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mubarak need to step down but then the flames ignited in tunisia exploded in egypt and everything changed episode 2 of the family on a just. this is al-jazeera. alone welcome to the news hour i'm peter they'll be here and coming up in the next 60 minutes with cemeteries filling up in hospitals close to collapse brazil's cope with 19 vaccination campaign finally begins i. award the security in guatemala stops thousands of refugees and migrants trying to reach the u.s. many say they'll press on. the u.s.
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is accused of trying to undermine uganda's contentious election result with some bastard tries to visit the opposition leader body one. also this hour a record sentence a toy woman is ordered to spend more than 4 decades in prison for insulting the king. and i'm far as might have already sporting including india pull off a dramatic series win over australia with victory in the forecast and respect. bush. after weeks of setbacks brazil has started its nationwide coronavirus vaccination program people in my mouse the gateway to the amazon rain forest vaccines cannot come soon enough the health system there is on the verge of collapse as oxygen supplies. one. is there. through the war room was set up in a warehouse where millions of coded 1000 vaccines had been stored on monday health
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minister. gave governors the order to distribute them throughout brazil. this is the 1st step towards the largest vaccination campaign in the world this is our mission in the world. but for many families in the northern city of my mouse on the edge of the amazon rain forest the order comes too late. struggled all week to keep her husband alive in the hospital ran out of oxygen most is what the before doug situation i tried buying an oxygen cylinder but couldn't find one he died because he had no air do you know what it means for a person to try to breathe and not to be able to to beg for air and suffocate he had so many projects for the future now he's gone. in one hour we
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witnessed 3 burials one after the other by now as had been hard hit by the pandemic in april and to recover to a point that some scientists believed people here had achieved herd immunity the violence of the 2nd wave took them by surprise. this is more than a wave it's a tsunami before the pandemic there were 30 funerals a day during the 1st wave we had $100.00 burials now we have more than $200.00 it's as if we are at war. scientists believe 2 mutated versions of the corona virus discovered in my mouse have found better ways to pierce the immune system but that is not all so probably what's going on. is nearest frame is nearly 8 years i was. then of course if you were boarders miscible and get suitable relation beds look great in their very air
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a little wary musts liberation going to be under him and now as people watched on television the vaccines being loaded on military planes may be in the air but so is much of brazil's immunization program brazil was counting on it 1000000 doses to kick off its national immunization program but it's still 10000000 doses short and political infighting continues making the hard task of that's a meeting latin america's largest country even more difficult monica you're not here for all just sirrah my mouse. china is being criticized by an independent panel sent to uncover what really happened in the early days of the corona virus outbreak set up by the world health organization the panel's interim report says officials could have applied measures quote more for forcefully during the initial outbreak and will have the panel also criticized the w
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h o's own response saying the global pandemic alert system is not fit for purpose the full inquiry findings will be released in may a seen us health official has called on china to provide evidence links to the outbreak and including samples taken from the so-called wet market at the center of the investigation. the team which found the route well this week will be well only be successful if it is provided with the following information conway in the possession of chinese authorities 1st all stories produced in china on the presence of sars could be 2 related genetic sequence sequences in animals i don't know of certain results in around on a province in iran so novels from the markets you can of analysis of genetic data in circles well a leading chinese health official says now is not the time for political point
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scoring virus or reading studies. of that if nature it needs quite a nation compilation we must stop and the political pressure on. the trumpet ministration has issued an order lifting an entry ban imposed on travelers from brazil and most of europe but joe biden's incoming team says it won't go ahead the bans were imposed earlier this year last year rather they blocked most non american citizens entering from the e.u. the u.k. and brazil as it stands the restrictions were lifted in the week after joe biden takes office she has pretenses in washington he says the trumpet ministration does have good reason to lift the bombs. on the face of it you could say oh look it's the trouble been astray ssion just sort of flexing its muscles and being difficult for the beit din ministration but actually if you look at the presidential proclamation that was that was released it was
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a rather well argued document it said look on the 26th of january we have these new c.d.c. mandated guidelines which mean that anyone returning or entering the u.s. on an international flight over the age of 3 has to have had a covert test within 3 days and because the level of transparency and cooperation between the u.s. and the u.k. and the shingles are in in the e.u. that's where they have borderless travel and brazil is so good that we no longer need to just have a battle on the evidences because now we have these the the requirement for covert tests it wasn't just you know this is what we're going to do but almost immediately we got a tweet from joe biden's press secretary who said with the pandemic questioning and more contagious parents emerging around the world this is not the time to be lifting restrictions on international travel on the advice of our medical team the administration does not intend to lift these restrictions on journey 26 in fact we plan to strengthen public health measures around international travel in order to
