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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 15, 2021 1:00pm-2:00pm +03

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al jazeera. you're watching the news hour live from headquarters in doha and terry you know we gave that coming up in the next 60 minutes at least 35 people are killed and hundreds injured as a powerful earthquake topples buildings in indonesia to the west the islands. a message of strength to the biden administration north korea unveils a new ballistic missile system capable of being launched from submarines security concerns in afghanistan as the u.s. reduces troop deployment to 2500 as agreed under
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a peace deal with the taliban and google is accused of strong arm tactics in australia for blacking out some new sites for its search results. to the sports news french motorcyclist dies from injuries sustained in a crush on the deck already at this point coronavirus concerns cameroon gets ready to host football's african nations championship with a limited number of fans inside stadiums. welcome to the news hour indonesia's civil defense authorities are warning strong aftershocks could trigger a tsunami after a $6.00 magnitude earthquake hit the island of silhouette see the epicenter is believed to have been about 6 kilometers in the city of mud jan at least 35 people
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have been killed and hundreds injured rescue operations are underway to save those trapped in collapsed buildings. hospital thousands have been displaced by the quake and by the muscle salaam we believe the still potential for most strong aftershocks like what happened at midnight the buildings were hit by 2 quakes and a piece to meet after shocks and because the a.p. santa is near the beach there's a possibility of underwater landslides so that's why the stills and i mean potential for indonesia's president djoko we don't know urged people of disaster zones to remain calm. in the name of the indonesian government and all the people of indonesia express or condolences to the victims who had passed away i urge the people to stay calm and to follow the instructions given by officials on the ground let's get an update from just to washington she is joining us from jakarta what are you hearing about the affected areas. of the reason this is still a developing situation authorities in westaway see
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a still working to restore communications electricity is down once communications are restored we should have a clearer picture of exactly the extent of the damage so let me just give you an indication of what we have heard from authorities so far we know that 8 people are confirmed dead in the city of marjah in a 26 in the nearby city of mahmoud true we know that there are 10 evacuation centers set up in the city of magine $8.00 and $5.00 in the city of mooches so far we know that the epicenter of the quake was around 6 kilometers from the city of these 2 small cities also the ways you have been hit hard by this disaster a hospital in a major was one of the buildings severely damaged the local media reported that there were some people perhaps at least 4 people including 2 nurses a patient and a relative of that patient trapped under rubble rubble the governor's office and a local hotel were also damaged the governor and most jews is also allowing local
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residents just that seek shelter in his house which was on. damaged by the quake and how are rescue efforts going are they able to reach those affected areas. all right now rescue rescue was being hampered by the landslide which which by the 26 aftershocks which occurred off to yesterday's 5.9 magnitude quake rescuers say they are working to reach these affected communities indonesia's president only is said that he has urged all relevant organizations including the military the national search and rescue organization and the social ministry to coordinate the efforts and its temp to reach these people in need we know so far that evacuation centers with mosques with food with supplies for infants and babies as well as backup generators indonesia sadly experiences many natural disasters every year
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that doesn't make this any less of a tragedy but what it does mean is that such a mess and disaster i just think how well the situation at hand or i just go washington thank you for that update from jakarta indonesia. now north korea has unveiled what it says are new submarine launched ballistic missiles they appeared during a parade marking the end of the country's largest political convention leader kim jong un has vowed to expand his country's nuclear arsenal the display of military strength is being seen as a message to the united states and its incoming president joe biden zeros rob mcbride is in seoul with an update. this does seem to be a departure by north korea for the past few years there's been very little evidence of north korea's developing nuclear arsenal while we've had this period of summit diplomacy but this does seem to be north korea saying by the way we have nuclear weapons or did you forget we saw in
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a big parade back in october again the display of a new type of intercontinental ballistic missile according to the north koreans which he hadn't seen before and also in s.l.b.m. one of the submarine launched ballistic missiles now in this latest parade this is according to the north koreans an updated version on that new s.l.b.m. so this is of a concern to united states and its allies because it does add a completely new dimension to the nuclear threat from north korea an s.l.b.m. beings that you know you have the power to have a nuclear missile on a submarine that can launch its missile a lot closer to its intended target so for example that is of concern to japan that has missiles that are intended to try to intercept missile other missiles fired from the north korean peninsula it's a different matter if it's dealing with a submarine just off the japanese coast in theory it could also be
