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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 8, 2021 4:00pm-5:01pm +03

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changing demographics across asia with far reaching consequences are creating a pool of socially disadvantaged young men so you have the system where people at every level will be get being given money money to agree distro zation or money to get other people to administer social how does their examines the politics of population control. the. al-jazeera. oh i'm right about this and this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes this moment calls for healing and reconciliation a call for unity president donald trump condemns the storming of the u.s. capitol as pressure grows for him to be impeached. an indonesian cleric linked to
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the bali bombings that killed more than 200 people is freed from prison. south korea orders japan to compensate a dozen a woman used as sex slaves during world war 2 describing it as a crime against humanity. no entry without a negative coronavirus test the u.s. united kingdom introduces new rules for passengers traveling to the country and on foreign small have all the day's sport including liverpool's afaik have tighen aston villa will go ahead despite a corona virus outbreak as players and staff. in the face of growing calls for his removal from office u.s. president donald trump has urged unity and condemned protesters who forced their way into the capitol building for the 1st time trumpets also acknowledged his time
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will end in less than 2 weeks but many say it's too little too late and resignations within his inner circle an increasing that alan fisher is at the white house we're going to be speaking to him in just a moment about the push to remove trump but for us to get on to begins our coverage from washington d.c. . more than 24 hours after his supporters right at the u.s. capitol donald trump twitter video finally condemned the violence. that shocked the nation to those who engaged in the acts of violence and destruction you do not represent our country and for the 1st time and in a dramatic shift in tone the us president acknowledged he lost the election a new administration will be inaugurated on january 20th my focus now turns to ensuring a smooth orderly and seamless transition of power earlier incoming u.s. president joe biden blamed trump for unleashing what he called an assault on
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american democracies and lambasted the pro trump rioters there were protesters don't dare call them protesters they were a rightist mob insurrectionist domestic terrorists on thursday a cleanup inside the nation's capital and a return to normal as most trump supporters who took part in the rally and subsequent rioting appeared to have left town and headed home outside fencing around the entire capitol complex to avoid a repeat of the day before and there was increased security including the presence of national guard troops. meanwhile both democratic congressional leaders and at least one republican lawmaker are calling for trump's removal from office. by spray didn't get in both the 25th amendment today and of the cabinet both he's gone they
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should do it now president has committed an unspeakable assault on our nation and our people all week asians and the president has become not just from his remit is a from reality. senior republican senator lindsey graham doesn't believe removal is appropriate but did deliver this rare rebuke of his friend and ally when it comes to accountability the president needs to understand that his actions are the problem not the solution and in the wake of the riots resignations including 2 cabinet members transportation secretary elaine chao and education secretary betsy divorce president trump's conciliatory message will be seen by many as his attempt to salvage his legacy and rebuild his image in the final days that he occupies the white house the question is it too little too late cables on al-jazeera
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washington ok let's bring in 1st who has been following the all of this from well for us from the white house allan there's a lot of speculation going on talk us through what's been happening. people he was saying the 25th amendment that's not going to happen no there's reporting here in the us this morning that both might pump and stephen minucci in the secretary of state and treasury secretary both big allies of donald trump have privately discussed whether or not to invoke the 25th amendment but it's not going to happen the reason it's not going to happen it's up to the vice president to make the 1st move mike pence doesn't want to do it for a number of reasons possible because he thinks it will impact him politically because he wants to run for the republican nomination in 2024 and he thinks by alienating the trump base that's not something that's going to win the nomination here's the 2nd problem he's got he's not entirely sure that he'll be able to get it through the cabinet you need a majority of cabinet members there's
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a big legal question over whether or not acting secretaries can cast a vote and there are 3 of them at the moment and of course we've lost 2 other secretaries from transportation and education just in the last 24 hours and then there is the 3rd problem doing that means that it would take at least 3 weeks to work through all its processes because once the 25th amendment is invoked the president can say i don't agree and then it's got to go to congress so the timeline simply doesn't fit there's not enough time left to do the anything however impeachment is still very much on the table and so there are those in congress who want to move this very quickly saying even if it means impeaching him after donald trump leaves office on the 20th it's something that they should do and they're certainly support among democrats obviously but also a number of republicans and off to get it through the house i'm not entirely sure i don't think the numbers stack up but it's something that they want to do and they
