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and. the u.k.'s conservative party prepares to announce who replaced a reason many as prime minister was johnson is a front runner for the top job. hello i'm down jordan this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. so if iran continues on this dangerous path they must accept the price will be a launch of western military presence or tension in the gulf as the u.k. calls for the immediate release of an oil tanker seized by iran on friday. kenya's
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finance minister pleads not guilty to corruption charges linked to the construction of 2 dams also. police used tear gas to break up protests against the territories in fact all got. britain's new prime minister will be announced shortly to resign may's due to hold her final cabinet meeting before she resigns and then the result of the conservative party's leadership election will be revealed but was johnson's a favorite to beat rival jeremy hunt in the vote by tory party members. of the west months now where john hall is live for us that gena so just talk us through how things are going to unfold for the when that's a day and some aren't. daryn we're about an hour 2 hours rather than 40 minutes away from that announcement the result
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of the conservative party leadership ballot photo among the members of the party 160000 members of the party for britain's next prime minister the 1st time in history that a prime minister has been selected in this way rather than elected either by m.p.'s or by actual voters now boris johnson as you said the former foreign secretary is expected to win and to win of a comfortably over current foreign secretary jeremy hunt with johnson's central campaign pledge to take britain out of the european union on october 31st do or die come what may deal or no deal he's woods and it is that last part no deal that has so many people even within his own party concerned and no more visceral display of that opposition than to have a minister resigning yesterday on monday and a number of other senior cabinet ministers the chance of the justice minister the international trade secretary all announcing their intention to resign preemptively on wednesday before they could be sacked by boris johnson over his promise to push
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ahead with no deal they will join the backbenchers and the opposition to no deal an indication to him of just how difficult things are going to be he inherits a wafer thin majority of just 3 there's talk of defections to the liberal democrats by election to come possibly to buy elections it's entirely possible that boris johnson could find himself without a majority when commons returns from its summer recess at the beginning of september and that by the end of october instead of fulfilling that central campaign promise he and the conservative party could instead find themselves preparing for fighting a general election and john as you say that silences that the winner will face are going to be men solidly i mean at home as you've talked through the broad as well. absolutely the chart challenges on both fronts enormous international challenges of course brics it itself is one britain distancing itself from its largest trading
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market giving up the position of preeminent power in the world's largest economic block but of course besides that things are hotting up in the gulf issues with iran britain at the center of those jeremy hunt and perhaps his last interventionist foreign secretary on monday saying that he wants to deescalate tensions with iran but announcing his intention to set up this international maritime protection force francis said it will do so so more assets heading into the gulf to reach the iranian foreign minister knows he's dealing with the tail end of a government but nevertheless named checking boris johnson yesterday in a press conference saying tell boris johnson we don't seek confrontation the reality is that what happens next will largely i think be determined by boris johnson presuming he is the prime minister his willingness to do what. donald trump wants him to do rather than what the british people do all right john
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hall there in westminster jenna thank you well as i was saying there one of the key challenges facing the new u.k. prime minister is to contain the ongoing tensions with iran and those bars jonson's tipped to be the new prime minister tehran says it doesn't want confrontation with the u.k. over the seizure of a british flag oil tanker in the gulf last week i think it is very important to go to drums and ask. 10 downing street who understand that you know on does not seek confrontation in iran who. normally. based on mutual respect. well the u.k. is calling for a stronger western led military presence in the gulf the u.k.'s foreign secretary hunt says he wants a european led naval mission to ensure shipping through the strait of hormuz and that's where iran sees the british flying all the time go on friday claiming it was violating international maritime law the u.k.
