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tv   Drug Trafficking Politics and Power  Al Jazeera  January 10, 2021 9:00am-10:01am +03

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if this breaks up a little conflict between august on and india this has implications for the rest of the world we meet with global newsmakers and talk about the stories that matter on al-jazeera. hello i'm darren jordan and with the top stories on al jazeera rescue workers in a recovered body parts and wreckage during this from missing passenger plane the boeing 737500 disappeared from radar shortly after takeoff from the capital jakarta 62 people on board washington reports now from port in jakarta where search teams are hoping that better weather conditions will help. but this is a huge coordinated effort involving the military the navy the national police and experienced divers let me just give you a sense of what's happening here where the search operation is being awarded agent
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there is a disaster victim identification center and just behind me you can see some of the debris that authorities have found already what appears to be some sort of emergency ram now authorities say that overnight the search effort was a hampered by the darkness of course it being late in the evening but of course also heavy rains and choppy waters today conditions are more favorable but it is still quite windy divers have gone down hoping to find more debris from the plane authorities have sent some of what they found to jakarta pull further investigation also been speaking with aviation experts here in indonesia we say that the airlines has quite a decent record and has never had a major safety incident before these inquiries will continue today and possibly a weeks as to what happened to this 26 year old boeing aircraft yesterday in
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jakarta. more than 50 people are now facing charges of taking part in wednesday's riots in washington d.c. authorities are appealing for help to identify more suspects 5 people died and supporters of u.s. president donald trump stormed the capitol building. you know democrats pushing to impeach president trump for inciting the violence 180 members of the house co-sponsoring a resolution they plan to introduce it on monday but both possible by wednesday federalism to reports from washington d.c. it's expected that if it does go to a vote that it will probably pass fairly easily because all they need is a simple majority the democrats control the house of representatives narrowly but they control it but they want even matter much because we're also hearing about republicans who are expected to potentially sign on to these articles of impeachment as well after that though it gets a little trickier because then it's going to go to the senate for a quote unquote trial as it's called and donald trump will not be removed from
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office unless the senate or 3 fourths of the senate agrees to actually for lack of a better word convict him there's 2 problems here number one can they get 3 fourths of the senate to agree upon that it's unsure on that and then the other issue as young as 11 more days in office would they be able to do that in the next 11 days that's also potentially problematic as well however we do know there are at least 4 u.s. senators that are republicans that have already said they would. and do believe that donald trump should be removed from office immediately that's 4 republican senators which is quite significant bottom line though is we do expect impeachment proceedings against donald trump to move forward as early as monday tuesday and wednesday of this coming week. the u.k. has now recorded more than 3000000 cases of covert 19 the 1st country in western europe to do so more than 80000 of those have died is currently struggling to stop
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a rapid surge in cases with all 4 of the u.k.'s nations under tight restrictions. southern california is also seeing a surge it's overwhelming intensive care units and ambulance services in the states attended by more than 43000 cases of covert 19th in the past day and almost 22000 there in hospital the state has deployed refrigerated trailers to act as makeshift morgues polls opened in kurdistan's presidential election the front runner is a man who until last year was serving an 11 and a half year sentence for kidnapping so he had to part of was freed from jail by supporters during protests following a disputed parliamentary election in october the country's also holding a referendum those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after drug trafficking politics and power station times watching.
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this is a puppy failed. once cut the part of the plant secretes a miraculous milky fluid called latex base opium used by man as a bomb from all than 5 millennia. opium released pain in the pieces the mind and that should have been the end of it. but this drug would play a part in some of mankind's greatest up evils imperialism colonise ation the cold war and more recently globalization without the backing of states drug trafficking would never have existed. released into the heart of the system drugs have dictated
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their own jam politics in the shadows secret operations widespread corruption. drugs are now part of the very flesh of the world's democracies from wall street to the jungles of colombia from shanghai to kabul cartels maffia banks pharmaceutical labs and political parties have all lived off drug trafficking. the results a devastating whole population stigmatized or displaced families torn apart today we stopped counting the dead. this documentary's there is looks back at the sinews history of drug trafficking starting with opium which the farm is cool the gift from the gods.