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also say that if they impeach donald trump that he can't run for federal office again that is a big incentive to some republicans because of the damage he's done to the republican party and here in the us this morning the wall street journal. editorial board has told donald trump it's time to resign before he becomes the 2nd president the 1st president ever to be impeached for a 2nd time and we're beginning to see talk about donald trump possibly wondering about pardoning himself just talk us through what all that is about. well he's been talking about this since the summer and of course he's issued a number of controversial pardons you can think about roger stone and michael flynn justice 2 of them but he believes that he has the power to self pardon there's a couple of problems are that 1st of all if you do pardon someone for a crime you've got to be specific about the crime you are giving them a pardon for so don't trump what exemption you have to see i'm guilty of this but therefore i mean i'm giving myself
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a pardon so i can walk away from this the 2nd thing is that donald trump throughout his time in the oval office has used the department of justice memo from the 1970 s. that says a sitting president can't be indicted for a crime and he's hidden behind that to a degree is certainly used it but the other part of that memo says that but you can't self pardon and donald trump as we know quite likes to ignore things that are inconvenient and that's right there in the department of justice so there's every possibility that if donald trump gave himself a part in it would be challenged in court is it likely that he will give himself a pardon well if i was a betting man i would say the odds are better than 75 percent that he will do that it's whether or not he is able to that is going to be a challenge that will be sorted out in the courts of the u.s. and probably after january the 20th allen thanks very much indeed that's on an official talking to us from the white house in washington d.c. i want to talk to laurence douglass he's a professor of law jurisprudence and social thought post-college is joining us live
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by skype from sunderland in massachusetts good to have you with us thank you very much indeed can an impeachment process that adam was talking about if it started while the president is in office continue after he or she leaves office. yes i suppose it could technically continue past the term of office and obviously as your correspondent pointed out the point would no longer to be remove the person from office 1st is already out of office but the idea is that it would bar the person from then seeking higher office in the future what do you think the motivation is behind seeking while we're talking about the 25th amendment 1st of all and that's all i'm suggesting that's probably not going to happen now we're talking about impeachment what do you think is the motivation for pushing trump out of office given the fact he's only got like $1314.00 days or so to run in his term anyway what are people of faith he's going to do. well i guess maybe there are 3 separate
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things one is again did this fear that he could create even greater problems in the remaining 13 days so that even though that period of time is pleadingly brief that there is still his remains an exceptionally powerful human being as we all know and that he could cause greater damage to the country i suppose the 2nd point is this idea that he has violated his oath to the constitution rather than in defending the constitution we could say that he has actually emerged as an enemy of the constitution and he deserves to be punished for that and then i suppose the 3rd thing as we already just discussed is to make sure that he can restage come back in 2024 so it suppose there are 3 separate elements behind the thinking about to removing him from office now donald some wasn't the only one who was.
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saying provocative things ahead of these riots rudy giuliani his lawyer for example was was quoted as saying similar things as well what happens if nobody is prosecuted for provoking or inciting this violence what message does that send. well i again it's kind of you know it's very difficult as a legal matter to prove a case of incitement i mean if you go out and you say something like we need to fight the results of this that still action you can easily come along and say hey by sight i didn't mean actually sickly engaging in some kind of foreign concept so it is a difficult thing i think what is important is that these people are roundly condemned for having created a climate and have issued the kind of dog whistles that made this kind of attack if not inevitable than highly probable so i don't think it's necessarily critical
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to make sure that these people who are responsible are actually brought up on criminal charges as much as that we have a deep national reckoning with the kind of perversion of the civil discourse of the country which really made this attack happen good to get your thoughts on this long as douglas professor of law jurisprudence and social thought at last called we appreciate it sir thank you very much indeed a pleasure. very more ahead on the news hour including why south africa struggling to come up with an effective vaccine rollout strategy an unwanted coffee break how call for 19 and the low prices for being so threatening colombia's harvest. and in sports the n.b.a. star that made it rain the freeze in portland basketball action coming up later in the program.
