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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 19, 2021 9:00pm-10:01pm +03

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the money this is and it goes straight into the coffers of the leadership a $2.00 part people in power investigation bureau $39.00 cash for kim parker one. al-jazeera. hello welcome to the news i'm adrian figure in doha coming up in the next 60 minutes in less than 24 hours the presidency of donald trump comes to an end and joe biden will take over it'll be one of the most unusual transitions in u.s. history. and come out santa maria here in washington d.c. yes by this time tomorrow joe biden will be the president of the united states and the meantime the preparations and the massive security operation goes on as we
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count down to inauguration day in washington. security in guatemala thousands of refugees and migrants trying to reach the u.s. but many say they'll press on. with cemeteries filling up with hospitals close to breaking point brazil's 19 vaccination program finally begins and sportiness find success at the club 1 but well cup in qatar african champions will take on home team in the opening round. so in less than 24 hours joe biden will become the 46th president of the united states but his in organization ceremony will take place with the backdrop of an unprecedented security operation of course a pandemic that's claimed almost 4. good 1000 lives in the u.s.
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biden will take the oath of office on the steps of the u.s. capitol just 2 weeks ago it was overrun by a mob of prue trump supporters it now resembles a fortress usually a crowd. would likely stretch all the way back to the washington monument bump with the double threats of security breeches and coronavirus flags will represent the americans who can't attend there in the thousands however will be police a national guard they're expected to outnumber the attendees let's cross live there to washington d.c. welcome all signs of maria is keeping a close eye on the events of the next 24 hours come on. adrian thank you yes all the build up all the focus on inauguration day as i said by this time tomorrow joe biden will be the president of the politics goes on in the lead up to inauguration and alan fischer our correspondent is going to talk in more detail about this later but we have been hearing a from the floor of the senate the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell giving
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a speech in which he talked about what happened on the capitol building in this capitol building on january 6th and he talked about the mob being fed lies by the president provoked by the president and other powerful people now that sounds like quite a concession from mitch mcconnell however he of course took $38.00 days to actually conceit that joe biden had won the election the senate minority leader who is at this stage chuck schumer said donald trump should not be eligible to run for office ever again of course there will talking about what will happen in any potential senate impeachment trial alan will be with you more later with more on that one here with still thinking about joe biden who will take that oath of office behind me tomorrow and of course when you think back he won his presidency or you won this presidency after having won the democratic nomination. and that involved at times
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a very long arduous process and there was a very very historically large field of candidates as well so we're going to spend a few minutes here discussing joe biden's relationship with other parts of the party with his with his agenda this party that he has devoted his entire political life to but we're going to 1st of all look at some of the things that he has promised to do right out of the gate and i'm talking about the 1st 100 days benchmark we always have adequate what can a president what cannot lead to do in the 1st 100 days in office it is it's a nice round number actually i learned this recently as well the 100 day figure was something that franklin delano roosevelt came about with came up with that the height of the great depression in 190-319-9833 and he in that to the last in his 100 days which really affected the economy and the whole mood of the nation so it's been used by that and in fact joe biden has said that is in many ways the inspiration for what he has got planned let's go through some of those things he
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has promised 100000000 covert 19 vaccinations he's going to americans to wear masks during those 1st 100 days so it has to be said he doesn't necessarily have the power to enforce that state by state he's promised to rejoin the parish climate agreement on his 1st day in office trump pulled out of that and he's saying that will be an executive order to make that happen there's also been announcements changes to immigration policy won't be building will be continuing to build the wall on the border with mexico he's going to reverse donald trump's ban on people from several muslim majority countries and wants to revive a program allowing young on with arised immigrants to remain in the united states so those are the types of things which joe biden talks about doing but as i mentioned before he did win this democratic nomination out of a very big field of candidates a lot of them a lot of them represented a more progressive side of the democratic party so we thought we should talk about the. and how joe biden we will deal with him and i'm very pleased to bring in
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melissa been with us who was with the going to send his campaign back in 69 and i did it twice but most recently you were working and telephone talent so let me read you something scribbled down some notes of you joe biden's is the most progressive platform of any major policy nominee in history not my words barack obama said that so actually is it worth remembering that even though joe biden to a lot of people represents the old democratic party because he's been around for so long but he is running on a historically at least progressive but for i think yes and i think the important part about it is he has the progressive movement set up and father bernie sanders father you know all the way through april and he fought for wisconsin and staying in the race there wisconsin and sure that we had enough voters out to when the supreme court in wisconsin let us read a call for a lot of things that came after that and so i think that all of the work that was done on organizing getting people to talk about the issues whether it is medicare for all catholics it alone that the green new deal all of those issues created
