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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  July 26, 2019 6:00pm-7:01pm +03

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it was puerto rico secretary of justice wanda vasquez is likely to replace ross aoe but she's in a popular choice among those who took to the streets organizers say they will watch closely what happens next with their demands for the future of puerto rico a simple so we just want good leaders true leaders people that are just looking for the you know well being of the people that's all we need really is not it's not really that difficult to say they will continue to demonstrate if this u.s. territory fails to pick a governor they like the next few days or a c.e.o. successor will be announced but this political crisis may be far from over for many people here this feels like a brand new day but one that's been used with hope and concern remember the next governor will inherit 74000000000 dollars worth of debt on an island still recovering from 2 major hurricanes come over than anything else the future leadership of this country will have to wind its people's trust and that may be the biggest challenge and again across the syria san juan puerto rico. but also to come
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here not just there including why there's a new lease of life in the kurdish region of northern iraq. on the american rapper detained in sweden donald trump is singing his praises and appeal for his release on the stay with us. hello sunshine and showers as usual across southeast asia the biggest showers pushing up across northern parts of borneo through malaysia pushing up into the philippines i wanted to show was there said across central and northern parts of the philippines not too bad into window china but we have got some lively showers just pulling away from thailand bangkok should be largely dry humid 34 celsius here weather as usual heat of the day downpours there for k.l. and also for singapore but for indonesia it does stay dry as is the case across
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a good part of australia big bad the cloud across the southern half of the country that having said that still rather blustery and that southeastern corner this cold front making its way through victoria tasmania temperatures no higher than around 1011 maybe 12 degrees celsius for melbourne and for how about not a lot warmer there for adelaide by a fair bit of cloud streaking its way across the bybee go on into sunday temperatures pick up a touch 15 celsius in adelaide around 17 degrees that the perth a chance of wanted to show is still pretty warm in sydney temperatures hovering around that 1920 degrees celsius midwinter heat continuing here britain for the top temperature $23.00 cloudy but largely dry for new zealand. in south korea around 2000000 dogs are eaten every year but now animal rights groups want the engine tradition taken off the menu when no one east investigates
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korean dog friends. or knowledge is iraq. al jazeera. where ever you are. welcome back a quick reminder the top stories here this hour sanctions on north korea to be having a devastating effect on its economy it's shrunk by the most in 21 years according to figures compiled by the south central bank. does not disclose figures on its
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economy. the u.n. says as many as 150 refugees and migrants met drowned off the coast of libya around 300 people on board to perhaps a little town of homs east of the capital tripoli. now heat wave ascent temperatures soaring across europe breaking records from france to the netherlands in germany a nuclear reactor was shut down after the cooling water got too hot heat waves are becoming increasingly common and some say an impact of climate change that in baba reports now from london. enjoying the heat in paris the water fountains by the eiffel tower are a popular place for those trying to stay cool. as a red alert was issued for long. fronts of the capital reached an all time national record of $41.00 celsius well french media reports suggest 5 deaths might to be linked to the current heat wave. germany and the netherlands all recorded their
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highest ever temperatures and they did it again on thursday topping 40 degrees celsius. while some in the belgian capital brussels are making the most of it it's led to a so-called code red being issued for the 1st time. since 1933 so nearly 200 years we never experience this kind of temperatures over in britain as temperatures soared activists in london staged a small protest outside bass building housing media outlets demanding they concentrate less on images of fun in the sun and more in explaining the extreme weather. we can talk about a short stay on record with headlines like what scorcher without looking into why is it the hottest thing and what does that mean for she manatee what's that mean in the next 102030 years. there were to eat for food. particularly for people in developing countries who this is affecting right now but al-jazeera had
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no difficulty finding people who are concerned about what's driving the increasingly common heat waves people start realizing that things are changing and quite quickly in climate and so yes it is the moment to just to change something. before it's too late this is something that makes our planet less. comfortable to live on so we have to think about how to stop it so that also our children can still survive on this planet most people here in britain welcome a bit of sunshine but when the humidity and on a day like this the priority for lots of people is actually staying in the shade more broadly more and more starting to draw the line between europe 6 streams summers and the climate crisis the u.k. government's advisory committee on climate change has warned the countries not prepared for the extremes that global warming is expected to bring here the current heat wave which prompted health warnings and brought trains to a standstill in some parts. and in southern europe this was greece on wednesday