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a concern if this is developed further to the united states but it is thought that their actual submarines are of the older type noisy a diesel submarines which would have a problem trying to get across the pacific but according to kim jong un in his latest statements that too is something north korea is working on that they want to develop and obtain nuclear powered submarines let's speak to john everard who's a former british ambassador to north korea his writing us from london thanks very much for your time with us on the al-jazeera news hour ambassador so this military might on display in north korea do you think this is a message for the international audience or is a more for a domestic audience. i think it's for both clearly they are hoping that the incoming administration of president joe biden will pay close attention to what they have shown everybody but they are also signaling true north koreans that although the regime is committed to economic development it is nevertheless quite determined to keep the country as they say powerful and strong strong enough to
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resist any aggression real or imagined from other countries all right let's look at the domestic issue for a 2nd i mean how do you explain the progress that north korea has made when it comes to its arsenal and its military while still really experiencing quite a crippling economy well firstly i think you have to ask yourself just how much progress it really has made over say the last year and a half we had the hugeness operated on october the 10th we've had these other missiles paraded just that this morning but remember no foreigners were present they have taken steps to avoid satellite surveillance and i think there must be suspicions that these missiles are not actually yet real these are a vision of the future if you like probably mockups certainly other big project very close to the north korean regime heart have stumbled they haven't managed to
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finish the pyongyang hospital that matter finished. tourist resort they are running out of cash they're running out of resources and it doesn't seem very likely that exactly the same problems are clicking that military programs too and when you look at the trump presidency in its approach to north korea it had quite often unconventional one some people would say so what would you like to see from the biden an administration do you think they'll do anything differently. i'm sure they'll do quite a lot differently remember that joe biden as vice president of under president obama was a key architect of the strategy of patience toward north korea and i'm sure that the policy of the administration will have many elements of that strategy recycled i think it's most unlikely that we'll have any more president to chairman kim summit's president by and has said that he doesn't see any great marriage in
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meeting dictators and i think it's a bar as it will be telling him that the summits were were great t.v. opportunities great. but didn't actually achieve anything and for p.r. yang how do you think that. looking at the nearby ministry saying is it going to present a challenge to the country yes yes i suspect that kim would have much preferred a victory by president trump president trump never delivered all the things that north korea hoped for from the north korea u.s. diplomatic process but he did at least give chairman enormous face by allowing him to meet a sitting president of the united states i don't think you can hope for anything of the sort from president biden i think he realizes that there will be constant pressure sanctions and political pressure of all kinds and the president biden is most unlikely to give north korea all the things it wants economic aid prestige and so on without north korea giving up some big cards in return john everard we thank
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you very much for speaking to us from london. now the un says attacks on 2 refugee camps in ethiopia is northern to greater region are a major violation of international law satellite imagery shows fires burning and signs of destruction at the she she. camps their home to refugees from neighboring eritrea the un's lost access to that region and previously said food and medicine is running out its votes are being counted in uganda closely contested election with the final results expected on saturday early indications suggest the president's yarima 70 has a strong lead over his main challenger pop star turned politician bobby wine but the opposition candidates has rejected the preliminary counts insisting that the vote has been marred by widespread fraud and violence south and soy has more from kampala. voting in some polling stations started late because of delays in the
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delivery of materials at this station on the outskirts of kampala people waited patiently for an hour before they could cast their ballots. when there were. no hope purses the internet is going to working and then rethink their own presidential where it was 70 voted in western uganda has previously won some opposition politicians and electoral commission officials against what he described as attempts to rig the election. some opposition leaders including the wind his strongest challenger have sent the same message wiener arrived at his polling station to an enthusiastic crowd and later arched them to stay on the polling stations to monitor the process and got their votes many voters here say they just want a leadership that is going to provide them with the basics jobs lower taxes for small business owners
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a reasonable education for their children and this issues have been overshadowed by pre-election violence we've seen in the last few months police crackdown on thumb opposition leaders and their supporters as well as path anality politics. maureen abor are fast i spare parts is disappointed that what matters to her was not well addressed in the election campaigns we're talking many more young people are not employed many are forced to travel abroad to get jobs that have no dignity they must trace it but they desperate that needs to change the name of the policing of the elections on political analysts a kind of it's could not properly sell their vision to voters the issues in uganda and. the issues in uganda today. the issues in uganda are about political disagreement. with should we change. is the. director or commission says final results will be declared on saturday.