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the indonesian florida linked to the 2002 bali bombing has been freed from prison i will back up bashir had served 10 years of a 15 year jail term more than 200 people were killed in the attack a stern his prime minister said russia's release is distressing to the families of those who died the most victims were foreign tourists including $88.00 strain ians jessica washington reports from the prison in bogor one of indonesia's most high profile inmates is now a free man. let go into a prison after more than a decade behind bars he was serving a 15 year sentence for his role in funding a militant training camp in indonesia's northwest and was given sentence productions for good behavior but for many the name abu bakar bashir is
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a reminder of the worst bomb attack in indonesia in history more than 200 people died when bombs ripped through bali's tourist district at the hands of the group jemaah islamiya the shia was one of the co-founders of the group and its organizational head at the time of the attacks. in 2002 too many was working as a cashier at a popular club in bali and at the end i could hardly stand the pain from the buttons i had to hold on to my intestines i was afraid the inside of my stomach would fall out her burns have healed but her hearing never recovered and she still feels traumatized happy but he said he has done his sentence and that's the law but as a victim i feel so angry in australia memorial sites have been built to honor the 88 australians killed in the blast 6 of them were eric to hearts friends he was burnt trying to rescue others from the wreckage of a nightclub he says bashir his release is a disappointment he's never regretted it he's never owned up to it but i thought i
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could still remains australian prime minister scott morrison says the release is difficult to accept this is very distressing. to the friends and families of of the of the australians the idea of the strike ins who were killed in the bali bombings of 2002 i still remember that diary very vividly like i'm sure many of stratton's do but she has supporters have long called for him to be freed because of his aids and poor help but the question of his release has always been controversial now with his sentence up authorities in indonesia had no choice but to let him go but he will be monitored by police for the rest of his life. security experts say his influence has diminished during his time behind bars this doesn't change the equation. in indonesia and it doesn't suddenly
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sure there are going to be more terrorist attacks or that he will do any inciting to terrorists. he often describes himself as just a preacher but for those who survived the bali bombings. will forever be remembered as a symbol of jessica washington al-jazeera. a court in pakistan has sentenced the leader of an armed group to 15 years in prison for terrorism financing zakk over who's a top commander of the alaska tell you the group is accused by india and the u.s. of being behind the 2008 moon by attacks the charges and sentence brought by pakistan are not related to any specific incident the u.s. state department's welcoming the development but also warns like the trial for the moon by attacks a south korean court has ordered japan to pay compensation to $12.00 women used as sex slaves during world war 2 so says their treatment amounted to
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a crime against humanity japan's described the ruling as regrettable and unacceptable but what bride reports from so. the culmination of a case that has gone on for 8 years this was a significant ruling by seoul's district court tomorrow. i feel deeply moved it is the very 1st court ruling in favor of these victims of the japanese. the case was brought on behalf of 12 surviving so-called comfort women or their families young women or girls who were forced to work in wartime brothels by the japanese imperial army during world war 2 the court ruled all had enjoyed unimaginable mental and physical pain and had not been compensated they were each awarded the equivalent of more than $90000.00 u.s. dollars to give them a good compared only to mortal this could have wider consequences japan prides itself on being
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a civilised country yet it has not addressed this humanitarian issue since this defeat in 1945. japan has refused to recognize this case maintaining it goes against the internationally held norm of sovereign immunity that no nation can prosecute another through its courts. we demand that south korea takes the appropriate response to correct this breach of international law as far as japan is concerned this issue is over it says all matters relating to south korea's wartime suffering were settled by an agreement in 1965 when the 2 countries normalized relations and that a further compensation agreement specifically for the comfort women was signed in 2015 that was meant to settle the matter finally and irreversibly tokyo has been angered by other court rulings in favor of south korean victims of war time forced labor that led to deteriorating diplomatic relations and the trade dispute
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and this latest ruling looks certain to 1st. the sour relations but for south korea's comfort women in this case represents a form of justice after more than 75 years problem bride al jazeera so stephen has a senior associate professor at the international christian university in tokyo he says both countries have politicized the issue which is a disservice to the women seeking justice but this comes at a very precarious time and bilateral relations between japan and south korea. both publics see each other each other's country at a very low level there is little trust between the governments and it really has something to do with domestic politics in both countries as well as the deep politicized ation of issues such as the comfort women issue. marilee from the south korean side but the japanese as well they do hold blame for not being upfront
