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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  September 21, 2020 12:00am-1:01am +03

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the theo people on the verge of breakdown many of the old immediate region are actually under a de facto states of emergency and critical debate. because look at the interest of the libyan people in-depth analysis of the day's global headlines inside story on al-jazeera. this is. a low i'm marianna marzio watching the news hour live from london coming up in the next 60 minutes the senate should not act until after the american people select their next president. joe biden urges the senate to wait until after the election before choosing a replacement for ruth bader ginsburg on the supremes court. iran's president warns
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of a crushing response to u.s. efforts to reimpose u.n. sanctions. united and defiant protesters in belarus gala in their thousands to keep up the pressure on president alexander lukashenko. and we look at the aftermath of sudan's at worst floods the government and aid agencies battle to repair the damage and prevent disease. i am site of hideouts and i have the latest sports ever for senegalese forward sides or i'm on a school's twice as the red speak chelsea sunil in the english premier league. hello welcome to the program our top story democratic presidential nominee joe biden has senate republicans to do what is right after the death of ruth bader ginsburg speaking at a campaign event in pennsylvania he also said the late u.s.
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supreme court justices wish not to be replaced until after the election should be on it president onil trump has said he will announce a nominee to replace a early as next week alan fischer reports now from washington. the supreme court has suddenly become the dominant election issue in the united states donald trump says he's going to move forward with filling a big can see this week democratic challenger joe biden says with early voting already under way that simply wrong the people of this nation are choosing their future right now as they vote to jam this nomination through the senate is just an exercise in the wrong political power. now i don't believe the people of this nation will stand for. president trump told a rally in south carolina on saturday he's sending his nomination for consideration to the senate this week it will be a woman a very talented very brave if. you
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average joe is in yet but we have numerous women on the list that are thought to be 2 leading candidates amy corny but it is an appeals court judge a favorite of conservatives and has been considered for earlier vacancies and there's barbarella go up a lot to move in from florida which would be the more political choice but the white house might not be able to push through any nomination before the election in the last 45 years the process has taken on average 68 days the election is just over 40 days away and there's questions about the president even making a nomination before november the 3rd is texas republican senator ted cruz is in no doubt that in order for a supreme court nomination to go forward you have to have the president and the senate in this instance the american people voted they elected donald trump but there's potential for the court to become the center of a constitutional crisis if republicans can push through a nomination before the election let me try to do it before the inauguration on
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january 20th but if joe biden wins that election that could cause problems the democratic leader of the house says the of ways to delay the nomination we have our options we have arrows an aquifer that i'm not about to discuss right now but the fact is we have a big challenge in our country republicans see the vacancy as an opportunity to change the face of the supreme court securing a conservative majority for years to come and they also believe it could galvanize support around donald trump both know and on election day and of people are talking about this they're not talking about the u.s. reaction to covert about unemployment or about health care all big issues before the death of a supreme court justice. alan fischer. washington well john hendren joins us live now and of course we know that president trump and the republicans are going to try to move at breakneck speed to try and get the republican nominee through to
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replace ruth bader ginsburg but how likely is it that even if they get through confirmation hearings and all of that that it will actually get to a vote before election day. well it would be near record time for them to do that the average amount of time between nomination and actual approval of a supreme court justice is something like $6570.00 days they have less than that ruth bader ginsburg died with 46 days to go but there's really no obstacle between the republicans actually confirming someone except for their own party the divide between the parties in the senate which is the only body that has to confirm this nomination is 53 to 47 so they can afford to lose 4 people and that's because the vice president mike pence can be the tiebreaker in that. but this is it's definitely going to be a bit of a challenge because we have
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a couple of republican senator susan collins of maine and lisa murkowski of alaska both of whom have said they don't believe that a nomination should go forward before the election however each of those people has left room for the possibility that they would go ahead and vote for the candidate anyway they're simply saying it shouldn't happen in the case of brett kavanaugh the last supreme court justice to be confirmed also nominated by president trump. collins voted in favor and murkowski voted present which earned her a lot of criticism from people who wanted to take cavanaugh out of that nomination so bottom line is the senate can do whatever it wants mitch mcconnell the republican majority leader of the senate has suggested that he will go forward with this president has made it clear that that nomination will be made so unless there is ignorant affection among republicans or some outbreak of moral outrage there's really no reason to believe that this nomination would go forward the one thing
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that is potentially affecting that is that there are 6 very tight races where republicans are struggling for their scenes. and in one of those arizona if mark kelly the husband of gabby giffords who was a member of congress if he were to win in that race he could be in office by the end of november so that could change the vote dynamic a little bit but bottom line is there's an excellent chance of the republicans will be able to push this through of course john we know that both candidates donald trump and joe biden are using this to galvanize support says how do the majority of americans feel about whether a success it's a really bad against but should be nominated before or after the election. well there are mixed results on those polls but. the democrats are raising