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the u.s. the european union and civil society groups have already said the process has been tainted and lots transparency and accountability many ugandans fear there could be violence if the results are contested bring in katherine joining us from kampala so how is the vote counting going catherine. daryn i'm actually at the main tally center here in kampala where provisional results are being relayed it's still our lead times but the president yoweri museveni has taken an early lead we have results from 10000 about 10000 polling stations over 34000 we have 1800000 votes against bobby wines 821000 and 31 had a press conference a little earlier saying that he has evidence that this election of these results
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are really good he says he doesn't trust them the electoral commission has spoken to that says that he has evidence the onus is on him to prevent to present that evidence beyond reasonable doubt and joining me to discuss this further is the government spokesman of formal pando thank you very much for your time what do you make of bobby wants allegations about rigging well that's what we expected before your admission receipt show that with the 4 went into poland but like the commissioner said if representative condit indeed every candidate in this election was allowed to polling the audience by polling stations who presumably do and had $78000.00 polling agents each of them are supposed to be given. the television from which they signed who would want him to produce his declination forms the copies and you see where the resent have been altered according to what
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he says if they have been altered at all but it is a question that we're used to going to an election but look at that map but why is winning massively 60 percent 55 percent in central going to region and is losing a massive race. wished not to waste not east up to ginger. if you're the one here. reading him here. only outside but surely the credibility of the election process is at stake we have an internet shutdown on the us have all said that the process is already is already tainted the last transparency and accountability. first and foremost we don't hold the elections for the u.s. to give its stamp of approval to gain credibility we hold the elections for the people of uganda who voted yes it did if we did transparently not voter who went to
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vote and was denied to vote local observers the ugandans secondly we have acquitted over 800 journalists 176 internationals from foreign countries who have come. to observe this election who have diplomatic missions in uganda led by the e.u. african union skeptic and community god all of them the british high commission let us wait for their report they will tell us their findings and that we're going to huge deployment of security forces including the military. security forces have a q been accused of human rights abuses in the lead up to this election what the government afraid of were possible there were people who had threatened voters that it should they come out they would provoke a violence the deployment was to neutralize preventive measure but we have now gone through the election yesterday you so much civil aims across the country there was
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not a single incident where the security services interfered intercepted a that with the voters or with the voting process i think this is going to be the election where the turnout is going to go over 75 to 75 percent and that should be testimony that the deployment actually encouraging devoted to come and vote and go back results are beginning to come out we have seen massive losses by the ruling party ministers have lost this election before voting them have want to back their homes nothing has happened to them this year because of money that the deployment did not curtail voters looking to meet voters from coming out all right thank you very much that was the government spokesman as we wait for the final declaration of the presidential resolve on saturday all right and so i thank you very much. plenty
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more head on the al-jazeera news hour including this joe biden unveils a new plan to help save the u.s. economy but will it be enough to contain the turmoil caused by the coronavirus more chemical stockpiles in beirut support months after a huge exposing tildes more than $200.00 people and coming up in sport with peter there is an upset in spain as real madrid are knocked out of the super. but 1st the u.s. says it's met its goal of reducing its number of troops in afghanistan to 2500 by this month despite a law barring it congress passed new measures 2 weeks ago prohibiting that move that was promised by donald trump and now with uncertainty over peace talks and an increase in violence some fear the drawback could further destabilize afghanistan
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failure contraflow reports from kabul. it's america's longest war longer even than vietnam but it could now be approaching an end for afghanistan however it could just be the beginning of even more uncertain times the pullout of u.s. troops has raised fears that without a peace deal between the taliban and the afghan government in place there will be even more violence you already defines there because as we speak there's fighting going on inside kandahar city and district 8 and 9 so talk about are now moving from rural areas to urban warfare and that means that the afghan forces are now fighting the taliban inside to cities now or the city outskirts the american soldiers who remain in afghanistan are part of a u.s. led nato mission foreign troops from dozens of other nations for the 1st time outnumber the americans nato trained. the afghan security forces and relies heavily
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on the u.s. military for intelligence and logistics nato says it will decide on its pewter not ganna stand in february a former afghan military chief warns of dire consequences and not only for afghanistan if all countries decide to pull out and 5 years time if the democracy the road gained newly gained very weak fragile democracy is not supported then it will break. it will go into pieces the current 2 will be turned back and towards we had in the ninety's now then what happens you will have explored every day in london and frankfurt and bonn and washington and a role model whatever street you think nato secretary general jens stoltenberg says
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the alliance may pay a heavy price if there is a hasty and i'm co-ordinated withdrawal he fears of ghana stand could again become a place from where international armed groups could organize attacks on the united states and its allies the taliban has welcomed this abrupt drawdown of american troops because it brings it closer to its main goal a complete 4 into a withdrawal security has been rapidly deteriorating across the country and even here in kabul explosions and targeted assassinations have become daily events afghans see their country in a downward spiral and some are more than happy to be rid of us troops or a 1000000. americans must leave us a presence is meaningless the reason is that americans were not able to bring security in afghanistan in 17 years and were not able to bring peace for the afghan people. but others see problems ahead.