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at the turn of the 1900 centuries britain was engaged in a frantic race to conquer new territories and new resources. with cotton. and other commodities the british empire liberalize the world in india britain laid its hands on a particularly strategic resource it was close to the city had been arrests in the ganges valley that the highest quantity of opium grew the british structured its farming and intensified production with this opium britain hoped to win the power struggle against the world's greatest power of the time the empire of china. china
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refused all free trade it sold massive amounts of porcelain until so appreciated by the british but bought nothing at all in return. there was a march that china near china was the oldest. operating the karma in the world dating back millennia was a self-contained calm and so coming up of goods that that the world's most advanced consumer economy. needed that there was an impossibility. in this closed empire the chinese elite had long sought evasion by stuffing their pipes with all kinds of spices. saffron. and one day opium. and it's was the smoke could soon caused it spat on chinese high society. in
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a panic the emperor decided to ban it. the modern history of drugs started here with the prohibit of an addictive substance and the greed of the british empire. these substances have one very powerful advantage from a cynical business perspective so the fact that drugs are addictive. creates. out of ole possibly early billing consumers unwilling consumers they let people literally get hooked on the substance. the next step was purely logistical the british crown couldn't be seen to be involved in smuggling so it gave the job to private trade is the most avid amongst them william john dean and james matheson loaded thousands of chests of opium on to their ships in india and set sail for china. the distinction between. private
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mercantile interests and the government if these were not completely separate there was a commonality of interests along the edge of imperialism. commerce was good for the empire the empire was good for commerce and so these things very much went together . on behalf of the british crown jardin and matheson to scottish gentleman in embroidered waistcoats and peyton leather slippers invented international drug trafficking in the bay of canton the 2 traders bribed the port authorities and sold their cargoes of opium to the chinese emperors worst enemies the triads. these powerful secret societies had a single aim to overthrow the dinna stay in power. look you see a dalit law is only the 1000000 it owns you. isn't me and the force to defeat it
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because we're here to see this issue there see fanaa and they belong to complete dogs or this is a great you know by that or on the videos of you you get opium and the prefigured to a pure man. the old fortune ecotopia man kid of an imminent on the other york on the battle of the superman the deeper the hunted the petition one. in 839 the emperor felt under threat he imprisoned fountains of smugglers and had 20000 chests a british opium destroyed. jardin and matheson seized on this is a pretext back in london they convinced the highest authorities that war was the only way to open up the huge market that china represented with a 3rd of the world's population. so in the name of profit britain launched the opium wars. in fact in china many chinese
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historians day the modern era from the opium wars the us one china which had been a self-sufficient empire for for hundreds or thousands of years subway becomes the victim of imperialism. the defeated emperor was forced to legalize opium and open up his country to foreign trade. he ceded hong kong to the british who turned the island into an outright opium hob in 15 years sales of the drug had risen from 3000 to almost 6000 tons a year. to finance this booming opium trading a bank was founded the hong kong and shanghai banking corporation h.s.b.c. these glass towers of the heritage of an era which saw the birth of what is now the 7th largest bank in the world in terms of assets and the jardine matheson group
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a pillar of world trade and the 1st business to grow mega rich from drug trafficking the symbolism really was that the colonial power was shoving o.p.o. literally down. throats of the chinese people and sentencing chinese men and women to the us they think drug addiction the debilitated a lives that kept them often torn from their families economically deprived. following the opium wars uprisings broke out across china resulting in millions of deaths. the empire sunk into a slow agony. to avoid the total collapse of its economy china began growing its own poppies. china's borders were finally open millions of chinese fled to the world's main ports like london amsterdam and san
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francisco. and they took the practice of opium smoking with them so if the original san was that the west or western imperialists foisted opium on the chinese the chinese and why had their revenge because with this great diaspora of the chinese immigrant community opium smoking is transplanted all over the world. in the united states at the time of the gold rush chinese workers provided easily exploitable labor opium spread through the chinatowns of the big cities. in europe opium also made nations heady the drug would make the dreams of colonial grand come true for various countries france the eternal rival of great britain intended to turn india china into a modern colony
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a mirror of its own power it constructed expensive infrastructures such as roads bridges and railroads the colonize ation retarget quit the french budget. as if i going to walk away couldn't you have bought the offshore ocean a house of blue dog because he could do it out on a big movie i know. who i was. the limos. best use boy. in 882 front started buying roo opium in india and china and refining it in a modern factory in the city center saigon. opium became a standardized ready to smoke product called shandy on sale in a 1000 or so stores with the our own sign. opium regime france jealously guarded its monopoly and surveillance punished any smuggling.
