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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 9, 2021 12:00am-1:01am +03

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i care about how the u.s. engages with the rest of the world we're really good in taking you into a place you might not visit otherwise feels that you were there. al-jazeera. hello i maryam namazie or watching the news hour live from london coming up in the next 60 minutes with less than 2 weeks left in office pressure grows for president trump to be removed sooner joe biden says that decision rests with congress but donald trump's time has come to an end. the country embarrassed us around the world. and our other headlines this hour coronavirus
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cases overwhelmed at london's hospital beds the mayor declares a major incident. i'm a listener and picked him one of colombia's coffee regions where to cope with 19 pandemic and a lack of coffee pickers district in the country's harvest. in sport one english premier league manager says it's time for football to take a break the council's steve bruce believes it's morally wrong to carry on a coronavirus cases are surging. arkham to the news our top story u.s. president elect joe biden says supporters who stormed capitol hill earlier this week should be prosecuted and while president donald trump had a role to play it's ultimately up to congress whether he should be impeached 5 people were killed including a police officer it was more than 24 hours before trump condemned the violence he
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promised a smooth transition of power but has also said that he will not attend president elect joe biden's inauguration. well speaking half an hour ago in wilmington delaware biden said trump wasn't fit for office. as clearly demonstrated exceeded even my worst notions about he's been embarrassed to the country embarrassed us around the world not worthy not worthy to hold that office if we were 6 months out. every sunday to get him out of office kristensen him is a momentum in the state of delaware and joins us now so joe biden wouldn't be drawn on whether on prosecutions on indictments on who should on who those legal charges should be brought against but he seemed to suggest that it's not just about those that were causing the violence but the role of the president and other officials in
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failing to stop it. absolutely strong words of criticism from joe biden about president trump but stopping short of prescribing what congress should do when it comes to impeachment he did say that the president is not fit to hold office but he only talked about this when asked this was an event to talk about his cabinet picks he did mention briefly at the beginning of his remarks his sympathy for the family of the police officer who was killed in washington d.c. in the attack or in the aftermath of the attack on the capitol however really going right into the heart of his remarks which were focused on these latest cabinet picks commerce secretary labor secretary and the role of bringing back the economy talked about covert relief moving forward with his agenda only when pushed did he discuss the possibility of impeachment and even though he is
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expected to talk with nancy pelosi this afternoon he said the most important thing for him right now was a smooth handover and he refused to say what he would advise her to do in terms of whether or not to impeach him again just focused on a smooth handover. and of course we learned today that president trump will not be attending joe biden's immigration breaking with tradition but all about this. now he said actually this is one thing that he and the president actually agree on that he not come to his inauguration this despite as you say the longstanding tradition for the outgoing president to be there it's a symbol of a smooth transition of power one that has long taken place here in the united states but biden said mike pence would be welcome hadn't spoken to him but he would
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be welcome at the event again i think trying to focus on the way forward and not be drawn into. a standoff with president trump that said security also came up around the inauguration as an issue for the president we know that his team his transition team has been talking about security at the inauguration the president elect was asked about that he did say that he wasn't concerned that he had faith in the secret service worth pointing out but that secret service is the lead agency on the inauguration as opposed to capitol police like who were in charge when the capitol was stormed saying that he was again just focused on a smooth handover of power thanks very much for wilmington delaware kristensen we thanks kristen. of course democrats say that their efforts to impeach the president
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on now gathering the mentum house speaker nancy pelosi says she's taken extra steps to minimize donald trump's impact while he is still in office his only joins us live from washington we know that democrat efforts to explore impeachment options a been gathering pace bought some interesting polling data on where americans stand and what where public opinion is on trump's final days in office. yeah that's right they're really interesting polling it's been about 48 hours almost exactly now since the riots at the capitol and what do the american people think of it while we have new polling from reuters and sauce a polling agency and the numbers are quite frankly pretty shocking. to them right now 57 percent of americans polled in this poll said that trump should be removed from office immediately. 68 percent of
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americans polled said that they disapprove of trump's actions that led to the riots at the capitol and disapprove of his response to the rioting at the capitol and then you ask yourself what about trump voters where do they stand on this 7 out of 10 of those polled that said they voted for donald trump in the last election 7 of 10 say they disapprove of the rioting at the capital as well so these are really devastating numbers perhaps not unexpected given the scenes that we saw but i think the big one here that really is a shocking one is 57 percent of those polled said donald trump the president united states should be removed from office keyword immediately now will that happen that would take vice president mike pence invoking the 25th amendment and then he would have to get the majority of the cabinet members to go along with it pence his
