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and it's lucia with al qaida to conspire against us in. opposition to 20 that. bahrain playing with fire on al jazeera. al-jazeera. ellen malcolm and you're watching the news hour live from doha it's good to have your company coming up in the next 60 minutes south korea says north korea has fired 2 ballistic missiles into the sea of the country's east coast this just days after a similar launch last week. sudan's military general orders all schools to be shut down end after deadly after crowds of students protest against the killings of
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5 pupils at a rally on monday. and setting the stage for a presidential race u.s. democratic candidates begin a 2nd round of debates we will be live in downtown detroit for that. and a call for investigation u.n. security council members demand an inquiry into the bombing of hospitals in syria's adlib province. south korea says north korea has launched 2 ballistic missiles off its east coast it's the 2nd such tests in a week now the missiles flew 250 kilometers into the japan see the south korean military joint chiefs of staff say they are monitoring the situation and case if additional launches and tests come at the united states struggles to reach a diplomatic agreement with north korea over its nuclear weapons program or we can get more on this from rob mcbride who's in seoul for us or rob what's been the
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reaction in south korea to these missile tests. that's right so the joint chiefs of staff here in south korea say that these 2 missiles are indeed similar to 2 missiles that were fired 6 days ago they traveled as you said there around 250 kilometers reaching an altitude of about 30 kilometers they are still analyzing the data from these launches the reaction has been fairly swift here we've heard from the japanese they said that the while the missiles didn't approach their territorial waters the japanese defense minister has said that this is deeply regrettable and that if this is discovered to be ballistic in nature they could well be in contravention of u.n. resolutions so there could be consequences to this having said that last week's launch was also thought to have been in contravention of u.n. resolutions and there doesn't as yet seem to have been a consequence for north korea it's almost as though the world has come to accept
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these launches now from south korea there's been a slightly mixed response the foreign minister has said that this is not conducive to easing tensions on the korean peninsula which is something of an understatement from the defense minister here in seoul there's been a slightly more robust response saying that if these threats and provocations as he calls them continue then north korea would have to be considered its regime and its military as an enemy which is fairly strong words fairly tough stuff from south korea coming of course after a year and a half of all of this diplomacy reconciliation and bridge building divya indeed so what kind of a message is thought korea trying to send with these missile tests. i think it shows north korea's frustration we saw that last week and then also a similar launch in may a just at the pace of negotiations we have these summits often very headline
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grabbing events such as the one that took place months ago on the d.m.z. between donald trump and kim jong un and then alone nothing seems then to take place we have been promised by the 2 leaders that they had given authorization for their 2 teams to start working level talks we don't have any sign of those talks starting yet and that's where things tend to get bogged down in the nitty gritty so this is frustration i think on north korea's part they want to get negotiations started and the clock is ticking for them they see in donald trump their best chance of winning some relief from these crippling sanctions they i think sense that the more hawkish figures in donald trump's ministration such as mike pump peo and so on maybe losing of some of their grip on the president and with donald trump being being possibly going his own way and deciding his own policy they see
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in him that they might win some sort of concession from sanctions if donald trump decides to do that so it is a reminder from north koreans and also a reminder of that their frustration and also their patience is wearing thin. thank you very much rob mcbride for us and sell out for more in this han park is the founding director of the center for the study of global issues he joins us live from augusta georgia on skype thank you very much for coming on the program and we have seen overtures unprecedented overtures from the united states most recently of donald trump for the 1st time crossing a u.s. president crossing into d.m.z. welcoming kim jong un why would north korea at this point in time risk of that relationship these missile tests. yet they were north koreans were substantive development not just symbolic gesture us on. day one to south
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korea and us stop their showing to military exercise in exchange for their various steps to or complete to nuclearization i think north koreans who were willing to give up their nuclear program but we have to reciprocate. with the sanction reduction with non-aggression a gram of agreement maybe peace treaty diplomatic normalization we have a lot of things that we can also but nothing has been offered to north korea and their missile as it's designed to demonstrate that they're willing to strike back if there are attack or preemptive strike if they're educated right as you have as our correspondents were saying there were low level talks scheduled they're still in the works why wouldn't north korea then in that case i
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mean this is as you said this is their best chance currently to try and get those some of those sanctions lifted why why would they risk this with washington and how difficult does this now make it for washington to continue their relationship with north korea or to even give them some space or leeway with regard to the sanctions . the days are untrusted and no no level productive effective noisy asian. the has of the state donald trump and kim jong un who greed at least in principle and change is fighting with their brief meeting in north korea border not too long ago but north korea once to have been implemented or nothing has been done since jan and american political situation is much more complicated nighter now donald trump would have
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the ability to negotiate with north korea. without the approval or all the u.s. senate for example the united states sees has since has created demonized to north korea to the east down there not going to new or ca with north korea so it's only has to situation prove dale's as wrong as the united states else large amount of new military conventional weapons to south korea north korea really feel that their security's threatened so again we've seen we've seen the u.s. base in washington. give f. or give north korea time and time again after all kinds of provocative actions and still reach out their hand and try to engage north korean denuclearization do you think the u.s. is patience is running out or is this just another bump in that road towards more