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further mitigate the spread of covert 19 to stronger restrictions on travel potentially being promised by biden's press secretary clearly a. an argument about methodology in about and about strategy towards covert which is very much in keeping with how both trump and biden and the respective teams are discussing things as it goes anywhere. guatemalan security forces have blocked thousands of central american refugees and migrants trying to reach the united states they were traveling in a so-called caravan consisting of a large group for safety here's john coleman i the moment guatemalan police broke up a caravan of fans of people from honduras was they were trying to get the us that they hadn't made it far just about their on the town 50 kilometers into guatemala the 1st country on their route was security forces stopped them on saturday saying
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they needed covert tests and papers to pass since then they've been camped out on the highway well a huge traffic jam build up behind them. now lorries are running again but the problems of these people remain unresolved honduras is one of the poorest most violent countries in latin america and 2 massive november storms make things worse but there are many who don't how they work there is no food there isn't anything we're keeping up the fight the government hasn't save the president one orlando has been criticized for his handling of the economy the rule of law and democracy itself you're not going to if the president doesn't want us to leave why doesn't he give us work in a good salary he's increasing taxes actress t. bills the price of gas but the sellers are rubbish. a lot of them have been bused back to home douras the guatemalan thora tese 1st stopped the caravan after a bit of a confrontation as well on sunday and cleared them off the highway and then others
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of them still appear to be in the town above the wandle where they're being sort of searching presumably for other routes to continue but they're not going to be able to go as this big group of more than 6000 people that were on the highway at the central highway going through the town so it's been broken up even though a lot of people perhaps will try and continue their journey to try to get to the united states perhaps one of the other reasons why this is happening right now they might be encouraged by incoming president joe biden's slightly more sympathetic stance especially towards asylum seekers than his predecessor the current president president donald trump supplement might be one of the other reasons but the acting head of customs and border protection has actually said don't waste your time and money just because there's a new administration doesn't mean that our commitment to the rural rule of law and public health is change. mexico's president is calling on joe biden to make good on
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his promises for more compassionate immigration policies in that campaign here. in president joe biden's campaign he offered to finalize immigration reform and i hope he is able to achieve this with this commitment there is what i hope and i will acknowledge it and i will celebrate it. have dialogue with migrants in honduras and guatemala so they can be looked after so that they don't enter the country by force look after them respect human rights well here you go i think the time has come for the commitments to be fulfilled and that is what we hope. the italian prime minister just i think conti has been addressing senators today as he faced a save his ruling coalition on monday conte one of those of no confidence in the other chamber of parliament the lower house getting a similar result in the senate is expected however to be much tougher stephanie decker joins us live from rome so stephanie day 2 of this crisis what are we expecting today. well we're expecting another long day a lot of debate back and forth as you mentioned that has addressed the senate
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laying out again you know his plans justifying how this year very difficult year was governed by his government and then we're going to expect a vote on that vote we expect probably in the early evening or so and you know it really all does it's a vote of confidence it's the 2nd one yes yesterday paul's with more of a majority than people expected but he doesn't have the numbers in the senate however the party that pulled out are saying that its members will abstain if that happens and that means that he could still win the vote but with a far less number it will come back as a weaker government so to speak what people say is that the current surge in there is that then to govern and to get anything paul through the legislative will be far more difficult because you'll have to negotiate with different parties given taken certain at this point in time what this country needs is a strong government to deal with real serious issues peter so we're going to have to wait and see people tell you it's still unpredictable how the day unfolds but
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certainly this political crisis at this point in time for italy is not very helpful and all this politics whilst there's still a partial locked in place i mean have italians really had enough of all this. yes i think it depends who you speak to some will of course support that end to this is the politician who pulled his party out but in general people will tell you that they're fed up that it's not the time to do power plays in politics certainly entering into a new year this is a country that has soaring public debt highest debt since world war 2 you know people are struggling shops are closed you mentioned that lockdown you know restaurants bars closed there's a curfew 10 pm to 5 am in place across the country people cannot travel in between provinces mostly so that's still struggling peter so these are real measures that need to be implemented they have to decide on over 200 euros coming from the euro 200000000000 euros coming from the european union how that's going to be spent so i
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think people kind of are seeing this as another phase initially what's often happened they call it their political theater but they're not really getting to the real issues so again at the moment certainly the country being held hostage let's say to this interim political crisis period but we'll know by the end of the day. whether he passes or not and then indeed he still will have challenges moving forward even if he does win the vote ok we have to leave it there stephanie thank you very much tough talk of the reporting from rome. here's a taste of war still to come here on the news hour tens of thousands fleeing their homes after flooding in the museum we have a report on the latest natural disaster in a few days. supporters of the kremlin critic alexina value a run down while protesting against a ruling to put him back behind bars. and in the sports world cup host cats are revealed more details about the next big tournament to be held in the country details coming up in about 30 minutes.