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already apparently indicated privately that he does not plan to invoke the 25th amendment and in the next 12 days that trump is president until the inauguration of joe biden so it's unlikely we'll see trump removed immediately via the 25th amendment nevertheless look at this polling the majority of americans believe trump is not fit to. serve out the last 12 days in office clearly remarkable because as a chance he moved immediately and i suppose that's why house because nazi pelosi has been seeking assurances from the country's top military general that it would to try and prevent from. trying to launch any military hostilities yeah that's right really remarkable from a nancy pelosi the speaker of the house she circulated a letter to members of congress on friday and in that letter it said this and i'm
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just going to read a sentence of it it said this morning i spoke to the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff mark milley to discuss of bailable precautions for preventing an unstable president from initiating military hostilities or access accessing the launch codes and ordering a nuclear strike so nancy pelosi talking to military leaders basically saying what are the precautions that are in place nancy pelosi in her words says donald trump is unhinged and she's worried that he could be a threat to national security in his final 2 weeks in office also you as you correctly mention nancy pelosi indicating that as early as monday articles of impeachment will be circulated through the house of representatives and there could be a vote on it as early as next week as well it seems unlikely that both there would be 2 thirds vote in both the house and senate to impeaching donald trump however
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certainly not impossible but the bottom line is it's likely that there will be a vote to impeach donald trump next week in congress if it goes forward trump would be the 1st president in u.s. history to be impeached twice thank you from washington. on to bring you more on that wednesday's violence now 5 people including a police officer were killed the head of capitol police is resigning after increasing criticism because of the department's watched a response to the assault by mostly white riots has also sparked by about racial inequality in the united states with activists saying hundreds would have been killed if the riots his black john hendren reports now from washington. washington's mayor calls it an invasion of the citadel of american democracy by hostile forces what happened yesterday is textbook terrorism.
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but that's not how the thousands of protesters who attacked the u.s. capitol were treated. when black lives matter came to town last summer this is how peaceful protesters in front of the white house were greeted. with tear gas. flash bang grenades and rubber bullets police in riot gear on the steps of the lincoln memorial when president donald trump on wednesday urged a crowd of thousands to march to the capitol to demand that congress overturn his election laws we're going to the capitol. trespassers some carrying weapons broke into the capitol along it was in session smashing doors and windows invading the office of house speaker nancy pelosi and stealing left ups. capitol hill police retreated as the intruders to go over unchallenged. kristen thomas used to work in the senate and she participated in washington's black lives
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matter protests this isn't a black lives matter protests are the best to me that they would be in jail the worst simply that they would be dead and that is the reality of the situation certainly would not have been able to go to their hotels certainly would not have been able to go back to their home states security forces did shoot one woman to death as an armed group broke in 3 others died of medical emergencies while the rest of the invaders continued on their rampage they broke in anywhere they could leaving rubble on the ground some walked around freely for hours and then when it was all over simply walked out. some protesters were escorted out furious at police later. there was tear gas and flash bangs but relatively few were arrests $68.00 in all 7 for carrying illegal firearms and other weapons the rest for curfew unlawful entry violations
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there were $427.00 over 3 days of black lives matter protests in washington that directly again between whites from his organizations a monstrous mitch's that's one of the same breaks the reason why you there is where you don't see the police in sas are they denied access yesterday it was because that was their family storm or capitol when it was all over after his successor pleaded with him to speak up i call on president trump to go on national television our current president praised those who attacked the capitol go home we love you he said they should go home not jail home and after a 4 hour siege in the united states symbol of democracy that is what most of them were allowed to do john hendren al-jazeera washington well donald trump supporters descended on washington d.c. because mainly off to he said that he would see them there on january 6th that was
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in a tweet and many have been linked to q. and on a u.s. focus conspiracy theory it's subscribers believe present on all trump is saving the wolf from an elite cult of satan worshipping paedophiles alternative social media platforms like parlor have become a haven for people looking to share and promote ideas without worrying about the post being flagged for being dangerous or misleading during the month of november when the u.s. election took place its membership doubled and then there's been a spike in violent threats on all platforms this includes facebook twitter you tube one study found that was almost $1500.00 q and on linked posts about the january 6 rally that contained terms of violence one ticked up video promoting violence was used 280000 times. so calling talk is a senior research fellow at these afonso and he joins us now from its back in pennsylvania by skype and i start by asking you if the groundwork had been laid
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for the events we saw on wednesday in the u.s. capitol well you know clearly i mean this is not the result of a couple of days or even a couple of weeks between the election and january 6th this is the culmination of 4 years of the president of the united states of all people it's hard to actually fathom that continuously spreading this information and inciting his followers to violence this is what you get we've been talking about it many counterterrorism analysts for years and now it's come to a head when he's a counterterrorism analyst i've been following this you've obviously been well you've been studying extremism in terrorism financially that he is what parallels what comparisons do you make that connection help us gain better insight into what happened on wednesday and why. well you know we've seen acts of radicalization extremism of terrorism we've been so focused in the united states on so if you
