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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 11, 2021 1:00pm-2:01pm +03

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he's reprieved them that's empowering everyday people to profit from the destruction of the rain forest people are almost willing to give their life away to guarantee the occupation of the land is journalism the last hope in the fight for steve to understand this is not only a land conflict but a construct a narrative brazil the age of boston are all whose truth is it anyway and al-jazeera. al-jazeera. this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes defying humanitarian warnings the u.s. prepares to brand the rebels as terrorists. remove the president all we will u.s. democrats paul pressure on republicans to accelerate the process of removing dog.
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indonesian recovery crews pieced together the wreckage and their hunt for clues as to what brought down the passenger jet. and will be live outside one of the mass vaccination centers in the u.k. amid warnings it's facing the worst weeks of the pandemic. and i'm far in small have all the day's sporting including india battle day to draw the 3rd test against australia and a winner takes all finale. all right now the u.s. is designating yemeni rebels also known as as a terrorist group secretary of state says the blacklisting is intended to hold the group accountable for what he calls terrorist acts. the houthi is in response
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declared it's the united states that is the source of terrorism especially the trumpet ministrations policies diplomats and humanitarian groups are warning the designation could threaten peace talks and further complicate the delivery of desperately needed aid 80 percent of yemenis live in areas under who think control i think ludes the capital summer and the country's main aid port where the u.s. backed coalition led by saudi arabia and the united arab emirates has been helping yemen's government fight the group since 231500 is in the capital sana'a with more reaction from the leading who 3 official. he says that the . latest move by the the outgoing administration of the as a denounced act he says that it's ending cation and also. a fact that the united states is part of
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a devastating war against yemen according to his speech and also that the that has per participated in the killing and the un also pushing more people to the brink of famine he says that the outgoing administration proves that its policies are so the source of terrorism in the world according to his remarks according to observers this would fall the worse in the direct humanitarian situation in the war ravaged country especially that each percent of the population has been pushed to the brink of famine and the united. nations and also other non-governmental organizations are trying to to help yemenis to overcome the devastating impacts of the the ongoing war many hope this the upcoming administration will facilitate and also bring warring sides back to the negotiating table to resolve their differences peacefully there rather than for the blockading the situation or
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let's get some reaction out of iran now with her over to tehran where we have dos jabari daughter as we know the how things are backed by iran are we getting any reaction out of to her all over this. things have been quite muted here the only thing we've heard so far is from the foreign ministry spokesperson who during his weekly briefing mentioned this in the same breath as the sanctions on the head of the popular mobilisation unit in iraq that's also been sanctioned. said that this is an attempt by a desperate administration in their last few days to try and really show that they are not a force a stabilizing force in their region the united states that is the sentiment here and it has been over the past few years the rainy and foreign minister had presented a peace plan a 4 point peace plan to the united nations in 2015 but of course these kinds of
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designations and sanctions are not new for iran and the revolutionary guard was that it made it a terrorist organization back in april of 2019 the reigning embassador to yemen who was appointed in november a month later in december he was sanctioned by the u.s. government so the view here is that this kind of behavior is not new it's part of the u.s. attempt to try and destabilize this region and also war wage. pressure campaign on iran the belief here is that this designation will only hurt the in many people because the aid that is reaching them is coming through a port that is controlled by the hutus and it's also being seen as an attempt to try and make things much more difficult for the incoming u.s. administration of president elect joe biden all right. now yemen was already the poorest country in the middle east before the war started
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it's since descended into the largest humanitarian crisis of our time the conflict has killed nearly a quarter of a 1000000 people over the past 6 years the united nations says almost $10000000.00 the emmys are risk of famine 80 percent of its population needs humanitarian aid and then there's the coronavirus pandemic which is adding strain to a devastated health system. and the world's health food program's executive director is among those who've been warning against designating these as a terrorist organization david beasley spoke to understeer in december when the w.f. he was awarded the nobel peace prize. was in washington d.c. just last week speaking with the leadership explaining the consequences of the designation and the hurdles and the problems that we will face we'll do whatever we need to do we always have whether the sages are designations or not we'll do what we can to reach the people our job is to let the leaders understand clearly what
