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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 21, 2021 4:00pm-5:01pm +03

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such heartache. the story of a committed parent turned activist. this protest part of the if you find asian series on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. of the underclass this is a new life and coming up in the next 60 minutes at least 32 people were killed in suspected twin suicide blast at a market in the iraqi capital. u.s. president joe biden signs a series of executive orders reversing donald trump's controversial policies on climate change immigration in the fight against over 90. the united states says it
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will now join the world health organization is kovacs project boy cope with 19 vaccines around the world. and twitter locked out the chinese embassy in the united states for what it calls a dehumanizing post and she and the week is. joining us rest of the sports is the olympic chief insists that take care games will go ahead and there's no plan b. plus christiane to announce a becomes the top goal scorer in football history but his 760th career strike as event is when the italian super cup. so at least $32.00 people have been killed and more than $100.00 injured in twin suicide bombings in the iraqi capital it happened in a market in central baghdad and is the most violent incident 3 years alexia brian has this report. the marquez in baghdad's tire on square was packed with people
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making the most of a sunny winter's day. and we were there by the stands one man came fell to the ground started complaining my stomach was hurting and he pressed the detonator in his hand that exploded immediately people were torn to pieces a lot of people died and were injured. the interior ministry says that as more people flocked around the victims the 2nd bomb went off. it's the deadliest attack in central baghdad since january 28th name it also happened in tire on square similar bombings were commonplace in the capital in the early 2000 after the u.s. led invasion and later as isis influence group across the country this part of the city became a fortress surrounded by concrete blast walls and checkpoints but after the government declared eisel defeated in 2017 such attacks became rare and the extra
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security was removed. the blasts come just a week after the u.s. confirmed it caught its troop levels in iraq to just $2500.00 the lowest levels in nearly 2 decades but just this week iraq's ain't extra soldiers to its border with syria where i still still has a presence and tatoos her motto about 180 kilometers north of baghdad i saw has been trying to regroup and recover but it's not been able to pull off any major attacks resorting mainly to guerrilla style warfare against the iraqi army and paramilitaries many of whom are backed by iran. was just a few blocks from thailand is tahrir square the same turf more than a year of anti-government protests demanding bases security more opportunities and less foreign interference the protesters also want elections which have been postponed to october analysts say several groups could benefit from thursday's
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bombings we witnessed. him and he was a very prominent rhetoric from. mission leaders that were protecting the government or that would of been supporting the regime against. the peaceful. government in iraq that continues. war in iraq he's in one way or another and directly intimidate the protest movement that governmental protests will only be to a school a show that would remind us of the isis these. soon after thursday's attack much of the evidence had been cleared away and life was getting back to normal iraqis are resilient after so many years of conflict and unrest and exam brian al jazeera let's hear now from our correspondents who are in the fold and he's been following events in baghdad. we're here at the side of the incident in baghdad central square disses the market where the bombs went off earlier on thursday on the floor we can
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see burnt pieces of clothing there is also quite a bit of blood that is still spilled which we're not showing you because it may be too graphic and people here are still very much in shock they can't believe that science such incidents could once again return to baghdad which has been relatively stable and peaceful since 2017 since eisel was officially defeated now many believe although there is not official claim of responsibility yet is that these attack bears the hallmarks of i saw what appears to have happened is that the 1st suicide bomber fame sickness to attract people to wards him to help him and after the 1st bomb went off and people gathered to help the wounded that's when the 2nd suicide bomber hits now you can see right now that many of the shops here are closed security forces have told people to stay home to
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disperse in case there would be further attacks but normally this area will be extremely busy it will be bustling with people doing their shopping at this time of the day and many people that i've spoken to they are very fearful that this incident could perhaps mark the return of such suicide bombings to talk about the return of instability it's only been a few years since life has really returned to normal in the capital with people once again going about their daily lives about having to worry about explosion we've seen concrete walls that surrounded buildings to protect them from from such blasts come down again revealing really the city and some of its architectural heritage so there there is quite a lot of shock there is quite a lot of fear about what this incident means for the broader stability of the city but of course we have to. wait and see what the investigations will reveal and we have to still wait for difficult claim for sponsibility. who's the director of the
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house iraqi expertise foundation and joins us live by skype from baghdad welcome to the program this is old tragically reminiscent of days gone by the last attack of this kind of back in june 2019 so given that are you surprised by this well actually what's happened today is one of the massacre son thank god i didn't know a long time something from the moment 17 what happened to the show is that not only and you can only political problem looks like that we have a security that that this is what happened today is actually meaningful security and. the need it is possible and. shows should should do something about it because in order to look actually in contrary probably lock it that needs maybe there are others going to be present in any way that the president