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the more opium addicts there were in indochina the full of the colonial coffers became. the regime would supply almost a 3rd of indochina as budget. this lucrative model was copied by the other colonial powers and the british spanish and dutch soon founded the only regimes the opium industry would run on full steam until the end of world war 2 dragging millions of people across asia. now there was opposition to this and as in the 1900 century one very important group opposing the traffic was of course the missionaries because they saw the traffic and drugs as being opposed to their essential mission of christianizing these lands and so there is there are certain tension between the
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merchants and the governments and the imperial ministrations that are interested in revenue and the missionaries who are interested in souls. this tension reached a peak in china in the early 20th century. the empire had become the world's largest opium producer overtaking india from deep within the country huge cargoes descended the young sea river to shanghai within a few years the port city had dethroned hong kong. shanghai was the new world capital of opium. the european powers controlled entire districts of the city known as concessions where the opium trade was booming. in shanghai different quantities of opium were available foreign refined opium coveted by the wealthy youth or cut chinese opium for the poorer classes in 1613000000 chinese people were opium addicks it was connotation.
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a massive probation campaign was conducted across the empire. the europeans not addicts of the drug but of its trade ignored the ban and continued business as usual so china turned towards a new power. listen you go low to record to have work. to see stupid show new demo baskets full. don't ya'll. know but couldn't eat up all 4 say. all naysay yonder they are d. of c. . say the organ birth of the t. abbasi lee district member you wore dog through the wood you don't inject we use it as needed here in the contra source urge model to daughter. in 1900 in shanghai the united states and china convened the 1st international
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opium convention the european nations unanimously refused to reduce their production but paris london and amsterdam would soon reconsider their position when they realized how far opium addiction had spread across the west. throughout the 1900 century europe had gone through its various industrial revolutions millions of farm laborers had left the countryside and crammed into the centers of monstrous manufacturing cities with the in salute various living and working conditions the slightest cut became infected cases of gang green increased at the democrats were rife typhoid tuberculosis cholera doctors were at a loss. then suddenly the pain stopped from the fruit of the poppy chemist managed to extract a miraculous substance they named it after morpheus the great god associated with
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sleep and dreams their morphine had last seen this is the morphine full not able to see on the last conscientious if way. more defeat almost a manager they intend that require a lot of an extra. eldar my balcony pasa where for miles. in the mid 19th century the german hire a hitman you unmask pioneered the large scale commercial production of morphine within a few decades his small lab had turned into germany's 1st pharmaceutical empire today it's the 5th largest pharmaceutical group in the world. from 861 during the american civil war 10000000 doses of morphine were given to union soldiers. during this 1st massive bloodbath of the modern era
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the quality of war surgery also improved greatly thanks to morphine doctors could ease pain operate and if necessary even amputate on the battlefield. the invention of the hypodermic needle accompanied this progress injected intravenously morphine script tightened patients' no longer suffered but they became totally hooked. so the pharmaceutical industry set out to find an antidote and came up with a multi usage substance which could unhook opium addicts cocaine. advocated by young viennese dr sigmund freud. it almost seemed one of them without any that at all not. have a more or more gussy math going to have yet i love the little bear you would go to a pharmacy and you would the far off his would have a little jarred will take o'kane and would dispense you cocaine for
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a variety of ailments. cocaine became a flagship product sold in the form of an election year point to mint spray cigarette. newspapers were full of ads. the main targeted. was the well to do woman she didn't work so her major suffering was boredom. throughout the 19th century and to the early 20th century drugs became cheaper and people discover that all you can inject cocaine or snorted up the knowers or you can mix morphine and cocaine and you can check them and it's very it produces a very powerful euphoria. in 1988 the industrial pharmaceutical bya came up with a new opium derivative guaranteed 100 percent non-addictive results of the 1st
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tests performed on drugs were hardly conclusive intense drowsiness a tendency of vomiting and abundant salivation by a none the less launched its new product under the triumphant name of heroin. recommended for the treatment of asthma and infant teething pains. if you look at the history of morphine if you look at the history of heroin if you look at the history of cocaine these things do not enter the world as evil underworld drugs they enter the world as medicines it's almost like a genie that escapes the bottle. there was no cure for morphine addiction. was still each new product attracted its own band of addicts. throughout the 1900 centuries the industrialization of western nations turned living conditions hygiene and education upside down. new
