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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 206  Al Jazeera  July 25, 2019 8:32pm-9:01pm +03

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contrasts with the previous white paper in 2015 which is more focused on an external perspective now the focus one could interpret it as being more in sorrow one focusing on china's domestic stability what it uses its territories do you think in some way there is it signals a new determination for the chinese to take more concrete action when it comes to taiwan or is this more of a diversionary tactic to focus more on the entire know and domestic policies for quietly expanding influence overseas. i think certainly in the domestic aspects has become top of patients agenda. if you look at the 25th defense white paper taiwan tibet and john is not explicitly mention although it is implied. but in this case they have been incorporated into the tasks emissions of the chinese military so it's very clear that this has
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elevated importance for the chinese party state you know the thing is that there is at language with reference to maintaining political security maintaining social stability so very much code a language for maintaining the control of the party ok one of the other big messages from this was the fact that the u.s. is undermining global stability i'd like to examine that. saying with you in what way is the u.s. on so many global stability according to this white paper in this report. yes so in beijing's view the u.s. is pursuing what it what it called hedge monism so essentially security a security at the cost of others and being able to exercise a degree of power that is seized as illegitimate. but also in the
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region in beijing's view that the united states is increasingly antagonistic towards beijing whether that be in the south china sea a with reference to taiwan and indeed rain foresman of the us alliance networks and deployments and other forms of intervention in the region and beyond its unilateral ism as well. in henchman up its military capabilities so all of that threatens beijing and is perceived by beijing as potentially threatening of its national interests at lawrence korb which here are with the u.s. except these arguments that it's america that. might in global stability now obviously the united states feels that it's in the region because they're asked to be there why our allies the japanese the south koreans the australians and
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they're there we're there to help protect them for example if the chinese try and take over a some of the islands that traditionally have belonged to japan we would we would prefer prevent that and obviously we would come to the defense of taiwan if for example the chinese aside that that they waited long enough and they had to use force to to unify the unify the island so we are feel that we're there to provide the stability and the chinese are the aggressors i think it's very interesting now we've tightened our toys with india it's not used to be the pacific command now it's the indo-pacific over. dan and india and china have been traditional busy rivals in the area. jumped out at me were which we're seeing the teen ira civs here from china has perspective the u.s. is threatening global stability from the u.s. perspective they're merely defending allies in the region and china is becoming
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more of a de stabilizing factor as they can both these things be true. yes i mean to china there obviously sees its military modernization and its military investment it's not a military. activity such as the belgian road initiative which are aimed at getting strategic and economic influence primarily all these go hand in hand and part of china's. strong development that we've seen over the past few days and this book continue and so this kind of this white paper is part of the process of laying down the foundation and laying down the marker as to where china's position in the global in the global between the global powers is it it's saying to the u.s. we're here where we're dominant player in the region and we will continue and
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expand our power over the coming over the coming decade and the and the lines that it's put in the sand today with this white paper certainly in terms of taiwan is a is a is a is a warning that will be you know understood in the u.s. but the u.s. all of us see not stand down so it means that there will be a requirement for diplomacy. for discussions and negotiations and also. threats and concerns about misunderstandings in some of the region so that so that there is you know there is a place for. but it requires a certain level of diplomacy because neither of these 2 powers the u.s. and china are going away any time soon in this region and beyond that there's there's certainly no dinner and it gives rise to. to the question how likely are we
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to see some kind of military intervention because already the u.s. and china are in the middle of a trade war neither side looked willing to back down does this increase the risk of a military confrontation not no not not a mediately i don't think because there is an understanding that what's happening at the moment in certainly in areas like the south china sea where china's military power has grown to such an extent that it's terence there's also grown which means that it's the chances of military engagement have decreased. china's military power has decreased the increase to such a right that the big are the chances of any real military conflict has has probably decreased with some certain regional players however that's not the u.s. and that's where the complication is and the real danger i think is misunderstandings miscalculations about patrols in the air is that they do patrols