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jihadism for the last 20 years right since the beginning of the poorly named global war on terrorism that we've either ignored or just overlooked this growing threat from far right extremism despite the data that exists and despite just evidence for us i'm talking to you today from pittsburgh pennsylvania i lived in the neighborhood where the tree of life synagogue was attacked by violent whites a promises that was a couple of years ago we have you know a growing presence of far right extremists including neo nazis and anti-government extremists and we've let it fester for too long can you tell us about the psychological profile of those who would join q. . you know good luck i don't know i mean the range of conspiracies within q. and on i mean the uniting theory is this belief that president trump is combating
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of global pedophilia ring but there's everything there under the sun it's really tough to find a kind of unitary thread which is i think what makes it so welcoming it's kind of a come one come all for the tinfoil hat crowd the scariest part is how big that crowd has become in this country when you say how big that crowd has become obviously you will. great many people that support president trump that voted for president trump they will now argue that these. these people are on the fringe and that they they will try to essentially distance themselves from this sort of behavior how do you how do you make sense of that well shame on them i mean there's got to be some accountability we're still a nation of laws despite what you saw on january 6th i also you know i take issue with these with this violent mob being referred to as protesters and demonstrators there insurrectionists and seditionist so we should call them what they are and
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they need to be held accountable but far beyond the people that storm the capitol you know facing justice we need accountability at the highest levels including with the president and including with all of his enablers that have been passively supporting this kind of behavior for the last several years we wouldn't have gotten here without them. just to make this clear that there is no domestic terrorism ruling in the state so how is that going to be justice and accountability if these groups are allowed to continue their activities willfully. so it's a really important point and i would say there's 2 things there one the people that took part in what we saw on wednesday need to be prosecuted according to the laws we we have laws on the books for insurrection so those laws exist actually. is for is moving forward how do we deal with domestic terrorists i think we do need to
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implement some kind of legislation i mean it's obvious right the k.k.k. is not a domestic terrorist group we're were woefully unprepared when it comes to law and policy and giving our law enforcement the tools and resources necessary to combat these movements we need it it's never been more dire in my opinion we need to do it while protecting civil liberties and there's a lot of nuance and detail in there but but it's to me it's one of the most pressing priorities for the next administration thanks very much appreciate your time and joining us on the knees after this if on santa con upon joining us at its pennsylvania thank you. you with the news hour live from london still ahead justice but little comfort korean women win in court but are unlikely to see their compensation. what lies beneath the invasive weed that's killing off life in
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a cameron lake. and that is for australia's from a cricket captain is back at the top of his game and he will be here with that story and much more a bit later. the head of the world health organization is warning that vaccine nationalism hurts us all while urging wealthy countries to donate excess vaccine doses to the group's kovacs facility tetras gabriel source says that bilateral agreements between drug companies and wealthy governments could lead to higher drug prices and limit supply for low income and marginalised countries there is a clear problem that law and most middle income countries are not receiving the vaccine yet this is a problem we can and we must shoulder to give them through callbacks i urge countries that have contracted more vaccines done they will need and are
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controlling the global supply to also don't eat and release them to callbacks immediately which is ready to day to roll up to rollout them out quickly. well germany has signed deals with pfizer tech and to secure $50000000.00 doses of that covert $1000.00 vaccines on top of the doses already secured on the e.u. agreements deliveries to germany will only begin of the countries have been supplied under the blocs contracts germany's deals are contrary to the blocs vaccination program with member countries agreeing not to negotiate fish and supplies to avoid european nations competing for doses the e.u. announced a contract for another $300000000.00 doses on friday on top of the $705000000.00 negotiated in november or pfizer biotechs coronavirus vaccine appears to be effective against kovan $1000.00 variants including new mutations have been found in britain and south africa according to a study by pfizer and the university of texas study has not been peer reviewed just
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yet the u.k.'s drug regulator body regulatory body has approved the macdermott coronavirus vaccine for use as well the british government has purchased an additional $10000000.00 doses of the shot taking the total to $17000000.00 doses of the mcdonough vaccine alone but these won't be available until the spring well the u.k. reported more than $1300.00 coronavirus deaths on thursday breaking the daily death toll record set in april person also recorded more than 68000 cases in the past 24 hours london's mayor declared a major incident for the city as hospital struggle with the high number of covered 19 admissions jonah hill has more on this now from london. the mayor of london said the car in declaring a major incident essentially a major medical emergency across london's hospitals echoing dire warnings from london's n.h.s. leaders that it's hospitals the hospitals in the capital are simply struggling to cope with the infection rate and with record high admissions according to the
