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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 17, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm +03

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would stand daddy the number of kids saw to recognize and were a desperate situation of the indian government set up a new commission to monitor sources of and pollution across 5 known for indian state's health experts and bob mentioned this has been wanting for months that the easing of the lockdown would lead to an increase in pollution and the impact that would have on those because the 19. this is al-jazeera. welcome i'm peter w. watching the news hour live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes 10 scenes in the u.s. capital tens of thousands of national guard soldiers patrol d.c. to counter the threat of violence before joe biden's inauguration. on the run
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hundreds flee west for after tribal violence kills dozens of people overnight. ugandan opposition leader bobby wiener to contest what he calls a sham election which has delivered president where even 70 a 6th term. also heard further gloom for business use in italy the national lockdown extended adding to a crippling effect of coronavirus. and on fire as well have all that in sport including and the star james harding is after winning start with the preparation that after putting in a history making performance. we begin this news hour in the united states with a country is on edge 3 days before joe biden's inauguration the u.s. capitol is in lockdown as officials try to ensure a peaceful transfer of power to militarize green zone has been established and
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25000 national guard troops have been deployed to washington d.c. the f.b.i. is tracking threats to biden and other democratic leaders and has warned there could be armed protests in all 50 states live now to alan fischer who's outside the white house for us so obviously allan that the relevant authorities assuming here there is clear and present danger that somebody will try something. but there's also. certainly a thought but the sheer sure force that we've seen over the last 4 or 5 days with 20000 national guardsmen moving in to the capital area with numerous members of other branches of law enforcement making their presence felt of the huge security cordon that has been employees than washington d.c. and covered quite extensively in all media across the united states that that may well have discouraged many people from heading to washington d.c. there is still a concern and not letting their guard down because of course of the scenes that we
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saw 10 days ago when the morgue moved towards the capitol and started to break into the building causing all the chaos that they did but you can certainly see just from my personal experience walking in just in the last hour or so things are certainly a lot more organized on wednesday and thursday when the barrier started to go up it was slightly disorganized people weren't sure what was being cause what was left open where people could go today it is much much clearer people know exactly what they're doing the security checkpoints set up i was even say ouch some distance away from the white house before the normal security checks before you get here so there is just a feeling that the authorities are on top of this and as we know the f.b.i. continue to monitor online for any possible threats either to the inauguration itself or coming today because today according to many right wing sites was to be a day of protests not just here in washington d.c. but in state capitals and there is a feeling that if there is
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a vulnerability it may well be in state capitals where people haven't taken the threat quite as seriously and when mr biden gets his feet under the desk in the office behind you there allan we're in for a flurry of executive orders in effect rescinding those early days of the trump presidency. well certainly we knew that joe biden's plan was that initially he would move very quickly on that $1.00 trillion covered relief bill $1.00 trillion dollars we also knew that he was going to try and push towards getting $100000000.00 vaccines in the 1st $100.00 days we're getting a clearer idea of what he will do a plan of executive orders in those 1st few days in the 1st few hours we are told that joe biden will sign an executive order which will put the united states back into the climate agreement we're told that he will sign an executive order rescinding donald trump's travel ban for people who come from countries that are
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predominantly muslim we're also going to see that he is going to push a federal masking law no he can't mandate it but what he can see in all federal buildings you will wear a mask when you travel interstate you will we have a mask he's hoping that this will be a challenge to people now that's what they're calling it the masking challenge so clearly joe biden can the hardest intend to hit the ground running that's what joe biden said he wanted to do and certainly from the plan being laid out by his chief of staff late on saturday night we can see that's exactly what he's planning to do many thanks talk to you soon i'm sure allan for sure the site the white house. now when donald trump took office he said to overturn u.s. immigration policy he believed it was weak and unfair to americans and the u.s. border with mexico became his proving ground al-jazeera as heidegger castro takes a look at his legacy their. own racist description of mexican immigrants marked donald trump for mad again trends to the presidential race in 2016 they are
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bringing drugs they're bringing rhyme their rapers he then back out to build a border one we're going to build only mexico's going to pay for the little helping to attract a base of mostly white working class supporters who spears of america's growing diversity contributed to try. so when from this day forward it's going to be only america 1st. fors the wall built though bill far short of what he promised these prototypes never advanced past the testing phase instead trump built 730 kilometers of fencing mostly to replace older sections and mexico didn't pay a penny of the $15000000000.00 price tag that money is coming from american taxpayers after trying to shut down the government for $35.00 days then declared a national emergency to commandeer some of the funding. still in the final days of
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his presidency trump returned to his so-called wall to tout it as a win and i think when you see what it does and how it's so important for a country nobody's going to be touching it border arrests plunged during trump's 1st 3 months in office but then caravans of migrant families began traveling north from central america claiming to plead gang violence by the summer of trump's 2nd year in the white house unauthorized border crossings reached a 13 year high of more than $130000.00 a month it was in the midst of that surge that came trump's family separation policy that are agents took more than 4000 children from their parents at the border a practice that drew widespread condemnation and a judge quickly ordered the policy to end saying children were suffering irreparable harm and must be returned to their families but even today some 500 kids remain separated in its haste to do trumps will the u.s.
