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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  August 12, 2020 1:00pm-2:01pm +03

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on al-jazeera we understand the differences in the same cultures across the world so no matter what we do to the news and current affairs that matter to. al-jazeera. hello i'm adrian for again this is the news our live from coming up in the next 60 minutes after another night of violent protests and bella reuss e.u. foreign ministers at a hold of emergency meeting to consider possible sanctions. and i'm stuck fast reporting from a detention center where angry relatives are demanding to know what's happened to this in left once. thousands of homes and habitable dozens of schools destroyed one
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week on from the beirut blast cleanup efforts reveal the extent of the damage. growing concern over russia's coronavirus vaccine germany says the product must be safely tested before being made public. at reports of a social media posts considered offensive to islam sponsored violent protests in southern india. and in sports the european champions league returns to action with an all new 4 much 8 same dream portugal for knock out so one of them that will decide this season is once. we begin this news with the latest fallout from sunday's disputed presidential election in baylor reuss state media is reporting that several protest organizers have been to rest is in minsk brings the total number of opposition supporters to tame to more than 4000 the country could now face sanctions because of suspected.
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vote rigging a violent crackdown on demonstrators is e.u. foreign ministers are expected to be on friday to discuss what action to take that's take you live down to bins as you saw just your assistant boss is there for us a step where are you what's happening. i'm out of the financial center here in minsk and i've been told that around 2000 people have been detained here at the moment people are shouting up behind me saying shame on you police they're very angry people are crying here money mothers are here grandmothers looking for their children who have been detained many of them have been just taken from the streets sitting on the bench or just standing at a bus stop and the police came and took them away some reports are also saying that the judges have been brought into it is the tension time to give the speech trial so they get the sentences for a couple of weeks we spoke to a 17 year old boy who was just released he showed us his bruised the back he was
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badly beaten and he said he was just sitting with a friend in the city center on a bench he also said that he had to kneel for 7 hours inside to detention center and he heard other people around him being beaten was the government saying about why it's mounting this heavy handed response. look at shankar so far been saying that these are drunks people who have been dictated by a broad so that he doesn't take this mass protest seriously what i've been saying is this is a very widespread movement from only years of the population whole families bringing their children to the streets showing their anger about what they see is a rigged election so it's a it's a hard handed approach here by the government from the 1st stages a few hours after the polls close there have been badly beating these people on the
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streets it's a very widespread protests so people come up and they're mediately being detained it's a very serious and dangerous situation people are very scared here because also in belarus there is no history of this kind of of of crackdown and also not of this kind of mass protests and what about the threat of sanctions does that hold any sway with the government well so far look at shankar's never been very impressed by sanctions of course bellows has been on the e.u. sanctions before some sanctions were lifted in 2016 also europe has been quite slow in their response or people are telling me here only on friday there will be a meeting and if that's going to have any effect that's of course a big question but on the other hand people are asking for the international community to pay attention to what's happening here of course we were faced by a serious company communication blackout the internet was down for many many days
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so they really urging the international community to pay attention because they're worried they're not really seeing what's happening here and how serious the situation is 0 stedfast reporting live from minsk many thanks. now to lebanon where talks are underway to try to form a new government it's hopes that a prime minister and cabinet will be named by the end of the month after the government stepped down over last week's explosion cleanup efforts are continuing with tens of thousands of homes damaged and more than a dozen schools destroyed on tuesday a visual was held to all of the more than 200 lives lost in the blast al-jazeera said a heart a report style from beirut. a
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moment of silence for the dead the wounded and the missing church bells rang alongside the muslim call to prayer for a few moments at least this deeply divided and broken nation came together. lebanon remembered a moment that changed the lives of so many people it's been a week since the explosion of beirut port destroyed lives and homes just meters from the blast site people gathered to demand justice and accountability so all those in power knew about the explosive supports and they risk the lives of the people the should be an international investigation because we don't trust the lebanese investigations lebanese authorities including the president knew there was a large stockpile of ammonium nitrate at the port. but the 10 firefighters who died in the blast were not aware of the risks when they were sent to put out a fire of unknown origin we're up against incompetence we're all up against
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corruption we're up against all that system that got us where we are today and it's the whole system that is wrong it's also the thing that is flawed we want bury our dead before we bury their corruption before we bury them the blast deep in the already dire economic crisis which pushed half of lebanon's 5000000 people. into poverty aid agencies are distributing food and medicine filling the void left by a government that has long failed to provide basic services the state is close to bankruptcy this is all that it got from the doctor and the hospital no one support . that's why. i lost my job. and i lost my home and i lost my god from schools private hospitals were owed billions of dollars by successive governments which left the public sector ill equipped and underfunded i just want to say to the international community if you want if you can help these situations that really. were substituting. the country and the government's role
