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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 22, 2021 4:00pm-5:01pm +03

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one woman's journey seeking her heritage brings you insights into christine spite of the small region it's a story that seems to have been airbrushed from the street. in search of months on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. this is a new life and coming up in the next 60 minutes. this would be one of the greatest operational challenges our nation has ever undertaken the president joe biden unveils his coronavirus plan describing it as a full scale war time effort. some factions rise across europe with the number of cope with 1000 deaths in germany crossing 50000. state of emergency is imposed in
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the central african republic as a coalition of groups threatens to overthrow the museum and. keeping the faith our russian religious minority has carved out a place for itself and may seek mainly muslim countries. on joining us forces japan's government denies reports it's going to cancel the men and under fire brown madrid kites in the teens are down tests positive for corona virus i have more on that in the next hour. or. so than u.s. president joe biden is launched what he calls a full scale war time strategy to beat the coronavirus pandemic that's not claimed the lives of more than $400000.00 americans on his 1st full day in office he signed 10 executive all. think lou to emergency measures to boost facts
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a nation in testing quarantine requirements for international travelers arriving in the united states over in europe travel is being strongly discourage the european union imposing new measures on the block's hardest hit areas they will be labeled as dog red zones and those seeking to leave will have to get tested and undergo quarantine and in the u.k. borders are being kept open for now after the government reportedly considered banning new arrivals and last week it did halt flights from south america and portugal over concerns of a mutated strain from brazil the country is already dealing with a separate strain 1st attempted in britain we'll get more on the developments in europe shortly but 1st here's mike hanna with the latest on biden's coronavirus plan. to see jake you are actually in day 2 of the biden presidency and another flurry of executive orders 24 hours after the u.s. recorded the worst single day coronavirus death toll these are focused on combating the pandemic the measures ranging from getting more vaccines to more people to
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improving safety in schools and work spaces we can get to dismiss overnight it's going to take months to turn things around but let me be equally clear we will get through this we will defeat is pandemic into a nation waiting for action let me be clear stand this point help is on the way one of the new things in this administration is if you know the answer don't guess just say you don't know the answer yet familiar face returning to the white house briefing podium sidelined for many months stuck to antony found she is a central figure in the new pandemic task group and he made clear reference to the difficulties he experienced as a scientist and a president trump there were things that were said. regarding things like a drug seqlock win and other things like that that really was uncomfortable because they were not based on scientific fact. i can tell you i take no pleasure at all in
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being in a situation of contradicting the president but the idea that you can get up here and talk about what you know what the evidence what the sciences and know that sit let the science speak it is somewhat of a liberating feeling there's been a shock at how little planning had been put into combating the pandemic but there has been no centralized federal strategy it's been left to governors and their states to plan and sometimes fund and pandemic measures administration officials say that when they are safe peter says is for a pandemic plan there wasn't one. many members of congress are dismayed what have we learned this morning we learned this morning that the company ministration had no real plan for the production and distribution of the vaccine just another in a series. of their terrible in affective
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approach to it from the start and americans are reeling from a startling statistic the country has 4 percent of the world's population but 25 percent of recorded coronavirus cases. before assuming office joe biden stood at the reflecting pool in memory of the 400000 americans who have died his message now that there are sadly will be many more before the pandemic is brought under control . mike hanna washington. port school has closed schools for 2 weeks because of concerns related to the more contagious corona virus strain 1st found in the u.k. the decision comes a week after a 2nd lockdown was imposed political is experiencing one of the worst pandemic surges in the world with deaths hitting new records for 4 straight days field hospitals are being opened its health system is pushed to the limit. and french president emmanuel macron says kevin 19 tests will become compulsory for all
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travelers trying to enter france as of sunday lorry and train drivers and cross border commuters will be exempt ons is now also requiring people to wear higher quality masks instead of fabric face coverings in neighboring germany the number of people who have died from the virus has exceeded 50000 chancellor angela merkel is defending a decision to extend the lockdown until mid february she says it would be unwise to ease restrictions given virus mutations that have been found in germany the country has been in lockdown since november dominic cain has more now from berlin. overall not just in berlin but across the entire country the trend certainly in the course of the last week or so perhaps 10 days has been slowly downward so that. $859.00 deaths announced today but there were fewer and that there are fewer today than the previous days and david for that and so forth and so there is a feeling of among some analysts some scientists that perhaps the rate of new
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infections the rates of new deaths is starting to stabilize generally the point behind what angle america and coalition partners and to ministerial partners have been saying is that their view is that what is really concerning them is the potential for the new variant 1st and identified in the u.k. to get to really take hold in germany that explains why they have been insisting upon the wearing of masks that are stronger than just fabric masks that what they refer to the f f p 2 mask requirement which will come into force in here in berlin on sunday so that it that informs the perspective that's why she has been saying that people need to be staying home working from home wherever possible wearing masks whenever possible reducing their movement outside and observing social distance all of it needs to be seen from that perspective. well more than 94000 people have died from corona virus in the united kingdom since it was detected last