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will be the ramifications and what the difficulties that will be for us to reach people yemen is oriented a remotely volatile fragile state with i can't begin to tell you we are on the brink of famine right now in yemen people are not getting enough food we don't have the access we need and we're going to i don't know how we don't face famine in a major way in the next 4 much. well here's how to humanitarian organizations are responding the international crisis group says it's the latest of the trumpet ministrations scorched earth policy before it heads to the exits one but risks collectively punishing all yemenis by for separate tating a famine while doing little to hurt the who thiis other than pushing them closer to iran the norwegian refugee council says it will have a far reaching impact on the already dire humanitarian situation and will hamstring
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the ability of a the agencies to respond. to judgement call back from the norwegian refugee counsel's office in yemen joins us from a good to have you with us so how will. any designation by the u.s. of the as a terrorist organization impact your operations in the yemen thank you for having us here and. our main concern here as aid workers the empath people the burden for the folks here or. something you have some exemptions to protect the sensual life. will be diverse and we need the expansion. very clear we need it to be done we. already. committed to increase the poverty of country struggling to import food
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already a country were underway for we are talking about and i heard that matter here and we can play. can you say talk about a life old death matter how many lives will be endangered if this group is designated as a terrorist organization can you quantify it for us. not understand the government decides what safeguards it chooses to put in place here on the grounds the killing is that we are fearing the impossible because. in 2011 the beginning of the somali sound similar to the convention prevented any organizations from being able to quickly enough. of yemen is now facing some of the warnings who. were very clear unambiguous measures to protect us and we figure that every aspect of it we're going to fax it
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. to the. import food and other essential supplies that are not in the country and that's the impact also on the. more people. exactly at a point for faith that can continue. or you said it depends on how the u.s. chooses to roll this out and i'm curious to know all there any discussions on the way between the u.s. and aid agencies between your agency about the issue of how to get aid into yemen post any designation. government statement that. for her to discussions underway with the from going to stations with largely u.s. base aid organizations here in the island i'm not able to comment on those we haven't been involved in them directly ourselves and i know that there have been
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discussions ongoing though for some months more of this nation was 1st seen so there's a possibility that the complications unfold from the very clear so our goal of humanitarian work since you are working with some most vulnerable people in this country is to use. the tremendous humanitarian impasse that we foresee i mean that's been recognized by the u.s. government in their statement today. sanctions like these are intended to target for the sit on the actors. to make very sure that they target not only 3 people who were already behind you know inviting friends. or i thank you so much for your comments. attempts are being made to recover hundreds of bodies thought to be trapped under a sunken boats in the democratic republic of congo the wooden vessel capsized on
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friday while crossing the congo river criminal charges may follow. on reports. the sinking boat is part of a potential criminal investigation with dozens of bodies believed to be trapped underneath passengers were heading to the regional capital on this wooden boat when it capsized. and have a 2nd get in the boat had 3 separate levels all of them were full of people and their belongings there were hundreds of passengers including kids older men and women who were swallowed by the water i myself lost 5 members of my family. these people had relatives on board and now they're using fishing nets to recover bodies. survivors say the boat was carrying too many people and too much cargo including bags of cement. crossing lakes and rivers after nightfall is illegal in the d.r. sea at least reporting agents are under arrest for allowing the boat to leave the
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owner and members of the crew are under investigation so. horrified and heartbroken this tragedy is the result of fraudulent behavior on friday evening a boat owner in his crew undertook to travel at night despite a ban on nighttime crossings unfortunately they defied it and that resulted in the events we all deploy. on lookers do what they can to help but finding out how many people were on board those difficult one of them are so much to do that but that is the business people here are always hiding the data and authorities don't share honest information because they're the ones in charge of registering all the passengers before each trip and river. travel by boat is commonly used in the d.r. so. we waterways link areas that are unconnected by rote and with limited regulation that makes disasters like these more likely
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a little piece of the young al jazeera. coming up in the news out of china expresses outrage at the u.s. decision to lift restrictions on its relationship with taipei as professional rugby is about to resume in new zealand a legal case is said to have a major impact on the game details coming up later in the show. but in the coming hours moves will gather pace to take action against u.s. president don't trump over the sea capitol hill u.s. house speaker nancy pelosi says 2 motions will be presented from monday one calls on vice president mike pence to invoke the 25th amendment declaring trump unfit to carry out his duties forcing him effectively out of office well i like my 5th amendment because it gets rid of him he's out of office but there is strong
