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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  November 6, 2020 4:00pm-5:00pm +03

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and former french president nicolas sarkozy will face trial and corruption charges we'll bring you the latest november on al-jazeera. the. al-jazeera. over there i am how he's in this is the al-jazeera news are coming to you live from doha coming up of these in georgia pits joe biden courser to the 270 electoral votes needed to become the $46.00 presidents of the united states donald trump is no pushing for the supreme court to intervene in the vote counting process over unproven fraud claims. after deploying troops and ethiopia's north the
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president declares the region a no fly zone to stamp out a separatist struggle. and denmark plans to cope all minks in the country to contain any tainted form of coronavirus. and far as small have all the day's sport including and miserable night for ac milan as they suffered their worst ever european defeat at the san siro. $1300.00 g.m.t. that's 8 am in the eastern united states and we still can see the next president of the united states will be things are heating up though every hour or the gap narrows we see donald trump and joe biden here's what you need to know there are just 4 battleground states so being counted and any single win for joe biden could effectively end. the race now he's pulled ahead in georgia and is in the leads in
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nevada where trump is ahead in the other 2 states but the margins are reserved thin the states being cancers are the ones that you see here in yellow in the vada pennsylvania north carolina and of course georgia as it stands joe biden has 264 electoral college for stoner trant has 214 the number the hits of course is 217 let's take you through those battleground states joe biden is leading in georgia by iran's 917 votes those totals change over time but if you look how many votes a big cast of course the $5000000.00 could cast so far $900.00 is the tiniest of margins in the bulk of the remaining ballots to come in and be counted are from the democratic parts of the state remember this is a state which is voted republican for the last 6 elections never hearing
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a decision in pennsylvania could come in the next few hours so we're trump is in the lead but that lead has been consistently shrinking over the last few hours the remaining ballots to be counted again are from mostly democratic leaning cities cities or philadelphia pittsburgh and the suburbs if we go to north carolina now you can see donald trump is raising there bahrain 76000 votes that's not a surprise the state has voted republican in every election since 1980 except of course for 2008 when barack obama won and the states of nevada that could well be the last shorter in there it has the highest percentage of the vote left to counteract 23 percent of precincts still to reports but those 6 delegates could break either. right now they belong to joe biden he's in the
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lead by around 11000 or so and we've got correspondents following developments from across the united states or team this hour we have kristen salumi in philadelphia as the count say is in the crucial state of pennsylvania. is in wilmington and biden's home state of delaware but let's start of course with fischer he's covering all of this from washington d c our in the sun has not risen over the white house but the news has not been good for donald trump has been coming in overnight as have been any reaction from the trump white house this morning. no nothing from donald trump in the last 5 years the last tweet he put out was about twitter that is because anytime he talks about electoral fraud twitter are flying off as one commentator said there are more warnings on donald trump's twitter feed than a pack of cigarettes at the moment what is interesting of course is that it's just
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over 12 hours ago that donald trump had that event at the white house you can call a news conference again republicans not taking any questions but he made several widespread allegations about voter fraud didn't give any evidence to back it up we know that the republican party highs in the last few hours set up a phone line in a web site where people can report instances of voter fraud were sent me seen across the internet that there have been allegations but they have not been based in any reality in fact there was one allegation in detroit that a load of bollocks had been brought into accounting center when it was actually just a t.v. crew bringing in their equipment that is the sort of thing that the republicans would be saying all the claims of voter fraud on at the moment so the suggestion is that this web site will start to filter things out but as some people have pointed out this is what donald trump does he makes very wild claims and then he gets the
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facts to try and fit those claims you remember when there was a hurricane that was due to hit the south coast and he said it was going to hit parts of alabama the weather service said that wasn't actually the case and then they were forced to say well that was the possibility of and the city was changed it was experience changing the story to much don't trump the big concern for him is georgia know they thought that was an absolute republican banker that he was going to when there but the democrats over the last few years of spent a lot of time in the sense that changing demographics there little woman who ran for the governorship in 2800 states abrams when she lost because of what she thought was voter suppression she stuck to. to get the vote effort and register an 800000 voters that could well be the difference in georgia and if joe biden ones georgia it's all over for donald trump there's absolutely no way he can get to 270 with georgia but here's the caviar you hear me say this a lot today
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a lot of this is going to end up either in recounts which will probably happen in georgia because they're not to do so then or it's going to end up in court donald trump is looking for the courts to do what it appears he can't do at the ballot box which is when the 2020 presidential election mccain thank you very much indeed alan fischer live from washington d.c. let's cross over to teach him i'll say oh he's in wilmington delaware jamal has there been any news from the biden cam are they feeling this hour. well they've been confident ever since the polls close late on tuesday that's the message just been coming out from camp here in delaware there hasn't been a statement since the last time joe biden spoke roughly about 18 hours ago on thursday afternoon however what we have been seeing is more activity coming from
