able to move about and go to school and go to clinics and go to the market so we continue to engage
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with the population you know although our schools were affected we were right back there again as soon as we could again showing the children and their families that we're very committed to making sure that they get an education so you know all credit goes to management agencies for staying on the ground and delivering despite these circumstances so when it comes from save the children thank you very much indeed for joining us on al-jazeera also. a 15 day state of emergency is in force in central african republic to come by dome troops trying to blockade the capital bunky the u.n. peacekeepers have been helping to push back the rebel coalition the groups are trying to overthrow the newly elected president forcing our han's toward that the constitutional court confirmed that its victory this week despite allegations of vote rigging welcome lab is following developments in bungie. coalition of armed groups attacked the capital bomb the where we are last week they were fought off by
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forces the foreign forces the support the government but they're still just outside the city from what we know about 9 kilometers to the aist about 12 kilometers to the north and we've also heard reports that their cells have infiltrated the city that they've been smuggling in weapons ahead of a possible potential attempt to take the city they've said that the government of president fast in today or must go now the presidential spokesperson has said that the reason for the state of emergency or one of the reasons is that it will enable the security forces here to do searches from house to house to try and find these hidden weapons normally that would require a warrant from a cotton according to the constitution so by suspending those constitutional rights it gives the security agencies the power to search for the weapons that they want to find to try and prevent that rebel attack and try and keep control. of their fragile grip on power in the country there head of the peacekeeping force here
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acronym. was just on thursday are asking for more troops from the security council he said that they're desperately needed to try and maintain security across the country just within the last few days or one day and the burundian peacekeeper of being killed one of the limitations for the peacekeepers is that their mandate to protect civilians and support the government. is met by a more aggressive enemy the coalition of armed groups have been pushing and attacking the peacekeepers. google is trying to make it search engine on a very level in australia over plans by the government to make tech giants pay for news content for prime minister scott morrison has told the company we don't respond to threats or a burden man over ports. google dominate the search engine markets around the globe handling about 90 percent of all internet queries but the tech giant may be about to switch off its services in australia that's of the country passes
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a bill that would force it and facebook to pay for news content they feature that google says this will open it up to too much risk the principle of honor strictly linking between websites is fundamental to the search and coupled with the unmanageable financial and operational risk if this version of the card were to become law it would give us no real choice but to stop making a search available in australia. ally of google is the inventor of the world wide web tim berners lee. in a submission to parliament he says he supports the right for content creators to be rewarded for their work but in this way it would undermine the fundamental principles of the ability to think freely on the web. social media giant facebook also says it will block uses in australia from posting or sharing links to news if the bill is passed ideally what i'd like to see is platforms like google and
6:43 pm
facebook paying a fair price for news content and this recognizing that this content is premium content that it gives a certain man. search results and social media feeds because news content has facts and accuracy and australia's prime minister how does a message for the tech firms. strive you mike's our rules for things you can do in a strike that's done in air power and it's done by our government and that's how things work here in australia and people who want to work with that in australia you're very welcome but we don't respond to threats. it's not just australia that talk to google the french competition authority has ordered the company to negotiate with french publishers and in the landmark agreement on thursday google is now paying news publications. that could challenge the power and
6:44 pm
dominance of tech giants and governments assailed who gets paid more about a man out as there are. press corps in eastern china saying could take at least another 2 weeks to free gold miners who've been trapped underground for 12 days the desperate attempt to save the 21 workers has been complicated by a blockage delaying drilling efforts authorities say 10 of the manor a life with 11 others unaccounted for everyone brian has more from hong kong. state television is giving prominent coverage to the rescue in a round the clock operation a giant drill is boring through granite to create a tunnel wide enough to bring up the miners trapped more than half a kilometer below it's become a race against time oxygen is limited because the main ventilation shaft is blocked by rubble there's also a risk of flooding and animation captures the drama of what happened.
