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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  July 5, 2020 9:00pm-10:00pm +03

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bill changed the world to high tech visionaries whose breakthroughs inspired a digital revolution. and gates face to face on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. hello i'm rob matheson this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes iran says a father broke out at a nuclear facility has caused significant damage i'm a slow production of advanced centrifuges. a global surge in coronavirus cases as many countries ease restrictions putting health systems under pressure. the death toll from on rest in ethiopia after the killing of a popular singer nearly doubles to $166.00. exit polls so croatia's
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ruling 80 easy party leading in the parliamentary election amid a recession and the coronavirus pandemic. welling's with the sports news is found bottomless when is the exciting comeback price. and the driver is joined together to protest against racism in the not all of them took the name details coming up this hour. iran says it's no times nuclear facility was significantly damaged by a fog that broke out on thursday but the country's nuclear spokesman says it could slow development of advanced centrifuges in the medium term in the past week a number of sensitive sites have been hit by fires including a petrochemical plant a weapons development they. post station of more on this i'm joined now by
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al-jazeera. the iran has been using the development of centrifuges as a big piece of leverage when it comes to nuclear talks with the u.s. and europe and so on what kind of impact is this likely to have on that leverage well it's not likely to have much impact because this was a development and production a program add in the towns nuclear facility this was not part of the negotiating factors at the time of 2015 what iran has done since is they've reduced their commitment to the nuclear deal and this was part of that trying to advance their centrifuges that they have the centrifuges that they're working on is part of the advance system that they don't really need in the next few years this is something they were looking at to develop down the line but what is significant about this development by the spokesperson of iran's atomic energy organization is that this
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has slowed down their process for now but he was adamant kemah vendi that they will continue to make up all the last time that they were going to have as a result of this incident that took place at natanz on friday this is something that's not that's not the 1st time such such a thing has happened if you remember in 2010 there was a computer virus by the name of stocks that attacked the reactors at the town's centrifuges and it destroyed nearly a 1000 of them what it managed to do is just slow down the development process but not really deter iran from going forward with it as i mentioned before this is one of 2 or 3 similar attacks on very sensitive sites is there any significance in the fight that this is happening at a point when we're seeing the foreign minister zarif being heckled in parliament for example. well there is certainly no love lost between the foreign minister and members of the new parliament who are all very conservative they came into power in
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2 in the past few months after the elections earlier this year but. as a veteran politician he knows how to handle the very hardline voices that are coming at him and have been coming at him for the past few years specifically since the u.s. withdrew from the deal in 2018 but the foreign minister has been tasked by the president and with the full support of the supreme leader to carry out the dialogue between iran and the western powers when it comes to this nuclear program and the nuclear deal that they have and it's unlikely that this will really change his position this is more serve internal politics playing out at the moment and zarif is really no stranger to these voices and he certainly knows how to handle them. giving is that up the door so thank you very much ok let's move on to the increasing number of covert 19 cases worldwide saturday so the biggest single day rise since the pandemic began with more than 200 $12000.00 new infections globally
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the majority of those were in latin america which is now got more cases than europe mexico has been reporting record new infections it's not got the 5th highest death toll in the world in israel officials have ordered thousands of people back into quarantine as they deal with the worst surge in new cases since the outbreak began the government has also resumed its controversial phone surveillance program to track cases and has a record number of new cases in the philippines its government has been easing quarantine restrictions ok for more on the situation in latin america let's go to out of sound of a dump yeti who's live for us in bogota let's talk about mexico 1st of all these numbers in mexico are very very big what's happening there. yes very worrying numbers as you were saying record numbers of record confirmed cases on saturday in mexico 6914 which brings the total there
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to more than 252 towers in that obviously this is very worrisome very worrying for many people in mexico especially since the government insisted for weeks that the country had already reached the peak weeks ago that hasn't been the case the numbers continue to go up the government has also confirmed that those numbers are probably smaller than the reality a lack of testing means that probably there is the reporting when we look at the number of both the confirmed cases and the number of deaths yet while all this is happening the government in system president a lot with obrador insists on the need to continue to reopen sectors. economy
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however some of the expected reopening expression in mexico city over this weekend have been reversed that was because huge crowds that arrived in downtown mexico city on friday and the fact that some of these stores of the put in place the kind of gene measures that the government had requested that the mayor of mexico city said that this is just a pause and that she hopes that they will be able to restart these reopening at some point this week. this is also affecting the popularity of both president. door and the secretary of health held there because of the fact that the. i feel that the government has in the really been able to understand the curve of the pandemic in the country and finally
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there's a lot of warre in northern mexico and states on the border with the us that i've also seen an increase in past days sandra as i mentioned before you're talking to us from the border to tell us what the situation is in colombia because i understand there's been a limited reopening in parts of the country as well. yes there has been a reopening faced reopening that story is now a month ago and what has happened is that we have seen an increase in cases and unfortunately in the number of hospitalizations in dates since. 2 weeks or 3 weeks ago now and this is has become very. complicated especially here in. the number of intensive care units available becomes smaller and smaller now more than 80 percent of the intensive care units in this city are fooled or have been more ventilators that have been bought by the national
