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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  August 1, 2019 12:00am-1:01am +03

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missile arsenal the yes this is only a short range missile but it is a reminder that they are serious about getting the u.s. back to the negotiating table and eventually getting some relief from the crippling sanctions program on where there's a research fellow with the money on technological university in singapore he says it's likely the test will continue as the impact of sanctions grabs. this is not the 1st time it's happened it's going to happen again and i think it's going to do you really look at the prospect of discussions clearly the regime in pyongyang is getting very frustrated and very impatient with the lack of progress and so here once again. like in the last few years whenever we're going to joint military exercises south korean military and u.s. military once again north korea is crying for attention the u.s. cannot do it all on what constitutes to the united nations security council but i think it is in time. it west. but sanctions are having
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a crippling effect because all of the terms of the sanctions mean a lot of the a lot of the. capital inflows into north korea which had been blocked is due to the u.s. efforts in making a strong conditions on financial institutions are not doing business with with so i think you know if you're going to try to press at least touch the opening in that and that's quite critical in north korea's ability to continue to resume trading with a lot of its regional partners. to hong kong now where $44.00 protesters appeared in court charges of rioting during protests on sunday they face up to 10 years in jail if convicted of the 1st people to be charged so far after months of mass protests against the hong kong government and china's influence most of the accused were granted bail until a further hearing and ordered not to leave hong kong the charges relate to a violent protest near the chinese government's liaison office. that's also to come
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here on the news hour including rolling out the troops beefing up its forces in northern syria. just days after demolishing palestinian homes in the occupied west bank israel's cabinet approves building hundreds more. on a sporting this by many side taught them real madrid in a pre-season much but their manager is not happy. well an ideological divide among democrats in the us has been laid bad during the 2nd round of presidential debates for the party's nominee health care was a key issue with some heated exchanges between the parties progressive and centrist candidates john hendren reports from detroit. in what purports to be the party of civility the contenders came out swinging you don't know the fact that all across the us i got what i wrote the day a bell. on issue number one publicly funded health care top polling
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elizabeth warren sought to put rival john delaney's struggling campaign on life support. but why do we got to be the party of taking something away oh where are the democrats we are not about trying to take away health care from anyone that's what the republicans are. saying the republican talking points the revolutionaries of the democratic party warren and bernie sanders dominated the debate clock again and again warren went on the offensive you know i don't understand why anybody goes to all the trouble of running for president of the united states just to talk about what we really can't do and should fight for. this round of debates could dramatically narrow the field of candidates for some the race is all but over 5 candidates failed to qualify for this round of debates and of the 20 who remain less than half are expected to qualify for round 3 and for
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some who failed to break through into. reports are likely already drying up the debates locale in the motor city was a reminder of the democrats' failure in 2016 their supposedly solidly democratic blue wall crumbled in their former strongholds of pennsylvania wisconsin and detroit's parent state michigan what are the candidates have to do they have to spend money here they have to wake up the populous get them how to vote with another debate to go on wednesday where front runner joe biden will stand directly between his 2 biggest critics harrison cory booker night 2 was expected to be at least as combative john hendren al jazeera detroit. live now to white house correspondent kimberly how in washington d.c. kimberly so let's talk 1st about last night's debate health care as we saw there from john's package emerged as the key issue that some heated exchanges among the candidates. yeah very heated it was really the 1st question of the debate
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and it set the tone 30 minutes being stream lee combative but it set the tone for about the hour and a half that followed and really showed the divide in the shift that exists in the democratic party right now and this is what's making it a challenge for many of the candidates whether it was health care whether it was border security the issue of race even the war in afghanistan there is a shift sharp divide when it comes to the party moderates and then the further left progressive candidates and so you saw this very heated exchange that really seemed to sort of underscore this divide within the party one that when it comes to health care that moderates say could cost the party the white house and $20.00 twentieth's so we expect that we will see another combative debate as round 2 takes place this evening but certainly there is expected to be some very strong always because many of the candidates know if they don't have these sort of viral sort of breakout
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heated exchanges they may not last beyond this rally as you say joe biden will be trying to fend off. cory booker in round 2 just talk us through what we can expect in tonight's debate. well what we can expect is for the former vice president joe biden to be particularly aggressive many felt that he had not been in the back cost him even dipping in the polls somewhat even though he still holds on to his front runner status it was a big night for camel heris in the last round of debates and certainly all eyes will be not just on biden and harris but also on cory booker as well we know that joe biden will be in the middle of the stage and he will be flanked by cory booker and pamela harris this will be a challenge for joe biden he's a white male he will have 2 african-american candidates side by side on either side of him who have hit hard particularly given the fact that when he was in the senate
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he really was called by cory booker the architect of a crime bill that left a disproportionate number of africa where can african-american men in jail many who remain there today so he will have to answer for that but he believes that he has a strong record not just when it comes to race but other issues particularly in the white house so we expect that not only will we see him being very strong but again we're going to see these other candidates struggling to try and continue beyond this evening in terms of remaining relevant on the national stage committee thank you. u.s. civil rights lawyers have gone back to court in an effort to stop the separation of migrant children from their families of the border with mexico the american civil liberties union says more than 900 children have been removed from that parent since last year despite a court ruling in 2018 of the practice should be stopped in jordan has more now from washington d.c. . they're american civil liberties union said that it decided to file this latest
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challenge in federal court because of information that it says the federal government presented to it starting late in 2018 basically that federal agents were once again separating children from their parents at the us mexico border perhaps for the most frivolous of reasons the a.c.l.u. said in a court complaint filed in california on tuesday that some of these reasons included a parent who did not want to awaken a sick child when she saw her diaper and then authorities taking his child away from him because they claimed he was a bad parent another person lost his child because he had been driving without a valid driver's license and yet other people were accused of being members of gangs even though in most cases they were not the a.c.l.u. said that the federal government is abusing what it says it has to have which is broad discretion to protect children in these circumstances and what the a.c.l.u.