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work practices place the individual at the center of their concerns the 20th century dawned with new models. there was a rise of the idea that the state had the responsibility in order to produce a strong citizen for military mobilization for national development that the state had a responsibility to regulate how the body was used the unfettered market in addictive drugs was a real social problem and a real social evil that needed to control drug control including prohibition was born of the same progressive international movement that gave us the regulatory state that gave us the welfare state that gave us social reform that gave us protections for workers for unions prohibits and was
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finally enforced the united states began by banning opium in 1009 this footage shot in san francisco shows hundreds of opium pipes going up in flames. in 1914 with the harrison act the us regulated and taxed opiates and coca products . indispensable for surgery from then on cocaine morphine and heroin would only be available by prescription. thousands of drug users he once bought their daily fix over the pharmacy counter didn't know where to turn to ease the terrible cravings. isto the pro ebook estimate can see into their monday into a fat look at her very much has been at all medical the next minute i look at your
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leg the knesset and the splits i'll be a little late this could mean that just. to meet demand the criminal underworld learned how to refine heroin. in mexico in the fertile region of cinna lower farmers grew poppies to supply the american pharmaceutical industry in the early 1920 s. they saw new customers suddenly turn up the 1st big figure in mexican drug trafficking was ignacio alias natur she opium in cinema and had it transformed into a brown heroine of mediocre quality by chemists in her employ naches set up a clandestine laboratories close to the border with the united states in ciudad juarez. why this is that big battle in medicine the list along the there is the has and the answers is one point on the move this it can't be any
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less what i are a mass the ned or draw us he colored glasses of kettles look at the neck of the white house. for a few years the united states had been living under the yoke of the prohibition of alcohol thirsty americans cross the rio grande the to soak up bad quality whiskey in the gambling dens of see it out who allies. amid this happy debauchery of booze and contraband non-natural had no trouble getting our heroine through the border posts her family run business would dominate trafficking for 3 generations until the birth of the 1st mexican drug cartels. the legalization of drugs gradually stretched across europe giving rise to new black markets with increasingly powerful ships maritime transport brought borders
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even closer the big commercial ports became strategic smuggling points among them say where figures from corsican organized crime seize their chance. to. talk to al-jazeera we urge school realistically how can you deal with institutionalized corruption and this country we listen if this breaks up and real conflict between august on and india this has implications for the rest of the world we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter on al-jazeera. no moved out of his parents' house after he got me he says he found more space living in this case after renovating it last year it's now his home along with his wife daughter and health but there's really governments at the cables be constructed we've gotten permits and issued at the militia in order last month our interview were cut short as he hears that the israeli army has arrived in
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the village with a bulldozer residents say soldiers give them one minute to their home it took the found me months to build their brick house and less than an hour to see it get demolished. when all that seems to matter is the headline when narratives and counter narratives obscure reality the listening post drips away the spin lays bare the bias of the uncovers the uncomfortable truths the listing posts on. a policy imposed decades ago pregnant woman part that she puts electively goods and her only boards changing demographics across asia with far reaching consequences for creating a poor. socially disadvantaged young men so you have the system where people at every level will be here being given money money to agree to sterilization or money to get other people through these services how does their examines the politics of
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population control. hello i'm darren jordan and with the top stories on al-jazeera rescue workers in the nation have recovered body parts and wreckage during their search for a missing passenger plane the boeing 737500 disappeared from radar shortly after takeoff from the capital jakarta 62 people were on board. democrats are pushing to impeach u.s. president donald trump for inciting violence 190 members of the house co-sponsoring a resolution plan to introduce it on monday with a vote possible by wednesday sadly the person is running had to branch is a doraine just unhinged dangerous president of the united states and only
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a number of days until we can be protected from him but he has done something so serious that there should be prosecution against him well i gather that the 25th amendment is off the table but is it nothing is off the table the u.k. has now recorded more than 3000000 cases of covert 19 is the 1st western european country to do so more than $80000.00 of them have died it's currently struggling to stop a rapid surge in cases at all for the u.k.'s nations under tight restrictions well then $60000.00 new infections were reported on saturday and another 1000 deaths. southern california is also seeing a surge in cases it's overwhelming intensive care units and ambulance services the state has identified more than 43000 cases in the past day and almost 22000 people are in hospital the state has deployed refrigerated trailers to act as makeshift morgues the u.s.