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government have lost track of their parents it's not as if the u.s. government collected mailing address that was for them when they deported them we really don't know where they are which is why there's more than 500 families who are still separated in other controversial border policy trumps treatment of asylum seekers in 29000 the u.s. government stopped giving them conditional entrance into the country now some 60000 asylum seekers have been forced to wait in mexico for a turn to see a u.s. judge that coupled with new code restrictions slowed unauthorized border crossings to a trickle last spring but now the numbers are rising a new it's likely that people are have renewed hope for how the southern border will operate with a new and incoming president trying to legacy on immigration is still to be determined by the u.s. supreme court which dealt him of low when i had ruled earlier that an obama era
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program pretty. captain young undocumented immigrants could remain now a new panel of justices including 3 appointees in the coming months will hear challenges to trump's border policies how did joe castro al-jazeera washington plenty more still to come for you here on the news including 2 female judges being gunned down to work in afghanistan we'll have a live report from kabul. and the russian opposition leader alexina abounding is about to board a plane to moscow where he's expected to be arrested as he arrives for violating parole. and a big playoff win in the n.f.l. is overshadowed by a head injury for will be here with that story coming up. fighting in sudan's region of darfur has left at least 48 people dead according to state media buildings were burned in the capital of west dar 4 states that's
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a place called el janina people have been fleeing the region after the violence broke out sir a dispute between different tribes a local civil society organizations says armed groups are taking advantage of the quarrel and they have escalated it live morgan in sudan's capital khartoum the authorities at the local level getting a handle on this violence. well peter what's happened yesterday is 2 different incidents unfolded in the capital of was the origin in a where clashes or conflict between 2 opposing tribes members of supporting tribes led to a fight that eventually increase in the number of people involved now at the same time and time again in sleep there was an attack on a displacement camp and up 2 percent then up to this morning at 1st aid authorities are fighting has been ongoing between those 2 tribes and people have been displaced especially people in this place when camps in and around jenin of the capital of
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course are for now what authorities have done is that they have imposed local curfew that's part of this and that will be going on and till further notice asked for the governor of course are for and they have authorized the security forces and organized forces to use force if necessary to be able to prevent people from fighting further but this has not stopped that order was given yesterday by the governor to the to the security forces and organize forces but up until this morning asked for state authorities fighting has been ongoing they say that that made it very hard to make sure that the number of those that is indeed 48 and they say that death toll toll could be higher thanks very much for morgan or 2. u.n. peacekeepers say they've retaken the central african republic city of benghazi it was captured earlier this month by rebel forces demanding the government resign a coalition of armed groups launched an offensive last month to prevent the
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reelection of the president fast into a better he was declared the winner but the rebels and political opposition disputes the results at least 60000 people have fled the fighting welcome webb has more now from the central african republic capital bunky. the u.n. said the rwandan peacekeeping troops were deployed there ahead of a potential operation and an ultimatum was given to the armed groups controlling the town after which they left although we've heard reports of gunfire in the area since and also reports that the armed people do stupid control some parts of the town is 700 kilometers from here difficult to confirm but since that happened the armed groups have brought their fight much closer to here the capital the with or without the small towns they still control about 2 thirds of the country's territory and in most of the country's diamond and gold mines now they thought to be just a few kilometers down this road where there was fighting last week it has been
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reports of a build up of troops and a recruitment drive just a few kilometers from here in the recent days ahead of a possible attack and that left a lot of people thinking that the withdrawal of fighters from bankers who could in fact be friend preparation for an assault here on the capital. the ugandan president warned he will deal decisively with anyone planning to create chaos following his election victory in the 71 may 6th term in office extending his 35 years in power but his main challenger probably whine and denounce the election as a complete fraud wine is under heavy guard at his home and what his supporters say is effectively the rest catherine sawyer reports now from kampala. movies. it did not come as a surprise presidential 70 has maintained a decisive lead against his opponents from the start of the vote count they little
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commission declares. 72. are elected president of the republic of uganda the president addressed the nation after his victory was declared and say despite attempts by some individuals to tamper with about metric identification kits the election was largely free and fair. to you. in the video numbers and voting for the gun deaths and for the parties. i think this may turn out to be the most. read. elections to 62. supporters of the 76 year old incumbent cand out to celebrate a very grand and mostly support these are. these are being the he's the one with. the electoral commission and they've done their best under the circumstances but
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already the results have been rejected by bobby why they had evidence of widespread irregularities including rigging in favor of president yoweri with 7050 members say they are considering moving to court to challenge the. other forms of grignon that are not restricted to for the question of the credits on forms including chasing i will agents at the polling station including forcing people to vote in the open yet under the law i suppose the power of the sekret. the result so why not receive nearly 35 percent of the vote and his party the national unity platform has garnered a sizable number of legislative seats however he told us that his movements have been restricted and visitors including gianna lists have been blocked from accessing his compound by soldiers surrounding his home security official say they
