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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 20, 2021 6:00pm-7:01pm +03

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if you read all death on al-jazeera. out of the fans from the one world love that we are grappling from mildly on them if you don't go we go there and we give them a chance to tell their story. this is al-jazeera. hello again i'm peter w. watching the news hour live from our headquarters here in doha which will be dominated of course by the u.s. inauguration donald trump has left the white house for a military sendoff and a final flight on board air force one to florida. we love you we will be back in some form. he's stopping the swearing in of his successor joe biden who's preparing for an
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inauguration like no other. it's 15 hours g.m.t. 10 am in washington d.c. where we're seeing the transition of power between the outgoing president donald trump and the man who will soon be sworn in joe biden just under 2 hours ago donald trump left the white house for the last time in his presidency he's left washington to joe biden's inauguration it is a break with tradition usually at the parting president attends a success the swearing in mr biden is set to take the oath of office in less than 2 hours' time from the white house mr trump headed to joint base andrews where a departure ceremony was held in his own or he touted his record on the economy and wish joe biden's incoming administration success. i will always fight for you. i will be watching i will be listening and i will tell you that the future of
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this country has never been better i wish the new administration great luck and great success. i think they'll have great success they have the foundation to do something really spectacular. joe biden's attended a church service ahead of the inauguration and he's there with top leaders from both the republican and democratic parties that's part of a push by him to bridge the political divide in the u.s. and he tweeted this simply it's a new day in america is the team she has pretenses on washington's national mall diplomatic editor james bays is on capitol hill where that swearing in will take place hoda abdel-hamid is at one of the many security checkpoints but will begin this news hour with alan fischer who's overlooking the white house i mean momentous images over the past couple of hours allan and i guess there are people there all over america who want to think donald trump is gone but he's not gone 'd completely
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housey. i will be listening i will be watching that's what he said in those final comments at andrews air force base that suggests that he's not going to go away there's reporting in the united states just in the last few hours that he's thinking about creating his own party called the petri party you remember one of the most iconic images of dole trump during the last 4 years is emerging on to the stage at the national rifle association conference and hugging the flag. he's not going to step away from public life he will become a private citizen but it's clear that he's become intoxicated by being involved in politics many believe that he only got involved 'd in the whole. field 6 years ago because he wanted to expand his brand he wanted to speak oh and see things that he
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knew would be incendiary never really presuming that he would get as far as winning the republican nomination and then taking a step farther and winning the election but he's obviously decided that he likes this he likes the power he likes getting people to do his bidding he'll. speaking and having people immediately. do what he wants them to do he likes people jumping to attention which the literally do when he steps by and that's why he gets and that stops as soon as you become president that stops the soldiers don't need to salute you anymore because you're nor longer the commander in chief and so because he feels that so strongly you get the feeling that this isn't going to be something that donald trump will just accept and walk away of course the complication is the possibility of impeachment proceedings he's already been impeached by the house for a 2nd time and that trial will go on in the senate and there is the possibility that if convicted he could face another vote which would rule have no of running
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for office ever again but that with his this sense strength of his support peter we were talking about in the last there are 74000000 people voted for him in the presidential election with that depth of support he can become a kingmaker he can decide who would succeed him as one of the powerhouses in the republican party and we know that 2 people he favors to do that his son don't junior or more strongly his daughter ivanka who believes and has said could become the 1st female president of the united states whether or not she's qualified is what many critics have questioned but then many people said that about donald trump and we've just seen him leave the white house after 4 years as president of the united states we've seen joe biden in church this morning your time trying to build bridges mitch mcconnell was invited in that regard to the republicans have
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a problem though when it comes to i guess 2024 even the mid-terms perhaps because with people like mitch mcconnell there are voters parts of the electorate who because of what mitch mcconnell did or didn't do joining the trumpet ministration they are visceral in their dislike of him. here's the difficulty for both political parties in the united states they have a system here where if i suddenly decide that i want to run for congress there may be 567 other people who've decided that they want to run for congress as well for a house seat so they're all from the same party we all have a runoff it's called a primary process and people pick who they would like to see as the congressman and then if i'm standing for one political party i run against another political party in the main race itself it tends to be the real core of the party that fought in all of those primaries and therefore it's people who tend to be told slightly more
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extreme positions and therefore you get someone who says i will never work with the other party if they want compromise that compromise is doing what i want and that then becomes the basis but mitch mcconnell sees that if you want to win a wider election you can't just appeal to the core you've got to appeal to some of the middle if not all of the middle as well and both parties find that difficulty and certainly the republican party has moved very much to the if you didn't support donald trump then you are not one of us and that could be a problem a legacy for him over the coming years and of course already this is washington or about to swear in another president and this city is already looking to 2022 and the midterm elections in both the house and the senate and whether or not that will be a referendum on the 1st 2 years of joe biden or whether it will mark a significant shift in the politics of the united states and one of the things they