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year victims from i think minorities have been disproportionately affected and there are now reports of vaccine hesitancy among some minorities in fear that a low uptake in these groups will affect mass inoculation plans if barker reports now from london. 3 to 1. 100 percent are legal and very this is where the battle against vaccine disinform ation is being fought community by community this british muslim t.v. network in east london debate tackling some of the many myths that have taken root around the pandemic. whatever the myths whatever the false information out there that is not correct we all need to i mean obviously we are we are british muslims we are part of the society we need to make sure we get out of a box and. in a recent british survey 42 percent of respondents from bangladesh in pakistani communities so that they were all likely or very unlikely to be vaccinated and
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their figure rises to 72 percent of black and black british people meaning those people who are most at risk of contracting cope with 19 and ending up in hospital or even dying of the virus and now at least likely to be vaccinated. it's a growing concern for the british government that wants to offer a 1st dose to every adult in the country by september if the adult population of the rest of the countries vaccinated the virus will look for a place for it to infect a human for it to infect and if it infects particular communities because they happen to be unvaccinated it will absolutely go through the market and will be hugely damaging while the whole world is searching for a vaccine this is one of many fake news items distorting people's understanding of the virus and the vaccines it claims inhaling steam kills the virus and sparks it is. specks it is going to change your conspiracy theories
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a deepening public distrust of medical science leading to an angry protest by this man outside a muslim community center offering covert jobs with muslims or south asians it can be aware that this article that scene where i'm going in the vaccine specifically for products which is of interest. to the muslim community and then there's other types of myths which are. viruses. that work all the vaccine can cause infertility or it can fundamentally change your d.n.a. of course i'd like to order. all of these assholes there's no truth and i mean. there's a sense of unease among some black londoners many a keen to be vaccinated but one man told us he thought there might be different vaccines for black and white people. because these days you don't know what else covert hesitancy also extends to ultra orthodox jewish communities again over
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fears the vaccine contains pork or is this controversial israeli rabbi popular on you cheap suggested over fears and alters people's sexual orientation. conspiracy theories exploited a lack of trust in the government and the health system that for some ethnic minorities appears to favor white people and the more affluent the challenge now lies in building trust in back scenes proven to protect us all. we can join leave nivo says they live from london as you say how to build that trust is a very real problem and it's vital that it happens somehow. is a huge challenge the government the authority is are facing an uphill battle on 2 fronts firstly to try and encourage members of the black asian of minority minority ethnic communities to go out and get vaccinated but also to encourage some communities to follow the rules strictly and tightly because according to under the metropolitan
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police only a couple of nights ago in this ultra-orthodox jewish girls' school 400 people were found attending a wedding and now the authorities are trying to work out whether or not to find the organizers up to $14000.00 we know that certain people that were out the wedding were given on the spot fines and many simply ran away when the police turned up according to the local council has a council talks are now taking place between community leaders from the high ready ultra-orthodox jewish community and also with local officials as well to try and avoid similar infractions taking place again in the future the problem is that many and they social folks community do not watch television do not listen to radio do not follow mainstream media so rely very much upon the message getting through to them through community leaders elders or indeed rabbi rabbis and the last thing that the author as he's want to do in any way is to stigmatize warn community over
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another the drive really is according to the government to try and encourage people essentially to police their own to encourage them to see this not as in any way a loss of freedom but as something that should be done for the betterment of the whole of society at this challenging time. or any thanks for that lee baca there in london denmark has halted all flights from the united arab emirates after reports of fake coronavirus tests in dubai the travel restrictions will last for 5 days officials in copenhagen say they received a tip off that pre-departure test taken in dubai might not be accurate travelers michaud a recent negative test on arrival in denmark. japan's government has denied reports it's considering canceling the take your olympics british newspaper the times says the japanese government has privately concluded that the games will need to be called off because of the coronavirus pandemic target me as this the olympic games
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with jewel to be held last year but were delayed because of the coronavirus pandemic now a rise in infections has forced the government to impose a state of emergency in tokyo and other parts of the country and that's raise questions about whether the summer games will be held in 6 months as planned newspaper reports that you pan's government has privately concluded the games will have to be reshaped jeweled have been denied by the prime minister. regarding the tokyo games it will be a symbol of humanity overcoming the novel coronavirus and a chance to showcase japan's reconstruction from the devastating northeastern earthquake and tsunami to the world we will be well prepared on the measures for the infection. japan has spent $25000000000.00 preparing for the take lympics most of which is public money but a recent poll shows 80 percent of japanese people don't want the games to go ahead this summer. even if japan was able to curb the coronavirus i don't think we can
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welcome athletes considering the current situation it should be canceled the money we spend on the game should be used for antivirus measures and stated my. 80 percent i want the olympics to go ahead but the other 20 percent i wonder what would happen to japan if it was canceled when i read it going through a lot. and lympics has been cancelled only 5 times before in war time a final decision on whether to hold the games this year or not is expected in early spring i think the date to watch is march 25th that's when the charge really begins for northern japan 4 months 10000 runners crossing the country arriving there will enjoy 23rd in tokyo it would seem absurd to start the torch relay and then have to have no olympics the international and then pick committee make 75 percent of its income from selling broadcast rights of the olympics if take is canceled it could lose an estimated $2.00 to $3000000000.00 of revenue victoria gate and be