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of the college in the area so you can imagine how much what's happened there he was very very it's a lot of he was a sign of letting the public next think these kind of attacks so incredibly hard to stop it. well it's supposed to mean that we have the major security about securing baghdad and supposed to be successful in your money to buy a. quarter of. the security plan was bought was a separate to enter area was there when there were so many checkpoints in baghdad all of those things actually vanished importance of focus he does not need i don't think. the problem now and we are reaching a new way that you know lou then you need to make more of kurds on intelligent bases in a way to know exactly what is helping and you know exactly what i was actually not
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and next thing about this region what do you make of the timing of this several things really day 2 of the biden presidency just 5 or 6 days since the announcement of the troop drawdown and the fact that there will be early elections to be held in iraq how does all this fit into it. just i said in the beginning it's only because the show you let out of ok. we then you're actually going to postpone the elections until october that supposed to be on june puppet show you without it we need to change the system you know we're in and we need to bring you more. shows into the government of the bill to bring you more ideas about how to deal with the situation in iraq especially special interest as an important issue that's reality and can only people in crisis will show you the moment you can be raising it up which
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eventually it will help i was into one man and woman thought you can imagine how much we are in scotland real trouble and that's why i think one thing the elections . while the international issue and that's a big conflict between iran and the us maybe it has some sort of. some sort of her relationship while i think the most important thing is that we're going to put this is demonstrably iraqi government focused on the local issues of focus on how to deal with the security situation by and out and how to help more and more. influential security. people especially when you're done. i think it's been for a long time. great to get your expertise on this so do appreciate that thanks very much and do what you want well joe biden the 46 president of the united states has begun his term at the oval office after one of the most bitterly contested and chaotic elections in american history he spent the 1st few hours of
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his presidency undoing some of the most controversial actions of his predecessor. by kind of has more now from washington d.c. . the 46 president of the united states arrives at his new residence and he kept his word and went immediately to work. his 1st action in the oval office was to sign a series of executive orders striking at the heart of his precesses policy legacy the mask in the oval another striking departure in the 1st order. to. have a far. from. home front property interstate commerce center also among the orders the return of the united states to the paris climate accord
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a reversal of the decision to leave the world health organization the lifting of the ban on travel from some muslim majority countries and an immediate cancellation of the state of emergency that donald trump proclaimed in order to begin building a wall on the mexican border these are actions done at the stroke of a pen but other fundamental changes such as a new coronavirus relief bill and immigration reform will require the cooperation and participation of congress please raise your way hand and in the senate the new vice president's war in 3 new democrat senators in a chamber now is split $5050.00 it's the 49th vice president who will have the casting vote as the new senate majority leader takes over today the threat to our democracy from the presidency itself has ended but the challenges we face as
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a nation remain in the wake of violence into the asian hatred mistruths and from the republican leader warm words for joe biden who came to this chamber as senator for delaware 49 years ago so i can graduate my friend from delaware look forward to working with him as our new president. wherever possible and as it gets to work the senate approves the 1st of the new cabinet appointments ever all haynes is confirmed as director of national intelligence by 84 votes to 10 marking a bipartisan start to the new senate then the renewal of an old tradition that had fallen into disuse in recent months the 1st of what are intended to be daily briefings by the new press secretary under the sky turns from the president his objective and his commitment is to bring transparency and truth back to government to share the truth even when it's hard to hear and that's something that i hope to
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deliver on in this role as well president biden and the 1st lady arrived at the lincoln memorial for the final event of this inauguration day a day that took place in the shadow of a pandemic and the threat of political violence. but which ended in the celebration of what the new president promises is the beginning of a better and kind here a mike hanna out to sea or washington. well in another move away from the troubled ministrations controversial legacy to be found she is announce that the united states will return to the world health organization a top u.s. infectious disease expert says america will help fight disease at home and abroad i am honored to announce that the united states will remain a member of the world health organization. yesterday president biden
