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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 10, 2021 4:00pm-5:01pm +03

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a rock star. on al-jazeera. this is al jazeera. hello i'm sam is a than this is the news hour live from coming up in the next 60 minutes. deranged unhinged dangerous president of the united states. with just 10 days left in the white house the u.s. president faces increasing pressure to leave office after the violence rocked the u.s. capital. taiwan hails the u.s.
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move to strengthen ties but it's likely to anger china joe biden take office. salvage teams find wreckage from an indonesian passenger plane that crashed with 62 people on board. despite strict long downs coronavirus cases continue to soar across the u.k. hospitals stretched to the limit. and unsupported crowded use maurice india's test match against australia for its 2nd day running 6 spectators had been thrown out of the sydney cricket ground after india players complained about racial abuse. us democrats drafting articles of impeachment for president donald trump's role in encouraging protests which descended into violence inside congress house speaker nancy pelosi says they'll trigger the unprecedented action on monday unless trump
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quits or his cabinet moves to push him from office themselves. on the reports from washington d.c. . and ultimatum to the president resign or face impeachment this is a message from house speaker nancy pelosi to donald trump. with trump showing no sign of stepping down willingly before january 20th inauguration of joe biden it's full steam ahead for impeachment starting as soon as monday sadly the person branch is a drain just unhinged dangerous president of the united states and a number of days until we can be protected from him but he has done something so serious that there should be prosecution against him it's believe palosi spent the weekend going over the final language for the articles of impeachment
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a draft circulating in washington says he'll be impeached for inciting an insurrection democrats are determined that trump needs to be punished for the rioting by his supporters and they're also determined to make it quick impeachment proceedings and possibly a vote as a release the middle of next week donald trump must be removed from office immediately. he should be impeached. convicted. and thrown out of 1600 pennsylvania avenue and forever banister the dustbin of history which a growing number of republicans in congress have abandoned the president the latest being senator pat toomey of pennsylvania who on saturday said he thinks trump committed impeachable offenses with a growing tide against tromp congress has many options to pursue against the president in his final 2 weeks in office the congress has 3 choices they have met
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which says. this is a high crime insurrection of the 25th amendment saying he's not able to carry out his duties they also have the 14th amendment that the congress hand if somebody has participated in or abetted an insurrection they can be stripped of their title and not allowed to run for office again 3 days after the riots in washington d.c. is eerily quiet there are almost no tourists on the streets and many office buildings remain closed because a covert and many other businesses are boarded up like this either because of economic distress or in anticipation of more violence saturday many people who call washington home came out to see a changed city where security remains tight many still trying to make sense of the writing and damage gabriel zonda al-jazeera washington. more than 50 people are
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now facing charges for taking part in storming capitol hill they include jake and jelly who is seen wearing horns during the siege and this man named adam christian johnson he was photographed carrying speaker nancy pelosi as lectern from the house of representatives where many of the rioters posted images of themselves online the f.b.i. is asking for help in identifying them. disturbing video continues to emerge meanwhile including this one of crowds chanting hang of mike pence shoulder before the capitol hill attack the vice president put out a statement saying he would not block the ratification of president elect joe biden's election victory relations between pence and trump have since nosedive. trump's online presence is shrinking even further amazon has become the latest tech
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company to suspend the free speech platform hala it follows moves by apple and google to ban the social media network paula had sought in popularity among trump's supporters in recent months because posts moments of closely amazon says pollo wasn't acting quickly enough against fine and content but spreading across the app . it's going some reaction now from the u.s. with our correspondent have to call her and she's on capitol hill so all the impeachment docs getting into a row that patty they really are i mean it just seems like every day since this happened in the news of what the reality of what actually happened here is sinking in we're seeing more and more political the political winds shift in against donald trump so here's the question if the house does vote to impeach then it goes to the senate last all 100 senators say yes let's start the trial now it'll
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start on the 19th of the 20th important date because that's when joe biden takes over but then the senate will have a trial but there's before that there's a question can you impeach a president who's no longer in office there is some legal precedent it's been done before that with the u.s. president but with a cabinet secretary in the 1900 he resigned but was still impeached so that what's likely to happen is if the senate moves we could see a big legal challenge that is if trump can still afford what. ron thanks so much. with just 10 days of trance presidency level take a look at what he could be facing well as we said russia moves to impeach him while he's still in office or are moving ahead that's likely to pass the democrat controlled house but as patty explained it would then go to a senate where a conviction needs the backing from a majority of 2 thirds of members if that happens they then vote on barring him from running again and if he is removed trump stands to lose in the array of
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post-presidential perks they include a $219000.00 yearly pension office space and staff and access to health care benefits and other option is impeaching him after he leaves the white house that's when the democrats will have a narrow majority in the senate 16 republican votes would still be needed there is also talk of invoking what's called the 25th amendment it forcibly remove the president of the majority of his cabinet believes he is unable to discharge the powers and duties of office let's bring in scott lucas he is in the merits is professor at the university of birmingham good to have you with us so as our correspondent is explaining there every day it seems like momentum is building but do you think it will get to the point where he'll be impeached and it will be up held by the senate. no i think it is quite likely he'll be impeached as there's a democratic majority but the top republican in the senate mitch mcconnell has said