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uganda has accused the u.s. of blatantly meddling in its presidential election last week after washington's ambassador to come pollard tried to visit the opposition leader bobby whine whine claims the president you were in the 70s reelection was fraudulent and he says in effect been under house arrest since the weekend let's speak now to catherine sawyer our correspondent following that story for us out of camp is there any evidence at all that direct u.s. meddling here catherine. well there is no evidence it's just that the u.s. has been very critical of the selection process from the very start even before polling day. us said it's not going to observe these elections because. electoral commission has refused to accredit most of its observers they said that the
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embassy here said that the election process has been deeply flawed locks transparency and accountability now about the u.s. ambassador natalie brown she did visit the wines home yesterday she says she just wanted to go and check on him how he's doing how he's healthy is but he was she was blocked by security forces who have besieged his home for a number of days now we have spoken to the government spokesman or foreign or pando who has said that the u.s. is meddling in the political affairs of the country in the electoral process and he said that the ambassador needed to follow the proper diplomatic procedures he said she needed to write a letter to the foreign affairs ministry detailing her intent and then the security perimeters needed to be informed now that puts a lot of question people are asking so is bobby wine and a house arrest he has said he is all indications are that he is under house arrest
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but i have spoken to security officials who are very careful about that word arrest they're saying he's not and are under house arrest what they have done is provided a cover to prevent any plans of violent demonstrations or any plans of riots catherine the authorities have been saying for the best part of today's now look the internet is back it's switched on it's fully operational but there's just no information really coming out of the country apart from conversations like the conversations you and i've been having over the past 3 or 4 days is the internet back on or not. war the internet is pashley back on the internet has been restored but social media social media platforms have not been restored yet people are bypassing that block using the virtual private networks of the p.-n.
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now our social media was blocked was a fast to be blocked on tuesday and this was after facebook suspended dozens of accounts of individuals connected to the ruling party and the information ministry this upset very much government officials including presidential where it was 70 who said that uganda is a sovereign country no one should interfere in its affairs then on wednesday there was a complete internet shutdown a security official saying that this is to avoid incite inciting messages being spread to the public to cause chaos particularly after the resolves so people are happy that the internet is back on but they're wondering when will social media platforms which they rely on very much like in what stopping people talk to their families using whatsapp and so on when will that be fully restored catherine thank you very much catherine for the reporting live from kampala let's talk now to christophe to the he's a senior lecturer at the university around work where he researches governance and
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conflict in uganda christophe to welcome to the news of this hostility from mr i'm a servant is it such a big surprise given we've had weeks now of claim and counterclaim and each claim is stronger than the claim that went before. thank you indeed so what we have seen is a gradual escalation of the directorate and the relation with the international community . for example when the riots happened in november when bobby one was arrested. present with 70 claims that's foreign groups had to be infiltrating the opposition you also started blaming homosexuals of being involved and all of this has been a major change with the past because in the past for example presently 70 he steered away as much as possible from the anti gay bill because he was a rare of sense that if this is an international community and how we need the
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international community and that's why it is in a way a surprise because i'm 70 government has always have really relied on donor support all the support from the international community from the eighty's from the 2nd have the aid is on routes up to recently donor support has been central for them 70 governments do you think his government or he himself might be prepared to tread delicately here i mean we're talking about millions and millions of dollars from the likes of the world bank and the i.m.f. and as you were saying there this has been going on for the best part of 30 or 40 years. it's exactly and particularly interesting is that the u.s. has been a key ally of uganda so this is particularly interesting that the relationships have become so difficult for example on average the united states they support uganda with their own $970000000.00 per year they get if they've been given
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military support and that is because uganda is a key ally in the region uganda is seen as crucial for reasons that stability and that has given the country leader way for governance stronger transgressions for corruption so that's why it's surprising in the way that relations have become so hostile and the last weeks the u.s. has been warning of consequences for again for example nick appear human rights activist was was was arrested so this will have important implications for the bilateral relations between the 2 countries but also for uganda's position fizzer beat international community we are just a few hours away from a new u.s. president does that mean given what you just told us does that mean that this change of tone the the optics surrounding this crucially important relationship between kampala and washington that is now the new status quo or will everyone row