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al-jazeera. plenty more still ahead on the news hour including joe biden said again calls for america but where does that leave israel and its illegal settlements after years of fervent support by donald trump. beyond any criticism thailand's government minister tony in monaco defamation laws to silence anti establishment activism. and little suffer a shock loss in the premier league with the only ending to the $56.00 game unbeaten run ahead in general of the details in sport. the 15 day state of emergency is in force in central african republic to combat armed groups trying to blockade the capital bangui un peacekeepers had been helping to push back the rebel coalition the groups are trying to overthrow the newly reelected president faust and on change to a data the constitutional court confirmed today that his victory this week despite
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allegations of vote rigging malcolm webb is following developments in baghdad. coalition of armed groups attacked the capital bangui where we are last week they were fought off by forces the foreign forces the support the government but they're still just outside the city from what we know about 9 kilometers to the about 12 kilometers to the north and we've also heard reports that their cells have infiltrated the city that they've been smuggling in weapons ahead of a possible potential attempt to take the city they've said that the government of president fast in today or must go now the presidential spokesperson has said that the reason for the state of emergency or one of the reasons is that it will enable the security forces here to do searches from house to house to try and find these hidden weapons normally would require a warrant from a court to coding to the constitution so by suspending those constitutional rights it gives the security agencies the power to search for the weapons that they want
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to find to try and prevent not rebel attack and try and keep control. of their fragile grip on power in the country their head of the peacekeeping force here acronym. was just on thursday are asking for more troops from the security council he said that they're desperately needed to try and maintain security across the country just within the last few days. the burundian peacekeeper of being killed one of the limitations for the peacekeepers is that their mandate to protect civilians and support the government. is met by a more aggressive enemy the coalition of armed groups have been ambushing in attacking the peacekeepers kind of his prime minister will be the 1st foreign leader to receive an official call from u.s. president joe biden the pair will discuss biden's decision to halt construction of the contentious cross border keystone x.l. pipeline justin trudeau said he's disappointed at the move the pipeline was meant
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to expand critical oil exports for canada. biden's administration has also reached out to russia with a proposal to extend the nuclear arms treaty by 5 years it is the last remaining control pact between washington and moscow since donald trump withdrew from 2 others despite trying seeming. to be a putin relations deteriorate heavily between the 2 nations charlie and her looks at what might change under joe biden. there are many international leaders who will have been glad to see donald trump leave the white house. the vladimir putin is probably not one of them. the 2 men reportedly admired each other and that's done little to improve relations between their countries suspicion is that sort of extremist. the trumpet ministration has introduced 46 new sanctions against russia are legal entities economic representatives 46 this is never happened before
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despite the restrictions trump and i worked rather effectively on stabilizing the oil markets president joe biden on the other hand is no fan of putin's he's called russia the biggest threat to u.s. security vowing that moscow will pay a price for interfering in u.s. elections and a suspected recent hack on u.s. government agencies this attack constitutes a grave risk to our national security was carefully planned and carefully orchestrated it was carried out by using sophisticated cyber tools he attackers succeeded in catching the federal government off guard unprepared russian analysts and now trying to predict what that price will be. explored i believe that biden will leverage the idea of peaceful limitation peaceful pressure by means of economic sanctions financial influence and pressure on the ruble as well as pressure on international banks biden has plenty of such resources at his service
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not less and he has military means. the kremlin also has disdain for biden dating back to his vice presidency when he pushed for sanctions against russia in response to the annexation of ukraine. are areas of mutual agreement the start arms control treaty is top of the agenda it expires on february 5th and without it nuclear proliferation is possible. months of talks between the kremlin and trump's ministration on extending the treaty failed moscow is now hoping for a quick deal with the new president. biden's administration will submit to congress a proposal to extend the new start treaty from our side chilled noughties we are ready if needed to complete the same process. biden's team will demonstrate early on how it intends to work with russia and whether it can find a way to work with russia at all. and
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who's in assistant professor at the center for war studies at the university of southern market she joins us live from copenhagen and we toss and welcome to the program as we hearing it relations have been pretty woeful between the united states and russia what do you think joe biden can do to lower the temperature. yeah so i think it is definitely joe biden and to walk about and saying act here between cooperation and confrontation he himself has described what he thinks the successful policy to what's russia as hang tough but keep talking in a 2018 article. in foreign affairs and it is exactly this balancing act between acknowledging russia as a threat but also trying to find every asked of common interest where the u.s. and russia can work together for example on a coronavirus on climate change potentially even the iran nuclear deal could be