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office for national statistics on friday some one in 30 londoners is currently suffering from the corona virus infection with admission rates taking place at over 800 people per day that is the equivalent of the entire capacity of some thomas' hospital over there one of the major hospitals here in london every single day with a worst case scenario picture being painted that if things continue as they are by the middle of the month within the next week or so there could be a shortage of critical care beds in the several thousands now also on friday the government has introduced brand new entry requirements at the borders into england soon to be expanded across the u.k. in due course a negative coronavirus test required now taken within 72 hours for all people trying to enter the country you may be surprised to hear that that is only happening now other countries have been doing this for a long time the government here has long argued that the quarantine system is
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a much better way of monitoring entry through the borders but such is the desperation to ensure that the south african variant of the virus more virulent perhaps even than the u.k. variant of the virus that is causing so much devastation here to keep that period out that no one is arguing the point anymore. well in the united states meanwhile more than 4000 people died of covert 19 on thursday in the deadliest day the country has seen since the pandemic started and its top infectious disease expert is warning that the number of deaths and infections is likely to keep on rising and gallacher has the latest from miami florida what was the forecast what scenario did we hear then about how high deaths and cases could go. well this is not a new warning you've heard people like dr anthony ferrety saying things will get worse before they get better for some time at the moment 365000 people in this
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nation have lost their lives some of the predictions are by the end of the month that figure will be over 400000 and of course on thursday the latest reporting indicated that more than 4000 people have died in this nation in one day that shatters all previous records so there's no question that this pandemic is still raging across this country while the vaccines are very slowly and efficiently in some cases rolling out remember the trouble ministration promise to have 20000000 people vaccinated by the end of 2020 that figure is more like between 5 and 6000000 so there is a great deal of discussion about how to go forward but the simple fact is the virus is out running the inoculation program it just doesn't get more simple about obviously the consequences of that are pretty dire and lethal now we heard the incoming vice president joe biden saying that he would just get all the vaccines out all at once because what the trumpet ministration is doing is sending out 20000000 holding back 20000000 for that 2nd round of doses joe biden is saying
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let's scrap that let's get them all out there at the same time the problem with that is is there enough production to back that up so you've got 2 very different views about how to get this but the end game here is the same these vaccines need to get into people's arms as quickly as possible particularly those over the age of 65 and front line health care workers and that is simply not happening at the moment thank you from miami and gallacher. a south korean call is ordered japan to pay compensation to the $12.00 surviving women used as sex slaves chairing world war 2 court said the treatment of these so-called comfort women and mounted to a crime against humanity the japanese government has described the ruling as aggressive bill and unacceptable drive reports now from cell. the culmination of a case that has gone on for 8 years this was a significant ruling by seoul's district court tomorrow. i feel
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deeply moved it is the very 1st court ruling in favor of these victims of the japanese. the case was brought on behalf of 12 surviving so-called comfort women or their families young women or girls who were forced to work in wartime brothels by the japanese imperial army during world war 2 the court ruled all had enjoyed unimaginable mental and physical pain and had not been compensated they were each awarded the equivalent of more than $90000.00 u.s. dollars to give woman who compiled anything to mortal this could have wider consequences japan prides itself on being a civilized country yet it has not addressed this humanitarian issue since this defeat in 1945. japan has refused to recognize this case maintaining it goes against the internationally held norm of sovereign immunity that no nation can
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prosecute another through its courts. we demand that south korea takes the appropriate response to correct this breach of international law as far as japan is concerned this issue is over it says all matters relating to south korea's wartime suffering were settled by an agreement in 1965 when the 2 countries normalized relations and that a further compensation agreement specifically for the comfort women was signed in 2015 that was meant to settle the matter finally and irreversibly tokyo has been angered by other court rulings in favor of south korean victims of wartime force labor that led to deteriorating diplomatic relations and the trade dispute and this latest ruling looks certain to further sour. relations but for south korea's comfort women in this case represents
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a form of justice after more than 75 years robert bright al jazeera so. with the london news hour still ahead. by mr butler in mass saber french governments are trying to accelerate a kind of aid immunization campaign but it's not easy in a country where so many people are suspicious of boxing's. a man in sport a new tennis season takes an unfortunate twist at the abu dhabi of. the winter chile's throughout europe now in some places manifesting itself a lot of snow you see the cloud going from speed up to the eastern side of europe so it's the sudden countries are getting most of the snow falling in spain has been a case in point in those today which is the southwest of madrid and the capital
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itself temps is a drop down to near freezing and we've had quite persistent snow it's not yet finished either it's not you know it's our common thing it happens every now and again in the capital and most of central spain is quite high above sea level so through saturday because the more falling i think anything from 20 centimeters to half a meter from about this point right up to the north coast of course more to the peyronie's the pier nice recorded temperature in the last day or so minus 34 clear that's not typical but it is cold enough to snow and then this strong wind indicates stormy weather just on the east coast and over the body erik's. so spain that's the central part of europe and warsaw represents it's been quite an cold continuous knows he's lucky on saturday and sunday before the cloud breaks all monday that's just a slow process news more snow likely for norway and sweden in the north of europe in the south off to spain is how it goes across to repeat the process in the balkans.
