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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 7, 2021 1:00pm-2:01pm +03

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and voice solidarity with all detained journalists sign the petition. to send. this is al jazeera. hello i'm rob math and this is the news live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes trump and defeated by don't win. votes for president of the united states are as follows joseph biden jr of the state of delaware has received 360 books. talk to a long night of chaos at the capitol congress confirms joe biden as the $46.00 us
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president. does that unfolded democrats also won control of the u.s. senate with 2 victories in one of the elections in the state of georgia they now is controlled both houses of congress. with the sports n.b.a. players neal during the national anthem in protest against the storming of the capitol and the decision not to challenge a police officer who shot a black man in connection. it's 5 am right now in washington d.c. and one of the most extraordinary days in american history has just come to an end it began with a rally by a president from supporters that turned into a riot and it ended with congress formal certification of joe biden and campbell
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house as the next president and vice president. the senate and the house rejected challenges made to electoral votes from amazonia and pennsylvania an additional challenge to votes from wisconsin was not in the correct form and therefore it wasn't debated by president mike pence who was presiding over the meeting closed the session by clearing biden to be sworn in on january the 20th the votes for president of the united states are as follows joseph r. biden jr of the state of delaware has received 360 votes donald j. trump of the state of florida has received 232 votes the announcement of the state of the vote by the president of the senate shall be deemed a sufficient declaration of the persons elected president and vice president of the united states each for the term beginning on the 20th day of january 2021 and shall
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be entered together with the list of the votes on the journals of the senate and the house of representatives and then a statement is done on time says he disagrees with the results but he does promise an orderly transition but it was far from orderly unwinding state donald trump supporters held a rally near the white house and then marched to the capitol about 2 kilometers away that march became a riot as time supporters stormed the building just as the counting of the electoral votes was getting underway at least 4 people have died and several officers have been injured tom has been accused of inciting violence earlier at the rally he told his supporters to march on the capital and pressure politicians to overturn the election results that it will cost was joining us now live from washington d.c. this is normally a fairly boring procedure it has been anything but over the last few hours. that's right rob this is been a dramatic departure from the norm this is typically something that's just
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a formality so boring in fact that members will send staff members in their place just to get through the procedure then we knew it would take a turn when some republicans said they would object to the certification and then no one could have seen coming the rioting and the violence that ensued the 4 people who died one from a gunshot wound 3 others from medical emergencies and the nation shaken. but it took an armed guard to ensure congress could certify joe biden as the winner of the u.s. presidential election votes for president of the united states are as follows joseph arbeit jr of the state of delaware has received 360 votes donald j. trump of the state of florida has received 232 votes vice president mike pence made the announcement and refused president donald trump's demand to prevent the
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certification politicians could only complete their work after supporters of trump stormed the capitol building forcing a 6 hour delay. we were not because up to out of this chamber by thugs mob. or threat this mob was in good part president trump's doing incited by his words. it's. the earlier violence that shocked the nation and threaten the safety of congress members serve to change some republicans like senator kelly left freshly off her reelection loss in georgia who withdrew her objection to certifying biden's when my objection was intended to protect the sanctity of the american democratic process but many trump loyalists stuck to their defense of the president president trump
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explicitly called for demonstrations and protests to be peaceful he was far more you can moan and groan but he was far more explicit about his calls for peace than some of the b.l.m. and left wing rioters were this summer when we saw violence we've across this nation. trump who often uses twitter to praise supporters and attack detractors in real time was silent through the night a result of twitter blocking him for 12 hours after he called the crowds patriots and again lied that he won the election that unsubstantiated claim rejected 60 times over in court was also dismissed by senator lindsey graham one of trump's closest allies that maybe i am above all others in this body need to say this joe biden and kamel are harris are lawfully elected and will become the president and the vice president the united states on january 20th.