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says it will end its decades old restrictions on official contacts the taiwan secretary of state mike peo says officials interactions with their taiwanese counterparts have been regulated to appease beijing china views taiwan as its own territory and has worked to work hard to keep it isolated the change comes just days before the us ambassador to the un is set to visit the highest ranking envoy to do so and polls open in kurdistan his presidential election the front when i was a man who went to last year was serving an 11 and a half year sentence for kidnapping. paro was freed from jail by supporters during protests falling a disputed election in october it's also holding a referendum and people will get to have their say on the future system of governance those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after drug trafficking politics and power stations that are watching for. the health of humanity is its take a global pandemic requires
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a global response. w.h.o. is the guardian of global health delivering lifesaving to loose supplies and training to help the world's most vulnerable people uniting across borders to speed up the development of test treatments and a vaccine keeping you up to date with what's happening on the ground in the wood and in the land now more than ever the world needs w.-h. and making a healthier world for you. to everyone. the legalization of drugs gradually stretched across europe giving rise to new black markets with increasingly powerful ships maritime transport brought borders even closer the big commercial ports became strategic smuggling points among them must
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say where figures from corsican organized crime sees their chance. with a basket on a pretty manhunt have equal. not or piece of colonial. resource on these of a creepy ass emoticon a loose ways must say good when you look hope the. next time on your it all. lee the film's it up. on this guy the demon. dog. in the mid 1920 s. poor carbon a former merchant seaman turned white slave then became the boss of the corsican mafia. he bought opium in turkey where it was widely grown to supply pharmaceutical labs in mass a the chemists employed by the corsican mafia transformed it into heroin which was
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then shipped to where the prohibition of drugs was the strictest the united states is see it put it a pretty quarter coffee good argument the op resource. c.c. who'd citrine use you know put you if you will is a good result if you stick you. with his drug money paul carbone bought the mare of mass a had his own men hired on the waterfront and bribe the city's police force the godfather ramped up his trafficking laying the foundations of the french connection. in those early days of drug trafficking arrangements with the powers that be were crucial to organized crime whether that was a to city level like with marsay or a country level a country where the story began china. in the early 1920 s. the empire collapsed and armies started fighting over dozens of china's regions
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there was no central power and therefore nobody to fight organized crime in shanghai the opium dens had never been so prosperous the triads reigned as masters of the underworld sun does not use oil or for the traffic of the bureau the proper you to them is on the u.c. kyung the bill because you don't know me you pushy. from the powerful green gang one man stood out his name do you shang. regime change selected your genius in ipoh of history yes a new book eat it and if the sampler guns there do you think you must get put. in 1021 the chinese communist party was founded inside the french concession the french authorities were scared and approach to you sharing. their phones suck you
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need to beg. ministers show contest on the presidency because he can see to say listen his machine or. see good signals or. the yak all through the phones. the niggers he's going to appear with practically yup. the french asked do you shang to reestablish order inside that concession in exchange the trafficker would be allowed to take over all of the concessions opium dens. if you group. recalls his office. to take her. once comfortably installed do you shang offered his services to the ambitious chinese general. as head of the army of the kuomintang the chinese nationalist party she aimed to reify the country to do so he would have to take shanghai in 1907 do you shang ordered his men to
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massacre hundreds of communists who taken control of the city and open the gates of shanghai to shanghai sheykh sami. the general soon imposed the kuomintang as the country's government. but to keep control of china he needed money so the kuomintang legalized opium. do you shang straight at the green gang became the government's main supplier and a number of its members were sent to sit in parliament china became the world's 1st narco state. do you shang stepped up his activities hiring chemists and setting up a heroin factory inside shanghai central market. like all fours doo doo doo city do ne ne because so many d. x. time or i speak do me you know are you to please you don't appreciate.