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wants is an in court hearing with the judge that put in the original order stopping the forcible separation of families and it was the judge to spell out under exactly which circumstances the federal government can remove children from their parents a stance of for the children safety a roadside bomb explosion in western afghanistan has killed at least $35.00 passengers on a bus many of them women and children the blast happened between come to herat in sa province a government spokesman is being is blaming taliban fighters supplanting the device to talk of afghan and foreign security forces. now iran is warning it will further scale back its commitments to the nuclear deal unless europe does more to protect the agreement the foreign minister zarif once the remaining signatories to shield the run from u.s. sanctions and allow it to sell oil a tear on its already rolling back some commitments by breaking limits on the rich to radium agreed in the 2015 accord has more than tariffs. the foreign minister
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following the weekly cabinet meeting that was held in the capital this morning said that the e.u. signatories of the nuclear agreement are their actions are not proportionate to their expectations meaning that what they've been expecting from iran to do under this nuclear agreement iran has done but the european signatories have not upheld their on the deal and the iran officials believe that that is because the united states withdrew from this agreement last year and imposed a series of sanctions on their own banking and oil sector which has also affected the european countries that were supposed to invest in iran's economy that was one of the main points of this agreement that iran will freeze its nuclear activities to a certain extent and return it will get relief from a series of sanctions and investments will return to the country but none of that has happened then iran has decided. since may the president announce that every 60
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days iran will continue to scale back its commitment and the foreign minister today stress that that is indeed the plan they are going ahead with and the next phase which will be the 3rd phase of their scaling back their commitment will happen in early september the steps that they've taken so far are reversible immediately this is what the reigning president stressed and that is the feeling here that once the europeans really decide to stand up against the united states and their sanctions then the iranians are more than happy to go back to the terms of the 215 nuclear deal. israel's security cabinet has approved permits for the construction of 700 palestinian homes in the occupied west bank announcement comes ahead of a planned visit to israel this week you know why tells advisor john he's expected to push both sides to join talks at camp david in the lead up to israeli elections in september are a force that has the latest from western received. well just days after carrying out an extremely controversial series of demolitions of palestinian homes in
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occupied east jerusalem the israeli government is now sanctioning the construction of some $700.00 palestinian homes in the part of the occupied west bank which it controls known as area c. at the same time notably talking about the approvals of some $6000.00 units in illegal israeli settlements as well all of this coming at the same time as a tour of the region by president donald trump's son in law jarred and his chief envoy to the region jason green blatt they'll be visiting both jordan israel qatar saudi arabia and the united arab emirates at a time when the israeli press is reporting that the u.s. intends to host a summit at camp david the presidential retreat for arab leaders to brief them on the details or at least the broad outlines of the trump peace plan now according to our reporting president trump intends to talk about enhanced seeing palestinian autonomy but stopping well short of palestinian statehood and that is
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a message that his ambassador to israel david friedman has also been putting out an interview on c.n.n. he said that autonomy would only be enhanced or increased up to the point that it does not affect israeli security so stopping well short of a palestinian state the palestinians of course will be entirely opposed to that in fact there has been reaction from the p.a. foreign ministry saying that this is all it intended to achieve 3 things to increase netanyahu is chance's prime minister netanyahu has chances in the israeli elections coming up in september also to consolidate normalization between israel and other arab states before the resolution of the israeli palestinian conflict and thirdly to try to achieve peace with the exclusion of the palestinians something which of course the palestinians will resolutely oppose. turkey's defense minister says his country will set up a so-called safe zone in northern syria with or without the u.s. and nato allies will resume talks soon in an effort to reach an agreement but design a hotter reports of divisions between them run deep. more soldiers arrive at already