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engagement with north korea we have to put ourselves in north korea as the mind of mind a sad day think they're constantly being threatened because american troops stationed in south korea in japan in the. so dead part of the world. he said very everybody on the by the united states and north korea is very unhappy about that and threaten that in terms of security so we have to really sit down talk about mutual concessions we have to give something to them by way of reducing. sanctions and canceling the joint military exercise compromising on sales to south korea so these things would have to be coming together with north korea and concessions to would be
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a complete denuclearization thank you very much han park for shedding some light on the situation in north korea you well. well as state and north korean official is tell expected to attend this week's meeting in bangkok between the bloc of 10 southeast asian nations known as ozzie and scotland has this report. as thailand hosts the foreign ministers of aussie and regional forums this week what's due to be discussed won't just be about southeast asia in addition to the u.s. secretary of state the foreign ministers from china russia japan and south korea are expected one issue of particular focus the tension on the korean peninsula a senior official from pyongyang is expected in bangkok for the meetings possible discussions on the next summit between chairman kim jong un and president donald trump could take place after 3 meetings the leaders have made no progress on moving toward an agreement over north korea's nuclear program. this after north korea last
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week tested what it said were new tactical guided weapons and released photos of a new submarine the meetings here in bangkok could be viewed as an opportunity for the 1st to trump him at summits were held in member nations singapore and vietnam so ossie on the can attempt to provide a continuing role for the talks before the big players need to broker knew that the 3rd party media took some time to provide an environment of setting for for talks building in the past 6 party talks didn't go anywhere so perhaps if they can be persuaded that you know a 3rd party platform. would be a key catalyst the key confidence builder. long an issue for several of the aussie on nations china's claim of territory in the south china sea but there has been a lack of consensus about what should be done within discussions with china on a territorial code of conduct are due this week. some feel that part of the problem
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is the rapid expansion of chinese influence and reach region wide through infrastructure investment and commercial and military deals and that's not just undermining the block critics say but also enabling china in its push for greater control over the south china sea it must be the collective position of honesty in all of that to tell the tide means that from the historical from the international law from the reality pie no view you have no. reasons no facts to support your claim to the whole of south china sea but the meetings won't all be about politics as a group has the 5th largest economy in the world so trade agreements in the trade war between the u.s. and china will no doubt be discussed on the sidelines. ok let's get more on this from scott hytner who now joins us from bangkok scott going back to the issue of north korea being invited to these talks. isn't sending even
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a high level representatives and given these missile launches is there any hope for diplomacy chairing these meetings david yeah there's a lot of hope there but obviously you know if you don't have the foreign minister if you've got ministerial level discussions going on here over the next couple of days it's unclear just how forward how much forward those discussions can go we know that the ambassador from north korea to thailand will be attending some of these meetings you know the foreign minister usually comes to the regional foreign ministers meetings for the last 10 years the foreign minister from pyongyang has come down this is the 1st time in those 10 years they haven't met obviously with what's happened over the last couple of weeks you've got those missile launches last last week in the submarine that the new submarine being unveiled and then also with these projectiles launched today these missiles launched today on wednesday that elevates the importance the urgency of the talks that will take place but again north korea as we know now north korean foreign minister is not going to be
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attending caught highland bangkok for us at that meeting thank you. so other news now and sudan's ruling military has suspended schools across the country indefinitely the announcement comes after security forces fired live ammunition and tear gas at protesters during mass rallies they were protesting the killing of 5 students on monday the military leaders have condemned those killings but says it's not clear who's behind it about morgan is monitoring the situation from neighboring ethiopia. voicing anger thousands of demonstrators mostly high school and university students came out on tuesday in sudan's capital sort of zoom and other cities there protesting the deaths of fellow protesters in in north korea defense state on monday. when protesters came out decrying the lack of bread and honey in transportation prices i security forces opened fire in response killing several and injuring dozens others. don't have any blood for blood we will never
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accept anything but just as civilians we salute everyone in a robe a city for standing for the sake of the nation it is an epic moment in our country's history as of now the ago today i'll miss is to the military council is that it's time to go she oceans and i must stop killing our people the students in the streets this military council is nothing that remains of the old regime and they must step down thanks to this protesters were also met with tear gas and live ammunition with doctors reporting several injuries as a result the protesters are also demanding justice and accountability following an announcement from an investigation committee that the ruling military is not to blame for killing protesters on june 3rd when a month long pro-democracy sit in was attacked by the army the military council has been ruling sudan since ousting longtime president on monday bashir in april
