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as in new york will be here with that story. turn a serious observing 7 days of mourning for its president 92 year old the subsidy who died on thursday has been replaced by the speaker of the parliament 100 nasr who lead the country until the election is held on september the 15th the tale of his audience has more. a new phase in tunisia's government the speaker of parliament mohamed innes who are sworn in to serve temporarily as the country's president he will take over for up to 90 days while elections are organized. i swear by god almighty to protect the independence of tunisia and the safety of its lands to respect the constitution and law and fully take care of the people's interests and be loyal to tunisia. in this young democracy
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a vacant post for the country's leadership could spark a power struggle among tunisia's political party is definitely what candidates who are considered to be quite popular and quite strong but also very controversial. have been barred from running the presidential elections by parson parliament not too long ago this was not yet been signed by missteps and before he passed away and i think we'll hear a lot more about this controversy next couple of days president benjy kind a sense be who spent the last few weeks of his life in a not of the hospital was a leading figure in what was known as the arab spring uprising as prime minister and then tunisians 1st democratically elected president he helped draft a new constitution guaranteeing freedom of speech. and then to have his accomplishments though were often overshadowed by a weak economy and high unemployment rate there is disparate nobody can deny that there is the sense of hopelessness nobody can deny that however in comparison to
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other countries there is still hope that we can fix the pot and go towards a more prosperous than $87.00 days of national mourning have been declared as the country honors the life and legacy of a sense be the what is though the start of this mission on a positive note and he finished that the same way may he rest in peace his predecessors hurt the country but he was a good man who served his country no one did that before him no one shall. we hope the next president will be even better we hope our country will be stable and safe we have some terrorism but the country doesn't blame him it's unclear who will be the front runner in tunisia's next presidential election but the groundwork has already been laid out for what should be a smooth transition katia lopez so the yawn al-jazeera now david take to joins us live from the capital tunis david is the transition going to intensify the political power struggle. i think without
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a doubt there is going to be a problem ahead in the 90 days before the presidential elections in mid september they were jew on the vemma the 17th so although there we have the constitution putting the speaker of parliament in place as the interim president there are so many candidates now putting their hats in the ring for september that this is going to create a problem this is going to create new tensions amongst the political parties so i think you can expect that it is going to be many many cases of this this thread if you like the president said see managed to we between the religious from the secular parts of the political spectrum could be under attack not only from within those parties but also because there is a huge legacy of a failing economy the unemployment rate has been growing from 12 percent to 15
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percent here that's the latest figure we have and that of course doesn't include the youth unemployment is much higher that well into the 20 percent so these are all factors which could come into play in the next 90 days which would be very hard for the the speaker to handle as interim president he is in fact 82 just 10 years younger than the president but there are preparations being made for the for the funeral that will begin. at 11 o'clock tomorrow morning from the president's carthage palace the funeral cortege will be accompanied by the military of the given full military honors and there's a long list of international statesman and women being invited to to the funeral so far we understand that president emmanuel might draw from france will certainly be
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attending and mahmoud abbas the palestinian president will also be attending but getting details of that over the coming hours sammy all right thanks so much david change there. now the u.n. says at least $150.00 refugees and migrants are fed drowned off the coast of libya around $300.00 people were on board 2 boats that left the town of homes east of the capital tripoli under our reports. put her children on a wooden boat she was trying to make it to europe by any means possible instead the journey became the worst tragedy this year in the mediterranean sea nearly 150 passengers were rescued by local fishermen her son wasn't one of them she's blaming international organizations for a lack of support. for the numbers that i lost my 7 year old child i don't want anything except to go back to my country sudan to die there. survivors will return to libya a primary departure point for people fleeing poverty and war in africa and the
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middle east one person drowns in the mediterranean for every 6 that successfully reach europe's shores we've now had more than 700 deaths on the mediterranean this year if current trends for this year continue but will see us past more than 1000 deaths on the mediterranean for the 6th year in a row surreality bleak milestone the really bad is thinking about it comes just weeks after more than 50 people lost their lives in a detention center following an asse strike into giora and really once again stresses the edge and see if it was needed of a need for a shift in approach to the situation in libya in the mediterranean. libya's coast guard continues to take migrants to 2 jura the detention center holding mostly african migrants that was bombed 3 weeks ago by air forces believed to be loyal to the warlord khalifa haftar it's near the front line of fighting as huffed are tries
