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understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the wound. center matter. al-jazeera bringing you the news and current affairs that matter to. how does the. 'd al-jazeera. element like this is the news are live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes u.s. president joe biden signs a series of executive orders reversing donald trump's controversial policies on climate change immigration and the fight against could 90. so today. this time in this place let's start afresh. earlier he called for unity as he was
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inaugurated as the 46 president of the united states. we are undaunted in our belief that we shall overcome that we will rise up and cobble arris make history by becoming the 1st woman 1st black american to be sworn in as face president. and the united states says it will now join the world health organization kovacs project to deploy covert 19 vaccines around the world. also ahead more than 20 people were killed in suspected twin suicide blasts at a market in the iraqi capital of baghdad. with the sports christiane are now day becomes the top goal scorer in football history with 760 a career goal as you ventus when the italian super.
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so then after a tumultuous transition joe biden the 46 president of the united states has begun his term in office vowing to press forward with speed and within hours of being sworn in light and signed 17 executive orders and actions to reverse some of for president double troubles most contentious policies they included repealing trumps travel ban on some muslim majority countries holding constructions of the u.s. and mexico border wall and rejoining the paris climate court biden has also installed a coronavirus response coordinator to oversee vaccine distribution efforts or bidens president harris as she also began her historic stint shattering both gender and racial barriers she is of course the 1st black and asian american to hold the post as well as the 1st woman the momentous day in washington began with by then harris taking the oath in a scaled back ceremony in the capital under the jewel threats of the pandemic and
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security fear is political hay and begins our coverage now from washington d.c. . they climbed the steps were just 2 weeks ago rioters stormed the capitol walked the halls where they spread fear maybes and gentlemen the president elect of the united states joseph robinette biden jr and dr jill biden and took the oath of office where they try to overturn democracy the right now forgotten in this us presidential inauguration like no other 2 weeks ago when an angry violent mob stage an insurrection and desecrated this temple of our democracy it ringback awakened us to our responsibilities as americans protected by tens of thousands of soldiers and police a pandemic raging in the thousands of usual spectators replaced by flags the dignitaries spaced out history was made the 1st african-american of south asian to see. sent in
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the 1st woman to become vice president to. protect him and then just before noon joe biden became the new president of the united states the only guy congratulations mr president. the chaos of what happened here remembered just days after rioters mom thought they could use violence to silence the will of the people to stop the work of our democracy to drive a strong this sacred ground. it did not happen it will never happen not today not tomorrow not ever mixing hope with the dark reality of this moment he pledged to be honest with the american people and he laid out a challenging agenda the dream of justice for all will be deferred no longer. a cry for survival cost of planet itself
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a cry that can't be any more desperate or any more clearer now a rise of political extremism white supremacy the mystic terrorism that we must confront and we will defeat this was a rebuke of the last 4 years of president donald trump not mentioned by name trump was also not in the audience peppered with past presidents only the 4th president to refuse to attend but the very 1st to refuse to concede he left washington with only a small group to see him leave impeached twice and facing a trial in the senate for the riot he inspired he's reportedly talking about creating his own political party to mount a political comeback so just. a goodbye we love you we will be back in some form a true sign of how much has changed the biggest celebrities who shun trump's inaugural. return to washington
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was. was to celebrate a new president bush. the pandemic and security concerns meant traditions needed to be changed after the ceremony the new president and vice president flanked by their predecessors laid a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier at arlington national cemetery and the parade was more of a televised motorcade but the traditional walk still happened down pennsylvania avenue and into the white house it was their new home and now his oval office. al-jazeera. well how did your customer has more from washington d.c. on how the security was humble during the inauguration. a sign of relief both for the security forces surrounding the white house and the u.s. capitol that the threats of violence did not materialize here in the nation's
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capital nor around the states in the 50 state capitals that also have plans and i sassed also cyber bullies for the people in this democratic region of the country who want to trump out of office he was billie's to popular american president in history of course those who did come to the joe biden inauguration did so to a heavily fortified city most stayed away as the few that did come in person had to watch from behind heavily fortified fences i had to be here i would try to talk down not coming from my family saying that it was in favor but being that we went through so much the last 4 years i felt that being here was part of my healing process i was in a person who is going to let fear stop me from coming and celebrating even though the city of course is locked down and we can't be there when that physical grounds