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a series of wildfires are a reminder of conditions that many are calling the new normal. of all those conditions how they're upsides they bring their own dangers they deem barbara al-jazeera london. a landslide in morocco's atlas mountains is killed at least 24 people on thursday a van was buried following heavy rains that happened in a remote area south of the city of marrakech rescue teams are still searching for survivors your heart is open the investigation into the incident. there are no specific final figures on the number of victims of vehicle was buried under a huge dust it's a tragedy the authorities will issue more details after the completion of the removal of mud and dust now they've been protests by israelis against the demolition of palestinian homes and while the homeless in occupied east jerusalem israeli activists have been rallying in some advantage with palestinians and the
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prime minister benjamin netanyahu is home matheson reports. the demolition of the houses and what it follows on monday there has been an international phone donation of the houses in the buildings being torn down countries like the united arab emirates saudi arabia but also the united kingdom germany spain have all said that this was something that should not have happened but these protesters tonight i've been in the center of jerusalem were just a couple of blocks away from the prime minister's house these protesters are jewish israelis and palestinians need to leave their together we are the people of this land both of us and we need to fight for equality for justice full sayville and national rights for both people that's the only way that people can live together if we keep this occupation more people from both sides will die while people will go to dowry going to jail will last and this all centers on israeli military really that was made about 80 years ago which said that buildings that were close to the
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separation wall that runs through jerusalem had to be knocked down because they were guarded as a security risk but the palestinian authority administers the area awadi home. arised those buildings to be constructed but an israeli court said no that was wrong and the buildings had to come down now the palestinians are protesting because they are concerned that this is going to set a precedent that will allow the israeli authorities to almost arbitrarily knock down buildings that either side of the separation friends and that view is also hold by these israeli protesters tonight. palestinians traditional heritage day has been celebrated with a macho the city of ramallah and the occupied west bank those taking part water national dress and song folk songs a way to mock that culture but also as a form of protest need to abraham has few of these the thing is came here today to
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say that they're out of the crowd and that national hockey amount of that had to. and by event like this they maintain that had occurred. among what they say is really a town that. traditionally each palestinian city has its own costs for both men and women why not many palestinians wear the costume want to databases to meet person to be in wedding and special case. of one of us fell asleep and this is the original posting in question that ogram parents will no one can steal a chinese or a ripper since how identity and history started with. the manager in. a way we usually went over to the policy addresses here is that the make up of us. and that's how we are supposed to think the word we wave where our dresses and where they're just. and i think there's a slave going to this annual event that's what they call it israel yes i'm
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listening to the palestinian identity and the palestinian. know there's optimism in the kurdish region of northern iraq but the economy is improving 5 years after the defeat of eisel after the formation of a new government this year many people that are hoping for a more positive future. reports from. when we 1st met the hussein is my family last year they were worrying about how they would pay their bills each month after their salaries were slashed to hard works for the government and bacall teaches the government owes them even more money $15000.00 in unpaid wages but at least now they're getting paid their full salaries. are good salary still feeling secure we're getting our full cellar is now ok but we can't be sure that will be the case next month there are 1400000 people working for the government and public sector in the semi-autonomous region of northern iraq they
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watch their paychecks shrink or disappear beginning in 2014 that's when the war with eisel began the price of oil plummeted and the federal government in baghdad cut budget payments to the kurdistan regional government austerity measures were implemented and workers paid the price with reduced salaries the dispute has been resolved the new prime minister who came to power this year says the estimated $10000000000.00 that's owed to public sector employees will be paid although he's not given a timeframe the government says unemployment has dropped from 14 percent in 2016 to 9 percent so far this year there's more confidence among people like business men come out aga he develops residential and commercial buildings he says when i saw began terrorizing the region he was forced to put 20 percent of his construction
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projects on hold. on them and i lost between $14.00 and $16000000.00 now i have a belief with the stability of the situation in the kurdish region the wheels of the economy will be back on track will earn money again and business will be fine. with the freedom to think beyond meeting their minimum expenses because all is focusing on the family's future. we have plans in our heads the 1st one is to visit the doctor so we can pay for fertility treatments to have a 2nd child if we keep getting our salaries as we are now will be able to for full dreams for their 4 and a half year old daughter to knock the hope of having a sibling to play with can't come quickly enough natasha. now the largest gathering of maritime officials in africa has just ended with 15 navy chiefs from west africa and some from the u.s.