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back from the current position just a little bit. yeah that's a good question because the current situation in the u.s. also plays an important rule here for example when the u.s. embassy embassy made the statement yesterday social media in uganda they were full of cynical remarks as in who is the us to control us who is the us to make these conditions because they have all these problems at home and the spokesperson of them 70 governments he also made remarks and in this context if you look at history at your feet he also who is. referring to the situation and us at the moment ok we must leave it there christophe to take our thanks richard pretty much for joining us there from the university of and 12. a thai court has handed a record 43 year jail sentence to a woman for insulting the king the former civil servant was found guilty on $29.00
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counts of violating title and strict laws against criticizing the monarchy the sentence was delivered at a time of protest calling for the monarchy to be reformed and for the political system to be overhauled before being sentenced the woman known only as and sharon said she now understood the gravity of what she the dum. dum dum so i didn't really think it through and was too confident and not being careful enough to realize it at the time that it wasn't appropriate this is a big lesson for me. live now to al-jazeera scott hyla joining us from bangkok so 43 years scott she didn't look like a particularly young woman is there a chance here that she'll go to prison and spend the rest of her life in prison. peter it looks like they're making an example of her you have 43 years the longest sentence for oil defamation laws here very very strict the strictest in the world
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and what's interesting is that there's a pattern to this usually when they're they go through this fairly lengthy court process this is been going on for about 6 years now usually toward the end when there's a sentencing there's negotiations on a term a sentence and then a girl guilty plea is submitted and usually that sentences have been that's what we've been seeing here 43 years the longest term sentence i should say before this was 35 years so yes that's what he's she's going to serve if she serves that entire time that to be left to be determined we know that sometimes there will be some clemency and that they will be released early but right now it's clear peter that they're making they the establishment both the monarchy and the government here is making a sending a message by the sentencing today and all the expecting the full those voices those anti establishment voices to go silent for a sizable period of time. well that's what they're hoping i think peter but i don't think we're going to see that right now you know this anti government
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anti establishment movement that we've been seeing for about the last 8 months you know there was in november there was a pretty blatant statement blatant threat by the prime minister saying that you know he'll use all legal means to go against the protest movements and what that really indicated is before that for about 2 years before we heard that statement from the prime minister in november there was an announcement that the prime minister was told by the king the current king rama 10 to not use this article one to this defamation world defamation law obviously since the protest movement had been gaining ground had been going into new territory when it came to pleading looking for monica reform that triggered this response we're seeing now and i believe that you know this case that the verdict was given today the sentence was given today this is going on for 6 years but clearly that the timing of things that this longest sentence ever for article 112 case coming out today amid of what we're
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seeing around with this protest movement clearly trying to send a signal but you know when you look at and you speak with these protest leaders they are defiant and they know that these cases like this and then putting themselves out there for potential arrest on these cases they know there's a big threat with that a big risk with it but they're willing to go forward with it we're seeing this dip in people coming out to the street now because of 1000 restrictions but they are still together they are still following their leaders in there still is communication going on so it'll be interesting to see how the protest movement response to this verdict today scott many things got on the reporting life the news from bangkok. in indonesia more than a dozen people have been killed and tens of thousands forced from their homes following floods across the country on monday the president yoko widodo visited flood hit areas in the south province it's been raining heavily for more than a week rivers have burst their banks submerging villages and entire time just for washington has the latest from jakarta. this crisis began on the 9th of january and
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10 days later there's still no indication of when it might come to an end authorities say that flooding in some areas has already receded but in all those heavy rain continues yesterday's president visited some of these affected areas and he did note that this is the worst flooding that south has experienced in at least 50 years and he said and this is what the line has been from the government thus far that heavy rain is to blame so far authorities say they have evacuated most people from the affected areas just based on what we've heard from all sources on the ground some people are choosing to remain in their homes because they say they don't want to leave all their possessions behind we know so far that 15 people have been sadly confirmed dead and at least 40000 are in evacuation centers to give you an idea of the scale of this crisis there are 13 districts in south and at least 11 have been impacted by this flooding the military has already started distributing