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enormous amounts of money on this $1.00 suspects the republicans will be able to as well and that's largely because whoever is appointed to the supreme court at this point could change the 5 to 4 vote that we've had until recently on abortion has been legal since 19 in 1970 s. . in trump has made it clear that he would appoint someone who is in favor of pro-life judges so therefore that could actually change the roe versus wade ruling that allowed abortion to happen americans are very much divided but what we're seeing is that they are energized more than ever a huge number of people in recent polls suggest that they are very actively interested not just in the supreme court nomination but in the elections so we expect this to bring a lot of people to the polls this there should be relatively high turnout democrats certainly are energized and raising a lot of money but republicans are also energized by the prospect of overturning
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that roe versus wade ruling that would end abortion in the united states thanks very much john hendren. or adding to our other top story the sound now iran's president is saying the u.s. faces certain defeat after it made a unilateral move to reimpose sanctions as an rouhani vowed never to yield to american bullying claiming that washington's latest move to pressure iran has left it isolated from the international community the u.s. says the sweeping measures are consequence of violations of the 2050 nuclear deal which donald trump withdrew from in 2018 but in a sign of rising tensions between the united states and the all the world powers members of the u.n. security council france germany and person argue that the u.s. doesn't have the legal authority to claim iran has violated the agreement nonetheless the u.s. secretary of state might bomb bio is threatening consequences for any other nations that don't comply with further details expected from washington on monday as a breakout is the latest reaction now from tehran. sanctions or no sanctions an
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unprecedented division at the united nations is seen as a diplomatic victory by iran iran's president seemingly mocking the recent us defeats at the security council. in the game today we can say the u.s. policy of mix member less cool and legal pressure against the iranian nation has turned into mex member isolation for the united states. but if the u.s. stops iranian vessels to enforce sanctions this was a warning from iran got all recover what if the u.s. wants to use resolution 199 to inspect raney and ships based on international laws is considered piracy and will be dealt with and the united states will be held responsible for the consequences. and it's here any response would likely be carried out the strait of hormuz one of the busiest shipping routes in the world with 20 percent of the world's oil passing through u.s. warships and water mains are based in the region in an already tense environment
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iran's conservative majority parliament is considering further action against the u.s. if they re impose sanctions. on iran there are various ideas in iran in among lawmakers from abandoning the g c p o 8 to even withdrawing from the nonproliferation treaty or severing ties with. iran you're lawmakers have discussed all these ideas it rains already finding it tough living under sanctions but let's not rush out and we're working hard from morning to night but we get nothing because these sanctions have disrupted life economy everything it's very tough and that was so clear to us just as well sanctions have had many impacts for example on patients the price of medicine has gone up to the increasing exchange rate with the dollar that even if medicine is available if we face more sanctions the lives of many patients might be at risk iran's leaders are treating the u.s. isolation at the u.n.
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as a victory. many iranians are suffering culch donald trump's maximum pressure campaign calls iran's currency to use value and stop iran selling its oil or accessing international markets to what iran does next very much depends on how the u.s. decides to implement its view that u.n. sanctions are back in place with the u.s. isolated at the u.n. security council and the europeans wanted to preserve the nuclear deal in this ongoing diplomatic battle between the u.s. and iran iran believes it now has the upper hand. al-jazeera the iran. well france germany and the united kingdom have denied to us that they have the u.s. has the right to impose sanctions on iran of course now they say they know that the u.s. ceased to be a participant of the j c p o a that's the nuclear agreement following that withdrawal they continue to state that the united states the u.s. move is incapable of having any legal effect and say flows from this that any decisions and actions would also be incapable of having any legal effect or trita
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parsi is the executive vice president at the quincy institute joins me now over skype from washington d.c. . seems to be this brewing clash of interest then between washington and the other signatories to the chase e.p.o. the iranian the agreement what are you expecting to hear van from. peo tomorrow. well thank you sir from pale will continue to do exactly what he's done so far which is to completely disregard international opinion as well as the verdict of the vast majority of states and the u.n. security council he will continue to claim that the us has this right and as a result these u.n. sanctions have been reimposed virtually no one else in the world will agree with them with the exception of israel saudi arabia u.a.e. and the dominican republic so we are now actually really deep into this twilight zone that the trumpet restriction has created for the last 2 and a half years the u.s. has actually punished countries for abiding by
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a un security council resolution which is the one that embodies that j.c. iran the now the us is going to be punishing countries with violating sanctions that actually do not exist how is that going to last well i think the way it will work is that the u.s. will likely start intercepting iranian ships or not iranian ships that it will make use of going to iran or coming from iran on that a pretext that it wants to search them for weapons these are likely going to become violent clashes and in there's a significant risk that it will lead to a much broader confrontation but the mere fact that the risk of this is out there will likely cause a lot of countries to stop trading with iran so even though these sanctions do not exist a lot of countries are likely to abide by these non-existing sanctions that here's a trade the really dangerous situation which is that there are some reasons to believe that the trump and mr may actually want to have
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a confrontation with iran because of the way that they may calculate it affecting the u.s. presidential elections in which trump is not doing particularly well and right now . we had a great deal about the arms embargo on iran in the last few months to leave and of course this measure this mechanism within the deal to snap back sanctions in the event of violations and obviously we know that there are differing interpretations of that with the european countries now saying they're in the legal grounds just not entity that whatever happens in the next couple of months before the election will the trump of ministration have succeeded in making it very difficult if not impossible for joe biden should he be elected try to try and resurrect the agreement there certainly seems to be an intent that at a minimum these measures will make it even more difficult for joe biden to be able to resurrect that on the key thing is if the iranians react and respond to some of these interceptions or if the as a result of this decide to walk out of the j.c.