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to see these people unite around the t.v. and watching this historic day was all that you could see everybody feels a lot more love there just like pressure just been. going back to normal and it appears that president biden is enjoying a bit of a honeymoon in his 1st days in office leeson poll showing more than 6 in 10 americans of the way that he has handled this transition however this country remains deeply divided as evident by that violent protest on january 6th and the continued threat assessments that yes he i am on force maybe see say our way and so biden's promise of leaving this divided nation together does appear to be a tall order in his 1st days in office well president biden has spent his 1st few hours in office on doing some of the most controversial actions of his predecessor mark from washington d.c. . the 46 president of the united states arrives at his new residence and he
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kept his word and went immediately to work. his 1st action in the oval office was to sign a series of executive orders striking at the heart of his precesses policy legacy the mask in the oval another striking departure the 1st order. to. have authority. from. interstate commerce and center also among the orders the return of the united states to the paris climate accord a reversal of the decision to leave the world health organization the lifting of the ban on travel from some muslim majority countries and an immediate cancellation of the state of emergency that donald trump proclaimed in order to begin building
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a wall on the mexican border these are actions done at the stroke of a pen but other fundamental changes such as a new coronavirus relief bill and immigration reform will require the cooperation and participation of congress please raise your way hand and in the senate the new vice president's war in 3 new democrat senators in a chamber now is split $5050.00 it's a $49.00 vice president who will have the casting vote as the new senate majority leader takes over today the threat to our democracy from the presidency itself has ended but the challenges we face as a nation remain. in the wake of violence into the asian hatred mistruths and from the republican leader warm words for joe biden who came to this chamber as a senator for delaware 49 years ago so i can graduate my friend from delaware
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look forward to working with him as our new president wherever possible and as it gets to work the senate approves the 1st of the new cabinet appointments every haynes is confirmed as director of national intelligence by 84 votes to 10 marking a bipartisan start to the new senate then the renewal of an old tradition that had fallen into disuse in recent months the 1st of what i intended to be daily briefings by the new press secretary under the sky turns from the president his objective and his commitment is to bring transparency and truth back to government to share the truth even when it's hard to hear and that's something that i hope to deliver on in this role as well as president biden and the 1st lady arrived at the lincoln memorial for the final event of this inauguration day
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a day that took place in the shadow of a pandemic and the threat of political violence. but which ended in the celebration of what the new president promises is the beginning of a better and kind here a. mike hammer out to sea or washington. more than 20 people have been killed and dozens injured in a suspected twin suicide blast in iraq's capital police said happened in a market in baghdad tyrone square death toll is expected to rise some of the wounded are in a critical condition suicide bombings had become a rare occurrence in the capital the last one was back in 2019 samina fulton joins us on the phone 9 from ramadi now and samantha details are thin but what do you know so far. well we understand of the incident happened just before noon in a busy commercial area in the central baghdad at
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a time when people would have been out and about doing the business doing shopping and from what we know is that there was a twin blast with the 1st 2 side bomber painting sickness to attract people to help him he or she then detonated the bomb and then of course this is a very common tactic deployed by bombers when one people more people came to help then the 2nd suicide bombers allegedly detonated the 2nd bomb so we expect the death toll is still going to rise with several people being in hospitals with with critical injuries and the incident comes as quite a shock to many baghdad is because since the territorial defeat of eisel in 2017 we haven't really seen many who side bombings in the capital prior 22007000 know used to be frequent attacks which were claimed at that time by i saw targeting
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a busy restaurant busy shopping district but those have largely ceased and life in the capital has over the past 2 years really returned to normal we have seen concrete barriers to protect buildings come down and this attack really does come as quite a surprise now nobody has claimed responsibility yet although the attack does bear the hallmarks of course i had in the past years really been pushed you know back deep into the mountains they're very they're not really capable. they were thought to not be capable to be able to carry out such attacks in urban settings anymore so it remains to be seen who claims responsibility indian but it is important to mention that there are still sleeper cells that are. operates in the rural and urban areas of the few days ago there was an announcement by the security
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forces that they matched her hand and i saw a reader and so while their capabilities have been much reduced there's still remain a presence of the personifies when of course we have to wait for an official claim of responsibility and for security forces to carry out their investigations to really know who is responsible and it remains to be seen whether this well remain an isolated attack or whether it heralds deterioration of security in the capital. reporting from ramadi. we look at how the u.s. . has made use. of the capital that's coming up.
