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tv   101 East India The Child Sex Highway  Al Jazeera  January 3, 2021 7:30pm-8:01pm +03

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as per day towards mars the probe is flying faster and faster as it gets away from the sun's gravity and i want to portugal as most renowned singers had died at the age of $81.00 carlos. also known as the sinatra of music because. young. girl declared monday a national day of mourning 2014 the carmo was the 1st portuguese answers to receive a lack the grammy lifetime achievement award. and let's take you through some of the headlines here now dizzier now u.k. prime minister abbas johnson expects tens of millions will be vaccinated in the next 3 months he says half a 1000000 doses of the astra zeneca vaccine will be ready by monday it follows
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another record jump in new infections announcing there the 58000 on saturday india's drug regulator has approved 2 coronavirus vaccines for emergency use there one is the oxford astra zeneca jab and the other is produced by indian drug maker biotech the world health organization says it's an important breakthrough india is hoping to vaccinate 300000000 in the next 6 to 8 months the us has surpassed more than 350000 covert 19 deaths since the pandemic began a further 270000 people tested positive for the virus a new daily record of bad takes the total number of cases in the united states to more than 20000000000. thousands gathered in the center of the iraqi capital to mark one year since the u.s. disaster nation of iran's top general hossam soleimani the protesters demanded the
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expulsion of u.s. troops charles stratford is there thousands of people have gathered here in tahrir square in central baghdad a square that has seen so many protests over the last year the message though today very clear. these people are demanding the fast withdrawal of all remaining u.s. military personnel from this country. and many of them are still demanding revenge for the assassination of course i'm still in mali that happened close to the airport in that you wish drone strike a year ago many of them are very angry not only with the u.s. but they're angry with the leader of this country more than 70 people have been killed in 2 attacks on villages in western asia where it happened in the taylor barre region an unstable area neighboring mali akina fast so and been the it's one no one east now stay with us here on al-jazeera.
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100 tories highway cuts through the central the need state of much of the. day and nice cool low cost band pimp the doors is as close to choose to passing motorists in many cases the customers are denied me and i believe is a clear cut case of he and me off because. our hidden cameras revealed girls as young as 10 being offered to clients by the roadside.
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but. in this exclusive investigation one o one east exposes the indian villages with parents still a truth to say. it's 11 pm and these highway stores are open for business. outside the chops women and girls sit on bed frames. it's assigned to those driving by that they are soliciting sex. but these tried to exploit the innocent and the villages a wary of outsiders. we keeping our distance because it's actually
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quite dangerous members of the family often act as pimps and working behind the scenes. but this woman is willing to talk. marlo was forced into prostitution at the age of 15. mum linda did better than in need was a lady. did this about paloma will does he. lose a raise and buy a bag good to talk business and books time i do not know i love gordon talk. maybe what he admitted more will mimic all of us did the meddling with the weather led by via this homicide knuckles been the penalty. i don't know said a boy there was a who could have caved in. to your entourage since died but 10 years on she's still trapped in the trite. wanting to kill bit not us i'm posed in myth that
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me. the minutes of the night and into. the new b.s. by those who knew that they knew that. maurice is high way prostitutes are often exposed to danger what would it know that it is out of the capital in the south to get. them out of the day that they can't identify the because and in that they would gather the. markets from the bachelor draw. the community belongs to the lowest cost known as dot. they face discrimination. by introduces me to her brother sending. he says juju de los social standing prostitution is how bachelor a family's money someone they can solicit to hear about it in and i do hey don't
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muddy. little kids will be here your solution to. deal with them honest. but it will put bernie the little guy the cologne of it that goes with nicholas with another my lip not those little bit a little big and gold of color tied to one color beggared decided was a big deal in gum he. was at the person. who. does a kind of mental severe term called good to hear about a clue. so. it's an income but your men say they can't live without sunday tells me only the lowest paid labor izabella built if any at all. when. someone asked to dilute. those. allegedly glasses cool they figured all the while
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those may go to last i was. told that they decided. i'm going to link it to them and i'll buy them another thing it was appealing whenever they're in the middle good with 3 to go with these at the head of school habitability in minot they come in a couldn't. despite his family's dependence on prostitution for money some day he says he wants the tradition to stop but putting in. a bigger name but. look at them got there been. any good at the me you could go to the one. without change another generation of his family is a risk. myra fell pregnant soon after starting work today she has 2
