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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 7, 2021 9:00pm-10:01pm +03

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sneeze into your 0. 0. you're watching the news our life from headquarters in doha and daddy navigator coming up in the next 60 minutes joe biden's electoral victory is certified by congress despite donald trump's followers storming capitol hill in an attempt to stop proceedings. only with your shoes on the president as you come on we're not just lose you really lose a. son a republican congressman joins democrats in demanding donald trump's removal by his
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cabinet using a law for an unfit president's trump has been blocked from posting on facebook and instagram he's bound on told joe biden's inauguration. while washington is consumed by political chaos the u.s. records its worst ever daily death toll from the coronavirus and a new outbreak leads to restrictions in tokyo and poses a new threat to the rescheduled olympic games. on devon ash with sports his n.b.a. basketball teams react with dismay it to the scenes in washington d.c. with several players it taking the need to protest against this doubling of the capital and the decision not to charge at police officer who shot a black man in wisconsin. welcome to the news hour it's now quiet in capitol hill and why. d.c.
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about 24 hours after hundreds of donald trump supporters stormed the premises in a failed attempt to block congress from certifying joe biden's election when it was only in the early hours of thursday that congress finally certified the results or 4 people died in the chaos that followed the attend to stop the vote certification and democrats and some prominent republicans are now accusing donald trump of inciting the violence some are even demanding his cabinet should invoke the 25th amendment of the constitution to remove him from office on the grounds he's unfit or trump later said there would be a peaceful transition of power despite disagreeing with the outcome how to castro begins our coverage from washington d.c. . it took an armed guard to ensure congress could certify joe biden as the winner of the u.s. presidential election the votes for president of the united states are as follows joseph r. by jr of the state of delaware has received 360 books. for the state of
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florida has received $232.00 votes vice president mike pence made the announcement and refused president donald trump's demand to prevent the certification politicians could only complete their work after supporters of trump stormed the capitol building forcing a 6 hour delay. we were not because. of this chamber. mobs or through this mob it was in good part president trump's doing incited by his words. his lawyer. earlier violence that shocked the nation and threaten the safety of congress members serve to change some republicans like senator kelly left her freshly off her reelection loss in georgia who withdrew her objection to certifying biden's
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when my objection was intended to protect the sanctity of the american democratic process but many trump loyalists stuck to their defense of the president president trump explicitly called for demonstrations and protests to be peaceful he was far more you can moan and groan but he was far more explicit about his calls for peace than some of the b.l.m. and left wing rioters were this summer when we saw violence sweep across this nation trump who often uses twitter to praise supporters and attack detractors in real time was silent through the night a result of twitter blocking him for 12 hours after he called the crowds patriots and again lied that he won the election that unsubstantiated claim rejected 60 times over in court was also dismissed by senator lindsey graham one of trump's closest allies that maybe i am above all others in this body need to say this
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joe biden and kamel are harris are lawfully elected. and will become the president and the vice president the united states on january 20th normally a short process with little fanfare this year's congressional certification of the presidential election result was anything but rather it became a test of the strength of u.s. democracy and a statement that violence cannot prevail castro al-jazeera washington or facebook is banning president trump from posting on its platforms a police then told joe biden's inauguration c.e.o. mark zuckerberg said in a statement it was clear donald trump intended to use his remaining time in office to undermine the peaceful transition of power he wrote this we believe the risks of allowing the president to continue to use our service during this period are simply
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too great therefore we are extending the block we have placed on his facebook and instagram accounts indefinitely for at least the next 2 weeks until the peaceful transition of power is complete alan fischer is standing by at the white house for reaction but 1st we'll bring in practical hane to set the scene for us. in capitol hill. it's a very different scene than of around this time yesterday when the police rushed in and said there's a suspicious package all of the media needs to get out we went out and then we saw the mob of people just descending from where they had been protesting surrounding the capitol it's a much more secure scene today national guard troops have been seen on the streets now they're putting up a what they call a 7 foot unscalable fence but there are a lot of questions about just how prepared police were how they behaved towards those protesters the chief of the capitol hill police put out a statement praising what he called that his officers responded valiantly but there
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are real questions about why they didn't have more people why they didn't have better security and people are now starting to go to their offices our capitol hill one con. said that they stole a laptop there to try to clean up the damage figure out the extent of it find those responsible because a lot of the outrage is about how those protesters were treated they were necessarily arrested there selfies are they were taken there's pictures on social media of what appears to be a police officer taking selfies with some of the protestors another video on social media shows it what appears to be capital police moving the barricades and letting people in so there are some real questions because of this unprecedented attack on the nation's capital let's take a look at how it all unfold. the u.s. capitol building under siege. thousands of president donald trump's followers surrounded the building and burst in the result a remarkable scene of lawmakers clean and the police seemingly overwhelmed social