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heavily fortified positions the show of force coinciding with turkey repeatedly warning it might carry out a possible cross border operation its military wants a safe zone inside the y.p. g. controlled area in northeast syria it considers the syrian kurdish armed group a threat to its national security but it is also an ally of the united states which has warned turkey against taking any unilateral military action we know that there are officially $2500.00 u.s. soldiers and nearly $220.00 u.s. military facilities in the region so in case of a military operation there is a risk that too metalized not all military school to come face to face there has been a marked increase in u.s. army patrols close to the border with turkey in what seems to be a message to its nato ally they have deep disagreements despite months of
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discussions over the creation of the zone turkey does not just want to wipe e.g. to disarm and withdraw from the border area it wants control of the zone that's at least 30 kilometers deep and would stretch from the syrian town of gerard loss to the iraq border that would include why p.t. controlled cities and towns like co bonnie tell commission. as well as members. turkey says the u.s. needs to end its support to the y. p.g. which it considers an offshoot of the outlawed kurdistan workers' party or the p.k. k. it is also not satisfied with the buffer zone solutions proposed by the united states those proposals reportedly involve a zone with a depth of 10 kilometers that excludes the main population centers along the border . right e.g. supporters have held protests against a possible turkish takeover saying they'll only accept an internationally enforced zone in turkey and the syrian opposition say areas under y p g control are
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historically out of the proposed zone means millions of refugees can return to syria in turkey in the pendant. or russia so. as say guides me it is hard to make a prediction about. that. cooperation with russia has allowed turkey to clear the white b.g. from at least 2000 square kilometers along its border since 2016 but russia doesn't seem to want turkey to increase its influence in syria it says any safe still needs the consent of the authorities in damascus for now it is under u.s. control but if u.s. policy shifts how long that will remain the case is unclear jennifer their. attempt . for short break here not as iraq when we come back the u.s. and china resumed trade talks but at the shadowed by comments from president trump . it was supposed to be nicaragua's answer to the panama canal so why is it sunk
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without trace adkins board a difference of opinion between 2 baseball players to generate sometime us who will have the most details after the break more next fix. welcome to another look at the international forecast weather set fire across much of the middle east but there are some bits and pieces of tire rolling through justice mashal us up towards the caucasus healthy a little drive into the far south of pakistan shall was still in place here some showers there into northern parts of pakistan over the next couple of days they just drift again as the monsoon rains of course central areas of stan resettled in sunny $47.00 celsius in baghdad and also in kuwait city a pleasant 30 celsius in beirut a lovely sea breeze blowing in from the mediterranean front to try to across much
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of the right in place about us and clavicles of the saudi arabia yemen pushing across into amman in the cloud in amman could thicken up enough to produce a shower wrote say as we go on through friday settle in saudi here in doha once again temperatures at around $45.00 degrees celsius it just edging up a notch over the next couple of days largely settle in saudi across southern parts of africa but then visit a foot we've got thickening cloud just pushing its way into the mozambique channel by the time we come to friday we can see want to 2 spots of rain just pushing into that eastern side of my big drifting a little further north which could even see a little bit damp weather grassy pushing into southern parts of tanzania. america is divided like never before each side is so convinced that they're absolutely correct that the other side is dangerous people in power investigates
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how partisan politics all raiding the civil norm is vital to american democracy every indicator shows america to be the least well functioning democracy of any established. one of the strange death of american civilians on al-jazeera. the president's son donald trump jr was promised damaging information about the hillary. allegation like to see an investigation see the troops did the trump card . with russia did you at any time of the urge the former f.b.i. director james comey in any way shape or form a closer to back down the investigation into michael flynn and also as you will know. next question battlefield washington on al-jazeera.
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welcome back i'm out of the top stories here on the news our schools across the dam have been closed indefinitely after more student protests marching down for to demonstrate against the deaths of 6 people who took part in a march on monday. a 2nd death caused by a boehner has been confirmed in one of the democratic republic of congo's biggest cities goma it's just 2 weeks since the 1st case was found that officials say they're unrelated to the d.l.c. is facing the 2nd worst about the african history which has claimed the lives of 1700 people. and a south korean government has held an emergency meeting of the north launched 2 ballistic missiles observers say the short range weapons test could be aimed at increasing pressure on the u.s. for new denuclearization talks. donald trump is accusing china of waiting until the 2020 u.s.