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and forthright about their responsibility for these women the koreans have the moral argument here that they say the greatest acts against these women should be acknowledged by the state of japan but on the other hand you know the japanese have the legal argument here in 1065 at the normalization treaty as well as the 2015 comfort women agreement on the south koreans and the japanese at the governmental level made a commitment to put these issues behind them and there was funds transfer to these could comfort women and their families so it's a complicated issue it's an emotional issue and quite frankly from a 3rd country what if you think these women are being. victimized all over by by the japanese government as well as the south korean government by continuing its the bringing this up and not solving the issue. the united arab emirates will reopen its air sea and land borders with qatar on saturday qatar airways has already rerouted some flights through saudi air space with the 1st flight from doha
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to johannesburg on thursday saudi arabia the u.a.e. buckley and egypt agreed this week to restore ties with after the 3 and a half year book aid and some of the joining us now to talk us through some of the details how is this going to work out in practicalities. well the announcement comes from the undersecretary of the foreign ministry in contrast to what we saw from saudi arabia where the foreign minister as well as other high ranking officials not just welcomed the emir of qatar but announced this that they will be lifting the blockade so it is worth noting that a not a lot of details have come out on what this gradual lifting means as the air space and space bill become open to cut 3 flights and ships from saturday what will it mean for people how will they be able to travel back to their families it is worth remembering that there is a lot of tribal and family ties among the people of catherine other blockading nations including saudi arabia and bahrain this is the 2nd country which has
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announced that it will be opening its airspace and. space to see bar borders to other what is interesting is that united arab emirates remains the most invested country against the blockade in the blockade against qatar if you remember just 3 years ago the united arab emirates launched a very active campaign on media and social media and when the blockade began there were active campaigns run not just from. the soil but also lobbyists who were hired elsewhere as well so a lot has been said and done in the last 3 years so it will take time before all of the relations are back to normal but it is a welcome development which has been welcomed by our not just players inside the gulf arab nations but also from outside world as well people saying that now that these ties are rebuilt being rebuilt again it will make easier especially in the fight against corporate and the movement of goods and people but
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a lot has been said that there's a lot of water under the bridge in the last 3 years and there are no real friends or enemies in diplomacy once you've invested so much against a country it will take that much more longer before ties can back to normal some of thanks very much indeed osama bin heard talking to us from here in doha. london's mayor has declared a major incident for the city as hospitals are struggling to deal with covert 97 cons warning that the british capital is at a crisis point john hall is joining us now live from london tell us more about what he's been saying. yes well this news just in the mayor of london city essentially calling a medical emergency across london across the city's hospitals which we know are struggling to cope with the rising infection rate here as much as anything else caused by this extremely vigilant variant of the coded fire us at the same time the
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office for national statistics told us earlier today that in the week up to jan or the 2nd 1100000 fetal had the corona virus that is the proportion of one in 50 of the population of england rising to 130 here in the capital so it is rampant at the moment out of control that's been pointed out many times on thursday we heard loud warnings from the national health service from leaders of the national health service warning about the capacity of london hospitals to cut 30000 people countrywide are currently in hospital that is a record figure here in london they are being admittedly to hospital at a rate of around $800.00 people per day to give you an idea of the size of that that is the entire capacity of some thomas' hospital one of the flagship hospitals here in the capital and the big warning on thursday was that over the course of the next week to 10 days or so leading up to the middle of january this year is that if
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infection rates of admission rates continue to rise at various level hospital beds will simply run out with a shortage across england of 5 and a half 1000 beds possibly by the middle of january all of this of course gives rise to the all full spectrum of doctors and nurses in n.h.s. hospitals not just here in london but of course the focus at the moment is here in london having to make life and death decisions within the next week to 2 possibly over the next couple of months about who they will be able to treat and who they will have to leave in just a few hours ago we were hearing from britain's transport secretary he was saying things very the vaccinations might not be effective against the south africa. variants of the virus what's going on with that. well yes this is another big concern of course because the race right now is very clearly between the virus and the vaccine even though there is a lockdown in place the lockdown itself is not going to do all of the job that
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needs to be done grant shapps the transport secretary earlier announcing sweeping new entry requirements for people coming into the country trying to control the border trying to keep that south african variant out he said but there are concerns about how effective the vaccines available might be against particularly the highly transmissible south african variant of the vaccine may not respond in the same way to the south african village he said so we simply cannot take any chances interesting lee on this though there is a new report that is out a study a lump or a tree study that's been made in america by pfizer the drug manufacturer with a biotech that put together one of those vaccines along with scientists from the university of texas they believe that the pfizer vaccine will work against the particular mutation present in both the u.k. and the south africans the so-called n 501 why this doesn't of course apply necessarily to the oxford astra zeneca
