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campaigns become so really they're been amazingly removed in each saying in this exact no nonsense from his company but surely that's a big risk because you've got an awkward squad out there now everyone knows that you know when you've got influential big it is out on those benches they're going to cause trouble and there's a way for thin majority i think so when you see people like philip hammond who is the chancellor you know he's been opponent of no deal bricks and he's warned that he will oppose that from the backbenches that you always have people at that wall as it were since indeed with his cabinet and so i think he's showing these great team to get on with this now and get us out of the by the 31st. of south korea says north korea has fired 2 projectiles into the ocean off the north east coast they were shot into the sea off one san south korea says they were fired just before 6 am local time the flight distance suggests they were likely missiles it is the 1st military action from pyongyang since u.s.
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president donald trump met kim jong un at korea's demilitarized zone nearly a month ago rob a bride is live for us in seoul so rob what more do we know about this and what can we read into the timing of it as well. yes as it was they're waiting to see exactly what these projectiles were but officials here in south korea say it's very similar to a launch that took place in may which was the launch again from the east coast from the same location of 2 short range missiles into the sea separating the korean peninsula from japan flying about 400 kilometers so it could be we could be talking about short range missiles again here and interestingly that launch that took place in may was the 1st by north korea since 2017 and was seen as i think this launch to will be seen as a sign of north korea's frustration at the stalled nature of talks with the united
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states things are stalled at the moment as we know but north korea is also angered by the upcoming exercises that are going to be held here between south korean and the u.s. forces in august these exercises have been scaled down but they are still taking place in a modified smaller mode so they are angry at that so this could well be timed to show their anger it also comes as the u.s. national security advisor john bolton is in the region he has been visiting japan has been visiting on wednesday south korea obviously part of the his agenda will be discussing the united front that these 2 very important allies of the u.s. show to north korea and the continuing standoff over north korea's nuclear arsenal so it could well be a signal to him he is one of the more hawkish figures in donald trump's administration so it could well be timed for his visit has him and so where are the
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negotiations then between the u.s. and north korea and does this action by north korea really help there. we are back into this kind of stop go scenario our expectations keep on being raised you mentioned there about this sudden meeting between donald trump and kim jong un at the d.m.z. nearly a month ago now which was held purportedly because donald trump decided to tweet an invitation and they met at the d.m.z. it was all very exciting stuff it was meant to herald possibly a reboot or a reset of the negotiations between the u.s. and north korea there were meant to be working level talks then between officials from both countries but we're still waiting for those talks to happen there does seem to be a problem for north korea in that when the u.s. president donald trump focuses on north korea they are very much top of the the jen
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and they dominate the world headlines but as we know the u.s. president has an awful lot on his plate from one news cycle to the next and north korea very quickly drops off the radar i think this is a way for north korea to show its frustration it doesn't have many plays in its playbook to keep itself dominating world affairs this is away from north korea to say look we're still here we still want to go see asians or they probably see in donald trump their best chance of trying to get the lifting of these sanctions and the clock is ticking of course because we are coming up to election year he might not be president a couple of years from now as i'm all right for the moment robin wright life mistery in seoul thanks for. well we got plenty more ahead. all funded by civil war syrian children struggling to survive off to the rest of their family killed by an asteroid. a multi-billion dollar fine for facebook the u.s. government penalizes the tech giant of violating users privacy. and later in
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sports the lympics president gets on the front foot ahead of next year's tokyo game . show that's still ahead but 1st a former u.s. special counsel has told congress that his report did not exonerate president donald trump of obstruction of justice who was testifying at 2 different hearings about his investigation into russian interference in the 2016 presidential election it is the 1st time he's on send questions publicly since the inquiry reports. democrats in congress had hoped this would be a huge day they wanted former special counsel robert mueller to lay out in plain english contacts between the truck campaign and russians and 10 different acts that
