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censorship by chinese authorities. by the law and a health system struggling to cope al-jazeera investigation is 3 dates that still the world. this is al-jazeera. if you're watching that is our life from our headquarters in doha. coming up in the next 60 minutes no one. not even the president of the. charge for inciting an insurrection and donald trump becomes the 1st u.s. president to be impeached twice unprecedented security arrangements in washington d.c. as thousands of troops are deployed ahead of joe biden's inauguration next week. we
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vote in. internet blackout and allegations of ballot delays as polls close in uganda as general election. turkey rolls out coronavirus vaccinations with dozens of inoculation centers set up across the country. to involvement in the sea you can scrap the building. welcome to the news hour donald trump has become the 1st president in the history of the united states to be impeached a 2nd time so with just a week before he leaves office the house of representatives has formally charged him with inciting an insurrection 10 republicans broke ranks and joined democrats to vote in favor of impeachment it's
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a rebuke of trump's repeated questioning of her lection results which included a speech that he gave to supporters before they overran the capitol building castro begins our coverage from washington d.c. . the arguments came down to what's more dangerous impeach donald trump again and risk further dividing the country or allow him to remain in office even if it's just for a few days he is capable of starting a civil war he must be impeached he must be stopped now on this though the final vote was 232 to 197 in favor of impeachment and took place in what a week ago was a crime scene that's when a pro trump mob occupied congress in an effort to overturn the presidential election leading to 5 deaths democrats argued this was the shattering of trump's glass house of lies built upon 4 years of racist fear mongering every one of us in
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this room right now could have died as senator lindsey graham said the mob could have blown the building up they could have killed all and now the far right is calling for returning gauge mut from january 17th to generate 20 if they're asking the president to pardon the conspirators in last week's rian page as they prepare for a race war. republicans defending the president called the rioters a lunatic fringe rejecting the claim that trump had incited them during a speech moments earlier he was wrong to set such a confrontational tone in a politically tense situation but what did he actually survey his exact words were quote i know that everyone here will soon be marching over to the capitol building to peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard unquote.
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that's impeachable but trump also called upon the crowd to march on the capitol to fight for him and then silently watch the riot unfold despite pleas to intervene only later recording a message telling the crowd to go home but that he loved them we love you you're very special a year ago trump was impeached with no republican support this time 10 republicans joined democrats in the vote to impeach last week there was a domestic threat at the door of the capitol and he did nothing to stop it that is why with a heavy heart and clear resolve i will vote yes on these articles of impeachment. a few hours later house speaker nancy pelosi signed the impeachment article today in a bipartisan way the house demonstrated that no one is above the law not even the president of the united states that donald trump is
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a clear and present danger to our country and that once again we are over the office to protect and defend the constitution of the united states in a late video message from the oval office trump did not address his 2nd impeachment and instead asked the country for unity what is needed now is for us to listen to one another not to silence one another all of us can choose by our actions to rise above the rancor and find common ground and shared purpose today i'm calling on all americans to overcome the passions of the moment. joined together as one american people trust message will not stop this impeachment though from heading to the senate for trial mitch mcconnell the senate majority leader says that will not happen though until after trump leaves office on january
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20th mcconnell is among the senate republicans who've indicated they may be open to convicting trump with the potential consequence of barring him from returning to office. castro al-jazeera washington let's pick this up with alan fischer who's joining us from the white house and trump impeached choice now he's facing a senate trial as heidi was pointing out talk us through what happens next and how much appetite there is for that trial to take place. well of course many people were thinking that in 6 days' time it would be the end of the trump era but here we see that the time of trump will leak into the far stays of joe biden's administration simply because the democrats are determined to push ahead with this trial what is interesting is heidi highlighted in a report is that mitch mcconnell the leader of the republicans in the senate is saying that he will look at the evidence when it's presented if you go back exactly
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one year ago when donald trump was facing his 1st impeachment of mitch mcconnell said he was not an impartial juror and he walked with the white house to make sure that the president would not be convicted in the senate this time it's different and that means that this time donald trump could be looking at his conviction being up held by the senate what would that mean well of course the problems for him because it would mean 1st of all that he would lose access to intelligence briefings his security would be scaled down there's every possibility that he would lose his pension every president gets a pension they also get facility to set up an office would disappear as well and then there's likely to be a 2nd vote after that to stop him holding office of any kind there's also ramifications too for the republican party a year ago not one republican in the house voted for the impeachment of donald trump this time there were 10 including the number 3 in the house and that could
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mean a fracture in the republican party something that they've tried to avoid for so long know there's a hope that because the democrats will soon run the house the senate and the presidency that republicans will unite but the divisions that were exposed during the vote on wednesday go deep and it could mean a real problem for the republican party particularly as they're already gearing up for the elections in 2022 and allan what are we hearing if anything from the president himself we saw that here in the east that video where he tried to distance themselves from the events that took place on capitol hill last week but what are you hearing about his state of mind after this impeachment for a 2nd time and. and of course what was missing from that video that message was the fact that he acknowledged that joe biden won the election there were no congratulations for joe biden there was no acceptance that the election was not raped and therefore there are many people particularly on the websites in the dark
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corners of the web who are saying that donald trump has not yet conceded the election that he's not given up the fight that he continues to push people of course will read into that message whatever they want to read into it but it is quite striking that that was missing now according to reporting here in the us donald trump is getting increasingly angry particularly with those running to vote him because he doesn't believe that they fought hard enough to defend him some of the names being mentioned rudy giuliani his own personal lawyer someone who's been charging $20000.00 a day for his counsel killing mcanany who of course is the white house press secretary mark meadows his chief of staff so according to reporting he's angry at all of them and what's he going to do today well according to the white house what he's done a lot since the election he will be making calls and having meetings from early in the morning until late at night for the benefit of the american people are at alan fischer reporting from the white house allan thank you let's move to john bresnahan who is the cofounder of punch bowl news he's joining us from washington d.c.
