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tv   Witness False Confessions  Al Jazeera  January 20, 2021 11:00pm-12:00am +03

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$39.00 cash for kim parker one just 0. 'd 0. hello i'm barbara sarah this is an al-jazeera news hour live from london thank you for joining us coming up. over to go congratulations mr president. joe biden is sworn in as the 46 the president of the united states and begins with a call for unity my or whole soul is this bringing america together you know our your people your narnian our nation and i ask every american to join me in this cause. pamela harris
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makes history giving the u.s. its 1st black and 1st female vice president. of trump left the white house early and flew to florida becoming the 1st u.s. president to slug his successors inauguration in the 152 years. while long precedented security and the coronavirus leave the streets of washington largely empty. joe biden has made an impassioned call for unity after being sworn in as america's 46th president in a heavily protected but peaceful inauguration ceremony biden urged americans to quote end this uncivil war defend the truth and defeat the lies just 2 weeks after trump supporters protesting his election victory stormed the capitol
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building another historic moment was the swearing in of vice president kamla heris the 1st female black and asian american to serve a heartbeat away from the presidency outgoing president on trump snob the ceremony leaving the white house earlier in the day and flying to florida patty kohei has more. they climbed the steps were just 2 weeks ago rioters stormed the capitol walked the halls where they spread fear ladies and gentlemen the president elect of the united states joseph robinette biden jr and dr jill biden and took the oath of office where they try to overturn democracy the riot now forgotten in this us presidential inauguration like no other 2 weeks ago when an angry violent mob stage an insurrection and desecrated this temple of our democracy it awakened us to our responsibilities as americans protected by tens of thousands of soldiers
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and police a pandemic raging the thousands of usual spectators replaced by flags the dignitaries spaced out history was made the 1st african-american asian woman to beef ice president to. take to you and then just before noon today joe biden became the new president of the united states so help me god congratulations mr president. the chaos of what happened here no remembers just days after rioters mom thought they could use violence to silence the will of the people to stop the work of our democracy to drive a strong this sacred ground. it did not happen and it will never happen not today not tomorrow not ever mixing hope with the dark reality of this moment he pledged to be honest with the american people and he warned of tough times ahead we
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face an attack on a democracy and on truth a regime virus. growing inequality and staying of systemic racism. climate in crisis america's role in the world any one of these were enough to challenge us in profound ways but the fact is we faced them all at once presented this nation with one of the greatest responsibilities we've had now we're going to be tested are we going to step up this was a rebuke of the last 4 years of president donald trump not mention by name trump was also not in the audience peppered with past presidents only the 4th president to refuse to attend but the very 1st to refuse to concede he left washington with only a small group to see him leave impeached twice and facing a trial in the senate for the riot he inspired he's reportedly talking about creating his own political party to mount a political comeback
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a true sign of how much has changed the biggest celebrities who shun trump's inaugural. return to washington. was to celebrate a new president bush. and what he says will be a new day in america patty calling al jazeera. we have correspondents following all of the day's events alan fisher is overlooking the white house 1st though let's go to shipwreck and see what's on the national mall where there is a sea of flags instead of the usual crowd because this has been obviously appointment inauguration and one that was different from other is in many ways how do you assess it. it was always going to be a different inauguration because of the pandemic joe biden had always said that he didn't want to have knowledge for all of crowds celebrating his inauguration but
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then the attempted pull of the storming of the capitol on john to the 6th. and the decision was taken to seal off the national mall where usually tens of thousands of spectators gather to watch the inauguration on big screens and in their place we have $191000.00 or so flags from around the country from the different states and territories of the united states joe biden said democracy has prevailed but clearly the mere fact that i'm standing in the national without thousands of people around me suggests there was some doubt about that that there was a very real clearly fear that today's proceedings would be disturbed by war protests of the sort that we saw in john reed the 6th in the event we have not seen that whether that's because of the deterrent effect off the some 202-5000 national guard and the fencing or whether it's simply because the far right of the
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white extremists of trying to figure out what what they want to do now it's not entirely clear in fact actually throughout the country the that constantly been threats online all 'd they give evidence to protest the inauguration the stolen election and the words of trump supporters they just have not up and and indeed on twitter was saying a lot of disbelief of all some trump supporters some supporters of the cuban on conspiracy theory going wait a 2nd this was an album little job i was going to get arrested with before you go to no greater and there's some confusion among some strong supporters that the some of the more i've landed aspects of the conspiracy theories going around didn't come but joe biden calling for unity and saying look america has to be better than this that was a key line in his in his speech and you always get that sense of disbelief rooted in paul in that. prevalent philosophy of american exceptionalism of the us is this shining city on the hill which for many people it simply hasn't never been america