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support in the congress for impeaching the president a 2nd time this president is guilty of inciting interest insurrection and he has to pay a price for that. if pence doesn't agree then pelosi says the democrat led house would move forward with impeachment 5 people died during the violence on capitol hill the pentagon has confirmed 25 cases of domestic terrorism are being investigated the hunt continues for others involved in the attack as for trump well the staying quiet mike how in washington more details of how things are likely to play out. if the house does vote to impeach president trump the house speaker can hold on to the articles of impeachment for an indefinite period of time before sending it to the senate for trial so if trump is impeached by the house it could be a long period of time before the articles go to the senate for
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a formal trial process now they are going fears about the possibility of further violence warning coming from the mayor of d.c. . who sent a letter to the department of homeland security asking for them to ensure that the proper preparations put in place she's r.c. acting secretary to immediately rescind open mission for any demonstrations over the next 10 days so certainly there are many fears still about the possibility of the violence now the department of defense has confirmed that it is investigating at least $25.00 cases of domestic terrorism the defense department involved because it controls deployment of the national guard who were involved on occasion during wednesday's events and justice department says it has arrested
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a further 2 individuals in connection with what happened at the capital dozens have now been arrested in the events of wednesday and steve oaken is a senior advisor mclarty associates he served as deputy general counsel the u.s. department of transportation under president bill clinton joins us now from singapore good to have you with us so let's go through this 1st of all how do you think the vice president is likely to react when he gets that house resolution asking him to basically removed all trump from office. well it's not just up to the vice president it's the vice president and a half the cabinet has to do it it's very unlikely that this is going to happen it's not really what the 25th amendment was designed for this came after john kennedy's assassination where a president would have been incapable of carrying out his office here donald trump is doing what he is doing unlawfully so it's difficult to see vice president hence
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doing it for constitutional reasons and for political reasons so it probably will not occur his removal for the 25th amendment ok i guess that isn't a huge surprise has anything happened in the last 24 hours to change the assumption that he also olva rather congress. in terms of the senate at least would likely not hold an impeachment move by the house. well what's what's changed now is that the house is going to move forward and impeach him and donald trump will be only the 2nd the 1st president to ever been impeached weis then the trial is undertaken by the senate no senate has ever convicted a president and found him guilty of the impeachable offenses but what will happen here is that there will be a delay before the house brings those articles of impeachment to the senate because
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it's so important for joe biden to be able to hit the ground running joe biden needs the senate's for what tension to get all of his nominees confirmed he needs the senate's attention to get 'd the legislation passed at the united states needs to address coded from a stimulus perspective so the delay will happen in the senate truck who knows what the situation in the country will be like 100 days from now in the meantime the justice department will likely take federal criminal action against them former president trump for his incitement of insurrection for his conspiracy on sedition and for multiple other federal crimes that president trump has committed not only in the past week but over the past 4 years. talking of the president why has he gone relatively silent hasn't released a statement told held a press briefing and i think a couple of days at least. well remember of course and his twitter account was
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taken away from me and that was his main mode of communication so he has lost that he doesn't want to go in front of the press because he will get grilled over all of his actions that he has taken in the past few days so he's just sitting in the white house from all the press accounts doing furious at the vice president not only is he not talk to the press he hasn't talked to the vice president of the united states since the vice president was basically you know in a bunker trying to avoid all of these people who are trying to overthrow the government so it is an awful situation in washington the president is not doing anything and in some ways basically the best we can hope for is the president doesn't do anything in till he is out of office and then we'll let the congress and the courts take it from there a lot of the focus now is also going the question what will congress do next what will mike pence do next should we also be looking at what some of the trumps
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a poultice might do next especially if impeachment moves begin again against him. well i think it's a threat with or without impeachment there is already talk of other demonstrations coming on january 17th which is the kickoff of inaugural week on inauguration day itself not just in washington d.c. but in state capitals across the united states it is a very frightening time and to not have the commander in chief ensuring that the national guard is called out and protecting the transfer of power is is a very i mean it's unprecedented and it's very dangerous so it really is a very difficult time there's only so much that the congress can do in the meantime and we have to hope that the country is now prepared as it was not prepared on january 6th for what happened at the congress when the the certification of joe
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biden's present. thanks so much for your thoughts on that steve oaken the so-called free speech social media network paula has now gone completely offline the site had become popular among tom suppose amazon apple and google early a band the platform citing a lack of moderation of violent content by conservatives policy says the science will likely be down longer than expected. 7 new mass vaccination scientists have opened in england the government is speeding up vaccine delivery is the chief medical officer warns the worst weeks of a pandemic are ahead and it's a ming to offer vaccinations to 15000000 people by mid february the elderly and frontline medical will be 1st told brennan is at the xcel center in london one