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he will not proceed from us all 100 senators. give unanimous consent for a trial and as you correspond was explaining the earliest you could look at a trial at that point would be the 19th or the 20th the same day joe biden is not aerated that the impeachment process he said well why do it is still important for 3 reasons i think 1st is that for those pursuing it it's an important symbolic line this is the 1st president who will be charged in history us history with incitement of violence secondly i think it practically since a some signal to u.s. agencies to maintain their limits on donald trump over the next 10 days remember that house speaker nancy pelosi went as far as to talk to the chief military officer in the united states general mark milley about preventing trump from launching a nuclear attack or launching a war and thirdly with a split republican party split between the establishment republicans and the
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trumpets i think this would be a reach out by democrats to this stuff republicans which says look we need to draw some lines here as to what is acceptable and unacceptable behavior going beyond donald trump as america tries to repair itself scott what about the possibility is there a possibility that the impeachment process could continue even off a dog from leaves office. i mean that we're starting to hear that now and it's quite interesting as your correspondent noted we've never been in this position where they had an actual president again i think it's unlikely i think the senate republicans even though they're in a large minority will be opposed to this because they will be facing the split within their own party they have to deal with immediately and secondly i think there will be probably some signals from the biden ministration which is look to go through a trial after donald trump has left office that could increase tensions in america
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as they're trying to get a handle on the coronavirus pandemic get a handle on the economic issues linked to the pandemic and to deal with very sort of important social issues whether it be climate change whether it be the issues raised by the anti-racism marches last summer or dealing with for example possibly an issue such as assuring health care for all americans i think it will probably be the case after donald trump leaves office which isn't trying to punish him for what he has done but ensuring that he cannot make a comeback for example saying that he'll run for president in 2024 what sort of america will be presenting itself to the world even when joe biden takes office. when the political domestic political scene is looking so. much in turmoil. well they for a long time well before donald trump there had been at least 2 americas in a polarized country but i think part of the problem is is that we quite often in the media and as analysts are drawn to the alternative america of
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a donald trump that america of spectacle that america of dissent from a ship of insult of division rather than dialogue of shouting rather than discussion i think we need to remember there is a 2nd america which is an america which plays by the rules which millions americans remember it was joe biden who will be a lot should with more than 80000000 votes who want some type of discussion who want that dialogue on the key issues that concern them and i think there's a real question for a lot of people going into 2021 do we keep getting distracted by the spectacle including the spectacle we solved wednesday of an attack on the center of the u.s. government or do we pay attention to those americans who like the rest of us are just looking for security of their homes of their jobs of education for their children of health care for themselves and for others. thanks so much scott lucas thank you. plenty more still ahead on the news hour including. the
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capital of kyrgyzstan where people are voting for a new president off to watch being described as the country's good revolution overthrew the government in october last year. packed the beaches in americans defy long down orders as coronavirus cases continue to search. and this n.b.a. coach speaks out this is covered 19 ravaged team are forced to play on that story coming up later in the show. search teams in indonesia have detected the signal from the flight recorder of a passenger jet which crashed into the java sea some wreckage and remains have been retrieved police are asking families to provide dental records and d.n.a. samples to help identify bodies the boeing 737562 people on
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board when it disappeared from radar minutes after takeoff on saturday in the news is president said search and rescue workers are doing everything they can. in the name of the government and indonesian people we would like to express our condolences on what has happened yesterday already instructed to transport minister in search and rescue agency to help with the search operation as quickly as possible. jessica washington has more on the search and investigations from. what we just heard from the authorities who were involved in coordinating this operation we've heard that the point of the crash has been located in the java sea just north of jakarta they will use a crane to collect large parts of the debris 23 meters undeceive part of that also includes part of the tail of the aircraft however there is still no confirmation as
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to both the location of the main body of the aircraft as to the black box that is of course what everyone is interested in authorities say that they are confident that they are honing in on the radius around the black box now they say that they picked up a signal with this sona equipment and they are confident that that is from the black folks but they still do not have its exact location however we did just speak with the transport and safety commission here in indonesia who are involved in coordinating this operation and they did advise us that due to the strong current. that the java sea just north of jakarta those efforts through locate the exact location of the black box and retrieve the black box may be hampered and possibly will have to continue tomorrow now as for the relatives of those on board we understand that dozens of them on the operating with this investigation police did
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request this morning when they found body parts in the java sea but the relatives of those on board attend or at least contact the national police hospital to assist in the process of identification and many of them have already done so. the u.k. health secretary says britain is vaccinating 200000 people a day against code 19 matt hancock says they're opening mass vaccination centers this week the outbreak continues to surge and severe restrictions will likely be in place for another 3 months england's chief medical officer is warning that the national health service is facing its most dangerous situation in living memory. live now in the background london neve how much concern is there the public may not be fully on board with government measures given the comments by the chief medical