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government they have arrived here but the problem is that there aren't enough doctors that have that have been trained to be able to operate these ventilators operate these intensive care units so with the numbers growing that there is a war you have what could happen in the next couple of weeks out these are also very worried of the situation on the caribbean coast same particularly in. the city . and the state atlantico there have been 1400 deaths there almost double the ones the here in the capital even if it. has roughly a 3rd of the population compared to the population. and health authorities there are also saying that there could be the reporting especially on the number of dates a lot of people who are dying in their house that never make it to the hospital and
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don't get tested so that's also where you worry so it's also unclear when we will reach the peak here in colombia some of these are saying probably around the end of july beginning of august it will probably be at different times in there for in cities what is clear is that. we're still weeks away from reaching that peak and did this stress on the health system is clearly showing at this point and solid sound around p.s.g. giving us the latest on the pandemic in mexico and colombia thanks very much israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu says the country is in need of stricter measures to tackle a surging coronavirus cases officials are recording nearly a 1000 new cases every day and the government has reauthorized the use of a controversial phone surveillance technology once deployed to prevent attacks on a faucet is in west jerusalem with more. and this is the time that the internal
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security service it is religion that has been sanctioned to. monitor people's phones this isn't some absolute you voluntarily download this is the security services monitoring where people are being who they've been associating with and then sending them a text message to tell them to quarantine it it's assessed that they need to do so now this is through out the use of this tactic it has caused some outrage from human rights groups liberty groups but it has been deemed necessary to be put in place again we are its newspaper has reported that some 30000 people received such text messages since this began again on thursday and those who have some doubt of it want to repeal it they are finding it very difficult to get through to the ministry of health hotline which is being swamped with such calls as well as that there are further measures that are coming into force 50 people maximum in places
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of worship in bars and in events spaces things like weddings and there are further measures under consideration the cabinet has been meeting today and there are things such as restaurants and other potential names the trouble for the israeli government is that they obviously don't want to be reimposed locked down for economic reasons netanyahu did say if the cases got back up to $100.00 a day he would reimpose lock down well now they're on a 1000 a day and he still seems unwilling to do so south africa has the most number of coronavirus cases on the african continent the daily tally from saturday showed more than 10000 new infections that's the highest jump in 24 hours so far all spittles across the country have come under pressure as beds quickly fill up there's been a steady increase in cases since restrictions gradually and may health care workers have criticized the government's handling of the pandemic saying their safety has not been a priority. knight who is
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a researcher at the institute for global dialogue and society african think tank she explains why restrictions will continue to be lifted even as cases rise the thinking is that the going to the there's this was to actually kind of be biassed time by the public health department and the government time in order for the keep now what is happening is that is argument or rather thinking that people in the full picture a lot need to be able to pull out of the problem you need to start the adjusting and the kind of reason people need to get well we lost i mean and we just a lot of unemployment in the u.k. you just need to amplify that and that happened to the apostles at the moment and so i think that that the find it but also i think that every view of the government wants us to something the clock. in our own behavior and behavior change so it was
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inevitable because there were conditions and well told by the government if it wanted just like there's a kind of you accept whoever won that once we open up the cloud of us we know the point where the heist is actually happened on saturday we have to prepare for ourselves we're at the peak and this peak is not coming and then in some provinces where i'm based in the western cape. we are beginning to see a kind of stagnation that need to meet you faction in a conception but the few things are going to be long enough. plenty more ahead on the news hour including al jazeera gaining exclusive access to a group accused by the iraqi government of attacking u.s. forces attacks target an air base outside the libyan capital foreign forces backing a wall of plea for half to blame. and the baseball player who took keeping an eye on the ball to
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a new level police going to be here to explain what happened later in sport. the number of people who've died in ethiopia since the killing of a popular singer and activist has nearly doubled to 166 officials blame the deaths on both the response to the unrest by security forces and on into ethnic violence so how to honduras there was a member of ethiopia's largest ethnic group the auto mall in shot dead in addis ababa on monday night. is a senior lecturer at kill university and he's an analyst on the horn of africa he's joining this funky 0 in the u.k. thank you very much indeed for being with us how concerning is it that officials are blaming at least in part the response of the security forces for these deaths. nothing that he was coming out of the country is absolutely shocking and it's every
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time it is going to happen. all the early civilians who have absolutely nothing to do with the media political events to get these incidents individuals who are just going about their lives would become victims. of this. so i think it's important that the government take steps to ensure to to him conduct a proper investigation any true or accountability as far as the civilians are concerned but i think the bigger picture is an important one the prime minister since you are. a hugely good we on the part of the order was in order to either get in groups but if you really miss my need to transition or process those he made everything about. his mind it's when he came to power was to be united consensus and pull more out of consolation he didn't do that it was not
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a discussion of political settlement for the country where that is one of the media thing that the country needs and so that day versus the use of all the wealth you get when you eat as a country and we are if you again needs to move there for the papers people in the country to have it common and one of the future there is no discussion there were orders for national doubt organise courts were not heritage to the prime minister basically were due to it's the country is all in it and i think that is where the problem is we have an election that was before. that leadership was postponed while i think you know given the motives intuition that happened at the most attrition that continued again it's understandable that the government the needed to be. consensus in terms of how that. should be cost but also the government shouldn't. say for example ask you when the election should be had so you know gave the signal government restrictions never.