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as well thanks for your time on the al-jazeera news hour so our correspondent allan was pointing out that obviously the democrats want to hold the president to account and then ban him from running for future office by taking him through that senate trial but for the republicans what's their political calculation. well this is what we have to see i mean you mentioned in your earlier report that then republican leader mitch mcconnell has stated that he is open to looking at the evidence and it's clear that the relationship between mcconnell and trump has grew up and down you know mcconnell work to vote in vict crump and after senate trial he would bring along a number of well with and the question is whether it would be 6 it would be enough republicans that they would need at least 70 republicans in order to convict. after a trial so that's the big question here goes along with the conviction if you
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decides to vote and that will he bring enough votes with him to make sure that trump is convicted and of course there is no precedent off a former presidents being subject to impeachment trial in the u.s. so what are you hearing on whether this cabin actually will go ahead well there will be a trial there is actually you're right there's a huge question and a former president be convicted just someone in left office be subject to impeachment and sack some republicans question whether that's even possible senator tom coburn of arkansas who has been a drum badly ally put out a statement saying he doesn't believe that's the case that someone who's left office is still under that you're 6 in the senate but constitutional experts we that he could go forward to we will see this issue debated does the senate still have jurisdiction over trump whether he's left office and if so can they say much
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and it was well these you know this be very well end up in the spring. and here's the thing is the senate will and does actually go ahead with this and conducts an impeachment trial in your opinion is this going to help heal the country or might it deepen the divisions were already seeing. well i think the divisions are pretty sharp headed already i mean we've seen the capital united states attempt i think the you know after that i'm not sure what could actually been worse i mean if there's ongoing violence i think that would be frankly that would be blamed on top and the republicans i think that would be a problem for that i do think there is such anger among democrats and and any number of republicans that with clubs will in the january 6th incident. at the capitol the deadly attack on top of that there has to be an investigation that they have to look at this i think there is just too many want to go through i'm
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willing to just give the president a pass on that even if he's left office i just think big thing they feel if they have to take some kind of response and you know right now we have you know 15220000 national guards of protecting the top on downtown washington how long they stay in place or how one's added security measures stamp lives is up in the air as well there has to expand to other state capitals of us the country as it is something that will see in coming weeks and months all right john bresnahan we thank you so much for joining us from washington d.c. . so as you've been hearing the u.s. capitol looks very different than it did a week ago now fences are going up and thousands of soldiers are being called in as joe biden's inauguration moves closer the f.b.i. has urged police chiefs to be on high alert for extremist activity reports from the capital. many of the people that did this by linley storming the u.s. capitol terrorizing the people inside say this was just the beginning social media
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post suggesting in the coming days as the presidential inauguration gets closer there will be a repeat in washington d.c. and in state capitals across the country this threat is real it's present and the american public should know that law enforcement is working round the clock to make sure that this threat is checked at bay but if they come this is what they will find as many as 20000 national guard soldiers some armed surrounding federal buildings sleeping in the hallways between shifts a heavy police presence and heavy equipment the top leadership of the military taking the unprecedented step of sending out this letter to the entire military reminding them they're bound to support and defend the constitution and that joe biden will be the 46th commander in chief and there are renewed calls for people to stay away from the inauguration be taking the unusual step of canceling all d.c.