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if you weigh them without a doubt the trumpet misprision has managed to do probably long lasting damage that will make it extremely difficult for biden to be able to resurrect it but if the iranians remain restrained as they have been and do not walk out of the way then by then we'll have a short window between the inauguration in january and the iranian elections later in the spring to be able to do something to realign the united states with a j c b a which means that it would start respecting all of those decisions and lift all of the sanctions that the trumpet ministration have reimposed or imposed as new sanctions i'm showing discussing this again not long from now trita parsi thank you . thank you probably did you all with the news hour live from london still ahead migrants whose camp and down in greece say they are being housed in another facility but they're concerned about the conditions.
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disharmony in chile the indigenous might put people in boiled in a land dispute that's getting more dangerous and in sport its advantage dallas in this series that will decide who wins hockey stanley cup. security forces have been deployed across egypt following calls for mass protests by exiled opposition figure i'm hamad ali a former contract to for the egyptian military is behind that call to action has become well known for revealing details of corruption previous protests were prevented by the security forces through the arrest of political activists. some news from afghanistan a series of government as strikes in the northern part of the country has killed at least 24 people the afghan defense ministry says 30 taliban fighters died in the attacks but witnesses told the associated press news agency that civilians were
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actually killed instead strikes happened as afghan government and taliban negotiate as a meeting in catch up a peace talks to try to end the decades long conflict. and now the latest developments from belarus where tens of thousands of people have been marching through the capital on sunday demanding a change in the government war than 200 people were detained weeks of smaller demonstrations of all culminated in these mass marches which take place on weekends particularly sundays says the disputed election last month for president alexander lukashenko back into power step vasa reports now from minsk. the city center of minsk is turning into a conflict zone on sunday afternoons. tens of thousands of peaceful protesters payson large police and military presence. despite a show of force a large crowd managed to march through the city 2 hours later than planned to your words and so i am protestant again is the world and that has happened in our
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republic that is a very important findings i want all political prisoners released filched in a new election because they want to be heard was not to do to. the rally comes less than a week since president alexander look i shankar met with his russian counterpart vladimir putin in russia the embattled by the russian leader has been in power for 26 years try to convince his most important ally that the protests were under control his main strategy has been to brutally detain people also today people were picked up even before the rally started in the past 6 weeks more than 10000 people were taken to police stations and detention centers most of them have been released . hands of political prisoners including most of the opposition leaders are still behind bars every single one of the people here marching today on the streets of men is risking arrest and they know it's. most tricky to locations here
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are blocked by police the way to freedom square is completely blocked by armed police and also to the independence square. was also. been circling around the city and they are shouting they say you're helping this dictator you should stop helping this dictator with my security i feel i don't have my life yet that i can yet again with a refusing to step down and rejecting calls for new elections the standoff between peaceful protesters on the one hand and heavily armed security forces on the other will continue stop last and al-jazeera minsk. on a story let's then speak. she's the director of the globe sect policy is church from bratislava in slovakia so of course we have already been many arrests and detentions in belarus and we're seeing the same sort of images today as we see every week what is the severity of the government response getting was did you see
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and then different today. the response of the government is changing the beatings up of people after they were detained have become less severe than we've seen in the days right after the elections but the government has adopted other tactics they're actively intimidating to protest 1st who are participating in peaceful demonstrations they're arresting them detained in fine in people threatening people with laws in jobs so from that perspective the violence is less brutal but the scale of it and the number of people affected is growing with every day what about this data leak of 2000 police officers actually more than 2000 of them now these are people who are obviously carrying out the government's work on the streets and their identities have been hidden behind mausam balaclavas if these leaks continue could that affect the could the loss of anonymity affect their willingness to
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follow orders this could be a very important contributing factors the police are indeed a very afraid to be identified and to be recorded and they're afraid of the names to being trivial and so the goal of the people who are released and the names is exactly that that there is going to be a splits within the security forces that the society will start or stress size and shape and the families or the police forces and that policeman next time before committing acts of violence they will think twice before engaging in such activities but this is yet to be sin because the releases only started a few days ago the bloggers and they have curse who are real isn't the you names say though that they already have over 10000 of names so this is likely to continue what is your assessment of the turnout is obviously we're seeing these pictures the very difficult to say how many people are on the streets but are they maintaining the mental because there is a concern that the longer this goes on for the greater the chance that it could