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could be seen as the president obstructing justice what they got was a whole lot of this i refer to the report on that i'm not to speak to that i'm again going to pass on that what was question moller kept it brief but he did confirm with the democrats one of the american people to hear the president has not been telling the truth about the investigation so the report did not conclude he did not commit obstruction of justice. that is correct and what about total exoneration if you actually totally exonerate the present. now in fact. your reports expressly states that it does not exonerate the person it does republicans fiercely defended the president when he said donald trump is not above the law he's not but he did i'm sure shouldn't be below the law which is where volume 2 of this work puts him and he knows he's innocent he's not corrupt really acting in order to see that justice is done what do you doing is not obstructing justice he
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is pursuing justice the former special counsel did seem to indicate the president could still face trouble from his report could you charge the president with a triumph after he left office yes you believe that he committed you could charge the president on stage with obstruction of justice after he left office yes and muller had a message for the american people the russian interference is real and it continues in the single attempt they're doing as we sit here and they expect to do it. during the next campaign the democrats were looking for theater a moment strong enough that it could break through and move public opinion for now it doesn't appear that they got that the both sides will be looking at public opinion polls in the coming days to figure out their next steps now the molar has spoken how to contain l. dizzier washington. all mike hanna joins us live now from washington so mike this
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was a much anticipated appearance by the former special counsel but as with many things in washington these days what you took on it depends on what side of the political spectrum you're on. precisely that robot model is a lightning rod for the divisions that one finds within congress and indeed in the country as a whole democrats welcomed his appearance seeing that they gained what they see as a victory out of it president. in his eyes conducted what he viewed as a victory lap speaking to the reporters on the white house longs once again repeating his assertion that the mill investigation was a witch hunt it was a phony cloud over his presidency he said and he go argues that he now feels vindicated once again from this investigation so we had a very good day today the republican party. our country. there was no
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defense of what robert muller was right to defend it offers the robert dollar whether his performance was a bad one or a good one i think everybody understands that i think everybody understands what's going on there was no defense to this ridiculous homes switch on that's been going on for. a long time i have a totally different view they believe that importantly robert de mello confirmed certain things about president trump and certainly indicate to 10 obstruction of justice charges they also had a pac called behind the minute news conference outlining the advantages the benefits of the mill investigation which includes confiscating a huge amount of money a number of indictments a number of people charged including of the several top campaign officials but importantly we heard from the house speaker what the mother investigation showed is
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how crucial his evidence in these hearings today was to the ongoing investigation into president trump that could eventually lead to impeachment if we have a case for impeachment. that's the place you will have to go at that the fact that why i'd like you to be a strong case is because i don't it's based on the facts the facts in the law that's what matters not politics not partisanship just patriotism well nancy pelosi likely to gain even more pressure from members of her democratic party to push for impeachment as you heard she's very careful though she wants to be absolutely sure that the parent of the senate which is the ultimate court in any impeachment case would be persuaded by the strength of facts that have been collected but whichever way this goes this is not the end of the investigation into president trump with the appearance in congress today certainly not as far as
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democrats are concerned mike thanks for that mike hanna in washington for us our sudan's military says it has stopped a coup attempt to seeking to abort the people's revolution the military's chief of staff was among a number of high ranking officials detained comes one week after a power sharing deal was signed by members of the military council and civilian coalition the muck and clean that goes on top of the military forces were able to uncover the details of the plan and the participants led by general how to what to leave our mid the military joint chief of staff and a number of military officers and senior members of the national intelligence and security service this is in addition to leaders from the islamic movement and the national congress party they have been taken into custody. here morgan has more on his. the chief of staff is not the only person who has been arrested are so full of the top army officials were arrested as well including the head of the armored
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division and the head of the popular defense force now that defense force was a force that was established by the former president on what it was she who was ousted by the military council on the 11th of april it's now clear the reasons for one of the arrest and people are saying that the minute sources in the military are saying that there were coup attempts that was organized by the chief of staff along with several other top generals at least 18 people happen to rest have so far some of those have been forced into retirement and it's not clear to waiting for a statement from the military council to explain why these arrests took place but it is worth noting that the chief of staff for someone who was appointed by the military council after they came to power on the 11th of april so he's very much somebody of their choice and so clear if they would basically believe that he would try to stage a coup against the military council several officials as i said have also been arrested as well we understand that they are being investigated and there are concerns that what the military council is trying to do is to crank the consulate