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rentals for the event we have asked americans not to come to the washington d.c. event but instead to participate virtually inside the capitol members now ask to pass through metal detectors to enter the chamber several republicans refusing democrats are making serious allegations that some of their political opponents even colluded with the rioters this numbers of congress are coming through the capitol and i saw in january there. are condescends in the next day as members of congress. that incited the silent crowd the leader of one of the groups that was at the capitol says he has been coordinating with at least 3 members of congress allegations they all deny but in a sign of how polarized this institution has become some members like democrat alexandria ocasio cortez now say they were afraid to shelter with others afraid they would tell the mob where they were i can tell you that i had
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a very close encounter where i thought i was going to die i did not know if i was going to make it to the end of the game life across the country police are being deployed capital buildings boarded up but former cia agent glenn carl says the u.s. capitol could still be at risk the center of everything is washington. so if you want to make a statement or if you're really angry you want to strike where things are most important going to be. here on january 20th this is where joe biden is expected to take the oath of office surrounded by images of a country at war with itself. washington once more head on the al-jazeera news hour including searching for answers hunting for clues a world health organization team arrives in ruhani to investigate the origins of the corona virus pandemic and coming up in sport with peter england's cricketers take control of the 1st test against sri lanka.
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but 1st polls have now closed in uganda as general election long queues formed before polling stations opened later than planned and they stayed busy presidency auriemma 70 who's been in power for 35 years is seeking a 6th term in office but he's facing a serious challenge from opposition leader bobby wine. 2 days ago social media was switched off ideas that day the intact into any blacked out this is one of the many efforts that gentleman 70 is doing to make sure that we vote in the dock to make sure that uganda he skipped in the doubt but then why did you skip in the dark about uganda cap and soyuz joining us from the capital kampala so now that polls have closed what happens next. yes
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daryn just to mention president 70 has voted he voted just a short while ago in western uganda and as you can see paul's many polls across the country have cleared up people have voted but the electoral commission is saying that those who are still in line in polling stations will be allowed to vote not what happens next is counting the votes are going to be counted in polling centers and then this count is going to the district tallying centers where the votes will be verified and collated before being put in a system and sent to the main pauling's main tallying center here in come campana the electoral commission says that we should expect a declaration of results on saturday and this is worrying very many people who are saying that they are concerned that if these walty that are even election results presidential election result is contested which is very likely presidential or 70
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is going to be declared winner so that happened people are saying they're afraid that they could see more violence electoral commission the same whether he's aggrieved with the result should go to the court but political opposition leaders that we've spoken to a saying they did not believe and trust that the costs are going to give them a fair hearing daryn catherine because we've already witnessed both the government and the opposition accusing each other of intimidation and violence against their supporters. yes we have i mean we have heard from president with that and he addressed the nation on tuesday and they did that he has information that sound opposition leaders plan to collude with some electoral officials to rig the election he warned them against that saying do not cheat the opposition is also play a blaming him accusing him of planning to use electoral commission to rig and he's
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favor so there's been a lot of bach back and forth we've had from the u.s. from the european union from the u.n. and from laos evil us a fact a group that human rights organizations saying that can stand about the credibility of the election the us to say that this election lacks transpire in c. and accountability the e.u. has says that it's already deeply tainted though people here are listening to that they are concerned they raise questions about the credibility of the ball but supporters of president 7 years saying that they believe that the poll is going to be free and fair and of the opposition has been making it look to the international world that the countries ungovernable they've been provoking security forces to attack them to been flouting called the 1000 regulations but then some human rights organizations saying that yes there is a pandemic yes people should be careful but the government appears to be taking
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advantage of the situation and weaponize ing this disease to stifle opponents of president with 70 alright catherine so reporting from kampala saying q streatham one boots yonder beso who is a political analyst he is also joining us from uganda capital kampala thanks for your time so katherine was just saying the government has said that this election would be free and fair but countries like the united states and countries in the european union have really cast doubt over the electoral process how free and fair do you think it is. of the elections in uganda under the specter of the denying people in car north of course being no more than you can not to be called a free under free our because do you think action that has been adopted disconnection this is america will not turn it in metairie shouldn't limitations have been placed or no political players in uganda have this in the current is.