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will look at is just how much influence donald trump will have or not process in 2022 many things let's talk to james bays diplomatic editor joining us live from capitol hill james when you're usually on a plane going around these different far flung parts of the world following. for the past 4 years donald trump or his secretary of state or his u.s. u.n. ambassador will it be easy for mr biden to rebuild those crucial relationships because one doesn't want to believe that it's apocryphal but people say of joe biden whether it's a pub in dublin or whether he walks into un headquarters he knows some guy at the back of the room by 1st name because he's been there for so long. absolutely on the world stage and here in washington he is the ultimate insider it's worth remembering virtually biden was a senator for 36 years then vice president for 8 years if you go back to the 1st
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time he took federal office as a senator that was 49 years ago that so he needs rolodex of people that he knows he was the chairman of the foreign relations committee but he was in the senate it what he was the vice president he was given specific jobs by president obama including policy on ukraine policy on iraq he does know absolutely everyone and i think it's fair to say u.s. allies know him and they are relieved they're relieved that it looks like it will be an administration that has hollow says that all consistent with the previous policies of american administrations before president trump and that also the way they'll do business will not be by tweeted last minute and constant unexpected announcements this is going to be a much more traditional presidency and that certainly is
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a relief to america's allies around the world of course they'll be looking over their shoulder because president president biden is here for 4 years of president troubles he has been discussing with alan is not necessarily going to be leaving the political stage the bombers are going to be there as well james we've just on twitter heard from the for. army u.s. president barack obama has just arrived there he tweeted a picture saying congratulations to my friend president joe biden this is your time james in our last hour we were talking about mr biden and the relationship between washington and the european union and also to do with we were discussing the g. c.p.o. a the iran 2015 nuclear deal now when it comes to the relationship with russia that will be a completely different relationship because mr trump's relationship with vladimir putin it was baffling at times surely it was inexplicably good to the to the detriment and to the cost of other relationships he worked on having good
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relationships with a man who i guess it be fair to say represented the antithesis of good u.s. relationships might have had in the past. yes and i think already we're seeing signs that the biden administration is going to be tougher on russia the soon to be national security adviser tweeting in the last few days about the arrest of alexey novell me and you're right during the time of the trumpet ministration the president himself very careful never ever to upset the russian leader that is going to change i think what the biden administrator should be going to do with regard to russia is very similar to their stock cogs our own choice and not many of the other problems in the world they're going to work closely with their closest allies and for just strategy together with those allies but that is found i think to be a tougher strategy with regard to russia to vladimir putin there is one early test
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of the u.s. russia relationship pizza and that's the most important arms treaty is about to expire and they're getting a very brief or new thoughts so they're going to have to do similarly that will not think we're trying to stand out at least temporarily and of course they'll need some work here on capitol hill because that will need confirmation here as well teams with the band practicing in the background and entertaining the assembled journalists and the early arrivals thanks very much james james bays. diplomatic editor there now to washington's national mall and my colleague she has her tanzi who's there she has it must be almost unreal the location where you're reporting from today because in theory it should be tens of thousands of people and all that is is actually a ring of steel. and some 190000 flags which are representing and i stand ins for the 10s of thousands of
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people who are unable to attend the inauguration here in the mall as you say traditionally tens of thousands do gather here this is always going to be a more subdued affair because of the power. the biden transition team had been discouraging public events for the inauguration but then off the storming of the capitol on january the 6th the decision was made to completely shut down the national event and it in place all for spectators as we now have these flags representing the 28 states and territories of the united states it's i think that will soon stand to a point right now there is how long will this sort of lockdown continue because. you know. already we know that. the police and the authorities have enormous powers to prevent events like john or the 6th from happening but for whatever reason they failed to do anything even though anyone with an internet
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connection could see that something was being planned. there is that suggestion though that that fear that as a result of those events even though the more will be reopened we expect tomorrow or the restrictions on her chest and freedom of assembly and freedom of speech will be curtailed because of that failure to do the 6 despite the fact that authorities do have the means that disposal to very effectively and rather often violently shut down protest as we saw with all the black lives about a protest during the summer they refused they didn't do that with the right wing white extremist protest that we saw in january the 6th and i think that moving forward now will be will be the question we have to look down today perhaps understandable clearly because of the in all the racial we there will be one protest a little further away from the capitol by a progressive party who are trying to push and ensure that joe biden keep some of his progressive his progressive policies and doesn't just revert to form and become the center right establishment politician you have been and the past but it will
