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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 16, 2021 12:00am-1:01am +03

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a bomb plot and a health system struggling to cope al-jazeera investigation 3 dates that still the world. zira. i know i'm maryanne demasi of watching the news hour live from london coming up in the next 60 minutes a number of people killed by the corona virus around the world a pos is 2000000 as emergency oxygen supplies ascend to amazonas state to stop patients suffocating to death brazil's president says he can't do anything about cove it also coming up in the news out so just around the house of ugandan opposition leader bobby wine after he claims victory in the presidential election.
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and at least $42.00 dead and the hundreds injured after indonesia was hit by a powerful earthquake which flattened a hospital. i'm devon asked with the sport to doubts are raised over whether the delayed european championship can be held safely across 12 cities and he's only been in the job for 2 weeks about paris a manager. will miss the next 2 games after testing positive for corona virus. welcome to the news hour the world has reached another tragic milestone in the corona virus pandemic 2000000 people are now known to have died after contracting co that 19 just over a year after the virus 1st began to circulate that's according to johns hopkins university it was 9 months after china's 1st warning of the disease that the world
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reached a 1000000 deaths but it's taken just 3 and a half months for another 1000000 people to die the u.n. secretary general is calling for a joint off approach to save more lives a wall that's reached the heart wrenching as though the government. claimed 2000000 lives. behind these 3 numbers are new names and faces the smile not only of memory the seats whatever. all the room that echoes with the silence of a loved one said the deadly impact of the been there because 'd be made worse by the absence of a global or you know if you there for us in the memory of those $2000000.00 souls the world must fix we try to get out of solidarity was particular concern around brazil with the average daily cases that are up by 44 percent in the space of 2 weeks as 2 new variance spread rapidly this in a country that's already registered more than 200000 deaths with brazilian army is
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transported desperately needed oxygen supplies to amazonas state after hospitals treating coronavirus patients started running out scientists say a newly identified variant of the virus could be contributing to the sharp rise in cases but brazil's health minister is saying the situation in the now says the amazonas capital is due to a failure in the early treatment of patients relatives of deceased patients block the streets in front of mouse lodges hospitals demanding answers about the oxygen shortage which they say caused the deaths of their loved ones meanwhile brazil's president has been speaking out saying he can't do anything about covert and he praised his health minister for doing a quote exceptional job as the 3rd father of the. problem we are always doing what we have to do the problem with minocin is terrible but we've done our part providing resources and means today the armed forces have launched a field hospital buddha the health minister was there on monday and provided oxygen
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or want to chaotic have joins us live now from rio de janeiro i suppose those remarks are what we've come to expect from jail but how dangerous could it be at a time when we are seeing a more contagious variant of the virus tearing through the population and people are not observing physical distancing. well it's a it's a very serious situation. as you said he has been downplaying the virus from the beginning has been downplaying the vaccine saying he will be vaccinated but what we're seeing right now is a complete lack of logistics of planning an example. has no vaccination yet occupations have not started but the government the health minister announced that a plane was going to go to india to look for just to get 2000000 doses of the
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vaccine to start inoculations here in brazil on january 20th while the plane left some but stopped * at midway it didn't go yet to india because the indian government said that it would you know was asking to the late hunting over the fact these that had been that they had negotiated by so that the complete lack of planning i mean and. those situations you see a bit of that everywhere and binah vaccines but not having syringes or not having the needles it's it's a very confusing situation which also in 1000 is an example of what happens when things just get out of control then all of a sudden you have no oxygen not only for cold 1000 patients but also for 60 premature babies for example having to be flown out to other states. and so what is being done to help the. people. isn't enough.