6:45 pm
and the challenges that lie ahead rescue teams have already drilled several emergency shafts 6 days ago a handwritten note confirmed 12 of the miners were alive don't stop trying to reach us it implored they detach the paper to a wire cable lowered from the surface the miners are receiving medical supplies and food. the food in liquids we've seen to them are rich in nutrients and are more necessary than eating meals it's still difficult for them to take in protein like meat as more time is needed for the digestive systems to recover a telephone connection has also been set up the mine was reportedly under construction when the blast happened but it was only reported 30 hours later the local communist party secretary and it's since been sacked the mine is owned by a private company registered here in hong kong but ultimately controlled by one of
6:46 pm
china's largest gold producers labor rights activists who can't operate in china say the media coverage of the accident has raised comfortable questions not just for the owners but also the authorities. previous accidents of exposed a cold hearted reality says one activist base to the united states sometimes the companies don't even want to rescue the miners it's just too expensive for them but for this case they have to because of all the attention from the media it is almost 2 weeks since this latest accident while rescuers are still hopeful of getting the man out alive state media is also warning the operation could last another 2 weeks adrian brown al-jazeera hong kong. sports and games.
6:47 pm
6:48 pm
a crackdown on and to stop this from protesters is underway in thailand as the government pursues more than 50 cases out of the country's draconian monarchy defamation laws known as less. laws have not been enforced for years but they have come into play recently because of mass protests calling for political reform and scott high the reports from bangkok. he's one of the most vocal critics of the thai establishment now protesting to put penguin rock is facing the consequences in court he's accused of insulting the monarchy under this country's strict laws
6:49 pm
majesté laws and he's not the only one dozens of anti-government demonstrators have been charged under this law in recent months earlier this week a court handed down the longest prison sentence ever for less majesté 43 years to a woman in her sixty's proposed she made on social media 6 years ago. every time that this law is in force the monarchy loses its legitimacy or its uncivil to sentence to school and to 33 years it's a political move to threaten the us sorry to disappoint you but we're not afraid and i think i'll support us i'm not afraid i don't want to key is taking is on great putting shame on the south. the law also known as article 112 was sidelined for about 3 years on orders of king maha watch the wrong corner. but it's been brought back since protesters started taking to the streets calling for the prime minister to resign a new constitution and reform within the powerful monarchy some thais agree with
6:50 pm
the law and say the monarchy needs to be protected. what is sun on sea by one tonic it has taken it upon herself to patrol the internet she says this week's 43 year less majesté sends was fair and hopes her work will lead to others being sent to prison i think she got what she deserved this is a sensitive time because people don't want to defame the institution just once they do it on line they do it in person like when they shouted and threw objects at the room it's a cage the steep increase in 112 cases is seen by some here as a desperate move by the authorities whose previous tactics failed to stem the movement that's demanding reform and it could backfire by bringing more 'd 'd and more aggressive nature is to try to play odious voice it will all be made worse this situation it will be political tensions from bad to worse make the situation home i'll call it i it is as if highest authorities are building up
6:51 pm
a new regime of repression. and the potential for volatility will increase over the next few weeks as recently imposed over 1000 restrictions are relaxed bringing the protesters back to the streets scotland al-jazeera bangkok. it's time for the sport here's joe thank you very much internationally because he has joined the japanese government in rejecting reports that the tokyo games are going to be cancelled the times newspaper claims japanese minister has have privately concluded the games will only be called off because of the pandemic which prime minister says they are determined to hold the games as planned on july the 23rd and the head of japan's olympic committee has also made his views clear. i thought it was preposterous i wondered who's going to take responsibility for this i've learned my lesson you shouldn't believe an article just because it's from the times we've also heard from australia has an impact committee and they too are
6:52 pm
adamant the games are going ahead. unfortunately our nature address unfounded rumor the take the games will be cancelled rumors that only create more anxiety for the athletes and our sports the take the games are on. the fly will be lit on the 23rd of july 2021 we are well into planning the assembly of the team here astride and some athletes will be coming in to take from overseas that planning will go to all the necessary measures to ensure the astroid athletes a coded free and arrived safely in to take you into the village in tokyo and in the believes the athletes will stay in the village they will go to the training then use they will go to the competition venues and they'll come back to the village so it's a very very different guy and while death latics president sebastian coe visited tokyo towards the end of last year he too is confident the games will take place as planned at this moment there is an absolute cost and determination to deliver the
6:53 pm