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and europe promising greater cooperation and tackling piracy in the gulf of guinea reports now from across. a force of deterrence and the most dangerous waters in the world the crew of the u.s. navy ship carson city are preparing to head to the shores of nigeria on a tour of duty in the gulf of guinea but of the mines here more ships are attacked by pirates than anywhere else in the world with our radar system and our lookouts we have to try to see any threats that are that are approaching us and you know miles out so so before any piracy issue would take place we will have notification what in advance. while the trumpet ministration says it's pulling back u.s. troops in africa in march the u.s. navy organized the largest naval games on the continent involving $33.00 countries and $3000.00 personnel that would probably make admiral fogo says securing the gulf of guinea is of strategic importance and we talked about the poor economy because the maritime is so important 90 percent of our commerce worldwide goes by sea so
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africa is here's a way for. every major horror of the world china organized its own naval exercise with west african countries and russia is increasing military cooperation in the region. this american navy ship the u.s. carlton city normally sells the mediterranean it's used to transport cargo or troops that will be deployed in theaters of war here it's mission so far has been mostly to help the navies in the region to maintain their aging fleet so that they can tackle piracy. the west african shores are used by latin american drug smugglers as a passageway to europe deep sea trawlers a fish without permit stealing precious resources because of the plummeting price of oil pirates of the niger delta have stopped stealing the oil on a cargo ship instead they're taking crews hostage for around him because it's a more lucrative business piracy globally is estimated to cost $24000000000.00
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a year for defense contractors they see here an opportunity. we are currently working with him to transition production into those countries any nigerian has to take a bullet teaching manufacture a specialized rose in the wrist of the region should have supported nigerian buying men's business from my view and that way the region is the ability to stand mission maritime eco structure that will feel fit so as one system. already some of the navy chiefs meeting in our press signed a memorandum of understanding. while naval powers currently in the region are trying to set the tone for a new partnership for the us this tour of duty serves as a reminder to african nations that even in the gulf of guinea will step in. and stand by them. nicholas hawk al-jazeera tema court.