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we're going towards more difficulties and we're getting more concerned and all the people especially the young are asking the u.s. to continue their support the should keep their troops at least some to stay in afghanistan. now all eyes are on the next u.s. president joe biden who has suggested he wants to keep a small military presence in afghanistan in which case america's longest war will become even longer failure contre for a couple. that's because if i is was a peace activist and professor at kabul university he is joining us from there thanks for your time with us on al-jazeera so you heard the nato chief in the field report he previously warned the withdrawal would be hasty and if it's done too soon then there will be a heavy price to pay do you agree with that assessment or would you like to see the u.s. troop drawdown go ahead. i think soon or after
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u.s. troops and nato allied forces they must iraq understand they cannot stay here forever in afghanistan. peace talks because one of the reason for the responsibility exact there is a peace agreement between taliban and. between taliban and here is there is. a negotiation have started last september and. the most important think will be to support the peace process to. exert some pressure on both sides on the starks and top gun to get to some kind of compromise on the current status quo the violence which has raised recently it must get down to. us troops where trouble is due to. me and i think for joe biden it
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will be a very hard and tough decision to meet to complete the quick travel within. 3 months after he is in the office but. he doesn't have really other choice because it is the longest one of you. know what involved. really needed in charge and iraq are to be supported to have some tangible results on the table right that . he starts have not yielded any tangible results so far the talks have pretty much been stalled since september so what impact does this troop reduction have on the peace talks and on the afghan government's leverage in those peace talks. you know it will it will affect a negatively the afghan position the public's position but. with the withdrawal of forces v.
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exhibit similarly the international pressure on the afghan and iraq are gone negotiation i think 'd in a coming a few months we can have some basis that is what. the peace talks intended to happen but what if you're basing that on the art we haven't seen any headway when it comes to these peace talks that was wrong that was a mistake that mistake should be leading them to treat not happen with. biden coming to the office biden must to. put more pressure on 10 different reasons to get from the entire gandow not we're keeping forces in afghanistan longer in longer it will not solve the current bucket or the current deadlock problem the stalemate because we are having more than 100000 troops on the ground but we haven't seen security you haven't seen while and it's decreased meant
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you haven't seen a lot of. getting away from the country and the people of afghanistan and therefore it's important to simultaneously with a drawback of the forces and the exerted to some political pressure there is no pressure on taliban and on the taliban something the leverage on the ground with the taliban having leverage on the ground and their attacks increasing recently and . how willing would they be to compromise and how much pressure can actually be exerted on them. we must compromise because of the because of the agreement that agreement that the withdrawal of forces is meant with the added conditions and that we meant there are conditions that must be met to complete the withdrawal but if those conditions are not committed i think u.s. and nato have heard the leverage to keep their forces longer than. taliban on the. battlefield you know drawn out right and nitrates and there have
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been also includes political influence ok and we thank you very much for speaking to us from kabul. still ahead on the al-jazeera news hour the u.s. sounds why if this isn't a label young man's heart is as terrorists despite u.n. warnings that it will be a death sentence for war ravaged nation coming up in sport with peter 2 of the oldest players in the n.f.l. get ready for a battle in the playoffs. everywhere in central eastern europe and just beyond in russia has exceeded the color of the moment yet maybe not surprised to see that moscow is covered in snow but something like 35 cent of visits on the ground and it felt too quickly to clear
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a way to make the streets quite clear this is brought on this video shows it anyway now this cold air has got a lot of cloud of it and there dots of low pressure means there's more snow or was stormy weather to come but moscow sits in really cold and minus 14 at best buy they don't i'm honest 25 on sunday not yes these are well below average now it's not going to stay in moscow some it's going to be brought around across the baltic to give 10 pretty pretty poor conditions for poland for the baltic states and that cold weather keep pushing so as to enhance what's already over turkey in the eastern med of she's cold air of a warm water stormy weather the same time coming if the atlantic behind it's surprising enough warmer weather 6 degrees in london but on this boundary we're pushing against to call the significant snow for belgium for the low countries for france eventually spoke and yet more for the northern house already covered in snow but the real stormy weather with wind rain and hail is in the eastern med and levant with snow for turkey.