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just the tool however this one has to do 19 has compounded the problem in the sense that people were not free to come back political support from all the support that ordinary limited to 300 people now has been called voted the by the 2nd down over the interlude under social media outlets the moment we couldn't even affect the transmission over the years to try to send us so we're taking all that into account and also. looking into the issue of the political violence that we witnessed before the election there's been delays in starting the votes in some polling stations how high is the potential for instability and the aftermath of this votes. there is a highly political tension and this is you know that they shouldn't. all of the
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indicators that you describe a little cruel to violence so their security forces or their government has to take stock and there's that sometimes being how you handed you know got to contain the situation so the program you know the political put an accusation that has the detention under compounded by the court to do 19 under therefore there is the risk there is a potential risk or violence and that's why the government. deployment group is closer to the afghan component bobby wine is widely thought to be the strongest of the 10 opposition candidates against the president's president erema 70 hear his message does seem to resonate with younger ugandans but is it enough to overcome the 70s message of stability in the country are you would not think that to the outcome of their actions in uganda today would
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be determined by the middle ages it is the main it would be mainly determined by other factors yes there are political factors you know further overtalk gradual because there has been there have been issues over the constitution or all right there have been issues or political disagreement but i think want to determine the outcome of critics and we have many many of the organizational factors which are you can serve well over the incumbent because the incumbent has the fighting that is you know the law in his fervor yes there are extra commission in his fervent armed so what are you rebuild who are you not the other candidates where limited to campaigning all orderly when i didn't come because i've been around before there are so after 5 yes all right we thank you very much for speaking to us from kampala .
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scientists from the world health organization have now arrived in the chinese city of with more than a year after the 1st corona virus cases were reported there the group has finally been allowed access to investigate the origins of the pandemic it comes as the country's north is battling resurgent cases reported the 1st death from the virus in 8 months katrina you reports from beijing. after months of negotiation with the chinese government members of the world health organization team have arrived in the heart on a mission to trace the origins of carbonite. we'd be. looking at the. cases human cases that were affected in december 1000. at the markets the famous one market and see. what happened there the team also investigate the theory that the virus burst came from an animal and hopes to gain access to hans institute of
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the role of the trumpet ministration has claimed without evidence that the pandemic was caused by a leak from this laboratory we need u.s. secretary of state mike from peo has accused the chinese government of a cover up and on tuesday tweeted that the show was corrupted by beijing the un agency has denied claims and says its focus is not about assigning blame but uncovering facts to fight the pandemic beijing has so far tightly controlled any investigation into the outbreaks origin the mission comes as china is struggling to contain an outbreak in the country's north with more than 700 cases discovered in a week and the 1st coronavirus death recorded in 8 months discovering the origins of personalities has become highly politicized many governments around the world have been pulled for an independent inquiry the last skeptical chinese government to provide for access to the communist cause of husband so closer to its own narrative about the outbreak spores. chinese state media have been pushing reports
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that the corona virus was 1st discovered in europe in late 29000 beijing has been stoking the theory by pointing to traces of the virus on imported frozen food but says this is highly speculative but many residents in han convinced comey were you . to han to look for the origin because i don't believe china as well. start it. we were set up didn't originated not even china health experts say it's unlikely they will discover the source of covert 19 anytime soon and additional missions may be needed. it took them some 10 years to find a whole long with it takes. maybe less time because we have more experience. easily these more complicated it will take time to find definitive. a team of experts from
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around the world the chinese scientists. but 1st the 14 days of quarantine between you dizzier baiting. is a professor of infectious diseases at creighton university in australia he says in addition to site visits the team will be trying to build trust with the chinese government. well initially the team's going to be there for 2 week period i think it's important to recognize there's a lot of evidence that's already been generated by scientists in china over the last 12 months so the teams are going to be going in there cold with with no information available so i think their their initial task will be to work with scientists in china to look at their protocols look at their diagnostic approaches look at their data. to try and synthesize information on on the potential origin of the virus that will soon be getting out into into the physical environment they'll be visiting what markets they like to visit field sites to get
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a better appreciation of the situation in china i think you know a number of international leaders have sought to create a punitive. a punitive you know narrative and you know sort of in some instances he really actually i don't i think that's certainly credit at a deficit in trust and i think part of what the field investigate as you go what's going to want to do is try to build a poor trust with with scientists in in in in china or as the w.-h. i was painstaking to do in building report trust with the chinese leadership and hopefully you know the international media thinks that. you know global leaders will give these teams the space that they need in order to actually do a scientific investigation and trying not to bring politics into it time for a check on the weather here is rob. the wind has just broken a record in montana yes i know it's a windy place when it's been even windy and that screaming cold wind is cross the