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media filled with pictures of trump's followers and offices in the chambers running free in what is supposed to be one of the most protected buildings in the country it started as u.s. president donald trump called his supporters to protest what he falsely claimed was a stolen election rally in them up with inflammatory words and misinformation are we going to walk down to the capitol. and we're going to cheer on our brave senators and congressmen and women as a joint session of congress met to certify the election the president's followers heeded his words and descended on the capitol chaos by. tear gas and flash bangs to try and push them back from the front of the capitol others moved to the back quickly pushing through a lot of police many entering the building congress was dismissed and it's members blood at one point reports of an armed standoff at least one protester was shot and
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killed several officers injured the incoming president responded this is not to sent. it's disorder it's chaos it borders on sedition and it must and now i call on this mob to pull back and allow the work of democracy to go forward he demanded the president tell his supporters to go home and trump did but continue to repeat his lies i know your pain i know you're hurt we had an election that was stolen from us it was a landslide election and everyone knows it. what do we expect the impact of all of this to be on the republican party going forward patty. well it seems after this it's pretty clear that republican politicians are going to have to choose to they
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continue to see donald trump as the president the head of their party or do they say this simply was just too much we're starting to see some indications of some of them going that way but let's not forget more than 100 members of the house still voted to question the election with absolutely no basis in fact as i mentioned there's been over 60 lawsuits that have been thrown out there's no evidence of widespread fraud are they going to continue to perpetuate that because of fealty to the president or fear of the president he said he was going to remain relevant he said anyone who goes against me i'm going to make sure that they lose their job in their next primary does that fear continue to hold this party i think a lot of that is going to depend on 2 things the polling did this actually make the president lose support among his base the other thing what happens next there's a real sense in washington that this might not be over buildings all across the capital are still boarded up and just one of the protesters who was arrested myself
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and my crew yesterday it's we were pushing him back he said look will be back he mumbled something in this breath that sounded a little bit like with our guns so they're still real fear that this unprecedented move by these protesters might not he ended it. thank you for reporting from capitol hill for us cross over to the white house and bring in alison he's joining us from there what we've seen so far allan is one significant reservation resignation excuse me do we expect more to follow. well we've had a lot of talk a lot of speculation but as you say very little action mick mulvaney he used to be chief of staff to the president cunningly he was a special envoy to northern ireland as of the last couple of hours he is no longer handed in his resignation said he simply couldn't 7 the trumpet ministration any longer also we saw the resignation on wednesday night of stephanie grisham she was the press secretary for donald trump for some time distinguished herself in that
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role by never holding a briefing in the briefing room she then moved on to become chief of staff to parsley the malani a trump she quit as did a couple of junior staffers but there's been speculation that others are going to go including cabinet secretaries like elaine chao who's also a mad aide to mitch mcconnell the leader of the republicans in the senate rubber o'brien the national security advisor his deputy but they haven't made any move certainly it's been more speculation elbow a lot of chatter about that in washington but no one else has joined mick mulvaney by handing in their resignation there is still talk about invoking the 25th amendment that of course is the amendment that removes the president from power to do that you really need the vice president to sign up and get a majority of the cabinet to help tim kaine who is the democratic senator from virginia former vice presidential candidate he says that's absolutely what everyone should be looking at today but by chuck schumer the leader of the democrats in the
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senate but we've also had from republicans as well bill barr who was of course the attorney general under donald trump he resigned just a couple of weeks ago he's scorched donald trump with his comments in the last 24 hours saying that what he did was a betrayal of his office and his supporters and orchestrating a more is simply inexcusable and adam killings are who's a congressman from illinois well he says it's time to invoke the 25th amendment. only would you change the president has become not just from his. son is for this reason the home of the vice president can. you say. the same. and we know that we will be hearing from the president on facebook and instagram his accounts have been suspended for at least the next 2 weeks but will we be seeing
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donald trump today of course we were told that he would continue to make phone calls and have meetings is he in the oval office let's take a quick look there is a marine in a dress uniform outside the oval office so that would suggest he's at work in the oval at the moment he has an event today that's going to be the presentation of the presidential medal of freedom to 3 legendary golfers 2 living one posthumously the living golfers anika sort of star and gary player no he had a medal of freedom ceremony on monday for devon nunez who's a big supporter of his in congress our republican congressman from california that was held behind closed doors there were only official cameras there from the white house it could well be that don't trump wants to do exactly the same thing this time around so they can avoid any questions from the media so he's going to go to camp david on friday keep them away from washington for
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a little bit but at the moment we've heard nothing from the president he hasn't been able to get on twitter because he's still banned for the time being but he did of course say that there would be a peaceful transition of power although he insisted again but making that statement through his deputy chief of staff that the election had been stolen from this sort of comments this part of the violence we saw which started about 24 hours ago allan we'll be checking in with you over the next few hours for the time being allan fessor thank you. well bruce fein is a former us associate deputy attorney general and constitutional lawyer and he says there are grounds for using the 25th amendment to remove trump an action that would ultimately benefit the vice president mike pence mr trump has shown that he is mentally incapable of discharging the duties of his office which include faithfully executing the laws in upholding in defending the constitution of the united states this is