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then i'll be real freedom of speech moving forward even more certain than we already have in the united states thank you very much. on the streets of the u.s. capitol you've been talking to people there how is the feeling about this transitional period. when somebody does that extraordinary moments for americans anyone i spoke to said they had never lived through anything like this especially people here in washington who are actually used to you know the secret services on this motorcade going around heavy security well many would tell you they have this is unprecedented for damn it's making their lives very difficult to actually that's cut up for traffic has been enlarged since last night many more checkpoints around this city and blocked roads so this is certainly a moment that is white historical for those living here not outside of washington
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d.c. i spoke to people and they were. sort of apprehensive a bit anguished about what could happen next they say there is yes the inauguration we must make sure that this immigration goes out happens as peacefully as possible because there is an awareness here that the whole world is actually watching what will happen today and how with the with this integration unfold but anyone i spoke to also said whether they were from the right order left said that the problems that existed before the inauguration of joe biden will still exist after and you know whatever side you speak to they say that at this point tickler moment they don't know if there is a meeting point they don't know if there is a common ground for this healing that you know joe biden has been talking about to happen sooner rather than later certainly a bit of undecided the about how the country is divided how you have just 2
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opposite visions about how do you night and states in the 21st century should be and how there is no meeting between those 2 visions i was speaking to one republican out in the state of virginia where he was telling me to you was using the word patriots i said what does the word patriot mean and he said well that would pay to mean means us republicans we love our country we love the country the way our founding fathers meant it to be them a kratz are not just that's an example to give you about how people look at each other these days i spoke to an activist on the black. lives matter a group well she said that people were shocked about what happened in capitol hill that people were saying that this is not american from her point of view this is very american it's an america that blacks and other minorities have lived through but that the white population did not see or experience before just these are
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examples of people gives you a feeling. each one is living in their own corner with their own reality all eyes on joe biden how he's going to heal that how he's going to bring about this common ground it's very complicated and many people don't believe he would be able to a lot of people said well just as the democrats said the president was not their president for the last 4 years well we're not going to consider joe biden our president for the next 4 years thank you very much let's just go back to the live pictures that we've been receiving from the capitol building there to give you a sense of the preparations as the find literally find the band i think they were playing god save the queen for some reason during our conversation that we heard with with james bain is sound a little bit innocuous but there you have it a little snapshot of normality or to give it the american iteration normalcy that's what we're hearing now over the past hour or so normality is people arriving there
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they're being met by the meters and greeters and they're being told your seat is on their 2nd left turn right anyway let's talk to my colleague santa maria come on another moment of normality we think mr trump has left mr biden a note we want to know what's on the note yet. 1000000 dollar question isn't it what could be this much was made i think the note which george h.w. bush left for president bill clinton and how magnanimous it was and how nice it was just no idea what would be in this one from what i have read there was pressure put on donald trump by some of his aides and kevin mccarthy telling him that he should really at least go ahead with that formality so we're here up above constitution avenue just overlooking the capitol building actually feeling a little bit like i might be sitting in the wrong direction because it is quite
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exciting at the moment you are getting that sense of normality that sense of occasion now as the band plays. as the helicopters go ahead as i think vice president pence arrived not long ago as well yet it is inauguration day just without the 100 thousands of people who are usually out on the national mall and that's what i want to talk about at this hour at this moment that we mock every 4 years at the inauguration of a president this time taking place as we know during the global pandemic no members of the public out there. and let's not forget 14 days ago only 14 days ago that building behind us with all the flags and the ceremony had been overrun by don't support it's extraordinary to think that it happened only 14 days ago but as they say the show goes on and every 4 years washington really does put on a show have a look at this. traditionally.
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saying obama do solemnly swear i like the idea or do solemnly swear. granted. i have a. ritual stretching back to america's founding joe biden says the 59th us presidential inauguration and across the more than 200 years of history there have been some stand up. times when images have become iconic words of captured moments of generational change and ask not. what your country can do for you ask what you can do for your country. by moments of political transition. in this present crisis government is not the solution to our problem government is the problem. and sometimes moments where americans were told what they most wanted to hear and maybe needed to believe about
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themselves there is nothing wrong with america that cannot be cured by what is right with america. messages have been sent to both allies and adversaries we shall pay any price bear any burden. meet any hardship support any friend. oppose any foe to where she ordered and the success of let me from this day forward it's going to be only america 1st and a funeral directions are remembered only because something bizarre happened like in 941 when william henry harrison wanted to prove he was tough by speaking for 2 hours on a cold went day purposely without an overcoat he died of pneumonia exactly a month later and 12 years earlier when andrew jackson threw up in the white house