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had information that he was planning to declare himself we know there's also been heavy deployment of police in the military in the capital and other areas perceived to be opposition strongholds that we normally have been declared by the country remains on edge catherine saw al jazeera. 2 female afghan judges have been shot dead in kabul their car was targeted when they were on their way to work the latest in a recent wave of attacks and assassinations of violence comes as the u.s. reduces its troop numbers there. meanwhile u.s. and taliban negotiators have met in doha for talks on implementing the deal the agreed to last year the taliban wants the u.s. to on a commitments on releasing prisoners and removing its leaders from a blacklist while the u.s. wants an end to violence in afghanistan and is pushing for a peace settlement between the taliban and the afghan government video contre 40 is live for us in kabul tell us more about this incident involving the 2 judges there
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have been other incidents that look very similar. well actually peter will have in this morning here in kabul falls into a pattern that has become all too familiar across afghanistan and especially here in kabul government employees civil servants activists and journalists getting either gunned down or having their cars blown up all the way to work it's been happening for months now and it seems like it's getting worse every day this 2 female judges were gunned down all the way to work this morning some more people were injured and according to human rights watch afghanistan right now has a 200 female judges what happened this morning means that within seconds within minutes one percent of the sounds all feel mild judges where wiped out now most of these targeted assassinations remain unclaimed i still has claimed some of
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them but the government keeps insisting that the taliban are behind them the taliban keeps denying responsibility so there is this pattern of a blame game about who is responsible the minister of interior has been doing some arrests but there is this issue of impunity because this is where their work starts and stops and that is what happens to the judges still system will this people ever face justice and that's something that has not been happening and this culture of impunity is what people say here encourages even more this targeted assassinations that have been taking place peter do these killings impact the peace talks. actually yes they do and just a few minutes ago the u.s. sarge the ferries here in kabul tweeted something say and cold all on the taliban to understand that such actions for which it bears responsibility outraged the world and must stop if peace is to come to afghanistan so this is assassinations
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are taking place in the backdrop of us government to us negotiators and the talabani are talking about peace coming to afghanistan and what this targeted assassinations are doing is that they're widening the already existing mistrust between the 2 sides and from what people have been telling us also they endanger the peace talks because they are fearing that the support of on the afghan people about this peace talks were start to wind down because how can you actually believe in peace talks when there are so many people being killed and die here every day peter thank you very much will you come to florida for us live in kabul. there's been a 2nd nights of protests in tunisia in cities despite a government imposed locked up a video showing a police officer abusing a shepherd has drawn comparisons to the incident 10 years ago that led to the arab
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spring uprisings. a man is humiliated in the street by a police officer whose shepherd is being reprimanded and pushed apparently because his sheep got too close to the local government headquarters. and. the video has led to protests but also include the state of the economy joblessness and police violence became a decade after a street vendor set himself on fire in protest over the same issues an event that became a catalyst for the 2011 revolution in tunisia and the arab spring or earlier in the day prime minister his mission she had reshuffle the cabinet and he told the ministers to carry out reforms including new ministers of health interior justice and energy it had to fit a city with that we have had the aim of this reshuffle is to achieve greater efficiency in the work of the government's policy and plans what and feel. many view the timing as important thursday was the anniversary of the downfall of
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president seen a lot of denali who was forced out in a popular revolution that's what the region but with demonstrations banned because of the coronavirus there were no commemorations on the streets. bought at least 6 cities protesters defied those orders and confrontations with police officers protesters across the country once again being hurt in the capitol. hill al-jazeera . the russian opposition leader alexina vallone is used to return home late on sunday despite threats that he will be arrested the russian prison authorities has warned he'll be immediately detained once he comes back from germany he's being treated this since being poisoned and almost dying in all this not only says it was the work of the kremlin the kremlin denies that we have 2 reporters bringing us live reports on this developing story standing by in. moscow as alexandra go for we begin however in berlin with correspondent there dominic cain dominic do we know where he is right now his flight is due to depart in the next half hour or so so
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presumably he's actually physically at the airport yes that is the safe presumption there are some reports that suggest that german police will be giving him security right the way up to the door of the plane so high stakes as it were in this particular scenario and it's also worth pointing out that in so far as the wider elements of this case are concerned we know that the german justice ministry has this weekend said that it has provided the russian or thora tease with considerable details transcripts of interviews that they performed with mr van they once he had recovered sufficiently to be able to speak to them and also says the german justice ministry it has sent on to the russian or thora he's certain items of clothing and blood samples from mr nirvana and they say that this particular crime in their words needs to be solved in russia that it is in russia that this must be solved