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excitement and it showed that the people that got a gauge on the issues they stayed involved and when the country shut down because of kobe they all stayed up to see him and they kept doing the phone banking and they kept during the tax day so biden's campaign and now it's administration had said ok we want to go it's basically you know i think a lot of people within the campaign are actually pretty progressive and it's been really great getting to know them from through the general and through the transition so while we're at i'd 100 percent online that i'm an organizer so my job is to push them and you know. so you know morocco to be in the lineup and i'm going to be able to push that i'm sure to get the where i need to go does joe biden have to work to shake off any old image that he might have much to him being a vice president a senator for so long a 78 year old man but he said it was obvious that you know. but i think what's more important is that we're focused on. going forward in ensuring that you know people
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like the deficit down means that like to start whining about the debt listen to i am so right now instead everybody getting the past so we have to be informed by the past informed by 2009 rahm emanuel and all those terrible people were able to drive the edge on that which led to you know cutting out the public option and the affordable care act it led to not going hard on the environment to not getting immigration reform done and what we're seeing now is that we have we've learned from that mistake that you know personnel is policy so you have the executive office of the white house is staffed with really good progressive people that will be accountable to folks in the movement do you own the more progressive side of the party feel you have to fight for this i mean obviously it's something you believe in but i'm actually saying fight against the more. conservative parts of the democratic party but you know what i mean i think we're winning and so right now it's also that i think it's up to the progressive movement very savvy to have hammers and have you know do you like hard core fights and you know that you don't
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have to do that within your own party to know that you know what i like and i don't think we have to as much now i think now it's like we have to learn how to use more tools so we have to be why i keep joking around and saying that it's like a warm and fuzzy off that it has to be really it's right now it's really about their relationship building as they do in the grueling work of getting policy made but often i and i like you know how to do sometimes we now have a take action if needed and i think that everybody has an outline met the point that we have to improve our economy and the economy has to work for all americans and not just people on wall street so we're going to be watching joe biden's inauguration speech more and couple hours to get you know greater to more what would you like to hear from him i feel like so much hangs on these big speeches he's been working on it pretty much since he was became president elect and he has to please so many people he has to try to unite the country yes to to start with the emissions what happened to your agenda and 6. and he has to think about
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progression what would you want to hear i want to hear him focus on the policy and so talking about you know issues like canceling student loan that talking about how we're going to improve the affordable care act and get to a public option so we're set up to get to a single pair of actually talking about the environment and then also naming white supremacy i think you cannot be standing on those steps over there is where those nazis ran off to be able to you know smash the windows and he has to be mad and has to haul it out by and away that people need to have off ramps i think that a lot of the folks that have died and you know have made terrible choices to get involved with trump and those folks like we need them to start making better choices now and hopefully he is able to give them an off ramp so they can start making better choices i would on the. senator said was what's he going to be up to because you've been where you obviously worked very closely you have so tomorrow in the afternoon vice president come what harris will be swearing in senator elect
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warnock senator elect off the fence senator doesn't need alex but yes you're interested in the yes and once there's florida. senator sanders will be the chairman bernie sanders of the budget committee so he again gets to the budget the wall street is like kind of freaking out right now and that puts him in a real position of influence huge influence i mean that's why it's better for him to be the chairman of the budget committee of a labor secretary if you have a good relationship with her but it seems like and i think it was a very different i think one thing i really valued is that on the worst day for me which was i think it was april 6 april 8th or any you know shot suspended his campaign and a week later they have the endorsement of that and it was a very pared down about it was like everything during pandemic on zoom and it was really cool because you know the vice president elect to say how we're not going to agree all the time and that's ok. we're going to get
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a lot of work together and i think that's something that's really important as yuri you have to get to work with folks you don't agree with and it's our job our guys everybody else and it's been a pleasure talking to you and thank you for making the effort to come out with us today getting through the security very every day was really happy to be here and hopefully 100 days you can come back and again celebrate all the way but we'll see what's the what's been achieved thank you. so 1st of all just while we were talking to the surf it sounded a bit noisy it is a bit noisy so many media up here we've got our colleagues from french television english and french going at the same time that steward's it's a really busy time up here about constitution avenue we're going to be back with the 2100 hours g.m.t. which will be 4 pm here in washington d.c. to talk about the other side of things the republican party the never trumpets the people who said that they would never vote for donald trump how did they move the republican party on and work in conjunction with the biden administration so we'll see you for that again as i say 4 pm eastern time 2100 hours g.m.t.