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a min who yesterday incited sedition against the united states' plane courage and violence to prohibit the fusion of the process by which we count electoral vote and that surely satisfy its least mental inability. to discharge the duties of his office i believe that this certainly is feasible mr pence certainly would have an incentive to undertake that path because mr trump basic cli has called him a coward denigrated him humiliated him in every which way imaginable because mr punch pence stuck to the constitution and said he could only count the votes not decide which ones were valid or not. may be more problematic to get a majority of the cabinet to go along because they are all trump appointees. but the process is very very fast you just need to put it in writing with the names you don't have to have the hearings or or as
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a supreme court justice presiding i think it will depend a little bit upon what trent does in the next day or 2 he said that he wants a peaceful transition or expects it but mr trump's words are not worth anything. an increasing number of republicans are now blaming donald trump for another big setback for the party and that's the twin election defeat sinne crucial senate runoff races in georgia the democratic wins have given the party control of the upper chamber and now joe biden's party has a majority in both houses making it easier to confirm his nominees and pass new laws and tussle when i am reports from atlanta. the seismic shift for the democrats in georgia reverberated and was celebrated across the united states but the historic victory of reverend raphael warnock was perhaps best savored in the neighborhood where he preaches at the famed ebenezer baptist church.
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and the welcome that they. had no shortage of representation in washington for the 1st time in 20 years georgians are sending not one but 2 democrats to the senate warnock made history by becoming georgia's 1st african-american senator and only the 11th black senator in u.s. history. after taking voters for putting their faith in him warnock wasted no time addressing the nation's coppa dighton health and economic crises we are dealing with folks who are facing eviction. people who have been waiting for months for relief and they saw politicians play the same old game last week we should have already passed its $2000.00 stimulus check and i can't wait to get to work boots on and represent people's concerns in the united states senate 33 year old democrat john aasif is the youngest member of the senate he is the jewish son of an
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immigrant and the c.e.o. of a documentary production company. let's emulate the spirit of courage and heroism of those who have given so much to the health response to this crisis as we unite as a people to overcome this challenge of code 19 and to build a republic that lives up to our highest ideals of equality in god's eyes and equal justice under the law the democratic upset in georgia is also a victory for the army of grassroots organizations workers and volunteers who spent years registering black and minority voters an effort that never seized while republicans were a bit busy attacking the governor and my boss the democrats rather knocking on doors getting people to turn out to vote. republicans kelly lefler and david perdue have yet to concede saying they would exhaust every resource to ensure quote all
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legal votes were counted between the november election and the senate runoff more than 76000 new voters registered the new georgia project says more than 112000 people who didn't vote in the presidential election voted in this runoff that kind of organizing prowess will surely be studied by both parties and immolated if possible in other states natasha going to name al-jazeera atlanta. well this political chaos and violence dominates washington the u.s. has more than 132000 coronavirus patients in hospital more than it any time since the pandemic began the country recorded its worst ever a daily death toll on wednesday with more than 3800 fatalities critics say people aren't being vaccinated fast enough because of a lack of direction from the government center of the crisis california that's where officials say there's a new death on average every 15 minutes let's bring in andy gallagher and he's
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joining us from miami florida which and he has also had a record number of new virus cases on wednesday. if we look back to july when we previously had biggest single day of new cases that was around 15000 that was in the summer here where people tend to be indoors you can understand that but on wednesday that number increased to almost 800000 so the situation here in the state of florida is is dire at the moment more than 20000 people in this state have died all of course being compounded by that overly slow rollout of the vaccines even discussion now about whether they can reduce that 1st dose whether they should lengthen the time between doses because of course it's about $21.00 days for at least one of those vaccines meanwhile experts here are saying things will get worse before they get better because what i've seen here over the past few days is frankly quite disturbing
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a lot of americans traveling to the state of florida presumably for some winter going around on boats eating in restaurants when those kinds of things happen health experts say a few weeks later you will see yet another rise in cases and of course fatal a season here in miami dade county this is the single biggest state for deaths and for new cases so it is a dire situation in this state one that may only get worse as things go by and these vaccines tend to be rolling out very very slowly of course this state has a large population of people aged over 65 they make about around 20 percent of the entire state's population and they really can't get this vaccine into their arms soon enough and in california of course really hard hit by coronavirus but what are you hearing about the wider us and the situation across the country. well if we look at the states that are being impacted hardest at the moment they are of course the most populous states it's california it's texas and then it's
