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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  November 8, 2020 9:00pm-10:01pm +03

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former french president nicolas sarkozy will face trial and corruption charges we'll bring you the latest november on al-jazeera. this is al jazeera. 100 hours g.m.t. here on al-jazeera i'm kemal santa maria welcome to the news hour. our work we get regarding program to draw. us president elect joe biden outlines his top priority as a former republican president offers his support. also a moment of reflection as president elect joe biden heads to church a day after the election it's called. the 1st woman to win the 2nd highest u.s.
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office come the house breaks down barriers and highlights sacrifices made by american women but donald trump remains defiant the president showing no sign of conceiving a look at what that means for the transition of power. and in other news azerbaijan's president says his military has taken the 2nd largest city in the disputed region of. transport so kerry is testing its ability to host a safe olympics next year the city has staged its 1st international competition at the games venue since the olympics had to be postponed due to coronavirus. in the past our former u.s. president george w. bush has congratulated joe biden on his win calling him a good man and he's told americans to have faith that this week's election was fair with a clear outcome the former president is now the highest profile republican to acknowledge biden as the elections. when even the current republican president of the trump has
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refused to concede the statement from president bush comes as president elect biden vowed to heal america's deep political divide this was the biden family this morning attending a church service in their home state of delaware after a night of celebrations biden's pledge to make the coronavirus pandemic and its economic fallout his priority and is expected to name a task force on monday to help in the transition. meanwhile president donald trump left the white house for another visit to a golf course in virginia he was met with several small groups of protesters along the way many of them carrying signs in support of joe biden trump is yet to speak publicly but has threatened legal action in an attempt to overturn the election his the same to take us through developments will be with him in atlanta georgia shortly also in delaware as we say joe biden's home state starting there with alan fischer in washington d.c.
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and alan take us through this statement from former president george w. bush. well it's an interesting one isn't it there are those who suggest that the george w. bush might speak out against donald trump before the election he didn't do that the 2 men don't get on donald trump was the only president past or present not invited to george w. bush's father's funeral or indeed his mother's funeral which happened during donald trump's time in the white house the statement says that he says george joe biden is a good man and has been one the opportunity to lead and unify the country said he would pray for success just like he did for bill clinton and barack obama and also for don't trump himself and he insisted that no matter how you voted your vote you're right he's the highest profile republican yet to acknowledge joe biden is the president elect larry hogan who is the governor of maryland who intends we think to run for the presidential nomination in 2024 has also done that but there
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are those who insist that the selection still has a long way to go in the reporting in washington that says that jerry man a number of people who will approach donald trump and ask him to consider in the next couple of days to step aside but if you look at donald trump's twitter feed before he hit the golf course there seems to be no indication that he's even thinking about that. people who are appearing on fox news over the last few hours suggesting that the validation of the votes. still has a long way to go that there are growing for legal action newt gingrich a supporter of donald trump his wife is the ambassador to vatican city well he insisted that donald trump should continue to go war on the head of newsmax another organization likes very much he said that there is no intention as far as donald trump is concerned of conceding this election so what can donald trump do well he said in the statement on saturday just after the media networks announced that joe biden was going to be the president elect that he was going to take all possible
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legal action to make sure that the results were not satisfied until every single legal vote has counted he says that there is evidence that there has been some sort of voter fraud or people getting votes that should have had them now there's been a number of republicans on t.v. in the last couple of hours including mitt romney saying they're not seeing any evidence that is the problem the republicans are talking about voter fraud but not producing evidence so if donald trump wants to take this to the courts he's got to produce evidence and pass a very high bar before he even begin to challenge the election of joe biden as the next president of the united states and fischer at 1600 pennsylvania avenue in washington d.c. the white house thank you allan now to wilmington delaware and here is jim. we last saw you outside the church where joe biden and family had been to church this morning so i guess the work starts now.