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an american rapper whose case has been taken up by president trump has been charged with assault in sweden asap rocky whose real name is rocky maya's will remain in a stockholm jail pending trial it was detained earlier this month after a fight with 2 men miles lawyers says he acted in self defense last week trump urged the swedish prime minister to free my as and said he would personally vouch for his bail particle has more now from washington d.c. . u.s. president donald trump obviously not happy at expressing it in the place he usually does and that's on twitter this time he sent in nasty messages to the prime minister of sweden over the fate of a u.s. rapper a separate now rocking he was arrested in sweden after allegedly assaulting 2 men he put out a videotape say he was being harassed there's competing videotapes that show him and 2 of his bad mates pretty viciously attacking him beating these 2 men so the
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president was lobbied by kanye west the very controversial entertainer to try and step in so he said he would so he called the prime minister of sweden who said i'm not going to step in that's a legal proceeding that has to play its way out without interference of the president taking to twitter and saying that the prime minister is let down the african-american community in the u.s. complaining that the u.s. does so much for sweden and doesn't get anything in return and saying that sweden needs to fix its own very serious crime problem just put it in some perspective into 28000 according to sweden they had 108 intentional acts of violence in the u.s. it's estimated that every single day more than 100 people are killed and that's just by guns. of the headlines here on al jazeera sanctions on north korea appear to be having a devastating effect on its economy it shrunk at its fastest level in 21 years
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that's according to the south central bank but it doesn't appear to be affecting the north's military ambitions pyongyang says its missile test this week were a warning to its neighbor. from seoul. the contraction in the economy does match exactly when these much tougher sanctions came into play as you mentioned just over 4 percent of the contraction in the economy in 2018 the year before 3 and a half percent and that you compare that with 2016 when in fact the economy of north korea was going along at a fair old clip it actually increased in size by nearly 4 percent which for that year was actually better than the performance of south korea's economy the u.n. says as many as 150 refugees and migrants may have drowned of the coast of libya around 300 people were on board 2 boats that left the town of commons that's east of the capital tripoli it's the worst tragedy in the mediterranean so far this year
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and the un is demanding levy of action. and of the numbers that was another one of them i lost my 7 year old child because of that they don't help us they kicked me out they told me and my children to go find our own way why i don't want anything now except to go back to my country to die there a landslide in morocco's atlas mountains and killed at least 24 people a van was buried following heavy rains that happened in a remote area south of the city of america rescue teams are still searching for survivors your authority is of open investigation into the incident at least 2 people were killed on thursday night when both around fighters raided one of the biggest camps for internally displaced people near my degree in northeast nigeria the armies of the attack was repelled. from the record heat wave is continuing across western europe paris reported its highest ever temperature one day 42.6 degrees celsius records are also set in the netherlands belgium and germany climate
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scientists are warning extreme heat waves will be far more common in the coming years those were the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after what i want to say that's watching. 80 percent of the visually impaired could be cured without access to treatment. or where there was a will there is a way after long a state of the art tossed metal covering over 77 countries calvin everything is racist every since in fact in every role and in pakistan one learns passion provides flea treatment for over 1000000 patients and yet the cure revisited which is iraq.
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ok. good. in south korea dog days has been on the menu this century us with around 2000000 dogs each and every year there are about 60 meters long and it takes a one and i just write our own 2. hands and i get a lot of people against say a little. bit script government regulations the kind of growing animal rights movement was cracking down on industry look at that look at that. but i. would like to think let me tell you. what. you know dolls electorate down and we think younger generation seeing dogs more as
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pets than food demand is declining i will love a little more closely to all wolf the devil and a lot of the from the below to you. on this episode of 1018 we investigate the fawaz between those who love dogs and bugs who love to eat the. garden out in downtown seoul as a place where new trends like in the chip pit dogs with poultry and it's like eating it all. it's name to something and for some it's the best time to eat the traditional dish the fistful. of dog meat soup. in korea it's called top. official of the just incredible
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video of the president that this all formed by him and what i guess you did as in life if you can that has been the pinout long run you know the union folks who they did all thing. is purported to have a variety of health benefits. and i'm good on the limb of a 1000000 too little tufts because. i want you to know yes i was. so they get the whole you don't know me on monday little bit about a one on one visit and just let it come not just kill of the village in my. plans or you've got a moment or less. these dinah's are aware of careers riki taishan as a nation of dog into this but a growing number of koreans are finding this notion hard to swallow. these days 70 percent of koreans say they don't eat dog. and growing numbers are
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engaging to rick battle against the meat industry. like activist. who's desperate to save dogs from slaughter. so when he hears about a struggling dog farm he steps into. well you tube or somebody in the head all day and the. topic. it was the headlines of 3 new. kennel don't come on i was told no but i was upset with all. of the get all. the body. or most years ago in order to google or to bumps on an old old home. at 1st the family won't let a camera inside. i've walked in and out a couple of times what i can tell you is that there is rats maybe everywhere flies
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. a lot of unhappy dogs. the family finally lets me in once i agree not to identify him. it's easy to see this family's business is on the skids. each year it is your life like. here noted for the good you. all. this place like many small farms can't afford to meet strict government regulations around racing dogs these farms are being forced to close. at the moment. what they want the job of an illusion of they're going to get it and then. good luck. so he's feeding the dogs which. i'm taking to see the courageous about 60 meters long and it's actually running
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through 3456 that's him i just. did dogs in cages with living ones. that. it's obvious this guy can no longer look after his dogs. but he's not prepared to give them up into. kind of the long. island that around. here. or i guess how do you know there's any. torture you know. who wants to rescue a few dogs immediately but the family is wary and is holding out for at least some cash before he hands him a dog. is going to have to raise the funds and come back another day.