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to have. been done to help them. well yes they are sending oxygen over all so that's true but the people are consuming the oxygen very carefully it's it's everybody is overwhelmed also there is a problem with logistics in. a state by now since its lights surrounded by rivers it's not really easy just transport things back and forth you need both so you need roads and this is what happening with oxygen cylinders we have to see what will happen when you know vaccines arrive as well if there is no planning if there is no ordination as is that pending in brazil all right thank you very much want to kanak you have joining us from rio de janeiro. well in all the developments it's
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believed that one in 3 people in los angeles county has had coronavirus and officials are saying that code 19 is killing one person there every 8 minutes the southern californian county is the was hit in the us which itself is the west a country in the world a cold recording almost 4000 deaths on thursday alone patients are waiting hours for beds to become available in intensive care units and all spittles have delayed non-life threatening surgeries the county's recorded close to a 1000000 coronavirus cases since the pandemic 1st began. let's go to rob reynolds in los angeles now and it appears that was saying well new lows for the way in which california is handling the coronavirus. spreading like wildfire here public health officials say. that you can
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get the virus to be be exposed to someone who. symptomatically or a symptomatically any time you leave your house it's a very very disturbing situation. reaching the. 1000000 the united states has a disproportionate share of those deaths for the size of its. more than 380000 deaths recorded. and a top official in the incoming administration president elect joe biden's chief of staff. said on friday that he expects the u.s. to get $500000.00 deaths next month at that rate is on track to exceed the total number of people who died during the 1918 influenza virus that was 675000 people approximately and that is simply shocking
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statistic here in california which is really the current epicenter as you mentioned of the virus epidemic and pandemic in the united states more than 31000 deaths it statewide and here in los angeles county where i am right now there have been more than 13000 people who died from just an unimaginable amount of. families in morning it's. just as we were her hearing. here as well there are vital treatment. possibly. initial signs of him. possible initial signs of improvement the rate of hospitalization in california has declined slightly over the past couple of days case the numbers across the state may have plateaued and doctors and
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epidemiologists public health officials believe that there's a possibility that the post winter holiday surge that they warned about may be in fact the less severe than they had feared however the centers for disease control on friday put out a statement saying that it believes the new relatively new more transmissible variant 1st discovered or uncovered in england is spreading widely in the united states and could in fact become the dominant strain of corona virus by the month of march and the public health agency warned that this would of course put additional strain on hospitals all across the country that are heavily overburdened that are trying to cope with the vaccine rollout at the same time these are the same people in many cases who are caring for patients and responsible for doing vaccinations in
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in places like los angeles county and that pressure on these hospitals could of course result in even more deaths thank you silent sherm los angeles rob riles panther night. meanwhile the u.s. president elect joe biden has been outlining his vaccination plan in which he aims to get 100000000 vaccines administered in his 1st 11 days in office all americans over the age of 65 as well as front line workers will be encouraged to take the job the defense production act will also be used to increase the supply of viles syringes and needles but he warned that there are still difficult times ahead things will get worse before they get better i told you i'll always level with. you know on the policy changes we're going to be making and then take time. to show up in the covert systems not just the to 6 is people's lives people get
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infected today don't show up in case counts for weeks those who perished in this disease die weeks after exposure so it will take time and i know there are things we can do we can do them. well natasha going to joins us from wilmington delaware and. administration has been criticized for the speed and effectiveness of its vaccine rollout tell us more about the changes biden's team plans and gees. administration's response to the pandemic a quote dismal failure he says we're watching a crisis of deep human suffering and we have to act now that is why he is addressing the pandemic as his 1st legislative priority he is going to create a national vaccination program that will create community sites across the united states the vaccines would be free and next in line would be anyone 65 years and
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older in his plan biden says he wants to ensure that people living in marginalised and rural communities are not left behind he's going to implement the activate the defense production act that is something that president trump was criticized for not making liberal use of what this would do would be to help amp up the manufacture of the vaccine as well as vaccination supplies he also wants to create a public health workforce to aid in that endeavor it would be $100000.00 strong and he knows that there is a lot of distrust in the united states about the safety of the vaccination and that is why he's going to launch a public education program this comes as the death toll in the united states is climbing to almost $400000.00 and as there we continue to deal with distribution and. implementation of vaccines across the country in new york city the mayor has
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said if the city does not get additional supplies of the vaccine it will run out in the next week it also comes amid a new c.d.c. report that says that new variant of code 19 that's more contagious has now been detected in 10 states and could create another surge in the united states of covert 19 infections and the that is why the c.d.c. is urging that there be a robust vaccination effort and ongoing. compliance with mask wearing and social distancing there as always with anything political maybe some grumbling about the price tag in this initial recovery phase of biden's plan that addresses the pandemic in the economy we're looking at a 1.9 trillion dollar price tag and there are concerns among fiscally minded lawmakers who say we already are dealing with