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signed the letters retracting the previous administration's announcement to withdraw from the organization the united states stands ready to work in partnership and solidarity to support the international covert 'd 1000 response on his cross live to alan fischer in washington d.c. and not until it turns out he felt she was speaking bad give us a new indication of the administration's approach. that's right one of the 1st things that joe biden did to end office on wednesday was signed an executive order where he said that the united states would be rejoining the world health organization he sees this as a significant step in keeping american steve there's also going to be american contribution to kovacs which is the international operation to make sure that countries also get the covert vaccine and it's covert that's going to dominate the
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thoughts of joe biden and his administration on thursday what we're going to see over the next 10 days or so are 7 days was set messages and today is covert and we're going to hear from joe biden he's going to make remarks after meeting with his corporate past force he is going to unveil a national strategy to fight corporate know he's promised that he's going to get 100000000 vaccines in arms in the fast 100 days the problem he's got is that the bite ministration has turned up and found there was no national plan to distribute the vaccine and not just a bad plan but no plan at all that would certainly explain some of the comments that we had from the biden transition team that they were finding it difficult to get details from the trumpet white house about what plans they had to get the vaccine out into the country or job i know has got a more difficult task because he's actually got to organize all of this he's added logistics people to his team but now he's got to put upon and place because he
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knows he will be judged on his response to the virus so long the things that he's planning to do is provide more money for vaccinations and testing he's going to provide more money for things like syringes and personal protection gear because he realizes that you can't actually administer the vaccine if you don't have those and he says they are well short and that he's going to unveil a plan to to make school safer so if he can get reopen sooner rather than later it's all going to cost money and that means he's going to have to go to congress at some point and ask for at least the $1.00 trillion dollars relief bill that he. talked about now we know that this plan will be in place we know that he's going to sign 10 new executive orders and we also know that on friday you going to be talking about relief financially as well joe biden well aware of the issues that he's got on his 1st fools' day in the white house what is interesting is a sign of normality returning to american politics some would say that's
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a bad thing because donald trump broke that mold but we got a full briefing on what the president is going to do today rather than just a note saying that from an early morning until late at night the president will be making calls and having meetings for the benefit of the american people this time actually alito what he's going to do and of course there will be a news briefing from the briefing room of the white house at some point during the day as well things feel as if they are getting back to normal here in washington d.c. after 4 years of donald trump yes the biden era begins alan thanks about alan fischer the washington let's speak and turner who is a lecturer of global health lord kiel university joins us from stuff which are in england. so this returned or reversal for the united states stay within the how important do you think that is after did that it's rather ill advised thing in the dream from the world health organization. so i think it's a it's
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a highly important move the united states is a huge fund of global health it's the one of the top state funders and trolled for the world health organization and the biden ministration is already committed to it to meet in the funding expectations which the ritual has of it that's a very important move particularly at a time like this where that doesn't show a stock of cash but also the u.s. is a is a major force in terms of scientific and technical and medical technical ability and having having those streams open to debate show again to engage with the c.d.c. the f.d.a. and h s s in within the u.s. government there's a move in terms of but i think it's also important to remember that the u.s. didn't just withdraw from the world health organization or try to withdraw from the world health organization it gaijin with a number of part number of organizations at the multilateral level and it's an important signal that the biden administration takes
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a much more internationalist outlook and is willing to engage in the electoral space one of the challenges which the white ministration will have is that over the far past 4 years in global health where the trumpet ministration fail to engage with the great show and it ups funded it trying to withdraw it created a gap in terms of global health leadership and that gap has been filled by other governments by other countries around the world increasing that funding contributions also but also increasing their leadership and their political work with the world health organization so it's not that over the past 4 years the global health world has been sitting around waiting for america to return and now we're willing to greet her with open arms that the power and match that leadership has been filled by other countries of the world that don't the u.s. is actually going to have to work very very hard to undo lots of the political failings of the trumpet ministration and to return itself to this to this leadership position which is going to stand having global rights who have to earn real and it's trust if you like it's been a clearly did that i'm assuming did make errors it missed several red flags in the