games. but to deliver them in a safe and secure him with a rigorous rigorous focus on the protocols the code protocols around escalates around media around volunteers around coaches this is a challenge around madrid coach than it seems than has tested positive for corona virus there's no word from the spanish champions on the condition of the 48 year old frenchman other than that he has covert 192 weeks ago zidan tested negative for the virus after he had been in close contact with someone who was infected. the pandemic an ongoing lockdowns of force or rewrite of the moto g.p. calendar the season will now begin with 2 back to back race weekends in qatar starting at the end of march the writers will then head for portugal races in texas in argentina happened despite and until later in the year. the world's best pound
6:54 pm
for pound boxer canelo alvarez has confirmed his next fight the mexican will defend his w.b.c. and be a world super middleweight titles against turkey. they'll fight in florida on february 27th alvarez's only lost once in $27.00 bouts and that was against floyd mayweather jr on saturday u.s.c.'s biggest name khana mcgregor steps back into the octagon for the 1st time in over a year he's up against dust and korea in abu dhabi with the limited number of fans allowed in to watch it's a rematch of the 24 team fights which mccorkle won by knockout. all the money all the belts all everything that comes in that goes you know what lives on holly loads of fighters holly lloyd you look at lloyd jones jr is highlighted more toys and holy just look at them. all you want real to be like a movie you know me if that's a problem out there i'm looking to get in a performer what an amazing highlight and i can see it as an old. and i just want
6:55 pm
it back and just enjoy it while staying in abu dhabi and go for terrell hatton leads the way in the season opening events on the european talk english when i put up a 5 shot advantages over night leader rory mcilroy fell back 4 straight birdies perhaps in 12 under par with 5 holes left to play in round 2 when bad light stopped play. to the biggest stars in the n.b.a. le bron james and young assists combo went head to head on thursday le bron and his l.a. lakers of the reigning champions but they were walking box of post of the league's best regular season record in the last 2 years and they have the regular season m.v.p. announced a combo chambers was irritated that his rival was chosen as the most valuable player over him last year and the to force it out on the court in milwaukee but on thursday he got his own back because the lakers won 113 to 106 and it pays james's put last year's awards snub behind him now you know i mean you know we go you guys
6:56 pm
know me is never going to go and. you know it's all about the teams and that's not a lot of matters i can care less about that try to play well have boards you can see any. numbers all about the top jazz of rex up there $7000.00 in a row against the new orleans pelicans that's the longest active streak in the n.b.a. right now once again their star player donovan met so had a large part to play with a season high 36 points and if else 1st muslim head coach has arrived at the new york jets robert solow was previously the san francisco 49 ers defensive coordinator he's hoping his high profile job will encourage well diversity in the game you know when you look at a and or and of organizations and you look at the locker room and and it's like the ultimate melting pot of different people and different races and different stories that get together with one possible with one goal and so to be
6:57 pm
a part of that as is and humbling. have a new coach but there was very different view feeling to his news conference have a listen to this dissolve moment when he was describing his approach the new season . we're going to kick in the teeth and when you punches back we're going to smile at you and when you knock us down we're going to get up and on the way up we're going to buy the new cap off all right and we're going to stand up and then it's going to take 2 more shots to knock us down all right and on the way up we're going to check your other new couch and we're going to get up and then it's going to take 3 shots to get us down and when we do we're going to take another hunk out of you before before long we're going to be the last one standing all right that's going to be the mentality all right well let's finish up the badminton welds or event in thailand where former weld champion victor axelsson here in red got a lucky break let chile the danes wreck it fell apart off his winning shot a match points in the quarterfinals going for back to back titles having won last week's competition. all right that is. joe
6:58 pm
thanks very much and data and that's it for me of about this and for this news i will be back in a moment with more time if you can but by. it's the biggest sport. a truly global game. and it doesn't end at the final whistle. in a new series. uncovers the passion the rivalries and the politics at play. because beyond the pitch that beautiful game is
6:59 pm
a way of life. the fans who make football coming soon on al-jazeera. anti fascist anti establishment and pro violence. despite the recent official disbanding of its militarized wing a basque separatist movement is found alive and well on the terraces of the bill dal stadium. a place where political revolutionaries share a platform and ideology with violent football hooligans. read all death on al-jazeera. north korea isolated and heavily sanction yet earning billions around the globe there are $39.00 is involved in everything that makes money for north korea. to carry defray the cost for us to take on tyson. the money this year and it goes straight into the coffers of the leadership a $2.00 part people in power investigation bureau $39.00 cash for kim part one
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on a. building the powerful to account as we examine the u.s. its role in the world on al-jazeera. the senate will conduct a trial of the impeachment of donald trump. top democrats push ahead with the impeachment trial of donald trump over the riot at the capitol. on all matters and this is all it is there a live from doha also coming up a day after announcing his coronavirus plan joe biden is expected to roll out more money in aid to those affected by the pandemic.


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