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vaccine that's the other one available here nor specifically to the modern of vaccine which is just today being given approval by the u.k. medicines regulator we await date there on both of those the hope is that the government is here simply pointing out the fact that there are concerns you can't be 100 percent certain of course rather than that they might know something about those other vaccines that the rest of us perhaps do not turn to thanks very much indeed john holl in london it's time for the weather here's rob. a couple of days ago again this vehicle would hit the finals of china and in among these conditions a minus 40 to minus 50 is the day starts doesn't get much better to be honest as the day goes on that it wasn't snow of any significance most people but for some parts of china for example chandon this potential here of the yellow sea there was snow and they'll be a bit more but it's 10th die out same is true in south korea but in japan it's just been piling up in western home she right up to to her kind of 0 temperatures here
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are slowly on the rise back up to near normal supporters to a subzero with snow every day and the cold is leaked all the way to answer china down to hong kong hong kong by day you'd expect to be about 9000 by night about 50 well we're 12 at best with an increasingly cold wind as we get towards monday so it's not a short spell of cold this is going to continue for a few days yet nothing much else happens in china some kind of little bit of snow but mostly we're just talking cold and as that cold relatively speaking comes further south it tends to make the showers over the philippines and over malaysia because of of indonesia pretty deep some big falls we've seen flooding around kuala lumpur just to the east that will carry on i think for the next 2 days still ahead and al jazeera hitting boeing where it hurts the american aircraft maker is ordered to pay more than 2 $1000000000.00 another round of negotiations begins between indian farmers and the government after months of protests. and it's been
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a long time coming but the former astray a captain finally delivers at test level the latest cricket coming up in a sport he's. ok calm and make sure you're not hyping the think you may be part of the debate my main characters are women when no topic is off the table there was in the last allow no. child marriage to happen legally these are basically archaic walls they are often legitimized and legalized pedophile an era online jumping to the quick $16.18 to be part of the discussion this stream on out is the era. al-jazeera world is into the murky world of state sponsored spyware. and the discovery by al jazeera journalists that syria technology pakistan's smartphones their food system
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. is this the new frontier of espionage. think about the sophistication of exports to break into phones this is as good as it gets. the spy on your phone and just there i. thought you know it is either a mind of our top stories this hour u.s. president donald trump has condemned his supporters for storming the capitol building on what the state is also pledged to a peaceful transition as calls grow for his early removal from office. indonesian
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cleric who founded the group behind the 2002 bali bombing has been freed from prison bashir served 10 years of a 15 year jail term 202 people mostly for them to list were killed in the attack. a man of london has declared a major incident in the british capital as hospital struggle to cope with a number of coronavirus patients city khan said the city is a crisis point and he fears the health system could be overwhelmed. united states has reported a record number of deaths from corona virus in the past 24 hours more than 4000 its top infectious disease experts as warning the number of deaths and infections is likely to keep rising in specially to people traveled over the holiday season rob reynolds reports from the sun's rays. cope with 19 deaths in the u.s. reached a new record peak on thursday with more than 4000 perishing from the virus los
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angeles is one of the epicenters of a pandemic that is raging out of control over $1000.00 is now everywhere and infecting more people than ever a test positivity rate is 21.6 percent countywide at our drive through and walk to testing set in the city of los angeles it's 25.13 percent 259 people died from cova 19 in los angeles on wednesday more than all the homicides in the city last year in all more than 11000 deaths have been recorded in los angeles since the pandemic began we are truly in a crisis mode right now california's public health officials have ordered the states badly overextended hospitals to postpone all non-essential surgeries it's very tough for somebody to tell you that you cannot get over the middle row for something that you desperately need testing centers across the country are
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swamp with additional cases of the more infectious variant 1st identified in the u.k. spreading in more locations around the country there are also concerns about a variant found in south africa which seems resistant to some covert treatments some of those mutations might have a negative impact on the efficacy of some of the monoclonal antibodies that are used so we're looking into that very carefully. some frontline health workers began receiving their 2nd dose of that scene like these in illinois that is they start to getting you know moving on with life as usual and now all we really hope for is for the rest of the community to be allowed the same opportunity the worst may be yet to come as people infected over the winter holidays start needing care public officials are begging people please stay home don't be stupid i know how tough it
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is right now i know how much people need to be together i know how much they want to be together but if people die they will never be together a dire warning as the virus continues its relentless spread robert oulds al jazeera los angeles. and south africa there are concerns the government won't meet its targets of vaccinated 2 thirds of the population against covert 19 by the end of the year although the government has secured some vaccines it still well short of the millions of doses it needs from it a mother has more from johannesburg in this mobile footage hospital workers in the president's whole province mourn the death of another colleague to 1000 south africa's battling a 2nd wave of the disease so far tens of thousands of health care workers have contracted the virus and more than $430.00 have died. the need for a vaccine is now more urgent than ever so far the government says it will get $1500000.00 doses of the astra zeneca vaccine by february this fall and we're doing