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they come in here and in search of work to provide a better life for the families they've left behind. but though their labor is vital to release food industry. they risk exploitation by corporations and organized crime. trapped in a system with little hope of escape people empower investigates. seeks lake's on al-jazeera. al-jazeera investigative unit obtained censored and unseen video from will hot filmed as the coronavirus are great is just beginning to lose alone all those years the us is now live with more exposing this secrecy and censorship by chinese authorities. ha ha ha
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ha ha ha i'm to health system struggling to cope al-jazeera investigation 3 dates that stop the world. hello again the top stories on the autism are a powerful earthquake has hit the indonesian island of so the west killing at least 35 people and injuring hundreds more many buildings have been severely damaged and civil defense or authorities are warning strong aftershocks could trigger a tsunami north korea has unveiled what it says are new submarine long splits the missiles in a show of military strength leader kim jong un has vowed to expand his country's
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nuclear arsenal early results from uganda as general elections show president hillary most of any has a strong lead but the opposition candidate bobby wine has rejected their preliminary count insisting the vote has been marred by widespread fraud and violence. has begun administering chinese made corona as part of a massive inoculation efforts it was the 1st country outside of china to approve the vaccine which has come under scrutiny from regulators health officials in indonesia the human trial there showed its 65 percent effective vaccine maker cinna back says it's safe to use plans to vaccinate more than 180000000 people by march next year the country has reported more than 850000 cases and almost 25000 deaths. u.s. president elect joe biden has unveiled a stimulus plan for the american economy worth nearly 2 trillion dollars he says his immediate priority beyond unifying the country is to get aid money and vaccines
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to as many americans as possible and biden is urging congress to approve it as soon as he is sworn into office that's also the name reports from wilmington delaware. a short drive from where president elect joe biden announced his so-called american rescue plan we met william tolson he just picked up 2 bags of donated food from a church food pantry he's been unemployed for 6 months and is hoping the renewed promise of a bigger stimulus check doesn't evaporates we elect to do a job that they dropped the ball i'm not going to blame it on public is a democrat from agreement on everybody because that's the group just supposed to come together and do what's best for you and i. on thursday biden announced his $1.00 trillion dollars strategy he says the american economy can't be revived without combat ing covert 19 is the 1st of what he calls
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a 2 step rescue and recovery plan in the middle of a once in several generations economic crisis with a once in several generations public health crisis the crisis of deep human suffering is him plain sight. and there's no time to waste. biden's proposal includes $1400.00 stimulus checks for those in need funding for a national code 19 vaccination program and increase testing with a focus on reopening schools and creating a public health workforce with 100000 jobs biden also wants to provide money to combat hunger in america struggling public transit systems and small businesses there are 10000000 fewer jobs in the united states than there were before the pandemic some economists say without a major injection of capital millions of americans will remain unemployed but there
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is some concern among lawmakers about the plans price tag when there is already a more than $3.00 trillion dollar deficit the largest since world war 2 tolson is optimistic biden can unify the country and resuscitate the economy as americans it's what we do tough. we come together as we should biden warns we are in a race against time millions of struggling americans are now counting on the democratic controlled congress to act quickly natasha old jazeera wilmington delaware they had if the f.b.i. is warning of potential violence in the run up to joe biden's inauguration the agency says there have been calls for armed protests on several social media platforms vice president mike pence has pledged to ensure a safe transition of power as security is stepped up in the capitol mike hanna reports from washington d.c.
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. it looks like a capital on the sea. fences topped with razor wire have been erected around the nation seat of government. ever increasing numbers of soldiers are being deployed security officials saying that some $20000.00 will be sent by the inauguration next wednesday that's greater than any current deployment anywhere in the world. even the supreme court is being locked down as well as other signature landmarks one strong with tourists. vice president mike pence met with senior security officials to be briefed on the preparations for the american people deserve. a safe inauguration on january 20th. and i encourage you to convey to all of the members of your teams to continue to lean forward to ensure that we achieve
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a just there but he heard a bleak assessment from the director of the f.b.i. we're concerned about the potential for violence multiple protests and rallies planned here in d.c. and it's the capital believes around the country in the days to come that could bring armed individuals within close proximity to the government buildings and officials and direct threats from right wing extremists have been growing in the wake of the impeachment vote against president trump on wednesday terrorists have restored just a few minutes ago the republicans who voted for impeachment a particular focus colleagues who are now traveling with armed escorts out of the fear for their safety many of us are altering their routines. or continue to get the armor as yet another ominous evening fell the vice president thank some of the national guard that have been deployed to the nation's capitol. on a scale not seen since the civil war. my kind of washington.