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of the new mass vaccinations science on how is a rapid vaccination unfolding that poll. a steady trickle of taxis are arriving bringing people almost all of them elderly people though some younger relatives a scorching the elderly relatives in the building behind me so it is underway it's not a massive rush though the appointments was sent out as letters and e-mails and they've been staggered throughout the day to prevent overcrowding obviously that is exactly what they don't want people to be gathered together in crowds so a sensible precaution from that point of view the government's aim is that by mid february some 15000000 people the over seventy's health care workers in the medically vulnerable will be vaccinated and by doing so that will before provide the bedrock upon which they can then bounce off and start vaccinating a much more wider group of the population as well as you say 7 large centers not
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quite the length and breadth of england but certainly all the main population centers are covered under around $1200.00 other centers smaller centers will be opening during the course of the week a g.p.s. and other family doctors at other places and indeed pharmacies will start to be issued vaccinations as well in the very near future so the expectation is that this should run smoothly but there is a question mark as to why it's only 12 hours a day for example one of 24 hours in the government minister responsible said well 1st of all he said he started to say well it's more convenient for older people he didn't admit it actually it's down to a supply a lack of supply of the vaccines so there are some teething problems to start with . and these are the worst weeks of the pandemic according to officials how is that shaping up. yeah i mean this is the chief medical
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officer chris witty talking about well i mean he gave some bleak statistics in the round of interviews he's been doing it's one of the 1st times he's done a kind of round of media interviews in the morning radio and t.v. shows most and time has been politicians that have done these interviews but you can see how it's stark and. frightening in many ways the situation is he said and i quote that anyone who is not shocked by the current situation in english hospitals is frankly not paying attention he said there are 30000 patients kovi in patients in english hospitals alone at the moment and if you think that back at the peak of april of 2020 there were only 18000 in hospital you can see just how desperate the situation is now he was asked what should the restrictions occur restrictions actually be tighter and he said actually no it's not it's not tinkering about with the restrictions that will make the difference it's up to everybody to take responsibility for minimizing as much as possible the social contacts that they
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have outside of the home so he's knots putting the responsibility on the politicians to tighten the rules he said people just bend the rules wherever those rules are set it's up to everybody to take responsibility for their actions all right thanks so much for. spain has deployed helicopters to deliver covert 9000 vaccines after its heaviest snowfall in decades at least 4 people died after the storm combined with cold winter air and blanketed the country the government says it will push ahead with plans to deliver 350000 doses on monday indonesia has approved the chinese developed sin of vaccine for emergency use it's the 1st country outside china to give it the green light ahead of indonesia's food and drug agency said a human trial there showed it's 65 percent effective the country plans to launch its max fast mass vaccination program on wednesday and the seychelles has begun
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vaccinations it's one of the 1st african countries to do so resident who. is among those who have already rolled up their sleeves to get china's cinna farmed jab. much more still to come including roots reopen as counter in saudi arabia seek to put the dispute behind a. populist candidate claims victory in kyrgyzstan selection promising big changes ahead for his country and the p.g.a. delivers a major blow to the gulf empire of outgoing u.s. president don trump details coming up in sports. hello there it's a title of 2 seasons across europe at the moment we still have that wintry weather across spain and portugal but it's been rather well some alike on the other side of
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the mediterranean this is why we still have some warm and winds coming in from a southerly direction across at least the side of the mediterranean athens getting up to around $22.00 celsius some parts of grace running around to $10.00 to $15.00 degrees above the seasonal average war when off the people to hit the beach which you believe for a little dip in the mediterranean some lovely weather going on here we go through the next couple of days yes it will cool down a touch and we will see some a cool and wet a weather coming through maybe it's a little bit little bit of snow and to know the past you can see how balmy the conditions were some as we went through the last day or $219.00 celsius the top temperature here on cheesed a cloud of rain making its way across parts of grace through the eye and you see pushing kristie jian running towards sats western side of the turkey very heavy downpours coming from further north there's more wintry weather coming in fabulous snow from the baltic states right the way down across see out sinking further south
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was as we go on through the middle part of the week turning moderate towards the northwest but cool for glasgow. al-jazeera weld appears into the murky world of state sponsored spyware. and the discovery by al jazeera journalists that syria's technology stocks that smartphones are free system. is this the new frontier of espionage. think about the sophistication of exports to britain the phone this is as good as it gets. the spy. on al-jazeera. 'd held for over 3 years in an egyptian prison cell denied the right to a fair trial no charges have been brought against al jazeera correspondent must move to saying his crime journalist. to demand more neutral leaks and voice