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blunder in terms of cleaning the country forward this is this incident essentially puts the transition a different context given what you've just said about the way that the government in your opinion has been behaving do you think that they that the death of and the deaths of a 166 people might be seen as a tipping point in the future and we are actually going to see the start of a greater number of protests by or more who are essentially fed up with the situation that they have been presented with in the country. now i ask you lee you know the assassination of the prominent or was he going to do such is made a big event in of itself how provoked a major a response but the steps that the government has taken in terms of the testing
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program and put your leaders such as your mohammed. should go to members of the you often or is congress a member of the room or in front of these individuals an organization was significant following so this in the u.s. were arrested the prime minister of the day after they were arrested. to be distributed to go making the statements really not quite a mystery a lot of. the situation basically. we will be. the individual that they taught in the country and i just don't think that right now that is the way to of course the situation. people and could depend. on a transitional process and i think what the country you used to do now is. all inclusive all stick order participated in kind of national
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or that would lead to some kind of read our poor or there would be implemented by an angry government and i think that's what the country needs now it is you know if you think the problem is it simply wants to use force and we're headed there we. be doing in our. country or you know another revolution where appreciate your time thank you very much indeed for joining us on al-jazeera. airstrikes have targeted a libyan air base that was recaptured in may by the un recognized government with the backing of turkish forces the attack by unknown aircraft on the our what here base happened overnight the loss of the facility was among a string of recent defeats for war for huffed are pushing him out of large parts of western libya but the other 100 has more from tripoli 5 air strikes
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targeted by an identified warplanes but the government here in tripoli especially the defense minister just stated saying that. foreign fighter jets carried out the attacks on turkish military facilities in a little. air base that includes an air defense system according to. media outlets we have not. reported any comment from the turkish military as of yet but only the approach. media outlets that reported that among the turkish military facilities in other words targeted by a poor health or fighter jet is an air defense system units no casualties have been reported but the ministry of defense at the government of national called in tripoli here says that this attack by planes is trying to send a message to try to disrupt what it calls the victory that has been achieved by the
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government forces it helped by the military and specially taken control of western libya from forces loyal to the world really for have to. i suppose in croatia's poller parliamentary elections show the governing center right h d z meeting against its main rival the social democratic party but they don't have enough votes to rule alone and that could force the prime minister into an alliance with a far right nationalist blog croatia's in the midst of a recession that was triggered by the coronavirus pandemic novak is live for us in the coalition capital zagreb so in the event that there is going to be some sort of coalition people's lives are going to change in courage. it's very difficult to say how the people lives are going to change according to the politics because the public price is right now something that dictates how the
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lives are going down here but we do have. exit polls by the state television by which the democratic union is even gaining more seats in the parliament they're getting stronger and the whole movement is getting less seats then an hour go by exit polls while the social democratic union is really. not a player anymore in this game so if these numbers are confirmed by the results we should be starting coming in in about an hour this will be victory for prime minister and the place he promised the security healthwise and economic advisors and obviously crazy people have decided to trust him and to let him he lead another 4 years if these numbers are confirmed by the election results under a plane which will probably give his best to try to form
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a government without having to make anyone including the whole movement turn that government for the right under playing democratic you know on the moderate center right party. he used to be a european parliamentarians before he became the president of the crazy democratic union he is a politician who is very well known in european circles and he kind of wants to keep his image and his politics as they are right now so we will have an exciting evening waiting for the results to come in and probably a very exciting week born after these elections. given the fact that as you say the results are coming in and we've yet to get the results whichever form the government is in with whoever eventually wins. it's still got the problems to deal
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with as you mentioned the country is in the middle of a recession it's facing the coronavirus pandemic on those numbers are rising so it's not like whatever government croatia eventually has is going to have an easy time of it is it. no it's not because the government does that when the lockdown started in march this year and it lasted for almost 2 months they. gave out a lot of. help to do this to the. employees and the companies in order to keep it going and keep this price is now the question is what left and then afford. or for the crisis like that because this country is one of the poorest member states of the european union just barely got out of the last recession and it's going to have a very hard time that. very hard time in the coming months so we will