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whole saga didn't it and now biden is having to address that as well. yeah absolutely and you know that the world health organization is a political entity just like any other international organization and you know person i've been quite critical of the way the great show responded to certain aspects of the code that endemic especially in the early stages where it didn't come down at was that it wasn't direct enough unfortunate with china particularly around human rights and you know there is a power dynamic then dump it shows position as we are a slave to our member states where lie on member states for funding and transparency engagement and we've got to handle that in a sort of softly softly approach that is the does which shows position and how it chooses to manage its its relationships with member states but that clearly has its drawbacks as we've seen through you know through this outbreak but also things like sars and another outbreak sam over the past 20 years or so so once this is all over clearly dovish those in need of a completely reshaping isn't it. yeah and that that's already being discussed at
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the moment so we currently have the executive board the world health organization and taken part taken place at the moment and there are discussions about future plans for the agency and that there are proposals for a new treaty in pandemic preparedness but really until we understand what what that treaty is meant to do what it's meant to look like how it fits in with the international engagement and it's hard to say whether any any reform will be positive in any reform will actually happen or not but i think one thing that kobe has highlighted is that there is a huge problem within global health around funding transparency and engagement and that's something which in its address. mark describes your analysis precise markets in turn a letter of global health for your university in england thank you some leaders are suggesting a vaccine possible should be considered overall would allow travel within the e.u. for those who have been immunized but it is a divisive issue and not all agree it is the right solution what about reports now
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from power. the town hall in paris his 15th district a new package of covert vaccines arrives inside a doctor measures are doses ready for use elderly people are being prioritized for immunization those here are hopeful that life may soon return to normal but not in reality i'm just desperate to do things again i feel like i've been stagnating and that couldn't wait to have the specs and. the goals that everyone is vaccinated as fast as possible so the virus recedes as the number of people vaccinated against covidien frauds grows so does talk of a vaccine passport to travel this french politician says such a document could also be used to visit restaurants or theatres. those who are vaccinated should be able to resume activities vaccination passport would show that a person is no longer in danger themselves and no longer a danger to others. supporters of
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a vaccine passports say could help revive vital economic sectors like tourism paris is usually one of the world's most visited cities but in the past year few people have come to admire its more new mints will enjoy attractions like this cruise the owner of this boat talk company on the river said says he would welcome a vaccine paul sports if would encourage international travelers to return to the city because without them it will be a challenge to keep the business afloat any solutions that can help us live normally again would be good there already countries that require vaccinations to enter to a vaccine possible is a good idea if you can help everyone work again the opinion polls suggest that a majority of people in france support a vaccine possible for travel access to certain services but the french government says it's far too early to consider such a measure that it would be divisive because not enough people have been immunized and many don't wish to be it would be unfair especially in france where we have.
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you know this. we are very well attached to the equality principles so exactly could be their reaction could be ok only the 1st people to be vaccinated will have those rights and not a cell phone and we have to queue re have to wait for a while before getting vaccinated so it's unfair e.u. leaders will discuss the idea of a vaccine possible during a meeting thursday the issue divides member states it's clear though that opening up economies and offering some freedoms would be easy for the e.u. still navigates in its worst ever health emergency it's al-jazeera paris or let's get on to whether his efforts. were saying some rather nasty weather pushing across northern parts of the middle east recently with clouds rain sleet and snow easing across the event pushing across northern parts of syria well there is over iraq through iran heading over towards afghanistan just sliding out of 10 minutes down
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it is becky stan temperatures will struggle to get to 4 celsius then in teheran single figures for damascus and notice quite a cane blowing through the gulf on friday lift the dust and sad also visibility problems as a result whole fat things will quieten down a little as we go on into sas today here at least 10 she's at around $21.00 sells it but it will fill on the cool side cold enough and coupled with temperatures struggling to get above freezing but at least it should be dry stays largely dry too across the whole of africa a few showers just coming into somalia for a time but nothing too much to speak of which are see the showers well south of lake victoria very heavy rain now in the process of pulling away from madagascar as to siphon eloise gathers strength once again in the mozambique channel it'll push its way into central parts of mozambique grassy field some very heavy rain it's a southern areas of zimbabwe where the risk of showers from north south africa. i
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have them because they are not 0 civilians are bearing the brunt is rebels and such an afghan republican to be a violent campaign to oust the president. it is earthquake victims say help cannot come fast enough. and that it is a dance shop and real madrid team is dumped out of the capital their corrupt judge who. played. examining the impact of today's headlines didn't matter you're rich or poor what your religion is you are battling this and you're staring at it in the face and you're dealing with it setting the agenda for tomorrow's discussions was it a coup unfolding on capitol hill international filmmakers and won't cost journalists bring programs to inform and inspire you each and every $1.00 of us in the responsibility to change out 1st place for them to get off on al-jazeera.