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just fade away. the numbers that were in the streets today were very significant this comes also despite the fact that in the buzz days and weeks we have seen and mosque complain of intimidation of people by old horse about possible means also right before the protests the police started to block the streets and detained in small groups of people preventing them from gather and in the city center over minsk even despite all that there were dozens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of protesters in the streets of minsk and that is also not a constant that people who are gathering in the regional centers and in the smaller places all across the country it is also important to take into consideration that the forms of protests are evolving there are a lot of people of course in smaller groups that are gathering in their local courtyard in their neighborhood that are spending time together but also demonstrating that they're opposing the government so even though the protests are
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taking different form and shape they're as strong and as resolute as before. nonetheless how long and is this the beginning of a movement a broader movement that could take months if not years if you have opposition isn't activists being arrested or driven out of the country and there's no catalyst. for change then what is the movement. this is the question that everybody is asking themselves very unlikely that there is going to be any need to treasure aleutian over the situation straight away in the next weeks or even months so that people are everywhere that they're unlikely to be there for the long haul also a lot of factors can change the situation for example the economic deterioration the economy in belarus is all right in not doing very well look at shankar managed to secure a loan last week from russia but this long will mostly be used to pay all the existing debts and to pay for the costs incurred during the crackdown and during
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the postelection says and so even the quantum it is in shambles again there is likely to be many more people in distress protesting not only against the current government and their political opposition but also against the economic situation in the country and definitely the actions over some of the i would say actors primarily demurred putin but also the european union and the united states will be very important in deciding whether there is going to be a quick her or not so quick resolution of the situation in the country well we'll have to get into that perhaps the next time we speak to you for now thank you very much elaine acquits could join us from the club site policy institute. so some news from from syria now russian warplanes carrying out as strikes in the northwestern part the country strikes talk he said an area just west of the city of where there are no residential buildings northwestern syria is one of the last one of the part
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of the country held by rebels fighting against government forces. and in sudan's government aid agencies and volunteers are all in a race against time to stop outbreaks of disease after record breaking floods they fear the spread of water borne illnesses like malaria more than $120.00 people have died and 100000 homes have been damaged or destroyed the government says more than 700000 people have been affected by the rising waters and the trouble is far from over i'm going to toe isn't hard to him and says there are fears that disease will spread the latest is that the government has revised the numbers upwards up 270-0000 people have been affected in 17 or 18 states that sudan is composed of says the government people put in many parts of the country. with how small the recession of the flood waters have been mainly due to heavy rains pounding not only saddam but also the highlands of ethiopia where lect the source
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of the blue nile is for the pushing more water into these tributary of the nile which has been mainly disposable for the flooding we've seen in the past weeks and months so what we see goes to action where they also stagnant water sliding around almost everywhere in those 17 states and there are concerns the could be outbreaks of diseases like malaria chicken fever all of them caused by the mosquito as well as call it is untrue because of thousands of put latrines being destroyed during the floods and emptying their contents into the floods that still lingering in most parts of sudan. for you on the program a sign of the determination pro-democracy protesters in thailand call for a full. going nowhere fast why the coronavirus locked down in
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a spate of thefts left on his books commuters stranded and then install fans make a partial return for the start of the new italian football season sorrow be it with that story. i was saying some nasty weather across western parts of europe recently a middle area of low pressure swirling away head drawing the moisture from the western side of the mediterranean pushing. wetter whether it's you could pass of central and southern france northern parts of spain also seeing some of that west so whether i was all c.s.s. where the dry weather is the fine weather and the sunshine is in temperatures getting into the low to mid twenty's here further west there we go with yet more wet weather see go on through monday that western part part of france saying
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somewhat to weather northern areas of spy port and also seeing some showers along with spells of rain for a time that will sink is where little further south which in these woods as we go through chews day to the north of that still 5 and dry across east passes and lovely sunshine but a change underfoot up towards the northwest wetter and windy weather will pile in across the british isles as we go through the next couple days and that temperature is going to drop significantly as we go into the 2nd half of the week may want to cross northern africa it is generally dry side there from our old storm in that eastern side of the mediterranean plain showers across central africa nigeria seeing some particularly big downpours over the next couple of days that were the stretches all the way west africa. north korea isolated and heavily sanctioned yet earning billions around the globe
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here and 39 is involved in everything that makes money for north korea. to carry defray the cost for it so they contest. the money this year and it goes straight into the coffers as the leader said a $2.00 part people in power investigation bureau $39.00 cash for came park one on a 0 i'm going to have his own talents working in asia and africa where i'd be using editing my own stories in a refugee camp or telling. kristie and right now we're confronting some of the greatest challenges that humanity has ever faced and i really believe that the only way we can do that is with compassion and generosity and compromise because of the only way we can try to solve any of these problems is together that's why al-jazeera is so important we make those connections.