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they've been in talks with the opposition coalition known as the forces of freedom in change to form a transitional government and initial agreement was signed. early this month but a final deal is yet to be rehearsed talks for that final deal have been repeatedly postponed over the past few days with uncertainty on when talks would resume some analysts say what happens next depends on the military council you know the box right now of the gate or the transitional military council it is their responsibility to inform the security forces therefore i think there is some trust and confidence on the part of the nation that in the event that these forces. are holding to their demands that they have the right to go out and what those people do want some form of reckoning. in terms of some of the abuse of them violence and that have been perpetrated by the former regime but at the same time i think you do need some kind of compromise to give this transitional process
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a trance but anger amongst the demonstrators is high as is the demand for justice as some demand a halt to negotiations and this protest has continued to be met with violence and certainty over sudan's future continues and if it can steer itself to a stable transitional period people morgan al jazeera i did. all the head of the ruling military gent as blame the opposition for the violence why don't you read about this protest has deviated from its course the group the called for the protests had exploited the students and other groups and attacked the market one of the banks and looted some of its property some people say they were people on top of the building of khartoum bank who started shooting others say security stationed in front of the bank of the ones who shot. we have plenty more still ahead this hour including i'll tell you how the u.s. administration defies a court order against separating migrant children from their parents. and caster
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semenya will miss the world athletics championships we'll tell you why later in our sports roundup. so u.s. democratic presidential candidates get their 2nd chance to show why they should be given the nomination to run against donald trump in the 2020 election the 2nd televised debates are underway in detroit and john hendren joins us now live from there so john set the scene for us there and tell us what's been happening. well it has been chew hours of rock is debating the democrats consider themselves the party of civility but they came out swinging at least several of the candidates did at $1.00 of the candidates jim ryan a representative said to bernie sanders you don't know that you can get all of that done referring to health care for all of
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public health program and sanders wrote i do said i do know i wrote the damned bill and then time and time again elizabeth warren senator who was really one of the most aggressive aggressive up there along with sanders struck and struck hard at her opponents at one point john delaney a former maryland congressman said over health care when she proposed medicare for all that is health care a public health care program for the elderly she wants to extend it to everybody he said he said we don't want to take away people's health insurance why do we have to be the party of taking things away she said we're the democrats we're not taking any health care away from anyone why are you using republican talking points and at another point she said to john delaney i don't know why someone would go through all the trouble of running for president just to tell us what we cannot do and
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cannot fight for and there's a reason that this was a more raucous debate than the 1st one that's because they're now winnowing down the candidates there are 20 now over 2 nights and the party would like to winnow those those candidates down also the 3rd round of debates in september have much stricter rules it is expected that fewer than half of the 20 candidates who made this debate will be in it it does look like the progressives dominated the talk time but there were also impassioned moments from moderates like people who judge the south bend indiana mayor who said elect me and you won't be able to have a. veteran stand alongside donald trump and ask him to explain why he did not serve in vietnam so iraq is debate it'll be determined over the coming days who won and who remains funded after this happens and sit on to explain to us how important this particular debates are the 2nd round they'll be it will be broadcast to
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millions of viewers and what is it that the viewers are looking for from these candidates. will viewers tell us we talked to several on the street here in detroit today and they tell us that what they're looking for is not really to see a lot of verbal fisticuffs they want answers to their problems a lot of people are doing fairly well in this country but there is increasingly a feeling that those at the top are doing far better than those at the bottom in particularly in a place like detroit a city that just a few years ago was under bankruptcy and that particular fact smarts for democrats because they lost the state of michigan along with other states that had been a long term democratic strongholds no republican presidential candidate had won here in michigan since 1988 and that shows that they really the democrats really fell down on the job of selling themselves and that people gave up they voted for donald trump instead so what they're trying to do was redeem their failure last
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time around john hendren keeping tabs on that democratic debate taking place in detroit for us thank you well u.s. president donald trump has issued a warning to china don't wait to do a trade deal as it may backfire trade talks between the world's 2 biggest economies have resumed after they stalled in may it over tariffs trump has said he believes china is trying to wait until after the 2020 u.s. presidential election to make a deal. well anna tweets the president said if and when he wins that election any deal will be much tougher than what's currently being negotiated if there is a deal at all we can now go to wayne hey who is live for us and assange hi so wayne what are the chances of anything significant coming out of this meeting. i think the mere fact that these talks are taking place that they are meeting face
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to face these 2 delegations from china and the united states for the 1st time since the negotiations broke down in may is being seen as a positive we are seeing this process restarting if you like it is tempered with an expectation that there will be very little if anything to come out of this meeting between these 2 sides in the form of concrete details about progress made towards a deal as you mentioned donald trump has repeated this line that he believes the chinese will push the south or at least will want to push it out beyond that next presidential election in the united states trying to put pressure on them to accept a deal sooner rather than later again that something he has said before it's unlikely of course of the chinese will take much notice of that all be influenced by it but there is a sense the chinese are quite happy in fact to take their time over this partly because some of the things that the americans are asking for very complicated and