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anti fascist anti establishment and pro violence despite the recent official disbanding of its militarized wing a basque separatist movement is found alive and well on the terraces of a build found stadia. a place where political revolutionaries share a platform an ideology with violent football hooligans. and read all death on al-jazeera. but again you're watching out there every mind about top stories this hour and at least $32.00 people have been killed and dozens wounded in twin suicide attacks in
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iraq's capital explosions happened in a central baghdad market so heart attacks had become a river had become rare in the city and that's what happened in 2019. hours after being sworn in is a $46.00 president of the united states joe biden has signed 17 seconds what is it actions dismantling some of total trumps contentious policies they could a rollback of the immigration battle targeting muslims and having the u.s. rejoin the parents climate. top u.s. infectious diseases expert identity from 2 says that america is joining the health organizations projects to point can be done team back seems to countries in need joe biden has provided support and funding for the u.n. health agency. but one of the 1st executive orders biden signed was to rejoin the paris accords but there are challenges as rob reynolds reports now from los angeles but working on that right now are like i don't want to get ahead of the line but i want rejoining the paris accords is one step in president joe biden strategy to
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fight global warming biden plans to spend $1.00 trillion dollars on rapidly deploying clean energy technology around the country with an enforcement mechanism to reach 1st stage goals by 2025 and the final goal of 0 emissions by 2050 biden says he'll pay for that by repealing some of the trump era tax cuts for corporations scientists say biden must also work hard to dispel climate change skepticism and convince people to act the basic answers to the problem or. a logical change here in changing human behavior i do should do everything possible working with social sites. to develop narratives that will move people. in the direction of greater social responsibility and greater understanding of the existential threats biden says his plan will create millions of jobs and some
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economists who have studied it agree i asked him a bit that that the program can create between roughly 3 and 6000000 new jobs in the united states permanent jobs as long as we continue to investing at that level that's far more than the fewer than 200000 people who currently work in the oil gas and coal industries for every job created in manufacturing or instruction there are many additional jobs created in the economy from the spending of those workers are high wage jobs with excellent benefits in addition to ignoring global warming the trumpet ministration drastically loosened environmental regulations and least protected federal lands for mining and drilling some of what trump has done is reversible but what you never get back is the years that you watched in the thing to know about climate change is it's the 1st problem
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we've ever come up against with real time and now it is if we do not sell it soon and we will never settle in we just lost way for years that we could have been working on solving it there is much work to be done and the climate clock is ticking rob reynolds al-jazeera los angeles. north korea's nuclear program is also one of the major foreign policy challenges facing the new u.s. administration washington's approach to dealing with pyongyang changed considerably during double trumps 4 years in office but that did little to get the country to abandon its nuclear ambitions our diplomatic editor james bass has this country yes we're ready to walk a new submarine launched ballistic missile unveiled at a military parade in pyongyang further evidence that north korea continues to develop nuclear weapons and the missiles that could deliver them to you from your peers this is despite the trumpet ministrations focus on north korea which amounted
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to a most unusual 4 year diplomatic roller coaster ride this was september 27th teen at the u.n. general assembly the united states has great strength and patients but if it is forced to defend itself or its allies we will have no choice but to totally destroy north korea. yet only 9 months later all had changed the historic meeting in singapore between trump and kim jong un after a thought mainly engineered by south korea. there was a clear report of when the 2 leaders we know the special plans which led to a 2nd meeting in 2019 in her noise though the u.s. wouldn't give ground on sanctions were discussing everything and north korea wouldn't agree to give up its nuclear arsenal despite this trump while at the g 20
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summit in japan later in the year suggested on twitter he took a detour on the way home the 2 met again in a de-militarized trump becoming the 1st u.s. president to set foot in north korea. experts believe after all that the mecurio north korean leader will be skeptical about future diplomacy i think it will be much more cautious going forward which is not necessarily good for us to negotiations and i think you know the price of everything has gone up as well because his skepticism that the relationship can actually ringback change and that a different outcome is possible and the skepticism is starting. for the biden administration there are no easy answers on north korea they say they're going to work more closely with their allies in the region not approach will help but it doesn't solve the underlying problem which is getting more acute by the day and that is that north korea with time is expanding its nuclear program james.
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washington. to china where the foreign ministry has defended its decision to put sanctions on several former trump administration officials of the former president's relations between the u.s. and china south over trade and human rights with biden promising to put human rights at the core of his foreign policy that friction seems set to continue jim brown reports now from hong kong. china has changed profoundly in the past 4 years under its leader xi jinping the country took a hard or thorough tarion turn presidential term limits were abolished control tightened it in being as we all know is going to stay in power beyond 2023 so for a longer period of time these predecessors and no one is in the position to toned down from the south china sea to the border with india china's military group more assertive especially towards taiwan democratic island the china claims as part of
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its territory i think sitting being one has. to go back to the obama administration's policy to breed simply put pressure on taiwan during his campaign for the presidency biden refrained from naming china as america's enemy labeling it instead a strategic competitor just as the trumpet ministration had biden has boasted he knows she better than any other world leader having met him frequently when both were vice presidents but he's also promised to be tougher on china than president donald trump he embraces guys like the thugs like north korea in and the chinese president analysts predict that many of trump's china policies will likely remain including tariffs on chinese imports so prospects of a reset in sino u.s. time seem unlikely in the short term not great neither side
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wants a reset frank. clearly and the other factor is is that nothing in what the u.s. is early signals that they've given through biden and his staff shows that they're particularly pushing for a reset the new u.s. president says human rights will be a foreign policy priority last august his team accused china of genocide against ethnic we goes in the far western region of shin jang another likely point of friction the intensifying clampdown on dissent in hong kong for china's leaders the past 4 years represented the lowest point in relations in decades to improve them will require significant goodwill from both sides but president she's hands may be tied this year marks the 100th anniversary of the founding of china's communist party where members will be celebrating the party's achievements and that may