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towards its people it will be very interesting step the government has now resigned as though it will remain as a caretaker ministration until a new cabinet is formed these people want what they call an independent salvation government but there are others who still support the sectarian system that they believe protects that they want a national unity government that will bring back the same political elite. that is what people fighting for a new country fear they have the will but not the tools to bring change. french president. is leading an international initiative to solve the crisis he says lebanon needs fundamental change and a new political order he didn't elaborate. beirut one of secure life out of beirut. where are you what's happening. it in this is the school of the 3 doctors it's beirut's oldest and it's one of 12
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institutions schools damaged or almost destroyed by the explosion this is the courtyard of this 185 year old building it's currently being secured or cleaned up rather by a french team here taking down this metal structure on the top which had been built to withstand earthquakes don't been in place for a year or so it wasn't able to withstand the shock wave of course the challenge for all of these institutions and buildings and homes and businesses that need rebuilding is getting funding and getting hardware is getting glass and it's getting bigger building materials that they need all of it has to be imported that are they need dollars because the country's banking system has collapsed people can't get access to that accounts to release the money that they need the only way they can start rebuilding here is with international assistance international community is not going to release those funds until it sees
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a new cabinet that is not dominated by hezbollah and its allies so that's where are the moment a political process of trying to create a new cabinet this internationally acceptable that can release the funds to do the essential rebuilding work that you see here right this school is one of many. that were damaged in the explosion. yeah this was one of the dozens schools damaged in the explosion and the problem for education here in lebanon similar to many parts of the world is that children had already been off because of covert 19 there had been a lockdown here before but blast that sort of dissipate in that as a consequence of the blast as people clear up but schools are being closed they were openly hoping to open here in the 1st week of september earlier than normal a bit could to catch up on time last year and cove it is certainly not going to open on the 1st of september is going to be several months i have to say that the
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principal told me she thought they could be open in several months it seems optimistic but again i say that's why they need funding quickly to be able to import materials to get on with rebuilding quickly to try and get life going again 18 i was there as birds with reporting live from beirut but many thanks indeed. this is the news hour from al-jazeera still to come on the program its deepest economic slump on record the u.k. plunges into recession because of the coronavirus. but all right curfew 3 days of violence in a city in sudan leads to heavy restrictions. and in support for the women serino williams plays her 1st competitive match in 6 months. germany's health says that he's skeptical of russia's coronavirus vaccine on tuesday russia became the 1st country in the world to give regulator a approval to
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a covert buying team vaccine president vladimir putin even said that his daughter had received it germany's u.n. sponsored that the vaccine hasn't been sufficiently tested a sufficiently tested and could be dangerous let's get more of this from of serious dominic berlin dominic what more did the minister say. the point that he's trying to make agent is the skepticism which his ministry which he and the scientists in berlin and in and in this country feel about what they consider to be the haste with which the russian government has put out this vaccine and said that this vaccine is going to be made available to to the population at large within a few months so to speak a great degree of caution coming here mr spann saying that the problem with rushing a vaccine out which hasn't been shown openly to be safe and to be
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effective against the corona virus is something which he fears he fears could kill off the efficacy of vaccines generally going forward the point they're making therefore is that they need to be able to see the data upon which the russian government has based its assertions. that this vaccine is good to go as it were and because the german government says it hasn't seen this data it hasn't seen the peer group research which is essential to any viable vaccine it can't really say it's a good thing that it's that it should be the people should be going forward with it contrast what the german government is saying with what certain other governments are saying a suggestion that the governor of a large state in brazil is going to be in meetings on wednesday with the ambassador the russian ambassador in brazil about what might be able to be done there but even in brazil there are certain senior officials who have expressed grave reservations
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as i say about the haste with which the russian government is proceeding to marketing this vaccine as something that large chunks of society will be able to use anytime soon as i say the most important thing here is the germans are being very cautious they themselves have their own research into vaccines they've put a lot of money in into wards but they are saying what needs to be done here is proper peer research and open research where other scientists are able to analyze what the germans have done what anything to victim has done that says it's found a vaccine so that it can be verified and falsified and because they say they haven't been able to do that that explains that the caution with which they are viewing what's going on in moscow. dominic kane reporting live from berlin dominic many thanks indeed investigators in new zealand say that imported phrase have been the source of the 1st locally transmitted corona virus cases in more than 3 months
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its largest city opened is now back in lockdown after 4 cases were diagnosed this week 4 other suspected cases are being monitored and the government is considering delaying next month's general election. now while primary focus of course is on the response in these immediate stages over the next few days we do need to ensure that we giving ourselves as much flexibility as possible to deal with what we loon over the next 72 hours palin and dissolving doesn't mean that if we needed to convene powerman for any reason we wouldn't be able to do so we've before decided it would be prudent to defer the dissolution of parliament by at least a few days to preserve all options for if if needed reconvening comment or if needed for that if this is all of the date of the general election strategy or has recorded its worst day of the pandemic $21.00 people have died in the past