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a more than 3 trillion dollars deficit the largest since world war 2 but there are millions of americans who are waiting for relief we were at a vaccination site at a hospital in wilmington today i spoke to a coded triology nurse she says for so much of the pandemic trauma and stress she also got code 19 was so much she was crying every day she says today is a happy day because not only am i going to get this vaccine i am hoping that i will help in the process of halting this pandemic that has ravaged the united states all right for a moment and you're going to. want to turn to south africa now where the start of the school year has been delayed as that country continues its battle to contain the spread of a more contagious strain of the coronavirus the authorities are saying they want to prevent schools becoming transmissions and this country has been reporting the most 20000 new cases a day for the past week more than 35000 people have died from the virus that's the
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highest total on the continent. in other developments health ministers have expressed severe concern after pfizer announced its temporarily reducing deliveries of its vaccine across all of europe it said shipments would be affected until early february as it seeks new regulatory approvals for its manufacturing processes the european commission president says pfizer has guaranteed the delivery of all doses ordered for the 1st quarter of this year. well indonesia has started administering the china made khurana vacas part of a massive inoculation effort their plans to vaccinate more than 180000000 people by march of next year beginning with health care and public service work as before then moving on to working age adults it's an honor also talks plan as most countries a focusing on the elderly and the most at risk fast. explains. sente lizzie ana is a health worker in bali she's come to this clinic to receive the chinese made. so i
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have a. bad up at s.s. i trust everything to the government rather than stressing over it the government has guaranteed it to say for us the president has been vaccinated as well as bali as governor i just have to get on with it indonesia was one of the 1st countries outside china to approve the vaccine developed by pharmaceutical firm sign of back health officials said human trials showed that 65 percent effective but that figure has come under scrutiny from regulators brazilian scientists say the latest data shows it's only 50 percent effective health workers here say they're not worried. remember. that i don't know who's a toad to get the vaccine there was already recommendation from the government there's no need to be afraid in my opinion just do what the government recommended . indonesia is prioritizing health workers and public officials in the 1st stage of its vaccine rollout hospital administrators say so far take up has been good.
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work yesterday we vaccinated 28 people today there were another 28 people registered and they all came to be vaccinated it says there's a huge desire to be protected from the corona virus at this community center integrand near the capital jakarta people say the vaccine rollout has brought a glimmer of hope. thank god hopefully the vaccine can break the chain of the cold 19 virus so that the pandemic will end soon because there have been so many victims in our country the plan is to inoculate 180000000 people by march next year the equivalent of 2 thirds of the population and hopefully curb southeast asia's worst outbreak of the coronavirus victoria gayton be al-jazeera. well china is building a quarantine facility that can hold up to 3000 patients in anticipation of a spike in infections ahead of the lunar new year china is largely contained
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a further spread of the virus but the resurgence in cases has raised concerns the 1st death in 8 months was reported in hubei province where most of the new infections have emerged the health commission says more than a 1000 people are currently being treated for 1926 of them are in a serious condition. you're watching the news hour live from london much more still ahead on the program. it's one way of cutting through the noise will look at the scientists getting creative to tackle a vaccine misinformation. hundreds of thousands of indian pilgrims are asked to keep the crowd keep to coronavirus guidelines there are a few mosques to be seen. and coronavirus concerns haven't stopped cameroon from getting ready to host football's african nations championship jemma will have that story in the sport.
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ugandan opposition leader bobby wine says his life is in danger after on security forces were deployed to surround his home they arrive soon after pop star turned politician claimed victory in the country's presidential election early results from thursday's vote show him trailing the incumbent leader you know where it was 74 b. wind has rejected those figures as a sham claiming there have been widespread irregularities and voter interference he says he'll be able to provide evidence once again this internet is restored but we whine spoke to al jazeera over the phone earlier and described the scene at his house. my house has been surrounded by them and they jump over the fence they have taken over by compound i rejected my security guy the. bad. news comes when the internet completely shut down my phone and
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my wife's phone and so the phones of the people that i am afraid been blocked by the telecom company. that is the situation now the military. vehicle over my house and when i try to ask them they are not answering we even as we speak i can see them outside my compound. might accrue to god and also my cabin are now my wife and i live in. a state of we don't know what next is going to happen to our lives we have come into our property uninvited and to wreak havoc for the people that we live with ready. that was a physician eatable the wind speaking earlier about the troops have been deployed surrounding his hunt just outside camp on an algerian cafe and soy is also in camp on a shelf uganda's direction military spokesman about bobby wines claims. as
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a presidential candidate it is a not a come on the person is not a no they're not a person we have to ensure that we monitor his the cicutto how to make sure we ensure that he's a safe until the declaration because all of them are still kind of it. doing to working with the police we're providing security in a one thing why didn't they incidents that happened to us talking with secure to jumping to his fans it is not a true what's happened out of the 30 people who moved from. approaching his compound the 3 people when they reached under they really mean 3 unknown people. they realize that these are serious civilians and not to the security when they realize that they are security because he's a home which is also along the road and these deployments are longer those are all of their deployments to ensure that as a presidential candidate also is safe they realize some people coming to point to