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indeed he did. a visit through the church in his local city true maybe reflect maybe paid thanks to. winning those elections for them going to pay respects to his late son who played a big role in convincing came true contest is elections and as you say the work starts now in the past couple hours the deputy campaign chief. well former campaign a former campaign of joe biden announced on one of the news networks here in the united states who the biden transitional team will be naming to lead the covert task force interesting lead to have true names there are vivek murthy who is the former. lead surgeon of the united states essentially a top doctor who was appointed by former president barack obama and then was relieved of his duties shortly off to donald trump took office together with dr
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david kessler who is a former f.d.a. commissioner the f.d.a. being the government authority which regulates drugs and medicine here in the united states so those through because they're not government officials now are able to engage with the transitional team in coming up with a blueprint is through how ministration will tackle this virus from a scientific perspective particular considering that the rhetoric and campaign pledges of the biden campaign was to take a totally different approach to tackling gets one that looks at the science ones that looks at things like for example enforcing face moss and other regulations something that donald trump refused should do so that's the primary objective that they will be looking to work on they are looking at other things in terms of policy rollbacks like gauging with the world health organization and. becoming a member once again off to trumpet withdrawing them as well as obviously resigning up through the climate treaty but right now the biggest news that's come out of the
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transitional team is the point of those 2 figures to co-chair the covert task force ok great stuff an update from jamal shale and wilmington delaware finally we are off to land in georgia here is going to natasha's there because one is how sure you've got counting still going on but also another vote to come there in a couple of months which could have huge ramifications on how the country's government. absolutely kemal president elect joe biden predicted that he would win the state of georgia even as the votes continue to be counted counted and it appears that he may very well prevail right now he is leading trump by about $10200.00 votes so it's not significant obviously in terms of the presidential election but it is a significant development with regard to the morale and the mood about what's
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possible for the democratic party this is a state that has not given its 16 electoral college votes to a democratic presidential candidate in 28 years and a state that trump won by 5 percent you know we were in freedom park in atlanta which was a huge source of support for biden in this campaign and the mood of course on saturday was very lively very happy but it's important to note that 70 percent of white georgians threw their support behind president trump they gathered at a rally in front of the capitol here in atlanta on saturday chanting the gates of hell will not prevail and claiming that the election was stolen from trump is due to a fraud despite any evidence of that fact but it does remind one that georgia remains divided and as does the country and that there is still a lot of eggs in the rancor georgians will be heading to the polls on january 5th 2
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of their senate seats now held by republicans are going to move to runoffs so now in the intervening weeks democratic progressive groups are going to be trying to register 30 to 40000 new voters in the hopes they can flip those senate seats and perhaps gain complete control of the government. in atlanta georgia thank you for that. and let's look at. the corona virus which of course joe biden is now making a priority we've heard from the wealth would i'm sorry the world health organization the head of the w.h.o. his congratulate joe biden dr ted rossi said my w.h.o. colleagues and i look forward to working with you in chains crises like kovan 1000 showed the importance of global solidarity in protecting lives and livelihoods together big emphasis on that work there are very pleased to welcome any sparrow to the news as she's in geneva critical care pediatrician a professor of population health science and policy at mount sinai hospital in new
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york any thank you for your time today it's actually it's actually kind of extraordinary i just stopped and thought for a moment that donald trump actually cut ties between the u.s. and the w.h.o. during a time of pandemic i know it's it's old news but the fact that that happened and that joe biden has to kind of stitch together is quite something it is not it's really just extraordinary that i am not a parent and a pandemic kind of guy kind of global health records it's so critical and right now you know i know when he's on how important you are at least you got great jerry and how important it is directly counter china. to a time when it gets to me margaret don't get us if we can't wait to china and you know it's just an extraordinary. to try to hold the government here hostage. to try or
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you're prepared to come and you get this. great great to. korea do you great part sorry finish your thought. barden you will immediately remember a stargate joeys mentec and he's a confirmed monkey got to sit back and he doesn't need to take greater care that turns the trumps mishandling of the pandemic and and it's it is absolutely critical in your you know it's not counting the votes that we can see that growth is count it's going up and up or not with your 100000 yesterday to get a conservative 100 and our you know you have a terrorist is not just leading a global right but it means being and not attacking lava given his. funding gaffe will the leadership get the right to these next 2 months a critical obviously because you have still got a government in power in the united states but you've got and we heard our correspondent talking about those appointments already as far as joe biden's transition team his coronavirus task force how much can they really achieve in
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these 2 months to think. well happy but they really need we don't need to see right now is what i mean we have some white house that biden will be in the white house but what we have seen is the limitations of this strategy which rests on. betty all approach even using a testing strategy or hospital based strategy piece which is inadequate directly because the bar is real time and that's what you need to get to a silent bar as grades so this mass of transmission that we really get understand i mean we really think both ends of pandemic get a playbook at jack reed and it just doesn't work so you know creating the kind of earth that yes we can go forward and we will and the scalp and i see i see biden as someone who would also embrace what to be pretty obvious is that most of the testing to begin the climb because many get together we have to be up to you know
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that stuck with everyone in our own homes and that bigger of that kind of autonomy and control of our rights that we can actually. had to test every day or every other day and i don't believe there's an american and i think it's only way to america where you can act like you can time or and cite it does that autonomy back and back it gives us a safety back to base act when maggie. and several and get married and celebrate and play and go to school and all these things that have had to teens and you know end of pocket and that you're at these very same kind that trades and you have to will no shutdowns in search of this thing and even masks you know there are black ones and we want some good x. products the corona buys and that we keep up with it and sag radical that is not really because. that's what it was trying to do to try to get the public back into public sound simple in the end doesn't any of us got some other news to move on to but thank you so much for your time we really appreciate it and inspire in geneva.