4:35 pm
that meaning. that provision to achieve it in unity and approach. we thought was for. our communities and therefore we sort of rode. through this to do with the issues we're going to south africa expects to get millions more doses of a vaccine by the 2nd quarter of the year to immunize 10 percent of the population but that still tens of 1000000 short of what's needed to immunize the majority of all 59000000 south africans. this is despite running trials for 4 vaccines 4 months and planning to manufacture a millions of doses for pharmaceutical companies professorship in marty's been leading one of the trials at the barack one of the hospital in some way to the notion of talk if you could convince made 67 percent of its population better and
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of continuing to run unfortunately terrorists with all due respect very naive for the 1st month we would need to fix an $850000.00 people per day 7 days a week from a 2nd one to $1.00 with 4 victims that required 2 doses of vaccine we would need to vaccinate $300000.00 people per day every day of the week and political year for us to get to 67 percent of the population the health care system is already overwhelmed and simply doesn't have the resources to cope with an extensive immunization program coming up with an effective vaccine rollout strategy is not the only challenge for the government according to a survey for the world economic forum conducted in december almost half of all south africans say they won't take over $1000.00 vaccine. a new more in fictious variant of the virus in south africa has raised questions about how effective existing vaccines may be as south africa faces a resurgence of covert 19 that is already exceeding the 1st wave experts
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a while read about a 3rd and 4th wave especially as vaccines for most of the country appear to be a long way off from al-jazeera johannesburg south africa iran's supreme leader's bang the imports of u.s. and british coronavirus vaccines iran is the worst affected country in the middle east with more than 50000 covered 1000 deaths began human trials of a locally developed vaccine last week. then the entrance of american and british vaccines into the country they have thousands of deaths on a daily basis if they could treat this disease with vaccines their people wouldn't die in such huge numbers we can't trust them i'm not very optimistic about france either our officials are allowed to prepare vaccines from other countries but not the us or the u k. 2 major cities in the chinese province have been closed off in response to its most serious outbreak of the virus and months it's part of
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a series of aggressive measures including a mass testing program that's also hoping to vaccinate 15000000 people by mid february training your reports from beijing. works delivering packages across beijing 7 days a week he was one of the 1st in the city to receive a coronavirus vaccination under the chinese government's master program you're going for for both my job and my personal life i feel better off to be reps and i don't fear the various anymore when i'm working on a costumer's and no longer worry about me. china says it's planning to vaccinate 50000000 people nationwide by mid february doses are provided for free with 9 key groups including those working in transport and the just sticks 1st in line in beijing 220 vaccination centers have been set up with thousands being inoculated every day this is the biggest a vaccination center china's leaders are desperate to vaccinate as many people as
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possible before the chinese new year break from the beginning of february hundreds of millions of people travel across the country to spend the week long holiday. but there are concerns china won't be able to produce enough vaccine doses to meet its target. i worry whether they can supply enough those is not an easy thing to supply things every province is asking for things as supplies tight the roll out comes as authorities battle a new coronavirus outbreak in the northern city of. 11000000 people are under lockdown following the discovery of dozens of cases travel is leaving the city must produce a recent negative test to show they're free of covered 1910 chinese provinces have begun vaccinating people using doses supplied by side of the 1st chinese vaccine company to be given the green light by government regulators. the company says it will produce 1000000000 vaccines this year experts say 90 percent of china's
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population of 1400000000 needs to receive jobs for the country to achieve so-called heard immediacy. about it by the sign of the efficiency is about 80 percent so if we get 90 percent of our population vaccinated around 70 percent of those who receive jass will be immune maybe it's a stop spreading. china has 2 other vaccines waiting to be approved produced by side of back and the military link company can see no biologics no chinese firm has released final stage of vaccine testing data to the public but more than a 1000000 people nationwide have already received jobs under government and the agency program started in july china plans to begin its 2nd phase of inoculations for the wider public in march katrina al-jazeera beijing international travelers to australia will now be required to show a negative covert 1000 test before boarding
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a plane into the country as part of an effort to stop the spread of a new strain of the virus this as a city of brisbane enters a 3 day lockdown 2000000 people have been told not to leave their homes except for essential business we are going to go hard and we are going to go early out to do everything we can to stop the spread of this virus is incredibly contagious we have to act differently to what we had before any delay could see significant if not catastrophic catastrophic results. boeing has been ordered to pay $2500000000.00 to settle criminal charges for hiding design flaws and its 737 max plane from u.s. regulators fine includes money for the families of those who died in 2 crashes the grounded fleets worldwide laura bowden money reports. boeing's once sterling reputation badly tarnished after it was accused of