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is calling it an act of state piracy lansley has more now from london this emergency couldn't have come as a worse time for the u.k. and the ministers who left the crisis meeting all know it's apart from anything else they'll be a new prime minister this week probably with a different take on the situation. still the u.k. can do nothing in the face of what it regards as a provocation by iran the way in which the capture of the u.k. flight tanker was filmed by the commandos who took control of its refusal to obey the demands of the british frigates in the strait of hormuz to let the time to go all cut very deep at the heart of a british military establishment used to the days when britannia ruled the waves and consequently the foreign secretary told parliament minister the u.k. would seek a european led maritime missions of the gulf states because iran had to understand the consequences of its actions if iran continues on this dangerous path they must accept the price will be a larger western military presence in the waters along the coastline not because we
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wish to increase tensions but simply because freedom of navigation is a principle which and its allies will always defend the british government has been widely accused by many m.p.'s of having no dig a strategy over this crisis with iran let alone the naval fire to protect tankers in the gulf now there are concerns that this administration has taken its eye off the ball and certainly that the u.k. has been ill prepared for this iran certainly appears not to feel intimidated by the u.k. putting out images of the tanker crew none of them british maintaining their all in good health and being looked after it is far more concerned about getting his own tanker back from gibraltar where it remains impounded if the u.k. did that the crisis would be over but it would be the wrong signal to send to the americans who continue to pressurize london to follow their harsh align with tehran
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by wednesday they'll be a new prime minister here by thursday a new set of government ministers and by friday very possibly a new strategy towards iran may be a more hawkish one than the one on monday and one which is more aligned to the american position but iran knows that the u.k. appears quite weak at the moment and by itself does not have the strength for a fight barnsley al-jazeera in london. kenya's finance minister has pleaded not guilty to corruption charges and rewrote it is accused of awarding contracts and payments for the construction of dams to an italian known company it's alleged $28.00 people have been arrested in connection with the case catherine sawyer joins us live now from county in northern kenya catherine so what happened in court today and what exactly are the charges against him. while the minister is in court with 4 others he looks quite subdued and the prosecution is still reading out the charges which include defrauding the government off
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$244000000.00 for the construction of this failure to comply with procurement procedures abuse of office and the list is still going on this is something daryn that kenyans are watching very closely it's a huge scandal we had from the director of public prosecutions yesterday monday in a statement he said that the construction of these dams has not even began 4 years after it commissioned it was highly inflated by a $170000000.00 a quarter of the total amount of the money has already been paid to this italian company that was awarded the contract at a time when it was filing for bankruptcy and among the money some of the money that was paid out was for compensation for this land where the dams are supposed to be according to the d.p.p. that's the director of public prosecutions this land was never even part chased in the fast play so like i mentioned this
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a case that is being followed very very closely by kenyans catherine how significant is the case given that so many people have been implicated. it's hugely significant 28 people have been affected he has ordered for the rest of 28 people including this minister who's quite high profile up close to both the president and the deputy president he's the face of kenya in meetings with important financial institutions like the i.m.f. and the world bank and also when it comes to sourcing for international loans to fund this mega infrastructure of government projects that are going on but it's also it's also into the scandal has also been a very poor. something that kenyans have been know about it's been going on you have been talking about it for months the minister himself has several times been summoned by investigators to questions and we're already seeing some politicians
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say this fight against really. from specific communities some of these individuals of being used as the previous we've also had the deputy president william ruto himself saying that this money that is said to have been lost is way lower than the figures that the director of public prosecutions. is giving out but then a lot of kenyans you talk to will also say that look stolen money stolen public money stolen public money no matter how much it is and people needs to be held to account catherine thank you. now again being so doesn't use the former president john way of ordering the killing of an a.f.p. journalist data haidara in 2004 at a public hearing in the capital banjo left and johnson confessed to being involved in the killing along with 2 other offices he says he was paid for the job and was told the money was a sign of appreciation from gambier's radio talk show break here not
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just iraq when we come back the trumpet ministration announces it will fast track deportation of undocumented migrants and fighting 55 pounds of the philippines president voiced their anger over his latest push to crack down on crime or not stay with us. there have been some tremendous thunderstorms in the last few days running to answer all stream particularly see the clouds streaming never in the north so why would that produced under storms just is pushing out rather warmer weather is still doing this as a streak of coolie stuff you know 21 more so 29000000000 this is cooler air coming
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down across the eastern side of europe towards rainier further west get it back up to 31 in fact much of western europe is enjoying that's the right word temperatures well above average into the even made even higher thirty's but i made it to wednesday in particular which means that the regs are very welcomed they are pushed a long way to the east kiev could be wet in warsaw vienna is now up to $32.00 the fact the story of western europe is one of possibly breaking temperature records again certainly something of a show lived heatwave with passage to $38.00 and london over 30 and so it's the joining in to the orange represents the warm but of course c.l. is rather cool bits of eastern europe not reflected further south start melting weather's fairly quiet as a northerly breeze running out of greece has been quite strong recently in the and it keeps temperatures on the north coast of africa that about 29 for example and bengazi. the weather sponsored by catherine is.