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the heroin refined in china mexico and france converged on the united states. but in late twenties america the biggest issue is liquor. prohibiting was making gangsters reach. to monopolize the millions made from smuggled moonshine the italian mafia systematically threatened and murdered until it has crushed its competitors prohibition created none predicted destructive power and widespread corruption. al capone had judges police officers and politicians in his pocket until he finally fell. by 1930 it was clear that this was this was failing there was
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a government commission called the workers from commission that that surveyed the alcohol prohibition and decided that it was riven with corruption and so in 1933 you got the end of prohibition. of alcohol suddenly the the the mafia had lost this enormously profitable enterprise. deprived of its main source of income the italian mafia united around lucky luciano formed an alliance with maya lansky. together they took control of the heroin market. to maximize profits the mobsters cut and recount the drug. their adulterated product caused infections and overdoses. but the end of the prohibition on alcohol also caused rancor and frustration and made puritanical conservative white americans the enemies of all kinds of highs and
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pleasures the pre-prohibition fight was led by the new head of the federal bureau of narcotics harry j. anslinger an advocate of strong arm tactics and a brilliant tactician he saw him solve not just as and forcing a prohibition on drugs you know he was in fact 1st of all moral campaigner in forcing if you will a moral consensus upon the society. in 1900 his america hollywood was electrifying audiences kerri-anne slinger encourages movie directors to instill the fear of drugs among them he directed his wrath on marijuana which was still legal in the united states on screen white women tempted by the devil inevitably succumbed.
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to the role of the sun tanned mustachioed tempter a mexican. little by little harry and sling his moral campaign via towards racist propaganda. happy as when the earth and that h. s. the only then say the i'm a he go hen depends on the men to the fight in this last year men day in 50 or this he made an absolute equation between ethnicity and drugs opiate was chinese marijuana was mexican americans and so he was on a sham in using the drugs as a way of stigmatizing in attacking minorities. in 1037 marijuana was prohibited in the united states organized crime would benefit from this new ban harry anslinger knew it and got ready to fight them.
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under harry anslinger the federal bureau of narcotics fostered international cooperation and in 1982 the traffickers and their merchandise was finally traced from istanbul to new york via balin and shanghai oh. during the 1st years of world war 2 oceans and seas were the theater's a fierce battles trafficking came to a halt and the drugs ran out. but this rest by to a short lived the 1st huge international drug trafficking that work would lay its foundations at the height of war. in 1943 after the
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u.s. army landed in sicily its priority was to keep it out of axis hands for good ringback washington started looking for men to temporarily govern the island. at a fresh east christians who are. very . key. fresh east. in east it him a few it don't please i mean. he did more of it yours. lee could be nice easy. duke or limb su kyi here to. do the deal those are more cute they are no more back to korea.