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very difficult for beijing to deliver on if they can be delivered on it all right says he said you know it seems to be stop start stop start one step forward one step back what seems to be the main sticking points in these negotiations. it was interesting that when the negotiations broke down in may we heard from the u.s. side saying that they believed that they were about 90 percent of the way there to ending this trade war that's been going on for more than a year of course again that's coming from the u.s. side mainly that's mainly where we get this information from it's very difficult to get detailed updates from the chinese side as to how far our how well these negotiations are going and exactly what the stumbling blocks are but it does seem what the chinese want in the 1st instance is all those tariffs that have been placed on the good since this trade war began more than a year ago to come off that is the 1st step and then they can start talking about some of the other details in these negotiations as far as the u.s.
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side goes well i mentioned that some of the things they're asking for very complicated it seems that what the americans want go way beyond a normal trade deal in goods and services they want broader structural reforms in china's economy in the industrial sic good things that the chinese have certainly embarked on over the past couple of years but to go further along that process again is very complicated it's going to take a very long time even if this trade delegation meeting here in shanghai wants to deliver on those things they have to go all the way to the top in beijing so again it's going to take a very long time so there is a sense of the chinese are settling in for a long fight here when hey on those u.s. china trade talks thank you the u.n. humanitarian chief has pleaded with world leaders to end what he calls a bloody onslaught in syria's province mark lukaku warns that the continued violence may create the worst humanitarian disaster of the 21st century our
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diplomatic editor james bass has more. carraige this the 7th meeting of the security council since the intensification of the bombing of a glib started in april and still division among council members and growing frustration the continued failure of the un security council to end impunity for these crimes is a blight on the credibility of this body to carry out its core mandate the u.n. soon monetary and coordinator. addressed council members directly you in the security council have ignored all the previous pleas you have heard. you know what is happening and you have done nothing for 90 days as the carnage continues in front of your eyes immediately after the meeting though 2 thirds of the security council said they believed it was mr locals boss the u.n.
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secretary general antonio good terrorists who should take action 10 ambassadors stage what's known as a demarche a diplomatic petition delivered in person they said they believe the u.n. chief had the power to set up an inquiry into who was bombing the hospitals in italy and you put the ball in the course of the security council but 10 members of that security council of now being to see the secretary general you were there at the meeting saying actually it's you that should take action you should set up an inquiry into these bombings are you now going to set up such an inquiry well yes members of the council have been to see the secretary general earlier today and raised issues with him in the secretary's thinking about the request that was made and he will into course decide how best to address the request and hannah and empty ordinary syrians are angry at what they see as passing the buck a doctor who ran a hospital in aleppo is now featured in
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a documentary about the war he's been in new york to express his outrage that the crimes he witnessed 3 years ago and now being repeated he has this message for the international community i think it is the last chance for them to do the right thing to stand with the people like in this situation that it's not like the bad guys and the good guys and who do we stand with just like there are children mothers. people are dying. this is the satellite imagery of one syrian town and what's happened to it in recent months but it's far from clear whether there's a way to stop yet further destruction and loss of life james out his era at the united nations. i had an al-jazeera the u.k. prime minister's threats of a no deal break that sent the pound tumbling to its lows value in more than 2 years . i'm natasha butler in normandy where the demolition of this dam has sparked
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a battle between 2 opposing environmental visions. and with just days to go the venue for the 1st act as cricket tests gets a soaking will have those details in sport. another very active weather picture across much of southern and central china you can see the cloud to the south really beginning to push towards the coast and particular guangdong as the next couple of days hong kong is in for a very wet couple of days and it's really because of this now this is a tropical formation which may or may not develop into a tropical storm but either way it is bring you with this interventional amounts of rain and it really will push all the way into this south west arians so strong gusty winds. and also some very heavy amounts of rain 30 celsius in hong kong with
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that heavy rain and even some cloud up into shanghai that should be dry with a high of 35 degrees celsius and those same rains extending really quite a long way southward so much of thailand vietnam and cambodia will see the cab and also the rain come with it but it does stay further dry farther to the south as you can see we've got messy case guys for the next couple of days into a city such as kuala lumpur and single pole $31.00 celsius is the high in singapore the very heavy rains there now across the central areas of india as you can see that's where the most of the satellite has been showing the cloud in the last few hours very heavy amounts of rain particularly down the west coast among by even for a very wet couple of days some torrential downpours at times keep in the top of those temperatures with the high the the 29. the weather sponsored by catalona. every week brings a series of breaking stories this maximum jail term has jumped from 5 years to
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175 years during the listening post as we turned the cameras on the media donald trump shouldn't be the one deciding who is a journalist and who isn't and focus on how they were caught on the stories that matter the most they will cause a recall search of a tire shut down both international and domestic news coverage on al-jazeera. demain the intersection of reality and comedy and post revolution tennesee a. mission to entertain educate and provoke debate through satire how weapon of choice theater. and intimate look at what inspires one of china's year's most popular comedians to make people laugh. my tune is you hang on al-jazeera.