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the biden camp so he's met with his covert task force he's met with an economic task force essentially he is acting like the president elect will be it's not announcing that he is the president elect and that is something maybe that his supporters will try and underlined to show the difference between how calm collected and confident joe biden is as opposed to the more erratic comments if we can use that word to describe that have been coming out from donald trump but how do you know when we say for example that he's met with a covert task force that shows his recognition that's covert was. one of the main. deciders or at least one of the main factors that a lot of voters were considering when they went to the ballot boxes on tuesday but it wasn't just those key issues that we're talking about there were other ones as well which are very interesting if we look out so for example when we talk about the issue of civil liberties when we talk and look at the impact of the black life
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movement hired the killing of george floyd and so forth you look at for example we're talking about ga ga there was one of the county is there that helped shape the balance albeit very slightly in the favor of joe biden it's clayton county not clayton county is the home of the congressman john lewis and what is interesting there is hide from the fact that it seems like it is bringing maybe some sort of. a revenge but something along those lines as far as the democrats are concerned is that they're looking to reestablish a law that will protect voter rights particularly because of there was a lot of talk about voter suppression by the republican administration that bill they're looking to rename if indeed biden comes in as the john lewis bill there was also voting along personal lines if you look at our result now for example and the rift that was between the late john mccain and donald trump many people been saying
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that it was the daughter of john mccain who helped keep that in his favor so when we look at all the different fallout from this result there's so many side stories that make this election so much more interesting thank you so much keeping an eye on things from biden headquarters is in wilmington delaware well let's cross night kristen salumi she's in philadelphia for us kristen lots to talk about pennsylvania this could be the crucial state for both candidates that can't is on a knife edge it's been progressing through the night sky high was it progressing is there. any news from pennsylvania. while the counting has continued around the clock here in pennsylvania in philadelphia at the convention center behind me and joe biden keeps inching closer and closer to
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donald trump he's now just about 18000 votes behind the president here with an estimated 160000 votes as best as we can tell still left to be counted so he's getting closer and closer as president trump goes on the attack to officials and vote counters here in pennsylvania he filed a legal action yesterday that would requested that they shut down the count and get more access for vote monitors and he was granted closer access were republican monitors in the convention center to be clear there are already were monitors watching the vote count but they said that they were too far away they needed to be closer the judge said ok they can be within 6 feet of the city appealed that saying that because of the corona virus it was dangerous and the charm campaign has been claiming that they're not getting good access there stirring up claims that some
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sort of funny business is going on here and they can't watch what's happening the city and state officials deny that say that the barricades were moved that they've been allowed inside and that they're going ahead and processing. the votes as they should be. now the largest percentage of the remaining balance in the state are going to come from here in philadelphia so it's not surprising that the president would focus his attention here and his ire here this is a very democratic leaning city where joe biden has been doing very well and is expected to take him over the top but it's important to point out that this state is led by a wild. led by a democratic governor it was a republican legislature that changed the mail in balloting laws here in pennsylvania so that. the votes could be counted by mail so it expanded the mail in ballots here that's something that president trump is also challenging. asking the
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supreme court to get involved in to overturn basically a state court decision that allowed the votes to be tallied after election day if they were postmarked by election day which is all to say that president trump really needs pittsburgh pennsylvania in order to win and he is fighting on every front to try to have ballots to thrown out where he sees the potential for that to happen so there's other lawsuits in certain counties that could get in the way but at this stage it looks like it's heading in joe biden's direction here ok kristen salumi there live for us in philadelphia thank you very much and dean's vos the counting continues on the numbers go up and down was going to sense of the race i would steve clemons he's the host of al jazeera as a political show the both some line agrees have you with us on the news hour if we
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take a step back from this head again to the selection of the pollsters from saying joe biden 101112 points up we were expecting something of a blue wave that doesn't seem to be happening but the presidency is edging closer to his grasp we'll talk about the courts in a minute but when do you think we are going to find when this happens do you think we are going to see any kinds of concession speech from either candidate. well that's a big big question i doubt we're going to hear a concession speech from the one this is so far tilting against which is donald trump but i think the bigger issue when you step back is that donald trump isn't going away even if he's not in the white house so trump business and this kind of american public nations populism that is grown in the united states is going to
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remain a feature of the political landscape even if joe biden is president and i think people need to understand what that means it means we're not going to snap back to the kind of obama land and in which biden was a key key player and there is going to be continual tension in this country for quite a while and not not just over who is president but just over world view which is going to be very very different so that is what i think is the biggest takeaway of the failure of the polls is that there is a rejection essentially of the kind of world that you know both biden and those that supported him represent right now well let's take a closer look at. one of the things we tend to associate with trump isn't apart from the bombastic statements but also the claims that that aren't always backed up by evidence the president asking tweet saying that this election is going to be stolen from him that illegal ballots are being canceled his supporters are having