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buckle are designed to decided to jump over they would. do in this compound some call go to by either vigilance of our security and one of them was arrested on the 2 of them were in no way sawyer we have heard all types of allegations unfortunately some from lead us and we are getting used to eat and what is important for us is to make sure we put the fuck sabera the person who jumped over his compound was arrested on these of a level he would attend he's a story if he was security we would know it to be saying that we know this person. well just as a general is a commentator on african affairs joins us on the phone from camp allah is on the phone because of the internet blackout that we were mentioning josephs obviously for access to information and communication between people is pretty vital to defend us in transparency of any election in this day and age what can you tell us about the internet communications shut down in uganda. marian
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it is extraordinary as a colleague i can tell you that. i'm a little embarrassed myself as a ugandan citizen but. i never knew how good a preposterous in a lot of action 40 years from the 75 last election and claim to regularity in the trip into the bush i can tell you that except for this line that i have i have no access to anybody both in uganda and in the fuel cells so the extraordinary it's very difficult because other than depending on to people a. little bit of ordination and vigilance. that is no reason why people cannot begin to won their walk and not come will be and whether or not this entire process you believe they're really wins elections which is possible to get to that leader then it's going to be very difficult for people to get the credibility of their
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fear is about violence. particularly in camp where there has been quite strong support for the opposition. yes i think that is a major point because. i think there is a been there covering the plane on the cliff but not in. the water very well and indeed mr juggling even self with that. 1000 is not feeling particularly comfortable but i must say that i think if i were advising him i would suggest that they would sort of hold back from the making any assumption or indeed the clear actions whatever the case because i think it's rather critically to leave for anybody to make such claims and the government would say that it's unfair on anybody else doing so i think on the electoral commission but i think there's a huge cost because in the last 2 weeks there's been speculation that some leading
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government made it awfully sure that when no one in their home having picked beloki if incentives and their other forms of communication has been cut off there's no reason why the current course i'm going to be clear marion cotillard the. independent mark or those have been detained in the last 2 days some of them people who are young people vigilant but very different ordinary citizens criminals care if this happens there's no reason why. this such a stark contrast between these 276 year old and come uprising you larry must every up against well the young challenge up against i should say the incumbent and he really does carry the hopes of so many young people with him. how would you how would you frame this election in terms of in terms of what's at stake. i think
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ironically beyond the contrast there hasn't really been marked everything on policy and programs from the summit they've only been unfortunate for him because it has meant that bill clinton including robotech have really not presented in the choir in tripoli alternative views alternative for the people but it's very much about a generational change many people are just tired of the 70 seats or 4 year old guy who's been around for 35 years most of the time been born with indiana but you're not an average. stromberg of this in the last few years and is now giving you. a real run for his money i think that i'm really hoping people begin to simply want change whatever that change. thank you very much joseph a chance joining us from kampala thank you.
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one hour and other stories are following this hour at least 42 people have been killed and 600 injured after a magnitude 6.2 earthquake hit the indonesian island of said oh i see thousands of people in 2 cities have been displaced and the authorities are warning of potential off the shocks from jakarta jessica washington reports. on the indonesian island of pseudo ac a massive search and rescue effort is underway a $6.00 magnitude earthquake in the early hours of friday morning struck at a depth of just 10 kilometers the cities of marginalia mahmoud you have been hardest hit with many buildings being severely damaged. search teams found this young girl trapped under the debris of a house but she says her name is angel and she isn't sure how many people are still under the rubble and. she's told she will be ok. the earthquake and aftershocks triggered landslides blocking roads and making it
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difficult for more rescue teams to gain access to the affected cities president djoko dodos says every effort will be made to get to those in need. in the name of the indonesian government and all the people of indonesia express or condolences to the victims who had passed away i urge the people to stay calm and to follow the instructions given by officials on the ground. these are small communities margin is home to just 150000 people and at least 15000 of them have now been displaced so authorities warn there may be more destruction. the buildings were hit by 2 quakes and at least 28 aftershocks and because the epicenter is near the beach there's a possibility of underwater landslides so that's why the stills and i mean potential. hospital collapsed in the disaster and local media report at least 4
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people were trapped. beneath the debris the air traffic control tower at the nearby airport was also damaged communications are being restored and military personnel and additional search and rescue workers are attempting to reach the area just to washington al-jazeera jakarta. still ahead on the news hour from london the pentagon confirms u.s. troop numbers have been cut to 2 and a half 1000 in iraq and afghanistan despite congress trying to block the move. the dutch government resigned over a scandal which still thousands of families wrongly accused of fraud but the prime minister is saying he'll be running again. and a french driver wins a record extending 14 stacker rally on a day overshadowed by tragedy that's coming out with gemma in the sports.