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heidi it seems as though the statement that was issued on behalf of donald trump. some analysts suggesting that this is a boat as close to a concession as we're going to get from him. well he said that he would there will be an orderly transition on january 20th the inauguration day and this was the 1st time that he publicly acknowledged he would leave office on that date however in that statement was repeated his claim that he will not accept that he does not agree with the results of this election and saying that that he will continue to challenge the validity of the vote so really a mixed message there and there's also reporting that this statement came out under pressure given that aides in the white house have been resigning in protest of what
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happened yesterday at the capital the violence that unfolded as well as talk of using the 25th amendment to forcibly removed from office that is something that would involve the vice president the majority of the cabinet and congress all to re upon but certainly it's just the mere talk of that would have trumped concerned and likely contributed to him issuing the statement now james hardie jokers to bring yourself to do it from capitol hill. particle hain has more on the occupation of congress by tom's followers. the u.s. capitol building under siege. thousands of president donald trump's followers surrounded the building and burst in the result a remarkable scene of lawmakers clean and the police seemingly overwhelmed social media filled with pictures of trump's followers and offices in the chambers running
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free in what is supposed to be one of the most protected buildings in the country it started as u.s. president donald trump called his supporters to protest what he falsely claimed was a stolen election riling them up with inflammatory words and misinformation are we going to walk down to the capitol. was and we're going to cheer on our brave senators and congressmen and women as a joint session of congress met to certify the election the president's followers heated his words and descended on the capitol chaos followed. tear gas and flash bangs to try and push them back from the front of the capitol others moved to the back quickly pushing through a line of police many entering the building congress was dismissed and its members blood at one point reports of an armed standoff at least one protester was shot and killed several officers injured the incoming president responded this is not to
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sent it's just shorter it's chaos it borders on sedition and it must and now i call on this mob to pull back and allow the work of democracy to go forward he demanded the president tell his supporters to go home and trump did but continue to repeat his lies i know your pain i know you're hurt. we had an election that was stolen from us it was a landslide election and everyone knows it as night fell on the u.s. capitol the national guard the police they try to regain control of the building in the morning it will bring fresh questions about exactly how this happened and whether they'll be any repercussions for the people whose words led to this unbelievable action. al-jazeera at the u.s. capitol you know it's called lucas is a professor of american studies at the university of birmingham he's joining us
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live from skype from there thank you very much indeed for being with us as always there's going to be a lot of speculation about what donald trump his followers are going to do in the run up to the inauguration on january 20th. i think we know what i'm troubled despite the statement put out in his name by his social media director dan skewed a know a statement which may have come from trump stuff that there will be an orderly transition. if and when donald trump can get back on social media he is currently blocked by twitter and facebook he will return to the theme of the stolen election the rigged election that this was taken from him now this may not be now to keep him in office after january 20th joe biden is now confirmed as the forces present united states but it could set up trust attempt either to run have suffered president 2024 or to build up what is effectively a troop assist faction within the republican party because remember that yesterday even after the violence even after the storming of the capitol there were 6
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republican senators including the presidential aspirants ted cruz and josh ali and there were more than 60 percent of the republican representatives $122.00 of them who continued to side with trump with the dissent from mention and continued to objets to president elect joe biden now what will those republicans do today what will they do after january 20th will they actually accept the fact that the republican party needs to push away the troposphere or will that party be divided and as the party is divided what will its relationship be with the new biden administration. there's been a lot of discussion in the last few hours about invoking the 25th amendment to the constitution that's to remove president trump and i want to ask you about that but let me just remind our viewers what that is likely to involve the 25th amendment was added to the u.s. constitution in 1967 it clarifies the presidential line of succession and sets out
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a process for filling the vice presidency if that office becomes vacant but it also created a way to remove a sitting president if the vice president and a majority of the cabinet believe quote that the president is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office the vice president shall immediately assume the powers and duties of the office as acting president the president can then get his authority back by objecting in writing if the vice president and the cabinet this agree then congress has 3 weeks to decide the issue the president gets his powers back unless 2 thirds of both the house and the senate agree to his removal given the fact that we're talking about the inauguration happening the transfer of power essentially happening on january 20th how realistic is it to pursue a 25th amendment i think is highly unlikely it could certainly be done in theory by vice president mike pence and majority of the cabinet but i think for them to