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the election taken away from him where does this leave the country because even as we look at the numbers coming in a significant chunk of the united states votes it's for donald trump they listen to you know president trump and if he's saying that this election is being stolen they're not likely to. president but but if this is the reality now for the next for you i mean where does this leave the country because a lot of people are going to feel that joe biden will not be a legitimate president of the i. states says. erodes you hit it on the headed to roots this and that joe biden is seen by a substantial portion of the public as their legitimate president and it kind of you know crimps his situation going in so i think you're absolutely right in the way you framed that that said there's another dimension to this which i think is
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important to look at so that we all don't get you know too long in the face about what's happening is that at the end of the day i think right now we see joe biden about to secure $270.00 electoral college votes it will be litigated in the courts i don't see a pathway for the courts to undo what has been done but you know it could always happen one percent chance but in that process you also get the message and lesson that even bullied along even with an autocratic style president who is basically saying the very institutions over which he sits right now are corrupt and flawed that that system as set up by the founding fathers us it nonetheless survive this battle of this now the question is what do we do after but i think it's very important realizing that there has been going to be most likely a transition in power a lot of people are going to have problems with the probably country but it's still going to happen and so i think it's important to remember that even though the president united states right now is spitting on the very institutions that he once
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ran and he remember he won in essentially a contested election 73000 votes in 3 states by electoral college victory losing you know 3000000 in the popular vote and hillary clinton conceded donald trump is not following that path and he's trying to kind of you know create a rejection of these institutions but i think what's the bigger and more interesting story is it doesn't at this moment look to me and this is my opinion as if that strategy is going to work so there is a certain degree of resilience in the american political. system there i think at the end of the day is going to look slightly impressive bit not overwhelmingly impressive it's going to be interesting to see what the republican party does as the errors passable also be interesting to talk about the potential legal battles were at the time unfortunately steve we will check back in with you to get your take on this but for now steve clements eller washington d.c. thank you very much in danger. one republican in the u.s.
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house has come out strongly against donald trump's claims while knots naming the president directly as a kid cigarette has to say that of course every votes needs to be counted but if someone has legitimate concerns about frauds than evidence must be presented he's also calling for a stop to the spirit of what he describes as de bunked miss in for mation. what trumps already sent lawyers to question votes in several states says legal team of asked the supreme court to intervene in pennsylvania's 4 counts lawyers involved is said to have close ties to brett cavanagh that of course is the spring court justices expected to have decisive votes in any upcoming election related rulings let's get more now on this from bruce fein joins us
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now from washington d.c. he's a former u.s. associate steps attorney general great to have you with us on the news hour let's talk about these potential legal avenues that donald trump is likely to. to go he was to take this to the supreme court still you think the supreme court's will hear any motions on this 2020 alexion. i doubt it already several of his litigation initiatives have shipwrecked because there simply was no evidence that vote for being counted that should not have been counted both in nevada and in georgia there was one ruling a minor one in his favor saying that the republican poll watchers could be no more than 12 feet away from the vote counting but there's no evidence and savain you case that voter being counted that should not have been counted so the problem that
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mr truong contrivance is that he doesn't get a way in a court of law but simply shouting fake news there's fraud you actually have to produce evidence and there is no evidence of fraud that's actually been a deuced in the state and federal courts it's also speaks volumes in my judgment it's not just mr kissinger. in the house there is been no prominent republican in the house or senate including minority leader kevin mccarthy mitch mcconnell the majority of the senate who is echoed mr trump's claim of white bread fraud moreover the claim becomes even more dubious when it's recognized that republicans did better than was expected in the house and senate seat gained seats in the house held their own in the senate so there clearly was no systematic anti-republican bias and that further undermined the claim of mr trump now in
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some ways i think it's healthy that he's initiated these legal avenues for address even if the claims are faulty he has a right to pursue them you're not required to prove your case before you enter court but i think it will destroy any claim that there was an affair ventilation of all of this claims before they were dismissed and yet more legitimacy to the outcome of the presidential vote and if but if you are a tom votes. and you're hearing the u.s. president saying that there is votes of fraud that illegal votes are being counted cedes laws have been changed in the run up to the selection you are predisposed to think because the u.s. president is telling me that something is amiss here that there is a problem with these votes so given that what evidence do you see donald trump the trump campaign and his surrogates putting forward to suggest that illegal votes are being counted and this is why. his his lead is of operating.