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hello again you're watching our desire and here sara mind of our main stories this hour south korea says north korea has fired missiles of its east coast and missiles flew 250 kilometers into the japan see the south korean military joint chiefs of staff says they are monitoring the situation in case of additional launches. sudan's military council says it has suspended schools across the country until further notice they are not been comes up to security forces fired live ammunition and tear gas at protesters. mass rallies are being held against monday's killing of 5 students. and the u.s. democratic presidential candidates are taking part in a heated 2nd televised debate gun control and dominated the early parts of this
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debate and for more on this we're joined by michael fauntroy is the sez he a professor of political science at howard university good to get you on the program thank you very much for joining us from what we've seen so far the big they seem to have been these candidates have been debating for more than an hour now who do you think looks like they're coming out the strongest well i think there are a few people who stood out for me a little bit that i didn't expect. didn't have really high expectations from i thought that john delaney former congressman from maryland talking about taxation particularly has a potential to. what i would consider to be unfair tax system we have spoken eloquently on also thought that. steve bullard from montana the governor of distinguished himself elizabeth warren was great on student
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loans and you know this was this is possibly a good debate from our perspective because a number of candidates have ideas put things on the table that i thought were pretty interesting to me from ohio for example a point also start out i had a moment to i had some time to watch a little bit ensuring that simon was early earlier in the hour racial issues seem to be a hot button topic how important is that given the rhetoric we've been hearing from president and how important is that to the democratic base the people they're trying to appeal to. right so this is a very important time for any democratic candidate in my view you can't be a serious candidate for president and not have something responsible or or or well thought out on issues of race and racism in america is a very perilous time for us right now in my view the president out of status is has
5:35 am
embraced racism quite frankly and so the democrats have to speak out on it i was surprised they spent as much time on reparations as they did i thought there was a really good discussion and i think understanding in this is we're better or roca thought out a good moment understanding and acknowledging the history that the original sin in american slavery still has to this day centuries on i think was something that was well known well noted and well needed but this is same seen as a prime time pitch millions fewer so they're listening and watching closely what do you think they're looking for they're looking for strong policies from these candidates or someone who can square up with president donald trump. well all of the polling shows at least at this point the democrats want somebody who is electable so that's the 1st thing i think people are looking for but i really think
5:36 am
is important for your viewers to know we're still very early in the process and a number there are people on the stage today or likely going to be out of the race in 2 months because things pick up through the rest of the summer you know candidates begin to distinguish themselves in terms of fund raising the kinds of things that are necessary to go forward so i think we're talking about electability 1st and foremost and then at that point it's really about is anybody coming to the table with new ideas that really resonate and shake the tree if you will democratic voters and also forcefully responding to president trump who again has chosen to base his reelection in and large measure on an old view of america that is really much rooted in racism xenophobia and massaging rights and who is it that these candidates are trying this attention are they trying to get are they people that are already part of the democratic base or is there
5:37 am
a chance they can actually would those republicans who have been sitting on the fence. well at this point it's really is really about trying to solidify democratic voters you know if you if you run what i think could be called a general election strategy and focus on that before you secure the nomination i think you're going to have problems but at this point it's about securing the democratic base and then later once the nomination is sewn up for whomever it is that's running and presumably they're running low because i think the vice presidential running mate is going to come out of the group there today or tomorrow they don't think you can begin to get at some of those never trumper voters those republicans who oppose the president that's very fertile territory because there are a number of republicans out there who are sort of headed with the president but don't really have an alternative at this point to go to michael fauntroy from howard
5:38 am
university good to get your insight and analysis thank you while the us president donald trump has brushed off accusations of racism as he doubles down on his criticism a prominent black and minority leaders black state politicians boycotted an event the president attended over what they called racist rhetoric the event marked 400 years of u.s. democracy and trump accused those who stayed a way of acting against their own people trump's been involved in a series of online attacks against foreign on why progressive congresswoman a black politician who represents baltimore and a prominent civil rights activist i am. very sick there is anywhere in the world when you i don't know me you know i'm a girl might be right there with about what you are but i got along with. the race. will be.