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invoke that would widen the split within the republican party and there are a lot of troops supporters out there despite what happened yesterday i think you may see some cabinet members resign before january 20th but i think it is very much the idea of you play out these next 13 days then you get the adults back into the room with the biden ministration and everybody were groups because remember i missed all this chaos yesterday one statistic the u.s. death toll from the coronavirus pandemic passed 360000. over the next 2 weeks of course donald trump retains all the powers that he currently has as president in the event that there's no effort to put forward a 25th amendment or an impeachment effort do you think given your experience of the way that the government's what the administration's work if he's not removed from office in the next 2 weeks is that likely that government departments may start slow walking any process that meat he might have control of or indeed quietly
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removing his access to certain elements obviously the one that everybody's going to be talking about are things like the nuclear codes which is of course an extreme example but nevertheless that power is there. now i there's been speculation for example to strip example that trying to order an attack on iran with the escalation of tension there i don't think you'll do so i think you'll continue to obsess about the election but i do think you're going to see the national security establishment military be very careful in terms of dealing with him i think donald trump will largely be a president who will try to get back on social media and watch t.v. over the next 2 weeks and if he does that if he stays unusual or not will be fine i think the agencies will be ok with that in other words let's hope for the bus that we get to a sense of competence responsibility and getting back to adults in the room as soon as joe biden and his administration take off it's really good to get your thoughts on this scott lucas we appreciate it as always thank you very much indeed for that
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. as you've heard what it says violence that washington's mayor to declare a 6 pm curfew throughout the city give a zone to send this update after it came into effect. outside the capitol order has been restored the security perimeter has been put back up and we basically have a lot of metropolitan police as well as capitol police basically just keeping the area secure and we've heard of a few instances of some skirmishes in other parts of washington d.c. city proper between some protesters slash rioters with police but that's been fairly sporadic. about 6 pm here local time is when the curfew went
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into effect and that is when for the most part the security personnel here outside the capital started to push everyone away from here and outside the capitol grounds and order has been restored after what was an absolutely to mulch to his day here as we all know now just absolutely remarkable and there's going to be a lot of questions asked in the coming hours and days in america about how this was allowed to happen a massive security breach here at the capitol while the situation was unfolding in washington d.c. the results of georgia's senate runoff were announced then across not only won the 2 senate races giving the party control of the u.s. senate house of representatives and the presidency and house accounting reports from atlanta. the seismic shift for the democrats in georgia reverberated and was celebrated across the united states but the historic victory of reverend
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raphael warnock was perhaps best savor in the neighborhood where he preaches at the famed ebenezer baptist church. and the welcome that. had no shortage of representation in washington for the 1st time in 20 years georgians are sending not one but 2 democrats to the senate warnock made history by becoming georgia's 1st african-american senator and only the 11th black senator in u.s. history. after taking voters for putting their faith in him warnock wasted no time addressing the nation's codein health and economic crises we are dealing with folks who are facing eviction. people who have been waiting for months for relief and they saw politicians play the same old games last week we should have already passed its $2000.00 stimulus check and i can't wait to get to work boots on and
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represent people's concerns in the united states senate 33 year old democrat john aasif is the youngest member of the senate since 1973 he is the jewish son of an immigrant and the c.e.o. of a documentary production company let's emulate the spirit of courage and heroism of those who have given so much to the health response to this crisis as we unite as a people to overcome this challenge of code 19 and to build a republic that lives up to our highest ideals of equality in god's eyes and equal justice under the law the democratic upset in georgia is also a victory for the army of grassroots organizations workers and volunteers who spent years registering black and minority voters an effort that never seems to while
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republicans who are a bit busy attacking the governor and my boss the democrats rather knocking on doors getting people to turn out to vote. republicans kelly lefler and david perdue have yet to concede saying they would exhaust every resource to ensure quote all legal. votes were counted between the november election and the senate runoff more than 76000 new voters registered the new georgia project says more than 112000 people who didn't vote in the presidential election voted in this runoff that kind of organizing prowess will surely be studied by both parties and in the late it if possible in other states natasha going to aim at al-jazeera atlanta. is an associate professor at lancaster university he's joining us live by skype from there thank you very much indeed for being with us the anger that we saw from trump's supporters in the last few hours isn't going to go anywhere fast is it what
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do you think is going to happen and how is it going to change the way that it's demonstrated. yeah you know i think we saw capitol police taken by surprise and i think we saw a nation taken by surprise by this this outrageous amount of physical violence. and i think that that means we have to be a little more cautious going into the rest of january we don't know what donald trump will do what he has up his sleeve what rhetoric might be coming from him and that could spark protests throughout the country not just in washington d.c. and then certainly what's happening on the 20th when there's an actual inauguration looks like donald trump might be skipping town for that but what will he be asking his supporters to do that day and what will the next few months look like for joe biden you know he'll have control of now the senate and the house might make things a little bit easier for him to get some policy through but how are american public's
