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tv   Inside Story  Al Jazeera  January 9, 2021 10:30am-11:01am +03

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the arab emirates has reopened its air and sea borders with qatar that's after saudi arabia the u.a.e. bahrain and egypt agreed this week to restore ties with qatar after a 3 and a half year blockade qatar airways has already rerouted some flights through saudi air space with the 1st flight from dakar to johannesburg on thursday. this is al jazeera and these other top stories twitter has permanently suspended u.s. president donald trump's account slicing a risk of him fueling further violence this comes after the deadly attack on capitol hill by trump supporters president elect joe biden says those who stormed the capitol on wednesday should be regarded as terrorists and should be treated as they're a bunch of thugs insurrectionist white supremacist and no so much 6 and there's not enough i mean you know these church there were these are
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a bunch of thugs thugs and they're terrorists diversity here and will be a judgment for the justice department to make as to what charges should be but the fact is they should be prosecuted and should be prosecuted the difference here is this had the active encouraged of a city president of the united states and the way in which the breakdown in security occurred needs to be thoroughly investigated trump is also facing the possibility of an unprecedented 2nd impeachment a group of democrats have drafted formal charges of misconduct to be presented next week accusing him of inciting insurrection. of korean leader kim jong un says the united states is his country's biggest enemy and has threatened to expand his nuclear arsenal and made the comments at a meeting of the ruling party congress kim said the u.s. must withdraw its hostile policy toward north korea if it wants to establish new
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relations. sweden's bollman has passed a law that enables the government to impose stricter measures to fight the coronavirus legislators can now order the closure of shopping malls and other public facilities people who violate the new rules can face fines sweden has been criticised for measures seen as more relaxed that its name is it is so far voided and nationwide lockdown travelers to australia will now need to show a negative coverage 900 test before boarding a plane to the country it's part of an effort to stop the spread of a more infectious strain of the virus this is the city of brisbane and tis a 3 day lockdown and i forget you can always check out our website the site is dot com also up next is inside story and i'll be back with you at the top of the hour and about 25 minutes time was either of us enough immersion people have finally spoken for america as i see it when america is well balanced or will become more dangerous the world is looking at i was extra of sanderson. with the election
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behind us the republican party don't drop your weekly take on us politics and that's the bottom of. the storming of the u.s. capitol leaves the world in shock america's enemies say it shows the failure of western democracy so has the u.s. lost its moral high ground as the self-proclaimed global defender of freedom this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program i'm here with jim drum the united states often calls itself the world's greatest democracy. it's diplomats and soldiers travel the globe to defend freedom equality and justice for all but as pictures of crowd storming the capitol building in washington beamed worldwide some are questioning
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america's moral authority. president donald trump has been accused of inciting supporters with lies and conspiracies about his loss in a free and fair election in a dramatic shift in tone he finally condemned the violence and conceded his term will end in 2 weeks a new administration will be inaugurated on january 20th my focus now turns to ensuring a smooth orderly and seamless transition of power this moment calls for healing and reconciliation world leaders have unanimously condemned the storming of the capitol with both allies and enemies saying it fundamentally undermines u.s. democracy. for generations american democracy this inspired millions around the world to see. the wreckage of the code to. go through.