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aid but efforts are complicated by the culvert 19 situation ordinarily volunteers flying in from all over indonesia to assist in a crisis like this that simply cannot happen this year this particular part of indonesia deforestation is a major issue mining and oil plantations a large part percentage of the land has been cleared and environmental groups say that this is what is exacerbating this crisis and making the floods so much worse this year from what we've heard from all sources on the ground some communities which have never experienced flooding in the halls are now doing so this year. ok the weather is next and then. part of the vaccine despite israel's government refusing to. another rising threat to global health screening. systems tricks. for the blue jackets. for
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a little bit too hard for they were in against the red wings or the latest book in news coming up. how i we have mulder where pushing into western parts of europe i am pleased to say after a long cold spell of moderate 1000 bring with it wet and windy weather that is coming in from the atlantic to see how the i suppose a lined up from west to east and it's that feet of model rather rolling across the continent as we go on through the next couple days so that's chased a picture look at the coldest in place across eastern parts modest 13 in moscow well that represents a something of a warming here we're getting up to 0 highs of minus $21.00 just a few days ago so that is something of an improvement it stays dry and cold over towards the east but warmest still less culture we say but that's that model
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weather double figures london and paris wet weather that will linger across wells more than possible that we have weather warning for say for the likelihood of flooding across many parts of england and wales over the next 24 to 48 hours that wetter weather will make its way through it'll push into the north sea tends to snow as it pushes into norway and sweden colder talking in behind for celsius with some snow coming back into scotland by thursday wet weather will make its way in across a good passive france as we go on through thursday risk of flooding here and that's it has increasingly wet and windy for spain. from fossil fuels to modern day renewable as societies develop the energy demands increase requiring innovative solutions to meet such demands as a global power development of investment company nebraska power is uniquely
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positioned to deliver against these developments we provide business growth promote social economic benefits and provide innovative safe and environmentally sound energy solutions for future generations the breastpin pioneering future energy. criminal drug dealing shifted to places beyond the reach of the way there are many people in afghan government when forced into drug trade guerilla wars in colombia. and mexico where the cartels have been responsible for a mass in a spiral of violence. the final episode of drug trafficking politics in our territories unconsciously or.
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welcome back you're watching news our live from the harlem pizza w headlining stories brazil has begun a long awaited covert 19 banks in distribution program people in the house the gateway to the amazonian rain forest vaccination is cannot happen soon enough the health system there is on the verge of collapse italian prime minister tzipi conti has been addressing senators as he fights to save his ruling coalition on monday $21.00 a vote of no confidence in the lower house getting the same result in the senate though is expected to be tougher. uganda is accusing the u.s. of meddling in last week's presidential election assault of washington's ambassador to come hala tried to visit the opposition leader but the wind he says he waited $73.00 election was for children. palestinians in the occupied west bank will receive their 1st shipments of russia's covert 19 vaccine on tuesday more supplies
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are badly needed with israel's vaccination campaign continuing to outpace the rest of the world the palestinian authority says its people are being neglected parish force it reports now from west jerusalem in terms of pure efficiency israel's vaccination drive has been the one unqualified success in its often criticized response to cohabit 19 the aim is to vaccinate everyone over the age of 16 by the end of march a target that also applies here in occupied east jerusalem where so far the rate of take up has been almost 50 percent lower than in israel people are afraid they don't know what to do for i think all of them are waking. palestinians living in the eastern half of jerusalem the only non israeli citizens getting israeli procured vaccines as calls mount for israel to start sharing its supply will thora teas in the occupied west bank and gaza we also vaccinate people it was not it is it was made to posting is in favor of even its tourism we have we have that service
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and we're not permitting that it was getting vaccinations so we're doing our part in this but the government needs to do more. ahead of another election in march prime minister benjamin netanyahu is promising israelis that theirs will be the 1st country in the world to emerge from the pandemic oh he's persuaded pfizer to commit to an accelerated supply of its vaccine in return for israel being used as a data rich testbed for its efficacies the palestinian foreign ministry says israel is neglecting its obligations as an occupying power by not providing vaccines to the 4500000 palestinians in the west bank in gaza but the p.a. health ministry says it neither expects nor requires such assistance it says 20 percent of the need will be provided by the international vaccine alliance gavi with the remainder secured by the p.a. from other sources with the with or on the. in
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providing the import of them and we did not ask and then with them it is their connection provide us with the thing in an interview last week with american broadcaster n.p.r. israel's health minister said it was natural for a country to vaccinated own citizens as new coded $1000.00 cases continue to search around the world already a clear gap has emerged between rich nations and poor ones when it comes to vaccinating their populations israel's own program has outpaced even the richest countries but that's only made starker just how much the palestinians have been left out of the process and how far they've been left behind are a force that al-jazeera west jerusalem. while the world's attention has been focused understandably on covert 19 and developing a vaccine another medical crisis has been growing resistance to antibiotics now the u.k.'s oxford university is getting a $135000000.00 grant to help tackle the problem one a half 1000000 people die every year from bacteria that existing drugs cannot
