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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 29, 2019 12:00pm-12:33pm +03

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we have our security services and egyptian security apparatuses it seems to me that we see further tension between how the us and i so further bloodshed between have. as we so saw it last night i don't think this is going to be the last incident this month has already seen increased instability with rockets fired into israel attempts by armed men to breach the border fence israeli airstrikes and artillery fire targeting guards are now a source of internal instability has been made fatally clear amasses insisting it will maintain security and punish those behind the attacks are a force it out to syria gaza. coming up after the wave of white poor access to clean water could help spread the boiler in the democratic republic of congo also one slot last forest now blackened devastation where inside is huge parts of it.
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hello there plenty of scattered thunderstorms across much of the southeast actually across the northeast united states limits of the cloud showing up on the satellite system will work its way across the south as we go through thursday it will clear quite rapidly and then we've got some pretty good conditions on the final things washington d.c. a nice couple days ahead of warming up in d.c. on friday 31 degrees celsius more rain working its way across the central plains and still dry and very warm out across the west and father heat advisories in place $29.00 is the high los angeles on friday then we headed towards the the caribbean in particular this is what we're focusing on this is tropical storm dorian it is set to make landfall in puerto rico throughout wednesday into thursday a head of there in the dominican republic preparations underway there putting together hold of these packs of emergency food supplies and this is the forecast
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track so by thursday it's moving quite swiftly out towards the west northwest because the closer it gets it is actually going to begin to impact the turks and caicos islands and also as it works his way through. it'll head to the east to the dominican republic so we could see some very heavy amounts of rain concerns over city for flooding landslides and mudslides a look at this by friday this storm as it continues its journey to the west northwest it could become a hurricane we'll keep you updated. fly cats are airways and experience economy class like never before qatar airways going
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places together. i'll come back here watching al-jazeera time to recap the headlines now the u.k.'s prime minister barak's johnson has moved to suspend parliament until the middle of october where this leaves his opponents very little time to push through legislation to prevent the u.k. from crashing out of the year without a deal tally and prime minister decepticon tape may keep his job after a breakthrough in coalition talks ahead of the opposition democratic party says he's ready to pull rivalries aside and govern with the 5 star movement country
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resigned a week ago. at least 13 people have been killed and 30 others wounded in model to no man in southwestern syria during an strikes in civilian areas aid agencies have been unable to access the area they say hospitals and clinics have been turned to rubble. more now in the suspension of the u.k. parliament technically the prime minister isn't doing anything that you. usual parliament is often shut down before a queen's speech during which the monarch outlines a new government's priorities for mr johnson took over as prime minister in july he says a fresh program is long overdue critics though point to the timing they say johnson is trying to prevent politicians from passing legislation which would stop britain from leaving the e.u. on october 31st with out a deal it's unclear if the suspension can be halted it's being challenged in court
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they'll be efforts to stop it in parliament opposition parties may also try to bring down the government in a no confidence vote john johnston from the website politics home says the prime minister's gamble could well bank fire if it's angered too many of his party's m.p.'s. well initially the numbers for it voted no confidence loop quite difficult because the kind of following procedure we we we couldn't seem to get any answers on whether they would support the possibility of jeremy corbyn the labor leader leading a caretaker government this was the plan he would lead a caretaker government extend the article 50 process especially pushing the brakes a deadline for their way in calling a general election but there has been a significant amount of anger from program in conservative m.p.'s today this action by boris johnson so it seems very likely know that there would be enough of them who would be potentially willing to vote to bring down their own government. people
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in the congolese city of goma are warning that a bowler may spread because people are having difficulty finding thing in water the 1st case of the virus or 1st cases of the virus were confirmed in the sprawling city near the border with rwanda last month alexei o'brien reports. laiki views shores are always busy as people from around goma gather their daily water supplies for some this is the only water they can find for drinking and washing. and keeping planes now even more important in this daintily populated city after the 1st cases of the a bowl of virus were confirmed here last month was a standard been set up outside public buildings and at the busy border crossing with rwanda. because of the a bowl epidemic we have to wash our hands all the time but the problem is water isn't easy to find here in goma every day alice can walk e queues for hours at public taps like many in the democratic republic of congo she