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plains states on friday comes up again so it's part of wrapped around the systems of some snow involved in that not a huge amount admitted lee but you could probably use the word blizzard for lincoln in the brusca and as wind dies down it stays cold when the wind picks up again for sunday attempt it looks like for you out of wind chills that of course the whole system swells around and disappears eastwards nothing extra in the part of the wind is likely to happen afterwards even down south in the new orleans isn't as cold as it was 5 days ago the pacific sea both looking nice san francisco is 80 degrees the rain stopped falling in washington state it's gone north of the border for british columbia it's equally quite quiet and pleasant through most of the caribbean the wind isn't the strong as it was daily showers seem likely briefly heavier ones in the bahamas through florida and cuba because of the cold air that's looking out across the gulf of mexico i think was an increase in the rain in honduras come saturday as well big showers the south of that in the argentine pompous in the
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southeast of brazil it's that time of year summary and wet. still ahead on the al-jazeera news hour lebannon begins an all day curfew expanding the scale of the nationwide lockdown to contain a surge in sports peter will be here with action from the opening night of the new n.h.l. ice hockey season. frank assessments colleagues on the ground in the canaries what is the situation there's only one doctor and one nurse or $1.00 to $200.00 people informed opinions how big does foreign policy figure in the early stages of a bi ministration he comes into office with a huge amount of foreign policy experience in-depth analysis of the day's global headlines how will a place like you live get a back seat when there's no money at all the rest of rich countries are fighting
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for an inside story on al-jazeera when the news breaks the next few days crucial security forces have been deployed to hit me in hot water like this one when people need to be. our demands have to be fulfilled by the government and then if all the families leave but the other promised the other. al-jazeera has teams on the ground this is the insurrection that president trump is accused of fueling to bring lou documentaries and names. you know the news hour on al-jazeera hello again here are the top stories donald
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trump's become the 1st us president to be impeached twice the house of representatives has charged him with inciting an insurrection over his repeated questioning of for election results which included a speech he gave to supporters before the over around the capitol building. washington d.c. has been heavily fortified over fears of more violence ahead of joe biden's inauguration thousands of national guard troops are stationed around capitol hill. voting has ended in uganda general election there were long queues at polling stations after a late start on the campaign plagued by violence president here in the 70s running for a 6th term but he faces a serious challenger in opposition leader a bob you want. the u.s. economy has been at the heart of donald trump's presidency his promise to create more jobs and cut red tape but the unprecedented effects of the pandemic means the incoming administration will have a long road to recovery. takes a look back at trump's economic legacy. in the trump era tax cuts deregulation and
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low interest rates made the rich richer much much richer everyone else not so much the net effect of his economic policies has been that he's transferred an enormous amount of wealth from lower income and were you class americans to the top 10 percent of the top one percent the most important thing the you did was massive tax cut 2007 tane of the benefit of the wealthiest americans for example tesla founder elon musk added $132000000000.00 to his wealth over the past 12 months from 2017 to 2019 the stock market boom and unemployment fell. then came the pandemic and an uncoordinated federal and state response that led to business shutdowns and mass unemployment. in the area all of us
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a doctor knew sabrina johnson is a freelance personal trainer in los angeles as the coronavirus took hold jim was closed and she became unemployed and nearly became homeless there came a turn and abandoned you mines i still manage my own employ me. and i will. burn through almost all my savings. just kind of. in the bills and it's. damn near and meanwhile right and then i see the disinfectant but not. in a minute one minute and is there a way we can do something like this. by injection troops rejection of scientific expertise his refusal to come up with a coherent nationwide strategy and his politicize zation of mass wearing helped
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make the us. it's the worst affected country in the world in the u.s. we have. approximately 2526000000 workers who been hard hit so huge share of the labor force over 13 percent of workers are suffering today directly as a result of the corona recession compare that with japan where a culvert 19 public education campaign and widespread man squaring helped prevent major shutdowns as of late december fewer than 80000 japanese workers had become unemployed amidst the pandemic trope leaves an economy in ruins one that will take years to repair robert oulds al jazeera los angeles well mass distribution off the chinese made vaccine has just begun in turkey where health care workers and high risk groups are being prioritized in a mass inoculation drive the health minister says doses have already been delivered to 81 sites across the country turkey took delivery of 3000000 doses in december
4:37 pm