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while the u.s. has rejected calls to reverse its decision to designate yemen's hill with the rebels a terrorist group the un warns the move could result in a large scale famine the secretary of state maicon peo says the whole things must be held accountable for what he calls terrorist acts christine salumi reports from the united nations. it was a brutal attack on eden's airport just as newly appointed yemeni government officials arrived killing more than 20 people including civilians and aid workers but what the u.s. has done since blaming iran back to the separatists and designating them a terrorist organization will have more deadly and far reaching consequences that according to martin gryphus the united nations special envoy who recently visited the country we fear. they will be inevitably a chilling effect of my efforts to bring the parties together even worse according
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to the u.n. and aid agencies the move is likely to push yemen over the brink and into widespread famine after 6 years of civil war $16000000.00 people more than half of the population already rely on humanitarian assistance to buy food 90 percent of which is imported aid agencies say the terrorism designation will disrupt the supply chain increase prices and possibly cause suppliers to pull out of the country altogether david beasley heads the nobel prize winning the world food program. with the designation. it's going to be catastrophic it literally is going to be added up senates hundreds of thousands if not millions of innocent people in yemen. quite frankly it needs to be reversed the united states has promised to work with the seas but says the move is needed as
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years of peace talks have yielded little in the way of results i want to ensure that everyone in this council and our briefers their views their concerns are informing how we approach that designation implementation and we are listening we do believe that this step is the right move forward the designation of iranian back to these as terrorists is the final salvo in the united states so-called maximum pressure campaign against iran and it's due to go into effect on january 19th one day before president trump the eaves office already there are calls on president elect joe biden to reverse the decision along with the warning that by that time damage will already have been done kristen salumi al jazeera the united nations mexico's attorney general says charges will not be placed on its former
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defense minister accused of drug trafficking in the united states salvador. was arrested in los angeles in october but the u.s. let him return to mexico to be investigated the u.s. accused him of conspiring to produce and distribute illegal drugs that mexico's attorney general says the evidence shows never met criminal organizations nor promised to protect them in the u.s. has added chinese smart smartphone maker gyal me to its economic blacklist washington says the company and 8 others have links to the chinese military and u.s. investors have until november to divest their stakes or face penalties the company has become the world's largest 3rd largest smartphone maker benefiting from a previous blacklist of weiwei. more dangerous chemicals have been found at beirut sport months after a huge explosion killed more than $200.00 people the blast destroyed neighborhoods in the lebanese capital and is believed to have been caused by ammonium nitrate
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that caught fire off already have so far failed to answer questions about the explosion or who owns the chemicals zana reports from beirut. stockpiles of toxic chemicals that beirut's shattered port they have been here for years exposed only after the massive explosion in august. and like the highly explosive ammonium nitrate believed to be responsible for setting off that blast these materials are also being kept in unsafe conditions we all expected and because shock and sometimes we found things were not limited michael went lower is part of a team of german experts who are helping lebanese authorities dispose of the hazardous materials if we make a mistake by mixing or something like somebody mix that then we have a big bluff here again and by road in the port. some legal experts say this is another example of a dysfunctional state and corruption by lebanon's ruling elite who were told about
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the threat of the ammonium nitrate and didn't act. and norman when you shoot a little more with where did all these chemicals come from who brought them to lebanon on there has never been proper control over the port no supervision and no proper maundering what happened at the port revealed the level of corruption across the state. the port had a reputation for being one of the most corrupt institutions in the country for years smuggling and custom tax evasion is have been among the violations documented experts have long compared the way the port has managed to how the state is run little or no oversight by a single authority with influence in the hands of political parties control over the port is in the hands of many government and security agencies and the customs authority which at times don't coordinate and whose loyalties are to different parties the international community has long demanded lebanese authorities fight
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corruption and reform institutions including the port where officials have said billions of dollars in revenues don't reach the state treasury that's not the only challenge. we aim at increasing the law enforcement agencies capabilities for risk and that is profiling and also inspection of the injuries goods which can come in containers the blast devastated the city killed at least $200.00 and injured thousands an estimated 300000 were made homeless 5 months on there has been no accountability and questions remain unanswered for many this is not just negligence they want to know who brought the ammonium nitrate to lebanon and the rest of the toxic materials that turned the port into a ticking time bomb for the beirut. australia is urging tech giant google to focus on paying for news content instead of blocking its this follows reports australian news websites are not showing up on google search engine google and