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defeat a new bacteria and infections are growing more resistant it's been 25 years since a new generation of antibiotics was introduced but another factor is that antibiotics are overused misused or overprescribe let's speak now to timothy walsh she's a professor of medical microbiology at the oxford institute for micro biles distance some of the walls welcome to the news hour is this money going to be used just to make bigger stronger new antibiotics. no we don't want to make the mistake that everybody else has made and so you. can put an awful lot of money into creating a new super antibiotic and indeed that's really what's been the focal point of other groups for about last 25 or 30 years and it hasn't been successful so we don't want to do the same old same old so what we have our series of programs and
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one of those programs is to design unique and novel and he microbial to put into animal farms so maybe your viewers will not know that we actually use the same antibiotics in human medicine as we do for growth promotion in animals around the world and that's actually where resistance is often is not driven so we want to have a complete rethink we want to approach it in an entirely different way and we want to start putting normal anti microbes into animals there by relieving the use of human antibiotics from animals and so we have a series of programs and one of which is also to design new drugs force human infections where resistance is very high ok that sounds like a lot of thinking a lot of writing of papers and documents that may take a long long time when it comes to medical provision a point of delivery in say
1:38 pm
a massively overpopulated refugee camp and you've got bacterial infection running rampant how do you deal with it if you're going for a holistic approach as opposed to giving somebody a pill or an antibiotic injection to make them better. it's a very good question and what we also will do in this particular program is to for example we have a project whereby we want to look at our unit was sepsis and how we actually deliver neonatal. goods drugs to signal makes around the world not least in low income countries which are the majority the countries which i i working so i've been doing this for about 2530 years i work in africa and south asia mainly but also in china and i understand exactly the question is you know what are we going to do in the here and now so it's not also just about looking and he micro the resistance but it's about also one of the stock act and the bottlenecks in
1:39 pm
getting good drugs into sick patients particularly neonates that need them for example i'll give you one example of this is that we use ampicillin on farms across the whole of the world and yet ampicillin is used is. an indicator. britney you need to sepsis and yet here she 5 percent of. resistant to ampicillin so why we're doing this so you know your question about the here and now and particularly about those populations in lower social economic groups we want to try and understand how we can get good drugs to those patients because often it's not drug delivery there are various hurdles to this and one of which of course is cost and so we'll be working with the w.h.o. about how we can overcome. overcome these hurdles ok near natal sepsis clearly
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that's a very serious condition but looking at the broader issue you seem to be discussing a global issue that may i'm not trying to get you to say something in particular but made the wharf if that's possible the impact of covert 19 but within that other questions of responsibility and does that come down to doctors nurses or the drugs companies because we've known about resistance growing the best part of what a decade now and yet if you go to your g.p. or if you go to a hospital they will give you like candy like sweeties across a sweet shop counter if you ask for them or if somebody decides you maybe need antibiotics they start pumping them into you quite quickly this is a very good point and so what we are trying to do so the point that you have raised is is trying to work with the w.h.o. the f.a.
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you know nia oh i need to try and look at this from his dick point of view so it's in low income countries that the availability of antibiotics is as you rightly say a crazy. and so we have to have a global campaign and that's why also we we also have policy and partick stewardship and policy mapped into this institute you know and this gift by any us is is fantastically generous and unprecedented but it gives us the freedom to also talk to these organizations about being joined because there's no point for example in the united kingdom as having a very strict and he microbial stewardship policy which we do and yet on the other hand we're using the same antibiotic in farms that same stuff they sure are for gore even in europe we can't we cannot go on doing what we're doing it is actually madness and so we want to try and approaches that at the ground level for
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example neonatal sepsis programs but we also want to look at kind of global policy as well ok we must leave it there timothy walsh good to get your opinions on this and congratulations on getting all that money coming in as well good to talk to you thank you. in the u.s. state of virginia protesters gathered for an annual rally that took on a more tense following the capitol riots they were lobbying legislators in support of their gun rights went and spoke to them in richmond. is the annual lobby dame virginia a day where citizens petition their legislators in support of the gun rights this year is different rather than their rally in front of the capitol several caravans decked out in pro-gun messages headed towards the state capitol richmond what were you lobbying for is no gun control. last year they