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to anyone and everyone it got so out of hand he had to escape his own party by climbing out a window. the ones history most remembers of the ones that captured a moment and seem to bend it to the new president's will in 1933 a nation teetering on the brink of economic ruin heard these words let me or my belief. that the only thing we have. and by all accounts the national mood began to change. perhaps appropriately the most famous inaugural address was delivered by the president often considered america's greatest in 1865 as the civil war drew to a close abraham lincoln called for unity with malice toward none he said with charity for all of us strive on to finish the work we are in to bind up the nation's wounds words that once again resonate in this deeply divided america of
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2021. well i'm really pleased to introduce to you jennifer victor who is a professor of political science at the shot school of policy government at george mason university here in university and jennifer is going to be with us for us special courthouse which begins at the top of the next hour at $1600.00 g.m.t. but i want to take the opportunity to introduce you to now and get some initial thoughts jennifer this is the most cliched question i can ask you to get it out the way early how do you feel as an american today i ask that only because i know that they stayed the peaceful transfer of power is important it is symbolic and it is what we i mean we see it behind us there's really a mix of emotions i mean on the one hand to this day is historic and it needs to be celebre torrie and there are all sorts of norms and traditions that are really important for for making this the poignant moment that it is on the other hand you know it's we've never seen one like this before in our lifetimes there is no crowd
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here the last inauguration i was at was 12 years ago and there were literally millions of people crowded around this mall and now where there used to be revelers there are national guard troops and armed guards what's your memories of that it's 12 years ago that was about this it was obama's 1st inauguration in 2009 well the last one i was having was on it and it was intense it was there was lots of emotion in the crowd at the historic nature of the 1st african-american president being inaugurated and just so much positivity. and it's just such a contrast from what we have today yeah in fact looking at that and just thinking that amazing shot just 2 weeks ago it was was overrun with people. do you think joe biden of us this is some of my other guests as well do you think joe biden would specifically explicitly reference that name which we're all wondering what do you say that speech we know he'll talk about unity but it would be kind of hard not to
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at least think about what happened he will certainly acknowledge it in some way what what exact. explicit words he uses to recognize the event that will be interesting to hear but i think you know the calmness and the lack of people at this event that should be very crowded is of course a function of both the pandemic and the security threat and i expect he will pay homage to both of those irregularities let's talk about the other people who are not here and that is the trucks. i have been watching a lot of us television news what i've been hearing that would i keep seeing some networks call it a historic snow melt it is he is the 1st president not to attend his successes. you know gratian since i think it was 869 correct so it is historic do you think people american observers will care in the end or is this actually the day to move on and actually having him here been a distraction and it could have been and i think it's important to keep in mind
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today that there is not one way that americans are experiencing this event there are 2 different realities out there are 2 different perceptions of what is facts in america right now and so we cannot make a blanket statement about how people are experiencing this event and how they will anticipate the words that joe biden shares with with the with the country because frankly not everyone agrees that he should be the president political scientist has for years now been talking about how political polarization resulted in the i'm one of these because what if your spouse or your let's have a look at the motorcade is it is just arriving. i thought i had seen the motorcade earlier but that must have been different v.i.p.'s perhaps family in any case that motorcycles are noisy so. but what i was saying is political scientists know that politicization results in the breakdown of norms and the norm of the
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outgoing president not being here is just another one that we are seeing today. we'll just pause for a 2nd jennifer currently joe biden and company harris have arrived you will have to forgive me sometimes up pictures are a little bit behind what you'll seeing but i'm sensing the car there i mean that's let's just pause and think about that jennifer joe biden 78 years old is about to take on the biggest job of his life the biggest job in the world. that's quite a thing to do at one side at his age but at this point in his career up to everything is done i mean everything's been leading to this point. i mean the responsibility on his shoulders. above this. it certainly is a manson it's hard to imagine what he's feeling today but he's also somebody who has essentially been running for president for 40 years they have 30 years maybe so he's been anticipating this moment for
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a very long time perhaps more than almost any other president who's ever been inaugurated. joe biden from scranton pennsylvania as i said before his full name joseph robinette biden jr. at the age of 78 will become the u.s. president the time currently 1028 here in washington so almost 90 minutes until the president trumps term expires. and joe biden becomes the new princes of the united states. an extraordinary moment to witness isn't it jennifer you know i mean any and all of your i should is let's be absolutely fair with that one but there's something about this one the sort of sense of. destiny that joe biden was most supposed to get here though his speech yesterday in delaware when he got very emotional talking about his son and actually saying it should be my son who's been you know here i just say you got a voice keep at the back of our minds that big story personal journey he's been on absolutely and i think he he has a particular skill for evoking empathy among people and for displaying empathy. and
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i think when he gets choked up and he talks about his his family who has passed and so forth he is reaching out in a in a paternalistic kind of way towards americans and in a way that that many will receive is very positive and many will receive and i think that's that's important that you made the point earlier that there's still a lot of people you know as much as they would any number of people who felt trump was quote unquote the bad guy 74000000 who will now say no judge joe biden is not our guy and that is an extraordinary split for joe biden to bridge and i guess we have to keep a remember he'll give a speech today he will start making efforts but there's no magic wand here not for the level of division we have in the country he'll certainly make a lot of platitudes towards doing what he can to heal those divisions and if we're looking for any potential theme in his speech today i would guess that it's going