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isn't a country that has as escaped clearly racism and polarization and economic inequality it's always it has always been like this the foundation of america is built on racism and white supremacy and there's always that shock whatever bubbles to the surface here in washington from the establishment the question is whether the same of sublists right now breathing that enormous side of relief that trump is now back in mar-a lago whether they've learned anything from this or they go back to business as usual or they address the causes of what is always been a polarized society which is which certainly donald trump catalyzed and brought to the surface he didn't invent all of the different fault lines that we saw that cracked open during his presidency but he certainly was a key manifestation off it and he's said he's still has an enormous amount of support in this country and i suppose a possibly because of that or he would have anyway that's why i guess joe biden's
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inauguration showed such a diverse face of the united states and yet the standout moment seemed to come from a very young a female poet tell us more about. 22 year old about the grove of trees the youth poet laureate in the in the u.s. . really expressed the difficulty and the challenges facing the the u.s. as it moves forward now. we've seen a force that would shatter a nation rather than sorry it would destroy our country if it meant delaying democracy in this effort very nearly succeeded but while democracy can be periodically delayed it can never be permanently. defeated in this truth in this faith we trust for a while we have our eyes on the future history has its eyes on us this is the era
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of just redemption we feared it since its inception we did not feel prepared to be the heirs of such a terrifying hour but with in it we found the power to author and new chapter to offer hope and laughter to ourselves so while once we asked how could we possibly prevail over catastrophe now we assert how could tass trophy possibly prevail over us. but one of the reasons why a catastrophe appeared to be prevailing at least for a few brief few hours on january the 6th there was because all of these divisions in the country and there is that sense that joe biden needs to show america that he can do more than talk in these in his poetic language about unity
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and a better america but actually show americans around the country that he can have have a meaningful impact on their lives for the better amidst an economic health and environmental crisis and already there is that debate right back how bold will joe biden be joe biden has said he will not be aggressive in his use of executive actions and executive power and using the federal reserve of and using existing laws perhaps in a very bold manner or and indeed bypassing congress. rescinding the that the senate filibuster which allows 10 republican senators to block legislation he seems reluctant to do that at the moment but there are all those are saying look this country faces an emergency on several fronts it faces enormous division unless you begin showing people that you could actually bring the change that they're looking for that makes dad lives about a lot better for the 99 percent and not just the one percent to quote some of the
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politicians here in the u.s. you're going to be in real trouble do we have yet to see though whether joe biden is willing to take that bold action or whether they in the in that in that attempt to show bipartisan consensus and unity in congress we will have a repeat of what barack obama did which was perhaps not be as bold as he should have been and then create even more division and then actually lose the midterm elections so these are the political debates that are going on right now in washington beneath the flowery language of of unity and. for the better edge of biden is the only inheriting quite a difficult situation the sheraton see with the latest there from the national mall chip thank you. while president joe biden plans to take 17 executive actions in the 1st hours of his presidency his 1st action will be to impose a mask a mandate on federal properties he will also install
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a coronavirus response coordinator to oversee vaccine distribution and medical supplies across the states by then will undo some of trump's harshest immigration policies including reversing a travel ban on some muslim majority nations the construction of a border war with mexico is expected to be immediately halted by terminating the national emergency declaration that had been used to fund it and biden will reverse several of trump's decisions to withdrawal from international agreements halting the u.s. departure from the world health organization and rejoining the paris climate accord . well and fisher joins us live now from washington d.c. with the white house there in the background i'm alan 1st of all how soon are we likely to see these orders signed and can president biden really undo 4 years of donald trump. well what is interesting is that it will take a couple of hours to go through the inaugural parade and then joe biden will make
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his way into the oval office and behind the resolute desk there you'll find a letter from donald trump keeping up with one of the traditions started by ronald reagan with a letter to his predecessor and we know that donald trump has left a letter for joe biden then he can get to work and start signing those executive orders what is interesting is that donald trump when he went into office started to dismantle many of the things is he saw as the legacy of the obama biden administration and no joe biden is getting his own bite by doing exactly that can you over time never think not such a short space of time but certainly over the 1st 5 days there is a plan to take the action to rivera's some of the more controversial moments in donald trump's early days of his presidency including putting america back into the paris climate change accord also as you say stopping building on the border wall the muslim travel ban will be a challenge and of course is going to turn his attention to some of the crises he's got to deal with in the immediate aftermath of being sworn in which includes making