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about that that is probably an area that is of concern but diplomacy will be a key aspect going forward for these 2 notions as a me just how far do you think china is prepared to go with regard to taiwan we heard in that press conference the spokesperson saying we are willing to go to war do you think we can take that statement at face value. i think it's hard to judge their coming. china has been consistently saying for a long time now that it's welling to go to war. over taiwan but i think ultimately the cardinal principle with that animates chinese behavior at home as well as policy abroad is the need to keep the chinese communist party in power so if it comes to taiwan or the collapse of the communist party then
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i think they will go to war but in being in other scenarios you can imagine where the chinese communist parties legitimacy is threatened and it's been putting to a really tough spot where if it was that military action is its only way out so i think that's the kind of scenario that would potentially have escalation in book ations and very tragic consequences lawrence korb a similar question to you how far is the us prepared to go when it comes to support for taiwan given these red lines and markets have really been drawn in the sand with this white paper. oh well there's no doubt about the fact that the u.s. would call him to taiwan say if the chinese should be foolish enough to try and integrate it using military military force off the a sleigh nobody wants that because nobody's going to win if that if that happens
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similarly the united states and china have to be careful they don't have an accidental escalation when we're conducting patrols in the area they're trying to you know bill run why runways on these islands that they're that they're that they're claiming and i think that's the real danger as well as the fact that something could happen in north korea given what's what's going on there their missile build up the fact that we're putting. missiles in south korea theoretically to defend against north korea but the chinese see them as on to my name their nuclear deterrent so those are the things i think you have to be very very care careful careful about and make sure that we maintain lines of communication so an accidental encounter does not spiral into a conflict that nobody really wants absolutely but things lawrence korb the seem to
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be deteriorating in terms of the rhetoric building up with this trade war going on the chinese using very much more robust rhetoric when it comes to outlining their position in this white paper do you think this will be ringing alarm bells in washington the release of this white paper do you think in the u.s. there is a recognition that the are not going to be the only superpower in time. well you know i think it will reinforce our the american national security strategy which said well you know when you have 2 major strategic competitors china and russia and china is the is the more potent one and that's why we've had to increase our defense spending which in real terms even if you control for inflation is higher than at the height of the reagan buildup or during during world war 2 so it will feed into that narrative and make it hard for people who say we're focusing
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too much on defense and not enough on diplomacy to win the to win the day as in the t. think we are looking at and you chinese military superpower already china's very strong economically is this the next frontier. indeed i think. she jumping has made it abundantly clear that china is looking for a superstar power status when it comes to its military force the wipa clearly highlights that the people's liberation army is not where beijing wants it to be knowledge is that tremendous modernization reform has already happened but it also says that it's still lags behind while leading militaries and i think that's what that's what china's military were working towards and it's got mastan in 20202035 of cause to become the world's leading. leading military by 2050 so indeed we're
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looking at china's pursuit of that military superstardom it's another matter to kind of evaluate whether that is possible within the frame in the timeframe given by xi jinping ok i see you. were coming to the end of our discussion just give me your thoughts are we looking at summa the tree superpowers the u.s. and china or will the u.s. remain dominate in this regard. at the moment the us is dominant in this regard and we're more ramon so for the foreseeable future certainly for the near term and as was stated just now the chinese military has certain goals that it wants to achieve by the 20 mid twenty's thirty's and 20 fifty's and i think by that time that on the trajectory that china is on at the moment with the investment that china has committed is committing to military modernization there will be
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a different scope and a different level of military power available to the chinese government at that period. at the moment the us is in a head in terms of capabilities and technology is an understanding but the china chinese is rapidly improving its capability to this very quickly well lots of food pfeffer thought that i'd like to thank all of my guests john lawrence korb and the and thank you to you for watching you can see the program again any time by visiting our website that's al to 0 dot com and for further discussion just head to our facebook page that space picked up come forward slash a.j. inside story you can also join the conversation on twitter our handle is at a.j. inside story you can take it or at the at our my he for me. and the whole inside so i think it's bye bye.