sunoco saw glows at a hospital in istanbul where the vaccination campaign is underway. the health workers are prioritized and there they have been they have they have started receiving the vaccine says early morning again today just right behind me you are seeing one of the nurses working at the state hospital of course when we speak to them they are happy to be able to receive the vaccine as they say they are highly exposed to the core of the virus stress and their families also have been under risk within those 10 months that the country has been dealing with color on the virus and the death toll actually reached 23004 the last couple of months especially the last 2 months have been a very critical in turkey and that's why this is the hope for everyone of course it's also the seniors are both 65 years old who are impatiently waiting for the
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vaccine because they were mostly limited segment of the society they were they were stuck at their homes for many months and now everybody's waiting to see because. as the vaccine it came to turkey late december there was a 14 days of clinical trial period and now this is the 1st work seen after 2 weeks this health worker is going to be receiving her 2nd vaccine of course the clinical results that brazil have has revealed so far which is their level 50 percent is a little bit of concern among the public but they were poor school doctors here and according to the polls at least 41 percent of the turkish people are willing to have the vaccine. around the clock around the clock excuse me curfew has a concert force in lebanon on to combat a dramatic surge in corona virus infections there on wednesday there were long
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queues outside food stores as beirut residents stocked up the lockdown will be imposed for 11 days and it's the country's toughest response to the pandemic so far it does come amid growing criticism that uncoordinated policies helped fuel the spread of the virus xenophobes it has this update from lebanon's capital beirut. for the 1st time really the government is requesting people apply online or call a hotline to get permission to venture outside for and for any emergency authorities really had little choice from january 3 to 1030000 new cases were detected and this is a small nation of $6.00 to $7000000.00 people so a 70 percent increase in sections but a lot of blame is being pointed at the government for its policies a lack of strategy that has been mitigating the crisis not containing the crisis health experts are saying that these on and off lock downs are not going to do much
4:40 pm
what is the strategy after 11 days what are you planning to do hospitals are overwhelmed they managed to add a few beds yesterday to help deal with this crisis but the medical staff there they are tired they're understaffed in fact and many will say that they that they just can't continue so a lack of strategy and when you impose a lockdown really this is the last resort when you lose control and lebanon has lost control in the biggest question is will people comply for the next 11 days especially the vulnerable families many people rely on daily wages in order to survive what happens to them this is a cash strapped government was unable to help the people a government which open the country which chose the economy over the health over over health because they wanted to lure in dollars from abroad. police in belgium have arrested more than 100 people for vandalizing a police station during a largely peaceful protest hundreds rallied in brussels calling for justice after
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a 23 year old black man doll died while in police custody but the demonstration turned violent when riot police tried to disperse protesters large gatherings have been restricted because of coronavirus prosecutors are investigating the circumstances surrounding the man's death according to his resume the mass trial of more than 60 opponents of the government most have been charged with treason for taking part in nonviolent political activities the trials been heavily criticized by rights groups and described as a sham by the opposition or in story reports. theory saying a cambodian american human rights activist and lawyer is facing charges of conspiracy to commit treason and incitement to create social disorder she's described the charges as absurd but at the same time hasn't ruled out the possibility that she could be found guilty and sentenced to pretty much the political theater. and will be made by politicians not judges so this is
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why we know that it's not a genuine trial i'm being prosecuted for my political opinion nearly 130 people mostly former supporters and members of the disbanded opposition party the cambodian national rescue party all c.n.r. peace have been charged with similar crimes their trial was due to begin last november but the court split the cases into 2 with one hearing due to start on thursday in march the un has boys concerned the charges appear to be politically motivated. many defendants are accused of being involved with organizing a failed trip by former opposition leader sam rainsy to return to cambodia from self-imposed exile branes he had been prime minister who intends biggest political rival for years in 2017 a year before the last general election launched a sweeping crackdown on his opponents the see an r.p.
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was forced by the court to disband its leader cam soca arrested ahead of the election rights activists say the upcoming trial will help in sen who's been prime minister for 36 years to strengthen his grip on power what we're seeing in cambodia today is the consolidation of dictatorship we're seeing the last vestiges of political opposition swept away that means local and provincial councillors of the sea in r.p. . various political activists civil society people are all being swept up in these mass trials the government says the charges are the timid and that the trial will proceed like any other florence larry al-jazeera. in an unprecedented move the hong kong government has used a controversial national security law to restrict internet access the web site hong kong chronicles is being blocked it posts material related to the mass pro-democracy protests seen in the city throughout 2019 internet access is widely
4:44 pm