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gather the costs can the world bounce back from the worst economic contraction since world war 2 and the rich nations scorn of the vaccine market what kind of recovery can we expect without the world's poorest and try that sets the stage for economic dominance counting the cost on al-jazeera on the deserted streets of they've become familiar figures careerism bicycles delivering food or medicine to lock down colombians most of them here are venezuelan migrants they might go missing mother of 4 says contagion is always on her mind none of them receive health insurance for their work and exposing themselves and very few seem to have it yet there may be a bright side people who look down on them as a skilled migrants now say they're essential to control the virus i receive messages on the scene that we are you know as i was
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a nurse back home what i am doing is not all that different from my passion helping others. welcome back a look at the headlines now u.s. president elect joe biden says trump supporters who stormed capitol hill earlier this week should be prosecuted while president donald trump had a role to play it's ultimately up to congress whether he should be impeached trunk confirm that he will not attend the january 20th inauguration. that of the world health organization is a wealthy countries to donate excess vaccine doses to the groups kovacs facility. says vaccine that. as a more global efforts to curb the current virus pandemic britain has reported more
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than 68000 coronavirus cases in the past 24 hours and as mayor has declared a major incident for the city as hospital struggle with the high number of covert 19 admissions. all scientists are saying that up to 70 percent of the population needs to be inoculated for kovan 1000 to be eradicated but in europe there are concerns over vaccine hesitancy only 56 percent of people in poland say they would get an ocular ated the country has a highly organized anti vaccine movement which still the number of parents who refuse any vaccines for their kids rise 5 fold between 20072016 even in sweden considered to have high levels of public trust in the authorities only 64 percent of people there say they would get a vaccine and then in france just 54 percent of people would take an approved coronavirus vaccine the country has a high rate of vaccine hesitancy in general defense of individual freedoms on the
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french government figures reveal a quarter of the country's doctors do not intend to be vaccinated against coded there's a tasha ball is in mass a and explains why france has one of the highest rates of vaccine skepticism in the world. in the southern french city of mass a graphic design an eco call. hard about whether he wants a covert vaccine and he's decided that he doesn't he worries that the global rush for a remedy been some safety procedures may have been skipped. i understand that people want to move on with their lives but the world is playing a game of chance against people getting vaccinated but i just don't feel the personal need to do so i mean an age category where my wrists and lower so i'm happy to wait to have more information in the future when possible side of the book many people in france question the safety of covert vaccines researchers say less
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than 40 percent of people in france intend to be vaccinated against coded it is one of the moas rates in europe but not entirely surprising because for all this has one of the world's highest rates of vaccine skepticism immunization was in fainted by french so. in the 1900 century his legacy is a source of national pride but has not prevented the growth of anti vaccine sentiment in the country that's been fueled in recent times by social media and the pandemic. of it to get elected again this sociologist says the french suspicion of vaccines is linked to past health scandals and a lack of trust in government. there are 2 incidents that really marked the french in the 1990 s. people suspected the link between the hepatitis b. vaccine and multiple sclerosis it wasn't true but it created mistrust there was a similar case with h one n one in 2009 in both cases people believe the government was colluding with
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pharmaceutical companies for financial reasons to find truth about vaccine and that's had a lasting impact the government's image hasn't been helped by the exceptionally slow start to the covert vaccine campaign in the country partly due to ministers reluctance to be seen pushing facts scenes many don't want some expose say better informing people about how vaccines work and the possible side effects would help change minds rising infections of clearly created a sense of urgency the government's own doctors and social media influences to help spread their message but it's clear that unraveling decades of mistrust won't be easy but i'll just say or not say i'm now joined by professor jeff lazarus the head of the health systems research group of the past known institute for global health he's live for us now in copenhagen via skype how can you help people understand the importance of being vaccinated well we need to explain
12:37 am
the benefits of vaccination that it's well tested that it's safe and the importance of reducing transmission of reducing serious disease from 90. what's your response to that segment of the population that might be somewhere in the middle so they're not necessarily opposed to getting vaccinated but they might want to wait or just delay it to see if there are any side effects. well i think they should ask their questions and that experts should listen to them and respond to their questions in a language that they'll understand in most countries the majority of the population wants to get back to that and we're a long way from that sitting there so for those who have a long wait and see approach there will be some time as we scale up the nation but we need to quickly convince those who are hesitant those who are skeptical of getting getting vaccinated because we need to reach the 7075 percent maybe even 80