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going to respond to this this is has absolutely shocking something i never thought that i would see in the white house in the u.s. capitol how much damage has this done to republican republican senators particularly but republicans generally in terms of what has happened in the last few hours. well here's the thing is you know we've had people call this a coup or a coup attempt or coup is right in terms of what could define this insurgency a term that i think we're using instead of coup but it wasn't just the physical presence of supporters outside who didn't stormed in and the amazing image of a law enforcement pointing guns at somebody and then coming out having at died later but the image of people taking cover inside the chambers was just unbelievable but it was what was going on in those chambers i was also part of a type of coup if you wanted to use that term lawmakers who continued into the
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night after this to debate the legitimacy of this election and now you here in georgia 2 people coming out and saying we don't believe this to be true republicans are going to have to address who they are and how much they support this type of not vigilanteism physically but in terms of their social media content in terms of their campaigning and their sitting down with constituents going going forward it really is up to the republicans now not just to get their own house into shape but to figure out how they're going to present themselves and they can't distance themselves too much from this that it's just too much evidence that donald trump has been stirring the pot for them to step back now and say we're with mike pence we've got our level head now 4 and a half years later i don't know if that's going to be enough given what's just happened and given the last 4 years how much influence do you think that donald
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trump individually is going to have on the republican party on the core elements of the republican party in the coming years. well we have to remember that donald trump wasn't a republican until that's the party he decided to register with to run for the presidency so that begs the question how much he really cares about politics certainly he's always been a media. staple he's always already he always spoke on issues and politics even on late night television but you know he's going to have to decide does he want to be a media star does he want to stay in politics any have both and so i think we have to remember he wasn't a republican and so having people follow him so strongly now with him not having the white house and the justice department and all these different aspects behind him and he's just going back to civilian life. is he really going to stay in
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politics and what are people going to do if they were such strong supporters and then he's got who is going to take his place and i don't think we've seen the republicans putting anyone forward to say this is the next generation in your assessment how much has this damage the international reputation and the credibility of the u.s. particularly in the months after the biden ministration comes in and they have to essentially clear up a lot of this. well i think biden has an easy easier job here i mean he can say that well that you know i never recognized. that presidency extremely well from the beginning so i mean he can say that wasn't my guy right and you know that we weren't that person and i think going back into paris accords and going back into you know world health organization and all the different treaties and relationships that have been moved are already in the works and i think that will do a good a good amount of the healing in that respect but also i think you know people
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watching abroad this this was a physical tangible representation of the kind of disorder we know happens within american politics i mean the disenfranchisement of white voters that we heard people crying about yesterday that there's a franchise misshapen among black and latino and hispanic voters for a very long time and we know that the u.s. government operates in ways that aren't necessarily all was up in front in 3 feet of speaking as they think and so some of this isn't a surprise in the sense that there's chaos but i think the level in that that people were able to get into to the capitol and see scenes that western governments have said is all i have always been non-western behavior is starting to unveil again a bit of the problems of u.s. democracy. but again i'm still just rattled a bit by these scenes that again u.s.
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government and pundits have always said are not western traits of governance this really has been a shocking 24 hours robert say from like this to lancaster university thank you very much indeed thanks. still ahead on al-jazeera a new coronavirus wave leads japan's government to consider a lockdown until kyoko one poses a new threat to the resettled in the big games. in the last country in the in you to start coronavirus vaccinations begins its roll outs and ac milan's unbeaten streak in the italian league is brought to an end by the defending champions joe is going to be here with the action in sport. it's cold enough over most of europe not to produce snow quite easily so every time
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there's an active system gave the top of this cloud for example chances are the snow is going to fast says metro and this is the top of the mountains in corsica surrounded by the wall morse's and snow has fallen and this is the actives are now from spain to the mediterranean and up towards the eastern side of europe where it's cold but there's no wind so things moving very slowly chances are they'll be significant snow in parts of ukraine belarus and this year india and then this is a transition from snow and rain right across the balkans and towards for mania maybe the place to focus on is spain where we've got i think potentially significant snow on its way vilnius represents mainland europe with this snow heavy and dying off on the weekend as temperatures drop away daytime have minus 7 in vilnius as i said to spain's a place to watch easily half a meter of snow on the relatively high ground in the center of spain that's all
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moving slowly north as i said you won't get a meter in place or 2 and then really edged naval n.c. and the ballyards stormy weather to boot strong winds sons told and probably rain but maybe have you but watch that snowman. off the protests to say shoes of corruption and the resignation of the president the people of kurdistan are heading to the polls on january 10th voters will choose their new do could've form a prisoner become the president of the kurdistan election special coverage on a jazeera al-jazeera world peers into the murky world of state sponsored spyware and the discovery by al jazeera journalists that syria that technology contacts the smartphones every system coming out is this the new frontier of espionage.