uncensored in mainland china but had been mostly free in hong kong. twitter's chief executive has defended his decision to permanently banned donald trump saying it was based on threats both on and off the platform jack dorsey said while it was the right choice he felt the move represented the company's failure to promote healthy conversation facebook and several other social media outlets suspended following last week's caps a hill riot you tube has joined suit temporarily suspending donald trump channel let's discuss this with cats i mean i go on to who's an assistant professor in private law and co manager of master of the university's law and tech lab she's joining us from moscow thanks for your time with us so. you read these statements by twitter chief executive jack dorsey what's your reaction to it. good afternoon what we've seen in the past few weeks is really unprecedented so we see history in
4:45 pm
the making and when we look at what twitter has done in order to silence trump if you will put it like this it has come as a shock to a lot of dependents of public. expression however we need to keep in mind that states who are the ones who traditionally have been protecting or have been the protectors of freedom of expression and right now it also seems that platforms are really trying to fill in this role in a modern society that really relies on social media but it is interesting and this is going to set a dangerous precedent going forward that platforms and companies like twitter and facebook can decide whether donald trump says anything or whether joe biden says anything for example. exactly so kind of moderation experts have been really on the one hand very well coming up this decision because you can look at some of trump's tweets and say this is clearly incitement to violence although in a normal rule of law situation you would have to ask the court about that so you
4:46 pm
would need to have the interpretation of a court but on the other hand indeed we have this dangerous precedent which really reflects a power vacuum that platforms are really trying to hang on to so states are a little bit late to the table when it comes to creating effective swift responses for the kind of threats that can come up in the online world so some people say well we've reached the point where the government has to get involved i mean do you think that is the path forward. i think that we can look at this from 2 perspectives so we can say we can ask ourselves can platforms really do that so do they do they need to rely on their freedom of contract which states right now have in a very generous way to design develop their own rules but we can also think about the question of our platforms are under an obligation to take down the content or take down our actual accounts and this takes us to your question because there is
4:47 pm
a lot of content regulation at this moment in time for instance criminal law on inside meant to a trade that really needs to be mapped by governments and brett legislators around the world and then we also need to think about whether we need new rules such as do persons who have public offices need to be protected due to their speech need to be protected in a way as markel was mentioning earlier this week it's quite a slippery slope and a complicated process because it's impossible that these technology companies try and police everything and now you have a situation where some conservatives over in the us believe that there are being the victims of bias by silicon valley and they're being censored what's your response to that. it's really very difficult to disentangle the political dimension from the very practical dimension of having an effective access to justice system so again in the offline world if you will if you feel as
4:48 pm
a citizen of any kind of country that your freedom of speech is being limited you take this to court now imagine what this would entail for the thousands and tens of thousands of accounts that have been suspended of groups that have been disentangled by social media companies because they have been trying to say we're we are really abiding by national security rules and we're trying to make sure that there isn't any any more violence when joe biden is going to be installed in office so it is we see that there are 2 sides to this story on the one hand offline rules don't really seem to work anymore but on the other hand we also don't want companies to have so much power so it is clear that we need to redesign the rules according to which platforms operate and in past years facebook even said this they want to be regulated so that at least they know what kind of what kind of content regulation they need to abide by all rights and custody and i want to thank you very much for speaking to us today thank you. still ahead on al-jazeera the
4:49 pm
daughter of n.b.a. legend dennis rodman follows him into professing all sports stories coming up in a moments with peter. business leaders as well to buy no brush paul. in the movie.
4:50 pm
business leaders as to why no brush paul. you'll. never have time for the sports news with peter green thank you very much us a lympics swimming champion cleat killer has been charged for taking part in last week's riots in washington d.c. this video allegedly shows the 6 foot 6 athlete inside the capitol building wearing a u.s. limbic team jacket it's not clear whether he's been taken into custody but he has
4:51 pm
resigned from his real estate job in colorado springs colo won 5 olympic medals including 2 relay golds alongside michael phelps with 190 days to go until the tokyo olympics covert 19 continues to disrupt sport in japan the start of the rugby season there has been delayed because of outbreaks at several teams with 67 positive tests some top international stars like new zealand's bird and barrett have joined the league this year matches were due to begin this weekend but they are now aiming for a med february start it comes as public support for the olympics continues to fall in japan with one survey suggesting only 16 percent are in favor of the games taking place in july former olympic tennis champion and world number one andy murray has tested positive for corona virus the british player was planning to compete at the australian open but is currently isolating at home and might not be able to travel in time all players must undergo a mandatory 2 we quarantine period before the tournament begins on february 8th
4:52 pm
some players and coaching staff have started arriving in melbourne 15 arrived on a flight from the u.a.e. on thursday during quarantine they'll be allowed out of their hotel rooms for around 5 hours a day to practise and receive treatment. tournament medical officials have given american special permission to board a chartered flight from los angeles that's despite a sting positive earlier in the week send had covert 1000 in november and a spokesperson for the australian state of victoria so it was common for people to continue to share the viral fragments of the testing positive to south american football in former club santos of set up an all brazilian final in the couple of it all it's they were up against argentina's baka juniors in the seventies and after school this 1st leg centaurs made home advantage count in game 2 winning 3 nil will see in the final in january 30th american are in rio but they will be none this