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but by the americans maffia easy moved into the town halls and took control of the different parts of the island. in 1905 the us expelled to italy more than a 100 mobsters involved in heroin trafficking including lucky luciano the boss of cozy nostra the american cousins in the sicilian mafia would turn the island into a drug trafficking how. can a national narrative on it can. only problem with the just the on in the lot in a pool of phenomenal that are secretive at their own advantage but that they are up by not is there been any that. cat or the other og in that area equating in one shot in the last miss russia a queen. of the valley and the seattle but the veritable of a volume unknown. heroin once again flowed into the united states
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but heroin of poor quality sicily was short on qualified chemists in 1950 in mass a lucky luciano met with a new bosses of the corsican mafia and won and bought telhami getting the brothers have the chemist capable of refining opium to make the highest quality heroin heroin for practically pure and possible to cut dozens of times to make the biggest profits. a cigar can claim a sing on a motto our god a star he told us on the. caution. of. mina good as you are sheena the. disheartened if you. the meeting between the gary and lucky luciano gave birth to the french connection a vast well of turkish lebanese corsican and sicilian traffickers cozen austria
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controlled the distribution in the united states. but very soon the corsicans in charge of refining and transport would gain ascendancy. it is easy to read what i left to the poem europe or the premier city of new york and of all the best of course. the p.t.b. to look on gold to live here still a fear of not say see i feel we've got them also. i don't. mean again it. isso hong kong coup. or no. deal passkey subi your advocacy of the sicko foresee. having infiltrated the authorities in mass a the corsican maffia had strong ties inside the french state apparel.
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in 1951 at the height of the indochina war the french secret service was deployed to organize the counterattack against the viet minh guerillas but it was seriously short of money. paris begrudge having to fund this costly war and the french opium regime which once financed the colony had been forced to shut up shop in the face of international pressure. the french secret service mounted operation x. . they contacted a tribe in the hills of laos the him along and bought their entire poppy crop which they transported to a military base in saigon their french agent sold opium to chinese vietnamese gangs and to the corsican mafia who turned it into heroin and dispatched it to the united states the drug money would allow french intelligence to build a counter insurrection army of $40000.00 men recruited from the tribes of indochina . it was.
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one of those. bizarrely clear instances of a modern western intelligence apparatus actually operating a drug trade it was extraordinary. there was many instances of collusion and corruption but nothing quite like that where the intelligence service of the genum a government is actually operating the traffic. operation x. came to nothing in 1055 france evacuated its troops from indochina. the region's geopolitics it changed the colonial powers who withdrew on the opium regimes that closed down and china a communist state since 1949 had brutally wiped out poppy growing. that should a sounded the death knell for narco politics in asia. but the cold war had only
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just begun and the scene was set for secret ops and mounted crews carried out by the secret service is that the great power as there are times were there's no question that before the collapse of the soviet empire and the bringing down of the berlin wall. the cold war was a priority national security objective of the united states and if things came and absolute conflict. i would expect that the cold war objectives would prevail over 40 drug trafficking there is a specialised skill to operating outside the bounds of civil society of being able to transfer money mobilize people create operations buy arms. transport arms across the globe deliver them into the hands of people the only 2 kinds of people on the planet that have the sensibility and have this
9:51 am
ability intelligence operatives and criminals. the asian drug trade took off again when the united states attempted to overthrow the chinese communist regime washington gave its backing to the enemies of chairman mao the kuomintang $6000.00 chinese nationalists when trenched across the border in burma. the cia sent them provisions oms a new missions. them support from the cia started to decrease and his local coming tongue units start to look for for money and as for most famous quote from one of those comments on generals he said if you have an army you need guns if you need guns you need money the only money in these mountains is opium. with the drug money the kuomintang soldiers prospered but china put pressure on burma. in 1960 the kuomintang army was evacuated. a
9:52 am
part of the troops set up a new base in northern thailand where the monic he welcomed them in sympathy. from the high up villages they occupied the kuomintang soldiers block the infiltration of communist groups but more importantly kept a close eye on the loads of opium as they cross the border. opium transported from neighboring bammer in aus was refined in northern thailand. the area across the shed borders became known as the golden triangle. the base heroin was transported to the port of bangkok and loaded on to ships heading for hong kong. a century after the opium wars hong kong still in british hands had the highest concentration of drug addicts in the world.