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a good american. president today who are today. and stay in the u.s. civil rights lawyer say that more than $900.00 migrant children have been separated from their families at the border since last year the american civil liberties union found that nearly one out of every 5 children taken away from their parents is under the age of 5 and 2018 a judge ordered that the practice of splitting families must be halted also in jordan has more on this from washington d.c. there merican civil liberties union said that it decided to file this latest challenge in federal court because of information that it says the federal government presented to it starting late in 2018 basically that federal agents were once again separating children from their parents at the us mexico border perhaps for the most frivolous of reasons they c.l.u. said in a court complaint filed in california on tuesday that some of these reasons included
5:40 am
a parent who did not want to awaken a sick child when she saw her diaper and then authorities taking his child away from him because they claimed he was a bad parent another person lost his child because he had been driving without a valid driver's license and yet other people were accused of being members of gangs even though in most cases they were not the a.c.l.u. said that the federal government is abusing what it says it has to have which is broad discretion to protect children in these circumstances and what the a.c.l.u. wants is an in court hearing with the judge that put in the original order stopping the forcible separation of families and it was the judge to spell out under exactly which circumstances the federal government can remove children from their parents a stance of for the children safety. the british prime minister says the must
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compromise in order to prevent a new deal breaks it on october 31st johnson made those comments during a trip to wales where he pledged continued support for farmers in the event of no deal farmers face tariffs and the mass slaughter of livestock for all for reasons if the u.k. consequent deal. meanwhile the british pound has fallen to its lowest level against the us dollar and more than 2 years it's also dropped to a 7 month low against the euro the currency has been falling since boris johnson became prime minister last week and economists warn it could weaken further as the likelihood of a new deal breaks it increases donahoe has been following those developments from london. to an extent i think the u.k. will have grown used to a fluctuating pound in the 3 years and a bit since the break that referendum in 2016 ebbing and flowing with the fortunes of brakes at the concern from a currency point of view now will be how far the pound may yet have to fall and how
5:42 am
quickly with some analysts suggesting it could go to parity with the euro even conceivably parity with the dollar in the run up to this october 31st deadline and the hard breaks it no deal rhetoric of new prime minister boris johnson who has set the bar for a new deal with the e.u. so high he wants the northern ireland back stop removed altogether that the e.u. is unlikely to concede and boris johnson says well if they don't change their minds it will be a no deal brags it is in wales talking to welsh farmers he's been warned of civil unrest among welsh farmers who face large tariffs being slapped on their land exports in the event of no deal will serve re which way boris johnson looks there are the potential negative consequences of no deal that hasn't done anything to change his very positive optimistic rhetoric on no deal or from ramming home the central message as he did in wales saying the ball is in the e.u.
5:43 am
use court if they don't concede no deal will be britain's. and answer from the e.u. came from earlier varadkar the irish t. shock in a scratchy apparently phone call saying the e.u. is a unified in its position that they will be no renegotiation of to resume a's withdrawal agreement no removal of the backstop. the mother of an alleged eisel members challenging the u.k.'s decision to share information with the u.s. without guaranteeing that her son wouldn't face the death penalty hearings have begun in the case of shaikh who is being held in a kurdish camp in syria but could face trial in the u.s. his mother says the u.k. home secretary should have been sure that the information was only used in line with britain's loss which for big capital punishment russian opposition leader alexina vonnie will have to serve out his full prison sentence after an early release appeal was rejected the lawyers asked for him to be let out on health
5:44 am
grounds often of all he was rushed to hospital on sunday with a facial rusts and swelling is lawyers argued prison was unsafe as the volley believes he was poisoned while inside is serving a 30 day sentence for organizing illegal protests against the banning of opposition politicians from local elections on the 2nd wave of flooding has hit siberia's cooks region where 25 people have been killed 7 are still missing 20 towns and villages were affected for cyclon struck the region late last month leaving thousands homeless. that this evolution of a dam in northern france is devising environmentalists some hope the river life will be revived and as a butler reports from normandy others wanted to be restored to produce hydroelectricity. enormities lush countryside the verizon dam spans the
5:45 am
cellular river built nearly a century ago to create hydroelectric power it was long considered a feat of engineering but in recent years the dams capacity to provide energy has diminished so the french government ordered its demolition to allow the valley to return to its natural state he'll play ray who's overseeing the project says the dismantling the 35 metre high structure is a huge challenge. him all for us to drain the water we had to destroy this building because it was in the way we made holes at the bottom of the down to prevent flooding then we started working on dismantling these pillars of the was the saloon river flows into the picturesque bay of the world famous small semi shell site some environmentalists say that fish including salmon and eels will return to the river for the 1st time in decades once the dam and a smaller one nearby are removed you see the xin back on the environment of these 2 dams on the river was i and getting rid of them allows biodiversity to return to
5:46 am