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did its power to keep only the loyalists people who are loyal to the military council for positions of power in the military. about morgan there were least 14 civilians have been killed in airstrikes on syria's province comes just 2 days after one of the worst attacks on the rebel held area when several strikes on a market in southern italy left more than 40 people dead syrian government began an offensive to retake the province nearly 3 months ago saying a hoarder has more. is struggling to police. after being trapped under rubble for hours he still can't get enough oxygen. none of his family can take care of this 3 year old. his 7 year old sister but is also in intensive care they were severely injured when their home collapsed after it was hit by an airstrike but tool and as much parents and their younger sister were
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killed. they were among $41.00 syrians who died on monday when airstrikes hit a popular market and surrounding areas in the opposition controlled town of monitor noman and southern italy. these 2 children were brought to our hospital after the massacre and a lot of. their cases breaks your heart they were in a very bad condition when they are god willing they will get better but they are worried about. it was one of the deadliest attacks against civilians since the russian backed syrian government offensive began almost 3 months ago. the neighborhood was repeatedly hit making it hard will rescue workers to evacuate the survivors. the 1st strike hurt so i ran to the neighborhood to see what happened i saw destruction and bodies on the
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streets then we heard on the walkie talkie that the planes are back i was with 2 other people. they ran in different directions for those who went to the left where i hid in the store and that is why i survived. no man is home to more than 100000 syrians internally displaced from other parts of syria it's not the 1st time it has been hit and people expect the indiscriminate to continue but for many leaving is not an option. in the same situation as others if i leave there's no place to go. populated the borders with turkey are closed people preferred to die in their homes instead of a life with no dignity. syria. family were sleeping when the plane.
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keeps asking for his father i don't know what to. orphans and the. children. all right still ahead on al-jazeera we go on patrol with. only. legislature moves to impeach the governor as protest and he refuses to. return to the venue.
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where cross united states we have been dealing with a lot of rain. that's been pushing across the eastern seaboard as well as down here towards the southeast and. we did see a lot of problems particularly up here towards parts of massachusetts as well as new york a lot of rain even a tornado push through massachusetts over the last few days but the rain is going to continue down here across much of the southeast that front will linger and we could be seeing some localized flooding for parts of florida over the next few days from miami expect to see about $32.00 with thunderstorms in your forecast but anything north of that it is going to be much drier but temperatures still into the high twenty's there as we go towards friday much of the same but we do have another weather system that is pushing across the great lakes and that will bring some thunderstorms for you well here across much of the caribbean we are looking at very heavy rain across parts of central america now we're talking about coastal rica down here towards panama as well heavy rain is going to lead to some localized flooding few of the next few days even parts of nicaragua you can be seeing some heavy rain as well up towards jamaica though it is going to be quite nice with a temperature of 32 degrees and then very quickly it is still quite cold across
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parts of paraguay as well as into parts of argentina are tempters for a sense john is only going to be reaching about 10 degrees there down towards what is odd is at about 11 heavy rain in the forecast for freo temperature for you a $26.00. the palestine national locust was 1st founded in the 1930 s. but has had to be revived in 2010 very important. now musicians from all over the world come together to perform in the occupied territories. it's like every palestinian living in the spirit felt it was the 1st time they performed using their identity al-jazeera world his music as a force for unity the diaspora orchestra. one of the really special things about working for al-jazeera is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much empathy and contribution to a story i feel we cover this region better than anyone else would be foolish is you
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know it's very challenging to believe particularly because you have a lot of people that are divided on political issues we are we the people we live to tell the real stories are just mended used to deliver in-depth journalism we don't feel inferior to the audiences across the globe. you're watching al-jazeera a reminder of our top stories this hour boris johnson has taken over as the u.k.'s prime minister pledging to get a bold new brigs it deal board warning britain will crash out by the end of october if the e.u.