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well they've had opportunity in the courts and at present they've comes up with nothing even in press conferences that his lawyers availed or mr trump those questions ok where is the evidence of the illegal voting and there's complete silence on the other side now i think you're ascribing too much rationality to many of the very ardent supporters of mr trump and it's not limited to mr trump to them evidence doesn't matter they have a fixation that no matter what like those who believe in conspiracy theories of life that he couldn't possibly have lost in unless there were some gremlin who changed the vote you know in the ballot box or on the electronic machines so they will never be convinced even if you had evidence is clear is newton's laws of motion that mr trump lost the election that's how they're psychologically made up but going back to your larger point say we have courts of law and wish are staffed
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by both republican and democratic judges and indeed a majority of the u.s. supreme court are republican and at present they have uniformly rejected these claims of fraud or illegality that are presented by mr trump's lawyers now he only not all the legal battles have concluded but i've seen nothing in my own examination of the complaint that suggests that there's a single vote cast that was improperly counted or a single vote cast that was improperly refused to be counted we still have some overseas ballots from the military that under state laws are accepted many days after the election day but they aren't in sufficient numbers in my dream in the battleground states to change the outcome from those who are cast domestically. ok i guess we will have to wait and see what these lawsuits are when they do finally appear but for now i thank you very much indeed for your analysis and judgment
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there bruce fein for me as associate deputy attorney general thank you as so much for a quick weather update sears' rob mccallum. hurrican eater became a tropical storm a tropical depression and now just a massive sandstorm is that scene there which may well now it's sitting over warm water start to circulate start to get strength and become a tropical storm its biggest legacy has been flooding is widespread flooding in guatemala honduras bits of believes where even as far west as mexico everything from knee height up to neck height floods a lot of it is from rivers that have burst their banks as you see here for example and there is probably still more to come but will this thing develop into something more substantial and bring wind damage will be might certainly rest as day is just showers affecting believes but as i say the water's warm and that tends to generate
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or regenerate these tropical cycles it could well be tropical storm strength by the end of saturday the earliest tropical storm watch out in the cayman islands just here and things heading for cuba it may well form into a proper hurricane again it will certainly affect the weather in miami there's already strong wind here and frequent showers but i don't think it will be anything like a tropical storm anywhere near miami but for cuba that's rather different story we'll watch that rather closely. so they come here on al-jazeera going on the offensive officials in better city of liverpool are hunting coronavirus cases by offering every single person attack us. economy near collapse screaming at the refugees living on less than $3.00 a day in lebanon. and in sports rafa nadal stays on course to win the paris masters of the very 1st time.
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do you feel validated in south way is a type of performative activism. let's go back to specifically you calling donald trump a white supremacist the lights are on and there's nowhere to hide join me richelle carey is up at the front questions to my special guests and challenge them to some straight talk and political debate. out front on al jazeera. you part 2 of a special investigation one o one east visits western australia's only youth detention center and travels to the remote outback towns where many of the indigenous inmates come from. 0. al-jazeera.
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this is al jazeera a quick reminder. all of the top stories this hour the u.s. presidential race remains 2 calls to call for battleground states are still can simple democratic nominee joe biden has pulled ahead it's in georgia. donald trump is making false claims that if only legal votes were counted he would win the election he says legal challenges may end up in the supreme court's joe biden is urging people's we patients he says he's confident of becoming the next president's currently has 264 electoral college votes 270 are needed for
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victory. for the u.s. has seen another record jump in corona virus infections 2 days after the presidential election where 120000 cases were confirms on thursday exceeding the record sets the day before as according to a tally by johns hopkins university. meanwhile the entire population of liverpool in the united kingdom is set to be offered a test for corona virus it's part of a trial for mass testing and helping hospitals and lifting restrictions on 2000 military personnel have been drafted in to help let's get more now from jonah how he joins us now from liverpool or sure not the government plan is to test every single person in liverpool or how is this how is this going to work and what are
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the government hoping to achieve with this mass testing strategy. well it's just getting under way literally as we speak the very start of what the government in england and certainly livable city council leaders as well hope is a sort of exit strategy from covert 19 if you like short of the arrival and distribution of a vaccine in the fullness of time mass testing as you say this is a pilot project offering everybody in liverpool workers residents alike a test whether they have symptoms or not in fact specifically if they don't have symptoms they're trying to weed out here the asymptomatic carriers of the virus very many people are shown now to be asymptomatic carriers distributing the virus infectious at the community without knowing that they are in any way unwell so this is aimed very specifically at people who don't have symptoms everybody can get a test it's the 1st big step towards realizing the government's much wider aim of