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issues that could be addressed together and of course new start as was mentioned he already is that is a great example of common interest where 2 states could come together and find a future solution yes the reduction treaty start do you think they will agree to extend it expires in february as we were here yes absolutely it expires on february 5th and now both states have said that they are interested in extending it so i do think that it's very likely that that will happen it is also very likely that the extension will be 5 use without sort of further conditions because trump has tried had tried last year to go she had one extension with additional conditions which russia did not agree to but despite of yes will be a valuable time to sort of stop talking about strategic stability between the 2 practiced and potentially find other agreements really did you stop with these 5
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years the certain touchy areas biden has ordered this intelligence review as one of his 1st moves over russia into ferguson american affairs at managing this in the cyber a reader in general it's going to be tricky business. yes absolutely and it will be this balancing act that he will have to navigate because of course he needs to put his state security and you need to be tough on the side tax that comp that that's kind of happened in the future so he needs to show that the u.s. willing to to punish these type of infringements but at the same time it is also in american interests to find a solution and you stop and keep talking to russia and you will have to walk that fine line somehow i do think that has approach to so for more of more international engagement and when gage met with european nato allies will help him in that maybe a little bit more than and what trump has the last 4 years and it is going to is
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very interesting to see how it all pans out tommy thompson pretty sure you're not a sense for him to thank you thank you very much. well joe biden is doing all he can to market shop change in course after 4 years of donald trump some are questioning how about shift will play out for israel and palestine biden officials have already said that they won't undo the recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital or the moving of the u.s. embassy they are signaling a move from trump's unprecedented pro israeli stance very force it has its eye joseph of robin hood by adhering to do solemnly swear that inauguration of a new u.s. president is a moment of reappraisal for america's friends and foes around the world perhaps none more so than israel whose prime minister has aligned himself so closely with donald trump president biden you and i had a warm personal friendship going back many decades i look forward to working with you to further strengthen the us israel alliance at the same time netanyahu is delivering a very different welcome message for
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a president he knows will oppose the expansion of illegal israeli settlements issuing approvals for nearly $800.00 new housing units tendering outbuilding work for 2 and a half 1000 more and with just 5 hours to go before the inauguration confirming building contracts for work to start here at given how much oss the long delayed settlement between jerusalem and bethlehem the palestinians say would be a major obstacle to their future state. it's reminiscent of another major settlement announcement made during a biden visit to jerusalem in 2010 meeting and then vice president here yes it's basically nothing yell poking a finger in the president elect why he's doing that it baffles me he is going to need the cooperation of president biden an issue sectors iran the reality is biden's pick for secretary of state anthony blinken expressed support this week for a 2 state solution to the israeli palestinian conflict along with doubts about making progress on that in the near term nonetheless palestinians have been making
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moves designed to find favor with biden such as president abbas is announcement this month of the 1st presidential. in legislative elections for 15 years. we received positive messages that we can build on to restore bilateral relations and restore a peace process that is built on the 2 state solution and international legitimacy biden supports the normalization deals between israel and arab states that the palestinians call a stab in the back deals that nash and young who happily emphasized had come without concessions but some see scope for biden to extract concessions from netanyahu in the future but he would like to have help from president biden in securing additional normalization agreements he knows that this would require further 'd changes in israel's policy towards the palestinians and to the extent that these are minor he seems to be ready to go down that road the initial phase of the biden netanyahu relationship is likely to be defined by differences over iran
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the israel palestine conflict may well slip down the agenda the 1st time but bruised by 4 years of donald trump the palestinians at least have a more familiar style of u.s. leadership with which to engage are a force that al-jazeera in the occupied west bank. all right let's move on to whether his rope. conditions on the ground in northern syria eastern turkey the defaced displaced people's camps been poor because the weather was so awful it isn't improving story is still yucky on the ground but in the sky the sun is out and temperatures sols slowly on the increase in fact has gone quiet again through most parts of the middle east and around this those early breezes is weakening on saturday and on sunday september is might rise a little bit for example in bahrain and in qatar otherwise nothing changes but there is action further south a tropical cyclone again making landfall early saturday on the coast of mozambique
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near bayer it briefly has been a severe tropical storm which means the winds are about 120130 kilometers per hour and the storm surge with it now most of the daylight hours on saturday and on sunday this thing will not be a problem from the point of you wind but in the about to read it spreads across mozambique central south and zimbabwe and gauteng in this eastern side of south africa means flooding is likely pretty extensive and if not flooding then big thunderstorms right down to the eastern cape and that circulation is still visible . still air on al-jazeera. we don't respond to threats as trying to get ahead with plans to make take john's pay for content they used to get for free. we'll have the latest on the trapped gold miners in china he's been underground for 12 days in. a small cover up to 2 of the biggest names in the n.b.a. go head to head on the cold joe world tell us who came out on top. frank
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assessments you've got colleagues on the ground and in the canaries what is the situation there is only one doctor and one nurse or $2200.00 an informed opinion. in the early stages of this regime he comes into office with a huge amount of experience in-depth analysis of the day's global headlines how will a place like get the vaccine when there's no money and all the rest of rich countries are fighting for an inside story on al jazeera it's the biggest sport. a truly global game. and it doesn't end the final whistle. in a new series. uncovers the passion the rivalries and the politics of play.