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and then they're. going to do. well activists like gina and a growing number of koreans are trying to stamp out the dog meat industry the president of the meat. eating dog meat as a part of beef here to. tell the public from. the follow government regulations. he says business is booming. the returns on. hugo are known as oh my god are you quite an honor to walk around in that i'm. going to return on the hope of. well some got my money's on. here leaving my money and then i thought it was. just shifting the.
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president kim jong so introduces me to pharma kim jong il who grants me rare access to his industrial scale dog ok so we have a look around it's a far cry from the struggling famine just seen. i'm told this place complies with government regulations goes through 2 tons of chicken per week and has a feces processing plant with over half a $1000000.00. kim jong il explains that his several 1000 meat dogs atos us the type of mastiff and the not the same as pits. you can go and. talk to them with all the time a good. book yeah i'm talking. about them doing a. movie that it. could.
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do on a normal. as we walk across a wide river of dog i start to get an idea of the scale of the spawn. maybe oh this is just dying yeah. but there's one thing i can't film and that's the dogs this is as close as i'm allowed this does that healthy and nice why can't we film them even ironically one of them so good to do stand out that it will get to a head on a new thing when they don't. this is apparently a showcase for. but the korean parliament may soon vote on legislation that would make dog meat illegal so the farmers are understandably a bit touchy about how we'll patrol what's going on inside. thanks for showing me. some of it anyway.
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traveling to. the area with so many farms it's no wonder this don't vally. activists who do manage to negotiate the release of dogs from farms to places like that's. like our dogs yeah. yeah. he. said. they were all. wrong. paul. you know
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i personally cannot save all the dogs. today because yes. canada and u.k. . phone 100 and. since dogs because the most reluctant to adopt so cool. oh this is me. meaning that i leave. their. yes. there are you do see you on the other side of the. use. ok nami is a former university professor who gave up
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a day job and dedicated her life to shutting down farms and rescuing dogs which if you think you. should. there was. a dog is a dog there is no such a 10 minute dog packed up. i don't want to see that size of. anymore in this country that's why i'm striving for. you know dogs they've never been elected. and you love them while they love you back for a. while now many fights to save one dog at a time right now there's legislation before the national assembly that would declassify dogs as livestock. at the moment under the law dogs are treated the same
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as chickens pigs. but if the new norm is it could ban founds from breeding dogs for human consumption. but this group of activists isn't willing to wait that long. taking matters into their own hands by raiding dog slaughter houses in the dead of night. activists jeannie joke is joining them and i've been warned things could get violent. to. this dog slaughter house has taken over the corner of a public park the activists believe it flouts regulations by processing sick dogs in overcrowded crew conditions that he had to document the killing and reported to authorities. who it was the seals on all the snow on complicit on the personal problems of home just allude to 1st of all the wall
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street all because i'm a little good for you to be implicated in. telling the truth you. just. go along the ball. the ball so it's up to the boss and you look. at it it's. probably. not. long before you get more money to do ya know didn't know i was. getting a little one who thought that it was like. a little that's what i'm going to get you don't. let me get a grip. on that i was struggling to get through a straight call that he still he still has don't use this around his neck. area.
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his eyes are not even close. and he's still really war. next door. tension rises as the activists discover an incredibly gruesome site this is where the recently killed dogs are being torched there and butchered. want. to get. something to let. my dog. was. kidnapped you took that she was.