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just have to see but this is something that i've. promised to make. make possible get out and become a prosperous country interesting times for croatia trying to novak. talking to us from thank you very much. still ahead on al-jazeera. i'm told now with a herd of llamas in a field you're reading the fight against kobe 19 has come to this. and this barcelona legend grew some sour bars of the running to become their next coach starts coming up with a lead in sport. and dry weather throughout much of the middle east on the arabian peninsula any dusty
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conditions across the south across into yemen we have had a bit of cloud there recently that might produce want to. cross into pakistan it has been halted and dry and very dusty look at this huge dust storm in northern pakistan of course all this coming through very strong winds but ahead of the monsoon rains which have yet to arrive through monday we might see want to 2 shows in areas of pakistan. still pushing into the far north and west of india but me want to cross the arabian peninsula and the middle east head to the north we have got those hot dry conditions the winds are fairly brisk so we could have some blowing sand and dust here as well over the next couple of days temperatures coming down a little bit in q 846 is the high on jesus still hosts of course and for all the winds are a little bit lighter certainly by cheese day then down into southern africa and central regions this is where we've seen the heavy rains and this is where they will continue over the next couple of days you can see where we've got those particularly heavy downpours again really around the gulf of guinea but also
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coastal showers right there were kenya on into areas of somalia and then as you go through cheese day want to see more showers appearing into coastal south africa. yaps oldest muslim undertaker is working here is a 7 days a week job that's grown with the community my father purchased a black ambulance man started to do the funerals in london and the family we saw stopping bartering to which i became the business partner the stories we don't often hear told by the people who the gift is such a level of. east and undertakers this is europe on al-jazeera his country's begin easing coronavirus restrictions scientists warn of a 2nd wave of infections in the last few days after. the name well and many senior economy is be prioritised about for human life until fall of people come yet
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again the focus is on the out here because i can pull that 1000 places we bring you the latest developments from across the globe coronavirus condiment special coverage on a. you're. watching out as a reminder of our top stories this hour iran says it's not nuclear facility was significantly damaged by a father broke out on thursday the country's nuclear chief says the incident could slow development of advanced centrifuges in the medium term but says there won't be any interruption to its enrichment work. saturdays so the biggest single day rising
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coronavirus cases since the pandemic began with more than 212000 infections recorded globally the majority of being in latin america. exit polls in croatia's parliamentary election are predicting a win for the ruling center right h d z party but they haven't security no votes to rule alone and they'll need a coalition partner. well as the us election approaches this in a new dynamic which is being played out president donald trump is not just fending off attacks by members of the opposing party but also from his own party some prominent republicans have stated publicly they will vote for former vice president joe biden and they're working to help him get elected i think oh hang has that story. there's more. this viral ad to put a new group called the lincoln project on the political map not because it has been viewed almost 3000000 times under the leadership of donald trump our country's weak
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and secret and this was an attack from members of the president's own party and he responded by attacking them well after midnight on twitter their reaction. republican operative rick wilson is one of the founders. the group he says the ad did exactly what they wanted every day donald trump is distracted every day don't i was running around like a crazy person doing the things that he does what a tweet gets in his head or read it says his campaign is not focusing on beating joe biden every day he's thinking about us is something about him with surprising speed the group turns around ads meant to get inside the president's head something's wrong with donald trump the shaky. speaking. hitting him on issues that he's made clear bother him like crowd size turnout in tulsa. his physical health we seen here shaking can't keep the polls up
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and it's getting worse and his handling of the coronavirus i don't take yours. but the group is also airing ads praising former vice president joe biden and democratic senate candidates will also attacking republican senators up for reelection in richmond has a nice ring that's drawing criticism from other republicans but they're doing it not only opposed to re-election but to flip the senate to democratic majority control to say that you have to you know give the democrats control of the senate because you oppose trump that makes no sense thank you for that wilson says it's a kind of insurance policy you know we don't want to have a situation where. if he does win a 2nd term has an easy route to continue to do things in this nationalist populous way that we think is a danger to the country and more republicans are joining his cause hundreds of alumni from the george bush administration have formed a group to try to help biden get elected. to trim campaign says it's further proof
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the establishment is working against them this is highly unusual members of a political party turning against its old leader openly and in public. imagine how big the crowds will be when he's gone actively raising and spending money to see him defeated and their own political party completely out of power patty calling al jazeera. so walk ins is a republican political strategist and a former white house aide to george h.w. bush is joining us on skype from philadelphia thank you very much indeed for being with us again joe on al-jazeera given the strength of opinion that we have now for and against donald trump do you think that there is a risk that republicans losing control of their own party no i don't think so there are going to be republicans or don't like what the president has said or has done but the president has an unusual base in his base is going to put composed of