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welcome back with the news out of life from london a look at the main story now with democratic presidential nominee joe biden as senate republicans to do what is right speaking at a campaign rally he said if he wins the november election he should be able to nominate ruth bader ginsburg's successor and that donald trump's nominee should be withdrawn in our other headlines iran's president has warned of a crushing response to the united states after maybe unilateral move to reimpose sanctions person france and germany say they won't cooperate with the americans and that sanctions relief for iran under the 200-2015 nuclear deal will remain in place and the 10s of thousands of people marched to the better russian capital again demanding a change in government as
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a large police presence in the capital with many protesters having been beaten to and to tank. well move on to some other stories that we've been following and people who are moving into a new refugee camp on the greek island of lesbos have described the conditions as horrible around 9000 people have arrived at the new settlement in the past few days they were displaced almost 2 weeks ago after the morri camp burned down leaving 12000 people homeless many don't want to go to a new camp demanding to be taken instead to the greek mainland and then a rally in support of the refugees on last boss has been taking place in the german capital bolin protesters are calling for the immediate evacuation of all greek refugee camps after the fire. stephanie deca is at the last boss camp. well they're trying to settle into a camp which seems to be pretty much not ready for the around die and 1000 people who were put in here over the last couple of days part of that greek police operation to get them off the streets since morey account birddog almost 2 weeks
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ago now so we've been seeing people throughout the day they are free to come and go as they please more or less at some point today with they were told to close the gates but in general they are free to do so until the sun sets getting mattresses and supplies to try and make these tents somewhat more comfortable there is no nothing on the ground at sandy ground pebbles a lot of people telling us you know where they have to sleep there's just very thin blankets and they can feel the stones it's getting colder you can see it's incredibly windy it's getting colder already you can only imagine what winter will be like which is only a couple of months away the question is this is supposed to be a temporary camp but i think i think it's safe to say that there won't be a new count built in the next couple of months and the weather is only going to get worse so i think that is certainly a challenge ahead. well now protests have been taking place calling for the resignation of israel's prime minister this is the 13th weaken a road that thousands of people have gathered in front of benjamin netanyahu
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official home in west jerusalem demonstrators accuse him of mishandling the pandemic causing thousands of job losses while at his trial on corruption charges is also still ongoing hari force them and says that to a national long town has done nothing to dampen the protest. well the thing about this weekend's protests is that this is the 1st weekend since the imposition on friday afternoon of the 2nd coronavirus lockdown nationwide and so political protest is exempted from those restrictions but nonetheless there was some questioning and some concern among some quarters within the protest movement as to whether to continue or not usually these protests are on a saturday night this time they're happening on sunday because this is now the end of the 2 day jewish new year holiday and so they've come out the police had tried to caps you lost areas within the protest site people are supposed to gather in
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captions of 20 or fewer outdoors the numbers certainly aren't as big as what we've seen in recent weeks or a few 1000 bit more spread out than usual but certainly didn't seem to be observing those catch you off areas and there was one unexpected incident with a car speeding towards that group of protesters and slammed on the brakes at the last minute the driver of that car was dragged up by police and arrested not clear if that was a deliberate act or not but there has been that arrest. well now hundreds of people a rallying against coronavirus restrictions in the german city have just sold off it's organized by a group which has held similar protests in other cities on saturday reported its highest daily infection rate since april some areas implementing local restrictions an effort to slow the spread of the virus. and then in the past hour the chief
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medical officer for england has been speaking out saying the country is at a critical point in the crime a virus pandemic with a challenging winter ahead it comes as the u.k. recorded just under 3100 new cases of corona virus compared to nearly 4 and a half 1000 on saturday health minister matt hancock says that if people don't follow social distancing rules new risk. actions including the possibility of a 2nd national lockdown could be brought in court of ars cases in the u.k. have been rising sharply in the past few weeks on saturday the government announced fines of up to 13000 dollars for people in england who are caught breaking self isolation rules so again go has the latest from london. the british health secretary matt tank called double down on the government's message that people needed to stick to the rules if the country was going to avoid any more social restrictions while the prime minister boris johnson said last week that going into a national lockdown would be disastrous to the country is still reeling from the