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include standing up to the united states adrian brown al jazeera hong kong china has expressed concern over twitter's decision to block the account of its u.s. embassy the social media giant blocks the account often made to post defending its policies towards weaken muslims in the shin jang region of the embassy tweeted that week of women were no longer baby machines thanks to government policies to eradicate extremism twitter says this violates its policy on dehumanization china has been accused by rights groups and activists of forcing weaker women to have sterilizations and take birth control china tonight the accusations disappointed abate has taken on michael custer izzie asia digital program manager for the human rights organization article 19 and he joins us by skype from bangkok michael costa welcome to the program now clearly one can see why people thought this was role in so many ways but there is a serious point to hear about polices platforms like twitter otherwise you end up
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with corporations themselves defining what's right wrong tree. yes thank you for having me on it's certainly a concern to see who has the power to control speech online as increasingly we are engaging in a digital space and the guiding principles that should. steer this discussion of course the position from article 19 and other human rights organizations is that online content moderation should be guided by human rights law and in particular with cases such as this the incitement to violence or discrimination against ethnic religious and racial minority groups should be prohibited at all costs the question here is whether we might agree with individual decisions that companies like twitter or facebook make to regulate politic to
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regulate content that violates international principles this cannot be done on an ad hoc basis and the companies need to be guiding all such decisions based on international norms applied equally and in particular transparently and where it is not a fine sort of jump in there but how do you find that the international norm as you put it how do you develop a standard that the all the platforms apply to. certainly i think what we've seen from many of the platforms is increasing lip service paid to the international norms and standards that he's human rights community have been pushing for them to adhere to but what we still find is far too much power for decision making and policy setting in the hands of it underneath ultimately the executive management of these companies article 19 and others have been campaigning for social media councils which would be multi-stakeholder bodies involving both the social media companies the tech companies themselves as well as academics media other human
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rights organizations and so forth facebook recently created its oversight body but it still sits underneath facebook in many ways what we and others have been pushing for is for these types of multi-stakeholder buddies to engage outside of the social media companies themselves this is a position that's also been supported by the former u.n. special report your on freedom of expression david kay in the meantime would you say that is wrong for organizations of platforms like twitter to police themselves to make decisions like this these tweets is pretty offensive tweets about the weak use. it's certainly an offensive tweet and what is a bigger issue is the campaign for dissent information behind and beneath that tweet this was coming also from a report from china daily and other chinese state media that has been positioned very much so as it descends from ation campaign around clearly documented acts of
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genocide and crimes against humanity in since young and what we need is a much larger discussion about counterweights and pushing back against china's ability to influence the narrative and spread disinformation and such extremely critical gross human rights violations and at the same time while we're discussing the blocking or the limiting of how a chinese officials are allowed to engage with these platforms and spreading dissent from asian we also have to recognize that twitter facebook all of the other primary social media platforms are banned in china and in fact have been banned since around 2009 in response to demonstrations in sins young and attempts by the state to block the documentation and spread of violent repression from the state against ethnic minority populations then and the fact that today still chinese officials are allowed to use these platforms internationally to spread
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disinformation to deny or to cast doubt on well documented human rights violations and deny the domestic populations the ability to access these platforms needs to be addressed all right it's uncharted territory but it's going to be not get navigated business microcosm appreciate that thanks very much indeed thank you . at least 100000 people have been forced from their homes after rebel attacks in central african republic during last month's disputed elections opposition politicians say the vote was rigged and the rebel coalition outside the capital says that president fast into a delta and his government must go michael ware reports now from baghdad where civilians are bearing the brunt of the violence. moyes were banging hoped digging for gold would pay for his education he worked at a mine in the bush here in the central african republic he bought a new motorbike to get there on his way home he says militia held him up stole it
4:44 pm
and then told him to lie face down on the ground he refused. them if you want to kill me to my face as we were talking he shot me in one leg i started screaming esau i could still walk free shoot the other then i couldn't walk anymore. the bones in mores legacy shattered with it his plan to study. it was a passer by who through this hospital in the capital. it's run by the charity doctors without borders. the manager says many others lucky the armed groups who want to overthrow the government control most of the country or wondered if maybe some hundreds or even 1000 people we do not have any right to burst and dream discount of because. everybody is more in the bush and are not able to stay in those villages i think that's all the kind of care he's limited. the violence
4:45 pm
escalated before during and after elections held last month political opposition say they were rigged un peacekeepers russian mercenaries and when the troops support the government. and a bit of territory around it is one of the few parts of the country that's firmly under the control of the foreign forces the support the government the city sits on the banks of the river. more than a 10th of central africans have fled the violence the neighboring countries most of them across the river to the democratic republic of congo on the other side inside the country more than half of its 5000000 people are in urgent need of humanitarian assistance and hundreds of thousands have fled their homes. sandrine natalie is one of them she told us nothing is more terrifying than waking up to find yourself in the middle of a battle when you're 7 months pregnant now she staying here at
4:46 pm
a relative's house also at 5 in the morning i was woken up by the sound of heavy weapons they were shooting rockets he did my room traumatised i didn't know what to do when the situation got come i took my children and walked for 6 hours to get to hospital. the current crisis here began 8 years ago when armed groups overthrew the government of the time that's when these people fled their homes they've been living on the plastic sheeting ever since the conflict has continued for as long and so has its devastating effect on people's lives malcolm web al jazeera central african republic. at least 5 people have died in india after 5 broke out of the world's largest vaccine manufacturer the building was under construction and being erected to boost manufacturing of cave in $1000.00 vaccines serum institute of india says production will not be affected because of the fall was not immediately clear the company has been contracted to manufacture
4:47 pm
a 1000000000 doses of the astra zeneca oxford university. as it had here and out 0 action from the premier league as much as you know to reclaim top spot it's coming up just in school.