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come on for the moment many thanks we'll see you again a little later as we've been saying this is going to be a very different inauguration compared to years past and there's plenty more to talk about this is the rest of our team in d.c. alan fisher has the latest on the outgoing trumpet ministration political hate is standing by to tell us about the 1st confirmation hearings for biden's incoming administration but 1st gabriel elizondo is on the streets of washington d.c. . just out that. you know we're just a few blocks from the white house here and the streets are as you can see very quiet and this is just one more of the dozens of national guard roadblocks that are put up now there was some concern about screening the national guard members with extra screening to make sure that there was no so-called internal attack if you will there was no threats of that however we have been told just in the last couple . hours that 2 members of the national guard have been taken off of duty because
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during extensive screening it was found they had some sort of ties to domestic radicalized domestic groups here in the united states so it just gives you an idea of how much. security is being taken how seriously it's being taken here and let's just take a little bit of a walk here to give you a sense of the scene this is walking towards the white house here towards k. street you can see boarded up buildings this is all over washington d.c. this would normally not be like this just to give you an example like in brock obama's 1st inauguration more than 1500000 people came here to washington d.c. to celebrate to partake in that and the streets were normally be filled with street vendors people selling things people that are here visiting from out of out of state and the street to be full of people but as you can see this is a street k.
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street just right by the white house and you can see it is pretty much empty this is just surreal scenes and again it's just because of the incredible security lockdown that we have here in this city that you're seeing scenes like this normally this would be filled with people the day before a presidential inauguration but as you can see it's not it's empty all the way back down to the other side of this street as well is k. street down about 2 blocks that way there are big dump trucks blocking the roads and this is essential you want to washington d.c. has become right now boarded up windows lots of security everywhere. gabriel elizondo out on the streets of washington d.c. many thanks indeed. alan fischer is standing by for us right now and within the last hour a key trump had some pretty strong words against the president. remarkable
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on the senate floor mitch mcconnell the leader of the republicans in the senate who for 4 years has been in lockstep with donald trump the 2 of them perhaps but it heads at the beginning of the administration but afterwards mitch mcconnell used donald trump to advance a lot of his agenda to continue to get republicans more seats in the house more he seats in the senate that's what it was all geared upon but he was talking about what happened almost 2 weeks ago you remember on the 6th of january a mob of trump supporters moved in to try and stop a joint meeting of congress from authorizing the election well mitch mcconnell lays the blame squarely at both the president and those who spoke out about election fraud just before we run the clip it's important to point out that among those who did not immediately acknowledge joe biden's election victory was mitch mcconnell himself his attention was very much on the senate run of state in georgia so we're actually not going to get that clip but mitch mcconnell essentially saying that
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powerful people and the president arge the crowd to cause the trouble that they cause so what is interesting is that not only is he criticizing donald trump and it would appear there is implicit criticism there of ted cruz and george holy 2 senators who were very much in favor of not authorizing the election but mitch mcconnell bill bear some responsibility for that himself because he wouldn't immediately acknowledge that joe biden had won the election was allowed to let said he was going to let the challenges play out when he knew that there was no widespread fraud because he'd been told that by the attorney general of the united states william barr who of course was a big supporter. out of there is alan fischer live there in washington as we reported a few moments ago right now the confirmation hearings for members of joe biden's cabinets. are on the way including top national security officials his picks for secretaries of state a defense as well as the secretary of the treasury among those to testify today
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let's go to patty culhane for more on this right now former fed chair janet yellen biden's nomination for treasury secretary is testifying. she is 1st woman in the history of the country to take that post and she is expected to be confirmed and we're already starting to see it result back to some sort of normal partisan fault lines janet yellen saying it's time for the congress to really step up don't worry about the deficit we need more support for the people who are struggling in this pandemic with the economy in just such a bad spiral she's getting some pushback from republicans who of course are now again concerned about the deficit but we're hearing all of these confirmation hearings very unusually less than 24 hours until the president takes office this is usually done in the run up to the inauguration the problem this time as allan was mentioning there were so many republicans who simply refused to acknowledge that
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joe biden was in fact the president that we had those 2 special senate runoff seats in georgia so we don't actually have democratic control of the senate just yet we believe senator schumer and mcconnell are going to meet this afternoon they're going to start talking about what this new senate is going to look like in the past when it's been so closely divided we've seen really. different divides the different committees between equal members are the democrats going to want to be that charitable after the last 4 years of republicans maneuvering we'll have to wait and see but they're also we were talking about impeachment is alan just mentioned mitch mcconnell talking about that laying the blame on president trump really does not bode well for him but more than that it gives the other senators in his party permission to really listen to the impeachment proceedings and possibly we that's a tall bar they need to get 17 republicans if all democrats stay onboard but it is a pretty significant step here on capitol hill so what's going to happen with all