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florida in that order but there are other places like west virginia reporting higher than ever hospitalize ations some places in the midwest are going through similar things this covert 19 pandemic is still running while the health and health experts say that while many people wait maybe letting their guards down because they know the vaccine is coming that they absolutely shouldn't do that it sounds like i'm being a broken record right now but the health advice is the same as it's been since the start of this pandemic it is where a mask socially distance and regularly wash your hands but from the start of this whole thing there's not been a federal plan or trumpet ministration plan to tackle this and that is really crippling the effort to get these vaccines out to the people that need it most and now there are around 20000000 people in this country who are age 65 and over and over our front line health care workers the government promised that they would be 20000000 people vaccinated by the end of 2020 that number is closer to 5000000 so
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only about a quarter of what was promised that has to speed up if these figures are not to keep rising and people will ultimately lose their lives if that doesn't happen and happen soon and the caliber reporting from miami florida thank you for the u.k. is increasing its capacity to immunize as many priority people as possible as the number of covert 1000 cases and deaths continue to rise more than 52 and a half 1000 people ties that positive for the virus on thursday that's around 10000 fewer than on wednesday more than a 1000 people died the prime minister boris johnson says almost 1500000 people have now received the 1st dose of a vaccine. if all goes well these together should have the capacity to deliver hundreds of thousands of vaccines per day by january the 15th and it is our plan that everyone should have a vaccination available within a radius of 10 miles and it follows from that that the limits will not be on our
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distribution of power but on the supply of vaccines and i have no doubt that we have enough supply to vaccinate these 4 groups by the fed by the 15th deadline and we also have the distributional network to do it and to continue an expanding program down that priority list of the health secretary matt hancock believes this will be england's last lock down but says covered $1000.00 testing and immunization programs will continue into next year. i anticipate that we will we will probably need to revaccinated because we don't know the longevity of protection from these vaccines and that might need to be very we don't know how frequent it will be but it might need to be every every 6 months it might be need to be every year and as with the flu vaccine jab we vaccinate every year and we
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update it according to any mutations that have taken place a state of emergency has been declared in tokyo after a rise in corona virus infections this is japan 2nd lockdown after the 1st emergency was declared in april last year scott hadley reports. a 2nd state of emergency since april japan's announced at the tokyo metropolitan area some 35000000 people will face tougher restrictions to stem a surge in covert 1000 cases numbers are 10 times higher than in the spring starting friday in tokyo and 3 neighboring prefectures restaurants and bars will close at 8 pm and people will be asked to stay home other businesses will have to trim their hours companies are encouraged to have employees work from home schools will remain open for now on like the last state of emergency over all these new restrictions are more relaxed than april this noodle restaurant has been in june caught none can as family for 26 years now she has to close at her usual peak time
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of the after work crowd. and i not only do as many if we open it costs money even to such the lights on i will have to see what happens and think about continuing to operate at night the restrictions will run through february 7th but some medical experts say they are not severe enough to substantially reduce the numbers and there's growing concern that the health care system could be overwhelmed tokyo has borne the brunt of a 3rd wave of coronavirus that hit japan accounting for about half of all the cases over the last several weeks of the new cases most are people in their twenty's with the reschedule lympics just months away. prime minister yes he de suga had hoped to ride the balance of curbing the outbreak while still king an ailing japanese economy the 3rd largest in the world but his approval rating has been battered by his government's coded $1000.00 response in order to enhance the economy economy particularly service sector particularly in areas like you know traveling. and see
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hotels and restaurants i think the government had been pushing a little bit too early a little bit too much and i think people have realized and we're getting back into a bit of the dark title we used to get the 1st pandemic. so it might take a bit more than cheerleaders at a tokyo train station to lift the spirits at the start of what will be a long month for many. al-jazeera still ahead on the news our digging deep how the illegal extraction of sound in bangladesh is eroding labor herds and more doubts over the tokyo olympics as the city data from urgency just 6 months before thinking speaking. of. a continuation of more of the same but of an increase in the east of the breeze
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running through the gulf states particularly in qatar and is a fetus that's roots of waltz into the middle of saudi arabia that in the red sea means the sea showers develop once more meccas been something to focus on for friday and saturday i think it could well be sherry or sundry everywhere else is like to be drawing to be a house that goes for the freezing part of eastern turkey as well there is rain coming into western turkey still a breeze down the coast for a monkee if you must got down to about 21 sunny degrees. sars of all this we seems very active with the recently flooding in the movie this is obviously down the main train and sees no raise a spec to see that develop daily but it's not so much the shows do develop further west through botswana and still in the maybe they're no longer on this coast and coast but when what's involved winter has got 3 days of thunderstorms or at least showers which is the wet time of the year and mislead even so this is a little excessive to the east of that on the screen is down the low now that is
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a tropical soccer and moving towards nourishes it may not make a direct hit but it will be noticed at least by the time we get to sunday. for. generations nobody could is wrong mongolia's clients. stream weather is killing this dog forcing some to abandon tradition to the. east investigates on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. madagascar a breathtaking tropical paradise. where its former protectors.