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we mentioned. the travel ban imposed on several countries by donald trump and his one of the muslim majority countries affected by that we can. talk to former co-host on ambassador to the united states joins us live by skype from the capital of. something of course that. doing it what's your reaction. well we're a curious family is very glad that president biden. rescinded the travel ban that was imposed by president trump this was a very unfortunate move last year and restricted or changed plans affected plans of far hundreds of curious citizens that were planning to travel to the sun live there
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so the decision by president trump to rebuild that travel ban is a positive step for. the u.s. military relations tell us more about the difficulty that the trump band presented and what it means now that it's been lifted. well that means that thousands of care good citizens can now apply. to receive their immigration visas those that are eligible this travel ban last year affected hundreds of to get citizens that are planning to try to go to the united states and. start to living there will pursue their american dreams and the decision by president biden to revoke this ban really introduces the united states now as a country that welcomes people from all around the world it was. very unfortunate
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kyrgyzstan was included in the bam last year it really disappointed quite a lot of people just because we were put on the list and despite our strong well that relationship and our history of corp are you worried that the legacy of the trump presidency will continue to impact on muslims in america and indeed across the world. it certainly will have some impact and consequences i think it's hard to walk away immediately or raise that legacy or the the impact of the travel ban and i think the pandemic sort of plan made things a little different too but generally. you know for muslim majority countries to see sort of different. treatment based on religion is something that is not. it is not
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something that we will come and happy about right and of course finally there's efforts in the united states now to try and introduce your legislation to prevent the president any president issuing such a travel ban the so-called no ban act that is something presumably you'd welcome yes certainly if we look at the united states is a country that leads by example and to move forward with there much welcome the united states be becoming more and a more open country for people all around the world despite. despite their religion or where they come from the left wing background fantastic get your perspective that you preach thank you. thank you. now china's foreign ministry is accusing the trump administration officials of the trouble ministration of undermining relations between the 2 sides and says it welcomes
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a chance for repair ties under by. about what. the 2 sides should show courage and wisdom we need to heed and listen to each other with respect this is the joint responsibility of our 2 countries and also the aspiration of the international community we believe the better angels in china's u.s. relations will surely defeat the evil forces yes under president trump relations between the united states and china soured over trade in human rights and that's ensure that china will be a priority for the incoming biden ministration but with a new president promising to make human rights a core of his foreign policy that friction seems set to continue brown reports now from hong kong. china has changed profoundly in the past 4 years under its leader xi jinping the country took a hard or thorough tarion turn presidential term limits were abolished control tightened it in being as we all know is going to stay in power beyond 2023 for a longer period of time these predecessors and no one who is in the position to
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challenge them from the south china sea to the border with india china's military group more assertive especially towards taiwan the democratic island the china claims as part of its territory i think sitting being with ones from joe biden to go back to the obama administration's policy to pretty simply put pressure on taiwan during his campaign for the presidency biden refrained from naming china as america's enemy labeling it instead a strategic competitor just as the trumpet ministration had biden has boasted he knows she better than any other world leader having met him frequently when both were vice presidents but he's also promised to be tougher on. china then president donald trump he embraces guys like the thugs like north korea and and the chinese president analysts predict that many of trump's china policies will likely
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remain including tariffs on chinese imports so prospects of a reset in sino us time i seem unlikely in the short term they're not right neither side wants a reset frankly and the other factor is is that nothing in what the u.s. is early signals that they're giving through. shows that they're particularly pushing for a reset the new u.s. president says human rights will be a foreign policy priority last august his team accused china of genocide against ethnic we goes in the far western region of shin jang another likely point of friction the intensifying clampdown on dissent in hong kong for china's leaders the past 4 years represented the lowest point in relations in decades to improve them will require significant goodwill from both sides. as i do and because we live now
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internet china clearly not sorry to see the back of the trumpet ministration but for the biden administration how straightforward will it be or otherwise to put the pressure that they would want to on china over human rights. well this is the problem because china made quite clear that foreign ministry briefing on thursday that you know sovereignty remains a red line for china and that includes of course human rights when the trumpet ministration criticize china over its policies in chin jang when he criticized china over its policies and on kong that brought a stern rebuke from china and so that's going to continue the message that was coming from china i think on thursday was this we can't carry on like this we are the world's 2 great superpowers we have to deal with it so other and we have to deal with each other in a more polite manner and i think the tone is certainly going to change under mr