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everywhere in central eastern europe and just beyond in russia who succeeded in the culture of the moment you're maybe not surprised to see that moscow is covered in snow but something like 35 centimeters sits on the ground at the moment it fell too quickly to clear a way to make the streets quite clear this is brought on this video shows that anyway now this cold air has got a lot of cloud of it and there dots of low pressure as it's meet as more snow or was stormy weather to come but moscow sits in really cold and minus 14 at best buy they done to minus $25.00 on sunday not yes these are well below average now it's not going to stay in moscow so it's going to be brought around across the baltic to give 10 pretty pretty poor conditions for poland for the baltic states and that cold weather keep pushing so as to enhance what's already over turkey in the eastern med of she's colder of a warm or to stormy weather the same time coming if the atlantic behind it's surprising enough warmer weather 6 degrees in london but on this boundary where
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you're pushing against a cold the significant snow for belgium for the low countries for france eventually spoke and yet more for the northern already covered in snow but the real stormy weather with wind rain and hail is in the eastern med and levant with snow for turkey. kenyan journalists in pursuit of press freedom and justice i have this very desperate situation where someone is about the hope you can afford being cool and investigating government corruption and the national health care system some of the transactions espionage and the killing. of money that is unexplained to africa uncensored and publish those things up people don't want to publish many of the dozen jaska whose truth is it anyway on al-jazeera. 'd held for over 3 years in an egyptian prison cell denied the right to
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a fair trial no charges have been brought against al jazeera correspondent my manager saying his crime journalism. to demand more neutral links and voice solidarity with all detained journalists sign the petition. 'd to say. who let. the earth. back on main story this hour 2000000 people are now known to have died from cove at 19 just over a year after the virus 1st began to circulate meanwhile the army in brazil is
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transported desperately needed oxygen supplies to the northern amazon a day off to hospital streets in corona virus patients started running out scientists say 2 newly identified variants of the virus could be contributing to the sharp rise in cases in the area and there are the headline this hour the ugandan opposition leader bobby wine says the military is surrounded his home after he claimed victory in the presidential election early results from thursday's vote showing trailing the incumbent era you know where it was 70. now in other news the u.k. is tightening its borders against the corona virus demanding a negative test from anyone wishing to enter the country from monday it comes as it recorded more than 55000 coronavirus cases in the last 24 hours and more than 1200 deaths the prime minister is urging the public to obey the national lockdown asking people to think twice about whether they need to leave the house a new government campaign warns the catch up ones that catch up to cost lives
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pointing out one in 3 people with corona virus don't actually have any symptoms a growing number of scientists medical workers are turning to tick tock to tackle misinformation about coronavirus vaccines the hoping to reach new audiences with creative an entertaining clips on the video sharing platform as charlie action reports. when looking for information about coded vaccines many young people turn to social media and scientists who develop them there to help often straight from the lab everyone everybody. this international team put together by the un on tip top posting videos about their work questions to promote confidence in vaccines and doing a bit of singing and dancing to. dr paul mackay worked on the imperial college vaccine in the u.k. currently in phase 2 trials he's also researching the new code variant while
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challenging and he backs misinformation to the number one question is politically this is rushed these there is no safety data for this how can you possibly make a vaccine and this is what types of people are concerned that the crops the same safety analyses haven't been done on these vaccines that are done every other 5 scenes and we can assure them that it's exactly the same. rigorous safety analysis is has been done on all of these vaccines. go to alabama a cli is another has become an unlikely internet style with our gauging vaccine explanations putting in 3000000 light that had ticked up video on formulating a vaccine imperial college as a tribute to dolly parton. says. she hopes people watch her videos for the entertainment but stay for the science and she says this way she can connect with the general public and reassure them about