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are now interests. we follow their journey as they put their lives on the mahdi to. risk it all. on al-jazeera. other guy the top stories on the al-jazeera news hour the u.s. congress has formally approved joe biden's election victory clearing him to be sworn in as president on january 20th the senate and house rejected several challenges made to the counting of votes in biden's favor. these certification
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proceedings were suspended for hour and softer hundreds of donald trump supporters violently breached the capitol 4 people died during the siege and $68.00 were arrested. some republicans are joining democrats in demanding the cabinet should remove trump from office using the 25th constitutional amendments on the grounds that he's unfit. for inciting his loyalists to attack the capitol. now images of the rioters forcing their way into capitol hill have gone global with a number of world leaders condemning the violence prime minister justin trudeau says canadians were deeply disturbed and saddened and he added violence would never succeed in the democracy would be upheld the british prime minister boris johnson who is a close ally of trump called the violence described urged an orderly transfer of power then there was the nato secretary general who described the scene in d.c. a shocking and said the outcome of the election must be respected on the dutch
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prime minister mark writes condemning the violence and urged trump to concede and just in the past hour boris johnson said the donald trump's repeated claims of election fraud are completely wrong. i'm reservedly condemn encouraging people to behave in the disgraceful way they did in the capitol and all i can say is i'm very pleased that the president elect has not been. properly conferred uli confirmed. in office and then that democracy has prevailed well other world leaders have expressed shock and sadness as well i just wanted to express our friendship and our faith in the united states what happened today in washington this is not america definitely we believe in the throwing thought of our democracy we believe in the strength of
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american democracy to shred of what issues had sure daughter what happened last night in the us shows that western democracy is weak a populist person has ruined the reputation of the u.s. over the past 4 years he hurt the u.s. his relationship with the world i hope it's next leaders learn a lesson and restore the reputation of the american nation let's bring him in bremmer who's the president of the razor group is joining us from new york thanks very much for your time with us on al-jazeera and bremmer i mean how does all of this and what transpired on capitol hill impact the u.s. reputation across the world then in turn its ability to push for democracy. it doesn't help does it i mean you know obviously the united states i'm in just a few weeks ago secretary of state pump aoe was criticizing other countries me and mar the cote d'ivoire others for irregularities in their elections it's kind of
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farcical given what president trump has tried to do in stealing the american election and the violence that transpired as a consequence of that yesterday that the united states would be able to promote its model of governance internationally i mean when we won the cold war when the wall came down in 1989 when the soviet union collapsed in 1901 part of the reason for that was because a lot of people around the world looked up to the united states as a model of effective domestic governance nobody around the world looking at what's happening in washington right now would say i want my political system to run like that so it was so clearly i mean the chinese love it i think that's great the minister propaganda propaganda in china has been you know pushing out all these headlines and yesterday i saw one in global times that said watch out for an american spring as if there was some kind of moral equivalence between the chinese system the american system the chinese the russians the north koreans the iranians
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i mean they love the stuff but the reality is that the united states has lost the ability to portray 'd itself as a model of governance i mean frankly the majority of american people increasingly do not believe in either the american dream. or that the american political systems exist in a representative fashion for the average american citizen and we have to address that that's very clear so how long lasting is this damage do you think and look we have a new administration coming in in just 2 weeks time joe biden to what extent is he going to be able to repair some of the damage. well in the short term the fact that the democrats will take in the senate does mean that you'll see a couple trillion dollars of additional stimulus in the coming months which not only will help the average american democrat or republican but also red and blue
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states you'll see state aid that will really matter but that's a band-aid right i mean that's at this horrible crisis the coronavirus the economic damage to working class americans they need that it will help but it's not like trauma caused all of these problems the erosion of the legitimacy of u.s. institutions has been growing for decades now what trump says that the election was stolen against him he is lying but when he says the institutions are rigged he actually is saying something that really does resonate with the average american because for decades now you see growing inequality you see growing political dysfunctionality that as not the end just a 4 year trip under the trumpet ministration so yes president elect biden has the temperament to try to start repairing the damage but this will not be an effort of