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mass testing across the entire population so called operation moonshot in terms of which in the fullness of time they hope to have 11000000 tests a day being carried out across the population regular testing again and again and again so that if you get a test that says your negative you can then go about your business back to the office back to the gym back to sports facilities leisure facilities hospitals it's on knowing that you're doing so safely it's a pathway in other words back to normal life so huge significance here huge potential in what's going on here the army has been drafted in to help provide logistics so that n.h.s. volunteers can go on manning the appointment only existing test sites that there were there are now 6 of these new sites and they're looking to provide 121-5000 tests a day across those 6 sites 100000 tests a week or so at least for the next 10 days that's the mooted period of this pilot project for now ok will do the seems to be
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a huge enthusiasm by the number of people cleaning up behind me there but this is a project that will need significant levels of public trusts and does that exist right now in. when it's all about public trust it's all about voluntary tests so trust is absolutely essential to this there's been some negative publicity already about some of these rapid turnaround tests that they're using here the whole point is that you get a rapid result within about an hour the governor spent millions on investing on these in this new technology some of these tests have been shown not to be as effective as failed to be frankly i spoke earlier to the public health director here in liverpool city liverpool and he said none of the tests in question are involved in this part of project crucial of course to public trust that people understand that because if they get a positive test they'll have to go and isolate for 14 days with no apparent symptoms but you know look at it there are a lot of people waiting to get into this whole now as this pilot project gets
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underway i've spoken to several of them the key message here is they're doing it they say because they feel it's the right thing to do ok let's see how that pans out and i join a whole other life as in liverpool thank you. denmark is coing millions of mink after a new strain of corona virus was discovered on hundreds of the country's 1st farms the government confirmed the mutated virus infected moon 200 people from urgent action the fokker reports. as europe scrambles to control coded 19 warnings from denmark of a new strain of the virus health authorities supported by the military have begun culling the country's entire population of up to 17000000 mink after a mutation of corona virus found in the animals spread to humans. research gas or was moved and 7 o'clock so we can. do it faster it's we can
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and i hope we can do in 2 days more than 200 people in denmark are now infected and the numbers are rising chains you know sheer in my health authorities have observed a serious development in the current virus infected mink infections have been found on 207 men found and this development has taken place despite intensive efforts to limit the spread of the infection so what's worrying scientists is that the new strain showing decreased sensitivity against antibodies meaning vaccines currently under development to treat covert 19 might not be able to stop it the world health organizations praised the decision saying denmark show determination and courage despite the huge economic impact on mink farmers the move is likely to devastate the country's pelt industry minke of also being cold in the netherlands u.s. and spain after infections were discovered the dutch government said it was
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speeding up its timeline for shutting down all of the country's main farms china is also one of the world's largest producers of pelts beijing's made no announcements about changes to its industry. the virus mutation a bank has confirmed scientists fears that multiple strains of corona virus could emerge simple tiny asli winning the war against war doesn't mean destroying them all believe barca al-jazeera. the french president sarkozy told al-jazeera that his country's conflict with turkey is based on action unca has taken against european nations his comments come as tensions of increase in recent weeks between the 2 member states the publication of what turkey sees us and sultan cartoons as further deteriorated ties some avenge of a reports now from istanbul. and the front sentiment in turkey has
4:36 pm
increased after french president emmanuel mccrone supported the publication of controversial cartoons. mark drawn them in and what's more crimes problem with islam mccrone needs mental treatment could get your respect we want the 2 president to respect france and the e.u. respect its values into not tell lies or throw insults. recent anti france protests like this are one of many issues worsening the crisis between turkey and france and . is a nationalist. a genuine. believer. i did some of the policies to be in front of him in france and to where he considers the way a muslim should be treated and i think he's not going to. back around and after one has been helping opposing groups in the libyan conflict and correct you just paris of double standards for recognizing the un backed government and simultaneously arming the warlords $34.00 have started to attack tripoli francaise it supports
4:37 pm
have start to fight but it cost terrorism. so as a former advisor to leave us government he said the crown is concerned about turkey becoming a regional power after france dominated not africa and the sahara region for many years you know the geopolitical problems between that involve the egypt. france israel. you're a he and the immigration issue in the southern mediterranean the end searchin of the russian. mercenaries in the area and all of that is a contributing to a very tough problem to solve i don't think there is in solution for it and it looks like mark owen is on. to escalate and that escalation has also been happening in the eastern mediterranean and aegean sea 30 years long running maritime dispute with greece and cyprus has brought major allies
4:38 pm
to the brink of naval confrontation neighboring states. have competing claims over exclusive economic zones and rights to undiscovered hydrocarbons and france has supported turkey's rivals france of course its historically long and good relationship with. turkey is seeking to establish its rights over. the mediterranean and i don't think it's really for france true make decisions on this matter. if there is there if there is either from the literal powers to reach agreement between them so. if they come to their normal here they will be expected you're going to be transient if there's also france's backing of those who buy its weapons $32.00 is expanding its weapon sales in the middle east and north africa region and then there's french support for kurds in iraq and syria and for egypt's president up to 4000 c.c.