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of these important cabinet positions probably not voted on by tomorrow while the secretaries and then it was going to look at the vote count normally in normal times the president basically gets to pick his people and it's a pretty strong vote to confirm these people will see mcconnell was on the floor and he said we're going to senator mcconnell we're going to work together well we're going to find out in just a couple of days when they do these confirmation hearings if that is in fact the case. al-jazeera us critical hain reporting live from washington patty many thanks indeed 2020 was a hard year for businesses with. the coded 1000 pandemic but one iconic restaurant in washington d.c. has remained open throughout ben's chili bowl was founded in 1958 and has not only survived a pandemic but also political unrest in the nation's capital famous for its chili dogs ben's also known for its high profile diners including former presidents and
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martin luther king jr earlier we spoke to virginia ali the founder of the historic restaurant who says the city is going through unprecedented times. i'm 87 years now and i have written this many inaugurations this is unheard of this is unreal i'm never seeing anything like this this is just been and then mazing time in we what we experienced a week ago was a ride a rude awakening as to how things can go and we weren't there plan for it obviously but our capital very own capital was literally literally devastated and the fear that took place in the entire house and that it's come to today i mean even today bridges are closed entering this city so we've gone in and it's a situation here that's unheard of and unreal eventually vote open in the 1938 so when yes 62 years we experience the riots of 1968 when the civil rights
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movement that took place but nothing compared to what we are experiencing today and of course it seemed made even worse with the pandemic that's been in place now for some time so it's a very very sad day for our suited to see what's happening we have a new administration coming in and then what's always gives us hope every inauguration gives up hope that this inauguration and this group of legislators will carry on and make soup in the make things better than before so we are still i am certainly hopeful that that's going to happen once we get passed tomorrow. security forces in guatemala have blocked thousands of refugees and migrants from central america from trying to reach the united states traveling in
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a large group known as a caravan they reached the town of votto hondo where a fierce wall of resistance awaits them i'm just serious john heilemann ripples. the moment guatemalan police broke up a caravan of thousands of people from honduras i was they were trying to get the us that they hadn't made it far just about their on the town 50 kilometers into guatemala the 1st country and there really was the security forces stopped them on saturday saying they needed covert tests and papers to pass since then they've been camped out on the highway while a huge traffic jam build up behind them. now lorries are running again but the problems of these people remain unresolved honduras is one of the poorest and most violent countries in latin america and 2 massive november storms make things worse but there are many who don't how they work there is no food there isn't anything we're keeping up the fight the government hasn't saved the president won
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a land has been criticized for his handling of the economy the rule of law and democracy itself you're not going to if the president doesn't want us to leave why doesn't he give us quicken a good salary is increasing taxes actress t. bills the price of gas for the sellers are rubbish. given all the many say they'll go on but they'll find it hard to do so as a group and even if they make it as far as mexico this is waiting for them others are being bussed back to honduras the place they say they left because they have nothing john heilemann how does it. a rise in publishing and inequality of pushing entire communities out of honduras maybe half the country lives below the national policy line that's about $4000000.00 people who live on less than $5.00 a day of things a once in rural areas extreme weather is also in fact a drought so limiting harvests and making food prices higher murder rates of fallen dramatically over the past few years but violence remains
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a concern with an estimated 44 deaths for every 100000 people this means an average of 13 people killed every day for more let's bring in arianna sawyer who's a u.s. border researcher a human rights watch she joins us via skype from the southern border of the united states ariana good to have you with us before we. get into that the meat of this discussion i just want to get your reaction to the way in which those migrants are being treated by the government in guatemala yes i think we would we would say that the response from governments in water more law as well as the sort of rhetoric we've been hearing from mexico the united states to be very concerning many of these people or vulnerable refugees they are asylum seekers they have a right to seek asylum and they should be met with you know water who these sorts of supply who've been often traveling 3rd time to you know hundreds of miles are
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super dehydrated are cleaned by mines and these sorts of images of. of of military forces and police using violence you know hitting people with the times it is just completely the opposite of what we would hope to see in terms of how governments would respond human rights watch has written to the incoming pipe that ministration what's it said. we've written to the by the ministration encouraging them to respect the right of asylum seekers to seek asylum of migrants to seek asylum at the us mexico border so it's very concerning i think we saw a. couple of stories come out yesterday that a pro you don't need to fish will buy in the industry shiny essentially saying you know we will open the border asylum seekers are going to be able to seek asylum requests but not now that now is not the time to travel which is really tone deaf