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sure that people who could possibly lose their homes either through not paying rent or mortgage don't find themselves a victim or for clothes he sees that is a key issue in the 1st $100.00 days joe biden knows he's got to make an impact on the fight against corporate he's aware of some of the watch states still lie ahead he has said that several times. he knows that it's not going to be a quick fix but he wants to get on with the job what is also interesting is that jan 2nd you know remember that name she is the newly installed press secretary she is going to have a news briefing in the briefing room of the white house in the next 4 hours it's a site just a small sign that government is getting back to the way it used to work here in washington d.c. what is also interesting is the briefing room has been deep cleaned in the last couple of hours some would say because it was you saw really by the trumpet ministration they also. needs a good dusting done to. joe biden not wasting any time there and in a sense
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a don't trump also was always thing any of the time left in his presidency because the musician issuing pardons up until the very last minute what was he doing alan. that's right 143 pardons issued in the airlie hours of wednesday morning had been going back and forth on them for a number of hours a partly the most contentious one was steve bannon of course he was the man who helped run his campaign and 2016 he was arrested for trying to defraud donald trump supporters to pay for the border wall essentially he was taking money through a website according to prosecutors and then pocketing the money for his own benefit he got a pardon donald trump then went off on the plane he left heading towards florida and hit on the way somewhere between the white house and model i go here issued a pardon to someone he been involved in business deals with in new york city and also the ex-husband of a fox news commentator what is interesting is that the donald trump had
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a few words as he left andrews air force base he said that he hoped that the new incoming administration would have success he believed that they would because he said he had built a base and allman asli suggested that he was going to still be around he would be watching and listening normally when new yorkers in the seventy's headed to florida truly to retire clearly that's not something that donald trump is considering even in the u.s. media in the last couple of hours we've had a report that he is considering setting up his own party called the patriot party will that go on well he's very keen in staying in politics in some form but of course some of that may well be dictated by the senate impeachment hearing if he is convicted there there could well be a 2nd vote which will ban him from holding office in future. one way or another world we can be talking about him for a little while yet alan fischer in washington allan thank you. well the streets of
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washington d.c. have remained quiet despite warnings of possible the protests it was an unusual scene at the national mall which would normally as we were mentioning be packed with thousands of the president's supporters they were replaced instead by american flags security fears of kept the capitol barricaded and $25000.00 national guard troops on the streets some far right groups had vowed to disrupt the proceedings but so far only scattered protests have emerged. well john hendren joins us live now from the streets of washington d.c. obviously as we've been mentioning it was always going to be a different inauguration because of the pandemic but talk us through the security presence everyone i'm assuming still very much scarred by the events of 2 weeks ago at the capital.
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indeed in this city is still scarred by that attack and when that pro trump mob overran the capitol on january 6th that set off alarm bells in the security apparatus throughout the city and so now they have done the opposite of what they did then they were underprepared then now if anything they're perhaps over prepared if you look over here you can see the boarding up of buildings private businesses and then you see that big black wall 'd there the chain link fence that goes around the entire government center of this city and you can see trucks and cars blocking the roads in toward the white house which is just a couple of blocks away from us and if you just follow that fence line down here you will see some of those $25000.00 national guard troops that you were talking about and right now they are relaxing taking a break but they wouldn't be able to do that if crowds were rockets here but the security presence has been so enormous that we really just haven't seen that we are
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inside of a security cordon you can see people walking in through those barricades that block vehicles and then the secret service checks their bags and then allows them to come closer to the white house and what they do in the meanwhile is they remove any weapons knives guns mace anything like that and then people can go on a little closer they're still blockaded from going to the white house or the capitol itself but in addition to those 25000 national guard troops in the secret service here you've got thousands upon thousands of federal and local police and that security presence has been so daunting that it's made it really virtually impossible for anyone to breach these barriers and get inside either near the white house or near the capitol or frankly any place in between so unless someone had someone inside of this area they it would be almost impossible to cause any trouble and that concern is why all 25. 1000 of those national guard troops were vetted and
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some of them were removed from duty a couple of them for having far right wing extremist ties there was some concern that there was an inside group in the capitol on january 6th and they didn't want that to happen again so they have beefed up security beyond anything washington has seen in modern history and so far it seems like it's been effective john hendren with the latest john for the moment thank you bring you some live pictures there that is joe biden's motorcade arriving back into washington after he and the vice president come a harris said visited arlington national ceremony to pay their respects to u.s. military warded at the tomb of the known as soldier they are now heading back to washington obviously east in the busy a few hours ahead there for both the president and the vice president.