dams were expensive to maintain it produced many more electricity and they were out of step with european regulations not everyone believes that destroying the pheasant dam is a good idea people have told us in this area that for them it's possible landscape is part of their history and they worry that removing this barrier will lead to a greater risk of flooding in the future the banks of the saloon are dotted with charming stone cottages the mayor of this local village campaigned for a decade for the dam to be saved he says restoring it would be more ecological than destroying it. dams are part of a network of possible sustainable energy sources that we should be maintaining and developing it makes no sense to deprive ourselves of that when you ability that these dams have always provided even the quantities of small this expert. the removing the dam is controversial but people living in the area will benefit all but with the. people will rediscover. the decades local people will have to get
5:47 am
used to it but they will be able to enjoy the beauty of. it is the biggest dam to be demolished in the european union to date it's part of why do european legislation to restore the bloke's river and by. its removal highlights the challenges of environmental policy and raise a chapter of history it will restore a link to the past. al-jazeera. and so ahead the sports football and. former head of the new english premier league season.
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hello again the environmentalist in indonesia are accusing the state energy company of negligence after an oil spill off west java they say the leaks affecting not only marine life in towards them but also people's health alexia brian explains. her diet is worried about her daughter so she's brought her to a clinic run by the state energy company for a check up. she started coughing and has responded to problems because of the smell of this oil she has been coughing for 2 days now they village is right on the water and carolan on waste java water that's now tank with oil seeping from an offshore drill size the black slabs now stretches more than icy
5:50 am
kilometers up this coastline affecting 11 villages in her we understand the impact to the environment that's why we're working to clean it up as much as possible we also care about the health of the people around it we have 5 teams working in 5 villages we've checked the health of 500 people today. environmentalists say the state energy company person maina isn't doing enough and that people living here are being kept in the dock about the spill's potential long term impacts especially the fisherman who rely on the ocean for their livelihoods. allow it i can go fishing even if i want to i wouldn't catch anything i would only get about $1.00 to $2.00 kilos well usually i get $5.00 to $6.00 kilos for what not even the cost of enough guess elaine for the part something. have joined the cleanup effort. scraping up the oil. with whatever tools they can muster.
5:51 am
the oil getting bigger. but there's going to be more tomorrow it doesn't and it's really disturbing to disturbed we can't go fishing in the sea. the spill began almost 3 weeks ago and says it could be the end of september before the leak is plugged at least one environmental group is threatening to take the company to court accusing it of negligence allegations denies. the contaminated beaches. say they'll be back tomorrow and the day after until the oil. al-jazeera. hears peter. thank you very much caster semenya will not be allowed to defend her 800 meters title of the world championships in doha in september that's after the double olympic champion suffered a legal setback in a challenge to to stop steroid rules affecting female runners a swiss tribunal had temporarily allowed the south african to race while awaiting
5:52 am
a court appeal only to reverse its decision on tuesday the case is complex as are the rules semenya is fighting against under new regulations brought in by the athletics governing body the i.w. if she and other athletes with differences in sexual development must take medications to reduce the hormone levels if not they have to change to longer distances or compete against men so many or has previously said she would not take drugs but in may she lost her case to have the rules overturned at the court of arbitration for sport the runner is still awaiting the outcome of her appeal against that cad's ruling but tuesday's decision means she cannot defend her 800 meter titles while she waits. so many as a lawyer says they'll continue to pursue her appeal a race is always decided at the finish line she added in a statement semenya said i am very disappointed to be kept from defending my hard earned title but this will not deter me from continuing my fight for the human
5:53 am
rights of all of the female athletes concerned the u.s. olympic committee and the f.b.i. fundamentally failed to protect young female gymnasts from sexual abuse that's the findings of a report released by congress an 18 month investigation into the scandal involving teen dr larry nassau also found the organizations had opportunities to stop him but didn't respond to complaints the report is how nasa was able to abuse more than 300 athletes over 2 decades including some who became a limbic champion gymnasts nasa's serving a prison sentence of up to 175 years after pleading guilty to see. sexually abusing teen children police say the rape case against the brazil and para center man strike and name are has been dropped because of a lack of evidence last month the 26 year old brazilian woman claimed the player had raped her at a paris hotel in may may more has denied the allegations on monday he trained with
5:54 am
parasangs a man in china on the club's pre-season tour is recovering from the ankle injury that kept him out of brazil's victorious copper america campaign. now you may have thought the champions league only kicks off in september that's not entirely true the group stage will start then but european clubs are competing in a preliminary qualification round at the moment switzerland if see basel in action here against p.s.v. eindhoven of the netherlands the dutch trouble for european champions but they have already been eliminated from this year's competition losing 21 and going out and away goals plenty of pre-season warm ups happening to german champions by an munich showed they'd lost none of their fire during the off season as they took on finn the batu thomas miller scored a hat trick as brian thrashed a turkish opponent $61.00 a few years ago this could easily have been a champions league encounter but this year felt about to finish 6th in the domestic league and failed to qualify for the continent's top competition.