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so we're going to look at the united states on the international stage shortly and how that might change under a new president also why world leaders some of them at least are choosing not to congratulate the u.s. president elect. and other news of the day is what will it be as the socialist party sweeps back into power as the new president is sworn in. will even have some sport as well christiane a rinaldo on target for you venter says they aim to close the gap on the italian league it's. so joe biden's win could also alter relations with nato secretary general yen stoltenberg is how biden is a strong supporter of the transatlantic relationship which became strained under the trumpet ministration back in $27.00 change from called nato obsolete he went on to accuse members of not paying their fair share for u.s.
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protection then he caused further friction with berlin announcing it was reducing u.s. troop numbers in germany because of its quote delinquent contribution to nato but it is a relationship european leaders seem eager to repair in her congratulatory message to joe biden you commission president today and said as the world continues to change and new challenges and opportunities appear our new partnership will be of particular importance. as in paris for us and as many e.u. leaders will see the election of joe biden as a reset in u.s. relations. i think the several e.u. leaders will be now looking to joe biden to restart a more multilateral approach to foreign policy after years of donald trump's america 1st policy and his unilateral approach we saw trump for example pulling the us out of the paris climate deal out of the iran deal the j c p a way both dossiers that
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a very close to the hearts of many leaders had worked very hard to achieve them so i think the e.u. leaders will be certainly celebrating that's what we heard from many of them the french president emanuel mackerel saying congratulations to biden the german chancellor talking about the irreplaceable relationship that there is between germany and the united states in the foreign minister of germany perhaps in a way summing it up because he said that he is looking forward to a reach set a new deal if you like between the u.s. and germany but it almost could be seen as a new deal between the u.s. and the e.u. and what he's talking about is a new type of transatlantic relationship wiping away if you like some of the past 4 years and having a relationship in which the u.s. acts more predictably is a more reliable partner has to be said though of course not all your leaders would feel the same because we have some leaders leaders of poland for example hungary
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venia who had openly supported donald trump off we go to new york now the united nations and our diplomatic editor james james want to talk about iran in a moment but just to follow up on what natasha was talking about there do you think there was damage done in the last 4 years or do you think these european leaders will really be able to separate the united states from the united states under donald trump. well i think that certainly they are breathing a very big sigh of relief most european leaders and they're hoping that what they've seen so far from that speech in wilmington it wasn't about foreign affairs but it was the speech of a very traditional president they're hoping that the u.s. is going to return to that very traditional u.s. role which means taking part in an international institutions taking part with its allies in its alliances the most important being nato but i have to say there are 2 things to say on the other side of the tally one is that president elect biden
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faces an amazing set of challenges taking over at the time of code 19 globally over a 1000000 people have been killed got the worst recession the centrally got to blow growing clark at time of crisis so he's got a lot on his plate the other thing is i think that other countries around the world and particularly the u.s. as our allies won't forget the trump years they know how close this election was they know that technically president trump could run again in 4 years time and if it's not president trump there may well be another trump ian candide up with the same sort of agenda so i don't think they're going to take the u.s. role for granted in the way perhaps they have ever since the 2nd world war 2 ok so joe biden talks about rejoining things about let's sort out the relationship with nato let's rejoin the paris climate accord let's rejoin the iran nuclear deal is it as easy as that just going straight back into for example that when the iran deal.