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to be about healing you just based on the situation in the country right now healing refers to a lot of different crises that are happening both with the pandemic down the security threats and so forth and it was a theme that he talked about at the memorial last night. at the lincoln the monument and so you know yeah i think i think he's going to try to evoke that sense of feeling and emotion from all americans but they will not all receive that same message in the same way jennifer picture with us now and for the rest of our special broadcast which begins as i said 1600 hours g.m.t. right after this news hour will be 11 am here in washington d.c. we will take you through all the events as they happen all the state january 20th 2021. day in the united states. for the moment thank you very much that was nancy pelosi talking to one of her stuff as a she makes her way in to the capitol building there she was in the church with joe
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biden where he was as well as going through the church ceremony trying to build bridges across. political divides in the u.s. political system let's talk. about the closest security checkpoint to the white house now many we should be seeing people on the streets we should be maybe glimpsing a certain party atmosphere on the streets there but we're not we're seeing big fences and lots and lots of security. certainly under normal circumstances this is the part of town where you'd see tens of thousands of people lining up just to catch a glimpse of the president walking down pennsylvania avenue on his way to the white house that's traditionally how it's been done it is a very different washington d.c. than people are used to say give you a sense of where we are right now as you mentioned we're outside of a secure perimeter as close as you can get to the white house right now of course behind that perimeter that that metal fence is a line of national guards troops their number one priority is securing the
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inauguration taking place today but you know the mood still seems jovial there's music there are vendors selling merchandise with biden harris photographs on buttons and posters and even face masks it is jovial there does seem to be a very positive mood there is certainly nothing around here that we could characterize as a protest for demonstrations certainly not any anything that we would characterize as as a violent scene but again today is the day that more than 20000 national guards troops have been preparing for guarding and securing the peaceful transition of power here in washington we've been driving around throughout the course of the morning different parts of washington d.c. downtown d.c. still with that ever changing secure perimeter around the city with new street closures being announced police secret service national guards troops on every corner of every alleyway making sure that it's going to be here and peaceful transfer of power here in washington many pushing on your mexico correspondent for
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the next minutes or so we know we're going to get. an executive order signed off in the next 24 hours or so from mr biden about the war about donald trump's wall does that executive order with one signature begin to soften the relationship between the government in mexico city and the bite ministration the american government in washington. not only for mexico but for many countries in latin america in central america there it's almost a collective sigh of relief at this point so many of the policies that were put in place by the trumpet ministration that have drawn condemnation from international human rights observers that have really stretch the limits of international law not only policies that resulted in family separations policies that resulted in women and children being put in cages and policies that led to countries like mexico
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being labeled quote unquote safe 3rd countries where asylum seekers were forced to wait for their asylum claims in the united states to be processed so today does it is very symbolic in the end represents a new path forward in that immigration relationship that the united states has with mexico but it's not something that's going to happen overnight we know that this sweeping immigration policy being proposed unveiled today by the incoming by the administration is significant it's still going to require a passing vote from congress but the fact that this is a top priority piece of legislation by the incoming administration shows how important this issue is in the united states and how important the relationship between the united states and mexico is at the moment many thank you very much memo a correspondent on the streets of washington let's go to capitol hill and diplomatic editor james james various presidents and prime ministers around the world what's the theme they want to hear from incoming president mr by.
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well i think there are 3 speed. quite a lot of high level officials from countries particularly allies of the u.s. there are 2 things that are absolutely top of the gender one is covert 19 recovery around the world both the economic damage and trying to deal with covert 19 in some parts of the world where they don't yet have vast sources of the vaccine that's number one and clearly we're going to see president biden as he will be in an hour's time the saw after noon sign a series of executive orders one of those is going to be on the covert and it's that it that executive order will include the u.s. rejoining the world health organization now the other key one is a much longer term but also crucial issue for the world and that's climate change is going to sign up to the pious climate change because it's worth telling you
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where i am now all the dignitaries are gathering and of long those i just saw moments ago we're not allowed to move from where we are which is a shame because he was only a few feet away from me now that john kerry the former secretary of state who is going to start his job in about an hour's time as the u.s. climate change special envoy and clearly a very important job and clearly part of his job done all of the 1st day jesse the u.s. back in that paris climate deal those other 2 things i think that most allies would say that they want the u.s. to do and concentrate on but there is a huge list a huge list of things ahead for this administration ok james we'll talk to you very soon i'm sure thank you for that let's bring in rachel bloom she's assistant professor of political sciences at the university of oklahoma she joins us on skype from norman oklahoma rachel bloom great to get your thoughts at this time clearly there are people around the world who want to take a moment of