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young daughters their father's a former clients thought it was fun when the baton turned to her when they thought they had both been in this summer's men in the summer when the good people. her jaycee's go to school but some local girls on so lucky talk to that account but obviously there's going to be put in a lot of the last 100 again will you. buy the board in india prostitutes must be over time. using hidden cameras we find evidence that much younger girls are available. no money. not even though i'm not arguing. it may mean from that i give me like an eternity would look it up on the. back of the. good the down the highway we meet all 6 felicity business john there are kids. that will. think i'm still living so let's all take
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some assholes on this. as obvious 6 workers joints we're told the younger the girl is the high and the right you know that if something. will happen to the north nor the. label that our father will be going to dump your dog at all at best take a look at the odds of that i've been looking at you know they're. just going to be nothing like peter let me tell you to come to piss on. the sun. the best guess. you could a 10 year old virgin the 5000 rupees 70 don't look. at their value was really my thing but. not to much of that was. going to the auditor was
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a lot of money. because a bunch of parts of the he was back out of the deal and it was at the end it didn't fit the bill it was a. good 28 easy it introduced the death penalty for those convicted of raping a child under the age of 12. but in dimmick property is widespread across much of your produce so. such crimes often done wonders along the highway with usual and industrial in the lines. i've come to this village because i want to find out just why a parent would put their child. in communities like this one the birth of
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a good show is welcome. larry king will be sitting there. sadly putting into his sign on the limb and as i don't get upset it's coming down. he sneered. that. we don't know she survives of the income of her daughter medicare who she forced into prostitution at the age of 15. when a new shows husband died she took many hours of school and broke and arrangement to marry or off because the dowry wasn't high enough an immediate measure but it will become an island but i need the king and of course the company. to get his temple account on. the money paid him out his. clear sums are never love any law to go with us johnny come. a new show
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says her daughter has suffered as a result often gave exotic and a little money. many could now has a daughter of her own to support us and. they hand over there he took the lady. on the supplements go we had a little bit toward a good outlet yet though it was covered so to be it the nicolete or some us keep the toilet only such a desk must all die but i mean if they can even. talk about how much what little we knew. it would be nice to be somewhat militant. mimic a feels trapped the father of a child and with no possibility of beginning prostitution i don't this common
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knowledge at all we mustn't let me down on a meal which i guess had to go to the new method you see want me to quit shell momenta binyamin i thought in my back and. look jake at the letter given the gentlemen you going to choose bucky. are you angry at your mother what they've got to go to. the question of work but they're not you come out of it any less tired i'd skip pretty good job homely or not make no. come out of a gym buddy get good money back you. get out of a jam what is that on one knee. despite the desire of many sex workers to leap to try to there's a constant demand for this. particular from passing truck. they spend half the year away from travelling by stretcher. a recent study
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showed that if you stick. to driving tell us it's common to break up each journey this is a bunch of prostitutes. in the field. with. this idiocy to even bit up about it may very well either that it's about nothing. but evidently didn't know that. using he didn't come into the truck stop we discovered someone had a subsidy. and medically medically to start discussing about making i'll still want to. oh. well these 2 men don't seem to be worried about the rules against child bright they
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are not concerned about a child being which is rife among truckers and 6 with. the truckers say only wealthy customers can afford to pay for young virgins in bachelor of religion. that must be made to favor that man yes he may have been able to win the division that mantle feel. that some people think that i think of it that it off a bit of a fake. but oh well yeah easy yeah but at least if. they knew what i think really i think that if i met you to fucking sitting here . you can think i mean i think. the main also claimed prostitution in these areas helps keep rights but the truth vollies long. given that
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the. combating child prostitution say such opinions couldn't be further from the truth. magia pradesh has the highest reported cases of child rape in india by father. shake is the founder of a local n.g.o.s that frees local girls from what he describes as sexual slavery the people who are exploiting that they are not customers. and girls who are engaging in this practice. starting. this practice. of the children and the children mostly comes from of the knit community untouchable community. this practice is an.