12:38 am
percent level community protection or herd immunity in order to really stop the virus and how has that threshold increased quite a bit because of this new taishan we've seen this mutation here in the u.k. and then obviously in south africa but as we've seen the virus spread this doesn't necessarily affect the efficacy of a vaccine but obviously it's much more transmissible so does that then increase the threshold for the community protection speak about you know we think it has increased it a little bit often we refer to the national level being around 70 percent dr phelps in the u.s. at 75 percent others and maybe to be on the safe side even a little bit higher because the virus is so prevalent now in society and so transmissible that we really need to get higher numbers up in order to protect the community you talk about the importance of. clear information and messaging
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by public bodies i guess governments medical professionals but what about the anti of access people that have absolutely no trust in the government they have no trust in vaccines maybe they've been scandals in the past can anything be done to change their mind. we have to keep trying to leave the dead set against vaccination tend to be very very small minority of those who are hesitant so when we hear that 30 or 40 percent in a country do not plan or are skeptical about getting vaccinated it's a much smaller percentage that absolutely refuse we need to continue to engage with them but it's really all those who are hesitant and skeptical that we need to win over and win over it rather quickly thank you very much jeff lazarus joining us there from the boston is chief for global health and coffee
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farms across colombia suffering the worst shortage of workers in years farms are missing up to half the temporary workers they usually hire because of fears of the 19 and low paying prices. yes he reports now from for daniel. during the normal harvest season this steep mountains of the center is a bell farm would be alive with coffee pickers. hard at work selecting the best beans of the country's famous wheat arabica but this season hiring the labor has become harder amid the falling prices in the 1000 pound them make for much of i don't know such as we went from 800 or 1000 workers to 400 and not all at the same time we've been dealing with a reduction for the last couple of years but the pandemic exacerbated it. for centuries columbus coffee businesses depended on armies of seasonal workers beginning the beans by hand. it's physically demanding and less only
12:41 am
a few months older workers can make up to $30.00 per day. but with the added risk of the pandemic the majority of workers this year more experienced older man or venezuelan migrants like the genie of a then you know who took a chance year after losing her job in the coastal city of qatar hanna. i think it's been hard because i was not used to it but you adapt if you think about the family i have to take care of my mother and daughter in qatar hina obviously i'm worried about getting the virus especially since i'm undocumented and contraceptive care. to lure workers and prevent outbreaks farms of introduced bio security measures like hand-washing stations and expanding dormitories to try to reduce the chances of contact but farmers say they're also facing competition from illegal coca farms that can pay workers more. there's that and the fact that the picking culture is
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disappearing people don't want to do it anymore. but some coffee experts believe the solution to these problems lies far away from these fields in the coffee trading market in switzerland where a few major companies like starbucks and if they're by most coffee in the world keeping prices low thanks to their bargaining power they've got the farmers are being paid. 75 percent almost less and they were paid a dear on their day international got the agreement of $1000.00 the 3 these not in christmas $3100.00 internal labor and forced migration and of course if you don't change the school business model of the gov industry you will not find enough biggers. a tilt to the international market the need to change the old ways in a deadly pandemic all point to a crisis brewing in colombia's coffee fields leaving farmers and workers at risk at
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least some of them algis either free don't you the indian government is holding another round of talks with farmers unions to try to resolve the standoff over the controversial new agriculture laws thousands of farmers took part in a tractor procession in new delhi so show of force before the meeting they've been protesting in the capital since november angry at changes that and guaranteed prices for their progeny use the government is refusing to back down saying a free market will actually benefit farmers as of saturday the u.a.e. will reopen all of its land sea and entry points with qatar as part of a u.s. backed deal to state gulf arab leaders signed a declaration to end a 3 and a half year dispute between cattle saudi arabia and the u.a.e. as well as bahrain in egypt katter always has started it we were getting some of its flights through saudi airspace the 1st trip was made on thursday from doha to johannesburg the 4 countries imposed a blockade on qatar in 2017 accusing it of funding terrorism which dod denied
12:44 am