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officer of england. never to really concerns that perhaps the lock down is being undermined by a lack of public compliance but a recent poll suggested that the vast majority of people across the whole of the united kingdom is behind this lock down although some of the definitions of what constitutes a key worker or an essential stall may be being strained a little bit there is not an awful lot of evidence to suggest that there is a mass decision by people to ignore the rules but a dare is a feeling that much more could be done and the media call from the mayor of london and leading experts to shut down all places of worship to make the wearing of mosques and all public places out and about included mandatory and to also close down nurseries all of these things where in place of bar the mosques during the 1st
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national lockdown 10 months ago so the question is why given what we know about how rapidly this new strain of the virus spreads and why isn't more being done to insists that we go much much further this time around to bring the situation under control we know according to the latest figures and at least 2 hours in london some of the most deprived parts of the city as many as one in 16 people now has coronavirus and given that the new strain is between 50 and 70 percent more transmissible the feeling is from the experts so while we're waiting for this mass relapse of the vaccine there really needs to be much more effort to bring the numbers down all right thanks so much nave parker there in london. let's cross over now to talk to doctors a haven law choudhary in london is the front line urgent care doctor for the u.k. national health service good to have you with us so how close are doctors to having to turn away patients because there's simply no capacity left in hospitals.
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i don't think we're turning away any patients went what's happening is we're being overloaded with coded positive actions and what that has is about detrimental effect moving forward so we're getting more and more covert actions we're seeing more locally positive patients and that means we have to segregate and we have to say look waiting means you have to segregate cynical rooms to examine the men and what's happening is that is having a backlog on people coming in who then have to wait slightly longer for the routine care or emergency care in the a need armin's because we physically don't have the space to see them as quickly as we normally do so we're not actually turning away anybody at the moment but obviously we're having a lot of anxiety and stress that we are having a lot of buildup of patients at the door but there is obviously stopping other patients non-kosher patients from getting help. absolutely it is and it's delaying their procedures it's delaying their treatments but at the moment.
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we are still seeing everybody we are. i'm going to try and carry on seeing in the emergency departments anybody who looks like they do or whether they coded or not i think what's happening is because that was filling up with coded patients a number of patients and they made some comments they're now having to backlog where they can't do routine procedures routine care that's why we're being stretched to the limits because we're having to use more stuff in the ne departments looking after these patients we're routine care is then being. mentally affected all right thank you very much doctors will have a lot choudhary their. pope francis is described opposition to the covert 19 vaccine as suicidal that i'll the leader of the roman catholic church says he will be vaccinated next week is urging others to do the same when they can the vatican city is home to 450 permanent residents it will soon launch its own vaccination campaign in china millions of people living in 2 cities south of beijing of been
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ordered to stay at home for at least a week. and. the capital of her bay province are on the lockdown authorities say 60000000 people have tested in both cities. canada's most populous province on taria has recorded more than 3000 new infections every day for a week nearly 3500 cases were reported on saturday premier doug ford says the province is in crisis and he's considering further measures that so on top of all what region wide lockdown that's been in place since late december. the discovery of a more in fact sure is variant of the corona virus in latin america is raising alarm tougher restrictions are in place but large numbers of people are defying orders by travelling in attending parties daniel shriner reports from argentina's
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capital one osiris. this is not what medical experts had in mind when urging people to take measures to restrict the spread that the 2nd wave of the copied 19 pandemic beaches in rio de janeiro and elsewhere in brazil where infections top 8000000 now. there hasn't been any bare minimum planning and logistical organization for the establishment feasible box a nation plan brazil is at the end of the line and last for the start of a mass immunization program against covert 90 s. . there are similar tales of crowding on beaches in argentina and this video taken at the seaside party in. thousands more people are preparing to escape hot in cramped cities to join the my given that. during the 1st weekend of january system ated about 55000 people will travel from the santiago metropolitan region which is
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the equivalent of about 2000 buses leaving our capital. however the number of deaths and infections continue to rise brazil still without a national vaccine program is one of the world's worst affected with 200000 dead. buried you are more urgently needed just my obligation as a sister daughter niece is to put the names of my family forward so people can understand the risks of this disease and that no one is immune no matter your social class race or religion we are all a trace of losing our lives from the disease. searches in brazil have me more confirmed that the woman who contract with the virus last may was really to reinfected with the super virulent south african strain. and in peru a massive national testing program is underway focused on the most vulnerable after scientists discovered the highly infectious strain of the virus 1st found in the
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u.k. type travel restrictions have been imposed across latin america this is the scene in the colombian capital where 85 percent of hospital beds are occupied with cobbett 19 patients who are poorly scope or 8 for the sake of life and health for all the people for the world for the country and for everything else. thanks a nation programs are underway across latin america but while many respect the restrictions to control the pandemic thousands more don't wear the numbers of dead and dying continue to rise. here are one of cyrus. but doing that now who's had his 2nd dose of a coronavirus vaccine he says israel is on track to immunize all its adult citizens by the end of march the 1st doses being administered to one in 5 people with the highest vaccination rate in the world palestinians though they're still waiting with no firm date yet on when their vaccines will arrive. the u.s.
