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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 29, 2019 10:00am-10:34am +03

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the look at. the level of the cup the allegation. being it would. be me and what. if there was an end of the interview with alger luckly raised the question as to whether the perennial thora to deliberately demonize the opposition and demonstrators by promoting the idea that the confrontation was with so-called terrorists groups planning to overthrow the government i would note that the government. made it clear to us that they had evidence. of attempts by iran and hezbollah to to finance train and supply. small groups inside bahrain for the purposes of let's call it what it is terrorism the fact is that the behind any government has used this same claim for the last 20
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years. the confrontation in bahrain has never been a religious one i'm lart in saudi arabia or in other countries. it's always been the majority wanted the right to participate in the political process in fair and free elections so thought about any other color in the model behind the f.b.i. the i.c.r.c. while i'm really at a lot of wanted it on the top be at a. very well out of food that is behaving well how could that i'd have it but other than wot of the bill fell who are more trouble to be iran more trouble to be in the iranian luck in the law you my friend had. been moved just 2nd model behind me there were sat on a team on. the wheel. and how dark the theory behind.
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it had. been across a dam and b i could but it had to be watching. what i did. where huma will do in work or not and. let's see a moment to learn how to sort of a lot of imagine you're happy you know how about our early. when you must have an adult that they do well and helpful as i'm out to do well and most of the head with a limb a solid. an ear let in fact a fashion out of why jite i've had. that had the mojave. hobby. if they have what had come. marcus and. we had a civil. about that but.
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i want. more of the shame. of the. market. shut up. about a bunch of them from another. hard. look at the litany mashallah but any what. they died of was music. that let the world. in a bunch of them. for months after the february march protests mohammed is thought to have recorded his personal testimony in july 20th level about what happened between him and the
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security forces several years before. however it's worth noting that after the arabic version of this program was broadcast on the 14th of july 29th teen. appeared on bahraini t.v. claiming that what it said in the video testimony was partly on the truman. balcony. or the sphere in the. mob or. first became known in august 2003 when he was arrested by the saudi authorities on the king fahd causeway which links bahrain to saudi arabia he was accused of involvement in explosions in riyadh earlier that year bahraini opposition m.p.'s and human rights organizations started a campaign for solace release and that of another bahraini citizen direct about.
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the man who. made any film behind fact. i don't. know when i got to. hell and to my then 3. and a homicide and so the. we. are the. very the. roger. that. hit the. one account. been a bad idea here the other from. the
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. mohamed salah was released in saudi arabia a few months later but only now has his personal story begun to emerge publicly. he picked him up. at the home literally any. month. or race of the flow or any. of that is around and then one of my movie already. confessed wanted. a man. of all the. whole.
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humanity. but no one of my life. or member that's enough. with the flood meant something to hide and a majority of their own stuff around them off on a horse shit. any hennessy a bus doesn't know. anything. forgive the guy that had 94 crime and not have the. juice in a mature. standing up. for ready what is being the issue in the flow. of the final home and home. will be at the front no see those missiles at the remains of your bunny. and some of the i don't have a. nest of the 12 to be able. to do this with mine. warning message 100. 1.
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listen the person. in. the water. really. at the time of this alleged approach to mohammed saleh in 2002 bahraini politics were contentious shake hammond became an ear in 1999 and in 2002 pretty plain to self king he announced a change to the constitution to parliamentary chambers one elected one appointed but then without consultation gave both equal decision making powers incurring the wrath of opposition parties. have been with you.
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yes those little german accent when i meet. you but the whole lot of study for you with about a. week. and now i'm on my. you know that a tempest. a minute to something how can i don't we should be up in a minute. but i shouldn't for brian and i fail with them. i mean him well you're in there so many can feel that because you're going to submit so many can why you will be distorted i think that really way off will destroy them and how they by that i'm not in the other and then i gave a doctor when i. wasn't that there's. all the money can buy how. all of us. jim ussher you become us.
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lifted off argument. but if they're hoping that you have an edge of the someone will smith's will you go through with money to josh will die on the on the do on my lucky dad jimmy yards sue me for the one. how was your cell if you was you. must a job which generally had to a function of his name. when i can afford to be a little malik and i bet you're probably not be allowed to distort what we model see my lucky year. i don't. do that and happier than a new one in. germany are $111.00 of the lesson the. that there will let her live 10 best in a basket they will assume nia for i don't want any high shii but i knew diddy who i want yet ahmed omar how betty about him or her that will have to tell this whole
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completed that bahraini national security agency officers asked mohammed saleh to oversee a cell to assassinate key opposition figures and other. early enough remarkably well. managed from all over the local government that there are really no. problems really. that was the. most that i share. for my very very very stupid when you know. that i know we have a crush on. what this do in store i mean. girls think it is ok if you're here you should get one girl and one of course i don't even go over. an important craney opposition figure is up to 100 saying.