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to take the capital the u.n. says the current model which is backed by the e.u. must change one where libya's coast guard intercepts and forcibly returns people caught trying to cross the sea there's a conflict going on and my recent become a pawn in this game they're used to make money for people who have to pay you got you know she served it in effect and it will not just. not be a situation. turning away from her banning books from rescuing people are simply not the way to go the u.n. refugee agency estimates that 6000 other refugees and migrants are being held in libyan detention centers even though they haven't committed a crime yet they remain highly at risk of getting caught in the conflict or dying at sea and her schapelle al-jazeera. protests are expected later on friday in occupied east jerusalem where almost $100.00 palestinian homes were demolished by the israelis on monday but houses in the area of while hamas on land controlled by
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the palestinian authority were bulldozed despite warnings from the un and the e.u. homeowners have lost the 7 year long legal battle to overturn an israeli military eviction order rob matheson joins us live from where the hamas in occupied east jerusalem how the process shaping up now rob. and so far sam we haven't seen any sign of protests we have seen about 200 people here who have been gathering for friday prayers here in what a homeless as a gesture of solidarity with the families and the palestinians who lost their homes when the israeli military engineers destroyed them demolished them back on monday i'm going to comment just to come across to a left hand side you'll be able to see this pile of rubble used to be a 2 story house this used to be home to 2 families it to rest and 2 hours to reduce it to what you see and if i can ask for my just to move slightly further to the
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right you can see the israeli security fence which is leading up the center of the road or not the side of the road there through the most you can see also how close these buildings are further up the hill you can see another of the buildings that has been destroyed you can see how close these buildings have been to that security fence and that's the reason why the israeli military and the israeli authorities said these buildings had to come down because israeli military regarded these as a potential security threat particularly to the israeli. patrols that will be using that road so that on monday is these are just 2 of the buildings that were destroyed by the israeli military on monday since they when that happened on monday there has been a significant response internationally we've had criticism from countries like the united kingdom france germany spain some other european countries as well but also from the united out of emirates and from saudi arabia we learned
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a couple of days ago the united states did block a draft resolution that was being crude forward in the united nations that again would have criticized this action on monday by the israeli authorities but interestingly last night thursday night here in jerusalem just a few blocks away from the main residence of prime minister benjamin netanyahu there was a small but very vocal israeli. a group of activists who were very angry that this did these demolitions carried out one of the activists told us that it is vitally important for israelis and for palestinians to be able to live together because they both as he said share the same land. matheson the good reporting for us thanks for that. sent temperatures soaring across europe breaking records from france to the netherlands germany and new hires forced the shutdown of a nuclear reactor after the water got too hot heat waves are becoming increasingly
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common and serve as a reminder of the impact of climate change but the reports from london. enjoying the heat in paris the water fountains by the eiffel tower are a popular place for those trying to stay cool. as a red alert was issued for northern france the capital reached an all time national record of $41.00 celsius well french media reports suggest 5 deaths might to be linked to the current heat wave. on wednesday belgium germany and the netherlands all recorded their highest ever temperatures and they did it again on thursday topping 40 degrees celsius. while some in the belgian capital brussels are making the most of it it's led to a so-called code red being issued for the 1st time we are observing the weather since 1933 so nearly 200 years and we never experience this kind of temperatures over in britain as temperatures soared activists in london staged
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a small protest outside bass building housing media outlets demanding they concentrate less on images of fun in the sun and more in explaining the extreme weather. we can talk about a short stay on record with headlines like what scorcher without looking into why is it the hottest thing and what does that mean for she manatee what's that mean in the next 102030 years. there will to eat for food for particularly for people in developing countries who this is affecting right now but al-jazeera had no difficulty finding people who are concerned about what's driving the increasingly common heat waves people start realizing that things are changing and quite quickly in the climate and so is is the moment to just to change something. before it's too late this is something that makes our planet less. comfortable to live on say we have to think about how to stop it so that also our children can
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still survive on this planet most people here in britain welcome a bit of sunshine but for when the humidity and on a day like this the priority for lots of people is actually staying in the shade more broadly more and more starting to draw the line between europe 6 streams summers and the climate crisis the u.k. government's advisory committee on climate change has warned the countries not prepared for the extremes that global warming is expected to bring here the current heat which prompted health warnings and brought trains to a standstill in some parts. and in southern europe this was greece on wednesday a series of wildfires are a reminder of conditions that many are calling the new normal of all those conditions how their upsides they bring their own dangers the dean barber al-jazeera london. well in a few moments we'll have all the weather with everton here but still ahead on al-jazeera. between a rock and a hard place the actor throwing his weight behind indigenous schools and why.