4:48 pm
the heavy rain is hampering efforts to get aid to survivors of a powerful earthquake on the news you silly ways you and thousands in the cities the machine and memories you are displaced people in affected villages say the aid has been concentrated in city centers and those on the outskirts of struggling just
4:49 pm
to washington is more now from jakarta. on these an island of soon see these villages the trying to shelter under simple top poland's after their homes were destroyed but $6.00 magnitude earthquake and the sri is why are they running out of essential to survive just by we need milk and baby food you see the conditions the poor children these are not conditions for children makeshift camps like this one have sprung up around west so the way i see that authorities are struggling to get aid to all of them. closer to the city center evacuation centers are better resourced president joko widodo visited one this week and pledged support for the affected areas. as for the collapsed houses the government will provide help for those that were heavily damaged. but some were not reassured by the president's words rebuilding the city is not the priority for
4:50 pm
many as they scramble for food and clean water and in the. we are lacking clean water diapers milk and blankets it is so cold here during the night local n.g.o.s and workers from government agencies say the heavy rain and challenging geography of the area makes it difficult to access some communities far from the city center . but that was the 1st we need more tense for them the weather is so unpredictable sometimes it rains sometimes it's really hot and at night the wind is so strong and cold. indonesia's disaster management agency is working with hundreds of military personnel and. volunteers to reach these makeshift shelters in remote areas. or together with the police and military we are delivering aid to those isolated places with helicopters to the places we haven't reached yet we are using heavy machinery to open access to deliver the aid it takes time but we are trying our
4:51 pm
best. and covert 19 travel restrictions have only added to complications on the ground with fewer volunteers a bailable to help out just 2 weeks into 2021 in tunisia is battling multiple natural disasters across the country meteorologists warned the extreme weather could last until the end of february and has the potential to wreak even more having just the washington al-jazeera jakarta that's going to support this journey nick thank you very much they head of the international olympic committee thomas bach insists the take care games will go ahead as planned this year public support for the games is forming in japan with much of the country in a state of emergency because of code 191-5000 athletes are expected to travel to tokyo for the olympics and paralympics which have already been delayed by one year not to mention media and fans but boss says there is no plan b. and he's fully committed to hosting a safe and successful event starting on july the 23rd. well just over
4:52 pm
6 months to go one virus expert at coby university believes hosting the world's biggest sporting event may be too big a gamble we have. last year so why you have your home or your house you know your risk or. your. match or your. spanish tennis player poll about dosa has confirmed she has tested positive for coke at 19 while in quarantine for the australian open it's not yet clear she's one of the cases already announced by the tournament but dosis says she has symptoms and is feeling unwell she's being monitored at a health hotel will get 70 players a currently confined to their rooms for 14 days because of positive cases on their flights one of the tournament umpires has been hospitalized also suffering
4:53 pm
a heart attack while in quarantine these are images of brazilian carlos but not this being wheeled into an ambulance on the way to hospital where he is reported to be in a stable condition. well there's also a growing insurgency here football's european championships which are coming up in june according to buy in munich c.e.o. call the u.a.e. for president alexander jefferson is weighing up whether to stage the delayed tournament in one location that's instead of the original plan to host it across 12 cities a final decision is expected in march. meanwhile you a for and world governing body fever have warned clubs against forming a breakaway competition to rival the european champions league they say that any players who take part in a so-called super league will be banned from competing in any fee for events including the world cup real madrid and barcelona have so for supported the idea of forming a super league for elite clubs the governing bodies say promotion and relegation
4:54 pm
a vital. well row madrid have suffered a shock exit in spain's copa del rey they were knocked out of the competition 21 by 30 a side. who scored a dramatic winner in extra time even after being reduced to 10 men the nadine's a dan rested a number of his top players for the last $32.00 time for the gamble backfired and it's madrid's worst cup defeat in a decades to. yes so i think the players support me but you have to watch them apart from the last 3 or 4 games we've done good things this season now we need to focus on the league and the champions league if my message is reaching the players you need to watch them but i think we're all in the same ship the board former rail player christina announcer has become the top goalscorer in football history the striker scored his 760th career goal lifting you they too had to know when napoli meets had in super cup final and handing coach and player pillow his 1st trophy