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the speed at which the vaccine it's ingredients and side effects when i'm talking to people i try to just be really open minded you know people have a whole number of reasons why they might be hesitant to get a back scene and you know oftentimes it's a really good reasons why they shouldn't get a baxi i'm really not there tech convince people to get a vaccine i want to be there to educate the. and give them the data and you know educate them about vaccines as opposed to convincing them so i'm there to answer questions i'm not trying to like change somebodies mind but mt vacs is trying to change minds developing an online narrative with 3 key messages that covert $1000.00 is not dangerous the vaccine is dangerous and vaccine advocates cannot be trusted but this misinformation could cost knives with these scientists injecting the facts into the forum they hope to steer people towards the truth. well under the thousands of hindu wash up as i've gathered in the indian city of
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hurried war for one of the world's largest religious events it's going ahead even though the country is recorded more than 10000000 coronavirus cases that's concerned about whether the city's medical facilities can handle what could follow elizabeth purana reports. before sunrise on the 1st day of the festival hundreds of thousands of hindu pilgrims congregate on the banks of the ganges river in the northern city of hard. as well as offering prayers people immerse themselves in the river and the belief that it will wash away this sense. everyone has come here because of the gun just blessings. and all of the problems of. the 3 months to what is going ahead this year despite the coronavirus. this country is a hindu country the majority is him so even the government needs to show some flexibility when it comes to our religious festivals and beliefs. the events
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organizers and police say they've deployed thousands of officers to ensure protocols are followed that there really are what you. all are welcome in the fear please come be offered prayers but follow the covert protocols where mosques use sanitizers. but few seem to be listening at the command and other hindu festivals in india this week. millions of people are expected to visit hard wired in the state for this year's committer to ism directors of the event will revive the economy that depends on religious tourism. but the state's high court has criticized the local government who allowed the event to go ahead it said medical facilities are insufficient and the state isn't prepared for what it calls an explosion of visitors elizabeth brannon al-jazeera. the mayor of washington d.c. says the city is going to have to adjust to a new normal with heightened security measures that go beyond the inauguration of
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joe biden f.b.i. has identified $270.00 suspects in connection with last week's attack on the capital including this man jacob chan's lee court papers reveal he wrote a message meant for us vice president might pence saying it's only a matter of time justice is coming chancellor his lawyers say he's asked for a presidential pardon more than 80 people have already been charged over the violence on capitol hill and then u.s. house speaker nancy pelosi has also spoken of possible charges for any members of congress who aided in the attack if in fact it is fair that members of congress or a campuses to this insurrection if they aided in advantage of the crime there may have to be actions taken beyond the congress and in terms of prosecution. let's go live now to heidi jo castro in washington tell us what you've been seeing
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through the course of the day we're now seeing are a greater deployment of military troops right there in the u.s. capitol than we've seen them that are currently are abroad in places like iraq and afghanistan what is what is the mood the atmosphere like there in washington. absolutely it feels like a militarized zone here because it is and throughout the day we've seen bus after a bus full of national guard members pulling up to this point with troops filing out they are guarding the u.s. capitol building behind me they're sleeping on the floor there of the capitol visitor center row after row of soldiers and you can see them carrying their and 16 rifles some $20000.00 total national guard members expected to be here guarding joe biden's inauguration and that's just the personnel of the physical barricades just to get to where i'm standing now we've already had to pass through 2 layers of
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security screening with vehicles even delivery trucks for businesses that fall within this green line surrounding the u.s. capitol they will soon be searched for weapons for other suspicious materials what a difference from a week ago when this very street i'm standing on now thrawn with a pro trump mob that eventually went up the steps of the u.s. capitol easily pushing back against the few police barricades that existed at that time even as a joint session of congress met inside that building behind me and we're learning now that it's suspected that there is strong evidence that that mob wanted to kidnap and kill politicians inside that building with the washington post reporting that vice president mike pence came within seconds of being spotted by that mob before he was evacuated so certainly many questions being asked how the federal