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the slaughterhouse manager so enraged she comes out to attack one of the activists . even for an experienced activist like tonight's scene was horrific. busy and they're. all coming. to. us from. this kind of activism has been bad for business here at moore and market which was once the bustling hub of the dog meat industry. i'm here to try and talk to the last remaining dog at the market but he's not too pleased to see me.
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eventually. grace to talk. even covers up a c.c.t.v. monitor of the cages before telling me that further legislation against the dog meat industry will ruin his life and the 1000000 people who work in it don't deserve to be singled out for the love of god muslims do. tell you to look for the box. office for goodness or you would jockey. recruiting would go to. mr sharon and his family have done well from the dog meat industry let's put his kids through uni and help his family to live comfortably. if the ban does go through what will that mean for the working industry. over there or . poor money.
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in the. poor i don't cause. i ask mr what he would do if the legislation passed couldn't he just find a different job. but how do you go to. good. and would a woman who. i don't actually know. right. in korea everyone involved in this $1000000000.00 industry is under pressure. and a couple of hours out of salt one father has succumbed willingly handing over his
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dogs to the humane society on international law. whilst government regulation is making business tough for small scale farmers it's also the change in eating habits that helps in the brother. so what's the reason for the downturn in the dog farming industry. rather. puzzled at the time with horses and push them out of war to. tell them that interaction return is a hobby u.w. gun producer on our economy when you're gone. the family is now trying to survive by growing chilies and hips but his financial burden has been eased by the humane society. r.j. want to give me that one yet. yet today his dogs are being vaccinated and prepared for adoption of a sees how. this is number. yet.
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many many ways it is. yes alone let's see what. not all koreans are happy about foreigners interfering in their dog meat debate but the fama is happy to have the help of. realizing a. little of this. when there was a deliberate jindo quoted. back in seoul the end of the book now dog eating festival is being mocked by candlelight vigil was eat it with concerned citizens it gathered to demand an end to the dog meat industry called. the politician pushing the bill to outlaw dog
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farming is he at least sendong he tells the crowd that modern korea should move on from its dog eating days he's now doing it on the floor but i'm. really not in the room with rahm. emanuel who you know being. a little monkey don't know. not what you want to do or who you do and if you. know being on the. team will you be a little not. young enough. to. also hear members of the meat dog association they've turned up to keep an eye on proceedings. prepare level them a little bit or. ship it out when they're going to go if we are. already
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down or up that are given for the border that it. really would think that one of. the top. are you going to be able to put on the familiar the because. it's an emotional issue and it's the empty dog farming legislation moves through problem and it looks like half the population will be devastated if it fails. the industry will be disappointed if it's passed. going. back that not make him shelter meena is getting ready for a new life in los angeles. to figure.
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out when they like you to understand it's quite natural. i'm nice closely yeah. he does it every day. it's taken a month of vaccinations rehabilitation and planning to get me no good family there . that this is the ticket for the music of adults yes. this song did not say one about one time. they really get this form after all you know they need to make up for it. so i mean no waits for the plane and her ticket to freedom.
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the will. come. on. 3 weeks later in los angeles lena has been booked to adoptions. this is a bit like speed dating for dogs and potential onus on the competition is tough. mean is getting lots of pets but not potential matches. until melanie and scott arrive i would. be separated really but not for long reality i think. they are going to default the dog holly as a us rescue and they seem to be getting along so they're going to take it to the next stage of their own. and they hook.
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up with the baltic leaders well the love affair they've actually in the 1st year that they could put. it all looks good karuna fingers crossed she's found a free of a bit of. the wilderness of cambodia is under threat. pillaged for profit by an illegal timber trade one of one east investigates the plunder of cambodia's forests. on al-jazeera . business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together.