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a few moments of ok we can breathe me. decompress the days of donald trump have gone but can i suggest to you that for the 74000000 people who voted for donald trump they're kind of mirrored internationally you know. the israeli prime minister the russian president certain other people around the region that i'm sitting in the middle east. they were quite happy with president trump how will they react to president biden well a lot of them still don't believe that president biden actually interacted or not is a big problem greeks were aware that there is a part of the american electorate and a part a large part of the republican electorate don't care ruction or. really won't accept little evidence to the contrary and if we have that kind of division it's hard to give a unified message to the world and the anger that we saw being displayed on january
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the 6th when those people wearing military uniforms stormed the capitol building we were carrying a report from one of our correspondents in virginia those people are still on the streets demanding their rights to look like insurrectionists i don't like using the word but it's the right word carrying their guns the anger that makes them behave in that way is that anger going to go away after a couple of joe biden speeches. i don't think so and i think part of the reason is because it didn't start with donald trump so i've been researching at the tea party movement for a year aires and all of this at least goes back then but of course there are there are roots that go back much much further but since 2009 there is barely an undercurrent of this kind of civil unrest militia style or. of calls to
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have what they call a legal insurrection and overthrow the government take back our house so what we saw on january 6th was the culmination of something that has been building very visibly for the past decade little wetted states does that mean that steve bannon who's been pardoned by his friend donald trump that steve bannon was right once he was got rid of from the white house he reportedly apparently said mr trump didn't understand what mr trump was for what the trump presidency was really about i think he might have been right about that although there are some other ways that that maybe trump understood what he was doing the whole time. he understood that he was very magnetic to a certain part of the electorate too especially white voters any time he tried to drum up sentiment about race or threats that these voters respond to and he was
6:41 pm
very very good at doing that so to some extent he might have he might not have been from the earlier report people stepping into but he was familiar with what he was doing and he saw the affair soon and he enjoyed them and he continued to encourage them moving forward does the republican party still need donald trump because he put them in power after all said and done. this is a big debate going forward i think there will be some division on a stretcher at least a couple more presidential election cycles because on the one here and trump did win the electoral college in 2016 and the republicans have done ok in congress at least in 2016 they've only recently lost the senate and only by a narrow margin but on the other hand american electoral institutions from the electoral college to how congressional district lines are drawn favor republicans so it doesn't take a whole lot for republicans to win
6:42 pm
a win about half the races in west something really catastrophic happens so it's not entirely clear i think to a lot of republicans going forward. or carrying on the trump like they see is necessarily the only path to victory i think we'll see a lot of soul searching in the next 48 years does that mean that if mr trump were to go ahead with this idea that he's kind of hinting about even today if he sets up his own political movements last policy that might actually be bad news for the republican party because that would split the vote because if you got to in effect a 2 party system if you get a little upstart posse coming in stage left that takes away from the main party of quotes a position yes exactly i mean we've we've seen this happen before we could think 1900 been when teddy roosevelt splits off with his own party it's happening it would be bad news for the republicans in the short term but i think good news for
6:43 pm
their party in the long term and good news for american democracy if the movement where that faction that trump is right now the titular leader and if that were were sidelined a little bit from political power ok we have to leave it there rachel bloom great to get your thoughts on this important significant day. let's go back to my colleague alan fischer who's just overlooking the white house there so alan we've seen mr trump leave washington spectacle number one has headed towards florida we're now focusing in on mr biden being formally sworn in and those executive orders that says initial stamp on the oval office. exactly right when i was on for a couple of days that he intended to say in a series of executive orders but it's become clear over the last few hours exactly
6:44 pm
what those executive orders will do one of the 1st ones will be to get the united states back into the paris climate accord you had james talking about john kerry he's very keen to do that and he will what in his role as special envoy with other countries to ensure that the u.s. isn't bearing the brunt of the changes that have to be made to try and lure global emissions some would say it's already too early but certainly joe biden wants to have a go at doing it and sees one way of doing not through the efforts that they make through the paris climate accord he's going to reverse donald trump's muslim but you remember that very actually on in his presidency he signed the ban stopping people who are essentially muslim flying into the united states that led to huge lines at the airport huge protests at the airport and steve bannon who you were talking about with the guest actually said that's exactly what he wanted to do he wanted to cause real problems in the 1st week or so of the trumpet ministration
6:45 pm
well joe biden is going to overturn that he's also going to put forward within the 1st month we are told a comprehensive immigration plan which will lead to citizenship for around 11 an $11000000.00 undocumented migrants though there are a few republicans a few republicans have been talking about unity they're saying they simply won't be able to agree with that and that might get the bite ministration off 'd to a bad start with those republicans who want to talk about unity but joe biden believes there is a possibility of a deal being done there that those on the hill realize there is the need to do something about the 11000000 undocumented migrants in the united states he's also going to address corporate things like vixens and foreclosures that have been ongoing because people can't afford to pay their rent on their mortgage he is going to put a federal halt or not. to make sure that people can at least in their homes and then when you talk about covert there's going to be masking in all federal