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solidarity with all detained journalists sign the petition. 3 minute send. welcome back you're watching i'll just you know it's time to recap our headlines the united states is moving to designate yemen's who 3 movement which controls the capital and the country's main airport as a foreign terror group who feeds reacted to the u.s. saying america is the source of terrorism search and rescue teams in indonesia are
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working to recover the flight recorders of the passenger plane that crashed with 62 people on board on saturday it's still not known what caused the boeing 737 to plunge into the java sea minutes after takeoff from jakarta. u.s. house speaker nancy pelosi says she'll go ahead with impeachment proceedings against donald trump unless is removed from office 1st the 25th amendment allows vice president mike pence to declare trump unfit to carry out his duties. as we call him reports from washington d.c. . this video obtained by the washington post shows just how few police officers there were to keep rioters some armed with restraints and weapons from getting to members of congress or the. members say when they were trying to get out the last available exit there were only 3 officers holding the line trying to give them enough time to escape when they stepped aside as a window was broken
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a writer was shot by the representatives and their staff escaped this video was captured by a reporter for the huffington post rioters looking for the senate he says if they had turned right they would have entered the chambers with senators inside this lone capitol police officer directed them away from it and up the stairs instead but not everyone was this confused one congressman says there is evidence some had planned their attack there is a ma. this is it was got them on the do all of this by the office. to the office. everywhere and where i usually a my sat. was in my office. had all the furniture and stuff at the door and there were people trying to get we're going to the capitol and the president directed these followers to march on the capitol he told them the election was stolen and now democrats say he should pay for inciting insurrection
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they're moving to impeach him within days our main priority is to ensure the removal of dollar trump of president of the united every minute and every hour of that office represent clear and present danger not just to the not of congress but frankly to country but not all republicans are onboard some using the same reason in that they did after the president was impeached the 1st time i my personal view is that the president touched the hot stove on wednesday and as unlikely to touch it again many saying impeachment will only divide the. further but some argue it's necessary for the long term health of the country until the united states starts taking steps to hold those who both participated physically in the actions but also incited the actions and aided until we see accountability for all of that and a renewed commitment among means republicans to democratic norms and values i'm
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afraid we should expect that this is only the beginning of the rise of prism and perhaps even. it's unclear if legally the senate can hold an impeachment trial for a president who has already left office the courts will likely have to decide that but it does seem likely that in the coming days the house of representatives will make sure that donald trump is the only u.s. president to have been impeached twice to call him el jazeera at the capital. i'll search and rescue teams in indonesia are working to recover the black boxes of the passenger plane which crashed with 62 on board on saturday the devices are expected to shed light on the reasons behind the sudden of the plane into the java sea just minutes after takeoff. washington has the latest. here at 240 injured hard here in north jakarta
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this is where the search effort is being coordinated we've been here all morning and we've seen search teams going out to the java sea north of jakarta to the area near the 1000 islands and coming back to this court and just a few moments ago a search team returned with the debris from the sri with jet we were able to see debris in the form of metal scraps about a metre large and you could actually see the blue and red colors of sri which i also just a few moments ago we saw an ambulance depart from the port heading to the police hospital most likely with human remains now at the police hospital that is where they are conducting an investigation and relying on support from relatives of those on board the plane to help identify some of the passengers but of course everyone is waiting for the teams here to to locate the black box divers here all still searching the seabed we do know that authorities say they are confident that the signals they have picked up on all coming from the plane's black box so it is
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likely that we should hear some good news soon however if the black box is not found today those efforts will of course continue tomorrow. china's foreign ministry has strongly condemned the decision by the u.s. to lift restrictions on its relationship with taipei after taiwan's foreign minister praised the move saying relations with washington have been elevated to a global partnership china considers taiwan to be part of its territory a ministry spokesman said beijing will resolutely fight back any attempts to sabotage its interests treaty you joins us now from beijing so how much is the fact that there is a transition in the white house going on and weighing in on beijing's response to this. i think it's very much weighing and invading this response they seem to has responded in