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says it will end decades of restrictions on official contact with taiwan secretary of state might pompei or says official interactions with taiwanese counterparts have been regulated to appease beijing china views taiwan as its own territory it is working to keep it isolated the change comes just days before the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. is set to visit taiwan the highest ranking american official to do so and the tangan is a political analyst he says china expects biden to reverse this decision they're not going to let this slide by taiwan is he and if it's a red line i don't know how else to put it crossing that you you are in fact risking war this is not something i mean this is taiwan is in the constitution as
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part of china and it's something that they will defend and they will go to war you know there have been times in the past when people countries you know underestimated china's result in the year in 62 and of course in the fifty's in north korea this is not something that's up to date so you can expect some very very strong reaction and then they will be looking at. 200 other wires are going to be serious consequences and even more trouble between these 2 powers it's doubtful though that i will want to continue this there's no it can't you treat him he has a different strategy towards china now a bombing in afghanistan's capital has killed 3 people including the spokesman for the country's public protection force 0 hour than previously worked with several afghan media networks attacks on journalists politicians and rights activists have increased despite the peace talks between the government and taliban as yet no
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group has claimed responsibility. at least 11 people have been killed in 2 landslides in indonesia's west java province the 2nd hit while crews were evacuating people and rescuers are among the victims the landslides have taken out a bridge in several roads making it more difficult to bring in heavy digging equipment. it's time for the weather here is evident now hello there we've got some very heavy rain moving in across southern parts of the u.s. at the moment this massive cloud making its way through on the northern flank of that system we could well see some snow as well we've got high pressure here which travel in a clockwise direction around high pressure in the northern hemisphere so the cold air digging all the way down to temperatures do start to recover as we go on into monday 07 or 8 in texas heavy rain moving through louisiana mississippi alabama
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pushing over towards georgia over towards the carolinas it will continue to track its way further east was clear dry weather coming back in behind us we go on through or choose day good enough they temperatures do still struggle to get into double figures up toward the pacific northwest there we go more snow coming in western parts of canada will see some heavy snow fall over the rockies and mountain snow there in our home we got some wet weather there just around oregon northern parts of california as we go on into the middle part of this week somewhat weather to just around the yucatan peninsula thickening clouds will bring some heavy burst of rain into were the yucatan just around beliefs and wetter weather across a good part of central america aracely some heavy showers all the way down towards nicaragua and costa rica but for the arl is a slightly fine and dry. so the head of al jazeera farmers in india vandalized cell phone towers and forced the closure of petrol stations as they step up protests. central hall westminster was
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a place to be for the meeting of representatives from the $51.00 united nations. 75 years of the united nations we look at what's been accomplished and analyze the challenges ahead. and installed arsenal stay on target in their effort to retain the english f.a. cup. when all that seems to matter is the headline there is always 2 sides to a story when narratives and counter narratives of just curiosity the leader on the one hand the enemy is all believe there on the other hand the listening post drips away the spin what kind of reporting if you can see it on the ground misinformation is right lays bare the bias a lot of people believe things because they want to believe them done covers the uncomfortable truths do you think they did enough to scrutinize the case for war the listing posts on a. frank assessment you've got colleagues on the ground in the canaries what is the
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situation there's only one doctor and one nurse or $1.00 to $200.00 people informed opinions how big does foreign policy figure in the early stages of a bi ministration he comes into office with a huge amount of foreign policy experience in-depth analysis of the day's global headlines how will a place like good live get the back seat when there's no money at all the rest of rich countries are fighting for an inside story on al-jazeera. welcome back you're watching al-jazeera let's recap our headlines now u.s. democrats are moving ahead in the attempt to impeach president down trump for
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inciting violence and capitol hill at least 180 democrats are now co-sponsoring a resolution they plan to introduce it on monday with a vote possibly by wednesday. search teams in indonesia have detected a signal from the flight recorder from a passenger jet that crashed into the job or see the boeing 737500 with 62 people on board disappeared from radar screens minutes after takeoff on saturday. the white house says it's lifting decades long restrictions on official contact with taiwan and the move short of the chinese government this comes just before a visit by america's u.n. ambassador. sudan ethiopia and egypt are expected to resume negotiations over a contentious stand they've been a dog's over the grand ethiopian renaissance dam since construction began 9 years ago it's been built on the blue nile which feeds into the nile river or hear the