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and that chimes with what the chancellor here angela merkel and many of her ministerial colleagues have been saying for such a long time since this incident began in august that those who carried out this poisoning must be brought to book must be brought to justice and the thing about angela merkel when she speaks about that she paid private visits to mr of army when he was convalescing in hospital and remember that he's now been in the war he has been in germany for almost 5 months almost 5 months since he was brought here in a coma and now he is going to complete his journey back to moscow in the course of the next few hours but the years setting up another locking of horns if you will don between himself and mr putin's kremlin. well he from his perspective mr vanier has been clear that he always had the intention he sent that to return to russia to return to moscow and that nothing would prevent him from
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doing that he was so determined was he to to return to his homeland he said when he announced this this decision in the course of the last few days it was unambiguous the wording that he used so from one perspective it's almost as if he is perhaps daring the all thora he's in russia now if we know that that from the russian perspective there has always been a complete denial of any complicity whatsoever regarding what happened to mr donovan a and then if we look at this from a european perspective we know that angle americal and foreign minister colleague of led to the charge as it were of ministers of leaders trying to prevail upon the russians to comply to prosecute where possible and obviously the ball is in their court now ok don many thanks let's go live to moscow and our reporter there alexandra gopher so alexandra this goes back to a suspended sentence the russian authorities say he breached the protocol
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surrounding that going back to 2014 so they're accusing him the accusation seems to be you breached the rules and regulations surrounding that suspended sentence because you went to germany because somebody in russia poisoned you. yes indeed this is exactly what the prison authorities of russia are are claiming now the thing is that in this period that was attached to the suspended sentence expired on the 30th of december but they managed to file with the court that he violated to this probation on the 29th of december a saying that he did not report to the prison authorities when he was called and that they did not know about his whereabouts they even went there so far to quote the article in the lancet journal saying that according to that article 'd he was quite well already in a september das he had to reply to their request now they are holding this against
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him in the prison authorities promise that they're going to do everything they can to detain him the moment he'll land in russia here his supporters wanted to greet him but it seems that he is going to be police well can mean him home what we know that the airport where he is to land this evening there is a lot of bullies there dearies a prisoner transportation vans all the way the position and there is apparently reports that the arrivals hall is fenced off so no one can meet anyone landing in this forward to today and whilst the political analysts here were busy analyzing this whole situation of riley supporters and opposition in general was commenting on it and praising him for his brave move kremlin's silent there was no word from the red square on the this occasion whatsoever ever
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since he announced that he's coming back home even if you used. the key word i guess you're alexander he could be detained but even a few years does he then represent more of an impactful figure because he's physically in russia a game around which the opposition can perhaps rally. yes indeed with this this arrival does announcement in itself that he's coming back is seen as an explicit challenge to the authorities is seen as a very brave more that the despite the fact that he's life has been in danger here and that to some say might happen again is not beyond possible that he might end up serving a longer prison term that he decides to go back is seen as a boost to the opposition's specially in the view of their to the end of the 2020
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a here in russia a lot of restrictive laws have been signed by putin that are going to make oppositional life almost impossible now these brave move on the other hand is seen by the political analysts here as something that is not really a choice even though really wants to have a political future in russia because what the past. is that you cannot participate actively in effectively in political life in russia and do something if you keep on living outside of its borders thank you so much alexander golf rather a correspondent reporting live from moscow. it's cycling season and we have another name one for you developing off the coast of queensland this still circle of thunderstorms here approaching kansas cold kimmie it's not particularly big the winds are particularly strong it brings in fairly high waves but i think what's going to happen is once you get over land you get
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a problem of the amount of rain that falls this area of queens and there's already been saturated couple weeks ago admittedly readily we get flooding once more assisting makes landfall during monday there might be some minor wind damage at bisley right are going to be major now beyond that there's not a little off of it going all rain was a few showers in the still pretty tropical air in sudden queens and something around darwin over to the east otherwise windy weather is obvious in tasmania the sun is out in melbourne and adelaide the temperatures reasonably high for summer but the purse of course strip shoot 34 degrees rising to 38 come tuesday the wintry weather there has been very cold recently in japan and the korean peninsula is briefly not ask what is more snow to come through through the korean peninsula and back into japan and then temperatures revert to no subzero insall with a maximum of minus 3. still to come here on the news hour for you we'll look at the