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well let's go now to jack kingston a former republican congressman from georgia he joins us now via skype from washington d.c. sir thank you so much for joining us here on al-jazeera so 1st of all what did you make of the nation and crucially what did you make of what president biden had to say his talk of unity. well i think number one despite recent of the units it is a strong part of the american tradition the peaceful transfer of power so this was my 7th one of the once for democrats and republicans and i just enjoyed it i think it's a great celebration of the republic of democracy and so it went flawlessly no long speeches it was a little cold else but everybody you know start to that message and i thought it was good i think collen for unity certainly was a an appropriate theme it was also a st that the. president biden did not get into any details of say
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a military or trade. economic program he did not say there much but i think if he if you could sum up a speech with one word in that word is unity then it was a good speech obviously you know there were fewer people than there normally would be in washington itself but an audience of billions was watching from all over the world were you disappointed as a republican then the war yourself a trunk supporter that donald trump himself wasn't there. yes i think it would have been very good for him to be there. president bush passed the gavel so to speak to bill clinton and then bill clinton pass it to george bush says son and the same thing with barack obama to go over and you know go into dark i think it's not just symbolic it's extremely meaningful to america and i think to
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some degree the rest of the world actually you know appreciates a very good way as well so what i think it would have been the right thing to do if he had come and you know this if you point out bar i'm a very pro trump guy but i think this one a certainly disagreed with yeah i mean certainly at duntroon 3000 actions have divided many of his supporters themselves going back to the issue of unity sometimes it's easy for the victors to call for unity because it almost seems to imply the other side has to join their way of thinking what do you think the main areas of compromise will be and should be over the next 4 years if indeed if not necessarily unity the u.s. is at least going to come to a less fractured situation that it finds itself in now. well you know any it ministration is going to claim they're the ones that made the sunrise the next morning so there's no you there is going to be certain amount of claiming that the but administration does in terms of the covert response but i think in reality
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they're going to take the baton that's already out there in run with that they might enhance the efforts one place or the other but i think that one can't for unity would be to acknowledge that we're better off with the vaccine and we've got to see point on a good basis and not necessarily you know trying to claim credit for it and they want thing that the president could do or say you know if you're going to proceed with impeachment of donald trump efforts that this office i realize it's just symbolic but is it really worth it because you're just going to get everybody and divided again particularly the way the house did it with the lack of due process i think the president could be very bold and a strong leader he's popular enough with his party that he could say that the only thing that we never done in america is blacklisting people who were with the previous administration and try it freeze them out of employment i think the president could make a strong. statement in that direction but i think the other thing the republican
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party can do is say you know mr but we want to work with you we know that kobe does not finish we know we have to rebuild the economy let's are come together we'll cobble out a deal agreement you're going to get some things you want we'll get some things we want but let's make sure that we put the 2 goals of. recovery in economic recovery center stage and one part of that barbara could be an infrastructure package on roads and bridges and dams and ports that's something that democrats and republicans always come together on in fact i just stop you there just to remind the viewers what we're seeing we're seeing images of joe biden's motorcade think turning to washington d.c. from arlington sarah cemetery where he was and that. earlier jack kingston final question to you there is talk of president trump attention starting his own party i mean you know we'll see what happens there but do you worry about the future of the republican party considering how divisive president trump has been
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within the party itself. you know if he started another party there's always a faction of any party that's not satisfied enough and toss about starting a new one but it really does for you politically just divide sirup effort and then you're really frozen out of winning anything if you do that i hope that donald trump will take some time and maybe recover his image a little bit and see what joint efforts he could work on with president biden i'll give you an example of that when the haitian earthquake and they were both out of office but when the haitian earthquake happened president bush and president clinton came together and raised a lot of money for the victims of it and there again you know very symbolic for the american people very meaningful and i think that president trump found an opportunity to do something like that that is less controversial but certainly instructive i think that would be helpful and i don't want to see somebody with that talent disappear but i understand that his there isn't the best one for
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everybody and so. that might be an island their statement let me just forgive me we're just running out of time there's just a final point i want to put to you you were at the inauguration itself do you expect or have you had any negative feedback from some republican supporters or some republicans you know to the fact that you actually even attended the inauguration there probably will be you know my good georgia colleague and friend john lewis would never go to a republican not the rights of the boycott of the bush one and i didn't think he was right in doing there i don't think people are right democrat or republican be in sour grapes about anybody's victory senator roy blunt said it today says these things are always must go on and part of it is that one party is happier than the other party and i think that's the way you have to look at it this is the process we've benefit from it and sometimes our side doesn't win in the end you still have to move on. jack kingston