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24 hours in the state of victoria hong kong's biggest carrier says its record of the loss of $1270000000.00 in the 1st half of this year cathay pacific has been badly hit by political and economic turbulence of the past year a slump in passenger demand caused by the pandemic has grounded its international flights cargo business is now generating more revenue than passenger flights the coronavirus pandemic has plunged the u.k. into its deepest economic slump on record gross domestic product collapse by more than 20 percent between april and june the height of the lockdown the british economy is now officially in recession for the 1st time since the 2008 financial crisis but there are already some signs of recovery g.d.p. recovered slight the in june restrictions began to ease. we talking about this a few months ago i said the hard times were coming and today's figures show the
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hard times they're here hundreds of thousands of people have already lost their jobs and sadly many more will but i will say to people although tough decisions lie ahead for all of us no one will be left without hope or opportunity a spring in gareth leather senior economist with capital economics in london gareth what do you make of this this whopping 20 percent drop in g.d.p. well this figure is shocking but they're also not a surprise either the economy was locked down. most of the fall of april in most of may as well and when that happens is no economic activity taking place and so the figures are a surprise i think the key point to make though is that the economy actually grew in may and june is probably going to rebound even stronger in july so that the recovery is already begun but it still means that g.d.p. now is about 17 percent below its pre-crisis level you know we've got green shoots
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of recovery as you say but there are other factors as play a play here for the british economy not just the pandemic. of course you've got the brakes it uncertainty as well so that i think will weigh on sentiment especially if we don't get a trade deal with the european union within the next few months but it's important to know that it's going to be a long and difficult recovery for the u.k. that got us easy bounce back as it were as senses reopen the they were previously closed because they're locked down but you've got headwinds now. rising unemployment you've also got social distancing that will need to remain in place for quite some time and all that is going to bring to what extent though if even if there is a trade deal with the e.u. reached by the end of this this year to what extent is britain's exit from the european union. a huge trading block going to hamper its economic recovery
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i think you very much depends on what the terms of the deal are the concern obviously in financial markets is that you get no deal breaks in the european and the u.k. drops out of european union all all together i think provided that doesn't happen the worst case are doesn't happen there will be some relief that businesses will get a period where they can them where they can work out of the new regulations and so we went see it being as bad as it were otherwise to what extent the u.k. is economic problems self-inflicted i mean the pandemic itself was unavoidable but but leaving the european union certainly wasn't and not extending the transition period was was perfectly avoidable given the pandemic would that have been. the rise and proper thing to do with hindsight. i think mistakes and with the pandemic were made very early on that the u.k. was quite late to knock down a week or so after other countries in europe and that meant spread much further
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which meant that the lock down had to last for longer the other concern for the u.k. is the guards the coronavirus is that we've got a lot more sectors of the economy that are vulnerable to social distancing services hospitality account for a much greater share of g.d.p. than in a place like germany which is more manufacturing orientated and so because of that i think it's going to be a lot harder for the u.k. m. to get back to its pre-crisis level is probably going to see one of the slowest recovery is in europe as a result of that could start again with many thanks indeed gareth leather that in london thank you 3 people have died in the indian city of bangalore in violence sparked by an allegedly offensive social media post about the prophet muhammad dozens were injured or protesters clashed with police who fired on the crowd a facebook post was made by a relative of a local politician one hour from a serious elizabeth problem in new delhi. bengaluru police are saying that what
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they're calling a very large mob of people gathered outside the home of a politician who belongs to the congress party and that they set calls on fire they say that the mob was angry because of an alleged post by this politician's nephew which was offensive to islam's prophet mohammed they say that a very large group of people then they went around this neighborhood forcing shopkeepers to close their stores ringback and then damaging property and setting vehicles on fire they then went to 2 different police stations police are saying that they set between 202250 police vehicles on fire that they were throwing stones at police demanding that police arrest politicians relative who milledge of the made the facebook post police said that they tried to charge the protesters with battens to try to make them stop their attacks that they weren't successful then
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that's when they had to open fire and that's what ledge to 3 people being killed 60 police officers being injured but also they said that what actually stopped the protest is. sri lanka's new cabinet has been sworn in a week after the governing party won a landslide victory in parliamentary elections in a 1st for the country the service held at an ancient buddhist temple in the central city of candy the election when paves the way for prime minister to head the rajapaksa his brother president got a buyer rajapaksa to amend the constitution. is in the capital colombo and says that concern is growing over the future of minorities under the new government. everyone is trying to. walk this government for very long in the future the fact that we have essentially a government that's not had to rely on minority votes for massive victory is