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one of africa's most important economies which relies heavily on call is trying to tackle and pollution will tell you how bad it was will be the average is riding the roads of the tour de france for equality. well let's just stop by clarifying some of those temperatures from the record breaking heat that we had in a year up and this was the high yesterday in belgium 40.7 well to far away luxembourg we got warmer than that still paris a 42.6 for paris warmest still in germany at 42.9 in
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a similar temperature there into the netherlands didn't quite make the top temperature back in the united kingdom but it was pretty close in my hometown of cambridge 38 point one hottest july they already caught the 2nd hottest day not quite making it to that 38.5 celsius that we saw in 2003 the reason for that is because we had a little cloud rolling in that he was being broken by these thundery downpours that push their way in across that western side if you cross the british isles a lot of plow coming through here some places not saying that much rain but the cloud was enough to just pick those temperatures back a little and they'll do more of that as we go through the next couple of days actually say for friday afternoon a top temperature of around 25 celsius plenty of cloud down across that western side of here by the state but it's going to be even less form shall we say as we go on in sas day a top temperature in london of any 20 degrees. sponsored by countdown.
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ogust 01001 news to investigate and legal law there is a plundering some of cambodia's last remaining far as marking 2 years since the start of myanmar's military campaign that schools hundreds of thousands of the hinge of muslims into exile how you look in countries and billions of euros to be used in the gamble resulting in the world's worst humanitarian crisis to preserve multilateralism within a group of the 7 most advanced economies will cohesion prevail over with challenges that the g 7 faces drawing on a decade of al-jazeera documentaries leave behind the visit to archives to find out how the story moved on august.
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welcome back you're watching al-jazeera time to recap our headlines sanctions on north korea appeared to be having a devastating effect on its economy shrank by the most in 21 years according to figures compiled by the south central bank. does not disclose its economic statistics. here is observing 7 days of mourning for its president 92 year old. who died on thursday to be replaced by the speaker of parliament a man does not so he'll leave the country until an election is held on september
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the 15th. the u.n. says as many as $150.00 refugees and migrants have drowned off the coast of libya around $300.00 people were on board 2 boats that left the town of homs east of the capital tripoli. the refusing to renegotiate the brags that withdraw all agreement over the case where the k.'s new prime minister commission president john called you could told boris johnson on the phone the existing deal is the best and only one possible johnson is insisting he can get a new deal by the end of october charlie rangel reports from london. inside 10 downing street a rousing welcome from a loyal team prime minister boris johnson's new cabinet dominated by breck that hardliners had their 1st pep talk and as you know we have momentous task. in our history we are. leaving.