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a former republican congressman from georgia sir thank you so much for sharing if he's with us thank you thank you for. let's go to john nichols now he's the national affairs correspondent for the nation a weekly political magazine and he joins us now via skype from madison wisconsin sir thank you so much for joining us here on the al-jazeera side and if you could hear some of my interview just there whether a former republican congressman from georgia what did you make of what he said about potential unity that the unity that. that we heard president biden talk about at the inauguration speech. i thought that congressman kingston who i interviewed in the past and didn't have a good regard for in many senses was a bit unrealistic about. president trump in the damage that president trump has done at this point. and i do think that that that becomes
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a problem as regards unity. biden did speak a great deal about unity in his speech he has always done so it tends to be a big part of his training but this point there is going to be a in a piece for trial for donald trump and the reason for that is that literally biden to accuse inaugural address made a speech on the steps of the capitol that was invaded just 2 weeks ago by a mob that did tremendous amount of damage that halted the actions of the federal government and that ultimately a least incidents that left 5 people dead. and when it comes to the inauguration itself what did you make of the image that president biden was trying to show just the u.s. really but the world who perhaps has been looking on and events in the u.s. in the past few months and years but with a bit of worry. chirked this was
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a very you know kind of outward looking you know our girl as congressman kingston said and as others have said this speech was not overly long and it wasn't overly detailed but it had big themes and when the biggest themes was summed up by an early line in a speech where the new president said at this hour my friends and i hope i paraphrase it correctly democracy has prevailed and that message not just for america but for the world was a big deal again and again president biden went back to that theme that notion that this country was challenge and it certainly was just 2 weeks ago and frankly there are ongoing challenges but that it appears to have made a major transition we have had the handing over of the presidency to e bay an elected president of a new party not the party that was in power that president comes to office not
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merely on his own but with a congress in which his party is the majority party or will very quickly be so in the senate it already is in the house and so i think he was spreading out a message about the ability to govern and there are certainly knowledge of acknowledgments that's going to be hard that that would be difficult but the clear kind of underpinning of it all was that joe biden knows his way around washington and that he is prepared to kind of reset a great deal of the one thing i will note though for the rest of the world is there was very little reference to international affairs in this inaugural address much less than that we've heard in some previous addresses and yeah i think that be interesting to see what comes out when it comes to fine affairs in the next few days that as you mentioned the democrats now have the white house office lee says well a lot of power within one party they think that will be a lot of pressure on president biden for. from within the democratic party itself
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to push ahead with many of the progressive policies that they may want but which in turn may alienate perhaps the more moderate republican wing of the party that might actually end up bracing biden in the end or at least tolerating his presidency. yeah i think that's a that's going to be a real kind of pressure point there is an immense amount of sort of pent up energy within the democratic party i wrote a book about it this last year and clearly the democratic party has a a very very progressive wing that doesn't just want to go beyond what donald trump did you know kind of address trump's presidency and undo it but also that frankly wants to go beyond what previous democratic administrations have done and that pressure is clearly in favor of a massive response to the coronavirus pandemic a massive response to unemployment but also to major action on climate change major action on racial justice and a host of other new ships biden is going to have to make an itch those expectations
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those desires and it won't be easy it's important to recognize that in the senate he will have a $5050.00 split the only reason the democrats will control the senate is because vice president kamel harris will cast the tie breaking vote in favor of the democratic caucus giving them the upper hand but if one democrat breaks with joe biden on an issue he could be in a situation where it becomes difficult perhaps impossible to advance that policy and so biden's got to walk a real tight rope here he has got to keep the democratic party united that's step one and then he has to try and find a handful of republicans that will be allies on critical issues and that's going to be very very difficult in the 1st few weeks because of course in addition to trying to trying to advance one of the largest stimulus packages in the history of the
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country a $1.00 trillion dollar kuroda violet cover this relief package he has also or democrats are also going to be dealing with the reality of an impeachment trial that's going to be a really tough they aren't different. it's what joe biden signed up for is this is he is the president of the united states in a time of great crisis you know a great challenge and. a 2 zuma bully his experience as somebody who's been watching tipper almost 50 years may help him to navigate some of that well that's certainly hope so for the sake of the united states you mentioned the impeachment there how much of a cloud do you think those events will cast over the biden administration itself simply because and we keep on mentioning this word division but simply because of course it may exacerbate the current divisions. look president biden if it was up to him would probably have like a one day of each went to trial and it get it done with i think it's his desire would be to move beyond this i think he recognizes that there is
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a need for accountability that what president trump did with on january 6th with an incitement to insurrection as the charge of the impeachment article goes with such a severe action that it does demand it response by the same token i think biden and the people around him recognize that they've got it and ments amount of work to do and they don't want the senate to spend weeks even months dealing with an impeachment trial conviction votes and things of that nature so the signal from the white house will be we understand you have to do this do it past get it done with and then get out of the serious business of governing now there be some parallel governing i think we're going to see is the possibility of then pietschmann trial taking part or in some parts of the day action on legislation in other parts of the day that will be particularly true as regards the coronavirus we package but the truth of the matter is that until the impeachment trial and the conviction vote is