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because beyond the pitch the beautiful game is a way of life. the fans who make football coming soon on al-jazeera. for. you watch out 0 can i remind you of our top stories u.s. president joe biden has launched what he calls a full scale war time strategy to be covert 19 he signed executive orders including emergency measures to boost vaccine production requiring international travelers to quarantine on arrival. the number of people who've died from coronavirus in germany has exceeded 50000 that says the european union works to impose new travel
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restrictions on the books hardest hit areas. 15 day state of emergency is in force in central african republic to prevent rebel attacks and lots of armed groups is demanding a reelected president announced on change to the data to step down after disputed elections in december. now the u.n. says it's concerned about the security situation in syria's largest refugee camp after a series of murders at least 12 people have been killed in alcohol time since the start of the year the u.n. says the violence could jeopardize the delivery of aid and humanitarian assistance . the top republican in the u.s. senate says he wants former president total trump's impeachment to be delayed until mid february mitch mcconnell said it would give trump 2 weeks to get ready for the proceedings once the charges presented house speaker nancy pelosi has rejected demands to drop trial trump was impeached just days before the end of his term accused of inciting a riot at capitol hill that left 5 people dead you don't hate our president
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do whatever you want in the last months of your administration you're going to get a jet get out of jail card free because. because people think we should like nice night and forget that people die here on january. that the attempt to undermine our election to undermine our democracy to dishonor our constitution no i don't see that at all i think that would be harmful to unity 3 men held in guantanamo bay is said to face a military trial despite u.s. president biden saying he plans to close the detention center at the men are accused of helping in deadly bombings in indonesia back in 2002 in 2003 the decision to move ahead with the case seem to counter biden's defense secretary nominee who this week reaffirmed plans for the camp's closure so let's take this on and speak to karen greenberg who's director of the center on national security at
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fordham university school of law joins us via skype from which is in new york karen welcome to the program slightly confused state of affairs isn't it so what do you make of it this military trial for these men has been announce they've been in custody for 17 years but this announcement comes just 2 days after biden's defense secretary nominee says it was going to close. yes so these are not necessarily mutually exclusive things i mean the timing is what's very problematic because this is the 1st efforts in this direction retaken by the trumpet ministration and so now the that the window is very short in which the procedures would have to go forward but all of that aside you can close guantanamo and still have some kind of trials result in this particular case this case there is no death penalty and therefore they could arrange some kind of plea deal it would still take it's too ordinary
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effort to get all of the information in place and the record in place but but you know if this defense secretary wants to close guantanamo that is an incredible sign that it might happen and decisions can really be reversed and changed in for these 3 men if the what the convening authority has to weigh in that's who makes the final decision on this so i would say it's very much in limbo very much influenced but there are 2 things one is closing guantanamo one is that the military commissions and they may actually we choir 2 different kinds of strategies all of which could lead to explosion or what the trials take place that have to with. yet it have to take place at guantanamo but right now because of cohered nothing's really happening at guantanamo the people that would have to take this to the next step are not there at the courtroom is not prepared for this the personnel are not there for those so the 30 day window in which to move forward with this trial is
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very much a challenge right now my guess is they're going to figure out some way to put this decision on pause while they reconsider because it is a much larger question as you pointed out than just these 3 individuals yes so do you think the defense secretary nominee knew about the forthcoming plans going to announce when that was made 2 days later. i think he probably did know something i'm not sure he knew exactly what the details were but my guess is that he did know something i think he's concerned right now with his confirmation hearing i think he's making a very strong statement that's that unprecedented in terms of you know the defense secretary committing himself to closing guantanamo i think he wants that to be the headline that's taken away but any kind of progress even this one about how bali his associates that are accused in the jakarta in bali bombings is something that brings attention at one time or and it moves the ball forward and so i think his
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attitude maybe i could handle this i know what i'm doing i can finally just just remind as far as a conclusion of guantanamo is concerned why is it so important oh my gosh thank you for asking that question there are 40 people still at guantanamo as detainees we don't need one time to anymore it was set up outside the law and to have these people in a definite detention without charge or trial for the most of them is something that violates us law the uniform code of military justice law and international law it's dana in the united states reputation internationally and we need to move on and we need to move on in a way that we store some kind of sense of process and justice to these individuals are appreciate that thanks for making sense of it all karen greenberg the director of of the central national security at fordham university school thanks a lot. thank you. crackdown on protests is underway in thailand as the government pursues more than 50 cases under the country's draconian monarchy