6:46 pm
properties and interstate travel as well and then he's going to push in the next month or so for a $1.00 trillion dollar relief bill on corporate he thinks that's hugely important janet yellen his choice to be treasury secretary telling congress yesterday at our 1st confirmation hearing in treasury so low this is the time you borrow money and spend big and what the about the deficit later on essentially shoe saying you've got to try and kick start the economy out of the problems of couldn't remember yes it's still to replace 10000000 jobs that had it in not to last year so a lot of things to be done on the fire stay in office a lot of presidency on life our stay in office i will don't come famously said he was going to of the iran nuclear deal and move the u.s. embassy in israel to jerusalem both things he eventually did but not on day one joe biden laying out a much more realistic timetable a much more realistic agenda of what he's going to do since he's behind the old
6:47 pm
resolute desk in the oval office so biden's incoming honeymoon period will be defined i guess by real meaningful progress in the fight against covert if only because so many of those individual states if you listen to senators they feel completely abandoned by this administration by the trumpet ministration when it comes to the pushback against coronavirus that's why we're going to see people like anthony fight she front and center again. i mean biden has been very realistic about what lies ahead for people across america he doesn't believe that the watched of this crisis is yet been reached he says that perhaps in a month's time there will be even more bad news to come the death rate might be even higher. and that said much change from what we got from donald trump who of course and initially said that the whole virus had been contained that there wasn't
6:48 pm
a problem that would go away when the better weather came around remember he initially planned to reopen the united states by easter in 2020 and not just kept slipping and slipping because the problem slightly better and then became much worse in the autumn and then the winter and of course there was the huge surge that the experts predicted because of thanksgiving and christmas and we've still to see the surge coming from the new year gatherings at that with higher than you were making the point yourself at. joint base andrews when donald trump left there was a gathering of supporters there and few of them are meeting mastin with heights so many super spread to events at the white house itself so joe biden is realistic with what he has to do he believes 100000000 vaccinations in the 1st 100 days is doable and for the folks he says it's doable he certainly complementary that the trumpet ministration oversaw the development of a vaccine and what war is incredibly quick time i mean some would say record time
6:49 pm
and that is probably absolutely true but the failure wars and getting the vaccine out into the country operation more speed did not work the way it was meant to work and so the idea that there would be millions and millions of people vaccinated by the end of the year simply didn't happen because it failed joan on the trump administration more so biden knows it's about logistics knows it's about getting things to the right part of the country and getting the vaccine administered and that's what he's been focusing on and even added those sort of people with that sort of expertise. to his covert team to make sure that when he gets into the white house he can start pushing the buttons on so many of these programs it doesn't all fall to dawn to to joe biden and to donald trump there was a slip they almost called him donald trump after speaking about him for 4 years it doesn't all fall down to donald trump there are those in the cabinet who have to do their job as well joe biden believes he's appointed the right people to do the
6:50 pm
right job there. critics who would suggest that donald trump didn't always do that that he appointed the people who would be a wall to him 1st and foremost and that is what hamstrung a lot of the things that donald trump tried to do in office there wasn't the expertise but goodness there was the loyalty many things the roll call of former presidents and 1st ladies and in the case of hillary clinton's presidential candidate coming in of course mrs clinton stood against donald trump in the last presidential election campaign not the one last year the 14 years before that what did i guess it would be fair to say comes down to 2 main areas of her candidature which was basically on the one hand she was a very very divisive candidate americans either liked her or loath the either thought she was intelligent and too well plugged in and they thought she was shrill or they seem to react negatively to her policies because her policies were always
6:51 pm
very complex on the campaign trail she seemed to be taking barack obama's policies and building on top of them and it became a very very tough sell and up against candidate donald trump he had that fantastically simple and i'm not saying fantastic in a judge mental editorialising way it was fantastically simple it was of course you've seen on the baseball caps you've seen on the sweatshirts on the flags make america great again for words that was what got him into the white house the bushes as well george w. bush's presidency of course defined by the events of 911 in new york and the pentagon and that carried on defining his presidency because there was a corollary effect of the back of the events of $911.00 that defined america's relationship with several countries in the middle east as a direct result of his administration's reaction to the events of $911.00 barack obama and michelle obama there as well we've just seen
6:52 pm
a shot of them the obama's and the bush. these do get on very well they all get on with each other very well there is a distinct air of friendship and genuine respect amongst those 3 former presidents and 3 former 1st ladies will stay with these establishing arrival shots and the top 2 she have for tansy who's on the national mall for us another moment another image of normality there she had former presidents former 1st ladies turning up seeing their friends again just to be there to be close to this moment of american history. i did so interesting what you were saying there about hillary clinton and all trump and why hillary clinton last 7 or the main reasons was well actually the main reasons or she didn't even bother to count painting in key battleground states like wisconsin and michigan i think fact it's interesting now i mean hearing alan talk about the possibility of donald trump now
6:53 pm