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arguments from both sides ethiopia says the hydro power project is crucial so its economic development will provide electricity for 70 percent of its population. downstream sudan and egypt are worried the dam will affect the flow of the nile their main source of fresh water if you know he wants to fill the down reservoirs in 5 to 7 years but egypt has proposed 12 if and when an agreement is reached egypt and sudan say it should be legally binding with 3rd party arbitration for disputes the g.o.p. or would prefer to settle it between themselves about morgan is in sudan's capital khartoum. over the past week sudan has been urging the african union and the. u.s. to mediators and observers to have a greater role and it's been asking if you and egypt for the same thing and it says it doesn't want a partial deal what it wants is a complete deal that is it doesn't want
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a deal that would settle differences over the 1st filling but not the permanent operation of the ground if you can renaissance dam of course talks have been going on virtually between the 3 sides sudan if you can egypt since may last year it's been on and off they were not able to reach a deal especially when if you are filled the dam last july without an agreement and it says that it doesn't want any deal between between egypt and sudan that it would reach if the talks are successful to be legally binding it says it doesn't want any deal that would hinder it as per their words previously from having any other operation or any other down build along the nile they say that this is their right and this is something that is needed for their development now sudan is quite concerned about the fact that he has filled that had begun the initial feeling of the dam last july without an agreement and that it will continue feeling the strain if he's and ask for the words of the if european minister of irrigation this rainy season especially if no deal is reached so sudan has been urging the african union
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and the u.s. mediators over service to have a greater role they say that's because they want the deal to be more binding and they want to make sure that any agreement that that is settled in these round of talks to be conclusive and something that is very permanent and not something that would deal with a temporary filling. diplomats have held a ceremony to mark the opening of a temporary u.s. consulate in the disputed territory of western sahara the move recognizes morocco's or forestry over the region for years robert on the pro independence policy front her forth over ownership of western sahara in december the white house broke with decades of u.s. policy and supported morocco's claim there in exchange for about normalizing ties with israel policy area front in algeria's prime minister condemned the move. the un is warning that latin america's hunger crisis is getting even more critical especially in guatemala it has one of the highest rates of chronic malnutrition in
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the region made worse by recent storms and the pandemic so home thoughts. this is santiago s.q.l. the guatemalan health worker today is heading to the village of power in the east of the country as usual one of his big worries is that people there are not getting enough food. for years of drought large families and few jobs have all contributed to chronic malnutrition here in general what somalia has one of the highest rates in the world its 2015 survey found that almost half the country's children was stunted for lack of food. then dilute thin underweight you see their ribs their faces are thin and sometimes parts of them swell up. but lately things have got even worse and not just because of the pandemic in november 2 massive storms hit what tamal in quick succession ruining crops across the country. a wall of his house was destroyed along with her life story
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well and then is guaranteed that then everything was lost i had 35 chickens and they're all gone corn as well the frost got to. her daughter has a female lost more her daughter's pneumonia worsened in the storms in the flood waters meant they couldn't get to a health center to save her now she and her husband is struggling to feed the 4 children they have left. their spouses. when my husband earns the money working in the fields we buy half a kilo of chicken for the children at least but when we don't have money it's just tortillas insult because we can't buy more. it all helps to explain the anger felt when guatemala's congress passed a bill which among other things cut 25 me. in dollars destined to fight malnutrition the lawmakers did it even a storm waters flooded parts of the country. those funds were quickly restored
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that didn't stop protests in the capital. it's a long way from the pub but the villages here know that the aftershocks of 2020 are going to reverberate into this coming year for them and their children john homan how does it or throw things under way in kyrgyzstan's presidential elections the front runner is a man who 3 months ago is serving a lengthy prison sentence for kidnapping so their job of was freed from jail by supporters during protests over this beauty of parliamentary elections last october the results of that election were an old charles stratford reports from the capital bishkek. clearly a big work part time on a farm on the outskirts. winter is especially hard for cuteness pharmacist kelly about his comfort in the man he's voting for in the presidential election will win