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something that. because they've proved to the presidential election in november 29th even now at the parliamentary elections that they can pretty much go into lord and. essentially to give them a majority a controlling stake in parliament so how that impacts on. the mechanism of government takes place in terms of the actual cabinet that. that out 8 of relatively few minority to represent the very much supporters being included so as to how inclusive it's going to be or they feel this is dated to be something that we'll have to wait and see taiwan's president has called on china say use dialogue instead of oppression in hong kong on monday hong kong police arrested 10 people including a newspaper and a high profile pro-democracy activist under the new beijing imposed national
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security law sighing when promised the howard government would support the hong kong people in their struggle for freedom and democracy when they do they even though once again solemnly called in the beijing authorities that when the people are taking a stand together and fighting for something the government should find ways to resolve disputes instead of oppressing the people and depriving them of freedom and human rights only by having a sincere dialogue with the people of hong kong can dispute speed result in can hong kong society return to come let's get more on this now from 0 to 0 as a van brown in hong kong adrian taiwan's leader has been pretty outspoken over recent weeks this must rankle with beijing which has been on the defensive on so many fronts of late. absolutely i think president zine when has been doing her very best to raise her international profile during the past few months of course in january she was reelected for
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a 2nd term and almost immediately she started weighing into the situation here in hong kong she's been highly critical of the national security law that's been imposed on hong kong she's even gone so far as to offer sanctuary to people in hong kong who might want to go to taiwan so in a sense president zaya is on a bit of a roll right now and she wants to keep that momentum going because holes taiwan is only recognized by 15 countries and this week taiwan had something of a diplomatic coup when the u.s. health secretary visited taipei now he became the most high profile u.s. official to go to taiwan in decades so president zine when wants to build on all of that now on monday sorry later today on wednesday she's going to be addressing the hudson institute in washington that is a conservative think tank and she's going to be explaining more about how she's going to deal with the challenges the many challenges that taiwan now faces because
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like hong kong taiwan 5 finds itself in a sense in the middle of a deepening cold war between china and the united states of course very much with the united states hong kong of course ideologically now very much with china so zion when is a leader who wants to keep the spotlight shining on why well of course we have the presidential election in the united states in just a few months time and she wants to ensure the taiwan remains a sort of foreign policy priority no matter which candidate is successful in that election and the reason is that of course the united states has a defense pact with taiwan it's obligated to come to taiwan's defense if it's attacked by china and she. wants to make sure that no matter who wins will stick to that pledge how much impact have events in hong kong had in taiwan given that the china continues to insist that it will take taiwan back by force if
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necessary. well just in fact on choose day the taiwanese foreign minister gave a media conference with the u.s. health secretary standing beside him and said that he fears that you know china wants to turn taiwan into another hong kong he says that the freedoms that taiwan enjoys are also now threatened because of the pressure that china is bringing to bear on taiwan you know taiwan believes that you know china is militarily much stronger now than it was 5 years ago we've certainly seen that with what china has been doing in the south china sea china is building up you know its its fleet of of warships in particular aircraft carriers you know is china going to make a move on taiwan well you know earlier this year i was reading a report that quoted a number of. chinese military officials as saying that you know within 2 years
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china would have the capability to launch an unfit attack on taiwan now other analysts say in fact china probably you know is 6 to 8 years away from being in that position but what's not beyond doubt is that president xi jinping does want taiwan back into the fold and in january last year he gave an address in which he spelled out that you know sooner or later the people of taiwan will have to accept that taiwan will be reunified with the motherland but it's looking increasingly unlikely that it's going to be a peaceful reunification because certainly president xi jinping wants to be the chinese leader who brings taiwan back into the fold that would make him you know one of china's most venerated leaders of 0 as adrian brown reporting live from hong kong a very many thanks indeed. more rain ahead for the korean peninsula so says
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major it was just some folks who's with us now i'm afraid that's the truth i dream yeah last week of course we had the floods we had the mudslides just around the korean peninsula north and south korea suffering there's more rain on the rain on the way we had a little bit of a pretty flat spot see this area cloud here this big area cloud just sliding outs of. a mongolia pushing down a little further south where it's the periphery of pressure following seasonal rains in my you front that's making its way back down into the hearts of china and then ahead of that well we've got more rain on the way in fights in a province just to the south of beijing right close to beijing we saw around $100.00 millimeters of rain coming down in just a few hours and this was the result as you can see there has been further flooding here that wet weather is now on its way further race was it will slide across the yellow sea will see some what's a weather making its way back towards the korean peninsula north korea initially getting the heaviest of the rain and then that rain will sink further southwards
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and eastwards wesa weather gradually pushing across into the far north of japan as well hopefully the right not as heavy as it has been but the ground is of course already saturated so we are going to see further problems coming in have other problems too into south asia actually can follow a law of cloud of rain outs of china southwestern parts of china down towards the northeast of india all big downpours many very severe warnings in force across northern parts of india will be flooding here in the next few days adrian evans and many thanks indeed still to come here on the historic choice. becomes the 1st black woman in the u.s. to be named on a major party presidential ticket. losing control in latin america find out why covert 19 is surging in countries that had previously managed to contain it. and in sports the one man show that resulted in a record breaking performance in the n.b.a. .