5:55 am
by and will now face top them hot in the final of the audi cup tournament on wednesday spurs got a confidence boosting when the head of the new english premier league season harry kane taking advantage of a marcello mistake to beat real madrid won no. one as you may have guessed there was no gareth bale for real madrid he's moved to the chinese super league collapsed earlier this week but coach sitting in the den says bales absence here was not related. no no not just. didn't travel with us because he didn't feel that well and i talked to the doctors and they said that the best thing is for him to stay in madrid he trains individually again madrid so that's a decision that we made all together with the doctors with me i would get it as well u.s. women's team head coach jill ellis has announced she is stepping down ellis is the only coach to have won 2 world cups after leading the u.s. to victory in this year's tournament as well as 4 years ago other achievements
5:56 am
include coaching the most games in u.s. women's national team history winning 102 of those along the way she was also named fee for world coach of the year in 2015 and this will officially step down in october. one of cricket's oldest and most brutal rivalries resumes on thursday as indian host astray here in the 1st ashes test in birmingham there it is if the great british summer weather doesn't ruin things these are the scenes earlier at age weston as ground staff battled heavy rain ahead of their opening taste forecasters are optimistic that there's some dry and sunny weather coming for the 5 day match the bad weather drove players indoors on tuesday one of those who could be ready to make his test debut at age best in his job for archer the bowler who took 20 wickets during england's winning a world cup campaign well he's been back in practice despite a side strain in that's kept injuries and vice captain ben stokes have also been training with the rest of the squad. and the australians who are current holders of
5:57 am
the ashes are in and beaten england for no last time out well with the ball tampering 3 back in the side of the serving their suspensions steve smith david hall and cameron bancroft and their coach also expecting a tough reception. no our know what the reception is going to have a i think we all do it but. it is what it is honestly it is really there's nothing we can do about that and. it is 100 percent out of their control i said they control there's nothing we can do about it and that's like i. buy into lots of ashes every ashes series the signing an assignment i come to australia it's really tough. and that's again that's just the environment we're in and you've got to kite down you got to johannesburg. slightly in the cloudy eyed and maybe i will have some more support for you again later see them. that said. for me here for this news hour mit but you can reminder you can always find more on our website the
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address for that is out there dot prompt don't go waste come outside tomorrow all be right here with more news. the latest news as it breaks it is long campaign to get what it calls attempts to undermine the state of israel from within. with detailed coverage called power being replaced by you cool friendly plants all over the world environmentalist's here the pulse of what's been said. from around the world there's doubters just as visible above ground than on the surface and underneath. america is divided like never before each side is so convinced that they're absolutely correct that the other side is dangerous people in power investigates how partisan politics on eroding the civil norms are vital to american democracy
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every indicator shows america to be the least well functioning democracy of any establish democracy. one of the strange death of american civility on al-jazeera. when the news breaks. when people need to be heard and the story needs to be told pretty remarkable too to about a real died last weekend crossing from mexico to the united states with exclusive interviews and in-depth reports we can live according to the mission and the life to which section of al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring you more allured winning documentaries and live news. a conflict that is now considered to be the world's worst humanitarian crisis how many did not all have to die like this coral stock has harnesses on or really for sale and investigation into how billions of euros are made from supplying arms to saudi arabia
6:00 am
a leader of the coalition fighting a war in the south the case is interesting to watch as the amount of money involved yemen war profiteers on al-jazeera. south korea says north korea has fired 2 ballistic missiles of the country's east coast just days after a similar launch last week. element of everyone on come out santa maria with the world news from al-jazeera sudan's military orders all schools to be shut down indefinitely after crowds of student protests against the killing of 5 people at a rally on monday also setting the stage for a presidential race u.s. democratic candidates have their.


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