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considering that millions of people are are been affected by hurricanes in on us that people are fleeing violence they're fleeing for them a lot of sort of telling someone who's fleeing for their life and face a certain death but now is not the time to to migrates is just really telling that . joe biden has said that his administration would use more compassionate immigration policies with the immigration policies look like as far as you're concerned. so 1st of all on the trumpet ministration we've seen a near total shut down at the border for asylum seekers for migrants specifically not for other border crossers there are thousands of people will continue to cross the ports of entry along u.s. border every single day. you know as border patrol customs and border protection don't argue even asking these travelers if they if they experience i think of it
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sometimes you know so. even opening you know sort of rolling back those policies. immediately as well as what we've asked about ministration what they promised you actually so programs like to remain in mexico policy that that forced asylum seekers to wait in dangerous mexican border cities while their asylum cases unfolded in the united states. that have seen people compelled to live in unhygenic camps along the border policies like the title 42 expulsion order and i just it's that there is no provision of international law that says that asylum seekers must have hope 900 tests in order to see. goods to many thanks indeed are in a soil that from human rights watch thanks mexico's president is calling on joe biden to make good on his promises so will compassionate immigration policies in that company. in president joe biden's campaign he offered to finalize
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immigration reform and i hope he is able to achieve this with this commitment that is what i hope and i will acknowledge it and i will celebrate it. have dialogue with migrants in honduras and guatemala so they can be looked after so that they don't enter the country by force look after them respect human rights well here you go i think the time has come for the commitment to be fulfilled and that is what we hope. mexico correspondence manuel raffaello is currently in washington d.c. to come to the inauguration he joins us now live from that manuel tell us more about what mexico's hoping for as far as the incoming buy to ministration is concerned. president elect joe biden has made it clear that on day one of his administration he will be unveiling a sweeping new immigration reform policy that is expected to be unveiled shortly after the swearing in ceremony on wednesday this of course here in the united states is relevant very relevant to the 11000000 undocumented people that live in
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this country it but it does raise questions over what this means for the migrant caravan that has its eyes set on the united states asylum seekers that are currently leaving central america what the president elect has also made clear is that he will roll back a lot of the controversial policies that were put in place by the trumpet ministration policies that resulted in the separation of families from on the us mexico border policies that resulted in women and children being kept in cages policies that have really drawn the condemnation of human rights observers and really stretching the limits of international human rights law what this means for mexico also in terms of policy is a rollback on another controversial program known as the remain in mexico program which is forced asylum seekers to who are trying to get to the united states to wait on the mexican side of the border while there are silent claims or process now the current migrant caravan asylum seekers that have their eyes set on the united
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states currently this may be the 1st testament of immigration policy for the for the incoming administration but for these for central american migrants you know specifically those that are fleeing on douras el salvador guatemala they're fleeing extreme poverty there they're fleeing widespread violence and fleeing political corruption the kopechne 19 pandemic all of these problems that have been exacerbated also by climate change just last year in november. 100 of central america was slammed by 2 back to back hurricanes all of this is adding to the to the current flow of migrants being. once again. on the rise now the fact that the biden minutes administration is putting placing so much attention and priority on immigration as the 1st policy change that they're going to unveil right after the swearing in ceremony shows what a big important topic this is in the united states but we should note that this is not something that's going to happen overnight even though the legislation will be
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unveiled on wednesday it's still going to require a passing vote from congress before it can become law out zero's manuel reporting live from washington d.c. for the moment to manuel many thanks indeed for the rest of this do so we're going to tell you what else is happening in the world today but we are waiting on u.s. president elect joe biden to make a statement before he leaves for washington it's jude happen any moment now so just want you we're going to interrupt whatever we're doing at the time to take that speech live in the meantime while we wait after weeks of setbacks brazil has finally started its nationwide coronavirus vaccination program for people in the city of binocs the gateway to the amazon rain forest vaccines can't come soon enough the health system there is on the verge of collapse as oxygen supplies dwindle water can get to kids is that. the war room
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was set up in the warehouse where millions of 1000 vaccines had been stored on monday health minister. gave governors order to distribute them throughout brazil. this is the 1st step towards the largest vaccination campaign in the world this is our mission in the world. but for many families in the northern city of my mouse on the edge of the amazon rain forest the order comes too late. struggled to keep her husband alive in the hospital ran out of box. moses what do before doug solution i tried buying an oxygen cylinder but couldn't find one he died because he had no air do you know what it means for a person to try to breathe and not to be able to to beg for air and suffocate he
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had so many projects for the future now he's gone. in one hour we witnessed 3 burials one after the other by now as had been hard hit by the pandemic in april and quick to recover to a point that some scientists believed people here had achieved herd immunity the file and so the 2nd wave took them by surprise. this is more than a wave it's a tsunami before the pandemic there were 30 funerals a day during the 1st wave we had $100.00 burials now we have more than $200.00 it's as if we're at war. scientists believed to mutated versions of the corona virus discovered in my mouse have found better ways to pierce the immune system but that is not all so probably what's going on all the. brain leaders i do believe and of course if you have what were.