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future of donald trump's so-called muslim travel ban and what that could mean under the bite ministration and children getting online skyrocketing globally because of the coated kind demick some medical experts warning when things return to normal beware of the withdrawal symptoms and in sports organizers insist the australian open will go ahead despite the growing player anger over quarantine. the latest news as it breaks the explosion near an 80 transmission site knocked out mobile phone and internet service for miles with details coverage many have told us that they had hoped at the end of piece. they are. huge if if you listen in of the country from around the world honestly it is a dependent on the success of its that seems to prove. that. since the beginning
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right. al-jazeera is an investigative unit a team censored and unseen video from blue heart filmed as the coronavirus are great is just beginning only really known all those years that the us is halley gotten more exposing this secrecy and censorship by chinese authorities. ha ha ha ha and a health system struggling to cope i'll just see what investigation 3 dates that stop the world. welcome back you're watching news our my name's peter dhabi these are your
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headlining stories the u.s. capitol is in lockdown with unprecedented security at the inauguration of president elect joe biden a military green zone has been established and 25000 national guard troops are now being deployed there are reports in u.s. media the combat harris will resign from the senate on monday in preparation for her inauguration as vice president. fighting in sudan's western for region has left at least 40 people dead according to state media people have been fleeing the area after the violence broke out over a dispute between different tribes. and the russian opposition leader alexina bell needs to return home soon despite threats will be arrested the person of oratory in moscow is want to be detained once he comes back from germany he hasn't been to russia since he was poisoned in august. computer mobile phone and video game screen addiction among children has increasingly become a cause for concern during the coronavirus pandemic with most of life forced online
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during lockdowns around the world researches say the greater reliance on technology could have harmful long term effects some experts are warning of withdrawal like symptoms when school and social life does begin to return to normal gaming apps such as steam and roadblocks of marked wreck or usage instagram's tripled its monthly user account tally. you know surface call for parents to rethink screen time among suggestions made by addiction experts is a digital detox period every day by limiting access to why farai and device use let's speak to a child psychologist katherine elisi in cork in ireland catherine great so you back here on the news hour this was meant to be temporary it's beginning to look rather permanent so parents who are worried about their teenagers or their young children what can they do. yes i think that's one of the most important things to remember is that when all of this started we all thought it was going to be temporary and
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lots of parenting experts said you know you can just relax your rules for a little higher this is an emergency then we can reevaluate when things are back to normal and now we're almost see your leaser and so many parents have been in touch with to say that they wished they hadn't actually relaxed their rules and that now they're saying when they consider facts and you mention that it study tracks that there are in number of things that you can do you know certain times of day where there is no tech allowed or you can even pick one day a week where there is no check allowed and if you're talking about true addiction then you need to look at something like full on digital detox for 2 to 4 weeks with no tensions now it's important to remember that most people aren't. they are just engaged in significant. so if it's just for use it can really look at a battle we sing and where your children are
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a technology and then adjust accordingly ok for those people who are properly addicted is it fair to say they're addicted to the hit of don't put me in that people get the general body generates it when you look at that website when you look at your instagram or your facebook and you get that like you get that little wave icon coming up and that's the thing that causes the addiction but for anyone worried about the symptoms either in somebody else or in themselves indeed how do they recognize whether they are addicted or not. well in a true addiction it's for not only do you enjoy doing the activity but it's interfering with typical everyday likes so your social interaction your leisure activity and even info tracing into your work so you know the kinds of symptoms you might see in your children is a recent the l.s.e. when you were trying to limit their time now you might say that all the teenagers there are suppose when their parents are limiting their time that this is just that
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what their level of this is and to take a shower when you're away from your designs or this irritability if somebody is calling you to do something that you might typically happen joeys in the past so you're looking for changes in behavior and we know that most of us are over using our devices and protests happen no institution so sure trying activities have changed because they're not able to go someplace sports they're not really nice in person so everybody was thinking ok how can we keep the social interaction going but no we have to we have had this your peace it and period for simulation in this digital world and that has really taken over and when you're engaged in these hyperstimulation activities it can make all other activities seem rather under stimulating and boring so things that you may may have previously enjoyed catherine just you know interest me for interrupting you there are any of the platforms or the tech companies saying anything about this to people like yourself in as much as
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you know 40 years ago at the beginning of silicon valley when that started getting really powerful it was about people building hardware and software that was the product nowadays because it's all platform based and at the based we are the product the users are the product because the platforms want to expose us to advertising that's why they drag you in and they want to keep you there so there's got to be some responsibility here with the soccer burks the facebook's the instagram and the tick tocks. and you know i think that's the next greatest debase you know it's our attention is the commodity and we as individuals we as parents we really really need to think very carefully about how we protect this most precious precious commodity in a glass we allow to infiltrate into our homes we need to be incredibly intentional with our digital use and i think you are very correct that the companies have