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presidential election to strike a trade deal is threatening to be a lot firmer with beijing if he's reelected trade talks between the world's 2 biggest economies of resumed after stalling in may of a tire of when he has more now from shanghai. before this meeting there wasn't a lot of hope that we would see any significant outcome from that as it was the meeting on wednesday last the just a few hours it was. held in a fairly positive fashion according to reports some of that positivity may have been affected though before this latest round of negotiations took place because the us president donald trump took to twitter again saying that he felt that the chinese may want to drag these negotiations out beyond the next presidential election in the united states next year he said that after he wins reelection any deal that he offers the chinese at that stage may not be as good as the one he is offering now no chance of course that the chinese delegation would feel pressured
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by those sorts of comments coming from the united states but there has been a lot of negative response in chinese state media including a commentary on state television saying that some people in the united states should do the job of building up the foundation for talks instead of demolishing it so another round of negotiations on this trade dispute between china and the united states has come to an end and still no deal in sides or china's trade rule with the u.s. is up for discussion of a regional summit in thailand foreign misses from the r.c.n. group are in bangkok the u.s. secretary of state his russian and chinese counterparts have been invited all the talking points are expected to include territorial disputes in the south china sea and tensions on the korean peninsula scott hydra ports in the thai capital. as thailand hosts the foreign ministers of ossie and regional forums this week which due to be discussed won't just be about southeast asia one issue of particular
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focus the tension on the korean peninsula possible discussions on the next summit between chairman kim jong un and president donald trump could take place after 3 meetings the leaders have made no progress on moving toward an agreement over north korea's nuclear program. this after north korea last week tested what it said were new tactical guided weapons and released photos of a new submarine the meetings here in bangkok could be viewed as an opportunity for the 1st to trump him at summits were held in member nations singapore and vietnam so ossie on the can attempt to provide a kick to mean role for the talks being for the big players need to broker 3rd party media took some time to provide an environment a setting for for talks building in the past 6 party talks didn't go anywhere so perhaps if they can be persuaded that you know a 3rd party platform. would be the key catalysts the key
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confidence builder. long an issue for several of the osteo nations china's claim of territory in the south china sea but there has been a lack of consensus about what should be done within discussions with china on a territorial code of conduct are due this week. some feel that part of the problem is the rapid expansion of chinese influence and reach region wide through infrastructure investment and commercial and military deals and that's not just undermining the block critics say but also enabling china in its push for greater control over the south china sea it must be the collective position that has to tell me is that from a historic low from the international law from the reality pyne no view you have no . reasons no facts to support your claim to the whole of south china sea but the meetings won't all be about politics as a group aussie on has the 5th largest economy in the world so trade agreements and
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the trade war between the us and china will no doubt be discussed on the sidelines it's got to al-jazeera bangkok paramilitary groups in iraq and a few hours left to make a major decision that be breaking a new north that don't integrate with iraqi government forces and seize political activity the head of iraq's pop in the mobilization of forces says they'll comply but need more time to reorganize as natasha going to reports from the new law follows american concerns about enron's influence in iraq. these former fighters used to plot attacks on ice soul with an iranian backed group called a side i hadn't hack or league of the righteous now that more than 1500 men are soldiers in brigade 43 of the iraqi army el jazeera was given access to their training camp about 85 kilometers north of baghdad iraq is under enormous pressure by the united states to raid in dozens of paramilitary groups operating under the
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umbrella popular mobilization forces or. it was organized in 2014 to help defeat eisel the groups are primarily muslim and many were said to be funded by iran then. by july 31st iraq's prime minister idyll abdul mahdi has given all paramilitary groups and ultimatum operate as part of the iraqi military and seize political activity or surrender their weapons and join a political organization doing both will become a violation of the iraqi federal law it's unclear if and how the new law will be enforced obama and it had that the prime minister may be have to dress in a very specific group of loyalists to iran they believe they have no good you graphic bomb that is for that fight that means whatever to fix iran to fix them whatever to fix the shia on the rain lebanon you haven't fixed them this is the
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religious ideology of route to them that winds and this cannot be controlled by the prime minister. the pm a flag whips in the wind next to the iraqi one brigade commander ruf says their allegiance is to iraq's prime minister but the commander spoke repeatedly about resistance this was how he responded when asked about links to iran just seeing a. personally i thank all who helped iraq defeat eisel and liberated iraq us during the time we were fighting the american invaders i would like to thank all who participated to support the resistance foreign influence in iraq has expanded from the battlefield to the parliament during last year's parliamentary elections the 2nd largest number of seats was won by the alliance it's comprised primarily of members of the popular mobilisation forces with the current circumstances this new law is true intent is to try to placate the united states natasha going to aim