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done until that is all finished it'll be very very hard to kind of get the real traction that a new administration needs this is a feel good day to day. joe biden gave a good speech he had a very smooth inaugural there was a lot of bipartisan talk all of that feels great but tomorrow and the day after it in the week after the month after it are the places where this president is going to have to govern in some very very difficult ways remember this country has lost 400000 people to the coronavirus can deny we have mass unemployment we have business challenges that are that are you know really compared quite quite accurately to what we saw in the great depression of the 1930 s. and so for biden there is a desire to move very very quickly and to focus you know very intently on that legislative agenda john nichols national affairs correspondent for the nation and
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also the fight for the soul of the democratic party thank you it's a pleasure good to be with you. a reminder now of the top story here on al-jazeera joe biden has been sworn in as the 46th the president of the united states in his inauguration speech at the u.s. capitol he called for unity and an end to what he turned down on civil war dividing politics in his country is vice president kamla harris has become the 1st woman the 1st black person and the 1st asian american to hold america's 2nd highest office but in a break with to drink tradition the party president donald trump stuck to the inauguration he flew south to florida arriving there before the end of his term bice president mike pence did attend the capitol hill event. well president
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biden's motorcade has just arrived back in central washington from arlington cemetery in central washington where a parade is due to get under way shortly this time without of course the usual crowds lining the streets you can see the images there well let's go live now to manually or apollo he is live in washington d.c. for us there on the streets where the parade would normally take place a man will just tell us a little bit about how the parade is going to be vis year because there is both the security issue and the pandemic to think about. it's a very different celebration when we've seen in previous years this year's inaugural parade is going to be a virtual parade we're seeing images now of the president will motorcade returning from arlington national cemetery having crossed the memorial bridge back into zone
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for washington we expect now that there will be possibly we understand there will be a symbolic walk not that through. little walk that we see the president take all the way from capitol hill to the white house which by the way we are just outside the white house in fact as close as we can be dead to the secure perimeter surrounding the national mall so we can actually get to the to the spot where we would normally see the motorcade come by and the president and vice president walking together to enter the white house this year it's a virtual parade we have heard we had heard oh we seem to have lost a man with a raffle is there for the time being but he was mentioning how this inaugural parade of course traditional whenever there is an inauguration is this year going to be a virtual parade we are watching there joe biden's motorcade now it's tradition that the president and the vice president walk together is that is joe biden's
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motorcade will cross back live to eat also when we can get get to speak to mine when it happened again. well the 1st 100 days is a key benchmark for any new u.s. president it goes back to franklin roosevelt he took office at the height of the great depression in 1933 and in just 100 days in acted sweeping economic and social programs that changed both the presidency and the american life biden has the coronavirus pandemic to tackle his administration has promised to vaccinate 100000000 people in his 1st 100 days in office using the defense production act to ramp up distribution and opening vaccine centers he has also pledged a 1.9 trillion dollar stimulus package to help the economic the economy rather recover from the pandemic it includes a bigger stimulus checks and additional support for the unemployed and small
11:42 pm
businesses another piece of legislation the new president is planning centers on immigration reform which could mean a pass way to citizenship for $11000000.00 immigrants who are in the u.s. illegally the bite and the ministration will leave the trump impeachment to the senate giving democrats a chance to hold the former president accountable well ahead of the inauguration the e.u. commission president hailed by the ins incoming presidency as a new door ursula on their line is said europe was ready for a new start with america joe biden's will be a message of fueling for deeply divided nation and it will be a message of hope for a world that is waiting for the u.s. to be back in the circle of like minded states this time honored ceremony on the steps of the u.s. capitol will be a demonstration of the resilience of american democracy and the
11:43 pm
resulting proof that once again after 4 long years europe has a friend in the white house. so the head of the e.u. commission china meanwhile has also announced sanctions on $28.00 former trump officials including former secretary of state mike pohnpei oh the ex officials and their immediate family members will be banned from entering mainland china hong kong or macao any companies associated with them will be restricted from doing business with china but beijing says it wants to cooperate with president joe biden's new u.s. administration. how does their senior political analyst marwan bashara joins us live now from doha is so marwan we know that one of the 1st things the president is going to do is to sign a whole raft of executive orders to in many ways reverse some things from the
11:44 pm
trumpet ministration when it comes to foreign policy what changes do you think that the biden administration will bring about starting i guess obviously with china as we were mentioning. we're in when it comes to china it seems for the time being just from watching what biden has been saying over the past few months is that his policy will. re. best innate somewhere between an obama policy and a trump policy meeting he would be cracking down hard on the question of trade and the question of so-called china cheating currency on soul and so forth but also they would america would be extending their hands despite the clinton fist as it were in beijing so i think it's going to be you know quite a careful diplomacy whereby biden needs to and wants to engage
11:45 pm
china on something important global issues that china is a leader whether it is a question of climate change question of global health and certainly global security and asian security at the same time there are issues of human rights there is issues of transgressions in the south china sea as well in south china and south asia in general so it's going to be tough balancing act for biden but clearly he needs to break out of the palaces of trump and of the lack of boldness on the part of barak obama and focusing on the middle east where it is certainly the trump presidency at least symbolically had a lot of influence the closeness with saudi arabia and the turning of their backs on the kurds in syria especially when it comes to israel and palestine the closeness with netanyahu the moving of the u.s.