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a huge responsibility as social and moral responsibility to begin to address this this is i believe the next big wave for this huge problem area that we are facing as a society say because it's so much of it has been just the spin city this insidious nature of the ways has infiltrated homes accidentally particularly within the last 12 months because you know we we all know that we need to monitor our children's use but people were relaxed those rules and then the companies receiving this huge increase and they were also in the flying excessive use so words treats and special rewards for extensive use so what they're doing actually is rewarding maladaptive behavior you know so it's not just about the do you mean hit that you mentioned earlier that is definitely part of this but it's this and we're using
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devices to naam our experiences and to know our emotions and you know the technology can be absolutely wonderful but it's the indiscriminate and the pervy safely of how it's invading our lives in dating or leisure activities that's for the issues like a brave parents who switches off the wife i but maybe then the teenagers will actually have a meal with you face to face catherine really good to talk to you thank you so much for coming on we do appreciate. it ok the incoming by the administration is planning to use executive. orders to under several of president trumps policies these include repealing travel bans and boosting the u.s. refugee intake and the gal who has that story from miami. fulfilling a campaign promise to enact extreme vetting president trump signed an executive order temporarily banning travel from 7 muslim majority countries in january 2017 the president's reasoning to make america safe and this is the projection for the
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nation from foreign terrorists and into the united. 6 in the aftermath protests broke out at airports across the country as those fleeing violence and trying to reunite with their families were prevented from entering the u.s. civil rights organizations branded the ban religious discrimination against muslims no legal challenges were successful in blocking the 1st 2 iterations of trump's travel ban in 2018 the supremes court allowed a 3rd version of the executive order to go into force now nationals from 13 countries including north korea venezuela and several african nations are on the list the travel ban has been particularly hard for those hoping to escape the violence in countries like syria and yemen when the supreme court made its ruling those trying to reunite with elderly relatives were devastated zaid naggy told us
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his mother is close to giving up she stayed forcibly in jordan for 3 years and you know dream court decision she finally said listen i read it out. this far. i want to go back in its roots are pretty much united and to be honest with the recruits that evening or any more. president elect joe biden has promised to repeal the travel bans and increase refugee admissions by 125000 civil rights groups say that doesn't go far enough because the same old same old isn't going to work anymore and as hard as we fought against the trumpet mensuration we're going to fight even harder against the biden administration because we expect them to resolve these issues for those still stuck in the bureaucratic limbo known as administrative processing the incoming administration is promises if filled will bring renewed hope president elect joe biden says the travel ban is morally wrong
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once he takes office he can rescind the order with the stroke of a pen that reuniting families will be a long difficult and complex process biden says the policy betrays u.s. values undoing its legacy could take years to gallacher al jazeera miami florida well an early test of joe biden's immigration policies is right now heading towards the u.s. border as many as 9000 on your and making their way north police in guatemala stepped up their efforts to stop the refugees migrants along the journey some were arrested trying to break through a police blockade and have from mexico governments across central america have made it clear they will not let the caravan pass through. italy is facing a potential political crisis as its prime minister faces 2 votes of confidence this week it comes as the country struggles to contain the coronavirus
4:43 pm
a new emergency decree means lockdown regulations have now been extended that's having a devastating impact on businesses that have already suffered huge losses stephanie tucker reports now from rome. through most of the last challenging year mark was a fact he has kept his family run thai shop open now he says it wasn't worth it something like a tragedy i don't want to be catastrophic but i have. thousands of euros and with the bank with my parents who help me. room is a city that is heavily dependent on tourism and so is the world stop travelling gigia the coronavirus the once bustling in vibrant italian capital has ground to a halt to have these world famous sites almost all to yourself would have been unthinkable simply plain impossible a year ago and even though it may be
4:44 pm
a privilege he did have a fountain without the usual towards a tourist this unprecedented and tells the story just how desperate the economic situation here has become such a vaccination campaign is underway and the government says at least 1000000 people have already been inoculated it's giving some hope but most people say they know it's not a quick fix italy is one of the worst off countries on both counts the number of their earth and the economic impact what we do know is that the economic effect of all this is going to be very tough and that is going to get out will be. almost unmanageable public that there. a certainty. what is uncertain is this country's political future ziplock on to the prime minister is facing 2 votes of confidence early this week after one of his coalition parties pulled its ministers
4:45 pm
out of his cabinet it could lead to a political crisis at a time when the country needs at least lockdown measures have recently been extended meaning restaurants and bars need to remain shut and a nighttime curfew extended for at least another month. italy is defined by a food and wine culture and restaurant owners are desperate i feel like 11th hour ago. so nothing has changed. nothing nothing some time i feel like a stupid because i say i spend the 20. y. y. s. paying the toy and say here is it possible one vehicle so stop of my life like so many other italians abaft is left worried about mounting debts continued restrictions and no idea when it will end stephanie decker.