so i've enjoyed has more on this now from doha. the announcement vision not have a lot of details comes from the ministry of foreign affairs the under-secretary rather than what we saw in saudi arabia where the lifting of the blockade was announced from the very top the united arab emirates is important because it is one of the most invested countries in the blockade against among the 4 countries and it is gradually lifting those sanctions announcing that the air and sea as well as land lock it against her will be lifted but details about how people will be able to travel how those ties which have been broken for the last 3 years amongst the people who have a family and relations in all of these 4 countries are going to be mended remains to be seen by the united arab emirates if you remember just 3 years ago launched an active media and social media campaign against qatar and arteries there were attacks on social media there were subversion of various facts and an alternate
12:45 am
reality which was presented by the emirates about qatar and now all that seems to be gone the united arab emirates is with saudi arabia and other countries agreed that it will lift the blockade but a lot of water has gone under the bridge there is the underlying differences between these 2 countries about foreign policy issues from the very beginning of the arab spring also how the economic as well as social ties will be rebuilt because a lot of people have families in these 4 countries which have been torn apart in the last 3 years there have been a number of cases of students who were not allowed to continue this studies they were not given this certificates so a lot has gone on between the 2 countries and as there are no permanent friends or enemies in diplomatic affairs once a country has invested so much against the other countries' people and the gland itself it will be much harder for that country to go back and rebuild ties as they
12:46 am
were 3 years ago. the largest lake in cameroon is being invaded by a plant from 5000 kilometers away and it also is gradually being covered by a fast growing aquatic fun that originated across the atlantic in south america it's now threatening the lakes wildlife preserve as well as the livelihoods of fisherman to regain the reports. many fisherman including richard 1st noticed something strange growing in cameron's lake oser 5 years ago since then the aquatic fern known as giant sylvania has covered the lake so extensively that endemic plant and animal species have all but disappeared fisherman say they've lost about 80 percent of their income because of the scarcity of fish debris a good lot of it is that they have misled since the arrival of this plant i've hardly caught any fish it had a huge impact on my life i wanted to build myself a house but i can't i can't pay for electricity either it's so bad i can't even pay
12:47 am
for my children's schooling the dense plant reduces walk to flow and low is light and oxygen levels in the water native to brazil and northern argentina it thrives in slow moving nutrient rich warm fresh water. it comes from south america and based on the studies we've conducted we were able to establish the hypothesis that the plant arrived either on the wind or by a migrate to rebirth that left the continent and through the plant into the lake. fisherman have tried to remove the plant by hand without much success it regenerates in about 10 days they're appealing for government help but conservationists think they may have an answer a species of beetle that lives on the water feeds on the plant and has been used in other african countries to control its spread. your must plan doubles in area or biomass every 10 days so it's a very rapid proliferation cannot be eradicated by manual removal which is why
12:48 am
we've added a biological control to this once we have the government's permission to release the insects into the light and we hope that after 2 or 3 years it will overcome this plant around 400 fishermen rely on lake osa for their income for them any help can't come soon enough victoria gate and the al-jazeera. all spittles in mexico have reached 86 percent capacity the country remaining under coronavirus restrictions for at least another few weeks unlike other countries lockdown measures in mexico are voluntary with the country seeing a peak of new cases after christmas and end of year festivities with more let's go to john heilemann who's live for us now in mexico city and if they're struggling to cope or fossils are struggling to cope now it's about to get a lot worse because obviously it takes time for symptoms to manifest and we're only just a week or 2 out from christmas. yeah exactly actually they were going to end the
12:49 am
lockdown on the sunday that's coming up and they've just decided today no we need to extend it at least for another week and it's go on wednesday night had its 2nd worst day in terms of cases and in terms of deaths since the pandemic began so it's going to be a bit of a long hard struggle now the hospitals in mexico city and its surrounding as you mentioned 86 percent for a lot of them are all but full completely but we've been doing a sort of a monitoring especially a system is variable but the has been driving around hospitals every day this day he did 5 of them and he said that so far there aren't big queues outside we haven't reached that level yet but they are full to capacity now what authorities have been doing is arranging points where people can refill oxygen tanks and that's because a lot of people are opting instead to try and take care of their relatives or themselves at home because they know that if they get the hospitals they might not get the treatment that they need that's the point that we're in at the moment in
12:50 am