11:46 pm
embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem all these things really hold locks of the trump presidency at the do we expect any concrete changes to come from a biden presidency there. well again from what was hearing. from biden and his lieutenants that they would want to end the war in yemen that's i think it's very important considering this one of the great stretch of these at the end of it of the 21st century that would require such impression on saudi arabia and its all eyes to end the war he's going need to move to end the occupation of palestine but that would require certain pressure on israel that it's not clear to me yet that he is ready to put that kind of pressure on then at the now governments he has already stated that he's against the settlement on the settlement expansion but he remains for maintaining the american embassy in jerusalem you probably normalize more and more the issues with the p.l.o.
11:47 pm
and opened their office in washington but i think that's not going to be enough because the idea that the way forward is the way back to one of the same cliches about the 2 states and negotiations in that peace process is not going to do we are well past midnight on that issue and of course by the is going to need to be pulled into now just to put all of that in some sort of a frame the only thing we've heard from biden on foreign policy is that the world is watching and you know what barbara we have been watching and. it might have been a bit intertwining but it's also quite tragic america is unfit to lead as it were the last 40 years america did not look good to lead by example by them but it not want to because of the structural racism that he talked about but also because of the way they couldn't even you know muster
11:48 pm
a real nice peaceful transition of power considering the last you know a few weeks of disturbances and so on so forth so when the middle east looks at the by the administration or of the american general it it looks with something but world are meant because you know it's. 75000000 votes for trump while here to them at least we have more choices with populist dictators and populist autocrats and racists and source of work in the middle east those are imposed you know by violence and by powered i'm force on so forth but america had a choice not thankfully yes democracy did at the end of the day triumph in washington but there's a lot of proving to be done beyond words now though don't get me wrong i personally liked the speech i don't exactly like sermons in general but that was a great speech in the sense that it didn't say much indeed tales in foreign policy was also worth but it said a lot about what this president thinks about the state of affairs in the his
11:49 pm
country and why it needs to improve or as the young poet said it needs to see the light it needs to be the light and so. there in the middle east and elsewhere in the world people are looking beyond words beyond speeches to see how america domestically and then how america acts internationally and now when it will be interesting to see how president biden does act internationally in the coming months and years. thank you so much for that speaking to us from doha well let's take you a back to washington d.c. that president biden and his wife dr jill biden now normally this inaugural parade they would be thousands of people lining the streets of course this is a different here both because of security threats and the pandemic has while it's going to be a virtual parade but we did see the president we're seeing him there walk down
11:50 pm
pennsylvania avenue to the white house stopping only or to talk to some some people who are lying the streets. there they are. allowed to say as mentally rattle is. near pennsylvania as new where i guess this impromptu parade or certainly the president walking down is is taking place and then you will tell us a little bit about what the thinking is behind this parade in in very exceptional circumstances. absolutely this is a very different washington d.c. than anyone here is used to a very different inaugural party than people are used to say just moments ago we saw those live images of president joe biden entering the white house for the 1st time as president of the united states walking down pennsylvania avenue as you mentioned taking the time to meet a couple of supporters is this the meet a few of the people that are lining the sides of the of the street on pennsylvania
11:51 pm
avenue normally. thousands of people who would be doing this inauguration of course because of the covert 19 pandemic the president said in the days leading up to the inauguration ask people to stay in their homes to watch the virtual parade from the safety of their homes not only because of the pandemic but out of in abundance of caution we have to remember for example where we are right now we are just in front of the white house put on the other side of the secure perimeter there are still more than $20000.00 u.s. army national guard troops that are it's a big day for them there was to secure the inauguration out of an overabundance of caution people were urged to stay in their homes in the event that anything violent were to take place there were. there were concerns from the u.s. defense defense department over a possible quote unquote insider attack until now we haven't seen anything at all that could be characterized as a protest as
11:52 pm
a demonstration or anything violent the mood here on the streets is actually quite jovial just after this where. we seem to have lost money on the raffle of there again but let's take a look at these pictures of course very symbolic president biden with his wife dr jill biden has arrived at the white house the 46 president of the united states of course he knows the white house well he was vice president under barack obama but he has arrived there as the 46 president. and the house now with his family. joe biden becomes president of the united states at an incredibly tense and divided time for the
11:53 pm
nation has just finished his parade which in different times would have looked very different with thousands lining the streets because of the pandemic and security alerts and security situation starting the course of 2 weeks ago with the storming of capitol hill has meant that people weren't allowed to gather as they normally would have so we've seen their president biden and his wife dr jill biden arriving at the white house as the 46th president of the united states well there have been scenes of celebration 14000 kilometers from washington d.c. in the ancestral village of come a harris's family in india the village of south of chennai is where harris his maternal grandfather called home her mother was born in india and moved to the u.s.