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going behind the scenes on one of mexico's most loved so using fiction to mirror the struggles of real life giving a voice to those suffering in the dark this week the story line focuses on hiv and aids and millions still shrouded in superstition and fear the making of them is the result of either attitudes the writers want to tackle had gone. soapbox mexico breaking taboos on al-jazeera. welcome back i'm out of our top stories here on the al-jazeera we'll find out who
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become the new prime minister of the u.k. in the next few hours to reason may be holding our last cabinet meeting before the conservative party is not needed as announced by his johnsons a front runner at stake over the top job from wednesday. iran says it doesn't want to see a confrontation with the u.k. over the seizure of a british flag oil tanker the u.k. foreign secretary jeremy hunt is calling for a european led naval mission to ensure safe shipping through the strait of hormuz. kenya's finance minister has pleaded not guilty to corruption and was arrested on charges related to a multi-million dollar project to build 2 massive hydroelectric dams is the 1st sitting government minister to face such charges. well back now to our top story tourism a being a place as prime minister of the u.k. not in baba looks back at may's time in downing street. relaxed smiling and promising to make britain fairer 3 years on does anyone remember this to resume and we will make britain a country that works not for
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a privileged few but for every one of us. the former home secretary came to power knowing the process of leaving the e.u. was her biggest challenge but we've already got one mind. but aiming to deal with social and racial inequalities as well she was also the 1st leader to visit president trump after his election although the relationship was never the warmest from the start though she sought to define what breaks it should me and quickly announced a deadline for starting the 2 year e.u. divorce process without cross party consultations and we now know against the advice of senior diplomats there were people in the labor benches who were almost sick in their hands out waving saying i want all your caroline flint's leeson and is that and the rest of them and she ignored that for a long long time because she wanted to. carry the conservative party with she should have realised that that was a no nonstarter after negotiations with brussels got going made surprised most
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people by calling an early general election hoping to boost her small majority and promising one thing above all strong and stable leadership strong and stable leadership strong and stable leadership it backfired horribly she lost her parliamentary majority making getting any bricks it deal through almost impossible to survive her conservative party joined forces with northern ireland's democratic unionist party that hardliners. beyond westminster despite her attempts to laugh at herself to resume a never really connected with the public in the same way as boris johnson the man she appointed foreign secretary only for him to resign over her breaks it deal and undermine her efforts to win parliamentary support public sector she was also weakened by episodes like the party conference speech where everything that could go wrong did go wrong. well before her decision to step down critics said the wheels were coming off her leadership with hindsight you could argue it was tories
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amazing flexibility which i did have premiership increasingly she found herself backed into a. and not just by hardliners among her own party and northern irish alloys but by her own red lines even her own catchphrases this is my famously kept repeating no do is better than a bad deal i think by the end of 10 years she's come to realize that's actually not the case and the fact that the prime minister and indeed a number of ministers kept reciting that mantra has meant that many people among the british public now see no deal as the best bricks it option whatever happens mix the one issue that overshadow to resume a time in office is the one that will dominate politics here for the forseeable future which is relationship with the european union. al-jazeera. now 4 countries are involved in an argument over what happened in the sky is near north korea seoul says it fired hundreds of warning shots at a russian military aircraft that violated its airspace russia's defense ministry says its strategic bombers didn't violate korean airspace while japan is launching
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a protest because it says south korean aircraft fired shots near doctorow island it says is japanese territory where the incidents came during what south koreans believe was a joint russian chinese military exercise china's foreign ministry says all countries enjoy freedom of movement there the u.s. government says it will deport undocumented immigrants from anywhere in america without allowing them to appear before a judge previously the fast track procedure only applied to those detained within 160 kilometers of the border and had been in the u.s. for less than 2 weeks president trump has struggled to deal with overcrowded detention facilities at the border in mexico and the growing humanitarian crisis was in jordan has more now from washington d.c. . this change in u.s. deportation policy is just the trumpet ministrations latest effort to crack down on what it says is an immigration crisis primarily from central and south america the planned would change the authority that immigration officers have to immediately