1:43 pm
passed a number of in teigen bills that were targeting law abiding citizens and we want to stop that and we would like to repeal that still some decided to purvey down the empty streets of richmond and under heavy security after the f.b.i. warned that members of these groups could told violent protest in the wake of joe biden's inauguration they were openly defying a prohibition on open carry of weapons clearly stated on the banners adjacent to a per minute of it ok ok this is not a permanent event. oh ok so therefore it's a loophole i can walk here with my rifle it was a melting pot of groups and militias united only by to support to the right to self-defense and then now nothing any attempt for gun control among them he belongs to the book a little less known for the how why and dress code and it calls for change not
1:44 pm
a civil war a revolutionary war civil war would be people against people revolution is against your oppressors. and want with peoples of this revolution to achieve what liberty for all. its basic form we believe in our society is a peaceful one. we use our 2nd amendment rights to ensure the 1st amendment rights of others none of those we spoke to gave us their real name but they all said they were here in defense of the 2nd. maidment in their view essential to protect themselves and keep the government in check this is something that happens every gun rights supporters coming here and of no government to lobby for their rights and after the rights and capitol hill this government has decided to hold its from or search for support local chapter which i'm sure the feet was among the
1:45 pm
protesters at the capitol hit in washington d.c. ungenerous 6 he says he didn't enter the building he belongs to the proud voice a group president trump famously told to stand back and stand by for the last 4 years the liberals have been screaming trump is not my president so i have the right for the next 4 years to scream out biden is not my president i have no idea how we're going to unite it could be through our constitutional rights except the left the liberals they want to censor a lot of speech they call a speech there is no such thing as he speech no such thing there's only free speech everyone was no you're here right where is this anger here many believe that chump is a victim of electoral fraud gun control is a challenge for incoming joe biden and tackling the many armed groups emerging in the us is an even tougher one without that hamid al jazeera richmond in virginia
1:46 pm
dozens of people have been arrested in st petersburg. for. they've been protesting in support of the kremlin critic alexis the russian opposition politician was arrested as an airport in moscow on sunday he just touched down from germany where he spent 5 months recovering from having been poisoned the 44 year old was detained on parole violations. coming up in just a moment here on the news. as we get ready for another u.s. inauguration a look back at all those that have stood out for history and in support action and reaction from a dramatic day of cricket in brazil. welcome
1:47 pm
1:48 pm
back u.s. presidential inaugurations a bore witness to moments that have echoed through history for a new leader it is an opportunity to set the tone for the is to come and to capture the mood of the american people like ali kemal santa maria takes a look now at how this tradition can also shape the legacy of the incoming president. traditionally it is a day of ceremony. obama do solemnly swear i. grant you. the. ritual stretching back to america's founding joe biden says the 59th us presidential inauguration and
1:49 pm
across those more than 200 years of history there have been some stand ups times when images have become iconic and words have captured moments of generational change and ask not what your country can do for you ask what you can do for your country. moments of political transition. in this present crisis government is not the solution to our problem government is the problem and sometimes moments where americans were told what they most wanted to hear and maybe needed to believe about themselves there is nothing wrong with america that cannot be cured by what is right with america. messages have been sent to both allies and adversaries shout pay any price bear any burden. meet any hardship support any friend.
1:50 pm
oppose any foe. you know where you are that and i think that let me from this day forward it's going to be only america 1st and a few inaugurations are remembered only because something bizarre happened like in 941 when william henry harrison wanted to prove he was tough by speaking for 2 hours on a cold went day purposely without an overcoat he died of pneumonia exactly a month later and 12 years earlier when andrew jackson threw up in the white house to anyone and everyone it got so out of hand he had to escape his own party by climbing out a window. the ones who history most remembers are the ones that captured a moment and seem to bend it to the new president's will in 1933 a nation teetering on the brink of economic ruin heard these words let me or my
1:51 pm
family. that the only thing we have. by all accounts the national mood began to change perhaps appropriately the most famous inaugural address was delivered by the president often considered america's greatest in 1965 as the civil war drew to a close abraham lincoln called for unity with malice toward none he said with charity for all but i strive on to finish the work we are in to bind up the nation's wounds woods that once again resonates in this deeply divided america of 2021 come all santamaria al-jazeera washington. continuing coverage of course of tomorrow's inauguration but let's pause now for the sports news with far greater thank you so much we start with cricket in india have sealed a dramatic 21 test series win over australia the tourists chased down
1:52 pm
a victory target of $328.00 on the final dam brisbane to take the 4th and deciding match russia and who was the hero with $89.00 not out it's a massive turnaround for india they were crushed in the 1st test have played most of the series without have to in their holy who was on maternity leave you wish you were going to be 9 miles north of the. various walls. yaz and now you know why all joining us now from sydney is andrew mansell of the cricket unfiltered podcast and you are not good news for your side but what a performance from india how huge is this result of this is a monumental results or india they had no right to win the series and win this test match not only were they trashed in the 1st match they've lost a captain as you said but also they've lost so many of their saina plays they're