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the spiritual fact and it must be vigorously can do. what happened today in washington d.c. is not america definitely we believe in the throwing thought of all democracies we believe in the strength. of american democracy childhood on. what we saw last night and today in america firstly proved what a failure the western democracy is and how fragile and weak its foundation is we saw what calamities a popular person has imposed upon his own country over the past 4 years he has tarnished the dignity and reputation of his own country. julio made he the us mainstream media unanimously condemned the protest calling it an incident of violence and the protesters mopes extremists villains his actions are shameful but which words did they use to describe the fight and to protest as in hong kong
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a beautiful sight to behold they beautified the riots has us national heroes saying that the us people are standing with them. all right let's introduce our panel joining us from new haven in connecticut jason stanley a professor of philosophy at yale university in the u.s. from beijing melinda liu the beijing bureau chief for newsweek magazine and from moscow victor only of its lead expert at the center for actual politics think tank welcome to you all jason let me start with you today at a time when democracy is in retreat in so many parts of the world how much of a threat does the attack that transpired on the capital in the us pose to both democracy in the u.s. and democracy around the world. well obviously the last 4 years have been terrible for the brand of democracy they have reinforced the thought of the enemies of democracy that democracy is hypocritical it's
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a mask in the united states for white supremacy for for naked power grabs and for minority powers and the wealthy to use ultra nationalism in the service of their own glorification and our and yesterday was the hopefully the culmination of that so so i'm hoping that the backlash to yesterday will will will help the brand of democracy rather than harm the brand of democracy of course it's obvious what the a facts of yesterday were and how it's going to be exploited by figures like jay or balls that are 0 brazil and authoritarian countries worldwide melinda xi jinping has been holding up china's surveillance state as a model for the rest of the world to follow for some time now does the chinese comfort the chinese government take comfort in seeing these scenes that have played out in washington d.c.
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well on the one hand i think the entire trump administration has been sort of up a propaganda gift for china and many levels. obviously the game ocracy brand has been hugely tarnished. by the the entire term but especially by the last few days which a visit visually just. unbelievable scenes from from the siege of the bloody siege of the capital but also the handling of the pandemic. a again obviously china was the epicenter of the pandemic to begin with but today things are. you know seen from the eyes of someone in the west remarkably more moral here. the you know and the brick the economy is recovering very
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very robustly as a result. but in terms of the bigger picture i think you can say. trump gave it has given china some short term cause for celebration because he's done you know and he's so tarnished. the perception of democratic systems but in the longer term america might come back and give china cause for longer term anxiety because you know the trumpet ministration is obviously going out in the loading in the most dramatic and awful and horrifying fashion that one can possibly imagine but it but the trumpet ministration is going out and in within 2 weeks less than 2 weeks. joe biden will be the president and if if. he does
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a better job of pandemic control than the economy will recover you know maybe maybe this whole situation that we've the spectacle of the past couple days will will be something of a catharsis in terms of the the. puzzling post personality cult that had been built around trump and if this manages to exercise the demons of trump ism. you know about 2 years from now the the democracy brand might actually be doing much better certainly it should be but doing better under biden than in that has under trump. in addition to that sort of. ideological aspect. in terms of economic recovery handling of the pandemic friendliness towards allies multi-lateralism globalization
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biden has is expected to be much more. traditional in his approach and that that might mean that china won't have the sort of free iran and have passed add in the past 4 years in terms of like trying to you know doing whatever it wants to do in the world because america is preoccupied with its own internal problems victor how is all this playing out in russia right now i mean what must vladimir putin be thinking and what are officials in the russian government saying about what transpired in america. well of course the russian state controlled media is interpreting the latest events in washington as a sign a symptom of a broken down american political system essentially. transmitting a message of the media can system in tatters and american system that
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simply does not does not function properly and is not is not as democratic as it as a claim to be but at the same time russian policy makers are much more pragmatic they understand fully that the by the news station is not good news for moscow that the relationship between moscow and washington is likely to deteriorate even further under the new american administration and that. there are likely to be new packages of economic political and possibly diplomatic sanctions against russia it is likely that the by an administration is going to pursue a policy of playing fast atlantic relations between washington and its western and eastern european allies and it is likely that washington is going to. use
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those relations to force an even more even and even harsher tone and and policy towards russia so russian policy makers are quiet aware of that by official media claims of chaos in a make or chaos in washington i would also like to note that if we look at the american political and social history of the last century for the last. under the years we would see the events of the past few days not quite unique we can remember the bonus i mean march on washington in the 1st half of the 20th in the 1st by the that's when you a century where there were dozens of veterans who had died after an attack by american army forces that quelled the their march there had been to malta.