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think about how the sophistication of exports to break into phone this is as good as it gets. the spy you know on al-jazeera. the u.s. is always of in fact the people all right in the world people pay attention to what goes on here and i do see it as very good at bringing the news to the world from here. you ought to. you want to know is it on the mind of our top stories this hour the united states congress has formally approved joe biden's election victory clearing him to be sworn in as president on january the 20th the senate in the house rejected several challenges made to the counting of state votes in biden's favor. on transition his
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statement saying he disagrees with the outcome of the election but has promised that there will be an orderly transition in january 20th when biden is set to take office. the certification proceedings were suspended for hours after a crowd of trump supporters violently breached the capitol one person was shot and killed by police while 3 others died during the line it's. images of the rioters storming capitol hill has led to a number of world leaders condemning the violence prime minister just in toto said canadians were deeply disturbed and saddened he added violence would never succeed and that democracy would be upheld but as prime minister boris johnson a close ally of trump called the violence disgraceful and urged an orderly transfer of power nato secretary general jens stoltenberg described the scene in d.c. as shocking and said the outcome of the election must be respected and dutch prime
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minister mark rutte a condemned the violence and urged trump to concede. but other world leaders have expressed shock and sadness including one of trump's closest allies. american democracy has always inspired me. lawlessness and violence i think opposite the values we know americans and israelis cherish the rampage at the capitol. yesterday was a disgraceful act and it must be vigorously kunder. i have no doubt the american democracy will be grateful ok paul is hands. on then we all saw yesterday the unsettling pictures of the storming of the u.s. congress and these pictures made me angry and also sad and i am fairly convinced that i feel the same as most of the friends of the united states as many millions who admired the democratic traditions of the u.s. our economy as a political analyst and says the unrest in washington goes far beyond party
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politics. what we saw today what played out in real time for the world to see was the fragility of the american ideal in addition to that what we saw was the 1st branch of government as dean by the constitution as dean by the founding fathers was under attack it was attacked and it was attacked from within these this was a terror organization that basically played out in real time for for the nation and this was something that was stoked and flamed by the president of the united states the question now is how is the president donald trump to be treated and you know it's not unusual or i think out of gold to going out on the limb to suggest that the president now is seen as an enemy of the state and we see that by companies such as facebook and twitter that have locked his account because they recognize
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the danger that he poses not only to the surrounding community but to the very heart of the existence of this nation for more than 4 hours the government the 1st branch of government simply could not conduct its business and that was something that was supported and instigated by the president himself so let's turn to other news now i'm trying to transport between qatar and boycotting gulf nations could resume within a week a minister from the united arab emirates said it would include measures for airlines and shipping it follows an agreement to restore ties with gaza after the 3 and a half year blockade by saudi arabia the u.a.e. buckling and egypt that accuse doha of meddling in their internal affairs and supporting terrorism which qatar strongly denied.
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japan's prime minister yoshihiko sugar has declared a state of emergency in tokyo to rise in corona virus infections on wednesday the country reported a record 2447 cases in the capital more than 6000 nationwide and this is japan's 2nd lockdown after the 1st emergency was declared in april last year but medical experts are warning the government's plans might not be enough. is live for us in tokyo friday to talk us through what is planned for these measures. you know we're specifically this measures are targeting the wining and dining got the to establishment. elite so the highest number of infections in tokyo and the surrounding pretty perfectionist which will go under the state of emergency till they said until next month. or so guy in his press conference explained that and at
1:36 pm
least analyzed that they thought during the last year and a field that most of the cases are related to wining and dining this is why they are going to ask these stablish mints to close their doors before her by 8 pm and at the same time they're asking residents and people in these. areas to different from going out from their homes after 8 pm at the same time they're asking also companies to think out is there employments to work from home it won't leak and they have set a target of 70 percent they want 70 percent at least of the working force to work from their home and this is the this might be the largest challenge in this new procedures which as i said it's not getting mainly the. dining do any supplements the schools are going to operate normally as usual business as usual sort of. for the sports center sort of that educational establishments. some people not