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government and local law enforcement was caught so flat footed during that violent mob thank you audie joe castro in washington thanks heidi well as we see a boost in the deployment of troops there in the u.s. capital the number of military troops in iraq and afghanistan has been cut now to the lowest low. well seen since the wars in both countries 1st began even though congress blocks the move without a fresh assessment of the risks there are 2 and a half 1000 troops in each country as promised by president donald trump the u.s. had already moved down from $14000.00 service personnel in afghanistan last year there were previously. over 100000 troops in afghanistan and more than 125000 in iraq and with uncertainty over peace talks and a rise in violence some fear that the draw back could further destabilize afghanistan folio controversy reports from the capital kabul. it's america's longest war longer even than vietnam but it could now be approaching an end for
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afghanistan however it could just be the beginning of even more uncertain times the pullout of u.s. troops has raised fears that without a peace deal between the taliban and the afghan government in place there will be even more violence you already see defines there because as we speak there is fighting going on inside kandahar city district 8 or 9 and so the taliban are now moving from rural areas to urban warfare and that means the afghan forces are now fighting the taliban in fact the city is now or the city outskirts the american soldiers who remain in afghanistan are part of a u.s. led nato mission foreign troops from dozens of other nations for the 1st time outnumber the americans nato trains the afghan security forces and relies heavily on the u.s. military for intelligence and logistics nato says it will decide on its future in
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afghanistan in february a former afghan military chief warns of dire consequences and not only for afghanistan if all countries decide to pull out in 5 years' time if the democracy of the iraqi gained newly gained very fragile democracy is not supported then it will break. it will go into pieces the current 2 will be turned back and towards we had in the ninety's now then what happens you have explored every day in london and frankfurt and bonn and washington and a role model whatever street you think nato secretary general jens stoltenberg says the alliance may pay a heavy price if there is a hasty and i'm co-ordinated withdrawal he fears of ghana's stand could again
12:46 am
become a place from where international armed groups could organize attacks on the united states and its allies the taliban has welcomed this abrupt drawdown of american troops because it brings it closer to its main goal a complete 4 into a withdrawal security has been rapidly deteriorating across the country and even here in kabul explosions and targeted assassinations have become daily events afghans see their country in a downward spiral and some are more than happy to be rid of us troops. americans must leave us a presence is meaningless the reason is that americans were not able to bring security in afghanistan in 17 years and were not able to bring peace for the afghan people. but others see problems ahead. we're going towards more difficulties and we're getting more concerned and all the
12:47 am
people especially the young are asking the u.s. to continue their support the troops at least some to stay in afghanistan. now all eyes are on the next u.s. president joe biden who has suggested he wants to keep a small military presence in afghanistan in which case america's longest war will become even longer fill your country for a couple. they have been set for palestine's 1st election in 15 years a parliamentary election be held on may 22nd while a presidential vote will happen on july 31st elections were delayed because of negotiations between hamas and president mahmoud abbas of the palestinian authority amasses welcomed the announcement palestinian factions are aiming to build united front against israel now the dutch government has resigned over a child benefit scandal which drove thousands of families to financial ruin the prime minister not wetter and his cabinet will stay on in
12:48 am
a caretaker capacity until elections are held on march 17th a parliamentary report blame them for mismanaging a child care subsidies scheme which saw around $10000.00 families accused of fraud many were targeted based on their ethnicity and forced to pay back tens of thousands of euros we're going to introduce it as that we are of one mind that if the whole system has failed we must all take responsibility and that has led to the conclusion that i have just offered the king the resignation of the entire cabinet . to the parents affected by the childcare allowance of fear i would like to say this we will continue to work for prompt compensation and for the improvements that are necessary in the future with friday's decision in the government wants to do justice to those who have been unprecedented lee wronged but rather to says he will still run for a 4th term in that march election a parliamentary inquiry found that families were driven to bankruptcy unemployment
12:49 am
or divorce janet rama's sar was among those wrongfully accused and describes the hardship she endured. if you aren't you know from too small i had to pay back 5 years of childcare allowance every year i had to provide darted to prove i was really entitle to the money and i did that every time but the texel dorothy's indicated that i had never provided it the amount of money was almost $40000.00 euros which i had to pay back and that turned out to be unjustified. that was terrible because at a certain point you can't pay any bills you can no longer afford anything you get a wage se asia and you allowances are withheld my bank account was seized i couldn't go shopping or pay regular life costs and even got into more debt coming up on the news out a welcome jab for a fall of a heavyweight champion that is coming up with gemma in this poll.