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exploitation of children. to try to lower cost. to centuries according to. some or women. the most. well this is across. most communities. they are probably different. and from the. actual exploitation. that. particular. india model introduced the death penalty for pedophilia but says the country still has a long way to go. last to address. issues related to
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deep in sexual violence some laws out a very very powerful and we appreciate that laws that laws are available here but the problem is these laws and policies are not implement at the ground level so laws out of there on paper but not at the grassroots level basically implement the existing laws. that local police. taking down and looking up at a station nearby office is a questioning filled young women who have been arrested for soliciting on the highway one of them is on the right age doing the. numbers. the women allege they are in the area to visit their family grew up with the money he did not wonder what it was that is needed. when pressed this story falls apart while the guy who lives that nothing will. well ali who already
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believe that he was. with strongly the police feel more and bold but superintended wreck a small hunch concedes such operations can bring forth the cycle of abuse rather than stop us if you give me what jack humanity gone when it's me we know what we're going to get him needed or ain't gonna get by the. order. or for joy because all the wolf it is the getting. it will. finish school we prostitutions an opening which is the good exam i did but i am i again i keep said the police here it is and then. the police get it soon and people of this need but then the 1st thing. and even though the highway isn't a tree its red light district superintendent believes he has the right to consume
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or to get the mosque liberal get. mr pride to be. naming this group right b m a lot of news going by the a.b.c. good. stage again but i did maybe 10. the old thor she's an activist believes a less punitive approach is the only way to stamp out this. straight here and you know what it was. in geo johnson. the constraint is in but your abilities to achieve just us. we are walking to prevent young children from this practice so we establish dignity centers in the villages we have the children attend various kind of sessions and we are supporting children to continue their education and education is a very important strategy to ensure prevention. he's also hired prostitutes
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like to help dissuade girls and women from joining the tried. but. today and other volunteers are holding an after school club for local village children. get the word up out of the little mini van now exist many of them are down i succumb to no government. can depend we live in what i when i met the woman i mean and i'm. going to give you one thing what about disciplining. you know. after 13 years in the try to gauge your life 6 work she says she stopped because the children. didn't want to go somewhere and i don't know. because google didn't want to
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do. that with them. what about our going to. making. some of the man with a man. along with time living on the. some of. the mystique about her daughter's future saying attitudes here change. over 60. 1 these are most excellent. we find in a nearby town. canceling some women who want to leave prostitution.
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where they. may be. made. part of it but only. by living. tackling the issue remains confronting iran family things that go on in the white face covering actually increases system. we speak to her after the session all the time about us under the amount they got their samples got that may be something the money that. was muzzled again was going on even though the mobile home that never was invented to. do you think she can get out of the states are not there to give
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it people because i want to come for you we will see there it is i'm a business world looking for the money maybe someone like how my compliments are. totally gutted i live in london my lover. having. some men choosing to take a stand. but it's a risky business that just frankly a little. wrong has 5 daughters and a son to these girls are married while the youngest children study and leaving. his mother grandmother and sisters all prostitute but he never wanted that future figure. badly yet he tries come a bit of a shout out part of it out of. taking me to. meet you at a cameraman in need of ideas. when i'm on call to mitigate any you're going to thought
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i. throughout the month we'll. get a little time but they were killing it up but i gave you the. beginning and their mouths here. in this village prostitution is entrenched and the store right has become an outcast he says local boy cos he's shop so they don't use your store. or. some. to look. he's dangerous something and video say their father has always acted in their best interests.
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all day or the middle. name but. only. when somebody are divorced her husband and moved back. issued her with a foreigner the community also discouraged from continuing his studies france love but i think. when i was home with the lid on barney get out of the jungle get. on with a marriage to get our 90000 down in funny. video hopes for a brighter future saying the bachelor community can now access some government scholarships and jobs on me has. been given to someone they made in the. minnesota.
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well it just looks on this heaven get out of the boy because he had. done that need to get here. this is outside a game in which. the but your ability to use all madea projections main highway the base of the good lies in the hands of the. ses in the quest to survive parent should never forget they heard. it. tomorrow i get the mighty beard. we're. going to. put on.
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