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al-jazeera balad iraq. know the nominees the latest stop for britain's prime minister on his tour of the united kingdom to discuss the brig's a crisis the so-called backstop on avoiding a hardboard of the republic of ireland is a red line issue for boris johnson he wants it scrapped but the e.u. has refused meaning the u.k. could leave the mansion agreement by the end of october when the team bob is live for us in belfast for more but even so was the time to talk present on this trip. while it was inevitable that they talked about bricks that boris johnson flippantly said but it might come up lots of people here are very very worried about the direction he's taking now boris johnson on his democratic unionist party alois have been stressing that he remains fully committed to the good friday agreement to be the peace that ended the peace process here in northern ireland 10 digit years of
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violence they are also saying though the very spot to stop what you were referring to must. go because it treats northern oil and separately from the rest of the united kingdom now the other parties that boris johnson was speaking to here at stormont very worried. in fact his approach could lead to britain leaving without a deal at the end of october and they're warning can all make damage that that could cause but more than that the main nationalist party here shouldn't feign a saying in those conditions that would necessitate a public vote on whether there should be a united ireland have a listen to their leader marilu mcdonald's. finally we have told him that any notion that he might crash this part of ireland out of the european union and cause the level of chap pretty and damage that passwords and tail and that people will simply take us on the chin not that he would expect that people would make
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a go along with us is deeply deeply deeply misguided and that that would be a very dangerous course of political action and the team to then make any progress on dissolve devolved government to talk. to be blunt we don't think so boris johnson said he do all he could to get the parties to reach a deal to get this devolved government back up and running there is a deadline of october the 21st to do so and if that doesn't happen the prospect of direct rule from london comes into play something which many people see as frightening that good friday agreement again the united states congress has actually said that if brics it does anything to threaten that good friday agreement they were brought to a future trade deal so it really does matter there are really tough issues that are dividing the parties here at stormont things like irish language rights and access
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to abortion but underlining that sinn fein are accusing boris johnson's relationship with the d u p he relies on them in the westminster parliament basically to keep his government going they're saying that that relationship poisons the waters in terms of trying to get a deal here in northern ireland of course the d u p disagree but at the moment no one is predicting a quick break through in the talks here let him thank you but meanwhile the ira central bank has issued its most alarming report yet on the implications of a no deal breakers that on the islands economy the republic's economy would be hammered with $34000.00 fewer jobs by the end of 2020 in the medium term there'd be more than $100000.00 fewer jobs and it would bring ireland's economic growth crashing from the fastest in the eurozone to one of the slowest and after managing a surplus for the 1st time in more than a decade arlen's government be forced back into deficit. now the
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$50000000000.00 plan to build a rival to the panama canal appears to have sunk it's 6 years since the president of nicaragua and a chinese billionaire announced work was starting the project should be well on the way to completion by now but as our correspondent john holmes has been finding out construction workers and nowhere to be seen. it was meant to be the culmination of a century of nicaraguan dreams the country's very own great canal linking the pacific and atlantic oceans when doing it by chinese billionaire handed a generous concession by the government in 2013 everyone is talking about it we found not a stone's been late and this point there was a big ceremony in or great the building of the can now but as you can see 6 years later there's nothing here but a dusty road. why has the canal failed to materialize the short story the
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billionaire lost most of his billions before work could get started but the ripples still being felt particularly in the form of a law passed especially for the project says any properties needed can be exported predated that law is still on the books. there are still other risk that thousands of campus senos could have their land expropriated and occupied by private interests that's why the citizens demand that the law be struck down. it's a permanent worry for custer lynn north and her family when the canal was 1st planned workers showed up to measure out their house when they protested things turned nasty. be almost broke our heads the national guard had as lying down on the motorway and if we lifted our heads they stomped on them they swore at us hit us with sticks they broke my brother's ribs. just a full state wide a state repression in the country when police ransacked and then occupied her
12:34 am
office monica lopez fled to costa rica custer lenore's family still fears they'll be targeted again and they will yet while this government is in power we are not safe everyone that big robbed them putting in jail is at risk and the government still budgeting for the canal authority it set up despite the lack of progress we went from office to office looking for the man who heads it money well coronel but couldn't find him or interview requests to the government also went unanswered. to all intents and purposes it seems this is now a ghost project but while it exists at least on paper it's still hanging over those who never wanted it in the 1st place john home and. let's not back to that report by island central bank about the impact of bragg's it on the irish economy glenda braden is a political analyst and columnist for the irish news he joins us live from dublin dagon the report outlines
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a pretty gloomy picture for the irish economy in the event of a hard break that saying it will go from the fastest growing economy to one of the slower so one of the key reasons for this briefly. all right we're. going to speak to them but we. move on because the international space station is getting a visit from a russian. mission from the baikonur cosmodrome. a food. in orbit.
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combining also in technology. to challenge soviet era methodologies. through thinking creative and performing. turning a generation of children. into the trailblazers of tomorrow. after school. part of the rebel education series.