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return if you get it is on the opposite side so far mediation efforts from european allies have failed but it's become a dispute that is helping to rally the support base of both the french and the turkish leaders and with election season in both countries not too far away unless believe that turkey and france are going to move further apart before they perhaps come any closer some of the job it out of there a stumble. if the o.p.'s prime minister says a military operation in the northern region has clear and limited goals as after calls for immediate deescalation from the international community had sent in soldiers on wednesday after accusing the region's ruling tea p.l.f. party of attacking federal troops and accusation it denies the government has declared a state of emergency and a no fly zones the tensions grew in september after the t.p.m. left held regional elections despite a government prospal ment's g.t.
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coronavirus to graze rulers say that was a paragraph by the prime minister. well william davison is a senior analyst for the theo pm at the international crisis creepy says the conflicts can only be resolved through dialogue unfortunately that clash over the election really was a very serious constitutional dispute over the rights to great autonomous lee hold an election and that was as it happened against special rulings so this is a very serious constitutional disputes ends with the federal government saying that to grace government was unlawful and to graze government saying that federal government over state its constitutional mandate so you can see what a serious sort of legal position that is within a federation that is built upon a very toxic political disputes emanating from a power struggle within the ruling coalition with the party losing a lot of power so unfortunately there's been all sorts of opportunities for dialogue these people in power previously part of the same ruling coalition they
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have gradually become opponents and now ever into conflict of course we need dialogue and it's imperative that both sides embrace dialogue and that the international community pushes for that we also have to be realistic that we have now reached a complex situation. the constitutional court in the ivory coast has extended the deadline for official objections to the presidential election results rival factions have been facing since the weekend's elections that returned president of a sun water out of power that the candidates boycotted the election saying a 3rd term for the president is unconstitutional the extension now gives opposition parties until monday to file an official objection. in abidjan with more on how ivorians are reacting to the political uncertainty. the streets of economic capital are much calmer than they used to be in the early days of the election now there is less security presence on the streets however there is significant presence of the
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security forces around the homes of opposition leaders in abidjan here and apart from that there is because of the carm situation economic activities are picking up here is one of the markets in the city and here traders are opening their shops and i'll go there are many traders and businessmen who are still skeptical of the situation they would prefer to wait until after the pronouncement of the constitutional court and see how things go from there apart from the economic sector the education sector is also being closely watched our schools are due to resume next monday and there are concerns from families and people in the capital here about whether or not to send their children back to school there are people with spoken to who've moved their families out of the country ahead of the election fearing that violence will break out what calling it was whether it's safe to bring the children back to school now people are watching closely to see on monday whether these schools were open also schools will be hard to see how things go
4:43 pm
after the pronouncements of the constitutional court and see whether or not there will be reaction from opposition supporters. ates pro-democracy politicians in hong kong have appeared in court over a fight that's a legislative council meeting with them 5 months ago they were granted bail until their next appearance in february in the keys to content and obstruction but critics say it's part of an attempt to sideline dissenting voices no probation lawmakers involved in the tussle were arrested to vehicle palin isn't home coleman says more court cases involve an activist succumbing. this is the initial hearing for the 5 sitting legislative councillors and the queen pro-democracy politicians they came into the court premises holding up banners calling their arrest political persecution they are being charged with contempt and interfering in legislative council affairs now this stems from
4:44 pm
a main 8 legislative council session in which there was a dispute over control over a key house committee that descended into a brawl but these defendants the 8 say this is an issue that should have been settled within the legislative council instead of having to go into court of course there is a political this bill is among the fund. but. the government. cool . that has been they make us off the political force and put us into legal proceedings for us to buy a chilling effect beautiful saturday and hope that we move i'll fight if found guilty they could face up to a year in jail this is just the latest in a series of court cases featuring activists or those from the pro democracy count the governments in hong kong and beijing have stepped up efforts to clamp down on
4:45 pm
dissent and this includes a national security law which was imposed by the communist party on july the 1st. all along. regardless of how this trial turns out we can see a red line has been clearly drawn in front of us peaceful protests are not allowed inside the legislative chamber anymore. this is not the 1st time a legislative council has been charged for disrupting a meeting but critics say the sheer numbers of those charged and the fact that police did not arrest any probate legislative councilors indicate that the legal system is being used to silence the opposition but the police and const government have said that these charges and the prosecutions are not politically motivated. me and maher is holding its seconds general election on sunday since it ended military rule the government's council voicing in areas where there's been fighting between the military and so ethnic armed groups from mostly reports.