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october well even though it's there but there's far too much noise in this train but in parliament a very different johnson had promised to unite the conservative party but his rethink decision to sack or sidelined 17 senior ministers may have done the opposite. his 1st statement was one of optimism channeling his hero winston churchill promising a golden era for britain and then a message to the european union asking him to rethink the current deal no country that values its independence and indeed it so free script could agree to a treaty would sign away our economic independence and self-government as this back story does a time limit is not enough if an agreement is to be reached it must be clearly understood that the way to the deal goes by way of the abolition of the backstop
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a request politely rejected by brussels with the e.u.'s chief negotiator saying that eliminating the backstop is unacceptable and not within the mandate of the european council a message reiterated by the outgoing european commission president in a phone call with boris johnson with saying that the e.u.'s position on the withdrawal agreement is the best and only way possible this is the last day parliament will sit before breaking for the summer but the challenges facing the new prime minister and men negotiate a new bracelet deal in just $98.00 days a deal the e.u. says cannot be renegotiated and fix a multitude of problems facing britain and health care education and security all with a parliamentary majority of just 3 many say the country could be heading for a general election i think that boris johnson if he sees that he's going to lose a vote of say no confidence in the house of commons i think he would rather call
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the election than wait for his government to fall and the election to follow he would rather stay on the front foot so i think the whole of britain ought to be on the alert for an early snap general election called perhaps right at the beginning of september that might happen. is that this get to these this is a prime minister with a deadline like no other facing unprecedented opposition hoping his optimism is infectious charlie angela al-jazeera london. russian investigators have arrested a man suspected of killing a prominent activist grigorieva was found dead with multiple stab wounds near her home and some petersburg activists say she would receive serious threats before being killed grigorieva had been a frequent protester of l. g.b.t. rallies. because optimism in the kurdish region of northern iraq the economy is
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improving 5 years after the defeat of isaw following the formation of a new government this year many people are now hoping for a more positive future touch of a name reports from european. when we 1st met the hussein is my family last year they were worrying about how they would pay their bills each month after their salaries were slashed to hard works for the government and bacall teaches the government owes them even more money $15000.00 in unpaid wages but at least now they're getting paid their full salaries. and a good salary still feeling secure we're getting our full cellar is now ok but if we can't be sure that will be the case next month there are 1400000 people working for the government and public sector in the semi-autonomous region of northern iraq they watch their paychecks shrink or disappear beginning in 2014 that's when the
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war with ice will began the price of oil plummeted and the federal government in baghdad cut budget payments to the kurdistan regional government austerity measures were implemented and workers paid the price with reduced salaries the dispute has been resolved the new prime minister who came to power this year says the estimated 10 $1000000000.00 that's owed to public sector employees will be paid although he's not given a timeframe the government says unemployment has dropped from 14 percent in 2016 to 9 percent so far this year there's more confidence among people like businessmen come out aga he develops residential and commercial buildings he says when i saw began terrorizing the region he was forced to put 20 percent of his construction projects on hold. on them and i lost between $14.00 and
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$16000000.00 now i have a belief with the stability of the situation in the kurdish region the wheels of the economy will be back on track will earn money again and business will be fine. with the freedom to think beyond meeting their minimum expenses a car is focusing on the family's future. we have plans in our heads the 1st one is to visit the doctor so we can pay for fertility treatments to have a 2nd child if we keep getting our salaries as we are now will be able to perform our dreams for their 4 and a half year old daughter to knock the hope of having a sibling to play with can't come quickly enough natasha going to name al-jazeera. the u.s. government to resume executing prisoners after a 16 year poor's or exit you shouldn't since 2003 have been carried out through the state level there were 25 last year tony general william barr has now made the decision to reinstate capital punishment at the federal level president trump has
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long called for increased executions 5 inmates are scheduled to be executed in december nicole austin hillary is the executive director of the u.s. program a human rights watch she says the government should not be expanding the use of capital punishment. there are many individuals who are who are on death row who have been found innocent we know research has shown that we know that our death penalty has a disparate impact on lack of brown people in this country that has a disparate impact on poor communities and so because of those various issues it doesn't make sense for this nation as a democracy to reinstitute this mechanism of applying the act as a form of punishment when it is simply fraught with so many inconsistencies and frankly out of the united states $21.00 states have made the decision to stop using
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the death penalty all and each of us they preferred to using light in prison without any possibility of wall as an alternative we believe that that is a type of punishment that states should be considering rather they are looking at the death penalty which again we believe is simply inhumane and should be taken off the table altogether now an american rapper whose case has been taken up by president donald trump has been charged with assault in sweden asap rocky whose real name is ricky myers will remain in the stockholm jail pending trial he was detained earlier this month after a fight with 2 men mayors lawyer says he acted in self defense last week trump urged the swedish prime minister to free my eyes and said he would personally vouch for his bail to kill him his move from washington d.c. is. u.s. president donald trump obviously not happy at expressing it in the place he usually does and that's on twitter this time he's sending nasty messages to the prime