4:53 pm
year because of covert 19 that spectators sent us coached indicated the winter pele who gave a speech to the players before kick off. the any pride that we have today to say i'm brazilian is because of pele there's no the reason is because of pele and having him being part of this accomplishment with the speech that he gave to the players even in his weakened condition thank you king this one is for you there were no fans of the game but there were plenty on the streets of santos in sao paolo state with little evidence of social distancing sense of aiming to win the cup or for the 4th time and their 1st since 2011 when neymar was at the club if they do it also qualify for the fee for club world cup in qatar next month. england's cricketers are well on top against sri lanka in the 1st test in call no friends are allowed in to watch the match which was postponed from march last year because of the pandemic through lanka won the toss and chose to bat 1st but they
4:54 pm
were all out for $135.00 england were $127.00 for 2 at the close. over in brisbane australia and india are preparing for their 4th test with the series level at one each the hosts have not lost at the gabba since 1988 captain some pain remains under scrutiny after the sledging of india's ravichandran ashwin in the previous taste. mine it gets me which is of very rare thing. to have a blip on the right there's a sort of cop out on the chain on all look to come it was wakened by competitive test cricket as i always do and if there's a bit of banter to be said then yeah on why it's not that has feigned ia they have complained about the quality of a facilities that they have telling person he even said the team's batting coach says it is unlikely to affect them when they take to the field they are playing australia in australia against one of the better it acts in the woods so i think
4:55 pm
what you wish is that you don't need to. give me no room service to motivate us of course these were the concerns are still going to be scary and i think he stays in touch with cricket australia and trying to deal with all these things. meanwhile over in new zealand the country's captain sophie diviners hit the fastest ever seen shereen women's t 20 cricket playing for whittington plays in a domestic match she reached 100 runs in just 36 balls including 9 sixes only 9 male players have taken fewer balls to reach a t 20 ton. the new n.h.l. ice hockey season started behind closed doors on wednesday with the defending champions tampa bay lightning looking as strong as ever the reigning stanley cup champions were honored before they began the action on home ice against the chicago blackhawks given our fans inside the arena as the league attempts to play the season outside of a bubble last campaign was disrupted by the coronavirus to the point where the playoffs were staged in 2 bubbles in canada tampa bay winning this game 51.
4:56 pm
to the n.b.a. and the houston rockets of traded their own ip star james harden to the brooklyn nets or to made it very clear that he wanted to leave ever since pre-season and the situation was amplified this week when he ripped into his teammates during a news conference of the back to back defeats to the l.a. lakers some of those teammates were happy to see him go in addition. stored away before you know any energy. just approach to training. shaun of the way d. the antics of the corps i mean this back story way before damian lillard was in fine form for the portland trailblazers as they fall from 20 points down to beat the sacramento kings scored 40 points to help them to rack up their 4th straight win also tied a franchise record with 233 pointers but most for term said breaking the law.
4:57 pm
for daughter of n.b.a. legend dennis rodman has followed him into professional sports rodman won 5 n.b.a. titles including 3 the chicago bulls alongside michael jordan and scottie pippen is due to trinity rodman as a footballer and at 18 years old has become the youngest ever player to be drafted into the top women's league in the united states. the washington spirit select trinity rodman from washington state university obviously this is my dream for playing soccer since i was 4 years old and and every school paper everything i wrote i want to be a professional soccer player i want to get faster soccer player and i think right now just covering everything i think honestly are good gigs it's not the right time right now i think it's a perfect time to get in and learn and become a better player so we'll leave it there for now but i'll be here again later with more sports news 3 will say later peter thank you so much and thanks for watching the news hour on al-jazeera we're back in just
4:58 pm
a moment with more of the day's news see you then. what has been doing with the money that it's boring we bring you the stories and developments that are rapidly changing the world we live in argentina as congress is debating a bill seeking to raise billions of dollars from the super rich support families hit odd by and counting the cost on al-jazeera. on the deserted streets of they've become familiar figures couriers on bicycles delivering food or medicine to lock down colombians most of them here are venezuelan migrants mike almost a mother of 4 says contagion is always on her mind none of them receive health insurance for their work and exposing themselves and very few seem to have it yet there may be a bright side people who look down on them as a skilled migrants now say they're essential to control the virus i receive
4:59 pm
messages on the out saying that me under your nose i was a nurse back home what i am doing is not all that different from my passion helping others. it is murder when you throw a fire bomb into someone's home and eat shit you off trash you know. that's not in a significant in the embers that insignificant ideologically that is significant even as a crime gag down very significant by dictating big government and the fucked up policy dows shalt not kill the radicalized series on al-jazeera. leak.
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al-jazeera. and. write. that. no one. not even the president of the united states. charged for inciting a certain insurrection donald trump becomes the 1st us president to be impeached winds. are watching al-jazeera live from a headquarters and. also coming up the number for americans seeking an.


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