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a single administration this is going to be an effort of a generation of america and your group that eurasia group is concerned about the political division and the united states because you highlight that the top global risks for 2021 you say is political division over in america why is that 'd and what do you think the implications of that will be on global security. we did we put this out on monday and every and our top risks we do every year and the coronavirus was number to everyone saying how how could you not put coronaviruses number one that what we have vaccines that actually have a way of combating coronavirus thank god finally but we we don't have a way of combating the massive political 'd 'd division and dysfunctionality in the most powerful country in the world and the impact that's going to have well we saw play out yesterday of course it means the allies of the united states around the
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world are less convinced that american leadership will benefit them they are hedging more to rely on themselves and also to have options whether it's china or others american adversaries are more willing to work hard to undermine the united states look at the fact that the chinese government just in the last 24 hours arrests another 50 democratic policy makers in hong kong those things are not coincidental i mean these are these are serious challenges and what i call a g.'s 0 world not the g 7 not the g. 20 where this global leadership but a g.'s era where there's an absence of global leadership because if the united states is not willing 'd or capable of being the global sheriff or the architect of global trade or certainly the cheerleader for global values right no other country or group of countries today is capable of actually occupying that space all
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right in bremmer we thank you so much for speaking to us from new york to see well fuso media seems to have once again played a major role ahead often during that attack on capitol hill sara hire us the details. well since donald trump's social media accounts were suspended on wednesday facebook and instagram have started blocking content supporting the riots including hashtags like storm the capital facebook is rolling out a new set of rules and will consider users identified to storm the capital as dangerous individuals and organizations a policy usually applied against those the company deans as terrorists mass murderers or even hate groups now online forums like paula has today's been filled with hate filled rhetoric ahead of wednesday's riots popular with far right activists violence against congress members discussions of weaponry and q.
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and on conspiracy theories where round up followers grown since 2018 particular connecting with trunk supporters and conservatives who disagree with or have been blocked by major platforms like twitter one tick tock video had more than a quarter of a 1000000 views dozens of uses people to take guns into the halls of congress that's despite warnings from washington mayor muriel bows on social media to protesters not to carry firearms on monday she'd asked people to stay away from capitol hill trump is accused of refusing to denounce white supremacists previously telling a far right group known as the proud boys to stand back and stand by is the. one part of it that turned out in record numbers on wednesday saying he would continue the fight despite his arrest the day before now there have been accusations also by some far right circles and trump's supporters including republican representative matt gates members of anti further coalition of left wing activists infiltrated the
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protestors and responsible for the violence one of the trending hashtag now in the us is a west virginia state republican politicians are evans to resign he'd posted this video of himself live on social media while breaking into congress but he has since deleted it. the u.s. president elect joe biden has selected merrick garland to servitors attorney general garland had been nominated to the supreme court by trying to 16 but the republican controlled senate refused to hold hearings on the nomination. widespread flooding in malaysia has led to more than 30000 people to safer ground at least 3 have died thousands of homes were inundated across 6 states foreign story reports from states a bird's eye view of this palm oil plantation would normally reveal a vast field of green instead it looks like
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a muddy river swathes of malaysia including johor state are covered in flood waters after the heavy rains that began last weekend. some diligence like 2 children age are still cutoff reachable only by boat people here say they barely had time to get away from the rising waters. no i think you might have even if they were important documents and some clothes not much else. so quickly we had to get it for us they've also lost their only supply of clean water after floodwaters contaminated the well across the country tens of thousands of people have been evacuated living in schools and community centers. and i think we're all a life me my family my grandkids it doesn't matter if we lose our stuff there are just things what's important is that we're all alive with floodwaters receding sue
9:44 pm
slowly and rain forecast to continue many will be unable to return home the days. it's not just homes that have been damaged but livelihoods behind me is a vegetable farm it's completely submerged the crops have been destroyed and farm and say they don't know when they can begin replanting the floods caused by the northeast monsoon which usually runs from the to february and appearance of the severity varies from year to year florence li ao disease long district. malaysia. bring in some breaking news coming out of the us and the transportation secretary elaine chao has resigned saying that she can not set aside pro trump insurrection that took place in capitol hill and chow just a reminder is the wife of senate majority leader mitch mcconnell and in her resignation she said that would take effect on monday and she said the attack has
9:45 pm