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the iran deal is of those the hardest rejoining the world health organization he says will do on day one actually the u.s. hasn't even actually left it they said they were going to leave it and put the paperwork in to leave the not supposed to lead to look july so that is easy paris climate deal pretty easy to sign up to that again the iran deal i think is going to be tricky because you have other countries involved most notably not the other international players but iran what is iran going to say about this how is iran going to respond remember iran is not fully complying with the deal and iran will want guarantees that if they do get back into compliance and get the u.s. back into the deal that this isn't going to happen as i said in 4 years time when president trump returns to office possibly or another similar counter that returns to office the other thing we've got to bear in mind is what happens between now and president elect biden becoming president biden on the 20th of january and what is
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the trumpet ministration going to do want to number of files but notably on the iran far little bit of news there are reports coming in from jerusalem where the u.s. special envoy is right now that suggest that the u.s. is going to start putting even more sanctions on iran suggesting there could be sanctions every single week between now and the inauguration here lots to come potentially isn't it between now and january 20th thank you james baker diplomatic editor there in new york. let's talk about the peaceful transfer of power now this is a whole mark of american democracy but now joe biden is one what if donald trump carries on as the years and refuses to accept defeat well this transfer of power really began whether he likes it or not the biden harris team is in the process of filling $4000.00 roles in the government as they prepare to take the reins after each state certifies its results the electors all $538.00 of them meet in december and will cast their votes for presidents and vice presidents those results will then be
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certified by the new congress that happens january 6th and then according to tradition for what it's worth in the trump years trump would be expected to attend the inauguration at the u.s. capitol on the 28th of january when joe biden's sworn in as president and come to harris as vice president but if trump's lawyers were somehow able to either vacate the election or to lay the results beyond that date then actually a line of succession kicks in and it is nancy pelosi the speaker of the house who would become president instead let's hear from tom brooks dean and professor of law and government law school in the u.k. who explained what the next few months could look like in the lead up to a biden administration. what's going to happen now is that biden will be certified as the president elect the. normally recounts to lead to some variation in the numbers spread but nothing close to the many tens of
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thousands across multiple states that the trump trump would need so the chance of winning on recounts is nil and the in the legal challenges amount to nothing at all they've already been one courts i think it was constantly threw it out just a matter of of hearsay and guessing and no new evidence or facts so i think that you know it's just a matter of time but will the president elect's and we'll be getting on this transition one of the main things that the transition will be out will be about appointing a number of people that had various agencies the united states the he the head of all the different different departments are presidential appointees so he will be expected to be making about a 70 appointments in the next next week or so there must be about $300.00 they think maybe by the end of the year he'll be getting on with this to getting support
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from the civil servants as he already has here in kemah harris the virtually vice president elect now they've both been getting advice and sports and they'll be getting on with that they will see a lot of people expect from from biden's political career people who've been close to him but also people who are part of the obama administration well many republican politicians are staying quiet at this point but senator mitt romney has said trump is actually well within his rights to hold out on conceiving and at the recounts romney wants the republican party's nominee for president back in 2012 and is the highest profile member of congress to congratulate the president elect. he has every right to call for a recount because we're talking about a margin of 10000 votes here or less in some cases and a recount could change the outcome he wants to look at irregularities pursue that in the court but if as expected those things don't change the outcome why he will
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accept the inevitable we were talking about relations with nato earlier well european leaders are among those congratulating joe biden and calm the harris relations between the e.u. and the us became again strained on the donald trump's presidency tensions rose over issues like climate change and the pandemic and as we heard earlier there's been disagreements over nato which trump threatened to withdraw from well earlier i spoke to thomas hendrik ilves who was stoney is president from 2006 to 2016 and he said many leaders in europe are actually hopeful that a shift in american foreign policy really does a ways. both the nato and the european union front. many people breathe huge sigh of relief when it comes to nato there has been a constant fear for the past 4 years given trump behavior and his rhetoric that. he could weaken nato it went to the point where john
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bolton his former national security advisor in his book the memoirs suggested that trump would leave nato when in his 2nd term and of course on the european union side it was the never much love for the e.u. or force individual member states. the hostility and rudeness toward uncle a medical was was probably the most prominent but in general the attitude of the administration towards the e.u. . was extremely hostile let us recall that the. trumps embassador to to the european union mr song black hole became famous for its shenanigans in ukraine and actually started his posting by telling a senior you were fashion officials that he was sent there to fulfill his job of
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destroying the e.u. so this when you have the 2 main. bodies in europe. that they administration is hostile to it was the same time fostering a very warm relations from say to putin with all kinds of authoritarian leaders. was especially troubling. let's look at one of joe biden's more delicate foreign policy challenges that is afghanistan where u.s. troops remain 20 years now after the launching of operations against the taliban and al qaeda the taliban of course are in talks with the afghan government after the u.s. signed its own peace agreement with the taliban earlier this year the violence is still high with around $3000.00 u.s. troops still in afghanistan supporting its fragile government bidens previously said u.s. troops must be withdrawn responsibly and that a residual force presence is needed to ensure armed groups can't rebuild more on