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and put an end to the corruption and political mismanagement q.b. stan has suffered since independence following the collapse of the soviet union really 30 years ago long term in the snows and more long term all bikers subject to power off lost his father his mother and son when he was in prison so he understands a hard life he's a sincere guy he has an open heart and he would do a lot for ordinary people compete to other politicians who say one thing but think and do another to power off is honest and with god's help he will be our leader there are at least 15 other candidates running in this presidential election but analysts say none of them have the level of support the souther to power off has in rural communities of kyrgyzstan a little those 3 months ago to power for serving a jail term for kidnapping a crime he says he never committed because he wasn't in the country at the time it happened he was freed from prison by supporters in protests off the october was parliamentary election an election that was made invalid because of widespread
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allegations of vote buying. to parle spoke to supporters on the last day of his presidential campaign in the summer he became the country's acting leader when both the prime minister and president resigned amid protests after the failed parliamentary poll. he called for presidential elections before stepping down as per the constitution so he could run for president himself he describes himself as a cutest nationalist from a conservative ruled background. he was a member of parliament on the one of 3 presidents overthrown in revolutions over the last 30 years. despite his recent promises to crack down on corruption his critics say he's being soft on leaders of powerful criminal networks by offering them amnesty if they hand over stolen and laundered money to the state this is
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japan surrounded by supporters after they freed him from jail and stormed the parliament building you know. he says what he described as kyrgyzstan's 10 year experiment with parliamentary democracy has failed yet that voters are being asked to choose between a parliamentary or presidential system in a referendum the departure of called for when he was acting prime minister opponents accuse him of planning to expand his own presidential power if he wins the election not that. this is bad for democracy the parliamentary system despite its flaws is still young a return to a presidential system will reduce the activity of political parties and young people's interest in participating in this country's political future back at the farm is looking forward to the election he says the best chance of a better future for his young family is if saddam depart off wins.
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let's go live now to charles stratton charles last time we spoke to 10 i was looking a bit thin as it picked up since. we believe it has picked up a little bit certainly according to the central election commission here as all of about an hour and a half ago right about 33 percent for both voter turnout in the presidential election and the constitution the constitutional referendum that is taking place today of course this election has. huge impact on the political future of this country there's been a lot of controversy surrounding this man assad who by all intents and purposes has dominated political life fair for 3 months or so since those parliamentary elections in october if you speak to these critics he speaks his opponents say they claim that many of them have suffered intimidation and threats by supporters they
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say that he's bullying his way into power in this country. they question the legality as well of him even being a candidate in this election they look at parliament for example parliament that he's seen as being completely illegitimate by many people here of course because the parliamentary election was a nulled and the n.p.c. in parliament all the same ones that were there back in september they say that to power of how to use that parliament in order to be made interim leader and for indeed to get the green light on this constitution and a constitution that many are afraid if indeed and he expects that it will be there will be a vote reverting back to a presidential system and that could potentially give to power off if he wins the presidency more presidential power there's also been questions about the role of very powerful criminal networks in this country in the build up to this election to
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power off his violence to crack down on corruption but he's on necessity for some of the big linchpins in those criminal networks offering them basically freedom if they hand over what's believed to be hundreds of millions of dollars to the state is being seen. by many people as weak here this country has huge economic problems as well billions of dollars in debt a lot to china around $2000000.00 always quarter of the population believed to be working abroad because they can't find work here whoever wins this election as it will see challenges ahead and as i say this this front runner what effectively has become almost a one horse race has dominated the political life of this country in the last 3 months and is you know a lot of questions are being asked about him and if you don't win whether he could pull this country out of a serious both political and economic crisis and that's charles stratford from
4:44 pm
bishkek is a parliamentary election in neighboring kazakstan president seen. has cast his vote his party's expected to win easily the only registered opposition group is boycotting the poll they say the political system is rigged this is the 1st legislative election since the form for hasn't resigned in 2019 after nearly 3 decades in power protesting farmers in the indian state of punjab have vandalized more than 1500 cellphone towers and forced the closure of dozens of petrol stations their target is one of india's biggest companies reliance it's part of weeks of demonstrations against new agricultural laws elizabeth purana reports from. in punjab state. subjects and his