9:53 am
the triads based in hong kong since fleeing the chinese communists refined the bass into heroin of rap purity. the drugs itinerary continued to the west coast of the united states the international traffic in heroin had never reached such a scale before and america which had used the drug as a tool during the cold war would now pay the ultimate price the sacrifice of its youth. when the war in vietnam broke out a large part of american youth was rebelling against a patriarchal racist and consumer society in which it felt it had no place. new drugs were on the market l.s.d. mescaline. it was a golden age of police new gens so the question was who was supplying where was a coming from. and so that's what set me off on a. an inquiry started in the library the university and eventually took me to
9:54 am
interviews with former cia operatives on southeast asia itself. alfred mccoy flew to laos and headed for the hills where the hmong tribes grew poppies to supply the local opium dens still a young student he was the 1st to unlock the dark secrets of narco politics. to drive back the communists the cia had assembled a secret army of 30000 men in remote villages and set up a well oiled logistics plan that chartered planes to transport men and supplies and clear 200 landing strips the hmong took advantage of the comings and goings of these cia planes to transport their opium so that the cia couldn't of found out and found out wasn't aware that's improbable nick stream if a 26 year old graduate student with no assets no authority can find
9:55 am
this out in a conversation then i'm sure they could have done the same should they have bothered to ask those questions. continue in his investigation alfred mccoy set out to meet the commander in chief of the laotian army major general who on rhotic own suspected of being the head of this opium trafficking ring he actually got out his ledger. from the opium or regime the laws and to walk me through the accounts and show me that he was running his accounts honestly that he was buying opium in these areas and he was exporting it south vietnam here and the money was being deposited in banks all on properly you say. as long as who owns opium supplied the local market the cia covered him. but the next step was none the less obvious the major general turned to hong kong chemist
9:56 am
to refine the opium into heroin and the trap was set. the heroin was dispatched to u.s. army bases customs offices policeman and south vietnamese politicians unscrupulously profited from the traffic helping to poison the young american soldiers who had come to fight at the side at the height of the cold war heroin threatened to defeat the us army while it was decimating the youth back home on american soil. on june the 17th 1971 president richard nixon took a radical u. turn in american drug policy. america's public enemy number one in the united states is drug abuse in order to fight and defeat this enemy it is necessary to wage
9:57 am
a new all out offensive. the war on drugs had been declared. across the united states the same scenes were repeated drug busts mass arrests and prison sentences but all fuck all xavier cost who post delay because the classic never needed custody put its young. people is what are the world's leading producer of heroin france was in washington sights the corsican matthew the pillar of the french connection was a number one target. but in the mid 1970 is the drug market exploded across the globe as consumption reached unprecedented levels to conquer this market a new generation of traffickers would build powerful criminal organizations headed by the so-called drug lords through them for tactical axes of power emerged which would turn drug trafficking into
9:58 am
a globalized industry. the 2nd episode of the series exposed the rise of the major drug cartels and their reign of terror and then i said it's a mexican government little i told the traffickers we have to produce the boy because they know it is good. america's public enemy number one is drug abuse and the launch of the international war on drugs drug trafficking politics and power. drug lords on al-jazeera. weather wise it is quite quiet still in the arabian peninsula in the levant iran and mostly in turkey western northern turkey will see more cloud wind rain for a while there's a bit of a breeze setting up then the gulf as well so it will drop temperatures in bahrain
9:59 am
and the u.a.e. the show's been rather prominent the higher ground or western side to become fewer and fewer in the next day or so think it's still like the on the eastern side of sudan and possibly even eritrea all time of the. there has forecast shows that northwest leave the show mild even for the next 3 days a temperature drop a little bit tickly and not down to 11 degrees that's quite a cold night for their heart even this time of the year the active weather in southern africa has given flash floods over the last week or so and namibia has been one of the recipients it is the wet season we will see more showers in winter comes the south but not on the west coast there also showers likely south africa although not in cape tech but you may have noticed we no longer have a tropical cited heading towards militias it is falling apart and i think also the forecast will give you thunderstorms for the next 3 days you need no longer be worried about particularly strong winds.
10:00 am
doraine judged unhinged dangerous president of the united states with just 10 days left in the white house u.s. president donald trump faces increasing pressure to leave office after the violence that rocked the u.s. can. either give al this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up in a move that could further complicate relations with china the u.s. ends decades old restrictions on taiwan. salvage teams skull the sea.


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