1:37 pm
a lot of. started doing a fictive ness of this new procedure procedures taking into consideration the large numbers of infections when the phone state of emergency was implemented in. between evelyn may the number of infections in all of japan didn't exceed 10000 in tokyo it was less than 2000 but now we're talking about 266000 infections in all of japan and over 65000 in in tokyo so there are mixed reactions to the newest state of emergency but the. many hope but that would have to reduce the number of convictions fadi thanks very much indeed that's funny some of the talking to us from tokyo want to bring in the nancy snow she's a professor of public diplomacy at kyoto university of foreign studies she's joining us by skype from tokyo good to have you with us why is it the medical experts think that these plans on going to be enough they didn't move fast enough
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on this one of the. focuses was on the economy and this was a shift away from by risk containment to traveling throughout japan this started a few months ago with this go to travel and that was suspended just in the last few weeks but i think the for the japanese people there was a sense of complacency we all are wearing our masks again that's voluntary this social distancing though was rather weak here there were large crowds gathering over new year's people going out to see the christmas lights going to the tokyo christmas market mobs of people all with their masks on but that's not enough and i'm not sure if just this one month restriction a so-called soft lockdown will really make that much of
1:39 pm
a difference i think it will get tied to whether or not the tokyo olympics are going to go forward. it looks like they will but it will be substantially different than what we anticipated last year with the postponement decision to those of us watching from around the world japan has always seemed a very dynamic and responsive country and yet it seems to being caught in the hope in this case why is that. it is a puzzle because japan was celebrating this japan model last spring which was again. related to the culture that people are traditionally very comfortable wearing masks during allergy season or if they have a cold or flu and also being very polite and being very aware of other people around you but again over the months there has just been this this sense that the
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numbers are still relatively small in comparison to the rest of the world and i think it would really be better for japan to focus on what it can do now internally and not compare itself internationally because if you look at the mortality rates they've doubled in the last 2 months and again this was the lead up to the holidays there's a lot of crowding on the trains this announcement of a 70 percent reduction in the workforce of people commuting that that would be remarkable if we even got close to that number i certainly haven't seen that i'm not somebody riding the subways largely but there has been a sense of normalcy of japan is different from the rest of the world here and i i hope this will be a jumpstart i know the public has been very frustrated with suga and with the
1:41 pm
government in particular that they haven't done more to give them the correct information what should people do and so there's been so his numbers have fallen dramatically he said about 40 percent popularity now so he may well be the fall guy in the end if the if we don't get ahold of this problem but it has to come from the government working in partnership with the people. right now there's a lot of distrust and you've got to add there's a lot of suffering to a lot of people are really feeling the 50 a good is what you see in many places of having to in a new year with a change in the calendar or having this state of emergency here the tokyo metropolitan governor actually. warned people week before christmas that the calendar wouldn't make any difference that the numbers would continue to go up so
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they really need to be sort of on one page here and frankly i think japan could use an official lever either a spokesperson or somebody like. a medical doctor or somebody who would be out there every day reminding us what is appropriate behavior and there's a lot of good behavior here but it's just not enough they're suffering there's that complacency is well good to see there were anonymous is. thank you very much indeed 9 poses for interrupting you but it is good to get your analysis on this nonsense no we do appreciate it thank you very much indeed you're very welcome china has defended delays in allowing an international team of experts into the country to investigate the all regions of corona virus on tuesday the head of the w h o's said he was very disappointed by beijing's decision but the government says details of the trip still need to be clarified. and he flew that the origins