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lots of americans many of whom have not gone to college many of whom are identified as democrat who voted for him in 2016 and are very likely to vote for him again in 2021 the president has been speaking particularly over the last 3 weeks when we've seen the protests on the streets again and of black lives matter and against police brutality and so on it appears as though the president is speaking directly to his base but doesn't that by implication mean that he's simply ignoring people who he who he could should be trying to draw into the republican party in order to be able to ensure his presidency for another 4 years well he knows that his base comprises more than republicans comprised a lot of democrats and a lot of independents and people who don't talk to pollsters and so he is talking directly to his base at these rallies and. national admit that he has
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he's speaking directly to the base and he knows that what matters on election day is turnout at the polls but the turnout and so to the degree that his base is is ready to turn out in strong numbers as they did in 2016 he has a chance to win this election and likewise to more importantly win the electoral college so don't be surprised about the next few months you see him doubling down on some of the themes that you may have heard him speak about over the weekend again drawing the difference between himself and joe biden and again doing everything he can to shore up his base to strengthen his base made up largely of non-college educated whites who make up nearly 70 percent of the country. 70 percent the country has not gone to college in the united states and so he's going to continue to talk to that base and and make sure that they're ready to show up on election day how big is the danger do you think that the opportunity to convince the voters of republican goes like lower taxes restrictions on immigration and so on it could eventually just be. lost for want of a better phrase in a morass of battles and name calling and personalization which the president has
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proved himself very adept at. yeah i gree that the president is very very skillful especially on social media dealing with all those challenges and i think to the degree that this election is about president trump and dislike of the president it becomes hard for joe biden to wait on that alone because he'll have to show that he has policies that people that more americans like than dislike americans i think especially the president's base likes the idea of lower taxes and less regulation they like what he's done with regards to the trade agreements they like what he's done with regards to foreign policy and i think that he'll continue to hammer home that before the pandemic he had helped build a very strong economy and that he's best position to return the economy to strength and joe biden is going to have to disprove all that it can't be the fact that you don't like donald trump that can't be the reason and reason alone for people voting
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for joe biden and that's so that's the case that joe biden has to make is that you need me not only because you don't like president trouble because i have policies that you like better than the policies that president trump champions and i think that's a tall order there are a lot of analysts have been drawing parallels between this coming election and the election back in 2016 when everybody including the media was saying that donald trump was very unlikely to win. but this is a very very different election isn't it there was a lot of obviously there was a lot of complacency on the part of the democrats the democrats many democrats have agreed that themselves that's not the case this time around and it looks from what we can see as though the biden campaign is prepared to get down and dirty on this how dirty do you think this election is going to get. well i think it's going to be a hotly contested election but i wouldn't i wouldn't say the that it won't be any 16 there's a good chance that it may be very much like 2016 it's hard to tell with the polling
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data where the voters really are because non-college educated voters don't trust and they don't talk to pollsters and so without that data you don't have an accurate idea of how the president or joe biden are doing in these critical. critical 'd electoral college states battleground states. but it's likely to be a very very hotly contested campaign maybe even a dirty campaign from the standpoint of meanspirited ads but you're going to see. all of this in the next several months democrats are going to have been have to cobble together a message that's larger than you don't like the president it's got to be a message that says here's why you want joe biden the president and that's said earlier a tall order for them i think the president going to double down on all of things that he's been doing that he has kept his promises that the promises he made in 2016 and he's going to count on his base again to show up in strong numbers on election day including all those people that the polls are able to to get to always good to get your thoughts on this joe watkins we appreciate your time as always an al-jazeera thank you thanks so much on june 25th the iraqi government carried out
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on a range on. a group linked to iran accused of attacking u.s. forces it was a test for a new prime minister must of all caught him in his promise to crack down on groups that operate outside the law but days later those detained had walked free how does it as simona fulton came to exclusive access to the content husband of banks that was raided. we're about to get a rare glimpse into the most secretive armed group under iraq's popular mobilization forces brigade 45 better known as. this is the 1st time journalists have been allowed into one of its military bases. is nominally incorporated into iraq's security apparatus but has been accused of acting outside the formal chain of command al-jazeera gained exclusive access to dislocation in southern baghdad after it was raided by iraq's counterterrorism forces the iraqi