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refuses to negotiate. north korea's $52.00 projectiles into the ocean off its east coast japan says they were short range ballistic missiles it is the 1st military action in north korea since donald trump met kim jong un at korea's demilitarized zone last month former u.s. best counsel robert muller has told congress he did not exonerate the president of obstruction of justice but he did say donald trump could be prosecuted once he's out of office. let's get more now on one of our top stories wednesday's testimony in washington by the former special counsel jed sugarman is professor of law at fordham university joins us from newton massachusetts thanks very much for being with us. so what were the main takeaways for you then of robert wallace appearance before congress. well one main takeaway it was that he might not be
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a morning person he was far more engaged and energetic and revealing in the sec in the afternoon with the set with the house intelligence committee focused on volume one of the report on the russia russia meddling and the russia trump contacts. it's all it seems likely to me that muller worked more on that volume one on russia he seemed less engaged less sure less familiar with the volume to discussion in the morning on obstruction this might reflect mahler's greater interest in russia generally in counterintelligence generally and less interested in some of the technicalities of the executive branch and obstruction all a lot of people on all sides of the political special did remark on his handling of the questions and his general performance as as a witness and to some it it kind of raised questions about the degree to which he
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was actually in charge and in control of this report what it was what's your take on that. i think that's right i think 1st of all it was a massive effort we have to recognize that miller's team brought so many cases so many prosecutions and had so many convictions trials and especially guilty pleas from so many people that it was impossible for muller to supervise all of that and i think it's clear that muller was more engaged in certain questions than others i found that he was really disengaged and unaware or not able to answer lots of legal questions i think he supervised a lot he delegated a lot that's kind of a problem it made it seem like it was a far flung effort and and it think gave republicans an opening to show that he wasn't really on top of the whole effort and to the extent they're spinning it as
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the angry democrats i think that's a bit of a problem but here's the big thing i mean there was a big question that muller failed to answer that there could there a couple of places where this came up in the morning session one of several of the congressmen asked muller if trump could be indicted after he left office one of those questioners was a republican and that republican was shocked when miller said yes trump could be indicted for obstruction of justice after he left office that was it a day where there were huge moments there was a huge reaction to that moment and he also answered democrats question here is one of the problems moeller has overlooked a huge issue that came up in the afternoon session one of the congressman mike quigley asked muller. if there was a problem about the statute of limitations what that means is that there's a time frame a clock a prosecutor has to bring charges within a certain number of years that congress designates in all of the relevant charges
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here that clock that deadline is 5 years the congressman asked muller what happens if the 5 years runs out when trump if trump were to serve 2 terms and muller said i don't know and then he asked again and he said i'm not aware and the congressman was clear there is no way to stop the clock that then i think is one of the big problems of mahler's approach muller said that he wouldn't be clear about any accusations or criminal conclusions because he couldn't indict trump and that wouldn't be fair to trump there's a bigger fairness problem if the statute of limitations runs that means a president could be permanently above the law that's a bigger fairness problem and now that that question has been aired i've done some research on this question there is no way to stop the clock there's no precedent for stopping the clock that is a major argument that comes out of today's hearings in favor of impeachment because
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the only way a 2 term president could ever be held accountable for crimes in his early election campaign or in early in his 1st term is if the house brings charges that's now a new major argument for impeachment otherwise a president could always be above the law and never be a formally accused if he served 2 terms so what does this leave the momentum for impeachment and i mean all in all did did he's testimony move the needle in any way . i think the key thing today is that i think more democrats i don't think this moves republicans at all but they were never going to be moved by today anyway and i think what happens is that coming out of today democrats may be more galvanized i think that there were enough moments and i think you saw there was a press conference where nancy pelosi adam schiff. gerald navl or eliza cummings all appeared together and even though they didn't say anything
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about bringing in starting a formal impeachment inquiry i think there was a show of unity about next steps i think it's possible that more of the democratic caucus says ok look we need to move forward in some way i think it's more likely we get to a formal impeachment inquiry even if that doesn't get us to an impeachment vote that is important legally because the next thing the democrats are doing they're litigating over subpoenas tax returns financial records it's a stronger legal case in court if those subpoenas are connected to a an impeachment inquiry because those high crimes and misdemeanors stated by an inquiry are important for overriding the administration's assertions of things like executive privilege or the attorney client privilege i think lawyers are aware in the house for the house committees that they needed that house impeachment inquiry