4:42 pm
a major cover up the department of justice said the corporation chased profit over canned line before and after target back their craft crashed killing 346 people burning has agreed to pay $2500000000.00 to settle criminal charges about $500000000.00 to compensate the loved ones of the crash victims and the $1700000000.00 to its customers airlines. even note to self published on its website boeing's chief executive said it's a step that ignore lodges how they fell short of values and expectations another significant amount of money boy. can be there as a revenue over $100000000000.00 per year and by its own financial disclosure records it has in cash at any given time or at least at the end of november. $1000000.00 in cash this is a relatively small. in october 2018
4:43 pm
a boeing 737 max took off from jakarta in a flight that should have only taken an hour. minutes later it plummeted into the sea killing all 189 people on board. a few months later in march 2019 the same boeing max model took off from ethiopia's capital addis ababa in clear skies 6 minutes after takeoff it lost contact with air traffic control and hit the ground killing all 157 people on board investigators say a flight control system pushed the aircraft's nose down an automated feature boeing clearly didn't explain in its pilot training manual the discovery led to the boxes immediate grounding the longest in aviation history the greater impact will be on the reputation. of the. in the victim's family some
4:44 pm
things during. exactly stand. since redesigned it's like control system and on december 29 a 737 max took to the skies once again in its 1st commercial u.s. flight since the grounding but despite service is resuming it would take some time for the company to regain public trust lure about a manly al-jazeera. the indian government's holding another round of talks with farmers unions to try to resolve the standoff over controversial agricultural reforms thousands of farmers took part in a truck to procession in new delhi as a show of force ahead of the meeting they've been protesting in the capital since november denouncing the changes which they believe well under cut prices but the government has refused to back down saying the reforms benefit farmers. at a protest in point job and she explains what's at stake for farmers there. were
4:45 pm
just small protest and party. where people have forced the closure of a petrol station owned by one of india's biggest companies reliance and that's what i am wary of reliance is perceived interests in the agriculture sector people have been coming here to protest every day since the government passed to make an agricultural laws and september thomas say that the laws leave them at the mercy of large corporations which will dictate prices for their projects and that they will lose minimum prices which are being guaranteed by the government decades and from this in punjab say that they have the most to lose from these new doors and that's because punjab is known as india's bread basket it produces 30 percent of all the grains in the country these are crops which assured minimum prices and people here feel that that makes them particularly vulnerable to price drops there are small protests like these taking place all over the state and hundreds of thousands of
4:46 pm
people from here have also traveled to delhi's borders to protests they have continued throughout the cold one to in fact tens of farmers have died on these borders but despite the hardships they say they aren't going to stop until the government repealed its 3 from. coffee farmers across colombia are suffering the worst shortage of workers in years the number of temporary workers is done by nearly a half because of fears of covert 19 prices for beings. he reports from fredonia. during a normal harvest season this steep mountains of the center isabelle farm would be alive with coffee pickers. hard at work selecting the best beans of the country's famous wheat arabica but this season hiring the labor has become harder amid the falling prices in the 1000 pandemic. we went from 800 or 1000
4:47 pm
workers to 400 and not all at the same time we've been dealing with a reduction for the last couple of years but the pandemic exacerbated it. for centuries colombia's coffee business depended on armies of seasonal workers picking the beans by hand it's physically demanding and less only a few months older workers can make up to $30.00 per day. but with the added risk of the pandemic the majority of workers this year more experienced older men are venezuelan migrants like a genius who took a chance year after losing her job in the coastal city of kut to hana. i think it's been hard because i was not used to it but you adapt if you think about the family i have to take care of my mother and daughter and how to hina obviously i'm worried about getting the virus especially since i'm undocumented and contraceptive care. workers and prevent outbreaks farms of introduced biosecurity measures like
4:48 pm
hand-washing stations and expanding dormitories to try to reduce the chances of contact but farmers say they're also facing competition from illegal coca farms that can pay workers more. as that and the fact that the picking culture is disappearing people don't want to do it anymore. but some coffee experts believe the solution to these problems lies far away from these fields and the coffee trading market in switzerland where a few major companies like starbucks and by most coffee in the world keeping prices low thanks to their bargaining power they've got the farmers are being paid today 75 percent almost less than they were paid a dear on their day international coffee agreement of $1000.00 the 3 these are in christmas 300 labor and forced migration and of course if you don't change the school business model of the of the industry you will not find enough because
4:49 pm
a tilted international market the need to change the old ways in a deadly pandemic all point to a crisis brewing in colombia's coffee fields leaving farmers and workers at risk alison the m.p. 83 don't you. still ahead in sports the global warming foss track continues 2020 is confirmed as one of the hottest years on record. and in sports the olympic games are in question again as tokyo goes under a state of the nerves and sick details coming up later in the program. business leaders is both to buy no brass pot.
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business leaders just want to buy no bra spot. on the.