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the population beds look a very hear about where it was liberation going to be aired in man hours people watched on television the vaccines being loaded on military planes maybe in the air but so was much of brazil's immunization program brazil was counting on 8000000 doses to kick off its national immunization program but it's still 2000000 doses forte and political infighting continues making the hard task of vaccinating latin america's largest country even more difficult monica. my mouse. palestinians in the occupied west bank will receive their 1st shipment of russia's covert 19 vaccine on tuesday a more supplies a badly needed with israel's vaccination campaign continuing to outpace the rest of the world the palestinian authority says that its people are being neglected harry
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force of reports now from west jerusalem in terms of pure efficiency israel's vaccination drive has been the one unqualified success in its often criticized response to cohabit 19 the aim is to vaccinate everyone over the age of 16 by the end of march a target that also applies here in occupied east jerusalem where so far the rate of take up has been almost 50 percent lower than in israel people are afraid they don't know what to do but i think all of them are waking. palestinians living in the eastern half of jerusalem are the only non israeli citizens getting israeli procured vaccines as calls mount for israel to start sharing its supply will for a tease in the occupied west bank and gaza we also vaccinate people it was not it is it was made to posting is in favor of even its tourism we have we have that service and we're not permitting that it was getting vaccinations so we're doing
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our part in this but the government needs to do more. ahead of another election in march prime minister benjamin netanyahu is promising israelis that theirs will be the 1st country in the world to emerge from the pandemic oh he's persuaded pfizer to commit to an accelerated supply of its vaccine in return for israel being used as a data rich testbed for its efficacies the palestinian foreign ministry says israel is neglecting its obligations as an occupying power by not providing vaccines to the 4500000 palestinians in the west bank in gaza but the p.a. health ministry says it neither expects nor requires such assistance it says 20 percent of the need will be provided by the international vaccine alliance gavi with the remainder secured by the p.a. from other sources with. with or under previous. in providing the import of them and we did not. within it is that. provide us with the thing in an interview last week with american broadcaster n.p.r.
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israel's health minister said it was natural for a country to vaccinated own citizens as new coded 1000 cases continue to search around the world already a clear gap has emerged between rich nations and poor ones when it comes to vaccinating their populations israel's own program is outpaced even the richest countries but that's only made starker just how much the palestinians have been left out of the process and how far they've been left behind are a force that al-jazeera west jerusalem. a sprawling estate on russia's black sea coast is the subject of a new report by the team of detained opposition figures alexina valmy the property allegedly belongs to the russia's president vladimir putin the kremlin though denies this valley's people and others say that the property is a bribe given to putin for favors that he's did he's done for powerful people alexandra gone for reports from moscow. alexina riley barely managed to settle himself in his detention cell when he steamed dropped like a bomb
9:39 pm
a publication research that they regularly accuses russian president vladimir putin of corruption and embezzlement it involves the amongst other things allegation that owns a villa on the black sea and that this villa though it's not on his name has been financed by his friends that are heading to the state owned oil companies spending back to the ninety's when put in the return from theirs that has then he was then the officer and started working in some petersburg department for international trade it alleges that he for bribes in cash enabled his close friends a licenses that in essence made them rich by the natural resources of it goes further to say that to return to favor and other favors that followed this friends some of the most prominent in the richest business loans of russia then basically financed the this in the black sea on which they spend off the state
9:40 pm
money at least $11300000000.00 now. they are saying that the these are must belong to putin although it is not on his name a because it is a no fly zone it for instance has its own port even its own boss port control you cannot approach it by the sea there is a tunnel built in this sort of port also bring some new details like the layout or they claim they were provided with furniture there actually by b. so would the amount of that never josh and could buy for himself an apartment the existence of this the ally has been exposed in 2000 then by and it was i'll businessmen that claimed that he was a part of the record option schemes in sanct petersburg before putin became president and then these. games were at this mist as nonsense analyzed by put his press secretary to meet the risk of once again risk of said that these claims and
9:41 pm
this report and publications and the allegations in it have nothing to do with reality and that bolton doesn't own a car saw the report is full of stuff that we could read before in some other publications and journalistic research is a but when it is all put together in one place with the edited details files and documents of payment it is shocking and stunning to read it was recorded by a violin before he. boarded that plane to go to moscow where he was promptly arrested and in the report itself he calls for people to go out on the street and protest against putin and the way he governs russia saying it is a corrupt way that makes russians in russia who are now similar report that was a published some years ago on then prime minister dmitry medvedev they'd bring people
9:42 pm
out on the streets to protest this report to the way to present that what is in it does have potential to do the same but whether this will be the result we will see on the 3rd day of this is the day when these associates and team try to organize big brought this to rally in towns of moscow so it remains to be seen whether this will have the effect that they're now violently and have he steam a desire italy's prime minister. has been addressing services as he fights to save his ruling coalition on monday a counter one a vote of no confidence in the other chamber of parliament the lower house getting a similar result of the senate is expected to be much tougher though 0 stephanie decker has more from rome on the battle ahead for qantas in the senate. he doesn't have the numbers so he's trying to convince as many people as possible to come over to his side what some analysts may predict is that because the party that pulled