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this is a new year new lessons and murals this is the time when you get to choose your english teacher is for the next 2 years meet the teachers empowering best students my fact i'm michael all about freedom we're going to look at perspectives i want you to develop the skill with which you speak by letting them choose the lessons they learned revelator cation democratic schooling united kingdom on al-jazeera. setting the discussions 2018 was the deadliest year the aviation industry has
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experienced for some time examining the headlines many foreign journalists including those from al-jazeera have had their licenses revoked their offices raided explore an abundance of world class programming designed to inform motivate and inspire that convinced me this was that conservation chance of a life that the world is watching. on al-jazeera one of the really special things about working for al-jazeera is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much empathy and contribution to a story as he'll we cover this region better than anyone else would be for us as you know is that it tends to be but it is but the good because you have a lot of people that are divided on political issues we are we the people we live to tell the real story so i'll just mandate is to deliver in-depth generalism we don't feel inferior to the audience across the globe.
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al jazeera where every. i'm sam is a dan and with a look at the headlines here now just here and now to his is 92 year old president of the steps a has died he played a major role in the country's transition to democracy after a revolution in 2011 well that led to the ouster of longtime leader zain labadee
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and then ali the speaker of parliament will now take over as interim president in one can reports. came to power in december 2014 after winning the 1st free presidential election his career began 40 years earlier and took him through various posts in defense security and foreign affairs he briefly served as interim prime minister in 2011. 0 was the 1st to experience a wave of protests that became known as the arab spring into. the following year they led to the ousting of longtime president zain aberdeen ben ali. and in the 1st free elections 3 years later at the head of a newly created party won a runoff the polarized voters he was often accused of giving in to many of the demands of the islamist opposition led by the in order party his opponents also
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accused him of trying to instill a return to ben ali style strongman politics. and a poll said he did not want to run in elections scheduled for later this year despite strong support for another presidential term from within his own need to tunis party. the north african state has been held as an arab spring only democratic success because the protests that toppled didn't trigger the violent of people seen in egypt and libya but since 2007 successive governments have failed to resolve economic problems which include high inflation and unemployment on thursday he was taken to a military hospital in the capital tunis his 2nd hospital visit in less than a week. puerto rico's governor has announced his resignation after nearly 2 weeks of mass protests the crowds came out after the release of offensive messages sent between the ricardo say ya and his top advisors but there was already anger over
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corruption in the u.s. territory that's bankrupt north korea has conducted its 1st ballistic missile test since u.s. president met kim jong il nearly a month ago south korea and japan say 2 weapons were fired into the sea off the coast of one son and his 1st speech as britain's new prime minister. orus johnson has asked the european union to rethink its refusal to renegotiate a break that johnson also said his government would prioritize preparations for exiting without an agreement if there is no deal with the e.u. by the october 31st deadline. mission is to deliver british on the 31st of october for the purpose of uniting and reenergizing our great united kingdom and making this country the greatest place. on earth.
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johnson's promise to renegotiate a new deal with the e.u. without the so-called backstop to keep the irish border open has been rejected by island's leader listen to what he said today i got the impression that he wasn't just talking about at least in the back stuff he is talking about a whole new deal better deal for britain that's not going to happen at the european council doesn't meet until the 12th of october we've no plans to meet any earlier than ash and even if we were to change the negotiation guidelines we would be changing to them and the sand will sack 12 and a half 1000 workers that 9 percent of its global workforce by 2023 the arrest of its former chairman carlos go on in november has seen the automotive giant struggle to revive growth management says its cutting costs boeing has announced its largest quarterly loss on record following the grounding of its 737 max aircraft the company lost $3000000000.00 in its 2nd quarter
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sales fell by more than a 3rd witnesses next stay with us here on al-jazeera.
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