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economic aftereffects of that 1st knocked out of the u.k. has seen cases already double in the past week hasn't seen that correlates with any more deaths at all but they're very worried that britain could be going down the way of spain and france which has seen a spike in numbers now being followed by an increase in deaths as well now to developments in thailand where tens of thousands of protesters have ended in a new round of demonstrations by presenting a set of demands to the monarchy it calls for the king's power to be limited with a new constitution and elections criticism of the monarchy has been illegal in thailand demonstrators place a plaque next to the grand palace and been called the clarion the nation belongs to the people more protests are planned for thursday and a general strike for next month when hay is in bangkok and says the location of the protest is symbolic. well the significance 1st of all is the location where the protest was held tens of thousands of people turning out on saturday and where this
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plaque has been placed just across the road from the grand palace it's a historic site that's been the scene of many royal ceremonies for centuries and it used to be a place that was open to the general public to use during the day as well but in recent years that's not been the case it's been off limits to the public so the protest leaders made it clear that that was one of their targets they wanted to retake this park for the people and that's exactly what they did and in the early hours of sunday morning they dug up a section of the concrete in the park and place this plaque into that area and now the significance of the park itself is that it commemorates the 1932 revolution that turned thailand from an absolute monarchy into a constitutional one so the plaque says that thailand is for the people not just for the king 3 years ago an official plaque in another location nearby mysteriously disappeared overnight so that was seen by many certainly the protesters here and as
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another sign that the king was strengthening his power and perhaps turning thailand back into an absolute monarchy again. colombia's president is saying that his counterpart in venezuela nicolas maduro should be prosecuted as a war criminal event duquesne made the police during a visit by the u.s. secretary of state my pompei or butler duro has accused war mongering and has the story of. the u.s. secretary of state mike bombero came to south america to strengthen an 18 month campaign of economic sanctions and diplomatic pressure directed at the presidents of venice weyler nicolas maduro. believe that. it is. easy. to receive firm backing in colombia the final leg of his 4 nation tour from president of. the colombian leader highlighted the report released this week by
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united nations mission on venezuela alleging unlawful executions in forced disappearances detentions and torture. using international justice we should go ahead and as i said many years ago denounce nicolas maduro to the international criminal court. but during his 7 years in office has heard it all before and withstood several attempts to overthrow him the latest a failed military incursion 5 months ago he remains defiant my palm pre one then when i hear that you might pompei was in a war mongering tour against venezuela but it's backfired on him and he's failed in all his attempts to get the governments of the continent to organize themselves in a war against venezuela a great friend of the message of america brazil colombia and several other governments in the region support the us stance on venezuela others condemn what they see as interference by washington and. the people that have to take care of my
12:41 am
dear are the people of venezuela not the united states my property doesn't have to take care of more during the venezuelan voters does. all the ideological battle rages the humanitarian crisis continues in northern brazil pompei you visited some of the hundreds of thousands of venezuela migrants who have crossed the border to escape economic and political turmoil then a swale or won't take them back while it tries to contain the coronavirus pandemic . dura has made it clear he doesn't plan to go anywhere either. than usual i'ma al-jazeera. and u.s. judges temporarily blocked an attempt by the white house to ban downloads of a chinese messaging app the ruling on we came just hours before the ban was due to take effect the judge cited concerns about free speech and said the app is the only option for those communicating with people in china on friday they're trying to ministration audit the band because of national security concerns. well now to
12:42 am
a centuries old conflict over land and discrimination escalating in southern chile the struggle pits the indigenous pockets the people against the government and private landowners well now younger much richie's are organizing in the summer taking up arms to expel people that they view as foreigners latin america and italy see a new man was given exclusive access to a beauty communities in southern chile she filed the 1st of 2 special reports. this vast landscape is just part of what many call my rock in the land of the indigenous . rich for tile region stretching south of the bill beal river for 400 kilometers today it's part of chile but as these mapuche of flags indicate some of the land is being reclaimed increasingly by force the in the last 4 months they've been nearly daily arson attacks on trains trucks and forestry companies that now own the lion's share of the land but also against farms in homes owned by ordinary chileans and
12:43 am
people on both sides of the conflict are being killed. outside of a jail in angora a push of community leaders announced we'll fight by any means necessary for the release of those they call political prisoners of chile accused of carrying out attacks that we are being persecuted and imprisoned for the morning our land for many years we were repressed but now we've learned to organize and defend ourselves with the must put you where can a spokesman says new deployments of chilean special forces units to the region are escalating the confrontation it's getting dark hair and well it was starting to steam out military trucks passing by this is right below ground level of course the gaza strip and we're also seeing where trees have been chopped down the plughole blocked the road so the cars can pass and it will get worse as the night goes on as