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that is good terry with us hello adrian fenty good here in doha with the news from al-jazeera the headlines more than 4000 opposition supporters have been detained by the roofs following sunday's disputed presidential election e.u. foreign ministers of the hold an emergency meeting to consider possible sanctions germany's health minister says that russia's corona virus vaccine hasn't been sufficiently test sufficiently tested and could be dangerous on tuesday russia became the 1st country to give regulators re approval to a covert 19 banks. and 70000 homes have been left uninhabitable in lebanon's
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capital beirut following last week's explosion tens of thousands of businesses damaged or destroyed adding to the country's economic crisis. for the 1st time in the u.s. a black woman will run for the office of vice president after much anticipation presumptive democratic nominee joe biden has chosen comma harris as his running mate for november's election in a tweet confirming his pick biden praised senator harris his record on social justice saying i have the great honor to announce that i've picked come of the harris a fearless fight for the little guy one of the country's finest public servants as my running mate of his what campbell harris tweeted joe biden can unify the american people because he spent his life fighting for us and as president he'll build an america that lives up to our ideals and all had to join him as our party's nominee for vice president and do what it takes to make him commander in chief alan
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fischer reports. well from washington i'd like to says been the favorite to fill the democrats the piece look for some time here. she brings a high national profile as a former presidential candidate a senator from california. and family connections to biden she was close friends with his late son both because this is my belief child of a mother from india and father from jamaica she takes 2 important boxes as a woman of color. and such and a dynamic for and really good at messaging right she's really good at talking about complicated subjects and making it very clear to the audience in to the american people former attorney general of california she's used her skills as a prosecutor in senate hearings to pick apart arguments put forward by the come to me station but that all title has also brought criticism during her tenure as
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attorney general there are a lot of questions raised about her when asked to intervene in a variety of types of cases including police excessive use of force our patients as well as areas around drug policy that could really become a problem or. in the 1st democratic presidential candidate debate she had a tense exchange when she said joe biden's past few on the segregated schools was harmful but in modern u.s. politics it all seems a long time ago smart and charismatic she's been the front runner for a reason and 55 more than 20 years younger than the candidate she's seen as the next generation of democratic leader alan fischer washington. all the trump campaign has wasted no time in targeting harris trying to portray her as the most left wing candidate ever to run for vice president i joe castro reports from maryland kamel harris ran for president by rushing to the radical left president
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trump's 1st response to the selection of camila harris as biden's running mate was to tweet this attack ad voters reject an heiress they smartly spotted of funny she is. a person that's told many many stories that weren't true she is very big into raising taxes she wants to slash funds for military at a level that nobody's can even believe harris's supporters say that's not true they see the california senator as a pragmatic moderate and someone who's worked hard to avoid the label of leftist medic at his daily coronavirus briefing tuesday trump said he was surprised that joe biden picked a terrorist because she's accused biden of racism she was very disrespectful to joe biden. and it's hard to pick somebody that said just respectful when she said things during the debates during the democratic primary debates that were horrible about sleep and i would think that he would have picked well trump is
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brashly been dicked if biden has cast himself as a compassionate candidate his selection of kamel harris as running mate may have been a calculated choice to highlight his willingness to move past personal call. inflict so let me take this opportunity to welcome her to the race. for vice president mike pence will face harris on a debate stage this fall echoing trump's line of attack he accused harris of being controlled by the left i mean we all know look joe biden of the democratic party had been overtaken by the radical left so given their promises of higher taxes open borders socialized medicine and abortion on demand it's no surprise that he chose senator harris in announcing harris as his pick on twitter biden called her a fearless fighter the 2 will appear in their 1st joint campaign event as running partners on wednesday. castro al jazeera maryland at least
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127 people have been killed in south sudan in fighting between government troops and civilians the army was carrying out an operation to disarm civilians and war up states when the violence broke out officials say it began when you in the greater autonomy area attacked security forces an investigation is underway that speaks geoffrey jupiter rector of south sudan action network on small arms what do you make of this incident which began when the army was trying to disarm people. i think the incident to be an outcome of. the robust plan those 20. may. be full. and our forces that leads to begin to move so what needs to be done to improve the