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he was prominent in the 1990 s. and was held in detention for a fight here. but bobbie i could have not. seen has any shame you might fit on one and what i should definitely model know what kind of businessman to. cost money i need then. you must have been up to the. mouth to be. man enough to meet. you i. called joe a kind of love with no will could be had for that i feel had i showed what kind i had and know how to keep what you see in him i had to fall on my forehead i should watch a prima. donna salaam and was funny. and then weigh up the government decision. or the family. to go in and
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then. show what we were going to be on what we don't remember going to be given a fair number of people said i really was the biggest hit on her. but both agree with her and it will include a warm welcome. i'll miss halcombe fluted that mohammed sali had been given the green light for the mission. the recording suggested his 1st job was to contact al qaida leaders in saudi arabia to obtain weapons. to. know who it. was in macau to be so if he were not in a live again i want to see him with no one in mind in the middle of the soviet and i know most of us to remember that if you saw the puzzle i'm a big. help. working here.
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so i would be a 1. 100 find out. funny the whole i. mean that in the developments in. the funding any of that what we're talking. about show on. t.v. a. lot of that 9 people. none of that would be soviet like i said give them money. and i'll give them over. because i'm going to convert. exactly what the most part is the only american that i remember. when i've. ever been the 4th among all. of us all of last
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season is. how things are really sick the cynical. father for the one lovely. lady. of home and i hope we look around him. only with. but doesn't mobile know much about it as a mobile that is obviously being funny thing that's sick and then we'll look at the i. think the i did my mind. on the part of. the facility rather mobile home but you know. the role model but i got offered. a lot of go hunting over the anything that i need so i said no if it does add to my
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desk and this would be it was on. a new but we also have a mobile. phone and what is that from the $100.00 more. mobile. than that come over the mobile given the horses. coming. from and how things develop in the god of the soviets. and then next time unless. you've bought a wii then you like. me. or . the medic. you know little girls around barely. remembered. or. don't belong. i live in the front.
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in part to another video recording the personal testimony of his shall ballou she and his journey from behind to iran at the behest of the bahraini national security agency. so we're all asking here are. the. we're not. suddenly. harsh. or how so he woke up. in south korea around 2000000 dogs are eaten every year but now animal rights groups won the ancient tradition taken off the menu when no one east investigates korean dogs friends or food or knowledge is iraq. the faceoffs continue.
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as the last 20 democratic presidential candidates take to the stage for the 2nd us democratic debates. join us for coverage from detroit on july the 30th and 31st on al-jazeera. palin and her and these are main stories and al-jazeera many as 65 people have been killed in nigeria and a suspected boko haram attack on a funeral that happened near the northeastern city of my degree in borno state president mahmoud abbas has condemned the attack and ordered a military operation to hunt down those responsible boko haram has killed thousands and displaced millions in the region over the past 10 years in the battle.
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to. win the. presidency on trumpets once again being accused of racism following its online attack against a prominent african-american politician and the district he represents trump and leach the twitter tirade after baltimore congressman elijah cummings criticizes mexican border policies comments of sparked widespread outrage especially from residents of baltimore. protesters in hong kong have and protests in hong kong have ended violently with tear gas fired at demonstrators for a 2nd day tens of thousands protested pretty police perceived police and mob violence as well a sense of fear and from beijing khan's government has condemned the protesters and defended police who the rebels in yemen say they've launched a drone attack on
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a civilian airport in southern saudi arabia the of higher port has come under repeated attack in recent weeks there's been no confirmation from saudi authorities there who the say it was in response to the latest airstrikes by the side led coalition and britain has sent a 2nd warship to the gulf to protect u.k. flagged vessels crossing the street of hormones the h.m.s. duncan has joined a british frigate already stationed there the deployment follows iran's seizure of a u.k. flag to oil tanker more than a week ago. children opposition leader alexina vonnie is in a stable condition after being rushed to hospital with what's believed to be a severe allergic reaction he was arrested on wednesday and sentenced to 30 days in prison after calling it for or calling for an authorized anti-government demonstrations those are the headlines next al-jazeera world.