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deport those persons who are in the country without the proper documentation as of right now they can only deal with people who have been inside the united states for fewer than 14 days and who are found within 100 miles of the u.s. border this plan if it does take effect on tuesday will cover the entire united states and the people who could be affected may have been in the country as long as up to 2 years immigrations rights groups say that as many as 300000 people could find themselves being targeted for this immediate deportation plan and they say that they are planning to file lawsuits to keep it from taking effect these groups saying they're worried that people who have permanent residency or who are u.s. citizens may find themselves being kicked out of the united states without legal recourse and something that would be a violation of their rights these groups further saying that this latest effort to
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crack down on what the trumpet ministration calls illegal immigration would be another way to enable racial profiling particularly in immigrant communities in the country heartland. now members of an on contacted brazilian tribe have been seen on rare closeup video and activists say they're worried about their future according to environmentalists the our tribe in the amazon rain forest is facing a growing threat from the log nearing traditional hunting grounds resident jab alternator was a ministration wants to open up protected regions to businesses and activists say illegal loggers have been encouraged to move into the area. protesters demanding the resignation of puerto rico's governor say they won't back down. police and fire tear gas in an attempt to break up the protests outside ricardo assails residence in sun one officers moved in to disperse the crowds following
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daylong demonstrations on sunday arceo said he won't seek reelection but wouldn't quit either the protests began after a leak of offensive messages between the governor and members of his inner circle. reports in the capital sana'a. he filled the streets in overwhelming numbers puerto ricans more determined than ever the 10th straight day of protests despite for the largest. many dangerous puerto rican decisions and athletes supporting the protest. but it was every day puerto rican sprott together in their desire to see a new government we're here to show everybody what we want you know what is it you want done him to resign him is governor ricardo. who on sunday night took to facebook to again apologize for hundreds of pages of private text messages leaked more than a week ago where he seemed cruelly mocking the very puerto rican people who elected him to come up with new. to each puerto rican men and woman i have hurt you and
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i hear you today i have made mistakes and i ask for forgiveness i'm a good man who has great love for my island and for everyone. he refused to step down only fueling more anger on the streets these god our governor is taking everything that we're proud of we need him to step down he did something he asked for forgiveness that's ok but he needs to respond for what he did it's unprecedented the number of people out here on the streets this started as a protest against the governor and it's still very much is but also has grown into something much larger the feeling of most here is that now is the time not only to demand a new governor but also better government i mean here because i want to fight corruption in my country it's been many years that people have suffered the consequences of
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corruption and it's time that the young generation stands up it's we cannot say like oh lucky we're scared of the future like my parents and some people are afraid of change and it's normal that we have to tell the government that they have to have a social commitment. with health and education thousands of people shut down the main highway through the city but the road ahead purported ricoh now more uncertain than ever. san juan. the european union and the united nations of both want israel to stop demolishing palestinian homes in the occupied west bank 16 residential blocks close to the border fence are being destroyed according to local people and as al-jazeera is right matheson reports it's the 1st starts demolition to take place on land controlled by the palestinian authority. dreams pulled apart houses branded as security risks are razed to the ground by
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israeli military engineers the operation starts in the early hours of monday morning as israeli security forces push their way into the house which ismail obeyed built and where he lived with his wife his 6 children and his parents 3 mad men great but they didn't just destroy my house they destroyed my dreams they destroyed a family and a life it's really authorities say some homes built close to the separation fence which runs through the occupied east jerusalem suburb of what he homos are a security risk and have to be destroyed even though the palestinian owners have been given permission to build here this all centers on a role that was introduced by the israeli military about 80 years ago under that rule they said that nothing could be built within 250 meters of the separation fence or the separation fence runs up the side of the road and the palestinian authority is it administrative charge of this neighborhood it said it would give
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permission for these buildings to be constructed but the israelis said that was wrong and they had to come down. after several years of appeals israel's high court finally ruled that the demolitions would not be halted it said the owners had been given enough time to comply with the law and to tear down their own homes. these houses are permitted by the palestinian ministry of local government now the permits are being violated by the israeli occupation forces this military doesn't care about international law or human law and doesn't respect or care about any human ethics. activist groups and the palestinian authority say they're worried a precedent is being set they say israeli authorities could use the military rule to demolish more palestinian homes. we didn't know we had to be to. 150 meters away if i knew i wouldn't have built it here why should i have built