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welcome back to his farm. we're just under a day away from the start of the 2019 ashes england will host australia in the 5 match series beginning in birmingham on thursday earlier both captains face the media with the ashes trophy this will be joe root in 2nd ashes series as in one skipper while tim payne is making his debut as an ashes captain payne says the world words of a former u.k. prime minister have been motivating his team in recent weeks. al gore's understand what's expected of them where role models you know not just for strident people but all around the world and. you know there's been a quite damning or interchange rim's this week from winston churchill actually
12:39 am
notes that behavior doesn't war so we can talk all we thought about how we're going to behave ultimately you god will see how we behave and you have to judge for yourself cricket in this country is probably at an all time high it's probably got interest it's not had for a long time and we've got an opportunity as a team to to make this some a very memorable one. and that's exciting you know to be involved in that to have that chance that carrot in front of us as a team. is really pleasing one and it's very motivation a great motivator sorry for the whole squad. and the ashes is one of the world's oldest sporting contests with 70 previous series stretching back over 130 years we've picked out 5 of what we think are some of its biggest moments it all started in $1882.00 with this joke obituary published in the times after a particularly painful last was straight it stated the body of english cricket would be cremated and the ashes returned to australia hence the ashes fast forward
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293233 the infamous bodyline series where australia almost cut off diplomatic relations with the u.k. in protest of what they felt were the unsportsmanlike tactics of the english team to 1981 now which began with all rounder in both of them being sacked as the england captain it ended with him a national hero after he almost singlehandedly helped england win the series by 2005 the ashes was now a global sporting event watched by fans from all over the world and they saw on andrew flintoff inspire england beats one of the greatest australian teams of all time and finally we have mitchell johnson the australian fast bowler was a figure of fun to english fans 4 years previously he came back in 2013 took 37 wickets and in the pro says ended the careers of several english batsman
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football's world governing body fi fan europe's top 4 domestic leagues are among those who have signed a joint statement demanding saudi arabia takes action against the illegal sports channel be out cute be a huge has been showing life football games despite not having the rights to do so the statement says we the rights holders a very small ball competitions collectively condemn and the strongest possible terms the ongoing theft of our intellectual property by the prior broadcaster known as hugh and co on the authorities in saudi arabia to support us in ending the widespread and flagrant breach is of our intellectual property rights taking place in the country. i am not in charge the words of tottenham coach. cino following his team's victory of around madrid in a preseason game in new nick watch chain know watched his side beat rail one nail in the alley and serena thanks to harry king goal however afterwards he seemed to
12:42 am
direct his frustration at the top in chairman daniel levy but the lack of control he was he has over transfers. i am not in charge i don't know nothing about the situation of. my players i am only go chin them today if i think i am the coach i think charged in that way that story as it is a bit of research. no no but that is not a question for me i got no answer maybe you you have some question that i got no answer you know that start a call to believe surely the money to must have some say in which players arrive and which players leave them i think is answer the question about 2 or 3 times now not a thing i think i will spew is not my. it is difficult but i think it's not in my hands it's not in my hands. of this man wasn't involved in the real tottenham match gareth bale did not travel
12:43 am
with around madrid squad comes a few days after a proposed new to china collapsed hell of a morale code is the nadine's dan insisted the absence was due to medical reasons no no no idea how to get in trouble with us because he didn't feel that well and i talked to the doctors and they said that the best thing is for him to stay in madrid he trains individually there in madrid so that's a decision that we made all together with the doctors with me and would get it as well. but there are 2 guided the u.s. aid to victory at this year's women's football world cup is stepping down from the role british born jill ellis is the 1st coach to win 2 women's world cup titles she's also been nominated for best women's coach by the game's governing body the 52 year old will officially step down after a 5 game victory tour over friendlies around the u.s. captures man you will not defend her 800 meter title at the world championships in doha in september after the olympic champion suffered a legal setback in her challenge to testosterone rules affecting female runners as
12:44 am
was temporarily allowed the south african to race while awaiting a court appeal only to reverse its decision on choose day the case is complex as are the rules the man yet is fighting against under new regulations brought in by the athletics governing body she and other athletes with differences in sexual development must take medication to reduce their home or in levels if not they'd have to change to longer distances or compete against men so many has said she would not take drugs and may she lost her case to have the rules overturned at the court of arbitration for sport the runner is still awaiting the outcome of her appeal but choose days decision means she can't defend or 800 meter title while she waits. and she baseball teams with the history of bad feelings live down to expectations cincinnati reds pitcher and mary garrett making the decision to take on the entire expert hired dugout reds manager david bell faces a suspension after he ran off to the field to join him despite having already been
12:45 am
ejected from the gate as a mystery and went on to end their long as the leading streak in 8 years with 11 to 4 picked. that is all your support for now more later aaron back to you foreign thank you very much indeed for that well lots of for me down jordan for this news out of the back in a moment with more of the day's news station but so much. demain the intersection of reality and comedy and post revolution tennesee a. mission to entertain educate and provoke debate through satire