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business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together take the worst possible material. into dust comparable to flour and make a lot of it and put it into place where people live it is a cause a loss on the ground. as well and for many people. but doesn't make you feel my sushi like i'm over we have created an enormous amount of
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. south africa. on al-jazeera. al jazeera says it's us sweat every. this is al jazeera. and this is the news live from coming up in the next 60 minutes north korea says
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a missile test is a warning to the south that sanctions are hitting the economy hard. more than a 100 migrants of dead after a boat capsizes off the libyan coast. a period of mourning in tunisia as the country squares in an interim president. point of no return brazil's amazon is fast approaching a stage it may never be able to survive. and fire a small have all your sporting clearing arsenal footballers and that's it all a. collapsed me i can skate to an attempted carjacking in london details coming up later. now years of sanctions on north korea appear to be having a devastating impact its economy is spiraling downwards slipping by 4 point one
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percent in 2008 that's estimated to be the worst drop in 21 years all those sanctions were meant to force north korea to abandon its nuclear ambitions but on thursday pyongyang tested a new ballistic missile it said it was a warning to south korea which is planning more joint military drills with the u.s. but despite that launch u.s. secretary of state says new talks on denuclearize ation of the korean peninsula could start within weeks well mcbride reports from seoul. the figures provide the stark is devil yet of how sanctions against north korea are hurting it economically . last year the economy contract did by 4 point one percent that's on top of a 3 and a half percent contraction the year before at the height of the nuclear and missile testing crisis when the tougher sanctions were introduced compare that with 2016
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when the north korean economy grew at nearly 4 percent better even than south korea in the same year the figures released earlier this month in seoul also show how sanctions have cut north korea's trade with its neighbors by nearly half with a staggering 86 percent drop in exports especially affected has been its mining sector with a complete ban on one of its biggest exports coal it shows the extent to which kim jong un stated ambition to develop his country's economy rather than the military is being frustrated but state run media is reporting that thursday's launch was overseen personally by kim and that the missiles were a new type of guided weapon much harder for anti missile systems to detect and intercept the north says there were a warning to the war mongers of south korea but seem calculated not to jeopardize
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the chance of a further summit with the us president donald trump they haven't done nuclear testing they really haven't tested missiles other than you know the moral ones. the which is something that just came seems to be following the same strategy of using his country's advances in military technology to build pressure for crippling sanctions to eventually be lifted rob mcbride al-jazeera sole. now aiden foster carter is the honorees senior research fellow in sociology in modern korea at leeds university in the u.k. he joins us via skype from exits the in the u.k. good to have you with us so let's translate numbers into people we talk of sanctions causing economic contraction who exactly is hurting we talk about farmers factory workers government employees yes you're quite right the burden of
6:53 pm
pain is very on even especially the 1st thing to say is that the missile program the weapons of mass destruction which is proceeding even if president trump thinks there isn't the testing that we've seen i mean resources for that a fire in the elite in pyongyang as far as we can see the capital something of a showpiece city become slightly more like other cities or more commerce in recent years this is there's a very strange disconnect in the puzzle for us you analyze it i mean it you can't see the hurting that so the burden as ever is being born in the countryside by ordinary people workers miners particular the mining sector is suffering a lot and farmers frankly the regime doesn't care very much about them we do know from international u.n. agencies and others how they are hurting so but the idea that sanctions will bring north korea to the conference table i think is is is the untrue if they are talking on and off that stuffs it's for other reasons so a mixed picture but definitely suffered even as the state continues to with its
6:54 pm
weapons program. so we talk about now the sharpest contraction in 21 years are people going to go hungry and will people die because of this people go hungry all the time in north korea and there is you you hardly see a fat person with the one rather obvious exception it is a lean society they you know there is the money attrition is not like the actual devastating famine that hit in the mid 1990 s. after the soviet union collapsed and all the freebies they used to get disappeared but leanest happens actually all the time can i just say though that these figures are estimates i mean i'm sure ballpark they're correct but the north korea's one of the weird things about north but many are things to say is you know statistics i don't know if any other country in the world is like this they haven't seen any for half a century so these numbers that we're basing all this all come from the south koreans or hope that they have a bit of an axe to grind they do their best estimates but they don't tell us their methodology i'm not clearing it because the trade you know that that one that we