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defamation laws known as unless it was yesterday the laws had not been in force for years but have come into play recently because of massive protests calling for political reform. reports now from bangkok. he's one of the most vocal critics of the thai establishment now protested a penguin is facing the consequences in court he's accused of insulting the monarchy under this country's strict laws and he's not the only one dozens of anti-government demonstrators have been charged under this law in recent months earlier this week a court handed down the longest prison sentence ever for less majesté 43 years to a woman in her sixty's proposed she made on social media 6 years ago. every time that this law is in force the monarchy loses its legitimacy it's uncivil to sentence to school and to 33 years it's a political move to threaten the us sorry to disappoint you but we're not afraid and i think i'll support us i'm not afraid i don't want to key is taking is on
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great shame on the south. the law also known as article 112 was sidelined for about 3 years on orders of king. but it's been brought back since protesters started taking to the streets calling for the prime minister to resign a new constitution and reform within the powerful monarchy some thais agree with the law and say the monarchy needs to be protected. what is sun on c bar one tonic it has taken it upon herself to patrol the internet she says this week's 43 year lens majesté sen's was fair and hopes her work will lead to others being sent to prison had no i think she got what she deserved this is a sensitive time because people don't want to defame the institution just once they do a ton line they do it in person like when they shouted and through objects at the royal medicaid the steep increase in 112 cases is seen by some here as a desperate move by the authorities whose previous tactics failed to stem the
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movement that's demanding reform and it could backfire by bringing more 'd 'd and more aggressive nature is to try to sway audience voice it will only make this situation it will in the political tensions from bad to worse make the situation mom i'll call it it is as the highest authorities are building up a neo richie all repression. and the potential for volatility will increase over the next few weeks as recently imposed covert 1000 restrictions are relaxed bringing the protesters back to the streets scotland al-jazeera bangkok. mongolia's prime minister has resigned following a protest over the treatment of a woman who tested positive for cave at 19 after giving birth she was transferred in freezing conditions from a maternity ward into quarantine wearing only a night gown and slippers and carrying her newborn baby the prime minister. said he
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was heartbroken to see the cruel treatment she received he accused the president of encouraging protesters and staking a political crisis. google has threatened to make its search engine unavailable in australia over plans by the government to make tech john's pay for news content the proposals would allow local news websites to be paid for content featured on google and facebook google's regional directors says the plans pose and manageable risks for the country. in its current form the card remains unworkable and if it became law would hurt not just google but small publishes small businesses and the millions of a strat ins that is out services every day the principle of honor strict and linking between websites is fundamental to search and coupled with the unmanageable financial and operational risk if this version of the card were to become law it would give us no real choice but to stop making google search available in australia a strive you mike's our rules for things you can do in
4:42 pm
a strike that's done in our power meant it's done by our government and that's how things work here in australia and people who want to work with that. you're very welcome but we don't respond to threats but belinda bonnet is a senior lecturer in media communications at swinburne university of technology and she's a similar laws passed in france might have influenced google's position on australia . so they're saying that if they had to negotiate if it had been meant for news content they would in some way effect google search results and effect they don't need to with google search results they just need to pay a fair price for news content when it comes up so i deal what i'd like to see is platforms like google and facebook paying a fair price for news content and this recognizing that this content is premium
4:43 pm
content that it gives a certain value to search results and to social media feeds because news content has facts and accuracy and kind of currency that other types of content don't have in the last day or so we've heard that google has actually more each a a decision on france and has agreed to pay french publishes for their content so that it is it in a sense is sitting a precision that's finally happened in the last day or so and then coincidentally they have decided to pull out of a stray a completely. passed similar laws so maybe they don't want to go through the same thing. coast on is a muslim majority country that guarantees freedom of worship to its minorities
4:44 pm
a russian orthodox community in the north as a living example it traces its origins to russia's cossacks who in the 19th century settled in what was the most east an outpost of the czarist empire charles truck that has been speaking to descendants of the south was at a religious ceremony and acts from a. russian priest but he mistook the cough wings the new bells and he's all for the church in northern kyrgyzstan. they recently arrived from the town of the. in russia almost 4000 kilometers away. members of this small russian orthodox community have gathered to pray on the day of the orthodox epiphany many of the worshippers can trace their lineage back to cossacks who fought their way into and then settled in this remote region of central asia in the mid 19th century which can usually be what we get support from local cagas people and from russia it's important because