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how weapon of choice. and internet look at what inspires one of tennessee is most popular comedians to make people laugh. miten asea hang on al-jazeera august and i just see it a unique story about a french syrian family who traded their peaceful lives in europe for revolution in syria marking 2 years since the start of myanmar's military campaign that schools hundreds of thousands of range of muslims into exile musicians shaking up stereotypes of africa a powerful new witness documentary from ghana another bid to preserve multi-lateralism within a group of the 7 most advanced economies will cohesion prevail over challenges for the g 7 faces drawing on a decade of al-jazeera documentaries rewind revisits the archive to find out how
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the story moved on august. the wilderness of cambodia is under threat. pillaged for profit by an illegal timber trade one of one east investigates the plunder of cambodia's forests. on al-jazeera. just off one of his main highways the median family collects as much water as possible from the mountain above. a nationwide blackout left millions without power over good old water supplies. but this water is no applaudable the health ministry is recommending people treat it with chlorine but with none available on the. hopes that boiling it 1st will make it safe for her family to drink. it says the increased consumption of untreated water in the last 3 weeks is making an already catastrophic situation worse than i want to know when all we don't have the precise
12:48 am
numbers yet but we know that in the public and private hospitals there's been an acute increase of cases of severe diarrhea that require hospitalization including children under 2 years of age which could be fatal local and international public health experts describe the crisis it's a complex humanitarian emergency where we were. out. at. our. schools in sudan not wanted to close indefinitely off to students protest against the killing of 6 march. on down jordan this is obviously our own lawyer from also coming up a 2nd from
12:49 am
a congolese border city brings new fears about the spread of the disease. boris johnson faces deep political divisions of a briggs on his 1st visit to belfast as you've heard prime minister plus. it all start the ball called you know so i got the day up though. tempers flare during round 2 of the debates between democratic party candidates for president. now schools across have been closed indefinitely after more student protests this is the opposition and the military joined are still trying to piece together a transitional government where the students are angry over the killing of at least 6 demonstrators in kordofan on monday during a rally over the price of bread and fuel but 2 weeks ago the opposition and the gentle signed a deal on power sharing but they're still working out the details and the military's been in charge since april when then president omar bashir was
12:50 am
overthrown in a coup well from here morgan in about anything. for this 3rd consecutive days student protests as took to the streets not just in the capital for some but various other cities condemning monday's violence in the city of in north georgia fun when a fellow student protests as came out due to lack of bread and hikes in transportation prices and were met by security forces who opened ready fire resulting in the deaths of at least 5 people 4 of them high school students protesters are demanding that there be justice and accountability for talks i was in between the plans of the military council and the opposition coalition known as the forces of freedom and change now those calls for justice and accountability were calls reiterated by the african union and went to sudan will say that those who are responsible for the killings and the violence on monday must be brought to trial the opposition coalition is used to resumed pops with the plans of the military council their technical committees are meeting to set the documents and to set the wording of the
12:51 am
documents of the final deal that will be signed by the opposition coalition either tomorrow or the day after but the protesters are demanding that any talks to form a pencil equal to it and the sudanese communist party one of the largest opposition parties which is part of the opposition coalition has said that it will not participate in such talks making it look like the opposition coalition is not as united as the protesters who they represent want it to be and there are concerns that this will further hinder and delay the formation of a transitional government now a 2nd person has died from a bone or one of the democratic republic of congo's biggest cities goma it's just 2 weeks since the 1st case was found there but officials say that i'm related 2000000 people live in a city on the border with rwanda that they are seen as facing the 2nd worst about an outbreak in history which has claimed the lives of 1700 people catherine so we have the latest from the kenyan capital nairobi. this man we've been told was
12:52 am
a resident of goma but was working in a mining area in it to a province this is another region that has been affected by the bowler and he started feeling sick days after coming back home to go and on tuesday afternoon health workers confirmed that indeed he had a boy and now he's dead so now health workers are tracing people who could have come in contact with we're told one of those individuals may have traveled to another region called south kivu province by boat and this complicates things even farther so people in goma very worried indeed more than and a 1000000 people live there and they're not just worried because of the 2 cases but also because this is quite a strategic city one of the largest cities in the r.c. it's also a get away to other countries it's right at the border with wonder and it's also very easy to access other parts of the country of the are safe from go my including
12:53 am
the capital city kinshasa with 12000000 people but then i've also been talking to a w.h.o. officials who are saying that they are trying to contain things that they had prepared for such an eventuality for months that go miles on high alert they have set up a hand washing points in different parts of the city the treatment centers are well you keep they have enough personnel as well so there is nothing to worry about but they also are warning people to keep vigil keep clean and make sure that there is no unnecessary contact with each other but as the situation is now a lot of fear people very concerned that this might spread. northern ireland is the latest stop for britain's prime minister on his nationwide tour to discuss the brig's that crisis the so-called backstop and avoiding a hard border with the republic of ireland is a major issue the bar is johnson so as preserving the good friday peace agreement i