6:55 pm
know is true because other countries figures the trade has fallen by a half exports of followed by 80 percent that must be devastating to the g.d.p. but these are estimates point one i mean you know the decimal points are well we have the truth but yet just this just be clear on the source here or i but the broad picture is accurate in terms of an economy that's going down by a missile test and that technology ongoing are sanctions working then in doing m.l. and hurting the people know that this is that this is the paradox to the data that we have on north korea is diverse and frank mentoring it seems to tell the different things you'd also have to bring in there's a un panel of experts set up to monitor the sanctions the sanctions did of course get much tighter in the last year or 2 and that's why the trade in stolen no doubt about that connection but to the these this u.n. report shows how ingenious north korea is they can manage to import the rolls royce phantom that kim jong un has given us
6:56 pm
a glimpse of now and that you know. the state banned luxury products they have their ways and means they have long supply chains obviously people that sell direct it's a lot or they be a breach of sanctions so the weapons program and the aims of the government go on the ordinary people who despite it being seriously communist you know just about anything for very little time they very sadly the brunt or i will leave it there thanks so much for your analysis thank you. in northeast nigeria at least 2 people have been killed in an attack by boko haram fighters on one of the region's biggest camps for internally displaced people the army says the raid near my degree was repelled separately nigeria's government says it's negotiating to free aide workers being held hostage by an armed group affiliated with i saw 6 staff members of the french charity action against hunger were taken last week their convoy was ambushed near the border with. from on this let's cross over to
6:57 pm
asad reeses in the nigerian capital abou just so 1st of all ahmed the attack on the camp doesn't signify a resurgence of baka harm. well boko haram never completely disappeared sami been around for a very long time despite claims by the nigerian president that the group has been defeated what is happening right now is that we've seen less of such attacks that we saw last night on internally displaced persons camp and that is partly because the military has stepped up its operations including of course other regional military from cameroon chad and niger republic that stepped up their operations against boko haram especially the group that is affiliated with i swap the islamic state in west africa province and also in the other parts of nigeria where the chicago let function of book or tom has been operating so we've seen less of such
6:58 pm
attacks rather what we've seen in the previous months is the abductions the resurgence of abductions although this has been go a long long before even the trouble goes back to the m 24 team for example the city of my degree lost hundreds of goals in from schiphol from schools within the city in the villages and towns around but in the state and also we saw how the reaction was after that your girls were taken last year hundreds of moment about a 100 girls were taken from a 2nd school in depth of course although one of them is still held captive by boko haram so we can say bottom has never completely disappeared and we'll continue to see such attacks in the coming months or weeks because they have cells actually not even in the bushes but also within towns and cities as we've seen in the past several months where the military or security forces have arrested some of
6:59 pm
their members within towns and cities or are going address from a bunch of that. hundreds of activists of packed inside the main terminal of hong kong's airport as they continue their call for greater democracy this is the scene in the main arrivals area where crowds are trying to take their message to international visitors they're angry at what they see as china's growing influence on hong kong affairs and the government response to weeks of mass rallies protests began over a planned extradition law but have grown into some of the biggest in decades. and plenty more still ahead on the news hour including why was a new lease of life in the kurdish region of northern iraq i hate why brings the hottest day on record to several european countries also rising water is about global warming. and in sport this sprint legend drops in on some unsuspecting marathon runners in new york will be here with that story.
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turn a serious observing 7 days of mourning for its president 92 year old the subsidy who died on thursday has been replaced by the speaker of the parliament hum of the nasser who lead the country until the election is held on september the 15th the tale of his audience has more. a new phase in tunisia's government speaker of parliament mohamed innes who are sworn in to serve temporarily as the country's president he will take over for up to 90 days while elections are organized. i swear by god almighty to protect the independence of tunisia and the safety of its lands to respect the constitution and law and fully take care of the people's interests and be loyal to tunisia.


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