4:46 pm
brazil has blocks the russian banks seen sputnik be for emergency use the health regulator says is concerned about its clinical trials and potential manufacturing issues that argentina is functioning seen with sputnik we began last month when the 1st 300000 doses arrived on scene it has now received a 2nd batch medical workers have been 1st in line. is in born osiris he says despite the vaccines argentina does still have a growing problem. so this is the arrival of the 2nd batch of 300000 doses of the sputnik vaccine from russia a 16 hour flight from moscow to one of cyrus those that scene's and they have now been loaded on to refrigerated trucks and taken the length and breadth of this huge country to the capitals of the 23 provinces and mostly given to the patients who were injected in the middle of december when the 1st batch of vaccines arrived here the 1st major banks an asian program in latin america the numbers here continue to
4:47 pm
rise 12 and a half 1000 new infections reported on friday 102 deaths 1700000 people have now been infected less severe than it was back in the middle of last year but the big concern here is that. medics have confirmed the 1st case of somebody infected with the extra virulent virus 1st reported in the united kingdom and other big concern is numbers rise and as the vaccination program is rolled out 300000 is a good start but the country of 45000000 inhabitants there's still a long way to go. the scottish food exporting industry was promised friction free access to european markets up to brett sits but mistakes and last minute regulations have left lobsters crabs and prawns sitting rotting in their containers john a whole reports now from glasgow. scottish langoustine reputed to be the best in
4:48 pm
the world destined for e.u. markets but even as it leaves the glasgow processing plant no one can be quite sure it will actually arrive it's very very difficult going well we don't know what farming girls are tied to wait for you know used to take 24 i was given runs now i can take 34 days to the front the last week was the last. we lost but all someone else was going on the product well it's like that last week about half a ton. and a bit dump it was all right up front losses are mounting seafood sometimes left to rot with e.u. customers cancelling orders and prices plummeting because of border checks and failing computer systems but if it's important you'll just stop also forever no you know because you lose so much money you know it's not viable of anymore but solutions to now permanent trade rules may be hard to find and the scottish fishing industries main trade body has accused the government in westminster of lying about
4:49 pm
the benefits of breaks it warning many of its members fear for their livelihoods scottish fishing communities aren't alone among u.k. businesses in feeling the pain of new border checks the difference is that up here a majority of people never wanted breakfasted in the 1st place and many see in these post breaks it trade difficulties evidence that westminster simply doesn't have scotland's interests at heart. langoustine trawlermen alister roberts calls the u.k. e.u. trade deal a disgrace the told us it was going to be a sea of opportunity. and whatnot. god awful. waste when stuff. like this. under stuff. when they do come out on christmas eve even read to deal with the
4:50 pm
agreement cat even when we were all very busy on christmassy and in my case organizing the local nativity trial. roberts and many others think politicians like fisheries minister victoria prentice could hardly care less and that's a powerful incentive for those who believe breaks it signals the end of the united kingdom helping to propel support for scottish independence to its highest levels yet joe now al-jazeera glasgow still to come here on the news hour for the sports news the saving team attempting to stop their america's cup hopes from sinking. when we come back. divorce rates in taiwan are soaring and as a marriage consultant helen knows this only too well. but as the 60th wedding anniversary approaches own parents are locking horns rather than arms and what
4:51 pm
other toyota. cannot daughterly loud and professional expertise make them see eye to eye. my fine back my mother part of the viewfinder asia series on how does iraq. once for the mubarak became president so began a story of conflict and isolation on one side a wife and son their sights set on succession on the other a president creasing the distant from the egyptian people when his beloved grandson . barak needed mr. but then the flames ignited in tunisia exploded in egypt and everything changed episode 2 of the family. war. horse.