1:39 pm
process then can it be improved. yes the process can be improved but certainly not by a continuing with the process as it is right now what is important in move you he is the government take the polls and tax the classes as an opportunity to rethink the whole design process. and how it can be improved is by i have it by having a dialogue examined and waring's of sticklers but most importantly with these people who are carrying arms and the most important questions to be addressed. what the drivers of armament why are these people arming themselves why did you find it necessary to do to arm themselves if you cannot address the fundamental question if any returned to arms to day a week later they will themselves again and then the other question is if you take
1:40 pm
the arms away what pos does on security arrangement do we have to provide protection police and civilians if there is none we need to make up one before we actually begin the removing arms from the civilians and then the other question is how do we ensure that people. officers who get involved even abuses on civilians during the design process it can be reported and brought to account because we have seen in the past that point sent to disarm millions have against in abuses including torture and rampant looting but nothing's happened to them and that as angered civilians and it the outcome of civilian examined has been you know not be that of improvement of security around and making it rather zurich so why do people feel the need to carry arms here and in
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that part of the world of what's driving the violence in south sudan. from our concert consultation with communities in the recent past one main east to the. terms of why they're having mounds is that they means inadequate security that counts from the state. so in the absence of state security to find it necessary that they take up that roar of security for his own for themselves their families and their communities we've seen. their own cattle being raided and they are going after 8 hour when the government is not employees and to do so so. in the absence of you know stead security arrangement to provide protection for the communities they see it necessary to to arm themselves which is an absolutely legitimate concern and then the other point easy. just as element when
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you know an attack happens or notes of millions. it's it's you need a government to look after. who'll you know. who and then try to find some way of serving justice but we've seen so many people getting away with it you don't gun violence their fall but someone who is who has been attacked or their family has been attacked they tend to go out and exact revenge to basically serve justice for themselves you know as absence of a state organized justice good to talk to so many thanks data being with us jeffrey joke there the director of south sudan action network on small. thanks for having. ensuite done an all night curfew has been imposed in the eastern city of port sudan after 3 days of violence there medical sources say that at least 25 people have
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been killed since fighting broke out between members of live all ethnic groups a state of emergency was imposed last year after fighting between the 2 sides let's get more now from al-jazeera have a morgan who's in khartoum what more can you tell us about this incident. well adrian 1st of all let's look at how this has been unfolding this is not the 1st time we see travel clashes between the benny armor and the new but it's been going on for years now and has escalated over the past 12 months for the last year we've seen fighting resulting in the deaths of dozens and injuries of hundreds we've seen a state of emergency impose their will that was eventually lifted but it kind of gives you an idea of the wider context of not just the eastern part of sudan but really the whole country tribal identities and ethnic identities do play a role in how things unfold on the ground now in port sudan it started between 2
1:44 pm
individuals from opposing tribes from the baby amir and the move the crops that eventually pulled in members of the same tribe so we've seen the government responding by sending more troops yesterday the prime minister is due to brief the security and defense committee tomorrow to try to figure out a solution now he called for calm the newly appointed civilian governor has imposed . a curfew in the eastern city so they are trying to mitigate the clashes between the 2 sides but this needs to be addressed at the root the root causes of this conflict needs to be addressed now those 2 sides as i said have been clashing for several years now which has escalated over the past few months no solution no deep rooted solution has been found yet and for many they think that it's an idea an issue of who actually deserves to be in port sudan who deserves to be identified as part of the east and who is actually somebody who is overstepping on a territory that is not there is so
1:45 pm
a lot of issues right now at stake mostly the issue of ethnic identity and tribal identity and who belongs and who doesn't and it looks like every government does not step in which is something that activists have been called for then this violence will continue for many sects of zeros who morgan live in car too. the world health organization is warning of a new surge in covert 19 infections in latin american countries that had initially controlled the pandemic the region. and the economic effects of. sparking protests are. reports from colombia's capital bogota. policemen use a blanket to carry the body of a 19 victim in this morgue in the volume in capital. as ospital struggle to cope with the number of dead in the poorest country in latin america. plastic bags are used to cover workers' shoes when proper protective gear is not available bodies left out in the streets or stored in the chapel relatives say they have to wait for