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biden but diplomatic niceties aside i don't think a great deal is going to change in the short term i think that biden wants to speak to his allies to try and get an alliance so the way he confronts china he does so knowing he has those allies behind him there speaking with one voice who of course during the past few months china has been really striking enormous trade deals both with europe and with countries here in southeast asia and other parts of asia that's a very important move on china's part it shows that they are so exciting up that you know important allies that america also needs so what will happen i think that you know the approach from biden is going to be as i said in my report pretty much the approach of trump i mean the new secretary of state anthony blinken has said that you know trump's approach to china was essentially the right approach is just
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that the tactics you know were wrong and china is treatment a we get people in the country with very much a focus of of human rights groups that will come into focus and there there was then this is extraordinary tweet is. yeah that's right at twitter has now been locked the account of the chinese embassy now this is in response to a tweet that the chinese embassy put out a century defending its policies in shin during and saying that we go women were no longer baby making machines and that they had been immense appétit well that was clearly a step too far from twitter twitter so they've now a block that account and of course it was just a few weeks ago they blocked the account of president the former president donald trump it is a reminder that as you say shin jang remains an extremely sensitive issue and it's an issue of course that's going to i think become a potential flashpoint an early flashpoint between china and the united states
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because mr biden has said that human rights are going to be at the core of his foreign policy with china which means inevitably there is going to be an early clash yeah give me very much and see how all that pans out the time being thanks very much major brown the speaking. still ahead here announced there are civilians are bearing the brunt says rebels in central african republic continue a violent campaign to oust president. and it's a magical finish for london with this buzzer beater it's come out with gel in support. of the. storm christophe that making its way across the north sea easing over towards nor why some very strong winds rattling behind across scotland
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to see a fair bit of snow on this is well with that northerly blast coming in and a fair bit of snow there from norway easing over towards sweden as we go through the next couple of days so that wet weather that wintry weather will gradually continue to not just wait for the race was as we go on into friday things will quiet and down there for much of the british isles want to shout still coming into northern parts of more than out west where the 2 just pushing across into that western side of spain through the by of biscay and some very wet weather some very heavy snow coming in across the alps remold pushing into some very cold air so big dumpings of snow certainly likely avalanche risk is certainly elevated as a result of that in temperatures elevated to ensure that a suicide if you're moscow going up tomorrow it's a plus one celsius on friday just a few days back we were struggling to get to minus 21 so that is something of an improvement still a few when chief i was here if you go through saturday wintry flavia's around the baltic states and quads weather coming back into scandinavia and also the british
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isles have got some rain is in parts of france with snow back down across the alps and peyronie's. al-jazeera is investigated to obtain censored and unseen video from blue hot. films as the coronavirus are great is just beginning to live on all those years and the last is now nearly 100 more exposing this secrecy and censorship by chinese authorities. a box clock and a health system struggling to cope al-jazeera investigation 3 dates that still the world it's the biggest sport. a truly global game. and it doesn't end up the final whistle. in a new series al-jazeera uncovers the passions the rivalries and the politics at
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play. because beyond the pitch that beautiful game is a way of life. the fans who make football coming soon on al-jazeera. i don't get you're watching out 0 mind about top stories this. hour more than 20 people have been killed and dozens injured in a suspected twin suicide blast in iraq's capital it happened in a market impact that's entire on the square police say the death toll is expected to rise 8. hours after being sworn in as the 46th president of the united states
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joe biden has signed 17 executive orders and actions dismantling some of donald trump's contentious policies they include a rollback of the immigration ban targeting muslims and having the u.s. rejoin the paris climate accord come to house made history and house where again breaking both gender and racial barriers former california attorney general is the 1st woman vice president and also the 1st black person elected to the role. well the new white house press secretary jens lucky says president biden will discuss how to further restrict iran's nuclear program it is only talks with foreign allies the president has also has made clear that he believes that through follow on diplomacy the united states seek to lengthen and strengthen nuclear constraints on iran and address other issues of concern iran must resume compliance with significant nuclear constraints under the deal in order for that to