4:51 pm
2020 and 2016 are now tied as the warmest years on record according to the european union's climate monitoring service scientists say unprecedented heat levels in the oxic and siberia what a major factor in the overall rise in temperatures last year but they could stabilize of emissions are rapidly reduced over warming is caused more droughts how to conserve wildfires freya von borg is a senior scientist at the e.u.'s copernicus climate change service and she says it's hard to know what impact could on a virus restrictions have had on climate change. quite in the national in the climate since the very even day there was a reduction in emissions in 2020 compared to be able for. doesn't translate immediately into a production and right rate of c
4:52 pm
o 2 and darkness if they we need that. concentrations in atmosphere increase by about. 2 a little bit about 2 ppm according to preliminary numbers and the reason for that is that you know that water counting emissions but nevertheless we did add a lot of c o 2 into the atmosphere and it's not. have continued to increase. similarly with temperatures there is not a direct match between the concentrations of one year and quite a slow responding to them so even if we were to come emissions completely which we did not do last year there will still be a large reform of the temperature with the temperature increase for a number of years and even decades if we don't reduce emissions but i'm not optimistic that they will be we will see a different trend in global temperatures than the one to have been projected in the past based on. climate model through. and that would have long term effect
4:53 pm
not only in the arctic but across the globe and also across different types of. climate climate events. in a heatwave and other another extreme. sport is far off rob thank you so much we start with football in liverpool's f.a. cup tie against aston villa well go ahead go ahead shut down their training ground after a number of players return positive coded 19 test results the club are preparing a team of young players for the game against the reds it follows discussions with the f.a. and the premier league. around the drink code you sitting down could miss their next game because of close contact with a covert 1000 case the frenchman didn't take training on thursday he did however return a negative coronavirus test later in the day it's now 4 legged to decide whether is it dan is clear to travel with his squad for their game against also soon on saturday. former future president sepp blatter has been taken to hospital and is in
4:54 pm
serious but stable condition according to swiss media reports blotters daughter says the 84 year old is getting better every day he's struggled with health problems over the past couple of years latter spent 17 years as the head of football before being removed from office in 2015 he was suspended from the game for 6 years where a 2000000 dollars payment to the new way for boss michel platini in 2011 they to maintain they have done nothing wrong. batsman steve smith start for australia with a century on day 2 of the 3rd test against india in sydney the former aussie captain scored $131.00 to end of run the of 8 test matches without reaching 3 acres the home side were dismissed however for 338 runs after a 1st innings collapse in response india were on 96 for 2 stops. i rate a lot of things as i think i've said numerous times and many people said i was out
4:55 pm
of form so it was nice to i guess come back into form if that's what you want to call it. now it was only about 3 or 4 weeks ago i think us go to hundreds of the us a.j. so yeah it kind of just makes me laugh sometimes when people say that kind of things missed out in 1st 2 test matches obviously and come back today. and scored some runs and hope i guess producing a decent decision so. all. won't. be easy ball be told if we can create. senior international committee member richard pound says he can't be certain the postponed tokyo olympics will go ahead as planned in 6 months time his comments come as tokyo declared a state of emergency due to the record number of corona virus cases in the city and surrounding areas the emergency order will be in force until the 1st week of
4:56 pm
february the torch relay is set to begin our march 25th with 10000 runners expected to participate the opening ceremony is planned for july 23rd reigning n.b.a. champions the l.a. lakers have suffered their 3rd defeat of the season despite an impressive 27 point to play for the bron james they went down at home against the semitone ios earners the visitors 118-2109 means the lakers are 3rd in the west with a 6 and 3 record. over in portland damian lillard scored $39.00 including $73.00 pointers to lead the trailblazers to win over the minnesota timberwolves portland such a franchise record with $47.00 points in the 2nd quarter as they cruised 21352170 with. one group to. go on the defensive. rebounder will always move with those who really didn't.
4:57 pm
much sustain. you know who rose to the way a cleveland cavaliers who are also winners on thursday drummond scored 22 points to help and beat the memphis grizzlies 94 to 90. defending australian open champion is through to the 3rd round of the abu dhabi open so he can and went through after her opponent kirsten flipkens injured her ankle during the match the belgian was one set up but was trailing 54 in the 2nd when she twisted her ankle can and will play 13 seed yulia saver next. i know nsdap there has booked ter place into the 3rd round the tunisian fought back from a set down to beats catarina bond a rank 057662 jabber will be helping to better her performance at last year's australian open when she became the 1st arab woman to reach the quarterfinals of a grand slam. i am that is how your sport for now rob back to fire thank you very
4:58 pm
much indeed and that's it for me for this news hour more days has of course on the website al-jazeera dot com but i'm going to be back in a moment with more of the day's news join me then if you can't buy from. frank assessments you've got colleagues on the ground at the canaries what is the situation there is only one doctor and one nurse or $1.00 to $200.00 people informed opinion how big does foreign policy in the early stages of a bi ministration he comes into office with a huge amount of foreign policy experience in-depth analysis of the day global headlines how will a place like good little get the vaccine when there's no money at all the rest of rich countries are fighting for inside story on al-jazeera. coveted beyond. taken without hesitation forgotten died for our. power defines
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our. babies were dying. it's the babies the. people in power investigate exposes and question the use and abuse of power around the globe. announces there. is only a change because. that is bigger than their. fundamental political my city around the state representative they put themselves. to make a change yes. we should have taken this. we have a disc culture to slosh and born to create new areas we have to change this culture and one of the fortunate ones. that majority of these
5:00 pm
illegal ever so talk about are just good hardworking people that want to live the american dream like our ancestors these are here to refugees are terrified that they may be forced to return to being more. my focus now turns to ensuring a smooth orderly and seamless transition of power donald trump finally acknowledges the imminent end of his presidency as pressure grows for him to be impeached. about this and this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up the british capital is at crisis point 2 london's mayor declares
5:01 pm
a major incident overcovered 19 and says hospitals are overwhelmed. because record became the face of the 2002.


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