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a very calculated way so obviously very angry at this move beijing's foreign ministry spokesperson has said time and time again that taiwan is a red line issue and in terms of this particular move they've said that this violates the u.s. china joint communique which was signed in 7879 that is 1979 where the u.s. promised to relinquish any formal ties with taiwan and so china's foreign ministry has said that it will not hesitate to hit back although we have seen this concrete language i mean this strong language in this these very strong threats we are yet to see a concrete response as to what steps beijing might take in response to this and this does raise the question as to whether they are taking this move from the trump administration seriously knowing that the administration is in its last few days of office quaternion one of the foreign ministry spokesperson spokespersons last week said that the trump administration is and what she called final madness and moving
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to sub atar the relationship between the u.s. and china as much as possible and that followed an announcement by mike pompei or that the u.s. would send its ambassador to the u.n. kelly craft to visit taiwan this week on wednesday but we have had an even stronger response today from chinese state media on monday writing in an editorial saying that this move was dangerous for taiwan and that china wouldn't hesitate to use its military force to defend what it it considers its own territory right now katrina as i mentioned beijing is vowing to fight back what kind of options are on the table for beijing. well thomas president xi jinping has made no secret of the fact that he wants to retake taiwan he sees taiwan as a rogue state and beijing sees rediff occasion between taiwan and mainland as inevitable but many analysts that we have spoken to say that time china is far from
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ready to do that militarily may take 510 or even more years so what they might do initially is probably send its fighter jets across to the taiwan strait and put pressure on the taiwanese government that way they might also impose trade sanctions some of suggested targeting the troubled ministration itself for example putting sanctions on mike pompei and preventing him from ever traveling to the mainland but it seems that they doing so far is take worry much a wait and see approach one waiting and seeing how taiwan reacts to the visit of kelly craft this wednesday this week and also more importantly waiting to see how the incoming biden administration will approach the relationship with china there is some hope here and they doing that joe biden may move to reset relations and that they may improve in the long term all right thanks so much katrina you are a policeman has been killed and dozens of protesters injured during broad's in southern iraq crowds gathered in the city of nasiriya to call for the release of
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activists arrested in earlier demonstrations been demanding more jobs than this these services. kyrgyzstan's populist candidate has claimed victory in the country's presidential elections for luminary results show sunday of japan or of with close to 80 percent of the vote he's pledged to weed out corruption and revive the pandemic battered economy part of was serving jail time on hostage taking charges until mass protests in october saw him freed by his supporters. once the new constitution is adopted we will have political reforms in the country there will be a new structure of government every citizen of the country should do his or her part to fight corruption we will not repeat the mistakes of the previous government or work will be open and transparent the doors of the government will always be open to the people all proposals and urgent problems will always be discussed
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openly with the participation of civil society charles stratford reports from kyrgyzstan's capital bishkek this is a monument to kyrgyzstan soviet past a reminder of a time before the beginnings of democracy after the breakup of the soviet union 30 years ago after months of political chaos there are questions of what lies ahead in the journey towards good governance and law his people cast their ballots in presidential elections one man who has dominated kyrgyzstan's politics in recent months is at the forefront of voters' minds his opponents say he's a threat to kyrgyzstan's political future the supporters say he is the country's only hope. souther to pirate comes from ordinary people and is very honest he's a worth a candidate his thoughts and speeches are close to the people this is so those are part of after he was freed from jail by his supporters before they stormed the parliament building protests off the parliamentary elections in october those
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elections were an old of the widespread allegations of vote buying. describes himself as a conservative curious nationalist he says kyrgyzstan's 10 year experience of a parliamentary system has failed. he wants to revert back to a presidential system which his critics say is a threat to democratic progress and would give him additional power if as expected he becomes president to part of support base comes from kyrgyzstan's a rural population who have suffered decades of economic and political neglect. his critics are often keen to point out that this deeply politicized country has overthrown as 3 presidents in revolutions in the last 30 years and their opinions often come with a warning. was laid to our society is mature enough and highly politicized whoever wins the election is quite difficult to stop open democratic processes people have
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woken up they cannot be stopped the point is how politically mature were the lead to be and how will he work. some analysts say the democratic evolution of kyrgyzstan will continue but more chaos cannot be ruled out i think this is not the end of democracy and i thought as a shrink he said this is more like that a serious and the very supporters the very people who brought power these people into power are not going to be waiting for that long. to deliver proper governance and with this sort of constitutional reform and this sort of power centralization it's not going to work out the central election commission says that with more than 95 percent of votes counted has won the presidential election it also says that in the constitutional referendum there's been a convincing yes to a return to some form of presidential system of governance now to polish supporters