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this from philly ican throw food in kabul. afghan president on the earlier this morning along with other senior afghan officials like dr abdullah and former president harm comey karzai congratulated president elect joe biden and vice president elect kamla kerry saying and i quote of galveston looks forward to continuing and deepening our multi-layered strategic partnership with the united states calling the united states afghanistan's foundational partner this happened this morning now most of the reaction we've been getting here is in social media from ordinary afghans who have been reflecting presidential spokesman said 60 dicky said yesterday that there is a perception here in afghanistan that a joe biden victory will bring changes both in the pre peace process and the
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troop withdrawal now the peace process has not been going exactly as people had hoped for same thing with the u.s. taliban deal that was signed at the end of february it has done nothing here on the ground to reduce the file the violence in fact it has been doing exactly the contrary like you mentioned violence has been increasing a by the day neither is any twit that appeared in my eyes is all this yesterday was by an afghan who said americans now got what they had hoped for now we're hoping that one day we will get what we hoped for and this is peace the rest of the day's news is coming up on this news hour we'll go to thailand where protesters are marching on the royal palace to deliver a message to the king plus he supports peace plan b. and the race to win in order to keep. still taken a decisive time. hello
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we've got some wet weather in the forecast for the middle east is something of a north south split you can see plenty of cloud across northern parts of the region there that cloud sinking its way down across iraq northern areas of saudi arabia and the u.k. you can see some showers there through syria pushing across iraq more than parcel of saudi arabia south of that it is generally dry 32 celsius here in doha on monday . it'll go on into watches day but asked that he could be pleasant enough for bray starting to pick up a little but it won't be too bad the show as they continue to the north of that may be saying some wet weather also creeping into iran little drier than it has been recently across the eastern side of the mediterranean well listen went to weather not too far away from here to also want to show is to really sell them and all of the red sea western parts of yemen could see some showers and the showers continue
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unabated across central and southern parts of somalia or awd across central africa into the gulf of guinea more of those showers to just started to create further south once again it's in more than possible angle of angola not quite as wet as it should be at this time of the year some heavy showers started to push their way back into tanzania as we go on through tuesday it's really heavy rain across the eastern side of south africa but fine to the west. around the world powerful entities are working to manipulate and influence us trolls books taking algorithms developed and designed to push content that says click me every click we make is value just sold for one and in the further 5 part series out in 3 is in mexico examining how propaganda and proper shape content will be algorithm on
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a jersey of. ours to crack and communist travel only to be disappeared. a family's tragedy and twined with a violent chapter in the country's history. when you see the blood. in the seas are going to be my blood will not want to. be. a lifelong search for answers and closure finding some witness on al-jazeera. this is the news hour from al-jazeera these are the top stories former u.s.
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president george w. bush has congratulated president elect joe biden on his win americans this week's election was fair the president elect joe biden has vowed to heal america's deep political divide and tackle the coronavirus. donald trump left the white house this morning for a visit to the golf course and the journey and he was met with several protesters along the way who are supporting joe biden trump is yet to speak publicly but has threatened legal action in an attempt to overturn the election thank you gratulations and messages of support of consents to biden and harris from world leaders countries like germany india and qatar have all expressed their willingness to work together to develop closer ties with the united states. let's move on to some other news and bolivia's new president the researcher has been sworn in at a ceremony in the past the left wing leader has promised to rebuild the country after a year of political unrest the landslide victory in october signaled a revival of the socialist mass party after former president evo morales fled
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bolivia last year the country's been run by a rightwing interim government since last year's disputed election let's talk to theresa both she's in buenos aires and neighboring argentina for more on this one is this a real sort of turning of the page for bolivia. well that's what many in the region are hoping it was a very symbolic day not only for bolivia but also for the whole region because in a way it's a comeback to bolivia's democracy after a year of unrest from. stuff there are more dallas was forced to resign last year accusations of fraud he was forced to flee the country he's currently here in argentina i'm planning to go back to where livia on monday august 5th talk in parliament where he said that he was hoping to rule for all bolivia despite the ethnic background of a 20 let's not forget that racism has played a crucial role in bolivia in this past year indigenous communities in the country
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afraid of what could happen if the movement towards socialism party did not when in the country they were empowered by the government of what alice while he was in office and he's removed generated lots of fear in the country during his speech either say also was very critical of the interim of ministration of johnny 9 yes saying that they defacto government instead of breaking fed billett tea to the country they persecuted the most went towards socialism social movements indigenous communities among others so it's a very very symbolic act what happened in bolivia this day it's come back to democracy of course and we shall see it is facing many challenges he was the minister of economy during the government of iran what is in a way many say that he was responsible of what many call it well known mix which was this exceptional growth that bolivia saw was more alice was in office he has many challenges with the impact of colvin $1000.00 not only in the health care