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welcome back gemma's here now the sports thank you mariam now he's only been in the job 2 weeks but paris managed to t.n.a. will have to take some time outs as because he's tested positive for corona virus the option time is now in isolation his assistants. will take charge of the team for saturday's game against n.j. and next friday's match with won't pay as well as the head of switzerland soccer federation says it's unlikely the delayed european championship can be held across
12:52 am
the 12 cities as originally planned dominate bone believes it could be hout in one country or one major city with enough stadiums like london belongs in no doubt it will be staged with no fans and says it would be a financial catastrophe if it was counselled together after being pushed back a year yuri's a set to start on june the 11th the fifa club world cough is coming up in class on that month but new zealand's open city f.c. they won't be that they've pulled out because of the quarantine measures required by the new zealand thora tees the tournament which involves continental club champions will be played across 3 of the 2022 world cup stadiums or clinton's withdrawal means the 1st round has been dropped but otherwise the formats unchanged the african nations championship starts in cameroon on saturday despite the current virus concerns safety measures are in place with a limited number of fans allowed inside stadiums david states reports. it's the start of what set to be a huge 12 months for football in cameroon next year the country will host the
12:53 am
continent's flagship international tournament the cup of nations and this week the african nations championship is kicking off a 16 country event for players who feature in their domestic leagues coby 19 meant the tournament was delayed by 9 months. due to covert football was stopped not only in cameroon but all over the world organizing this tournament is a good thing for africa and the world even if there are restrictions the stadiums can be a 25 percent capacity during the group stages and hopefully 50 percent for the knockout rounds. for visiting teams it's a chance to play top level football at a time when many african leagues face delays and disruption even heat could mean a team life need to continue in positive way so that people get the hope because people are affected by 2 peaks one medical and 2nd one mental so we need to play in depth mentality all that woodward being played gives the hope to people to not
12:54 am
be steady and mentally disturbed cameroon was meant to host the last cup of nations but egypt had to step in due to delays in stadium construction hundreds of millions of dollars is being spent readying the 6 venues that will host the event when it arrives in the west african nation next january you know the wormy is the op. we've seen it with other countries especially with born in the quarter again when there was the death grip of nations on the invested millions and millions of dollars in erecting facilities which turned out to be white elephant projects in the short term cameron stadiums will be busy as the country becomes a focal point for international football in africa david stokes al-jazeera. the german doctor who masterminded an international blood doping ring has been sentenced to nearly 5 years in prison lock schmidt dozens of athletes over 8 years many in winter sports and cycling blood doping aims to boost the number of red
12:55 am
blood cells which allows the body to transport more oxygen and therefore increase his stamina and performance schmidt's not allowed to practice as adults at $53.00 is and has been fined 191000 dollars england manchester united's record goalscorer wayne rooney has announced his retirement from football after being named manager of dobby county the former striker joined dobby as a player coach in january last year but hasn't played for them since november that was when he took temporary charge of the club after affiliate kake was sacked he's now been given the role on a permanent basis signing a 2 and a half year due managerial changes in american football as well with the new york jets set to appoint the 1st muslim head coach in the n.f.l. robert salah has agreed a deal in principle to take charge of the jets he spent the past 4 seasons as defensive coordinator at the san francisco 49 ers and he helped them to the super bowl last year with the number 2 ranked defense french minister to hansal as one a record extending 14th. the 555 road he's known as mr dhaka
12:56 am
finished ahead of nasa alitalia in the overall standings after friday's final stage victory came a 30 years after his 1st that was on a motorcycle back in 1991 he's now in the caucus agree 8 times on the motorbike category 6 times but the victory was overshadowed by the news earlier in the day of the death of 52 year old motor bike rider. the frenchman is placed in a medically induced coma after a crash 5 days ago he passed away while being transferred by plane from jeddah to france he's the 3rd rider to don the rally in the last 2 years. the n.b.a. has fined a brooklyn nets got kyrie irving $50000.00 for violating the league's 19 protocols having went to a party last weekend and was filmed without a mosque while there he hasn't played since january the 5th but he will be allowed to rejoin his team on saturday if he continues to test negative now as
12:57 am
a former heavyweight boxing champion and george foreman is no stranger to jobs and this is the job of a different kind this is him getting his cave at 19 a vaccination in texas full and won the heavyweight title twice but perhaps his most famous or phillies in the rumble in the jungle fights against muhammad ali he's just 170 say and he wants others to follow him in getting the vaccine the spirit i feel good to know that i don't feel good center for what i want to do a straight granita that's got me. everything if they're not going to give you what all of this is not over right this is no big deal of the matter is the most well. out here that. i think i've ever seen anyone so excited to get a vaccine that the for me i have every right box about maybe made more money from the ground i don't know about that. that wraps up the news on i will see in a couple of minutes for more news.
12:58 am
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to release food industry. they risk exploitation by corporations and organized crime. trapped in a system with little hope of escape people in power investigates seeks lake's on al-jazeera. the u.s. is called was open for the people all right the world this is the gameplay number of what you can be up to report through an international perspective to try to win their legal audience how this could impact the law this is an important part of the world and our readers very good to bring in the news to the world from here. divorce rates in taiwan are soaring and as a marriage consultant helen knows this only too well. but as the 60th wedding anniversary approaches her own parents are looking moons rather than arms not out to go to jack cannot daughterly love and professional expertise make them see eye
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to eye. my father my mother part of the viewfinder asia series on al-jazeera. the number of people killed by the corona virus around the world passes 2000000 as emergency oxygen supplies are sent to amazonas state to stop patients suffocating to death brazil's president says there's little he can do about that. low i maryam namazie of watching al-jazeera live from london also coming up on the program soldiers around the house of ugandan opposition leader bobby why and oftentimes victory in the presidential election.


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