4:45 pm
cousin cut mustard leaves on their farm in the state of punjab the plant is one of around 20 crops which are guaranteed and a minimum price by the government but subsidies and many farmers fear that will end under new agricultural laws. and hundreds of thousands of others have been protesting against the laws for 6 weeks you know the major laws that we're talking about after these farm laws that implement is we fear that in the near future they will end the government procurement system with corporations dictating the prices which only happens in the states with the with dish and be hard on me. it's the suspicion of large corporations which has led to protests from farmers and on job to force the closure of $29.00 petrol stations belonging to one of india's biggest companies of reliance. they also damaged 1500 of reliance the cell phone towers forcing its owner to say the company will not invest in the agriculture sector farmers in punjab feel they have the most to lose from the laws punjab is
4:46 pm
known as india's bread basket it produces 40 percent of the country's cereal crops and a large part of the reason and he has food security is because of the rice and wheat punjab's farmers have grown for decades with guarantees of minimum prices. it's also because of punjab's fertile soil and high productivity that the state has nearly 30000 middle men who help farmers transport sell and store their projects for a commission they deny the government's claim that the new rules will make farmers wealthier by removing the need for middlemen. but the new laws the agricultural sector will collapse because the commission agents facility didn't die a procurement process if you look at our work we have links with farmers we've had links with farmers for the past 50 years that's why they bring their crops to us. experts say the sector needs more regulation not less and the new laws risk turning
4:47 pm
punjab's farming success story into one of disaster if at this moment farmers are. the police department or. for the big corporate of the board. they will basically lost their profession and the will definitely burn in landless libbers. absolute for his 1.5 acres of land is all he has to support his family for him and hundreds of thousands of farmers that is something worth fighting for elizabeth al-jazeera job. 75 years ago delegates gathered in london for the 1st meeting of the united nations general assembly plans to celebrate the anniversary of been scaled back because of covert 19 a disease the u.n. chief says is the biggest test the world body has faced now here's our diplomatic
4:48 pm
editor james bays central harwell spencer was the 1st dozen for the meeting of representatives from the 51 united nations the united nations in session for the very 1st. meeting in london in 1946 there were 51 countries seated in the un general assembly now there are 193 in 1946 there were high hopes for the new organization after 2 world wars. now the world body is being tested again by the pandemic and many feel the un has failed that test because many of its members have been fending for themselves rather than working together. 7 days after the 1st general assembly in a conference room in a church building nearby in london it was the turn of the other main body of the u.n. in charge of maintaining international peace and security listening back to these recordings today the 1st word ever spoken in the security council seems
4:49 pm
particularly jarring gentleman all 11 ambassadors on the council the number of members was later increased to 15 in 1965 what all men they wouldn't have realized it at the time in 1946 but with the benefit of hindsight 75 years on we now know the world was drifting into what we now call the cold war it lasted for more than 40 years to rival military blocs mistrust which meant much of the work of the security council was paralyzed. that's because in the security council division means in action when the un was set up 5 nations the us russia china france and the u.k. were given permanent membership and the power of veto on any security council decision the solution is not. to focus on a permanent member the number of times the veto has been used has been increasing
4:50 pm
again in recent years those against marking increased tension between the u.s. and its allies on one side and china and russia on the other incoming u.s. president joe biden believes in the u.n. and international cooperation but he'll face a u.n. system with growing discord in a world where some see the united nations as increasingly irrelevant james al-jazeera london. so had an al-jazeera in sports why the dream of playing at this year's astray you know because they had some players in the middle east details coming up in just a moment. a hillbilly a harmless caricature or a malicious label denying a people their culture to justify the exploitation of their natural resources that the batting haka thing has been so successful that even people in the region
4:51 pm
believe that your type then becomes dangerous it's only a region of trash. trash at what's in a name hillbilly a witness documentary on al-jazeera. getting close to the people most affected by those in power is often dangerous but it's absolutely frightening stories to be told lots of side of this area we post as far as we can to the frontline now the smell of death is overpowering a lot of the stories that we cover are highly complex so it's very important that we make them as understandable as we can do as many people as possible no matter how much they know about a given crisis or issue as al-jazeera correspondents that's what we strive to. the the all. the old.