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problem is very complex to ensure the width of the global experience group in china is succesful we need to carry out and he says there are procedures and make relevant concrete plans. he won then he currently both sides are still negotiating on this i understand that it's not just a visa problem but also the actual date and i tenor both sides are still in close communication the u.k. has recorded one of its worst daily coronavirus death toll since the start of the pandemic on wednesday 1041 deaths were reported the 1st time the death toll has exceeded a 1000 since april by mr bush johnson's restrictions will be eased gradually rather than drastically at the appropriate time he says more than 76000 people have died from coburn 1000 in the u.k. and nearly 3000000 confirmed infected the e.u. has approved the use of madonna's cover 19 vaccine as it tries to accelerate its inoculation program for more than 414000000 people but there's been criticism of
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the slow rollout across the continent the netherlands has only started its vaccination campaign on wednesday the last in the e.u. service and has more from amsterdam. great relief at the university medical center in amsterdam and the 1st i.c.u. nurse got hooked by survival in tech shock thousands of doses of the vaccine had been stored in the south of the country for nearly 2 weeks with the hospital facing an alarming influx of patients and increasingly staff falling ill they had waited for this moment with frustration especially looking at neighboring countries where vaccinations were already in full swing medical workers like had nurses i met him and barry were initially not included in the 1st group of acts of nations but an urgent plea to the government to help she can barely believe it there was expect. it feels very strange because we've been waiting such a long time an emotional moment it's very exciting and i'm very happy we have
1:45 pm
been talking about this for such a long time. the dutch government came under strong criticism from parliament for being the last in europe to roll out its vaccinations prime minister over to admitted mistakes were made. it would have been better if i had also personally asked our health agency to start preparing in case we had to change our strategy and start with large scale vaccinations 1st with medical workers and employees at care homes prioritized the elderly will have to wait at least another month. or longer it has taken too long but indeed they will have to check everything 1st but i agree they should inoculate medical workers who are working at the bats 1st you know we are waiting till it's all richer and the sooner the better. the european medicines agency has approved a 2nd fact seed which will be distributed to $27.00 e.u. member states with the 1st phase of biotech becoming scarce millions of doses of
1:46 pm
the more dramatic scene are eagerly awaited with strike lockdowns expanded throughout europe the approval process by the european medicines agency has come under scrutiny already trailing behind the u.s. and the u.k. some european countries are getting frustrated with the delays they blame efforts for one common vaccination strategy throughout the e.u. for slowing down the distribution of covert 19 vaccines steps last and al-jazeera. more than half a 1000000 people in america have died from covert 19 the busy holiday season is led to a rise in cases in many countries and a slow roll out of vaccines is making the situation worse there is about reports what her health authorities are warning tighter restrictions could be introduced. was summertime in the southern cone and people are flocking to the beach in the province of one of cytosine argentina in spite of the pandemic the police are
1:47 pm
trying to disperse them to prevent more infections. here are concerned about the increasing kovan 1000 cases in the past few weeks. the cases are on the rise once again we knew this could happen because of the holidays and the gatherings happening in the country what worries us the most are young people in their perception they are not at risk but then they meet with their parents and the situation gets worse fears of a 2nd wave in latin america government are struggling to vaccinate the population securing backfeeding supplies have been a major challenge for this part of the world if compared to wealthier nations and that's why governments in the region are implementing knockdowns once again in spite of the economic impact they have. in the city of my mouse in the state of a mass on us in brazil the mayor declared a state of emergency as the number of infections again posted
1:48 pm
a challenge to the health care system. to measure we had to declare state of emergency to give us a better and fast ability to implement necessary measures for example real working on the possibility of getting vaccines from private company which would make us the 1st municipality in brazil distribute vaccines brazil has the worst covert death toll outside the united states but has lagged behind neighbors like chile and argentina in getting inoculations against the virus underway. president. has been critical of the world's fair. the nation campaigns and in the past has downplayed the risk of corona virus. despite a reduction in the amount of infections in december cases are on the rise again posing a major challenge for developing nations in bolivia people have to wait 4 hours just to get tested but i get that but i never get over here you have the line for cover tests and on the other side you have patient visits and we're all together
1:49 pm
how is the not going to be a massive section if we're all together nobody knows if they have covered or not. more than half a 1000000 people have died from coleridge 1000 in latin america it's hoped that scenes can help contain the pandemic and prevent even more deaths but it may be a while before countries in the region will get access to them. when a site is. still ahead in sports protests in the n.b.a. after the storming of the capitol we'll get the sporting reaction to the scenes from washington d.c. in the sports with joe.