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will be pleased with both outcomes but his critics will say the journey towards democracy has been delayed again it's all stuff that al-jazeera bishkek. now a parliamentary election is being held in neighboring kazakstan president seemed to party is projected to have won a landslide victory with 72 percent of the vote most opposition parties though boycotted the election they say the political system is rigged. one of gaza's biggest sporting events has taken place the annual horse race with stains that the airports bombed out runway as harry for said reports from a spectator's it's a chance to escape the realities of israeli occupation. the horse racing fans this is garza's premier annual occasion the runway of the territory's airport bombed by israel in 20013 years after it opened has become literally a wasteland at this event in southern russia still draws
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a crowd from across the gaza strip. we come here for some fun because of the siege covered 19 and all the other difficulties of life this is an escape from all the bad things and i look forward to it every year. with gaza in the grip of a coded 900 crisis putting a further strain on its overburdened health system and resulting in weakened shutdowns and unlikely curfews the organizers have found themselves defending the decision to press ahead. for the race last less than a minute and a half and the airport is a big open area we tried our best to avoid crowding and this event should have taken place at the end of 20202021 so we had to do it after preliminary round 6 entrants had qualified for the final but it at least a nod towards health and safety concerns only 3 were able to run 4 year old local favorite not a wacko born in russia side by a racehorse imported from israel easily outrun the competition narrowly evaded the
1:46 pm
crowds for a clear victory for the winning jockey his moment of triumph but with it a keen sense of awareness of everything that's missing now and then. the race track isn't up to standard sometimes the horses as you see there are no response has lots of people lots of disorder no prizes for the winner we want to be able to travel abroad and take part in international races but because of the siege we can't go as a has a long tradition of a question. riders here compare themselves favorably to their counterparts in the occupied west bank it's not uncommon for wealthy enthusiastic to import european horses worth tens of thousands of dollars a contrast with gaza's ruined economy where more than a 1000000 live below the poverty line is stark and it's reflected every year the images of the sport's biggest day are a force that al-jazeera. the 1st commercial flights in more than 3 years between qatar and saudi arabia are resuming on monday after saudi arabia the u.a.e.
1:47 pm
and egypt agreed last week to restore ties with carter that came after a 3 and a half year blockade ways has already rerouted some flights through saudi airspace . coming up shortly in sports or naldo reaches a shocking goal scoring milestone thought i has all the details.
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now it's been a year since the 1st case of corona virus was reported in china and many of those who've recovered from cove it 19 there are still struggling with long term effects a study published in the lancet medical journal found that 6 months after an acute infection there was still coping with fatigue or muscle weakness sleep difficulties and anxiety or depression some patients who were severely ill during their hospital stay had severe ongoing problems that affected their lungs and chests and a 3rd of the patients showed signs of kidney malfunction sun gyal santa and i r k is associate professor of infectious diseases at the australian national university he explained that even patients with less severe cases of cope with 19 can suffer long term effects. i still think that there is a conception out there around the world that cove it is
1:50 pm
a very mild illness and to be fair at the start we were saying 80 percent of people will have a mild illness and they'll get over the acute illness in 2 weeks but the reality is the proportion of people now this this study from who hand was in hospitalized patients but a proportion of people who get curve it we don't even get hospitalized will go on to get these chronic symptoms which are quite debilitating now if you look at this wound study they talked about 2 thirds of patients having for tea muscle weakness about a quarter had root disorders anxiety depression another quarter couldn't sleep well another quarter couldn't walk the normal distance that you'd expect from what we understand it seems that people who are sicker with cove it more likely to have the persisting symptoms but it is not exclusively the case so even people with mild symptoms there are many reports of healthy young people who've had an acute covert illness but have managed to stay at her who will have ongoing symptoms chest pains
1:51 pm
shortness of breath brain fog except truck and nasty thing about it is it can fluctuate from day to day to the point where it does the symptoms disappear and some people think up i've beaten it but then a day or 2 later it comes back which of course is very disheartening an ice rink in northwest poland defied coded $1001.00 town instructions to stay open by claiming to be a flour warehouse customers skated around crates of flowers after the owner repurpose the ring to have rules to plough zz leisure centers he was slapped with an $8000.00 fine so then he transformed the pink again this time to a skating school. oh hi let's bring in now to some sports news thanks so much sammy we start with cricket in india have same a 3rd test in sydney against australia having set and unlikely target of $407.00
1:52 pm
the tour is batted all day to force a draw it means the series is level at one all going into the final match but things could have been very different with australia's wicket keeper captain dropping a number of catches on day 5. basically disappointing fraud and self. evident to me worst days than that. it's a horrible feeling knowing that you know fastballs and you know. their hearts out and diabetics and. i certainly feel the dance. now with professional rugby about to begin a new zealand illegal case against a sport's governing body is said to have a major impact on the game so far 9 x. players have alleged that world rugby was negligent when it came to managing head injuries when he reports from auckland. in new zealand rugby is a sport and culture here many boys and girls grow up dreaming of playing the game