4:45 pm
our community is small it is sometimes difficult to find money for things like coal to keep the church woman winter we feel accepted and very much part of the kid is community the original church was built in 863 but was destroyed by fire it was once the center of a small close garrison on the most eastern edge of the czarist russian empire. the current building was constructed in 1912 on the same spot as the original it was renovated last year this is one of 10 churches in the it's a cool region serving an estimated 40000 ethnic russians many of them descendants of those the settled here around 200 years ago blood to man the cost side leaders lead the congregation chanting the russian orthodox liturgy down to the frozen river. they gather on the bank and pray the icy water is blessed before the priest splashes it over them. they don't collect water to use in prayer and
4:46 pm
ceremonies at. the most the biggest. was good everyone should be blessed by the holy water we pray for russia and hold people make up less than all a good buzzy of ways he's medals with pride his cossack mother was born here she met his father when he came from southern russia to live here after world war 2. it is this recent look the russians in this region are deep rooted we have been here for generations so we feel like kurdistan is our motherland. their ancestors came from far away to expand an empire but for these russians kyrgyzstan has always been holland. northern cubist. still ahead here on al-jazeera got small coming out with games in dollops japan's government denies it's considering counseling bill of rights.
4:47 pm
4:48 pm
but again not rescuers say it could take at least another 2 weeks to free gold miners trapped underground for 12 days in eastern china the desperate attempt to save $21.00 workers buried after a blast has been further complicated by blockage delaying drilling efforts of authority say 10 of the men are alive with 11 others unaccounted for brown has more from hong kong. the state television is giving prominent coverage to the rescue in a round the clock operation a giant drill is boring through granite to create
4:49 pm
a tunnel wide enough to bring up the miners trapped more than half a kilometer below it's become a race against time oxygen is limited because the main ventilation shaft is blocked by rubble there's also a risk of flooding an animation captures the drama of what happened. and the challenges that lie ahead rescue teams have already drilled several emergency shafts 6 days ago a handwritten note confirmed 12 of the miners were alive don't stop trying to reach us it implored they detach the paper to a wire cable lowered from the surface the miners are receiving medical supplies and food just an attempt to. the food in liquid sort of seem to them are rich in nutrients and are more necessary than eating meals it's still difficult for them to take in protein like meat as more time is needed for the digestive systems to recover
4:50 pm
a telephone connection has also been set up the mine was reportedly under construction . action when the blast happened but it was only reported 30 hours later the local communist party secretary and there it's since been sacked the mine is owned by a private company registered here in hong kong but ultimately controlled by one of china's largest gold producers labor rights activists who can't operate in china say the media coverage of the accident has raised long comfortable questions not just for the owners but also the authorities previous accidents of exposed to a cold hearted reality says one activist based in the united states sometimes the companies don't even want to rescue the miners it's just too expensive for them but for this case they have to because of all the attention from the media it is almost 2 weeks since this latest accident and while rescuers are still hopeful of getting the men out alive state media is also warning the operation could last another 2
4:51 pm
weeks adrian brown al jazeera hong kong all right let's move on to sport history nic thank you very much international committee has joined the japanese government in rejecting reports the take a games are going to be canceled the times newspaper claims japanese ministers have privately concluded the games will need to be called off because the pandemic which bans prime ministers says they are determined to hold the games is planned on july the 23rd and the head of japan's m.p. committee has also made his he's clear. i thought it was preposterous i wondered who's going to take responsibility for this i've learned my lesson you shouldn't believe an article just because it's from the times. we've also heard from australia is an unpaid committee and they too are adamant the games are going ahead. unfortunately i need to address unfounded rumor the take the games will be cancelled room is that only create more anxiety for the
4:52 pm
athletes and our sports. the take the games are on. the fly will be lit on the 23rd of july 2021 we are well into planning the assembly of the day here astride and some athletes will be coming in to take from overseas that planning will go to all the necessary measures to ensure the astroid athletes a coven free and arrive safely in to take you into the village in tokyo and in the believes the athletes will stay in the village they will go to the training then use they will go to the competition venues and they'll come back to the village so it's a very very different guidance what athletics president sebastian coe visit to take care towards the end of last year he was confident the games will take place as planned at this moment there is an absolute cost and determination to deliver the games. but to deliver them in a safe and secure him with a rigorous rigorous focus on the protocols the code protocols around escalates
4:53 pm