1:50 pm
1:51 pm
it's time for the sports here's joe rob thank you very much and despite the scenes in the u.s. capitol the n.b.a. went ahead with its scheduled games on wednesday but several teams acknowledge what's been going on in the country this week by kneeling in protest before they games their walkie bucks in detroit pistons proceeded with the opening tip for their game before needing their demonstration was against a decision not to challenge a police officer who shot jacob blake a black man multiple times and can osha leaving him paralyzed it also came just hours after the storming of the capitol building by trump's supporters at the same time boston and miami also to kony ahead of the game the celtics and they hate released a joint statement saying we play tonight's game with a heavy hearts after yesterday's decision and can osha and knowing that protest is in our nation's capital a treated differently by political leaders depending on what side of certain issues
1:52 pm
they are on the encouragement given today's protesters who acted illegally just shows how much more work we have to do it reminds me of what are the martin. there is to split in america is one america. you get you're still going to your core so my cigarettes are and you've got your. other america and the capital is the reason why there isn't. shootings in brutality and looting and things of that nature and it's people are just walking around the capitol building as if it's nothing and there's people sitting in and to close these offices if it's nothing we all understand it that would have been guns a blazing fires a blaze right now if there were black people protesting it's an embarrassing and shameful day in the country i think everybody on both sides of the political aisle should be able to agree on that i mean you know i remember watching the events of
1:53 pm
the arab spring and i remember protests in venezuela and i thought i was watching him while their country was just isn't what we spent here boston red sox made history this week by hiring the 1st black woman coach in professional baseball and smith joins them as a minor league pitching coach and says she's hoping her new job will encourage greater representation of minorities in the game i mean some of the comments i've actually gotten about whether or not being able to coach is actually what drives me to work even harder or i hope just starting with representation and just seeing on even if being a woman just seeing an african-american on the curriculum adding more of us will encourage younger athletes to actually get into the game. cavan browns head coach kevin stefanski says he doesn't know how he contract at copa 19 but he's not going to let the virus stop him from getting his team ready for the playoffs the browns are into the postseason for the 1st time in 18 years as defense will be missing
1:54 pm
alongside some of his players when they face the pittsburgh steelers on monday i'm good i'll be fine but really my concern is for players for coaches and the team you know i've known touch with a bunch of them understand that we have a job to do and they're excited to do that so they know that this thing's not stopping for me or anybody so they're for spirit. city one win away from winning the english league cup for 4th year in a row on wednesday city face their local rivals manchester united in the semi finals goals from johnstone's and federer denio secured a 2 no when for pep guardiola steam says he will play tottenham in the final in april. it is an incredible is in pretty impressive to be the 4 times in iraq in the final. to win in the you know the 33 titles before and it is a yeah incredible good to conduct to wembley to play if i also have moved up to 3rd
1:55 pm
place in spain's lower league thanks to some help from their star man lino messi in a 32 win over athletic bilbao botha fell behind in the 3rd minute but managed to equalise 11 minutes later they know messi then scored either side of half time to make it 31 bilbao pulled one back at the end but it was too little too late. but i think overall we had a very good game it was complicated conceding the early goal it was difficult these are things we can improve on we have to attack better with the ball and we have to be a bit more organized when we lose the ball as well but overall we controlled the game we dominated the game defending said he at champions event as of handed current legal aid as ac milan their 1st defeat of the season 2 goals from federico helps you've a 2 a 31 win on wednesday is a result that helps andrea pillows then move up to 4th in the standings are still 7 points behind the land to maintain a 2 point lead at the top of the table. australia are off to
1:56 pm
a good start in the 3rd cricket test against india rain interrupted a large part of the day's action in sydney when the players were able to take to the field opening batsman will kick off skate celebrated his debut for his country with a well played 62 on a slot machine was also in good form on the day for the ozzies he was unbeaten on 67 at the close of play the hosts 166-4218 day when only 55 overs were possible. meanwhile former india captain sir of congruity is out of hospital after suffering a minor heart attack and really is currently the president of the indian cricket board a 48 year old says he's doing. all right that is all useful for now have more free later rob joe thank you very much indeed. and that's it for me robinson for this news hour so hell rahman's going to be here in a moment with more on that chaotic 24 hours in the u.s. capital we're going to leave you now with some of the most powerful images from
1:57 pm
a night of violence and mayhem. i know that everyone here will soon be marching all over the capitol building. and cammalleri us our lawfully elected. we were just all that there has been tear gas and. it's not jazz and it's insurrection. whirls watch. in the news want to be heard.
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world needs w.-h. on making healthy a world for you. to everyone. generations nobody could is a royal mongolia's clients the greasing the stream whether it's killing their stock forcing some to abandon tradition and move to. one of the east investigates on which is iraq. a policy imposed decades ago no pregnant woman part that she put selectively goods and had many boys changing demographics across asia with far reaching consequences for creating a poor socially disadvantaged young man so you have the system where people at every level will be get being given money money to agree distro zation our money to get other people to agree to start safe houses there examines the politics of
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population control we need to stand the differences on the semantics of cultures across the world so no matter what you see we've been using kind of for that matter to you. trump defeated. by wins. votes for president of the united states are as follows joseph r. biden jr of the state of delaware has received 306 books. so romney what you all deserve a lot more headquarters here in doha coming up in the next 30 minutes. after a long night.


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