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system but also in bolivia's economy many say that the situation is kind of be completely difference of one more that liz was in office in spite of this what many are saying is that this is a fresh start and that of bolivia's indigenous majority which is around 6065 percent of the country are hopeful that they will be left behind and the economic growth that could happen in the country if it manages in a way to stop the lies the country and generate growth so just on that point you make there about the high percentage of an indigenous population in bolivia can you put that into the context of the rest of latin america for us and therefore the the important that it is important that holds for bolivia. well in bolivia around 6065 percent of the country say that they belong to an indigenous group this is an enormous part of the population that historically they were discriminated against and that whenever one of this became president he was
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oblivious 1st indigenous president in the country in which he managed to generate growth and in pyar in power groups in the country i've been able to cover bolivia over this many many years and it was impressive to start seeing how indigenous groups for example are indigenous women that wear skirts that's why how in bolivia they're referred to started using planes i mean you did not see something like that in bolivia in the past 10 when you will what alice was forced out of office when you were able to talk to people that there were afraid about a comeback 2 of racism for example when there was any 9 years took office the 1st thing she did was to bring in a bible into the presidential palace and this was meant very very shocking for those indigenous communities in bolivia that in a way believing that by chance mama which is mother earth among other things well what we saw during the negra ation today was very significant in symbolic we saw indigenous communities carrying out rituals setting up fires fraying to the mother
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earth and this sense of why the integration on monday was different and important because in a way it the way it empowers those indigenous communities that have been discriminated against in the past that they're part of government and that they will have a say in whatever happens in bolivia next really interesting stuff thank you. for. now there has been an escalation in the conflict between us about john and as about john's president says his troops are now in control of show one of the most important cities in the fight on the disputed region of the corner. and what makes capturing sure shows such a big prize is that it's long played a pivotal role in the new going to cut about conflict it overlooks the regional capital step on the court and it's from there that azerbaijan shelled the city in the 1st mokoena kind of a war it also sits on the main highway connecting armenia to step on except i mean
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his capture of the town the 9092 was a turning point in the conflict and has been celebrated by armenians ever since some of been in as about john's capital baku and it's found there the people celebrating now. president. shimon having. made. the liberating what they say has been a victory in the making for the last many many months they say shusha is not district borders but it has an emotional importance for them as well we've been seeing people of all ages from all backgrounds coming in the streets celebrating the victory prevent any have said he's been able to do it with the birth of not just his military but the people standing behind him there have been conflicting reports about whether the show had been taken or not there's been a lot 48 hours there's been a lot of fighting that's been happening around the city but the people here say
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that they are behind their military and their president and they're hoping that this will be the beginning of the recapture of the hinted free open tested liberal knickerbocker region. and the heart of the honeyed in capital yerevan his as she says i mean here is contesting the claims that sure she has been taken by oscillation. i mean is actually. here has not fallen yet has not been retaken by john in that tweet made by the ministry of defense said that. fight was still ongoing in that area it was described as a heavy fighting. going something similar along the same lines was issued by the ministry of defense of the republic of korea. is a belief here that that hasn't happened yet that it is a difficult fight it is difficult. to have approached very closely.
9:41 pm
town but people when you speak to them they say that they have. a really bad journey forces actually inside the city or not it is a realisation that things are difficult for the armenian side but people do say here that they have to continue this fight as by johnny thing that. is important for them well i mean is would tell you that she is also loaded with. an importance for the armenian so the message you're getting here is that it's not over yet even though they do admit that it's a difficult fight but a roussel where hundreds of been detained in another weekend of anti government protests security forces chased down protesters and forced them into vans protests have been ongoing every week since the disputed reelection of president alexander
9:42 pm
lukashenko back in august demonstrators continue to call for him to step down police a 5 water cannon the protesters running in times capital bangkok thousands of demonstrators are demanding political reform and want to deliver lessons to the king of dialogue . they're trying to march to the royal palace but 9000 security officers have been deployed. with the protesters as they make that march to bangkok's grand palace. the protesters have started their march in which we see there are these mock post boxes back here what's inside of those are letters open letters from some of the protesters to the king himself now what they do is they started for democracy monument they're marching down toward the grand palace and they say they're going to deliver these letters to the king himself obviously that's going to be a big challenge but this is a symbolic move because one of the 3 big things these protesters are asking for is reform in the monarchy they're also asking for the prime minister to resign and for
9:43 pm