9:43 pm
out of the cabinet met they would end party may abstain he may still get the numbers he needs to succeed but in a much weaker position so whereas he may be successful today it could still pose problems moving forward a lot of people questioning the timing of this really coming down to 2 men but they would end the former prime minister he's the one who pulled out of course this whole thing to happen many people saying that this certainly was not the time at a time you know during a pandemic and also facing huge economic challenges. flooding in indonesia has killed at least 15 people and forced tens of thousands more from their homes it's pushing rescuers to the limits after last week's earthquakes there was jessica washington reports from jakarta. indonesia south kalimantan province on the island of borneo heavy rain has lashed these villages and towns for days tens of thousands of people have been evacuated some choosing to stay put one has been sleeping
9:44 pm
outside his house for nearly a week it's the 1st time he's experienced a flood but when they get banged up on was it not with that i have to stay here to look after my belongings people might steal them night also i have to watch in case the electricity short circuits flooding is common in indonesia during the monsoon season but this year 11 of the 13 districts and so on time have been inundated some for the 1st time ever been through on them i need help the basics like food we cannot work right now and my husband hasn't been able to work because of covert 19 evacuation centers are operating around affected areas but volunteers say their resources are stretched a plan that would have got much out of that but we need blankets for the elderly we only have 3 we need food for them and for the toddlers are also lacking medicine. some of those here are suffering from diarrhea and skin infections caused by contaminated water. and many say they don't know what they'll do when they return
9:45 pm
to their houses the devil know after all my possessions are gone the water in my house is chest height president joke over dodo visited the area earlier in the week . this is a major flood that may not have occurred in south carolina and for more than 50 years due to heavy rainfall. but environmental groups say land segregation and the forest station is making the floods worse. and these floods are particularly bad because from the total $3700000.00 hectares of land in south kalimantan 50 percent is already burdened by mining and pommel plantations. for him and this crisis isn't just about rain but the mismanagement of land just to get washington out to sea or jakarta of course in thailand has handed a record 43 year jail sentence to a woman for insulting the king the former civil servants was found guilty on the
9:46 pm
$29.00 counts of violating thailand's strict laws against criticizing the monarchy she posted offending audio clips on social media well before being sentenced the woman known only as and chan so the cheat now understood the gravity of what she'd done. so i didn't really think it through and was too confident and not being careful enough to realise it at the time that it wasn't appropriate this is a big lesson for me. from bangkok scott hider explains the likely reason for such a heavy sentance. well looks like they're making an example of her yet 43 years the longest sentence for oil defamation laws here very very strict the strictest in the world and what's interesting is that there's a pattern to this usually when they're they go through this fairly lengthy court process this is been going on for about 6 years now usually toward the end when there's a sentencing there's negotiations on a term a sentence and then
9:47 pm
a girl guilty plea is submitted and usually that sentences have been that's what we've been seeing here 43 years the longest term sentence i should say before this was 35 years so yes that's what he's she's going to serve if she serves that entire time that he left to be determined we know that sometimes there will be some clemency in that they will be released early but right now it's clear that they're making they the establishment both the monarchy and the government here is making a sending a message by the sentencing today. u.s. presidential inauguration so borne witness to moments that have echoed through history for a new leader it's an opportunity to set the tone for the years to come and capture the mood of the american people likely come on something bria takes a look now at how the tradition can also shape the legacy of a new presidency. traditionally the day of sermons i brought him saying obama do solemnly swear i like the idea do
9:48 pm
solemnly swear. granted. the. ritual stretching back to america's founding. joe biden says the 59th u.s. presidential inauguration and across those more than 200 years of history there have been some stand ups times when images have become iconic and words have captured moments of generational change and ask not. what your country can do for you ask what you can do for your country. by moments of political transition. in this present crisis government is not the solution to our problem government is the problem and sometimes moments where americans were told what they most wanted to hear and maybe needed to believe about themselves there is nothing wrong with america that cannot
9:49 pm
be cured by what is right with america. messages have been sent to both allies and adversaries we shall pay any price bear any burden meet any hardship support any friend. oppose any foe where you are the and the success of liberty from this day forward it's going to be only america 1st and a funeral directions are remembered only because something bizarre happened like in 941 when william henry harrison wanted to prove he was tough by speaking for 2 hours on a cold went day purposely without an overcoat he died of pneumonia exactly a month later and 12 years earlier when andrew jackson threw up in the white house to anyone and everyone it got so out of hand he had to escape his own party by
9:50 pm
climbing out a window. the ones history most remembers are the ones that captured a moment and seem to bend it to the new president's will in 1933 a nation teetering on the brink of economic ruin heard these words let me or my family. that the only way we have. heard. and by all accounts the national mood began to change perhaps appropriately the most famous inaugural address was delivered by the president often considered america's greatest in 1965 as the civil war drew to a close abraham lincoln called for unity with malice toward none he said with charity for all of us strive on to finish the work we are in to bind up the nation's wounds words that once again resonate in this deeply divided america of 2021 come all santamaria al-jazeera washington.