deeply troubled her in a way that she simply cannot set aside this of course coming after a number for resignations today one of the most significant ones mick mulvaney who is president donald trump's former acting chief of staff in protests the riots that took place in caps on capitol hill on wednesday evening. rapid urbanization is driving up the demand for a sand in bangladesh and that's threatening by the hoods and ruining river beds or uncontrolled and often illegal extraction is also putting surrounding foreign lands at risk here is turn your child or he spoke to farmers in north central bangladesh . right michael klim say is the german army very used to flow through where she is now standing and she and her family could farm here before but now it's full of illegally extracted sent her husband now drives a rickshaw card to make
9:46 pm
a living and the struggle to support their family of 6 they illegally took away all the sand from the riverbed using trucks after dredging and creating a sinkhole which makes the river and stable all this is now destroying our homes and farms in the area. they extract and sand is also used to fill in wetlands that people then lead plane to uncontrolled and mostly illegals and extraction from river beds for construction and length fillings are killing rivers and farmlands across bangladesh rock gold as the sand lifters call it does not cost them much to extract but such as good money. villagers have held protests in recent days against dredging in the. sometimes illegal sand mining is carried out with support from elected officials of the roman comfort in the war of independence against pakistan in 1971 he says he's losing ancestral land because of the german river been dragged
9:47 pm
by local authorities. the aman not go away i've got the order that they are illegally dredging our land to make a new way for the ignoring a decision they're grabbing our answers from land by force without being any compensation to the villages. bangladesh department of environment did not reply to algiers address request for an interview and vironment lawyers say a week regulation and lack of law enforcement is partly to blame so my needs to learn actually. living and what it will be legal framework we have that is not followed either in easy notice and my already in mourning to mean that you'll make it as a result we are losing. reverse sand mining and the heavy machinery used in extraction are changing the course of rivers and eroding them over there they're destroying our ice field by dumping the sand in our farmland we are
9:48 pm
requesting compensation from the prime minister for the damage it's our ancestral land all the documents to prove it one percent of agricultural land in bangladesh is disappearing every year because of this fast growing economy and rapid i've been a zation according to the are going development foundation c u d and the un's environment agency say is the global demand for sand and gravel up between $40000000000.50 tons a year is an emerging crisis for the world with the constant depletion of farmland and the rise in river erosions many here say bangladesh will face a major challenge in the future in growing the food it will meet. german i riverbank should ajah gunge just a moment ago we brought you the breaking news that the u.s. transportation secretary elaine chao is the latest to resign after a donald trump supporter stormed capitol hill let's bring in alan fischer who's joining us from the white house allan this is the 1st cabinet secretary to resign
9:49 pm
over these protests. what we've been talking about the possibility of high profile resignations and settling chose was one of the names that i had over the last few hours as one of those who might actually go she's been a very loyal member of the charm cabinet since the betty adly days but what perhaps complicates things for her is that she's married to mitch mcconnell who is the leader of the republicans in the senate and yesterday he was incredibly critical of donald trump and her resignation letter which many people are categorizing is quite gracious she said she was deeply troubled by what she saw yesterday when the mob moved towards capitol hill after the speech by donald trump and that there was no way that she could say that to cite so she's obviously spent the night thinking about this and decided to resign right no she said that will take effect from monday what will be interesting is to see if donald trump this side snow that he is
9:50 pm
going to essentially fire her remove her from a position before the day that she is set as a resignation as some sort of retaliation for not being loyal enough given the troubles that he is commonly seeing other names being mentioned as possible resignations national security adviser robert o'brian and also his assistant. what is interesting is we had one resignation already that was mick mulvaney who's the special envoy to northern ireland former chief of staff but the fact that elaine chao has gone would certainly suggest that there may be other people in the government who may well follow donald trump we were told that mark meadows who's the chief of staff had been speaking to people around the trump orbit and are doing them not to resign on wednesday night when all of this had happened maybe that message went out maybe they were it was passed to other cabinet members but clearly and chose the site of this you can't stay with the cabinet any longer what is interesting is that this is the breaking point given that she has been in
9:51 pm
government. for 4 years there be other points that many people would have considered perhaps inflection points and to take this action but clearly what you saw at the capital yesterday was just a step too far and that's why she's turned to the resignation effective from monday ok alan fischer thank you very much. let's turn to sports news now and get an update with the german us. thanks to rain and a basketball teams have reacted with dismay to the storming of the u.s. capitol building and the decision not to charge the white police officer who shot jacob like all of wednesday's games went ahead despite the scenes in washington d.c. with several players at taking the need to protest a racial injustice like a black man that was left paralyzed after being shot several times in connection austria and instead it was actually led to an n.b.a. player boycott at the time just a day off today it was announced that no charges will be brought to
9:52 pm