1:53 pm
for as long as possible and ultimately representing their country but having a long career could also mean long term health problems the more injuries you get in the more severe and significant. the more the higher the likelihood some individuals will go on to the. path early cognitive problems and on mood problems later in life and that's what a group of former players say they are experiencing and are taking world rugby to court some including former england player steve thomson have been diagnosed with early onset dementia which they say was caused by repeated blows to the head playing rugby they want compensation and 15 demands minutes including a limit on the amount of contact training and for world rugby to accept that playing professionally can lead to brain disease in response the governing body issued a statement saying player welfare is its number one priority john mayhew was
1:54 pm
a doctor to new zealand's all blacks and a medical advisor to world rugby and says proving that rugby caused the players' health problems will be difficult but he concedes the sport continues to learn how to manage head injuries and i think we have to be careful we look back to 20 or 30 years ago with a 2020 perspective that you know some of those players moving managed by the best possible medical practice at the time which i mean i was looking back with of the not good enough more players are being asked to join the legal case but some are saying no even after being forced out of the game early because of repeated concussions personal fell for words. including the role of. professional sport has seen this before like in 2013 when the national football league in the united states agreed to pay damages totaling up to $1000000000.00 to former players but the n.f.l. did not admit that the injuries were caused by football it's taken
1:55 pm
a long time but there's no doubt that in countries like new zealand the issue of concussion and rugby is taken a lot more seriously than it used to be but it's a high impact game and head injuries will continue to happen the question is scientifically and legally can those head injuries be linked to long term health problems at the very least the legal action is creating more discussion about head injuries in rugby which is too often been treated as a sensitive topic among the game's administrators bringing it further into the open can only help the game survive for future generations when hey al jazeera or clones the p.g.a. of america is cutting ties with donald trump it has voted to move a major goal turn a mentor way from his new jersey course next year the decision comes 4 days after the trump fueled riots at the u.s. capitol p.j. of america which is made up of the golf professionals signed the deal with trump national back in 2014 the organization said that holding the p.g.a. championship at trump's course would be detrimental to its brands i could generate
1:56 pm
all the scored a historic goal in the event of his $31.00 win over sas while on sunday he now has the joint most official goals for club and country at 700 $59.00 strikes and sits alongside this and the play between $1031.00 and $955.00 after it's also helped a big fine tuned 4th in syria 7 points off the leaders ac milan with a game in hand. now there's been a big upside to the 3rd round of the english f.a. cup 4th tier crowley town knocking out premier league side leeds united crowley winning 3 now with all the goals coming in the 2nd half and look at this for an opening strike from nick so rule out the 21 year old playing in just his 7th senior game croly in round 4 for just the 3rd time in their history. that we have gone from stuffed with. the defiant speech saying that i were in your
1:57 pm
book excited you could see it but just you know bradley when we took that shot she's been the judges don't think we have to go pretty overloads every moment. maureen couldn't quite produce a similar upset against tottenham the 8 tears side from near liverpool did give spurs an early scare but tottenham went on to win 5 no resilience for lucas more among the score. last season's final is chelsea have an easy time of it in their tie against a 4th to require more calm day chelsea winning 4 nil german forward team on veneers scored his 1st goal since early november. and the cleveland browns are celebrating their 1st n.f.l. playoff victory since 1905 on sunday they secured 848237 1st round win over the pittsburgh steelers the browns also overcame cope with 19 challenges which disrupted their preparations for the match. ok and that is all your support for
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now sammy back here in buying so much follow up that brings us to the end of this news hour but the good news is kemal is back in a moment with another full show so stay with us here on out years ago. after unprecedented scenes of violence and chaos on capitol hill joe biden and harris will be sworn into office but with a bitterly obstructed president and a continuing pandemic just how different will the traditional celebrations need to be special coverage of the u.s. presidential inauguration our now says you know. she's 7 years old she's
1:59 pm
a hard worker she's cool and a dad is a best friend. together they work codd to make their dreams come true. you find. china's little rock star. on al-jazeera. they come in here and did search of work to provide a better life for the families they've left behind. but the labor is vital to release food industry they risk exploitation by corporations and organized crime. trapped in a system with little hope of escape people in power investigate. 6 links on al-jazeera. we understand the
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differences and similarities have cultures across the land. so no matter what you seek out is more direct will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you. al-jazeera. defying humanitarian warnings the u.s. prepares to brand yemen's hutu rebels as terrorists. but everyone come all santa maria here in doha this is the world news from al-jazeera remove the president or we will u.s. democrats piling the pressure on republicans to accelerate the process of forcing
2:01 pm
out donald trump. also indonesian recovery crews pieced together the wreckage and their hunt for clues as to what brought down a passenger jet.


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