9:51 pm
we're waiting on president elect joe biden to speak in wilmington delaware this as you can see is not joe biden we're waiting for the president elect to. takes the podium and begin his address which we're assured will be any moment now. and here is president elect joe biden speaking to the nation. at that one off event in delaware i think they're going to wipe down the podium 1st coded secure. and all that. and here it comes. let's listen.
9:52 pm
thank you governor and tracy and all my friends that are here even the you've done for me. if my family about the years. how many men a friend a long time look out there and i. see in my pretty my come glad you're healthy man you're here pal. really got me thank you look. you know you've this kind of emotional. for me thank you thank you if you're my whole career and through the good times and the bad i want to thank you very thing to my fellow delawareans in behalf of the entire biden
9:53 pm
family is here today i want to express how much you mean to me and to every one of us you know in our family the values we share the character we strive for the way we view the world it all comes from home and all comes from delaware state that gave my mother and father a home and out livelihood when they needed it most a state that made my brother sister and i both of them are here understand that we could do whatever we dreamed of whatever that was. and it gave me a chance when i was just a kid to be like me too and believed in me and sent me the united states senate before going to the county council after on the county council where joel and i found one another and where she made me strong as ernest hemingway wrote in all the broken places. and the state that loves our children our grandchildren.
9:54 pm
and loved our bow the so loved you right back gen barry when headquarters was named after bo. i told general vital at the time it means everything to me 100 to ashley to jill to the whole family. who bow would be the 1st to say the honor goes with the men and women of the delaware national guard and their families who gave so much were true patriots defined by the courage of their character so it's deeply personal at our next geraghty to washington starts here a place that defines the very best of who we are as americans i know the i know these are dark times but there's always light that's what makes
9:55 pm
this state so special that's what it taught me it taught me the most is always light when i came home after graduating from delaware and then going on to law school at sarah hughes i get home after law school to wilmington to our county it got dark dr king was assassinated wilmington and met in flames the national guard patrol the streets and that turmoil inspired me to become a public defender a step i never anticipated would lead me toward this improbable journey or trial of years ago our eyes waiting at the train station a woman. for a black man to pick me up on our way to washington where we were sworn in as president and vice president of the united states of america. and here we are today my family and i about to return to washington. to meet
9:56 pm
a black woman south asian descent to be sworn in as president vice president of the united states. as i told ball on that station waiting for of rock and hunter i said no actually i said don't tell me things can't change they can and they do that's america that's delaware a place of hope and light and limitless possibilities and i'm honored i'm truly honored to be your next president and commander in chief now always be a proud son of the state of delaware. thanks tommy or better known as the chairman carper senator carper knows my colleagues in the senate used to always kid me for quoting irish poets they thought i did because i'm irish i didn't do it for that reason i did it
9:57 pm
because they're the best poets in the world and james joyce james joyce was said to have told a friend that when his come when it comes his time to pass when he dies he said dublin dublin were written on my heart well excuse the emotion but when i die delaware britta my heart. to hearts thank. you all but all of us all the bidens we love you will we be you been there for us in the good in the bad in never walked away and. i am proud proud proud proud to be a son of delaware and i am even more proud. to be cindy here
9:58 pm
doing this room major beau biden soon. there is a gentleman. well i have one regret he's not here because he should we should be to do so he was pretty. but we have great opportunities. deloris taught us anything is possible and it's possible this country's god bless you all and may god protect our troops thank you thank you. thank you. presenter magnus to become emotional i'm jules i was terrified now that as he prepares for the journey to washington vino gratian at 2nd to new to listen and as he makes those who read about him michael bill's to deliver the benediction.
9:59 pm
if you are just joining us so we are watching joe biden as he prepares on the eve of the inauguration talking about a journey. to washington that's listening to the person who endeavors to consistently do the right thing textbook example so. here's a new you dish word for a vocabulary recent our favorite deli we're going to washington bush share my wife dr lisa green a k a major by. donald trump's presidency is ending as it began steeped in bitter controversy in the coming hours his last in the white house we're expecting to see a string of pardons announced as well as a final video statement from trump this ring of steel around washington d.c. to prevent similar scenes to those witnessed at the capitol 2 weeks ago 2 national
10:00 pm
guardsmen have been stood down because of suspected links to far right groups and as he prepares to leave office and snub the inauguration of his successor joe biden the country's coronavirus death toll is about to reach 400000. let's go live to patty cal hane in washington d.c. and patty we were hearing there from president elect biden but what are we expecting to hear from trump in the last hour as. well isn't that the question has been eerily quiet since he's been kicked off twitter or not a lot of people working in a lot of the left work in the white house not a lot of leaks coming out but we do expect that he is going to do a couple of things on his way out the door we think that it's likely that he'll put out a video to basically talking about his accomplishments that is very much not standard practice usually the outgoing president does have some sort of press conference so he might put out a video and then it's these pardons that we keep hearing about the new york times it's a really remarkable report.


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