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proceed. let's get reaction or who's in the iranian capital of tehran and door so iran has been steadfast in wanting sanctions lifted but events of the last 4 is 4 years of reframing things and. they certainly have nic the past 4 years under former u.s. president donald trump has been some of the most difficult the administration in tehran has seen and it all began when the former u.s. president withdrew from the nuclear deal in 2800 saying that it was not a good deal for the united states and posed a series of sanctions on iran those sanctions are very severe consequences for the country's economy as well as its relationship with the international community. those sanctions have really really strained what was left of any kind of a relationship between iran and the united states but let's take a closer look at how the events unfolded and where things stand at the moment between the 2 longtime adversaries. a heavily choreographed video
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released by iran's revolutionary guard shows a new underground missile facility near the strait of hormuz the message to the united states and israel is clear iran continues to boost its defensive capabilities the spite all the obstacles it's facing at the same time the saudi defense ministry released this video of a joint military drill with u.s. air force in the gulf aimed at showing the cooperation between the 2 air forces to maintain what the saudis described as security and stability in the region. iran's ballistic missile program has been one of the most contentious issues with western powers it is not part of the 2050 nuclear agreement and iran's commander in chief says it will never be. our deterrence capability today is in a position where iran's missiles can shoot down aggressor american aircrafts or
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even target a base or deterrence should prevent enemies and force them to think twice before launching an aggression we shouldn't leave the country defenseless. conservative politicians in iran successfully passed the bill which was very restrictive time constraints on us president elect joe biden to remove sanctions or iran's atomic energy agency will accelerate its production of enriched uranium and limit access of u.n. nuclear inspectors biden has until late february to respond but the most disruptive events recently was the assassination of a top iranian nuclear scientists in november by unknown gunmen widely believed to be israeli offer tips inside iran. there was a physicist in iran's military nuclear program before it was formally disbanded in 2003. many believe the killing was an attempt to sabotage the nuclear deal but it
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only seemed to strengthen iran's resolve as the government tripled the defense ministries budget overnight foreign ministers of azzurri has been in the forefront of negotiations and with incoming president biden there is a glimmer of hope among the shows it's more than 30 years that i've known mr biden i've been following his career and also when i was the ambassador to the u.n. we met several times he was the chairman of the foreign policy committee of the u.s. he's an experienced person in the field of foreign policy he's not a newcomer is expected by wiser policies but we should wait and see. 2020 had begun with another assassination that of major general hossam silly money considered the 2nd most powerful man in iran he died in baghdad after the convoy he was traveling in was hit by a u.s. drone. the 2 targeted killings have drastically increased tensions between iran and the united states and the new u.s.
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president is seen here as the last hope to salvage what is left of this battered relationship it seems that the upcoming administration and the united states led by george by the world return to the nuclear. short time. whether they will discuss further issues with iran before rejoining to be alone it doesn't seem much like the president hassan rouhani has less than 6 months left in office his legacy could be at stake as his administration has overseen some of the worst economic times in iran since the iran iraq war. u.s. president joe biden has vowed an unshakable commitment to preventing iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon he's also promised to offer a credible path back to diplomacy now officials here are waiting to see what that will look like in the coming weeks and whether or not they'll be disappointed yet again by nother u.s. president in office are those who thinks that's pressure from tehran those jabari
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reporter. joe biden delved into foreign policy during his inauguration speech frying to fix afraid relationships with washington's allies. here's my message that goes beyond our borders america has been tested and we've come out stronger for it we will pair our alliances and engage with the rural want to give. not to be yesterday's challenges but today's and tomorrow's challenge. that will lead. not merely by the example of our power but by the power of our example but what about those european allies we can speak to our correspondent on cain who joins us live now from but i live in germany until the relief in europe i believe and a new door and being heralded. yes very much a breath of relief as there were sigh of relief perhaps from several different e.u.
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leaders perhaps most notably angler merkel who even now right this minute is speaking to the world's media in an organized news conference been going on for some time will continue for some time and she's already said that the inauguration of president biden heralds a new era as it were that deep relief that that now there is a partner who can be negotiated with and she's recognize some of the things that he's already enacted as it were the executive orders that he signed yesterday on his 1st day in office particularly regarding the world health organization but also the paris climate deal and so she's expressing a sigh of relief but so too are many of the newspapers around europe i have a selection of the german newspapers with me from this morning who have the site on saying to democrats had his eat which is a quote from mr from president biden that democracy has prevailed glance to at berlin newspaper the target saying here dish the vile referring to some of the oath
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that president biden swore but also some of the things he's promised to do and then finally looking at the newspaper you have here the world exhales comeback for america and then under the fold. trump is gone joe biden the new president of the united states that encapsulates for many people perhaps so many of these newspapers anyway that authorial mindset of those writing these newspapers but perhaps to the views of many europeans who have looked back on 4 years of the previous incumbent of the white house not perhaps the way they look upon the new inhabitants of the white house how important is it for trade in global security that europe and the united states have a better relationship. well we can look at what's happened so far this week look at the statements of the