12:54 am
expect breaks it may come up a little bit i don't rule that out and i think the crucial thing to stress is that i obviously attach huge importance to the letter the spirit of the of the belfast good friday agreement and it will be in insisting on that that in barber has more now from belfast. well prime minister johnson's only spending a few hours here at stormont and he said his aim is to try to help those policies get the devolved government here back up and running he says it's been far too long 2 and a half years which is not good for the people of northern ireland but he's given no idea as to how his input is actually going to help the process given that there are really tough issues which remain sticking points things like irish language rights abortion and he calls marriage he says that his government is strictly impartial in the process under the good friday agreement but the leading nationalist party here shin fein have questioned that saying that nobody believes his words on
12:55 am
impartiality they say he needs to stop money coddling the democratic unionist party on which are boris johnson's government rely for their majority in westminster the d.-u. piece of such a strictly against that backstop for northern ireland which has proved the main problem for the u.k. government passing their breakfast deal up till now most of the other parties strictly behind it they say that it's needed to for the prosperity of northern ireland and that cross border trade is not going to be easy for him on either issue then on power sharing and on breaks it he says that he is listening to the people of northern ireland many people here think that their prosperity and their economy is simply a secondary thought when it comes to boris johnson being open to the idea of a no deal breaks it and the leader of shin fein is warning boris johnson that if in her words boris johnson does the wrong thing by the people by the people on the
12:56 am
island of ireland that he does so with his eye eyes wide open she's saying that that will lead to a board a poll a vote on a united ireland. now an ideological divide among democrats in the us has been laid bad during the 2nd round of presidential debates for the party's nominee health care was a key issue with some heated exchanges between the parties progressive and centrist candidates john hendren imports from detroit. in what purports to be the party of civility the contenders came out swinging you don't know 2nd of all because you know when i wrote the day i. was on issue number one publicly funded health care top polling elizabeth warren sought to put rival john delaney's struggling campaign on life support. but why do we got to be the party of taking something
12:57 am
away all here where the democrats we are not about trying to take away health care from anyone that's what the republican right. wing republican talking points the revolutionaries of the democratic party warren and bernie sanders dominated the debate clock again and again warren went on the offensive you know i don't understand why anybody goes to all the trouble of running for president of the united states just to talk about what we really can't do and should fight for. this round of debates could dramatically narrow the field of candidates for some the race is over 5 candidates failed to qualify for this round of debates and of the 20 who remain less than half are expected to qualify for round 3 and for some who failed to breakthrough in detroit. are likely already drying up the debates locale in the motor city was a reminder of the democrats' failure in 2016 their supposedly solidly democratic
12:58 am
blue wall crumbled in their former strongholds of pennsylvania wisconsin and detroit's parent state michigan where the candidates have to do they have to spend money here they have to wake up the populace and get them out to vote with another debate to go on wednesday where front runner joe biden will stand directly between his 2 biggest critics harrison cory booker 92 was expected to be at least as combative john hendren al-jazeera detroit well for more than debate let's cross to our white house correspondent kimberly hocket in washington d.c. kimberly so let's talk briefly 1st about last night's debate because as we saw the health care emerged as a hot political issue and there were some heated exchanges among the candidates when it. yeah heated exchanges it really was combative for the 1st 30 minutes in the tone to sort of this confrontational nature extended for about 90 minutes in that debate what this underscores is what we're seeing in the broader democratic
12:59 am
party right now and that is a sharp divide between the more moderate factions within the party and then the further left more progressive wing and so we saw this not just on health care derren but we also saw it when it comes to border security the issue of race even the war in afghanistan so expect that this can bat of tone will continue to escalate we expect that we'll see it is round 2 takes place this evening this is really an issue where many of the parties say especially on the issue of health care that this is something that could cost the democrats the white house unless they start to have kind of a unifying voice but right now it does not appear that that is the case within the party particularly among these candidates kimberly under joe biden there with lines of thing. just talk us through what we can expect in some night's debate. yeah so this was in the last round come along harris really had a sort of
1:00 am
a standout moment that allowed her to see a bit of a bounce in the polls so joe biden see a bit of a dip in his front runner status so we expect that we're going to see a more aggressive joe biden a in the debates tonight as john hendren touched on in this piece there that we heard just a moment ago that joe biden will be flanked on the stage by senator cory booker as well as senator collins harris what was notable in all of this is that of course joe biden is a white male will be flanked by african-american competitors and the issue for him in all of that is defending a very controversial crime bill that joe biden when he was a senator was put in place cory booker calling him the architect of that really saw a disproportionate amount number of african-american men jailed and many who are still sitting in those jails today so he's going to have to answer for that as well as a number of other policies but in the midst of all of this there are still 7 other candidates on the.


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