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in the us a in the united states in the 1960 is when the antiwar protesters with the civil rights battles and every time that happened the. united states came out of those crises in a much more stable in the form fashion so every political crisis every social crisis is left to deform and for me the united states in a way an even stronger power now and so the chaos the political chaos and the disturbances that we have seen or the past few days in a washington actually not so much a symptom of a complete decay of the american state or of the american political apparatus but rather the historically workings of the american political and social machine jason i just want to read a couple of senses from a piece that you recently wrote in which you said the open disdain for democratic
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norms we are now witnessing among republicans our best understood as a familiar american practice of regarding certain voting populations as democratically illegitimate now as was inevitable widened beyond a purely racial frame do you believe that what we're seeing now is a kind of modern day fascism in america. well literally what we have and the united states is a long history of a kind of internal colonialism of our block population and of course of our indigenous population and the literature on fascism by folks like emmett's as their tells us that when you treat one population with that kind of cruelty when you disenfranchise them then that those tactics will eventually be brought into the population as a whole as i to be well said in 1902 the great black journalist she said if you can
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lynch a black man for suspicion of rape then you can lend to any man for suspicion of any crime so we've been disenfranchising black voters in the united states bore almost as long as the as long as america has been a country and what we've learned recently is that when you allow that practice to become normalized and regularized then people like then then the party that champions that in this case the republican party will be open about their goal of out of disenfranchising voters they'll be open about their goal of reducing democracy what we've seen in the past couple years is republicans very openly saying that if more americans can vote republicans won't win and that's a gut check shock moment for democracy that's the kind of thing that republicans would not say out in the open now they say it out in the open so i hope what america has learned and to build on victor's comments this is
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a long history i hope what america's learned is we have to deal with this as a story the enemies of democracy will always hearken back to the always say democracy american democracy is just a hypocritical veil for white supremacy and until we deal with that until we deal with the extreme racial injustice in our country the hot world's highest incarceration rate until we deal with those problems. the brand of democracy will be tarnished worldwide melinda it's been reported that chinese media coverage has been trying to showcase the negative reaction in the u.s. to the attack in washington d.c. and sort of contrast that with the u.s. support of hong kong protesters despite the fact that the goals of protestors in hong kong are very different than the goals of the pro trump rioters in d.c. what do chinese citizens as citizens make of this well. 7 i think there's a range of reactions. the chinese chinese population is much
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more diverse and it's experience now so there are dare are educated well traveled even members of the just ordinary chinese society who know from firsthand experience and firsthand witnessing of you know the freedoms in america for example. you know they they know how diverse that that society is in america so. regardless of what the chinese propaganda is i think there's a much a much more. individualistic reaction to what was going on in the states having said that people are really puzzled because for a lot of chinese. they actually admire american society and there are many many mysteries that have been thrown up this year that are hard to
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explain like how can such a rich country do such a bad job of disease control and public health as in the states in the staggering numbers of deaths and you know new cases of covert 1000 every day are just mind boggling to the average chinese and you know i live in beijing you know there are maybe a few dozen new cases of covert 19. today compared to yesterday but they're very aggressively addressed you know massive testing contact tracing everyone's got a an app on their mobile phone and they you know whenever you go into a restaurant or a shopping center you have to car register on your app that you're there and show people that you've got a green. a green ok it's a sign on your app otherwise you know if you've got a fever or if you've been to
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a place where or someone had coded. you you won't be moving very very far so there are a lot of. puzzles about american society that that that chinese just can't conceive of and one of them is you know how elections work yes of course what we've seen in the past 2 days are exactly the worst case scenario of how an election is supposed to progress having said that you know in a couple of weeks we'll have a new administration we'll have a new president and you know by chinese standards the physical recovery. from from that that sort of may have been chaos that the horrific scenes that we saw you know might not happen quite quickly victor surprising victor we spoke a few moments ago about reaction from russian government officials the russian