around media around volunteers around coaches this is a challenge so the game still at the moment but if they did get called off the next scheduled olympics would be the beijing winter games in 2022 the chinese government have offered a look at the speed skating oval and athletes village officials say their preparations are on schedule while madrid coach the nadine's a ban is tested positive for corona virus there's no word from the spanish champions on the condition of the 48 year old frenchman other than that he has coded 192 weeks goes down tested negative for the virus off he had been in close contact with someone who was infected. meanwhile i have gone 7 points clear of reality the top of the league table in spain they came from behind to beat 21 it was suarez scored his 10th goal of the season in the 40th minute to draw the level a clumsy tackle on suarez late in the 2nd half allowed the euro quine to wrap up the win from the penalty spot it's. an england liverpool manager you can drop claim
4:54 pm
to sell for the shock premier league defeat to burnley ashley van scored the winner from the penalty spot and that ends liverpool's $68.00 game unbeaten run at their home ground and field and now 6 points behind leaders manchester united. the world's best pound for pound boxer canelo alvarez has confirmed his next fight the mexican will defend his w.b.c. and be a world super middleweight titles against turkeys. they'll fight in florida on february the 20 seven's alvarez has only lost once in 57 bouts and that was against floyd mayweather jr he lost 4 in december when he beat britain's cound smith on saturday you have c's biggest name khana mcgregor steps back into the arts again for the 1st time in over a year he's up against dustin poor here in abu dhabi with a limited number of fans allowed to watch is a rematch of the 2014 fight which mcgregor won by not count gregory retired for
4:55 pm
a 3rd time last year and now sounds far from ready to hang up his clubs all the money all the builds all everything that comes in that goes you know what lives on holly loads of fighters hollow to look at. hollowed my toys and holy just to look at them but. i want real to be like a movie you know me if that's a problem out there i'm looking to get in a performer what an amazing highlight that i can see it as an old man with my song and i just want it back and just enjoy. well to the biggest stars in the n.b.a. le bron james in the mist as a combo went head to head on thursday le bron and his l.a. lakers of the writing champions but the walky pucks opposed to the league's best regular season record in the last 2 years and they have the regular season m.v.p. in answer to convert james was irritated that his rival was chosen as the most valuable player over him last year and 2 for 2 out on the porch in milwaukee but on thursday he had his own back because the lakers won 113 to 106 pairs james has put
4:56 pm
last year's awards snubs behind him now you know i mean you know we go you guys know me is never going to go and. you know it's all about the teams and that's not a matters i can care less about that try to play well have or do you see any. utah jazz right up there 7 clinton a row against the new orleans pelicans that's the longest active streak in the n.b.a. right now once again their star player donovan mitchell had a large part to play in the season high 36 points. in a child's 1st muslim head coaches arrived at the new york jets solow was previously the san francisco 49 ers defensive coordinator replace adam case who was fired after defeats the new and new england patriots solace hoping his high profile job will encourage more diversity in the game. you know when you look at
4:57 pm
a and or and of organizations and you look at the locker room and and it's like the ultimate melting pot of different people and different races and different stories that get together with one possible with one goal and so to be a part of that as is and humbling the detroit lions also have a new coach but that was a very different failed his news conference have a listen to this bizarre moment when he was describing his approach to the new season. we're going to kick you in the teeth all right and when you punches back we're going to smile at you and when you knock us down we're going to get up and on the way up we're going to buy the kneecap off all right and we're going to stand up and then he's going to take 2 more shots to knock us down all right and on the way up we're going to check your other new each out and we're going to get up and then it's going to take 3 shots to get us down and when we do we're in check another hunk out of you before before long we're going to be the last one standing all right that's going to be the mentality her right now i have to make i wouldn't
4:58 pm
argue with him today thanks a lot and that's it for me i'll be back in a couple minutes for another half hour. at the fascist anti establishment and pro violence. despite the recent official disbanding of its militarized wing of basque separatist movement is found alive and well on the terraces of the bill pound stadium. a place where political revolutionaries share a platform an ideology with football hooligans. can read old death on al-jazeera. and for me to the poles good kids are renowned for their courage on a fine. one i want to east finds out what it takes to join the elite brigade.
4:59 pm
on al-jazeera. be the hero world needs right. said his only change because. people believe in a post that to speak and then they're. trying to make a political muscle you know you're from the state senate they put themselves out to make the changes something that we. should have taken this. has got to. have a disc culture to slosh and more to create new areas we have to change this culture and one of the fortunate ones who can lead an establishment but all the people and the majority of these illegal everso talk about just good hardworking people that
5:00 pm
want to live the american dream like our ancestors these are hinge refugees are terrified that they may be forced to return to myanmar. a day after announcing his coronavirus plan joe biden is expected to roll out more money and aid to those affected by the pandemic. this is al jazeera life also coming up germany goes past 50000 coronavirus deaths the toll scientists described just stressing confronts. a state of emergency is imposed in the central african republic has a.


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