1:46 pm
days to collect the body of a loved one in the. reality is that it's all collapsed when it comes to care in the clinic for patients of moderate conditions as well as in intensive care the more has collapsed in this critical situation we didn't expect it will be so many bodies . believe he has been ill prepared to cope with more than 1000 cases in almost 4000 deaths and the situation has been worsened by days of protests and roadblocks. with people angry at the interim government of the dinin in yes purpose presidential elections for a 3rd time the road blocks are making it difficult for oxygen and other medicine to reach hospitals. as well the 2nd wave of 1000 infections and a growing political crisis has seen angry citizens state to the streets especially
1:47 pm
in mineral rich areas where the poor are demanding more economic aid and healthcare support at least 3 indigenous protestors have died and 17 people were injured in clashes with the police. the oil companies producing thousands and thousands of somalis a do. well the cool karma communities of the poor in auburn basin are submerged in the greatest poverty and with this coronavirus pandemic that still does not cease we've seen their total abandonment due to the absence of medicine or medical assistance. latin america is seeing worrisome spikes in infections even in countries that had initially control device. colombian tuesday passed $400000.00 confirmed cases become the country with the 8 highest total the world on a per capita basis fatality number at this time among the worst in the world which has out considering an extension of
1:48 pm
a number of restrictive measures that were supposed to be this week alison that. mexico's former president and rick a para nieto has been accused of funneling millions of dollars in bribes to fund his election campaign and to buy votes and influence in congress is accused of taking money from a brick to brazilian construction firm that's admitted paying bribes in 12 countries including mexico a former head of mexico state run oil company. who's facing corruption charges says the pena nieto demanded the money be given to his team. in the case of voter braced lasorda said there were series of bribes exceeding $4400000.00 that were ultimately used for the 2012 presidential campaign and the man who later became president along with his finance minister are the ones who according to these accusations order the story to give this money to various election advisors from abroad israel's military says that it struck hamas targets
1:49 pm
in gaza in response to balloons which cause fires being sent into its territory pictures of the airstrikes of emotion on social media the army says that similar balloon attacks targets in southern israel earlier this week israel is threatening to shut its main commercial border crossing with gaza. singapore has destroyed at least 9 tons of confiscated elephant ivory it's the largest haul in recent years as part of its efforts against the illegal trade in wildlife industrial walk crushers will need at least 5 days to destroy the entire contraband which is worth up to $13000000.00 it's estimated that more than $300.00 african elephants were killed for this batch of seized toss. just ahead here on the news and sports staying safe or playing to win europe's top football club but competition heads into all new territory.
1:50 pm
1:51 pm
time to support his andy thank you so much as you know the winners of this season's european champions league will be decided over the next 12 days in portugal a final 8 solomons in lisbon is replacing the competition's traditional formats and champions price on german playing italian side in wednesday's 1st quarter final $1.00 of knockout matches have replaced select sides because the disruption and delays caused by the coverage 19 pandemic all the games taking place behind closed doors let's have a look at the full quarter final line up. play rb leipzig on thursday at let's go
1:52 pm
had to leave to squad members behind in spain after they tested positive for corona virus and it's barcelona v pon munich and on saturday manchester city lay on. now to repair a sports correspondent for the press he's in lisbon for these games rob great save your mother's give us an idea about the sort of restrictions and precautions that are in place for the teams. well the biggest restrictions the fact of course there are no fans allowed in any of the stadiums behind me the benefit is ground tonight atalanta against paris and to man the largely empty just a few 100 of us allowed in there including the players and outside the stadium though this morning did find a few atalanta fans they couldn't resist coming over from such a big occasion for the club the 1st time ever in the champions league and they've reached the quarterfinals but the famous going to have to stay on the outside where rivers be restricted in terms of our access to the players because they will be
1:53 pm
regulars tested for 90 and they have to produce those negative findings to be allowed to enter. the stadium and the was that stark reminder of the ongoing threat of the coronavirus hanging over this tournament when 2 athletico players tested positive at the weekend and they've not been able to make the trip over here to lisbon the very short trip and even delayed their planning to lay training but the competition is and is going to get underway at lax a close game will go ahead against leipzig but so many restrictions so much disinfectant being used around the place and so much social distancing should be happening and just give us an idea as to state what's the state for football is it a possible template for future champions league in the coming seasons even world cup qualifiers in the next few weeks and months. where normally if you're gathering in august to watch some of your biggest teams playing each other would expect to be a pre-season tournament without much to play for and it's those sort of lucrative