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minister of sweden over the fate of a u.s. rapper. now rocking a separate he was arrested in sweden after allegedly assaulting 2 men he put out a videotape say he was being harassed there's competing videotapes that show him and 2 of his bandmates pretty viciously attacking and beating these 2 men so the president was lobbied by kanye west the very controversial entertainer to try and step in so he said he would so he called the prime minister of sweden who said i'm not going to step in that's a legal proceeding that has to play its way out without interference of the president taking to twitter and saying that the prime minister is let down the african-american community in the u.s. complaining that the u.s. does so much for sweden and doesn't get anything in return and saying that sweden needs to fix its own very serious crime problem just to put it in some perspective into 28000 according to sweden they had 108 intentional acts of violence in the
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u.s. it's estimated that every single day more than 100 people are killed and that's just by guns. destruction of the amazon forest is fast approaching a level from which it may not be able to recover that's according to satellite data from brazil's government already this month more than 1300 square kilometers of rain forest is being cleared for large scale farming than last year 120000 square kilometers were wiped out present higher than our place the government's environmental agency under the agricultural ministry and critics say he's expanding land clearance and logging a furred of all pristine rain forest in brazil has been cut down or burned that i think close lands where tribes of people have cared for the forests for centuries scientists say the amazon could now become a savannah all of this could also affect brazil's trade agreement with the european
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union it's been agreed but not yet if ratified yet and commits both sides to slowing deforestation. is a campaign coordinator for fern it's an environmental and social justice organization that focuses on e.u. policies and their impact on forests and communities who live in them she joins us now via skype from paris good to have you with us 1st of all what would the amazon been deforested to a degree that it can never recover from what would that mean for the global environment. i think it's realizing how awesome forests for our climb and how important they are limiting global temperatures which are the absolute top of the headlines here in europe at the moment with 43 degrees registered l.c.s. yesterday they sequester and store a huge amount of carbon dioxide which is obviously the main gas causing global warming forest it's worth knowing the forests around the world store one 3rd. of
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the carbon that is contained in the entire atmosphere so they can forests contain more carbon than the entire atmosphere put together is obviously if that was released into the atmosphere it would be. devastation for the objectives to hold level warming from the sort of data that you follow does it look like this current were right wing government in brazil is just driving that process of deforestation forward this iteration in brazil is very very serious difference and rates have risen to the highest level in a decade with an increase of almost 14 percent since this time last year and this is because as you mentioned. mr paulson our has weakened the environment agency and effectively put it under the supervision of the ministry has also weakened protections for nature reserves for indigenous territories and for zones of sustainable production by forest peoples which is essentially emboldened farmers
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and businesses and loggers to undertake illegal land invasion and illegal logging and at the same time as this illegality is rising the operations to try and combat environmental crime decreasing there's been a decline of 70 percent between january and april of this year compared to the same period last year so illegality is rising. actions are trying to tackle inequality a dropping and that's just spending devastation across the amazon forest will impact trade relations with the e.u. . it's highly possible that it could it's worth understanding how intimately linked to the e.u. and brazil are in trade terms the e.u. imports cultural commodities from the e.u. of a very large amounts of 20 percent of soybean imports come from brazil 16 percent about tobacco imports come from brazil the e.u. is the biggest foreign investor in brazil with investments in many of the sectors
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across the brazilian kind of me and we are brazil's 2nd biggest biggest trading partner accounting for 18.3 percent of its total trade so we have a very high. sort of a very big impact potentially on. brazil trade if the e.u. decides to take this to the next level which is to say to brazil we will not ratify this trade agreement unless you keep your different station levels under under check. so the e.u. basically has leverage then. is there a political will across the board to use it. it's interesting to note that this week on tuesday the e.u. published an action plan which sees the e.u. for the 1st time opening the door to regulate 3 measures that would set standards on the goods that the imports to ensure there not associated with deforestation are for a sacred ation. it wants this to be a partnership approach so the e.u.
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is not going to impose its standards on other countries but the e.u. does have a duty to respond to the increasing concern among you can see a mess about the impact that their consumption is having on forests on the people who depend on those forests and with this communication with this action plan that it published this week it shows that the e.u. is for the 1st time willing to bring in new options that could be regulator that would ensure that products that are being placed on the market from countries such as brazil would not be linked to human rights abuses. or different station thank you so much for your thoughts on that thank you south african business is a big un paying a carbon tax as it tries to fight climate change one of africa's biggest economies is hoping the move will help force big polluters to change how has more from me in one of them go province.


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