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president of the european commission and german lady ursula from the lion but also the president of the european council of ministers sharni shared where they called on the u.s. and the e.u. to open a new chapter as it were to agree a new compact a new partnership together stressing how important they believe that the e.u. relationship with the united states is but there's also going to be beyond the e.u. as it as it were the nato element which is also fundamental to the bedrock of security in europe going back many decades now not all european nato countries are also in the a in the e.u. but pretty much across the board you've seen leaders from countries right across the world as i say looking upon the exceptions and the exception of president biden into the white house as an example for a fresh start and come back to germany for a 2nd remember that the previous administration had said it intended to withdraw a substantial contingent of troops from germany to reassign them away from germany
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we knew the the view the antipathy that president trump felt towards chancellor merkel but also towards germany and towards the european countries in nato well the leaders here are hoping that all that antipathy has as it were evaporated replaced by a pragmatist in the form of joe biden and the german hope is clearly that the troops who are going to be withdrawn from here will no longer be withdrawn and that that president biden will be drawn back as his country will to be drawn back into the belief that the e.u. that the european american relationship is what the bedrock of security this continent has enjoyed for many decades that's that's the hope here anyway. thanks for that saddam it came in berlin germany. let's return to that breaking news from iraq where more than 20 people have been killed and dozens injured in a suspected twin suicide blast in the capital of beit that we can speak now to is a don't cannot he who is a political analyst in research on iraq in the middle east joins us via skype from
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doha is that it so what's your perception of this is a pretty rare occurrence in baghdad these days this kind of attack. well 1st and foremost our condolences to the families who lost their loved ones and their kombi members of those who show the terrorists. yes it is a very unfortunate that this is happening at a time in a very challenging climbing iraq has been going through very challenging times since the outbreak of the antigovernment protests and uprisings some support for 29000 there was a lot of escalation is far between iran and the us have been to each of the deescalation between the protesters and the government by training or performing their very own cold war on the iraqi soil especially given the killing of so they mind me there are a lot of interest groups within iraq and beyond iraq that would benefit from a thing or intensifying the security situation in iraq it could be very easy to
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point fingers at isis or any other terrorist groups when waiting for them to condemn in the prism to explain that they have done this attack but the same time we have to keep in mind as political analysts that as people who watch iraqi politics regularly that there are a lot of interest groups that are politically or number or government of the or non-governmental the affiliated that could benefit from such attacks we witnessed a continuous and a very prominent rhetoric from a lot of politicians and overall a lot of militia leaders that were protecting the government or that were defending and supporting the regime against the civilian against the peaceful protests for governmental reforms in iraq that have continuously warned iraqis in one way or another and directly intimidated the protest movement and the governmental protests will only lead to skin lesions that would remind us to be i sure thought it was
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a perception of the timing of this a day to the biden presidency 56 days ago there was an announcement of a troop u.s. troop withdrawal from iraq. well we've noticed especially with whenever there is a u.s. military withdrawal or talk about and u.s. military will drop there as a specific or major event that would happen a good example would be the killing of a money or the confrontations that were happening with the call iran militia groups within the pm of courses and the us on the on the syrian iraqi borders or the ones that happened in kind of kook around the time of the killing of so they money we are seeing that such an attack might be related to. an in direct pressure to abide an administration we don't know what the type of pressure is are they trying to convince the new u.s. administration to increase the pressure on iran or to realize that you bring in influence is very prominent in iraq and however we don't have the evidence of who
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is exactly behind this this is still purely observations and analysis on who are the parties and who are the interest groups that would benefit to benefit from attacking civilians or escalating things and iraq today yet it is all speculation is that do i still have the capability has that been rather weak and doesn't that over the years and they've been pushed back into the mountains but there is talk of these sleeper cells around. of course yes i still has been over the iraqi government and even volunteering forces were then the pm and the volunteer and soldiers all over iraq have been able to defeat to liberate iraq from isis but isis is not a movement that just happened in 2014 at the right's out of other terrorist groups to drive from al-qaeda and the early stages of the us invasion 'd and iraq these are terrorist extremist groups that have been largely preparing themselves since the 1980 s. they have been ideologically. provided