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of al-jazeera arabic has investigated allegations that the government in bahrain secretly conspired against the shia community joining the popular unrest of 2011. he viewed video testimonies from alleged members of al-qaeda containing these accusations and one of the videos a man with known links to al qaeda in bahrain mohammed. claims that officers from bahraini intelligence recruited al qaeda members to form a cell tasked with the murder of bahraini opposition activists these allegations have been strenuously denied by the bahraini government. john kerry arko worked for the american central intelligence agency the cia in
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bahrain where his role was to catch al-qaeda leaders in the middle east and pakistan this included the capture of a saudi citizen known as abu zubaida you know. i think underestimate it when i see batteries i mean the bahraini government i believe underestimated the importance of the problem that they had they thought that they could divide their own opponents by having their opponents attack each other and that's not the way that it worked out i think that the bahraini government believed that it could pits a new fundamentalists against the shia population and keep both sides divided that way and that's not what happened what happened was it further angered the population and at the same time encouraged fundamentalism among the sunnis so they mean at least a step down with whom you are nasser. did the. an
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isolated case. but that's for sure i mean it's a tool that rand has you unfortunately on live not unlike other neighboring countries where that is the u.a.e. or or saudi arabia or egypt or are that regimes that are using these elements basically as a form of terrorism a state run down or is him against a peaceful dissidents if you know when we captured was a beta on march 22nd 2002 we also captured with him his diary and i went through his diary that night and in that diary were the cell phone numbers the mobile phone numbers of 3 members of the saudi royal family so i wrote a classified cable back to cia headquarters and i said listen i found something
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that i think is very important these are the mobile numbers and these 3 men are members of the wood family the saudi royal family well within weeks one of them died in a one car accident in the desert one of them went camping in the desert and died of thirst if you can imagine such a thing and the 3rd one disappeared and no one ever saw him again that tells me that these men knew too much they knew about their own government and its work with al qaeda at least at the creation of al qaeda if not after the september 11th attacks and they were too much of a liability to allow to remain alive that's not unique just to the saudis. that happens with every government in the region that decides to cultivate this
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kind of radicalism and then turn away and pretend it doesn't exist. tomorrow misho went to the u.k. to meet a british sudanese called salah al bundy. who's currently working at the european center for the study of extremism in cambridge i miss helm wanted to ask him about his time as a strategic planning advisor to the king of bahrain from 2002 until 2006 on a bus and what when and i think doing the medical other than there was the architect of what later became known as the al bandar reports we are. here with others of the . behind me and. we're not. part of one of the. murphy you know why and then you hit him out of i don't.
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know how we have a party or what can lead to what hamilton was would it do with them i want to know more before she saw something as innocent. but in imminent fear. be. it. what kind of a recovery to an answer other than the moment for you. many in bahrain were surprised by the contents of the al banda report it's said to have revealed details of a government plan to target opposition figures a band that was subsequently deported from bahrain and accused of working for british intelligence. to see if. the ready for that move fee. what obama know.
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this is. going to see as he prepared a muslim and has i'm no horse and. and. and. well there are not going to be morrow on a free if. you walk down. a little. she has a civic accord. the fact. that of the lamb. the man. was the only muslim of them with their own modern family. and after. the who really had the wife that. one had. little matric behind my so my big mop up in hey kelly you would. hope that most of them haykel you how will the shia in about the still not.
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minutes to know when to quit more. when a fire alarm was a half hour will show me. what i mean most of walkers and melissa with the camera. they were behaves in this are elected they have. a pep. rally do one and maliki train and the lack of having the time the senate and. and a construct like in a bad mood by the sun always to morality from. a lover with a they were only minimal if they get in and they want me there i'm. sure of what i was going to tell you made their own ability look what it has a bug. i had moments of. having to have their credit they fester there was a lot of behind me a decade. i want to see if you have reality. for that openness to give is to
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my innocent osha fema how well that. cash she'd assumed to be in the movie. when her. loam him at the museum and moved to. tomorrow miss how discovered that the bahraini authorities not only recruited agents within bahrain but also looked abroad in 2006 bahrain's national security agency recruited hisham hill are blue she also known as abu hafs. he was sent on a spying mission to iran where he allegedly met up domonic riki leader of an armed opposition group in iraq. yeah i think the consequences are there and you know on that on the toby thing in just one little funny well because he had fish. for mr downey so you only. have you don't get us maybe i would have to
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don't know but. but it didn't wash it and i thought the act up innocent that you're. on when we go back to hot and being a man who wants to leave but will learn that in an awkward age she remarked up on that doesn't feel good ordinary and media and i don't even know one of the who she . will be different at peak and i think i want my government to get all hits that are essentially profitable. to soften a bit i'll wind up in a way that i think i'm a part of so who do the kind of wealth that would be little i did yours my job was why i was going to be a problem on t.v.
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diet and stuff like that i didn't want to go even if i wasn't now crossing any. bodies of ok you've made that he would have thought it backward of. fact the writer jonathan de la soul ready wanted the trolls in her house to what he wanted to do or you were. being genuine you know and then he why you think i want to cry. but will claim violently avon so will ask are you. well he's dead he. thought about it when i ask for some pretty. harsh and ask a year later you get my house though he was one of the already so well how do i know i don't really need a guy and i have no idea if you know so finally come up with all of this they are.
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not worth at the moment. but he shall bellew she's activities came to the attention of the iranian security authorities according to the video recordings he escaped across the border to pakistan and from there attempted to return to bahrain the anything with the money and happiness. and beheading he had led to the massacre courted by the son of this is what it would only be my one quarter euro mrs. dowd have believed what we do don't know any. one who god was one of your money and i know that i know that's wrong. so far i know already that i'm very good but i mean what i asked of the and the land and how it will be are. we what about who are you. going to meet it is so odd well that it would only go home because. well the failure only of all the father come aside and come
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sit on offer but give us any. more of this information you know why. men because number. one ok who isn't any for the little bit don't want to harvest. the food. yanni midfield focused on well guarded i don't see it with online yet. but i think that and behind it what he did hossa come up i will. exhibit one where he. done something or most of it would be. i don't need a dose of money i would be anyone can do it i mean there might be going wrong within the law only god i want to be here on line i know that contact will not be a fight and i who love would come.


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