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doesn't have running water a home where. there are 4 of us at home every morning i wake up at 6 in order to get to the fountain because i live a bit far from here it takes about 5 hours to get access to tap we suffer a lot because we need at least 5 cans perhaps hold. the above the virus begins with a fever and vomiting and often leads to massive internal bleeding and day it's sprayed through direct contact with body fluids so good hi james vi so. even the dead in their coffins a sanitized before being beret a bolo while it's not caused through water having access to water is really important for prevention efforts ensuring that there's good hygiene practices hand washing is another main means of prevention and so. water is not the cause it's still really important for helping to curb this epidemic
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nearly 2000 people have been killed so far and what's the longest and deadliest outbreak in the country's history there's been no new cases reported in going there this month but many in the city still fear how they'll be able to avoid the disease if they don't have enough water to wash their hands. brian al jazeera. hong kong police are being accused of sexually abusing female protesters during recent demonstrations people wore black clothing during a sit in on wednesday to support those they say have been victims one woman described being strip searched on this is solely by male officers another said her skirt was lifted as officers carried her away. elsewhere in hong kong hundreds of protesters turned their anger towards cathay pacific they say the airline's decision to vie 20 of its staff for taking part in antigovernment protests has created a climate of fear when the reports from hong kong. it's
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a sensitive time in hong kong and being seen at a protest could cost you your job. the focus of this small rally was cathay pacific the airline is the most high profile case of what these people believe is increasing interference by china in hong kong workplaces breakfast is now if it is in fact is a year. from the shining now the man hong kong government on that he cannot defend its mass or not feel it's raining on india on social media. civil cathay pacific employees have been fired for making social media posts in support of the n.t. government protests all for attending rallies cathay pacific is a publicly listed company but one of its major shareholders is it china which is owned by the chinese government's some stars have resigned from the company in protest like politician and pilot jeremy tam this can offer you no interference from the beijing government it just changes completely and everybody fear of you
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know being put under the spotlight it's not just cathay pacific that's coming under pressure from beijing there's a wider atmosphere creeping into the hong kong corporate world that if you want to continue doing business with china then you should distance yourself and your star from the protests last week it was the turn of accountants to take to the streets to reject interference from beijing star from major firms like deloitte had earlier taken out a newspaper ad criticizing their companies for ignoring hong kong people and the reasons for the protests after pressure from beijing that companies really statement. distancing themselves from the air cathay pacific declined al-jazeera is requests for an interview but the reason given for the action against staff is security chinese aviation or 30 say they won't allow cathay flights to enter there is space if operated by anyone who has participated in or supported protests the
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fact that kathy's aircraft. don't need to fly into china's in space china's entitled to all ask them to live by their as well far as we are concerned we totally support the freedom of all. i read above opinion continues to be expressed on the streets but in the workplace it's becoming increasingly difficult when hey al-jazeera hong kong. hurrican dorian is now moving away from puerto rico and the u.s. virgin islands dorian cause power outages and flooding across the caribbean forecasters warn the american could grow into a category 3 as it heads towards the u.s. mainland or of course is raising more questions about the brazilian government's management of the amazon the reuters news agency says funding for the prevention and control of fires has dropped by almost a quarter since president also narrow took power he says he will only accept
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international aid to help fight record fires in the forests of brazil can control how the money is spent. well there have been tens of thousands of fires this year an 85 percent increase on 2018 stories about when to see the aftermath of one fire the states of matter. these are the images brazil's president. does not want you to see. he says the fires that have been affecting the amazonia region happened in the forested areas but this place proves him wrong. father the national part. of my. 2000. territory the problem now is that 11 percent of it has been devastated by the fire but the government has banned members of brazil's environmental agency from talking to the press or grant them access to locations like this one. has been
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living here for over 30 years he says this is the 1st time this area has been affected by fire. i don't know why but there are branches nearby maybe the fire came from the air what's behind it is the attempt by a group is nice to grow soya bean it's very sad because this place is filled with life they want to turn the forest into money you no matter what gets in the way many here fear the president words when he insists he wants to open up the amazones for business this area is known as the doorstep of amazonian the whole region includes 7 states in brazil the fires are still ongoing i'm not sure if you can see there's some smoke right over there been a little muddy morn has been studying the rain forest for years he says amazonia meats to be protected this tree like this. this size