4:55 pm
since taking charge now those 35 years old that is so forceful 15 goals in 14 games in the italian city early this season showing no signs of slowing down. he is now top of the pile when it comes to goals for club and country one player of austria czech player yes if it son who played in the 1930 s. forty's and fifty's there are some disputes with some records taking into account because it sounds goals in amateur games and unofficial internationals but pele and remarry are 3rd and 4th on the list claim to have scored more than a 1000. when all those former manchester united have reclaimed top spot in the english premier league they fall from a goal down to win $21.00 of follow him with paul pogba scoring the winner for the 2nd game running united now unbeaten in 17 away games in the league this season which is a new club record. united local rivals manchester city kept up the pressure they went top of briefly earlier in the night with a 2 no wind of aston villa with late goals from but matters over and broken city on
4:56 pm
beaten in 16 games and now won 9 in a row in all competitions. and of all star quarterback patrick holmes remains a doubt for kansas city chiefs a.f.c. title game against the buffalo bills he was only able to play a limited part in practice on wednesday because he's still in the n.f.l. 5 stage concussion protocol holmes the m.v.p. from last year's super bowl was knocked out in their previous game against the cleveland browns. friday's game between the washington wizards and the milwaukee bucks because the wizards are struggling to feel the team hit hard by kobe 19 it means 17 games have now been called off because of the virus the brooklyn nets kyrie irving has been sitting things out so after being punished for attending a party despite the pandemic that he returned to the court on wednesday scoring 37 points against the cleveland cavaliers perkins big 3 of durant and harden couldn't keep up with the cavs collin sexton who scored 42102147135
4:57 pm
double overtime win. your lander magic also had a thrilling finish their game with the minnesota timberwolves a buzzer beating 3 pointer from cole anthony stunned the timberwolves enough to the magic 289796 when it also stopped a 6 game losing streak for the magic. i bring california steph curry had 26 points 11 rebounds and 7 assists as the golden state warriors beat the san antonio spurs 121 to 99 it was a night where the worry is also on of the new vice president coming harris is from the hometown of. the president not saying you got to put this up in your office at the white house but tried to get at graduations blazon your own past we're all rooting for your home this means 0 minds to me you guys i will proudly proudly display this in the office of the vice president of the united states all right that is all you have wolf we need to nic thank you very much thank you that is it
4:58 pm
for this news hour but i will be back in a couple minutes to know how 5 news parts will be then after that. fierce and for me to the point is good because a renowned for their courage under fire. one i want to east finds out what it takes to join the elite brigade. on al-jazeera. it's the biggest sport. a truly global game. and it doesn't end at the final whistle. in a new series al-jazeera uncovers the passion the rivalries and the politics at play . because beyond the picture that beautiful game is a way of life. the fans who make football coming soon on al-jazeera.
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north korea isolated and heavily sanctioned yet earning billions around the globe there are 39 is involved in everything that makes money from this korea. to carry defer the cost plus take on tyson. the money to spend it costs into the coffers as a leader said a $2.00 part people in power investigation bureau $39.00 cash for kim part one on. the health of humanity is its stake a global pandemic requires a global response. w.h.o. is the guardian of global health delivering lifesaving to loose supplies and training to help the world's most vulnerable people uniting across borders to speed up the development of tests treatments and of that seed keeping you up to date with
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what's happening on the ground in the woods and in the lab now more than ever the world needs w.h.o. making a healthier world for you. to everyone. at least 30 people are killed in twin suicide blasts of the market in the iraqi capital but. a lot nick lot of this is out there in life and also coming up u.s. president joe biden signs of a series of executive orders reversing donald trump's controversial policies on climate change immigration in the fight against over 90. the u.s. says it will now join the world health organization.


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