1:53 pm
almost flying with a 2nd aim and they're playing a stranger in one of their same venues the straight hasn't lost a test match in brisbane since 1988 said this is just an extraordinary comeback from india and it is really set the creaking world a lot this is a victory that will be remembered for years to come and to what extent does this victory for india undermine their kohli's position as captain do you think. i don't think it undermines his position at all that ravi shastri the coach after the match said that he feels that this team has been building for 5 or 6 years to diss my men and that direct call they really molded the tame so i think it's actually sort of a vindication for all the work direct colleagues done and i don't think it undermines his position at all it just shows what a strong because they didn't even have kohli so they can certainly be no criticism that they're one meant just extraordinary well he does seem to be quite proud of
1:54 pm
his team i want to ask you considering the current state of the world how much of a victory for cricket was this series. huge victory for cricket the test cricket is always say there's always you know competition from the tate 20 game but they sort of famous close to here isn't i mean this test series went to the final laughter no you just don't get get that very often so i think you know with be a big test cricket will see a resurgence of fans watching test cricket and i think cricket will benefit from what's been a closely fought but wonderful series for all the spectators how do you think australia will respond to this loss well already this question marks over the captain team whether he can continue on on in the job were criminal actions already happening he strangest don't lose test series at home very often this is only the
1:55 pm
2nd if it time a strays lost to india in a test series and i'm and last time that happened steve smith and david warner were unavailable so straight have no excuses this time and they will be looking very closely at the leadership positions ok we'll leave it there for now and. thank you so much for your time. football now an ac milan have restyle wished a 3 point lead at the top of syria last time he became a bench put in a house of display this we just striker scored twice as they beat calgary 2 nil away ac are looking to win the 1st italian league championship since 2011. to katter's world cup stadiums will be used for the upcoming fee for club world cup that will kick off next month ahmed bin ali stadium will stage the tournaments opener on february the 4th the education city venue will also be used the event had
1:56 pm
been due to take place last year but was delayed due to coronavirus 6 teams will be taking part including european champions byron munich the draw for the opening round of the games takes place on chews day steph curry in the golden state warriors rallied from 14 points down to beat the l.a. lakers the lakers dominated the game from the get go bob the warriors battled back curry scored 26 points in the game as a whole the state made a comeback in the 4th quarter le bron james had the chance to win it at the end but missed a 3 pointer golden state winning 115-2113. you have to see your amazing. so momentum that in the 2nd had just give us a chance and very similar group a game earlier. you know carried the momentum down the stretch made it go big. it was and was a big win force. the ice hockey world championships are due to be held in may have
1:57 pm
been pulled from co-host bella ruth's following pressure from opposition groups and sponsors of the tournaments the decision comes just a week after international icon ice hockey federation president rene fazul dismissed pressure to cancel the championships he met with president alexander lukashenko for talks in mix last week the federation has sided safety concerns and coded 19 as the reader reason criticisms of the country have grown after lucas shank was disputed reelection in august was followed by mass arrests. i mean while it was business as usual in the national hockey league as the season is well underway the columbus blue jackets fought a little too hard for their win against detroit red wings to a massive brawl broke out between the 2 teams the blue jackets hanging on for the 3 team with. ok and that is all your sport for now back to you peter thank you very much folly is here from 1130 minutes about your world news i'll have another news
1:58 pm
for you from 13 g. hopefully we'll see that the moment. divorce rates in taiwan are soaring and as a marriage consultant helen knows this only too well. but as the 60th wedding anniversary approaches own parents are looking moons rather than arms to go to. professional expertise make them see eye to eye. my father my mother part of the viewfinder asian series. after unprecedented scenes of
1:59 pm
violence and chaos on capitol hill joe biden and harris will be sworn into office but with a bitterly obstructive for the president and a continuing pandemic just so different will the traditional celebrations need to be special coverage of the u.s. presidential inauguration announces in a kenyan journalists in pursuit of press freedom and justice i have. this great situations where someone says but they hope you can afford investigating. i'm on corruption and the national health care system some of the transactions we're seeing nigel declines between the money that is unexplained to africa in some states and publish those things up people don't want to publish even if it doesn't mean that the oscar truth is it anyway on al-jazeera. we understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world. so no
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matter what you see al-jazeera will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you. al-jazeera. a wall of security in guatemala stops thousands of refugees and migrants trying to reach the u.s. many say that press on. there watching al jazeera live from doha with me for the battle also coming up with cemeteries filling up and hospitals.


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