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state media what about russian citizens what are they thinking about this watching these scenes play out are they stunned to they believe that american democracy is on its last legs. well just pirate rush opening up significantly after the collapse of the soviet union and essentially hundreds of thousands and millions of russians either living in the united states or having experience staying there or visiting the country or. russians view of american politics and american culture is quite eclectic there isn't much of an understanding of how the american political machine that he works and that is not surprising most americans don't really understand how the russian political machine they works beyond some simple concepts but at the same time some russians are quiet quite sympathetic to trump others are less so
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some had been quite disturbed by the b.l.m. protests that they witnessed on state media and non state media over the over the. summer months and the latest events in washington. are a surprise to some and some sort of volley to interfere and he could interpret these events according to their own scale of what is appropriate or inappropriate but at the same time this is seen as. something that is unusual because again most russian citizens do not do you really understand or know american political history of the last century that well and
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they do not know what is for democratic society is or who the weathermen were or what the bonus army march was for that matter what the various by police movements from huey long to ensure a sparrow in the us. so not having that historical background and not that alien there standing the current happenings and current disturbances through the lens of historic view it may seem on the usual it may seem unique even though these events are not not that unique jason you know in in the aftermath of the attack on the capital many u.s. government officials many commentators and pundits in the u.s. have been repeating this line that you know this is not america that what happened is not a representation of america and many of them have been comparing what happened in the nation's capital to violent scenes that have played out in other parts of the
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world but then there are a lot of others who say that this is a representation of where america is at right now that this is america and that nothing can be improved until that reality is processed and recognized what do you say. so i agree with the comments victor just made that this is not some radical break from from the path we i'm hoping that actually as both commentators said that that this is going to show the strength and resilience of the american system what we had what stacy abrams did and the state of georgia was was was register 800000 new voters we got 2 democratic senators from the state of georgia black americans have always fought for democracy and in moments of crisis like this one white nationalism raises its ugly had what we had was an enormous response of a black political leaders and black voters and nationwide and particularly in the
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south that has come in in response and shown the republicans the cost of an bracing white nationalism so i'm hoping as i think victor said and melinda said that that over time we're going to see the reaction to this in fact strengthen democracy worldwide melinda you you mentioned in an earlier answer that perhaps democracies can emerge stronger going forward what has to happen in order for that to play out in that way. well it will take time the the perception of the democratic you know the health of the democratic system in the united states has has had a body blow it's going to take time to recover but it's not a mortal blow. number one. we've got to see a relatively orderly trend transition of power from the trumpet ministration to the
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biden administration and the good news there are 4 or america is that you know it's kind of set up i mean well you know prompt himself has said he will participate in an orderly transition he doesn't always do what he says but in how even if he's impeached that's that still you know that's not like warfare you know that goes on for many many weeks or if he is removed by the invocation of the 25th amendment that's also you know an institution that that. is there and can be use in a situation like this or if you resigns you know that a lot of people would would breathe a sigh of relief if if trump were to resign. so 1st we have to go have a peaceful transfer of power this time and then possibly after the next
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presidential election there also has should be a peaceful transfer of power whether it's you know from the democrats or republicans or to a 2nd biden administration or from you know by going to harris. if you get. you know a smooth transition 4 years from now. i think i think they're back in business and i think they will have recovered all right we have run out of time so we're going to have to leave the conversation there thank you so much to all our guests jason stanley melinda liu and victor all the events and thank you too for watching you can see the program again any time by visiting our website al-jazeera dot com and for further discussion go to our facebook page that's facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story you can also join the conversation on twitter our handle is at a.j. inside story for me mamma gentlemen the whole team here by phone and.
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matter what you see al-jazeera will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you. al-jazeera. to as a band strum permanently for glorified violets they are going u.s. president says he will not be silenced. i'm timid al this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up a move to impeach donald trump gains further traction the groundwork has been laid to take action against the president as early as monday. kim jong un says the u.s. remains his country's biggest enemy after joe biden called north korea's leader of thugs. and coping through creativity of the year.


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