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government says it had been tipped off that a rocket was about to be launched from dismissal of it towards the green zone where u.s. and other diplomatic missions are based 14 people were arrested and several weapons seized but the group says the raid was illegal carried out without an arrest warrant. on which they have evidence for the celebration they can show it to the people but here there are no missiles and launching pads the spices bring you since 2015 may have a formal letter from baghdad operations command this base is used for logistical support this was once a farm that belonged to saddam hussein's government after 2003 it was taken over by al qaida and bombed during the sectarian conflict during our visit we didn't see flags or signs marking it as an official facility belonging to the popular mobilization forces and none of the soldiers were insignia or as a group. the pm if is being targeted so we didn't keep the flags because the
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surveillance drones are always flying around here. our visit was tightly controlled free fighters were allowed to speak on camera under the condition they hide their faces and withhold their names they admitted they're not just part of the popular mobilization forces but also the so-called islamic resistance which fought u.s. troops in the wake of the 2003 invasion they still regard america's presence in iraq today as an occupation and aggressive up at the near we are both at the same time the resistance and the popular mobilization forces the resistance was formed before the popular mobilization forces it for the occupiers after 2003 and expelled them in 2011 to this day the resistance groups are standing against occupation. the u.s. has previously bombed positions in iraq and has pressured the iraqi government to take action the raid on this base was an unprecedented move by the iraqi government
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against groups that the u.s. has accused of targeting its forces prime minister mr carbury has promised to restrict weapons in the hands of the state but the backlash against this operation shows just how difficult it is to deliver on those promises. the night of the raid a convoy of pickup trucks with heavily armed men breached a fortified green zone to demand the release of the 14 people detained hours earlier the government yielded handing them over to the popular mobilization forces which equated them days later to type hezbollah released images showing its fighters as they stepped on the prime minister's picture and burned the american and israeli flags their interviews were broadcast on the typo's bolus own channel it was all to deliver a stern message to iraq's prime minister. on why. the prime minister has totally failed and he has to understand if you relies on the americans rather than
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the iraqi people he will fail and if he continues this way he will show as cowards as an agent of the americans and that he serves the americans more than his homeland the government spokesperson says one of the 14 detainees remains in custody but has not provided details the government's response has left many questions on answered and has raised doubts on whether the prime minister is able to confront powerful groups like the type as it seem on a full team al jazeera but that 2 palestinians have been shot and wounded by israeli settlers in the occupied west bank emergency crews took the victims to a hospital in the town of vidia israel has built nearly 250 illegal settlements in various parts of occupied palestinian land it's announced plans to annex sections of the west bank although it's unclear well. in hong kong online records appear to suggest books written by high profile pro-democracy authors have disappeared from public libraries it follows the introduction of
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a controversial security law imposed by china that caused protests last week rights groups fear the law will give authorities greater power to arrest and imprison anyone who expresses dissent against beijing. at least 34 people are believed to have been killed in southern japan as torrential rain and severe flooding continues across several asian countries and half of the victims in the combo 2 region were living in a nursing home so i reports. it's a challenging tolls for these emergency workers in southern japan the risk of more months lines is high on the island. a trail of destruction can be seen from the yeah there's more drenching rain and severe flooding in the weather forecast for the next few days. weather conditions are hampering rescue efforts in the west hit areas. after those killed or missing since sunday had been living in elderly care homes. and out of the cooma river best its banks transporting people to safety by
9:45 pm
bates is a difficult and dangerous job on sunday prime minister sets up a special toss force to tackle the crisis and has deployed 40000 military personnel to help with the rescue efforts the title you know people in the area are required to continue to be on maximum alert with regards to self defense forces police prepared to dispatch 10000 personnel for further emergency support please do this that you are able to respond swiftly and adequately. 75000 people have been warned to leave their homes ahead of the floods japan's meteorological agency says the rainfall is the west it has ever recorded in the region. in china people are bracing themselves for more flooding weeks some of the heaviest rain seen in decades has killed more than 100 people millions of lives times and businesses have been affected especially in the south it's also. we have disposable 50 people to
9:46 pm
have green water we have also this. severely affected by the floods we are now making all over for us to prevent further from our being from water draining into our. well. and these times along the water in india's financial capital mumbai all dangerously close to being flooded. the wettest month during the monsoon season but this year nearly a months worth of rain is falling in just the past 5 days. more than a 1000000 people have been affected by flooding in northeastern india many of them have lost their homes why is that allowed to be the water level is increasing are here fishing is also there and so we don't want any loss of life that is why we request the authorities to come here and see what is going on and most is not. across asia and the agency said this is a overstretched we're also dealing with a crane a virus pandemic and with more rain expected in some areas the coming few days may
9:47 pm
prove even more difficult side of. sports next our knowledge is 0 and lee has the actual fun exciting race in australia as formula one makes its comeback. examining the impact of today's headlines i need to go to work because i need to make money risking our lives by going in setting the agenda for tomorrow's discussions racially charged social unrest on a scale lawsuit induct international filmmakers and world class journalists bring programs to inform and inspire you to terrorist burden you hear the story of the war the past on al-jazeera. art is resistance.