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a platform during the salafist. upheaval of during the ninety's and sanctions against iraq we saw the outbreak outbreak of extremist groups whether they be sunni or shia in the early stages of the u.s. invasion as previously mentioned sleeping cells will always be there ringback for you to defeat extremism it would not be enough to defeat it by only fighting it we did you know defeating the militia group or the army itself you have to defeat it ideologically and by ideologically we don't only mean convincing them with a secular alternative but also convincing a lot of the youth that were recruited by those extremist groups up there is a better alternative in iraq there is a better alternative in syria there's a turning. point after leaving the depreciate oh your analysis of this as i said not to many thanks very much indeed thank you. and another break with the previous administration's controversial legacy bountiful and she has announced that the
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united states will remain in the world health organization the infectious disease expert says that america will help fight disease at home and abroad i am honored to announce that the united states will remain a member of the world health organization. yesterday president biden signed the letters retracting the previous administration's announcement to withdraw from the organization the united states stands ready to work in partnership and solidarity to support the international kovac 'd 19 response with some e.u. leaders a suggestion about you seem possible it should be considered the proposal would allow travel within the e.u. for those who have been immunized but it's the die divisive issue and not all agree it's the right solution to the reports now from paris. the town hall in paris his
1:47 pm
15th district a new batch of covert vaccines arrives inside a doctor measures are doses ready for use elderly people are being prioritized for immunization those here are hopeful that life may soon return to normal but not in reality i'm just desperate to do things again i feel like i've been stagnating and that couldn't wait to have the specs and. the goals that everyone is vaccinated as fast as possible so the virus recedes as the number of people vaccinated against covidien frauds grows so does talk of a vaccine passport to travel this french politician says such a document could also be used to visit restaurants or theatres. those who are vaccinated should be able to resume activities vaccination passport would show that a person is no longer in danger themselves and no longer a danger to others. supporters of a vaccine passports say could help revive vital economic sectors like tourism paris
1:48 pm
is usually one of the world's most visited cities but in the past year few people have come to admire its more new mints will enjoy attractions like this cruise the owner of this boat talk company on the river said says he would welcome a vaccine paul sports it would encourage international travelers to return to the city because without them it will be a challenge to keep the business afloat any solutions that can help us live normally again would be good there already countries that require vaccinations to enter to a vaccine passport is a good idea if it can help everyone work again opinion polls suggest that a majority of people in france support a vaccine possible for travel access to certain services but the french government says it's far too early to consider such a measure that it would be divisive because not enough people have been immunized and many don't wish to be it would be unfair especially in france where we have. you know this. very well attached to the equality principle so exactly could be the
1:49 pm
reaction could be ok or only the 1st people to be vaccinated will have those rights and not ourselves and we have to cure we have to wait for a while before getting vaccinated so it's unfair e.u. leaders will discuss the idea of a vaccine passport during a meeting says day the issue divides member states it's clear though that opening up economies and offering some freedoms won't be easy or the e.u. still navigates in its worst ever health emergency. al-jazeera paris. apart from steps to tackle the pandemic one of the flurry of executive actions on the 1st day of joe biden's presidency was to stop the construction of trump's wall along the border with mexico john hodgman has this report now from mexico city. one of president biden's 1st executive actions to stop the funds to build this. he's pretty desists is one of his signature projects of course it won't leave the u.s.
1:50 pm
wide open there was already a significant amount of fencing and security on the border but activists say it's an important gesture and law although i was just there. we can't spend a single penny more on the construction on a wall of hate of shame a racist well. i mean it's comprised an under his man well lopez obrador is hoping for more a path to citizenship for undocumented migrants already in the united states the cases they were ready we've been proposing that our countrymen who have been working for years should be regularized contributing to the development of that great nation. and. president biden does have a plan from a path to citizenship for more than 10000000 people who haven't got legal status. but there are many more still trying to get there in the days before the inauguration thousands of from durance will stop think what moller before they
1:51 pm
could get near the u.s. border. others like me in a custody you have reached it but it's still waiting in mexico for their asylum hearing in her case it's been a year and a half. we never thought we'd stay here in mexico and we still have hopes of making it to the united states that's a dream and we will wait to see what the new president will bring. president biden signaled to be more open handed with asylum seekers than president trump which isn't say much. these big plans to stop people fleeing may countries in the 1st place his place 4000000000 dollars to help tackle poverty and violence in central america in partnership with governments there president biden has a plan to try and temper corruption in el salvador guatemala and honduras through a lot going to depend on whether that works and it's a tough one in those countries and if the money can get to where it's needed john
1:52 pm