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a house of my future the house of my dreams i didn't build it to have it demolished . under israeli law owners like ismail who refused to tear down their homes have to pay the cost of israeli engineers destroying instead rob matheson al jazeera already hamas. well thousands of mosques in manila to protest against president regurgitated to state of the nation speech demonstrators condemned his campaign on illegal drugs and his friendly attitude towards china but things were different inside congress. has more now from the filipino capital. this was president or the good hitter to sport the state of the nation address his supporters promised it would be his most important yet laying out his plans for the remaining 3 years of his term. in his 90 minute address in congress where the majority is allied to this administration he promised a continuation of this policy until the end of his term and no let up in this
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campaign against the illegal drugs treat. that is still have a way to go. against this social minutes let the results. of the death penalty. for crying is still a big. legal. despite a united nations human rights council resolution to investigate the killing lists and a pending preliminary examination in the international criminal court the philippine government says more than 6000 filipinos have been killed since the terror to launch the so-called war on drugs but the rights groups say the total is more than $20000.00 local polls do show approval for detaches war on drugs but many people also fear they could become victims of extrajudicial killings and they support
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international investigations been carried out. outside congress in manila an effigy of the terror t. was burned and thousands of filipinos took to the streets in protest they say deterred to speech is just a rehash of violent rhetoric has often used against his critics they say instead of talking he should listen to what we also see is a doctrine of preemptive surrender in our foreign policy in which this practice this government apparently is to give him whenever possible the kind of. the dirtiest perceived capitulation to china despite acts of aggression in the south china sea and his so-called war on drugs are the top major issues that dominate today's protests people here tell us the president is unfit to govern and
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they want him to resign the state of the nation address is meant to be a showcase of the government's achievements but protesters here say his speech is merely an attempt by government to conceal grave violations committed against the filipino people. to dog and. just here in manila. time for a quick check of the headlines here on al-jazeera britain's new prime minister will be announced shortly to reason may is due to hold a final cabinet meeting before she resigns and the result of the conservative party's leadership election will be revealed boris johnson's a favorite to beat rival jeremy hunt in the vote by tory party members iran says it doesn't want to see confrontation with the u.k. or the seizure of a british flag oil tanker u.k.
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foreign secretary jeremy hunt is calling for a european led naval mission to ensure safe shipping through the strait of hormuz. i think it is very important. at. 10 downing street who understand that iran does not seek confrontation iran who. normally based on mutual respect kenya's finance minister has pleaded not guilty to corruption charges and rerouted she's accused of awarding contracts and payments for the construction of dams to an italian owned company kenya's public prosecutor says it will seek the extradition of the company's chief to face corruption charges 4 countries are involved in an argument over what happened in the skies near south korea seoul says it fired hundreds of warning shots at russian military aircraft that violated its airspace which moscow denies japan's launching a protest because it says south korean aircraft fired shots near dr island it says
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is japanese territory incidents came during what south koreans believe was a joint russian chinese military exercise china's foreign ministry says all countries enjoy freedom of movement. the u.s. government says undocumented immigrants cannot be deported from anywhere in america without appearing before a judge. previously the fast track procedure only applied to those detained within 160 kilometers of the border. protesters demanding the resignation of puerto rico's governor say they won't back down. to break up the protests outside sales residents in san juan say it says he won't seek reelection but refuses to quit. with the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after the stream starts and that's what you. talk to al-jazeera. problems of besides the instability is corruption we listen. who are pushing the
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united states and president trump into conflict we meet with global newsmakers and talk about the stories that matter which is iraq. what happens when a metropolis runs out of water and one indian city nearly 11000000 residents are finding out. in the stream. the water supply has dipped dangerously low in a bustling mega city in the southern indian state of tom nadu each day for the past several weeks crowds form along the lines of water tankers sinton by the government for many life now revolvers around finding enough water to drink and stay clean so every drop house was speaking to al jazeera this month one resident of chennai
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explained how dire the situation has become take a look out of without what the food we are not able to sleep as yet running.


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