12:44 am
it becomes darker with a. part of an ongoing campaign a sabotage on the part of those who say that they have to spell the political obvious up their land for hundreds of years neither the spaniards nor the subsequent chilean state was able to conquer the comeback of my bullshit but by 880 chile's army succeeded in driving them off most of their land destroying their rural economy and plunging them into deep poverty that persists to this day. now many communities are trying to take back what they lost like this property owned by chile's largest forestry company. but they say it's also about countering 140 years of humiliation today they've gathered for a game of palin and incest or a sport played between 2 communities in order to reinforce their ethnic and cultural bonds 32 year old susannah subtle says that like many mapuche is her grandparents took up spanish names to try to offset deep racism and discrimination
12:45 am
by chileans in my wildest dream only one that you know some of us may not have names anymore but we still have blood and beyond to shame to feel we are from a new generation that has the strength to rise up again. more than 12 percent of chileans identify as much to change yet chile's constitution does not recognize their existence as indigenous people for a supermarket owner delafield size says he too belongs here he takes us to see the remains of his family's country home just hours after it was burnt to the ground by unidentified armed men were the same all of them. i feel nostalgic anger knowing they burned down something the belong to us nearly 100 years we cantered build our memories but i'm going to rebuild the house right here because no one can throw us off or isn't. those resorting to violence are
12:46 am
a minority. but miguel until melech ill says they're part of a larger and conflict that the chilean state is refusing to address except with force. that's a military plane with state of the art technology to intercept telephone and radio signals over flies day and night when you see things like this who can deny that the steer a tree is being militarized possible. which also become obvious is that there is no easy solution to a complex dispute to which most chileans were oblivious until now that it's become impossible to ignore lucy in human al-jazeera chile. as the conflict lucy was talking about there escalates some are hoping that a new constitution could lay the groundwork for peace and reconciliation sochi and into morrow on monday for the 2nd part of lucy is reports from southern chile. and
12:47 am
now hundreds of thousands of people in south africa are stuck without transport with large parts of the railway network closed during lockdown railway bosses say that there's been an unprecedented level vandalism during the lockdown and theft in stations that they have been left unattended and media men are reports on this now from johannesburg. about 1200000 commuters across south africa's halting province use these trains every day they're a lifeline for those travelling to work in school who can't afford more expensive transport such as minibus taxis but with coronavirus lock down restrictions limiting timetables and now widespread theft train services across of africa are facing a crisis. thieves of pillage stations stolen cables and vandalized facilities in halting province alone trains are operating at under a 3rd of normal capacity we considered as iconic as some would tell you because as
12:48 am
an economic hub if you really infrastructure it's a revolution in france which is the one that will link many economy to it if it is solved it is a real economy from that angle in this mobile footage the eaves a scene risking 3000 volts of electricity running through the cables to get to the valuable copper in another video men can be seen removing corrugated iron sheeting from the roof of a railway station these are overhead traction why is which supply power to the trains little remains the passenger rail agency prosser has had to rent diesel run locomotives to pull the trains instead the government says the stolen copper is melted down and exported through mozambique to markets in asia it's believed it will cost at least $120000000.00 to replace the stolen and damaged equipment and facilities. this is one of several metro railway stations and offices
12:49 am
across the halting problems vandalized and looted much of the damage happened after security was pulled out months ago leaving this station and many others and god and security was withdrawn after it was uncovered that contracts had been awarded illegally prosser is an organization that was overrun by months he says he says a lot of target in number awfully key and strategic areas within prosser and you know the contracts the security contracts were designed to favor security companies and the people who are benefiting from their inside process. while the rail agency was last to place an administrator by the minister of transport to fix its problems the government is not given a clear timeline of when the train system will work properly so as a mess of cables dangle in the air so to through the hopes of hundreds of thousands of commuters desperate for
12:50 am
a reliable transportation system for me to miller al-jazeera janice berg now a memorial concert has been held in lebanon 40 days after a huge explosion devastated the capital. police. musicians have banded together to perform outside iraq museum in one of the worst affected neighborhoods the museum has been closed since last month's blast which killed at least $190.00 people another 9 people haven't been found. so lad we're going to have all the latest sports music getting this tennis star who is on the brink of a perfect 10 solid explainer in just a moment. live. an hour that sees for the blind and
12:51 am
a robotic arm for the disabled. by jungle straightly an engineer is inventing tools to help people gain independence. sanny vanished all side of that will put the ability to recognize objects all the fire and say that people with limited vision will be able to recognize everyday objects women make science rowboat gals episode 4 on al-jazeera. be a week. al-jazeera . effort. to write. down.