the constitution to be rewritten so this is one thing they're focusing on this is the largest protest we've seen in about 2 weeks this comes after a week of the beginning of the political process for these protesters but again the protesters are saying they're not going to be part of this reconciliation committee it's now in parliament. the polls have closed in 1000000 miles general election the 2nd there since the end of direct military role and the national league for democracy led by. is expected to win a 2nd term but it's expected to be a small amount and 5 years ago this report from florence italy. this is what voting looks like during a pandemic mosques and physical distance. despite a surge in coronavirus cases across myanmar voters were eager with some arriving even before polling stations had opened. even though the covert 19 operate seems really bad right now i had made up my mind that i must vote in this election all my family members have voted to the national league for democracy that bio. is
9:44 pm
widely expected to win a 2nd term while her international reputation has suffered because of her failure to speak up for the rangar after they were targeted in a violent military crackdown in 2017 she remains hugely popular at home. but the analogies margin of victory is expected to be smaller this time economic growth has fallen short of expectations and ethnic conflicts persist in the country. the polls have been described as fundamentally flawed by rights group human rights watch more than one and a half 1000000 people mostly ethnic minorities want to be able to vote voting has been cancelled in more than 50 townships in areas the election commission says are troubled by unrest some ethnic political parties have accused the election commission of trying to block votes in constituencies dominated by ethnic parties most of the ruling the minority are also excluded having been stripped of their
9:45 pm
citizenship and rights throughout the years and whichever party wins they'll have to share power with the military which is guaranteed 25 percent of the seats in parliament enough to block constitutional changes but despite the challenges voters optimistic by louisiana. i think this election is very important and everyone who is already 18 should vote because one vote can change the result so everyone should vote regardless of which party they support. main opponent in this election as it was in the last is the military backed union solidarity and development party florence louis al-jazeera. now one major player on the global stage is not yet commented on the u.s. election is china's leader. is katrina in shanghai with more on what to expect with china u.s. ties when biden takes charge. we may not hear from them until we have an official
9:46 pm
election result from the u.s. in joe biden's favor but certainly there will be many people in beijing who are breathing some thought i of relief the past 4 years of the tremendous ration have been really tough on the chinese government we've had in the trade war and those tariffs that just had there is very tough technology restrictions that have put a lot of pressure on the chinese economy and of course this year especially we've had attack after attack from the trump administration on everything from carbon 19 to treating you know we as in shin giant hong kong's national security law and all of this has really brought the u.s. china relationship to the lowest point that we've seen in decades so many of us seeing biden presidency as a chance to reset the relationship between the u.s. and china they're expecting walk a return to a more conventional style of diplomacy a less confrontational less unpredictable approach and also the opportunity for
9:47 pm
time in the u.s. to potentially going forward to collaborate on issues such as the environment and climate change with beijing and biden do seem to see eye to eye that being said that doesn't mean that beijing is likely to celebrate this indeed don't buy and it is likely to present more challenges to china inst in the sense that he has expressed an interest in strengthening ties with european allies for example they may build a bloc and use that bloc to pressure china to take some actions regards to the economy regards to trade so that could be a ruby challenge for beijing going forward mexico's president on that as manuel lopez obrador says he won't be congratulating any winner of the election until legal challenges are over looks like an attempt to avoid friction with washington during that transition period but other regional leaders across latin america are sending their messages of congratulations to joe biden more from a latin america editor a sea of human. while latin american leaders may not have said so publicly most all
9:48 pm
along had been rooting for joe biden he begins from a concept which is very crucial to latino americans is that instead of putting wars or building walls you have to work for the development. you know them because of cooperation and support. but there's an exception brazil's president jabe also noddle who's often described as the troubled from biden's recent comments about deforestation of the amazon rain forest outraged also noddle who said publicly he was cheering for donald trump. venezuela's embattled president nicolas maduro on the other hand is hoping biden will consider reversing crippling u.s. economic sanctions. a new consciousness is rising in the united states of america in its youth and its people they no longer want imperialist wars they no longer
9:49 pm
want threats and alluding to. sources to al-jazeera the bidens regional aides are rethinking continued support for venezuela's opposition leader why they all as interim president reportedly described by one aide as a quote lost cause joe biden has visited latin america 26 times so he's certainly no stranger to this region for starters he's promised $14000000000.00 to central american countries to reduce poverty and violence as a way of tackling the immigration crisis a very different approach from donald trump's. meanwhile many are commenting just how the latin american president trumps electoral challenges are sounding that to them he got has had those sort of strong men who decided that they would be esteemed by will forever change the results of elections because they wanted to know that men america is unlikely to become a top priority for the next us administration with perhaps the exception of the
9:50 pm
immigration issue but after 4 years of being largely ignored there's the expectation that it will again be on the radar you see a new an al jazeera sent the al. a couple stories in brief the long time host of the american quiz show jeopardy alex trebek has died following a battle with pancreatic cancer originally from canada hosted the popular show since 1984 it earned him the guinness world record for the most game show episodes hosted by the same presenter more than 8000 of them. was 80 years old. and britain's queen elizabeth has been seen wearing a mask in public for the 1st time the 94 year old of the ceremony to mark a 100 years since the burial of the unknown warrior the grave that represents those who died in world war one but remain an identified face coverings are required by law in england in certain indoor setting it's. sport coming up here on this news hour in the paris masters this produced
9:51 pm