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to strengthen these next steps for getting those documents could to talk should them and prescience. other speaker of puerto rico's house of representatives says it started impeachment proceedings against governor ricardo rosello is going on the mounting pressure to step down after nearly 2 weeks of mass protests demonstrators have been calling for his resignation after leaked messages showed him making sexist and homophobic comments puerto rico status has defined its politics since the u.s. and next it from spain in $898.00 is the end of the spanish american civil war. the caribbean island is sandwiched between the dominican republic and the virgin islands more than 3500 kilometers from the u.s. mainland it's been an american territory since 1900 but not a state depriving it of the power and benefits of statehood what's a rico is allowed one seat in congress but without any voting powers all puerto
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ricans are american citizens but they cannot vote for president unless they live on the mainland and the island has its own independent elected local government and constitution or gabriel is and out is a lie for us now from the puerto rican capital san sponsor gave up events moving fast there was the latest. that's right the story goes that you touch on protesters here outside the governor's mansion it can do a couple 100 and now it's in the house just inside the mansion the governor's mansion is the governor's where he was supposed to address the puerto rican people to going to happen hours ago but he has not done that you will not know what he's going to say there's a lot of expectations that members here on the island that he was going to resign but we have not heard that yet and. literally thousands of protesters here outside the governor's mansion waiting to hear what this government is going to have to say
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and certainly nobody you know but there's been a lot of pressure on this governor for 14 days now of protests calling for him to resign immediately so far has refused those calls. and what are what are people on the streets there saying. they want him gone it's not only about this governor because it started at the scandal with 2 of the cabinet ministers being arrested for corruption and then it went on to hundreds of the governors that leaked text messages text messages where he was insulting the puerto rican people. if you called her comments about women and even taking a joke about the puerto rican good guys during hurricane gloria so they want this governor out that was the house. government not the company they're spending except telling me to cease their revolution and they're telling me to their arab spring those are their words and their think they will not
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leave the streets and don't expect them to read this is now becoming a threat of we declared a crisis if the governor announced in the night that he will not step down it will throw this country into further chaos. gabriel amazon the and sat hot. facebook's been fined $5000000000.00 by the us federal trade commission for violating its users privacy it is the largest ever penalty of its kind imposed by the f.t.c. facebook now asked to create a special committee within its board to put an end to privacy decisions being made solely by chief executive mark zuckerberg facebook stock rose shortly after the fine was announced and that rise in facebook's share price has prompted criticism from democrats in the u.s. that the fine is too small f.t.c. chairman joe simons says current legislation isn't good enough to effectively
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police silicon valley our authority in these types of cases is quite limited which is why we have encouraged congress to consider federal privacy legislation but for now the only real world choice here was to take a historic settlement that provides immediate and important protection to american consumers or wait for years to get far less relief. boeing has announced its largest quarterly loss on record after the grounding of its 737 x. aircraft the company lost $3000000000.00 in his 2nd quarter and sales fell by more than a 3rd the 737 max fleet was grounded in march after 2 fatal crashes in 5 months which killed 346 people a problem with software caused the plane to repeatedly nose dive when it was meant to stabilize the aircraft because the salumi has more now from new york. boeing sold $104.00 fewer planes than it did last year in the 2nd quarter revenue is down
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35 percent the announcement censure prices tumbling the $737.00 max remains grounded as the company works to fix a software glitch blamed for those 2 fatal crashes boeing expects to have that taken care of in the coming months but it will still be up to federal regulators to determine when the $737.00 can return to flight boeing c.e.o. says the company might shut down production if the plane's return is significantly delayed beyond the company's october forecasts the company has said it expects to pay some $4900000000.00 to compensate airlines for the downtime it's also facing lawsuits from the families of the $386.00 victims of the 2 flights experts believe the company will rebound it's just a matter of when and boeing has been the leader that we need them to get back on their feet and struggling again we've still right now there's a question of trust there's
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a question of winning the regulators and the government and everyone on board because that's what the airline business is all about having the trust of the people while the company did suffer its largest quarterly loss ever that was offset somewhat by gains in the defense and service contracts about 1600000 people are facing food insecurity and mo. after 2 cyclon struck earlier this year cycle only di and cycling kenneth hit just 6 weeks apart flattening cities and villages and killing hundreds of people die also caused widespread flooding washing away thousands of hectares of crops weeks before harvest thousands of children are malnourished experts warn the situation could get worse from october. a mozambique world food program emergency coordinator peter riegert says the organization is trying to help people get back on their feet. or helping them clear a land and pay them with food we're helping them doing small.


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