12:52 am
a. sport now with saraa in doha. thanks a lot marion what start with the events is winning starts of the syria title defenses fans made a partial return to stadiums for the new italian season for months supporters couldn't attend branches because of coded 19 lock downs but for those that were present entering on sunday they got to see you they test some tore apart and of course christiane or knowledge or got himself onto the stage sheet capped off a really neat 3 nil when. there was also a win for natalie they beats palmer to know the way with 3 small towns and the
12:53 am
rounds are insane you're getting the goals now nepali are looking to improve on last season's disappointing 7th place finish. the fall of beats and chelsea to make it 2 wins from 2 in the english premier league sergeant manet starts for the champions of chelsea reduced to 10 men just before the break the senegalese forward struck twice early in the 2nd half to help the red seal a 2 nil when and next up for liverpool in the e.p.l. is a visit from a care arteta is rejuvenated all snow jokes a game away will 'd be for the next 500 years one of the most difficult games you can ever play it is to become even more difficult now when. things settle. you know for today it was to be good enough for us but we did it and i'm happy about it i saw him and scored 4 times the spurs thrashed southampton 52 and fellow forward harry kane played a key role in assisting each one of the south korean's goals. in the 2nd. harry
12:54 am
came in my opinion changed the game. is movement was tremendous is doing day was. absolutely incredible and then you allowed your love. song need to play in a different position. on the pitch realm adric throw a foul to get off to a winning start in the league the spanish champions were held to a goal a stroll away it's reality now a last look last long run call starting to the season was delayed because they're proven in european competition now iranian champions and hillel have booked their sports in the asian champions league knockout rounds the saudi team confirmed their qualification not by failing to find the nets in a goalless draw against iran shot a hole drones sunday because of the global pandemic questions and much is a big case in qatar through to the semifinals now moving on to tennis where world
12:55 am
number 2 slow to how it has gone through to the italian open final remaining was pushed hard by the 9th seed garbin muga rusa she took just over 2 hours to beat the spaniards eventually winning in 3 sets can make it 10 wins and osa is tennis's restarts by winning the final. novak djokovic is into the final of the men's stroll the world number one beat norway's kasparov in straight sets to which is now just one win away from the record 37 a.t.p. masters 1000 trophy. and the dallas stars of canes in early advantage in hockey stanley cup final the stars of taking on the tampa bay lightning the conclusion of a season like no other far has my you has this report. but for the players who are in need of 3 months behind schedule the stanley cup final is underway in edmonton canada and the dallas stars are facing the tampa bay lightning in
12:56 am
a series that almost never happened was that. the players have been in a bio secure hub for $56.00 days edmonton and toronto are the 2 cities selected to host all the n.h.l. playoff games and while no players tested positive for corona virus during this postseason plans for a new season are still unclear nobody can tell me whether or not the border between canada and the united states is going to be open by a date certain nobody can tell me what the state of covert play team is going to be nobody can tell me whether or not or arenas will be able to have either socially distance or fully occupied buildings they still keep it was the dallas stars the job unaided game one joel hanley scored his 1st career n.h.l. school i saw anton who dobin made 35 say i said saved by. jason dickinson also helping dallas to
12:57 am
a $4.00 and $1.00 victory the stars leading the series that awards north america's oldest sports title one nothing was said to be happy for jamie's played fantastic caulking for us it's the winning goal tonight but he's been great for us all year there. was a big goal for him but that's how you win the playoffs you get good contributions from people that all the said they're jumping up and make in making you a better team dallas are trying to clinch their 1st stanley cup title in 20 years 2 of the best of 7 series takes place on monday far as smile al-jazeera play out detroit could mean one thing's lavinia's so they will get shot as one that surge of frogs the 21st of all completed the largely ceremonial stage in paris on sunday to confirm the triumph for which i had snatched the other jersey from countryman promotional glitch. in what was dramatic time trial on saturday in the home the 2nd 2nd youngest winner with engine 17 year old race bike see that's it for me farai
12:58 am
thank you very much that wraps up the news hour but much more in a moment top of full bulletin for you in just a couple of minutes stay with us. this is a story about a small village the society that inhabits it and 2 of its most important characters the villages on the telephone and it's a mix of keep. discovering new filmmaking talent from around the globe you find on
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latin america dells and this q. and michael. it's only longing for the song while. you look at. al-jazeera. what was described as the world's longest long down the largest exodus and the creation of an independent andrea and $947.00. experts believe india is still at the stage of infection but the long down has already created a humanitarian crisis and driven the unemployment rate up for 6 to 23 percent and it's also highlighted inequality religious tensions and a health care system that isn't equipped to deal with a pandemic the following week school child of the peace and mass movement of people will accelerate the spread of the kowtowing to juarez from india's cities to its rule hot. water an essential resource for all humankind across europe pressure to recognise water as a human right and put its management back into public hands is increasing i think
1:00 am
that the european commission would be very very true there is what's wrong with us is should anybody theoretically. those people who see every 2 years something to invest a profit of the $1.00 up to the last drop on 00. the senate should not act until after the american people select their next president joe biden urges the senate to wait until after the election before choosing a replacement for ruth bader ginsburg on the supremes court. hello i'm maryam namazie in london you're watching al-jazeera also coming up on the program iran's president warns of a crushing response to u.s.
1:01 am
efforts to reimpose u.n. sanctions. united and defiant protests.


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