running again starting up his own party and and alan saying well you know some democrats are already saying oh go for it we'll split the republicans but remember double trouble was hillary clinton on the clinton campaign's favored opponent they were doing everything they could to get nominated at the time they completely underestimated him and as a result also didn't campaign as much hotly should have done during the election campaign which resulted in donald trump's donald trump's eventual victory you called count about and you called out the $73000000.00 people who voted for him and what clinton was was promising was more of the same but there was a moment's disappointment with the obama presidency because off 8 years of obama he didn't bring change and became very clear that he was an establishment candidate who had continuity the but meanwhile the enormous inequality in the united states continued on abated he bailed out wall street famously not main street his health care proposal or obamacare was something off the shelf from the heritage foundation
6:54 pm
a right wing republican think tank here in washington which which relied on private insurers which still left 30000000 people uninsured which led to huge rises in co-pays in the insurance in the insurance bills people with obamacare have to pay it was beautiful oppose people felt that they needed change and they didn't want more of the establishment that's very much what clinton clinton represented and that's why trump trump was tracked of as they we've been discussing for all of trump's loss that he was still very much an establishment republican presidency when you look at what he actually did as he himself said space a couple of hours ago enormous tax cuts for the rich deregulation. an enormous defense spending and packing the courts with enormously right wing judges this is this isn't this wasn't a radical agenda for a republican this is just what the republicans always want to do but meanwhile we have the noises of the tweets and donald trump's own personal conduct and even on
6:55 pm
immigration he said that there would be a big crackdown but in fact actually his record in immigration is more liberal in some ways than that of barack obama deported way more people. and barack obama retains the nickname and the nickname of the memory of being the deporter in chief which is perhaps one of the reasons why joe biden says he's going to begin on immigration as quickly as possible because there is that residual disappointment there bob ministration which said it said all sorts of flowery things and about progressive ideals and helping immigrants but in the end actually didn't necessarily live up to live up to those ideals and that's one of the reasons why there is that suspicion among progressives about the joe biden presidency the only promise that has been given out to a demonstration here in washington d.c. today is from a progressive group the working families party who've been given a part of it for 5 protesters at union station which is just just north of the
6:56 pm
capitol because it's a progressive to a wire that for all for all of joined by just to walk off not being business as usual there initially joe biden's pitch was well go back to how things were before trump he has changed that shift change that message quite a bit now and he is saying all sorts of very progressive things but at the same time joe biden has a long record of being a center right establishment politician and he has just this belief apparently that he can work with congress which didn't work with barack obama on anything and the fear about the left is in joe biden's zeal to make a deal and show bipartisan consensus off of the divisive. from years he'll watered down all those policies or worse stop taking all the right wing republican policies and say look see we have bipartisan consensus and we're cutting social security that's what broke obama did it again barack obama's health care proposal was a republican health care proposal brokered bamma refused to even think about
6:57 pm
a public option and health medicare for all because because he felt it wouldn't policy he went immediately for the right wing the right wing proposal with with congress and even that he didn't get congressional approval from the republicans and had to do it through budget reconciliation which the congressional congressional procedure which again. democrats now is saying very biden should rely upon not watered down his proposals for example his 1.9 trillion stimulus package in all of trying to court republicans this is know much see the stimulus is needed watered down the proposals in the hope of getting some republican votes possible through the means of his disposal in congress because at least on paper. the democrats are in control they have both houses of congress and on the presidency he brought over attempted to work with republicans didn't work and there's no indication yet that mitch mcconnell the republicans are in the mood now to bury the hatchet so the trump days are over that so let's all come together now
6:58 pm
there's no indication of that whatsoever. for the moment many thanks she had returned see our correspondent my colleague there on the national mall adjacent to the capitol building you can see there as well we were getting a few establishing shots of the supreme court judges who are there as well there we go of course that was something that mr trump was determined to leave his fingerprints on when it came to appointing particularly in the aftermath of the death of one supreme court judge antonin scalia in the early days of the trumpet ministration mr trump was clearly very very keen to leave his fingerprints on the future political direction of the supreme court you can see that the bush is there as well george w. bush along with mrs bush the obama's are there the clintons are there perhaps. there may be questioning should donald trump have decided to do the normal thing
6:59 pm
and to be there and to see his successor being sworn into office as the obama's did when mr trump was sworn in to office mr trump now probably more than half way on his way on board air force one to florida mara lago he gave a little speech. not something that was on a prompting machine or an autocue machine he was doing the thing that mr trump likes doing he was talking to a small crowd of people who he knew from the get go they liked him they were applauding they were cheering were there any facemasks you know was there any social distancing no there was not the key thing now in the next few hours we have 2 things to look forward to one the swearing in of joe biden mr pence the going u.s. vice president and also that keynote speech from he will by that point be president biden the keynote speech for mr biden giving us
7:00 pm
a sense of the tone the tenor the direct. of travel that he wants from his presidency number one priority dealing with the reality of coronavirus in the united states of america 400000 people have died. it's just on the 11 am here on the u.s. east coast on january the 20th 2021 a day that one choice of. scranton pennsylvania has waited his entire political career for. wherever you're watching around the world on air and online welcome to washington d.c. al-jazeera special live coverage of the u.s. presidential inauguration. is just moments away from becoming the president of the united states.


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