home and. mexico city for a time for the sport is just nick thank you very much let's start with christiane are now there has become the top goal scorer in football history the portuguese strike has scored his 768 career goal lifting uva to a 2 no win over napoli in the italian super cup final and handing coach and they have pillow his 1st choice since taking charge right now there is 35 years old but has so far scored 15 goals in 14 games in the italian city alley this season showing no signs of slowing down. well he's now top of the pile when it comes to goals for club and country one player of austria czech player joseph smith's son who played in the 1930 s. forty's and fifty's but there is some dispute with some records taking into account bits sans goals in amateur games and unofficial internationals both pele and ramadi are 3rd and 4th on the list claim to have scored more than a 1000 goals no confusion about right now those stats though because the record
1:53 pm
keeping has improved so much especially during his career where he has performed at several top clubs of are now those $760.00 official goals 5 came when he 1st started out playing for sporting lisbon most united provided him with a scoring outlet when he moved to them in 2003 netted 118 for the english premier league club but the majority of his career goals came after a world record transfer to real madrid in 2009 he scored 450 for the spanish giants since joining you ventas in 2018 rinaldo has racked up 85 goals including the one on wednesday and $202.00 was scored for his country portugal leaving no doubts about his career tally of $760.00 goals will renounce his former team around madrid have suffered a shock exit in spain's capa del rey they were knocked out of the competition 21 by 3rd to side. who scored a dramatic winner in extra time even after being reduced to 10 men the nadine's
1:54 pm
adana rested a number of his top players for the last $32.00 time but the gamble backfired and it's madrid's worst cup defeat in a decade. yes so i think the players support me but you have to ask them are a part of the last 3 or 4 games we've done good things this season and now we need to focus on the league and the champions league if my message is reaching the players you need to watch them but i think we're all in the same ship at the another right now those former clubs mansions united have reclaimed top spot in the english premier league they fought for a goal down to win to want to follow him with paul pogba scoring the winner for the 2nd game running united now unbeaten in 17 away games in the league this season which is a new club record we spoke about early on before we started the season the season that we need to stop getting draws and win more games so. that's we've shown the great improvement in the mentality and the physical
1:55 pm
ruthlessness as well united's local rivals manchester city kept up the pressure they went top briefly earlier in the night with a tuna when over aston villa with late goals from but now their silver and kagan dogan city are unbeaten in 16 games and have now won 9 in a row in all competitions. once again led by in munich to their latest victory in the german bund as the 1st half penalty from the pole against out spoke with them on course for the one nil when teammate alfred finn borgerson lists from the spot 14 minutes from time but it didn't matter by him now have 39 points from 17 games and topped the table for when it's clear rb leipzig. one of the top tennis empires colors but now this has been hospitalized after suffering a heart attack while in quarantine ahead of the australian open these shots show the prison being wheeled into an ambulance in melbourne he is reported to be in a stable condition just like more than 70 players but now this was confined to his
1:56 pm
hotel room for 14 days because of a cove in 1000 case on his flights. and it fell star quarterback pitching holmes remains a doubt for kansas city chiefs a.f.c. title game against the buffalo bills he was only able to play a limited part in practice on wednesday because he's still in the n.f.l. 5 stage concussion protocol holmes the m.v.p. from last year's super bowl was knocked out in their previous game against the cleveland browns. the n.b.a. has postponed friday's game between the washington wizards in waukee box because the wizards a struggling to field a team hit hard by covert 19 i mean 17 games and now been called off because the virus the brooklyn nets kyrie irving spin sitting things out solve to being punished for attending a party despite the pandemic but he returned to the court on wednesday scoring 37 points against the cleveland cavaliers perkins big 3 of of insurance and hard and couldn't keep up with the cavs call and sexton who scored 42 and led his team
1:57 pm
281472135 double overtime win your lander magic also had a thrilling finish their game with the minnesota timberwolves a buzz of beating 3 pointer from cole anthony stunned the timberwolves and after the magic 289-7296 point when it also stopped a 6 game losing streak the magic. over in california steph curry had 26 points 11 rebounds and 7 assists as the golden state warriors beat the san antonio spurs 121299 with a night where the worry is also on the new vice president come a harris who's from their hometown of oakland. saying you've got to produce something you know office in the white house but. graduations blazon you. know this means 0 minds to me you guys really proud lee display this in the face of the vice president of the united states. all right that is in his book for
1:58 pm
now have more jay thank you very much we shall see you later look for to that that is if this you back in another i think. and if you don't i will. settle in your school. 'd and used to. call kenya. to what you. can even if you.
1:59 pm
can even people. and for me to the poles good kids are renowned for their courage under fire. one i want to east finds out what it tikes to join the elite brigade. on al-jazeera. american people have finally folk in america as i see it when america is off balance or becomes more dangerous the world is looking at us live next year of sadness and. with the election behind us will the republican party dump truck to the fuel weekly take on us politics and society that's the bottom on.
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al-jazeera. and. that. more than 20 people are killed in suspected twin suicide blasts as a markets in the iraqi capital baghdad. column so many watching al-jazeera lots more headquarters here in doha also coming up u.s. president joe biden signs a series of executive orders reversing doubletons controversial policies on climate change immigration and the fight against covert 19.


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