1:54 pm
occasions that bigger teams want to happen more often on the big stage and it'll be in should see going forward whether this actually is the forerunner to potential templates or something like a super league but all the big clubs across europe won't like real madrid you venters liverpool if they're not here and teams like atlanta are in the quarterfinals so are leipzig and they've earned their place here on merit but the fact we're playing these games rather than 2 legs with the new sort of spikes a new i think sense of importance to each of the games there's no 2nd chances once the game is being played you've got to complete the job on the day but i think a big success for you 8th will be actually complete in this tournament because i think there are times when the champs league might look like it wouldn't finish because these games should have been played originally force in april. paris sports course one of the associated press joining is live in lisbon rob thank you so much for your time. coronavirus causing yet more disruption to the international
1:55 pm
football calendar asian world cup qualifiers that it used to take place in october and november well they've now been pushed back into 2021 matches in march and june were also postponed due to the pandemic. they pull in symbols of one major league soccer's comeback for a moment very super it scored the winning goal in a 21 victory over london city the m.l.s. is back to one of them was played in a by secure location in florida with no spectators the timbers well they did their best after the final whistle here they are celebrating with fans on a big screen there was on the side of the pitch. now serving a williams has returned to tennis with a win the $23.00 time grand slam champion at last played a competitive match back in february the 38 year old beating but not apparent at the top seed open in kentucky williams did that have to recover from being a set and 3 points down from next play her sister venus. honestly i knew i'd have been practicing really well and i wasn't getting
1:56 pm
a good rhythm out here and i just kept thinking sooner play like even practicing so i knew that i could. i knew that i could play a little bit better if i just hung in there they mean a lot scored a career high 61 points to lead the portland trailblazers to a win against the dallas mavericks where i've made 93 and the game is now only the 2nd player in n.b.a. history to score 60 points 3 times in a season when going on to outlast the mts 130-4131 the blazers have moved into 8th place in the western culture. right here. on the phoenix suns prize got a bit emotional when family members surprised them by announcing the starting line up all the players staying in isolation for the n.b.a. restart the sons of become one of the standout scenes of the league having won all of their games since games regimes. to the biggest college football competitions in the u.s. have delayed their seasons due to the coronavirus pandemic the big 10 and pac 12 so
1:57 pm
the so-called power 5 announced postponing all college sports they do their hearts be back playing early next year the move came after a vote by university presidents. it just we just believe collectively there's too much uncertainty at this point in time in our country and to really to encourage our student athletes to participate in falls or. and the tampa bay lightning and the columbus blue jackets have just played out the 4th longest game an n.h.l. history the jacket's goalie genius cup we saw a night $85.00 saves setting a new league record right and points scored the winner in a 5th of its own period so let's hump of 8 so i 3 sorry. ok more build ups in the european champions league as the day goes on but that is it for me and i i mean many thanks indeed and that's it from the news hour but of course the news continues my colleague peter they'll be back with you update here in just
1:58 pm
a few moments also you get by for that. breaks everybody on this planet matters. our when people need to be heard and the story needs to be told here human development has moved right to the edge of the forest with exclusive interviews and in-depth reports hope it is a disease can affect anyone any age i'll just see it as teens on the ground this is the main business lobby and i'm the only person here to bring you more award winning documentary and life news. sweat
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tears and sometimes blood but for them it's what their dreams are made of. just their world tells the story of a young moroccan boxes from humble backgrounds for training for the rights of their lives. under former champion who gives his all for their success casablanca by car on al-jazeera. history has called it the great war in the 2nd that this isn't the declining ottoman empire forges its alliance with germany and the central powers as the war gives birth to 3 nationalist movements the will determine the future world war one through our of the eyes on a large a 0. al-jazeera
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with every. after another night of violent protests and by the roofs e.u. foreign ministers are to hold a meeting on friday to consider possible sanctions. and i'm stuck fast reporting from a detention center in minsk where angry relatives i've been wanting to know what happened to their missing relatives. again i'm peter double you're watching al-jazeera live from global headquarters here and also coming up thousands of homes uninhabitable dozens of school.


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