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trunk we have tons of carbon dioxide is storage into trees. this act as a few telling of excessive credible by oxides from that the most for those that the forests. compensate all the emissions of latin america. is brazil's culture of death arrest in the region needs to change because we have a disk or 2 sloshing born to create new year as for agriculture a person has to produce meat and to produce so i've been discovered sure we have to change discard because slash and burn is a very primitive form to use the land each time the forest burns it loses its capacity to absorb the carbon dioxide blamed for global warming thousands of actors of forest have already been devastated for now it seems the force of nature will
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endure the question is for how long did he said war and yes leader said by the only more days brazil. climate and previous growth are from burgos been greeted by well wishers as she arrived in new york harbor the 16 year old sailed across the atlantic in an emissions free arts from britain to attend the un climate summit next month it isn't saying that 6 you'll have to cross the atlantic ocean to make 2 and. this of course is not something that i want everyone to do the climate an ecological crisis is a global crisis the biggest crisis humanity has ever faced and if we don't manage to work together to cooperate and to work together despite our differences then we will fail so we need to. stand together and support each other.
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and to take action. the lifespan gap between rich and poor people in the united states can be as great as 30 years and it's not just limited access to health care that's causing less well off people to die earlier john hendren reports from chicago. in america where you live can determine how long you live you give me anything and. yeah i can consume you some heart problems. to some extent the lifespan gap between rich and poor exists everywhere but when new york university medical center studied the us the biggest disparity was here in chicago that gap is surprisingly wide even where the distance is short on the north side among the gleaming high rises of the city's streeterville neighborhood the average lifespan is 90 years 15 kilometers away in
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impoverished englewood it's 60 that is larry richards age but you know in englewood you beat the odds right all my life and money which leads to better health care or no health care least a better food better diet and rich people are just more aware of their bodies than poor people or they care more about others and they can afford the health care exactly in streeterville residents have easy access to medical care a healthy foods and a safe place to exercise here you can essentially buy a longer life because here is segregation in poverty go hand in hand people in the south have been hit by. all the ills here society gun violence is off the charts a lot of depressed you have. running rampant on. some blame access to health care some blame a lack of healthy foods but researchers say the biggest cause of shorter life spans
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stress has what they call a weathering effect chronic disease sets in earlier people have a rough life and pushed around their whole life and are being bullied their whole life and so what you get is a physiological reaction to being in some ways a victim of a lot of the social distribute. status in our society and there is a element of class to this and there's an element of caste meaning rates is long as that divide remains researchers say so will a lifespan gap john hendren al-jazeera chicago. and let's take you through some of the headlines here now dizzier now the u.k.'s prime minister barak's johnson has moved to suspend parliament until the middle of october this leaves his opponents very little time to block the threat of a no deal breaker johnson says it's a necessary move this is
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a new government with a very exciting agenda to make our streets safer which very important we bring violent crime down we need to invest in our fantastic n.h.s. we need to level up education funding across the country we need to invest in the infrastructure that's going to take this country forward for the decades and we need to deal with the cost of living moving to a high wage highly productivity economy which is i think what this country needs to be and to do that we need new legislation we've got to be bringing forward new and important bills and that's why we are going to have a queen's speech and we're going to do it on october the 14th italian prime minister decepticon taim may keep his job after a breakthrough in coalition talks the head of the opposition democratic party says he's ready to put rivalries aside and govern with the 5 star movement conto resigned a week ago at least 13 people have been killed and 30 others injured in moderate
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unarmed man in south in northwestern syria during airstrikes on civilian areas aid agencies have been unable to access the area they say hospitals and clinics been turned to rubble. in the yemen saudi jets. international abdulle following a hosea attack on an ad poles in the saudi city of on wednesday the houthi say they fired a cruise missile at the airport they've launched several drone attacks on saudi arabia. for them by almost a quarter on the government. says brazil will only accept international aid to help fight if he can control the money. hong kong police are being accused of sexually abusing female protesters during recent demonstrations.
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