4:52 pm
cards falls fans far ahead we know that means yes thank you so much sammy alleged racial abuse has marred the australian test match in sydney for a 2nd day running police had to fix expect sex spectators on day 4 after a fast ball of mohammad siraj complained that he received racial taunts while fielding on the boundary on saturday seraj along with a jasper bomber i had already reported receiving abuse with india making an official complaint cricket australia has apologised to the indian team and promised a full investigation. it is definitely not acceptable in this. war we've seen a lot. of the way one sees this must be definitely this and we must make sure that doesn't happen zob saying it
4:53 pm
is disappointing i mean anyone in ny has may have said for years it's one of my big brightest paid heights in life that people can cut think i can come to a sporting event whether it's cricket or any cod and when i pay them money and think i can abuse or whatever they like i mean i did it as a player i hired as a kite we're saying it in different parts of the world and it's really sad to say it happened in a stride. and the game itself australia have given themselves a great chance of winning they've set a victory target of 407 india will resume on the final day on 98 for 2. now for the 1st time in australian open history qualifiers for tennis's 1st grand slam of the season are being held outside australia the women's qualifiers are taking place in dubai wildcatters capital doha is hosting the men's pull in mary rounds joe and i guess i was there. well here we are almost 12000 kilometers away
4:54 pm
from melbourne but as you can see the australian open qualifying is happening right here in doha and as with so many things in school this year that is because of the current virus pandemic now australia has very strict travel restrictions on who and how many people they let in and so the organizers of the australian open didn't want 120 odd players turning up to qualify a week before the slam instead they grieve the qualifying to doha and that means only 16 qualifiers plus staff and 6 alternates will be allowed to board a plane from doha to melbourne to arrive for the 1st grand slam of the season now why did they choose cattle well the country has form in hosting sporting events in biosecurity bubbles in fact just in the last few months it's successfully held the culmination of the asian champions league 77 matches over a 50 day span i think to a player and it seems that they're quite happy with general arrangement oh really.
4:55 pm
we've. been buying or. all. year we've. never. really read that once players do qualify for the australian open they'll have to go to melbourne and undergo 14 days of quarantine which will be strictly enforced be out of the hotel rooms about 5 hours a day and they'll be allowed to train in that time but they will also undergo 5 coby tests in that 14 day period so the australian open officials have had to be quite flexible with this because just last week history in government said that they were going to drop the number of people allowed from overseas to enter into each city by about half and it meant the australian open organizers had to strike a deal with the 2nd city. adelaide on board and that means that rafael nadal novak
4:56 pm
djokovic and serena williams will actually serve their quarantine in adelaide and then also play an exhibition tournament that the south australian government is thrilled by both because local time fans will be able to watch the top players at the australian open. title holders arsenal are through to the 4th round of the english f.a. cup a london team scoring twice in extra time to be premier league rivals newcastle newcastle did have their chances in this game andy carroll missing a couple of good opportunities by chemo meant coming up arsenal's neil smith row had a red card counselled after the video system referee reviewed this challenge and it meant the 20 year old was still on the pitch to score the goal that arsenal had here amicably and added a 2nd finish to know to arsenal. manchester united also advance the red devils down watford one nil thanks to an early goal from scott thompson a united are the f.a.
4:57 pm
cup 2nd most successful team with 12 titles to behind arsenal. now there are some strange scenes in the n.b.a. on sunday is a denver nuggets took on a cold with 19 ravaged the sixers and philadelphia 76 hours were down to their last 7 players as team deals with injuries and a corona virus outbreak denver made most of the situation. and led the nuggets 21152103 when 76 ers coach doc rivers said he thought the game should have taken place. kobe created. but the concern is not help it now the concern is injuries because guys are playing so many minutes because we don't have enough and i think if i decide in games that way i would be very careful of on the league. because you don't want that to happen either. and that is all use for now sammy thanks so much for that's it from me for this
4:58 pm
news hour but i'm back in a moment stay with us. when all that seems to matter is the headline there is always 2 sides to a story when narratives and counter narratives of just curiosity the leader on the one hand the enemy is all believe there on the other hand the listening post drips away the spin what kind of reporting if you can see it on the ground misinformation is right place better the bias a lot of people believe things because they want to believe them done covers the uncomfortable truths you think they did enough to scrutinize the case for war the listing posts on a. set is only a change because some people believe in a post that is bigger than their. way to make a political the my city around the state representative they put themselves out to
4:59 pm
make the changes that it. should have taken this. has got to. have a disk culture to slosh and to create new areas we have to change this culture i am one of the fortunate ones who can lead many thought you might learn how to fight but all the people and the majority of these legal research talk about just good hardworking people that want to live the american dream like our ancestors these are going to refugees are terrified that they may be forced to return to being more . calm and make sure you're not hyping the situation be part of the debate my main characters are women when no topic is off the table there was in the last allow child marriage to happen legally easter baby. sickly archaic walls they are
5:00 pm
absolute yet in minds and legal wise pedophiles on and on line jumping to the correct section and meeting to the heart of the discussion this stream on out is there a. us democrats are now the wording on what would be an unprecedented 2nd impeachment of the president. hello i'm sam is a than this is out just 0 live from doha so coming up taiwan hails a u.s. move to strengthen ties but it's likely to anger china joe biden best take office. packed beaches in brazil in defiance of warnings about the coronavirus infections.


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