the capital now the vaccine is also in mexico it arrived it was the 1st country in latin america actually to get a vaccine to treat coronavirus it should now have done all of its medical stuff and that's pretty big deal because mexico actually had the most medical staff that had died of coded in all of the world so it should now have got them treated by the end of january so it should have got those treated and then the plan is that it moves on to the old in rural areas in mexico that's been questioned a bit because a lot of people are saying well should they be going to heavily populated areas like mits crew city which is seeing the brunt of the infections 1st but that's the mexican government's attempt to deal with this and it remains to be seen if they get there in time to stop this 2nd wave thanking from mexico city john home then. watching the news hour live from london still ahead the dakar rally hits the halfway stage in saudi arabia adding all that in the rest of the sport very shortly
12:51 am
12:52 am
and he's in now with all the. thank you so much mara more premier league champions liverpool are through to the 4th round of the english f.a. cup they beat aston villa 41 but it was a village scene that was severely weakened due to coronavirus they were missing all of the senior squad because of coverage once in cases the starting 11 made up of players from the under $23.00 and under 18 scores they still managed to give
12:53 am
liverpool a scare 17 year old louis barry there with a goal that made it one more a half time before liverpool when i took over after the break so you can see united manager believes it's time for football in england to take a break because of coronavirus the premier league said they were false positive coronavirus tests in their last round of weekly checks that was more than double the previous weekly hi steve it will contain difficult start and of course that leaves people sick so don't have to be i'm sure look at their you know and. financially it's right to play on. for but for me morally morally it's probably wrong so you know you understand that people want to see a game of football but you know we're just as blue bull and to catch it this is everybody else's former fifa president sepp blatter is in a serious but stable condition after being admitted to hospital in switzerland blasts his family say the illness isn't life threatening now 84 but it was removed
12:54 am
from football's governing body in 2015 he was banned by faith his ethics committee after an investigation into a $2000000.00 payment made to the former head of european football michel platini. now the los angeles lakers are likely to become the 1st n.b.a. champions to visit the white house since 2016 but only after joe biden has taken office le bron james is again criticized outgoing u.s. president donald trump notes he has visited the white house during trump's terms speaking after this defeat against the san antonio spurs lebron blaming trump for wednesday's riots at the castle building. tumor. was a prime example of that yesterday. and if you know or understand there and also you know after seeing what you saw yesterday you. you really need to take
12:55 am
a step back could your words wonder. if those were my car in a storm in the capitol what will be an outcome that we are not south africa not long jump start over man younger has been hit with a ban on younger has been provisionally suspended for 13 to provide accurate and up to date details of his whereabouts thus to ensure he complies with anti doping rules he's one of the favorites when gold at the tokyo olympics he could now face a 2 year. steve smith star frustrated with a century on day 2 of the 3rd test against india in sydney the former captain hitting $130.00 want to end the run of 8 test matches without reaching 3 figures 100 side actually dismissed for 338 after a bit of a light or a collapse in response india 96 for 2 up the close. are a lot of things as i think i've said numerous times and many people said i was out
12:56 am
of form. those nasty i guess come back in the form if that's what you want to call it. now it was only about 3 or 4 weeks ago think i scored 2 hundreds of the s.o.g.a. so yeah it kind of just makes me laugh sometimes when people say that kind of things missed out in the 1st 2 test matches obviously and come back today. and scored some runs and hope i guess put is you know a day simple solution defending australian open champion sphere can and is through to the 3rd round of the average debbie open the american advancing after her opponents kirsten flipkens injured are ankle juror in their match the belgian was once set up but was training 54 in the 2nd and she went down injured their 10 in will next by 13th seed it's unsavory. on jubal also threats around 3 d. chin as you can find see back from a sit down seat katherina on the rank of 576262 you will be hoping to better her
12:57 am
performance at last year's australian open that was when she became the 1st arab woman to reach the finals of a grand slam. and stuff and retained his dakar rally at the whole 5 points of the race in saudi arabia that's a council has won 13 dakar titles on bikes and in cars the frenchman finishing 4th in friday's 6 days that was won by defending champion color science of spain. closest rival is nasser our sphere of cats are he was 3rd and cut the leaders overall advantage to less than 6 minutes heading into saturday's well deserved rest . ok there is a sport is looking for now let's get back to marry him in london love a thanks very much and the well that wraps up the news hour but i'll be back in a moment with much more of the day's news a full bulletin coming up at 2200 g.m.t. in just a couple of minutes from now i will have a round up at the top stories stay with al-jazeera c.n.n. and.
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a terrible natural disaster and the story that needed to be told from the heart of the affected area to be that to tell the people story was very important at the time. the a. articles of impeachment against donald trump are drafted by a group of democrats accusing the u.s. president of inciting insurrection. to the country embarrassed us around the world. i know i maryam namazie you're watching al-jazeera live from london also coming up on the program coronavirus cases overwhelm london's hospital beds the mayor declares a major incident. korea's former comes.


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