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facebook are among tech companies fighting against the government's plan to force tech companies to pay for news content australia insists its plans will save jobs in struggling news publishing platforms and earlier my colleague folley about to both spoke to the federal president of australia's media union mark a strong he says google will eventually have to reach a compromise with the australian government google has said that the current proposal for government is unworkable and will be unfair to people who use their search engine now as they seem to really be very reluctant to enter into a process where there will be arbitration and they can be forced to contribute money to news organizations to carry their content on their new sites right the legislation being considered in australia would force big tech firms to pay australian news outlets a content which appears on their platform now $1.00 of google's arguments is that
1:46 pm
made already supports news media business and that therefore it shouldn't have to pay what's your response to that and how would money race or making tech companies pay for news content actually help media companies in australia will google and facebook now have an effective monopoly of the distribution of online news industry or in many other markets the amount of money that they've given back as we say they were welcome but it it's a drop in the ocean compared to the amount of money that is being driven out of advertising from news organizations which was used to sustain journalism into facebook and so what this is seeking to remedy is for some of that money to go back to news organizations. part of the problem is the business guarantee that money will go with journalism that's one of the concerns that we have as a union. the competition commission in a strategy here is to redress the balance between effective monopolies and stroked
1:47 pm
his organizations right but as you know google has has withdrawn so this is entirely in countries like spain for instance because of regulations and this of course raises a broader questions about the power of these tech companies do you think we've arrived at a point now where they're too powerful and that they're the ones regulating civil society when it should be the other way around. well you know this is what we're facing is that tech companies big tech companies seem to be regulating what goes on in civil society suspending people from networks and rather than civil society being out to regulate what happens on the on the tech giants what a strike is trying to do to get around that is where is it spine. good or just suspended their entire google spine news tat if that was to happen here and google was still distributing. astray and news all as they were in spain on spanish news google operating he could still caught up to $10000000.00 fine for those breached
1:48 pm
so that's one way they're going to ramp it it is something that we need to face up to as a society these organizations to be do they have too much power and how can we affect italy you regulate big take when they operate across jurisdictions while staying with google it says it's close the deal to buy fitness travel company fit for $2100000000.00 it's pushing ahead with the acquisition in spite of an ongoing u.s. justice department investigation regulators are looking into whether the acquisition would harm competition and consumer as google says it spying fit better to compete with the apple watch and others $29000000.00 active users coming up on the al-jazeera news hour the sports is on this that is start for australia in the 4th test against india and 1st peter will be here in just a moment with the answer coming up.
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again time for the sports. who will start with motorcycling news and rider at the back already has died from injuries he sustained in a crash 52 year old frenchman pan on the left here crashed on stage 7 of the race in saudi arabia 5 days ago he was placed in a medically induced coma but passed away while being transferred by plane from jeddah to france he's the 3rd right it's on the rally into use. the news overshadowed the final day of competition which saw stefan petter hansell secure a record extending victory in the car category the french driver known as mr that
1:51 pm
car has now won 14 times its 1st victory was on a motorcycle way back in 1901. now to spain where defending champ israel madrid have been knocked out of the spanish super cup they were beaten 21 by putting bilbao in the semi at old garcia scored a both of the goals of who will now head through to sunday's final where they'll face barcelona last won the trophy 2015 when they beat bossie in the final the cup is being held in southern spain because the pandemic stopped it from being held in saudi arabia as originally planned. the african nations championship starts in cameroon on saturday despite coronavirus concerns safety measures are in place with a limited number of fans allowed inside stadiums david stokes reports. it's the start of what set to be a huge 12 months for football in cameroon next year the country will host the continent's flagship international tournament the cup of nations and this week the
1:52 pm
african nations championship is kicking off a 16 country event for players who feature in their domestic leagues 19 meant the tournament was delayed by 9 months. due to covert football was stopped not only in cameroon but all over the world organizing this tournament is a good thing for africa and the world even if there are restrictions stadiums can be a 25 percent capacity during the group stages and hopefully 50 percent for the knockout rounds. for visiting teams it's a chance to play top level football at a time when many african leagues face delays and disruption even you'd call being a team in life need to continue in positive way so that people get the hope because people are affected by 2 peaks one medical and 2nd one mentality so we need to play and get mental and all that woodward being played gives the hope to people to not be stressed and mentally disturbed cameron was meant to house the last cup of
1:53 pm