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in akra people are grabbing social and political issues by the horns. and time to sing creativity parity and protest to challenge and change ideas. gun a controversial a witness documentary on al-jazeera. or a star for the sport. thank you very much well formula one has made an exciting return with valtteri bottas winning the austrian gold prix and of charles the clara and british youngster londo norris and world champion lewis hamilton
9:49 pm
missed out on the podium after being handed a time penalty by stewards there were 3 safety cars 9 cars were tired no doubt after an eye catching protest against racism if it starts reports. before the race in austria all 20 drivers took part in a protest against racism after reports of disagreements among the group is how best to do it they all wore end racism t. shirts and the majority took the name 6 chose not to the world champion lewis hamilton f one's only black driver was the only one wearing a black lives matter shirt. then came the 1st racing in anger after a 4 month delay for coke at 19 the sadie's kultury but us was on pole and got away cleanly at the start to open up a healthy lead his teammate how milton started back in 5th but quickly worked his way back into 3rd and that soon became 2nd after red bulls match the stepan was
9:50 pm
forced out with engine problems on lap 14. despite numerous incidents and safety because miss eighty's managed to keep us in hamilton safely out in front but they did warn them they needed to look after their cars. fell treatises james ticket box issue is critical to the state of focus then more drama followed kimi reichen in lost his right wheel which meant another safety car had to come out while stewards recovered his all for a mayo that bunched up the pack and allowed others to put the miss a tease and the pressure alex albon in the red bull attempted to pass hamilton with 10 laps left hamilton blocked him and alvin spun off and ultimately out of the race but it was to cost hamilton did too even though he crossed the line 2nd behind but us he was handed a 5 2nd time penalty which. tim down it for which meant it was ferrari chose the clerk who took 2nd mclaren's lando norris in it 20 years old he's the 3rd youngest
9:51 pm
driver ever to claim a podium finish in formula one there was no social distancing back in the mclaren garridge it wasn't to be for hamilton in the opening race but thanks to this season's makeshift calendar he'll get another chance at the same circuit in a week's time they did start out 0. let's hear more in that moment that occurred on the grid before the race there had been lots of speculation about disagreements between drivers on how they should protest racism all of them war and racism tasia some notice how much someone signed black lives matter all in the end but 6 of them took the name f one management decided each was intitled to choose their own why protesting for always did not nearly he said behaviors in daily life are what's important bob then gestures that could be seen as controversial in some countries says it does not mean he's less committed than others in the fight against racism and similar sentiments from red bulls next for stop and who also refused to take
9:52 pm
the name he says he's committed to the antibodies and fight but billy's everyone has the right to express themselves at a time and in a why that suits them. it's a football and english premier league champions liverpool have played at their anfield home for the 1st time since securing their 1st league title in 30 years fans respected the place for them to stay away from the stadium for the game against aston villa it will took 70 minutes to break through but one the guy was go and then a 2nd was added to city's version of a poll on thursday i have fallen behind at southampton one nil no halftime it was burnley one sheffield united one i knew castle's who west had so so the spanish football title weiss and roman have moved 7 points clear thanks to a 10 win over athletic bilbao captain sergio ramos winning it with his 22nd consecutive successful penalty is also the 1st sense of back to score 10 goals in a league season is 199394 going to have
9:53 pm
a chance to close the gap when they play villareal lights. and form of our madrid and brazil luxembourg who says he's tested positive for corona virus the 68 year old out coach is brazilian card and has won the brazilian championship 5 times and burgos says he's quarantining for one more quick forward line barcelona in spain here has been mute his coaching contract. the had been talk of in taking over a boss alona but he was staying qatar until at least june 2021. now one of the key figures in the organization of the next olympics has been reelected largely because of a positive public reaction to her work tackling the coronavirus crisis tokyo governor. has won a 2nd term to head the japanese capital which means you'll be in charge for next summer's postponed olympics in the sesay. lympics provides great
9:54 pm