4:52 pm
time for sports peter thanks so much we start with basketball and james harden is off to winning start for the brooklyn nets he put in the history making performance on the night that also saw him reunites with fellow and be a stark having durant's somehow malik reports. this is the moment that basketball found had been waiting for and it didn't disappoint kevin durant's reunion with james harden saw the beard as these known trick in a debut performance to remember for the brooklyn nets i think. it's part of the taking on orlando hodgson exhibited the skills that made him one of the n.b.a.'s most feared shooters durante was also in fine form he scored
4:53 pm
a season high of 42 point i thought he was the best and one hard and didn't score as many as the next drawn out 122-2115 win and he wasn't to be outdone the former houston man recorded a 30 point triple double becoming the 1st man to do so on the team debut in the n.c.a.a. to deny these guys tell me anything mets fans are now hope hardin and drunk to scare the team to the finals something they did together oklahoma city back in 22 hours. this is their only borgen ization top to bottom and you know me all i have to do is grow up here and be the best you know james or not be. you know good things will happen incredibly to see him. try to figure out the best way to play early on i felt like we will pass and shauna. make everybody comfortable and and he just gets was moda you know been aggressive to school or to open up the whole game for all of a sudden the n.b.a.
4:54 pm
season is looking a whole lot more interesting to him ali i'll just get out of a tricky topic and the n.f.l. the buffalo bills beat the baltimore ravens to advance to their 1st championship title game in 27 years buffaloes when was overshadowed by the ravens quarterback lamar jackson being knocked out of the game jackson suffered a concussion on the final play of the 3rd quarter at the bills stadium and bells went on to hammer the ravens $17.00 to $3.00 buffalo who have never won a super bowl championship before or face either kansas city or cleveland for the a.f.c. championship title and tennis stars are furious over being forced into hard quarantine as they arrive in melbourne for the australian open grand slam champions are among the at least $72.00 players in hard a lockdown after being exposed to positive coronavirus cases on their flights several players are angry at being classified as close contacts and therefore put into strict quarantine others are allowed out of their rooms to practise for up to
4:55 pm
5 hours a day unfortunately out of the 2 flights. but as i said in my in my post we knew the risks were taking and australia being it's very very strict with their with their rules concerning the virus is. probably one of the strictest coaches in the world so this was always a possibility. india's lower order kept the tourists in the 4th and deciding test against australia going into the penultimate day of the match as centuries from washington's in dar and shargel tucker up in post 336 in their 1st endings that's $33.00 runs short of australia's total the aussies have already began their 2nd innings they closed on $21.00 for no loss i remember. that oh it's just the same but i think the start of. when it is it is it is if
4:56 pm
you're born in this and you will get it we're going to be both be looking for your own homes is and they're there when the local in my mind if i call 'd on you know people are going to look at me and eventually and know they will might be there they're there for the biggest positive and there's a huge clash coming up in the english premier league later on sunday champions liverpool take on table toppers manchester united you're in clubs man go into the match not in their best form they said 3rd having taken just 2 points from their last 3 games the reds are hosting a united seem who are unbeaten in 15 away the games ross in form goes out the window it doesn't really matter if it is. the last game you know when you go go down field it's a big game for the club but it's a big game for the players for the finance saw. really looking forward to it
4:57 pm
because of course we are. in a good moment the form of the moment you know being bought out who is their favorite. so it's not important it's united against united so. where ever i would be. i just. i want to. the america's cup sailing team has battled its way to a 4th victory and 4 races in the challenger series in the zealand wasn't a good day for the united states team though they were denied their 1st points of the series after their boat capsized in high winds they were leading their race against the italian team at the time the british truly now leads the rankings and the qualifying series the overall winner will earn the right to face reigning champions team new zealand for the america's cup and march i am that is all your sport for now peter back to you for a thanks very much that was
4:58 pm
a broad cause that was our we will have 30 minutes about 0 world news when we come back on the other side of the break we'll take a live update as well out of washington ahead of the by inauguration as he's. 'd held for over 3 years in an egyptian prison cell denied the right to a fair trial no charges have been brought against al jazeera correspondent mr saying his crime journalism. to demand truly and voice solidarity with all detained journalists sign the petition. saying. the venezuelan colombia border has become a stomping ground for trespassing. as desperate people transgress an illegal passage
4:59 pm
. to feed an emerging field trafficking markets. we follow that perilous journey unguarded through the line of. risking it all. venezuela and colombia. on al-jazeera. reporting in the field means i often get to witness not just new as this is breaking but also history as it's unfolding crossing the hungry to read one day i might be covering politics and the next my covering protests. but what's most important to me is talking to people understanding what they are going through so that i can convey the headlines in the most human way possible. we believe everyone has a story worth hearing. ok calm and make sure you're not hyping the situation be part of the debate my main characters are women and when no topic is off the table
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there was in the last allow child marriage to happen legally these are basically archaic walls they are often legitimize them griego one is pedophile. online jump into the conversation and the team to be part of the discussion this stream on out is there are. soldiers and barriers around the u.s. capitol building washington and other cities a country in the threats of violence joe biden's immigration. blog and i'm peter sagal you're watching al-jazeera live from the also coming up kremlin critic alexina although it's home to russia from germany where he spent 5 months recovering.


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