4:46 pm
weeks before polling opens in new migrant workers in neighboring thailand cost the votes in advance one of them is composed from the shah an ethnic minority who works with a non-governmental organization that helps me. in thailand she's also been visiting communities to encourage others from myanmar to vote the information age of the year i want to explain to people that we can't ignore politics or the election this is about our future if the political situation improves in our country then our lives will be improved and we wouldn't need to leave the country to find work and maybe education but back in myanmar not everyone will have the chance to vent polling will not take place in dozens of townships in conflict zones all those deemed under the control of ethnic groups. silence is a shawn refugee living in a camp for displaced people in time and he says he's not surprised that it's mostly ethnic minorities who are affected by the election commission's decision.
4:47 pm
government always finds an excuse to cancel it in ethnic areas they claim it's because of conflict and it's not safe for people to travel to avoid this helps the government parties win the election and it doesn't help the shot ethnic. in rakhine state fighting between the myanma military and the arakan army has displaced more than 200000 people in less than 2 years voting will now not take place in more than half of that 17 townships. rakhine state is also home to most of the country's ethnic grouping and the majority won't be able to vote even though they've been in the country for generations the government considers them stateless and has over decades used to series of laws to deprive them of citizenship in 2017 a violent to military crackdown on the cost nearly 3 quarters of a 1000000 people to flee to bangladesh we were franchise.
4:48 pm
so. the result is. this is myanmar 2nd freely contested general election since the end of full military rule in 2011. many analysts expect the ruling party the national league for democracy led by aung san suu kyi to win. but whoever wins will have to share power with the military that's guaranteed 25 percent of parliamentary seats and control of 3 important ministries. and many here say that shows the still a long road ahead on myanmar's past to democracy florence to al-jazeera. lebanon's economy is near collapse and life is a struggle for many but syrian refugees are mung the worst hits said on how to
4:49 pm
report says from beirut the so at least 200000 syrian refugees live in lebanon's capital. the united nations says 16000 of them were directly affected by the beirut port explosion in august. rehab and her family survived the blast but their source of income did not she explains her husband hasn't been able to find work in a weeks like so many other syrians he is an informal laborer. my husband lost his job after the port explosion he tries his best to find temporary jobs to be able to feed us my son is working he earns $60000.00 lebanese the week that's roughly $10.00 on the black market exchange earned by her 10 year old son mahmoud who works 12 hours a day helping a tailor. the local currency has sharply devalued in the past year even before the baby we have ongoing cash assistance programs and those are given to us but we have
4:50 pm
increased the amount in order to partially compensate for inflation it's not enough for many families who are struggling during lebanon's financial meltdown u.s. the cystic show at least 80 percent of the 900000 refugees registered with the agency live below the poverty line that is classified as having to survive on less than $3.00 a day. the situation was about and after the last it got worse if i work i can just buy food not pay for rent or medicine for my daughter regular jobs are hard to come by already there are government imposed restrictions on the ability of refugees to work support from aid organizations is not enough to stop living conditions from worsening syrians were affected as everyone else in the country but in the greater percentage because when. you when you are. an employee 1st.
4:51 pm
person as you were laid off you are the syrians lebanon hosts one of the highest numbers of refugees per capita in the world and 50 percent of its population of $5000000.00 people are poor. many syrians live in this impoverished neighborhoods next to the port where some of them used to work guaranteed i was among the areas damaged by the blast at least 40 syrians were among the 200 people killed 3 months on the lack of food and shelter is still a concern for many sena. beirut. so come on al-jazeera will have the sport for you know the goal for the produced moments of magic head of next week's masters far will be here with the details after this. business leaders want to buy no bra spot.