a 1st time championship winner andy not idea but andy is here with that story in a moment. with jealousy that spoke she just exquisite she's very glamorous it's part of our culture to look at our very very best for a special occasion and people will spend money and everything you see on the catwalk they do it here. if there is going to be longevity they wold have to come in and tell you things to my nigeria on al-jazeera. 'd held for over 3 years in an egyptian prison cell denied the right to a fair trial no charges have been brought against al-jazeera correspondent mahmoud you're saying his crime journalism. to demand more neutral links and boy solidarity
9:52 pm
with all detained journalists sign the petition. 'd 3 o'clock news saying. or. andy is back with a look at sports thank you so much come our events or drop points in their pursuits of italian league leaders ac milan the 9 time defending champion seltzer a 11 draw by lance c.e.o. christian or an elder gave events as an early lead in round his 6th goal in 4 league games he could have added to that title and made the game safe as you very
9:53 pm
dominated the action instead ecuadoran striker to leap a car seo scored an equaliser in the 95th minute you very 3 points adrift of. roma half 400 wickets are in scoring a hat trick in a 31 win over general or. his team heading into a 2 week international break having secured 3 wins in the last 8 days now english premier league title rivals liverpool and manchester city have just played out a warning reigning champions liverpool took the lead 3 way ahead and sell a penalty but city hit back with an equaliser from. kevin de bruyne then mr spock kicked for the home scene liverpool 3rd in the table city and now down 11th leicester are a point clear the top of the table jamie volleys penalties for the beating was one nil taught him a 2nd hurricane scoring is 100 and 58th premier league goal in win over west brom spurs now unbeaten since the opening day of the season this is the. could be
9:54 pm
genuine. european countries. in the very league is the most difficult one to be. because in the premier league you can you can do a good season you can have a lot of points but in the end. you know liverpool mansi shows men who are less arsenal so you can have a good season. and not be too. now with them or far down on medvedev won the paris masters to claim his 1st title of the year the russian was up against alex verify in the final deserve a beaten rafa nadal in the last fall and he got off to a great start here taking the 1st sets but the german couldn't keep that momentum going and for their fighting back to win the title in 3 sets he took the decider 61 it is his 1st championship ever so he's won this championship thanks not so curious been testing its ability to host
9:55 pm
a safe olympic games next year the city has held its 1st international event at a games venue since event was postponed in march 2 to coronavirus some fans were allowed to attend the gymnastics competition for athletes were required to test negative for corona virus within 72 hours of their arrival in japan now living president thomas frank says this event is an example of how and events can happen safely despite the pandemic the games themselves organizers will be dealing with $15000.00 olympic and paralympic athletes as well as thousands of officials media the delay has sent costs spiraling the games are costing more than $12000000000.00 in the delay will add $2.00 to $3000000000.00 more it's about subtle and fans from abroad are worried they would even be allowed to go inside to pound the asian nations towards a ban on visitors from more than a $150.00 countries well earlier on we spoke to a limp exporter ought to steer it when he's expecting a diluted version of the games to go ahead next year. will. we bar. last month. spoke very
9:56 pm
passionately saying that there is just to quote him there are many reasons to be optimistic i'm really confident we can deliver and successful gigs you could say that he was hers a bit short on detail but that her real will for the film critic with critically are they have said that they will not fall so it's 2021 on olympics but before the if you are how do you keep people back is also talked about enough of a market testing of athletes and he is assuming that there will be a vaccine so i think we're on back with our. eating fast results testing it isn't feasible but again i wonder if they will 5 would use the numbers so that you don't have this 50000 people living the sort of cement a normal limb is probably not possible and then there's the whole question of
9:57 pm
whether we mean the good news is that this weekend we were domestic about in pole where it is our spectator but you know in the midst of factional football and all other forces can be operating without any baggage as a toll and can you do it on the big without by cancer and then to a all it sounds like the olympics have been and we think. spencer looks on course to win his 1st world championship he took advantage of an early crush involving top rival 5 year course aurora to claim victory at the viewer in his own country as the 9 different winner of races this. ice high sport is looking for now and the thanks so much for that. that's a news hour as well thanks for joining us on the team here and there is in london shane the team there of got your next book from the news site obviously or just
9:58 pm
it's. talk to al-jazeera we realistically how can you do with institutionalized corruption in this country we listen if this breaks up and real conflict between august on and india this has implications for the rest of the world we meet with global newsmakers and talk about the stories that matter. on counting the cost the end of austerity the ideology decimating the weakest of society for the economic mismanagement of the rich and powerful may be consigned to history and the
9:59 pm
russian german gas pipeline opposed by washington and european capitals. counting the cost on al-jazeera. when the news breaks and the racism protests continue in a number of cities across the united states when people need to be heard in the council a real boy nearly 500 points were destroyed and about 80 percent of this land but al-jazeera has teams on the ground people are just talking about wind and solar as if that's going to solve the problem if you want to bring you more room mood when documentaries and light moves on i'm gone. my name is matthew castle i grew up jewish in america and i support the palestinian struggle against occupation in politics. and my mom saw me at a protest during a palestinian flag she told me i was no longer her son is it possible to be jewish i'm critical of zionism. i do palestinian solidarity think it's the most jewish
10:00 pm
thing i can do what about the treatment towards the palestinians and the occupation . al-jazeera correspondent. u.s. president elect joe biden sets the tone for his presidency delivering a message of hope and pledging to heal a divided nation. lower the temperature see each other again missionary trail there again. hello i'm barbara starr you're watching al-jazeera live from london also coming up on the program world leaders welcome news of the biden harris victory one which will likely reset the way that america engages on the.


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