a violent lot of trouble supporters was able to invade the hearts of u.s. government people were just walking around the capitol building as if it's nothing and there's people sitting in and to close these offices if it's nothing we all understand it that would have been guns a blazing fire the blaze right now if there were black people protesting and one american. you get you a bus you're going to your car so the cigarettes are planted you got your you know the american standard capital murder luther king and i said i have a jury today and then said now let's go. there would have been bloodshed you know thousands of white people can storm the capitol and not not face any sort of obstruction from police but heaven forbid a 12 year old black boy carry a toy gun in a park you know i remember watching the events of the spring i remember
9:53 pm
protests in venezuela going up about i was watching him whether country and misused isn't what we need but here. there are fresh doubts around the take here lympics off a city to cut a state of emergency just 6 months before the delayed games a jew to begin to pan's prime minister made the call after a rise in corona virus infections on wednesday i reckon it's 800-2447 cases were reported in the capsule and more than 6000 nationwide this is the country's a 2nd knocked out and public opposition to hold of me lympics it during a global health crisis is growing the government that would change. the way sports i'm taking to president elect joe biden speaking in wilmington general delaware let's listen in secret of american undertake ratifying the will of the people in choosing the leadership of their government all of us here grieve the loss of life grieve the desecration of the people's house but
9:54 pm
we what we witnessed yesterday was not dissent it was not disorder it was not protest it was chaos there were protesters don't dare call them protesters they were a riotous mob insurrectionist domestic terrorists is that basic it's that simple they wish we could say we couldn't see it coming but that isn't true we could see it coming. the past 4 years we've had a president who's made his contempt for our democracy our constitution the rule of law clear and everything he has done you know unleashed an all out assault on our institutions of our democracy from the outset and
9:55 pm
yesterday was about the culmination of that unrelenting attack he's attacked the free press who dared to question his power repeatedly calling the free press the enemy of the people language at the time he 1st jews and i and others said has long been used by autocrats and dictators all over the world to hold on to power the enemy of the people language that has been used now by autocrats and dictators across the world only this time with the emperor rotter when outgoing president of the united states of america has attacked our intelligence services who dared tell the american people the truth about the effort of a foreign power to elect him 4 years ago choosing instead to believe the word of lattimer putin over the word of those who swore in their allegiances to do this nation many of whom would risk their lives in the service of this nation
9:56 pm
he deployed the united states military tear gas seem peaceful protesters in pursuit of a photo opportunity in the service of his reelection even holding a bible upside down the action that led to an apology from the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff. and an outspoken denunciation of the use of military for domestic political purposes from scores scores of former military leaders and secretaries of defense led by secretary cheney he thought he could stack the courts with friendly judges which support him no matter what they were trump judges his judges you are so far is this a needed 9 justices on the supreme court because because he thought the election
9:57 pm
would end up in the supreme court and they would hand him the election it was stunned truly stunned when the judges here point it didn't do his bidding instead acted with integrity following the constitution upholding the rule of law not just once or twice or 3 times but over 60 times over 60 times and more than 60 cases in state after state after state and that if the supreme court is judges included people considered quote his judges trump judges use his words look at the allegations of trump was making it determined they were without any merit nothing was judged to put this election in question or doubt by any of these judges who want to understand the
9:58 pm
importance of democratic institutions this country take a look at the judiciary in this nation take a look at the pressure that was just subjected to fire a sitting president of the united states of america at every level if you to share rose in the moment during this election did its job acted with complete fairness and impartiality with complete honor and integrity. and history looks back on this moment as just we've just passed through i believe it will say our democracy survived in no small part because of the men and women who represent an independent judiciary in this nation the nation we owe them and deep deep debt of gratitude and then there's the attack on the department of justice treating the tourney general as his 1st lawyer in the department as his personal law firm through it all
9:59 pm
we will hear the same thing from the fs this president my generals my judges my attorney general and then yesterday a combination of attack on our institutions of democracy this time the congress itself inciting a mob to attack the capitol to threaten the elected representatives of the people of this nation and even the vice president to stop the congress from ratifying the will of the american people in a just completed free and fair election trying to use a mob to silence the voices of nearly 160000000 americans who summon the courage in the face of pandemic that threaten their health and their lives to cast that sacred ballot i made it
10:00 pm
clear from the moment i entered this race that what i believe was at stake i said there is nothing less at stake than who we are as a nation what we stand for what we believe what we will be at the center of that belief is one of the oldest principle this nation has long held where our government of laws not of men not of the people of laws i said it many times in the campaign. are demick and our democratic institutions not relics of another age they're what sets this nation apart they're the guardrails of our democracy there's no president and that's why there is no president who is a king no congress.


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