4:52 pm
for. business leaders just want to buy no bra spot. you're the
4:53 pm
old. time for the sports series for thanks so much hal i have a telly and football club ac milan has suffered their heaviest ever european defeat at the san siro so as an abraham a veteran company went down to french side lille 3 nil in the europa league group stages well and have been in great form this season and are even top of the syria or they fell to a hat trick from turkish international youth to yet. his feet ending what had been a 24 game unbeaten streak for these hellions seagram internet stock the 1000000 mail there certainly tonight we didn't see the best ac milan of the season that's obvious yet i believe the match was decided by a few incidents negatively for us because we had been doing well and conceded very little of them our opponents were quick and excellent attacking deep and when we
4:54 pm
went under especially with the 2nd goal the game became much harder tactically and mentally. josie marie nero's taught them ballots back from their humiliating defeat to antwerp last week the english really side beat bowl garion champions little carets 3 want to weigh spurs now the group che. speaking about top players without speaking about problems is primitive. i always suspect from the marks and. so i'm quite demanding on that never have. we little soul that i still sense them in this game. expect much more from from us look as i was saying before. i'm happy with things they nischelle had to do. elsewhere around the league group a after their big when benfica are level on points with group d. rangers 4 g. side coming back to draw $33.00 group that is looking very tight said napoli and
4:55 pm
sociedad all on 6 points after thursday's matches leicester hoffenheim and villareal all made it 3 wins from 3 and top their respective groups are still doing so as well the gunners fielding a number of young players in there with the grouping is not best their young leader we have to view no opportunity they have to and the right to play and they are doing that and that's the really. lucky we are the generation now he we development there why we're there why we're sometimes you don't know when these are you not even play i mean they're better for them to learn this than that are required is who i mean you're no good enough to play here to get married donna is battling withdrawal symptoms as a recovers from brain surgery doctors say he will remain in a hospital for a few more days the 6 year old isn't a point as there is hospital where he underweight a procedure on choose day to remove a blood clot one of the greatest players of all time arizona led argentina to world
4:56 pm
cup glory in 1986 he has previously battled drugs and alcohol addiction the foam of the year the all mode years ago and in post operation we've seen some episodes of confusion we associated that to be that we draw the idea used to be to do you draw the believe this will last a few days we've spoken and if you're all in agreement of doing this we all believe this is what must be done and we're going to do it. robin adele has taken another step towards winning the paris masters for the 1st time in his career the 34 year old beat jordan thompson of australia in 2 sat sun is 3 to the quarter finals on wednesday the french open champion became just the 4th man to security paulsen wins at tennessee's highest level aleck's faced fellow spaniard public radio close to. alexander's of rob how to a tough few hours on court against a german man in reno up front but after dropping the 2nd set the german prevailed
4:57 pm
with 876-6764 win after an epic 3 hour match to advance the last 8 as ever well faced ember of rank in the quarter finals the swiss recovered from the 1st set loss to his opponent. a ringer coming back to win the next to close out the match 166463 . american brandt snedeker has the lead after the 1st round of the houston open it's a last call tournaments before next week's masters sidecar went on to birdie 2 of his final holes finishing at 5 under he sits 2 strokes ahead of 6 players including world number one dustin johnson bought the shot of the day was produced by scottish golfer martin laird he sank a hole in one at the 2nd hole but only managed to tie for 88th place heading into the 2nd round. ok and that is all yours for put out back to you thank you very much indeed for a while that wraps up this news are to keep it here on al-jazeera i'll be back with here just a couple minutes more on the very latest on most of your selections favor those.
4:58 pm
players play. the latest news as it breaks there was never much doubt about which choice chileans would make but now it's official the chileans will be writing a new constitution details coverage to 14 and 15 year old students amongst those facing charges for prosecutors called complicity in a terrorist assassination in-depth reports from around the world and while it was the biggest gathering in months the numbers were not what they used to be last year . a secret agent claimed by both israel and egypt well in the case of who receives the truth. all of the village was assume the worst truth or lies fact or fiction most of the documents are for people 5 year
4:59 pm
old student underdogs al-jazeera world tells the story of a man of many secrets a shop might one day from the super spy on al-jazeera. afghanistan is on the cusp of a new chapter in its history. after the us on the telephone sunday in agreement to pave the way for the withdrawal of the mission troops. high cost was paid to get to this point. over the past few years the u.s. has increasingly conducted its part of the war from the sky was more bombs dropped last year than any other year in the past decade. but with that came a rise in civilian casualties. this is all accidents to happen at mistakes do happen and that this is about i mean you know mistakes as about things in this about accountability in a largely unaccountable war the families we interviewed not receiving adult humans from the u.s. left without closure. they told us that they so like what happened to their loved
5:00 pm
ones was a crime. and they want justice and answers something war too often tonight's. show bites and pulls in georgia and pennsylvania it inching closer to the $270.00 electoral votes needed to become the $46.00 president of the united states meanwhile donald trump is the supreme courts to intervene in the current in the ballots over unproven fraud claims.


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