11:54 pm
as a student at the age of 19 villagers have hailed the day as a proud moment for indian americans. and as we've been mentioning american politics are currently deeply divided democrats versus republicans blue versus red but biden's little gratian was a sea of the 2 colors combined red and blue making purple former 1st ladies michelle obama and hillary clinton both chose to wear shades of the unifying bipartisan color as of the 46th vice president come a harrison seen as a pledge to unify the country at a time of unprecedented upset and division. let's go live now to alan fischer who joins us from washington d.c. we can see the white house there in the background a very different inaugural parade obviously there for president biden but he and
11:55 pm
his wife have arrived at the white house. that's right there are no the new residents of 600 pennsylvania avenue taken over from donald trump who left a few hours ago to head to florida did not go to the inauguration 1st president since 869 and not to intend the inauguration of the man who would follow him in the office he's now going to get to work at there is going to be a parade we could watch them from where we're standing here and it was interesting to see the delay before he got out of the car clearly they were assessing the threat as they tend to do when the president as it were known to tended to take a little bit longer than normal and that's because this is an unusual inauguration as you say there are no crowds nearby no one show taping well done mr president a couple of questions from the media in fact joe biden run over and fist bump one member of the media saying keep doing what you're doing while he was getting ready
11:56 pm
to get out the secret service joined us here on the balcony obviously because this is a high point just wanted to make sure there was no threat. and make sure that we all behaved ourselves as well that was obviously to their satisfaction and so he got the all clear to go and take a short walk into the white house is intention is to get behind the resolute desk as quickly as possible obviously they'll be some formalities now he's in the white house he's got to meet the staff some of whom he'll know from his 8 years there previously and then he gets to work his intention to sign at least a dozen executive order some overturning executive orders made by donald trump and rulings made by donald trump including overturning the so-called muslim travel ban stopping walk on the border wall and of course getting the united states back into the climate accord signed in paris but he's also going to turn his attention to what he knew was a more immediate concerns and that is covered 1000 he's going to sign a number of financial executive orders to help people who are struggling at the
11:57 pm
moment he's also going to address racial inequality. cross government departments and he's going to sign an order which is going to make it mandatory to wear a mask on federal property and also during interstate travel when he finally gets behind the resolute desk to find a letter a letter from donald trump just said welcome to the oval office. for the moment alan thank you see. pictures there of joe biden. and that is almost that for now do stay with us we're going to take a quick break and be back in a few minutes with the latest on joe biden's 1st day as the 46th president of the united states stay with us.
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hello we've got trouble cyclists coming and going across australia are there moments to his kidney that's going that's clearing away from that eastern side of queensland and we've got lucas which has been forming parama northwestern corner here and that's going to filter its way down across the kimberley pools the pilbara as we go through the next couple of days just rolling along the coast of western australia and all the parts of western australia turning increasingly wet here so they're going to showers across much of northern australia over the next couple of
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days really intense winds will be up towards the northwest few showers over towards the east as well just around the eastern parts of queensland the southeastern corner around brisbane the gulf coast with eastern areas of new south wales but it's fun to drive warm as well down to the southeast say the mid thirty's there for adelaide melbourne getting up to 31 degrees cools off a little in melbourne as you go through friday but $26.00 s. still not too bad there we go with those showers lingering across northern parts and there we go with lucas which should probably be named by the state filtering across northern parts of w.i. further north has seen some very heavy snow across northern parts of japan that's in the process of easing as we go through the next day or 2 temperatures gradually starting to pick up still a few wintry flowers in here tokyo with a high of 30. there is no channel that covers world news like we do we revisit places the state. really
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invests in that and that's a privilege as a journalist. this is al-jazeera. hello i'm barbara starr and this is the al-jazeera news hour live from london coming up. help me god congratulations mr president. joe biden is sworn in as the 46th president of the united states and begins with a call for unity we must win this civil war pits red against blue.


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