hope for athletes and children the local governments of areas where they are scheduled to go around during the torch relay also looking forward to it i would like to properly promote measures against coronavirus so that the games may come true. it's been a painful day for a star japanese pitcher in major league baseball 100 times a current in training camps ahead of their late season which starts in less than 3 weeks this is new york yankees pitcher as a hero who simply wasn't able to avoid a sickening blow to the head it was enough to send him to hospital for evaluation and testing thankfully he is ok and was released light of the sine die yeah i mean that's stops in your tracks and you hope for the best and when i went out to the mound you know you know at least in the immediate felt somewhat good about it because he was alert and very aware of. it was doing ok so there was a little relief there but you always worry about the next minutes and hours and
9:55 pm
whatever so the fact that we're getting good news is a good thing finally sport might have a different look and fail but not so much as chimed in chess the big tournament have moved online but the winner is still no way jim magnus carlsen the formidable wild champion has won the chess of the last us that means a prize of $45000.00 for 29 year old kos and the grandmaster who has been well the champion the 70s all sport so for the lead thanks very much now around the world the search is on for effective treatments to combat the corona virus and in the u.k. scientists have turned to a herd of llamas to provide very small antibodies which they believe could neutralize the virus john hall as more. what does a herd of lamas have to do with covert 19 it's not the start of a joke but it could be the route to a cure bonnie jones looks after the animals welfare have suddenly we have totally
9:56 pm
we have sports we have alfie. the one sitting down. and the star of this particular show fifi is the 1st in the university that we've used in the research. and other. species such as camels and our packers produce specialized small antibodies different to what you and i produce so what we do is we introduce a dead or small. protein into the llamas and they produce a natural body response so their small antibodies that bind on to the proteins that we introduce these pictures from a similar trial with alpacas in germany showed nobody's binding with the corona virus protein spike the coded virus is kind of a round virus that's got lots of spikes on it and these spikes we think are the things that latch onto our cells and infect us so the idea is maybe if we produce
9:57 pm
a nano body that combined onto those spikes or lots of those spikes we can prevent the virus from attaching to our cells and in that way prevent infections so the fight against the corona virus has come to this heard of llamas in an english field it's not as unlikely as you might think the 1st llama derived drug was produced last year for the treatment of a rear blood disease and that's triggered real optimism about similar treatments for a range of cancers for alzheimer's and dementia and also now course for covert 90 the daily pace of lama life is slow and so to the pace of scientific research but already there are promising results with the possibility of human trials in a year using lama nobody's to neutralize the coronavirus jona whole al-jazeera reading. lots more details on all these stories opposing the web site al-jazeera dot com to be here in a couple of minutes with more on all these stories as well thanks for being with us
9:58 pm
by. the way disease outbreaks have impacted dense urban areas like during the flu pandemic in the early 1900 has played a role in how our cities look in run urban planners reacted to that flu and other outbreaks changing how cities were zoned and led to updated infrastructure like ventilation and improved sanitation but after what's been learned from pandemics and their influences on our skylines and way of life we also need to keep pace and adapt it's easy to assume that cities are fertile ground for spreading viruses and
9:59 pm
diseases millions living working at commuting in such tight conditions but one expert says it's about much more than just density it's about how all this was put together and how it's run. told to use their own. let me also you know how worried you are about the increase in hostilities in yemen we listen this is the moment to stop all the 30 action this is the moment to also try to put on fighting over the idea that we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that on the edges there are the ultranationalist marks connected with one of the world's worst humanitarian crisis we don't know as. mike that joining with the military to impose a deadly political agenda they have to photo our nation what has happened to their attention that's one of the biggest stains on the country as a whole. this is not religion this is a politic. an unholy alliance on al-jazeera.
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unprompted and uninterrupted discussions from on london broadcast center. on al-jazeera. iran says the fire at a nuclear facility has caused significant damage and may slow production of advanced centrifuges you should be sure. to use. and had hold on called a liar iran's foreign minister it faces angry recriminations from members of parliament.


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