nations but egypt had to step in due to delays in stadium construction hundreds of millions of dollars is being spent readying the 6 venues that will host the event when it arrives in the west african nation next january you know the worry is the opposite. we've seen it with other countries especially with born in the quarter again when there was the death grip of nations on the invested millions and millions of dollars in erecting facilities which turned out to be white elephant projects in the short term cameron stadiums will be busy as the country becomes a focal point for international football in africa david stokes al-jazeera. australia's cricketers are off to a solid start in the 4th test against india in brisbane they want to toss some better on day one but did not have it all no no way at 1st steve smith heavily criticised for appearing to remove the batsman's marks on the pitch in sydney was the 3rd batsman to fall before the hosts reach 100 but they belong to monosyllabic
1:54 pm
shane the number 3 hitting his 1st test turn i was eventually out for 108 with the australians 275 for 5 at stumps. and england are firmly on top in sri lanka on day 2 of the 1st test of the physicals dressing room applauding joe root with their wintery century look after helping england for $324.00 for a lead of a 185 before the rain stopped play. elsewhere south africa are preparing for their 1st tour of pakistan since 2007 it'll be a too much test series stan were unable to host international cricket for the best part of a decade after the 2009 attack on sri lanka's team bus it's been a lot of guys have actually gone over there to go have a look and do a bit of a ricky. situation up there and then come back and i shouldn't say so you know as i've said with doctors i don't actually like the typical calls trees york rules or
1:55 pm
strength and conditioning course i'm not going to make a security call in this been i've been tossed to you to do a job but i've done a job that should say i'm going to get back in it you know stop playing cricket. now to new zealand where britain's america's cup sailing team has come roaring back into full team any os lost all 6 of a races in the december regatta but it was a different story on friday when they won the opening 2 races of the challenger series the overall winner will earn the right to face team new zealand for the main americans copy in march. you know james harden no problem at least that was true for they used the rockets in their 1st game since trading their star god to the brooklyn nets he said we're up against the sentence in your spirit on thursday of the back to back to feet to the l.a. lakers houghton publicly declared the team could not compete for the championship and that the situation could not be fixed while the rockets pulled off a 109106 when labor spirit is here with christian wood contributing 27 points and 15 rebounds. to the n.f.l.
1:56 pm
and what promises to be an historic battle between 2 of the game's veteran players the tampa bay buccaneers are taking on the new orleans saints in the playoffs which puts quarterbacks tom brady and drew brees against each other in $42.00 today and brady is $43.00 which means with a combined combined age of 85 years this will be the oldest pair of quarterbacks in any game in n.f.l. history when tom brady signed with the box and i knew he was coming artist i envision this game. so what was that 9 months ago 8 months ago. i envision this game happening. because i knew our aspirations. to be in the playoffs and beyond and certainly knew what he was bringing to the box and that roster. so i think this is probably where we all envision being we're going to keep trying to make improvements and we've got
1:57 pm
a big test this weekend one of the great teams in the n.f.l. and consistently been one of the great teams for a long time and we're going to go play great football. now as a former heavyweight boxing world champion george foreman is no stranger to jabs and this was him getting his covert 19 vaccination intake form and won the heavyweight title twice but perhaps the most famous losing the rumble in the jungle fight against muhammad ali 72 know and want to follow him in getting the vaccine. to. perform. to a straight right here that got me. everything this big deal with all of this is no. this is no big deal. out here. ok we'll leave it there for now i'll be here again later with more sports news out there you need a rest see you later thank you so much and thanks for watching the news hour
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follies with you in a moment with much more news on al jazeera. after unprecedented scenes of violence and chaos on top of a hill joe biden in kabul harris will be sworn into office but with a bitterly obstructive for the president and a continuing pandemic just so different will the traditional celebrations need to be special coverage of the u.s. presidential inauguration announces you know. they were called president she's got ambitions that china into a 30 trillion dollar economy by 2035 m.b.
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a witness the biggest migration since politician with workers returned to cities and can vote the bombing of the world. counting the cost on al-jazeera when the news breaks the next few days a crucial security forces have been deployed heavy in hot water like this one when people need to be her. demands have to be fulfilled by the government and then if all the problems leave the other 2 but the other far mostly state colleges iraq has teams on the ground this is the insurrection that president trump is accused of fueling to bring the moon moved through documentaries and night news. underside of a stall. they once prosperous fishing village sinks police a month. parliamentary elections ignite fierce wyvil drink that will determine the future of this defeated and politically divided community. a microcosm was struck
2:00 pm
in the plight of a nation witness venezuela a sinking resolution on and just. at least 35 people were killed and hundreds injured as a powerful earthquake topples buildings in indonesia. you're watching al-jazeera live from doha with me for the battle also ahead a message just strength to the biden administration north korea and vales a new ballistic missile.


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