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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  July 21, 2019 9:00pm-10:01pm +03

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have traditionally been a fringe group living in spaces outside villages in camps called. the tradition. from one house to another in villages while the women sang and danced and begged for charity. contrary to popular belief they hold snakes in high esteem and would never kill them village residents would call the common capture
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a snake in the home and take it away without killing it in 1972 the indian government introduced the act forbidding snake possession and hunting the severely limited the traditional snake handling and some were arrested for snake possession. it is a very guarded well now you're being with all. the blob women would do this sort of thing. just get under the dusky lock the difficulty bunch get i didn't get a killer did it or did it the. boss the negative the didn't go out of there that are just. going to build their guts or their think i'm going to. let the money monolith think it's valid but you
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will have that are going to go that far for their will really are not the board when i got a good idea even though i'm out of the river got tired of all matters about some people. well. this is a. part of.
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you fully was about are. you going to buy that after we. 9 heard there. will be a. manhunt for it was built in the mid 15th century in rajastan 2nd largest city for.
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it's by the leader of the band paris not has decided finally to settle and build a house which he also hopes will be a center for passing on his musical culture to the next generation. of board give us to the i want to go on the board. i'm one of the guys are going to be 41 of the results i want to give them annoy them relive all of their other before they go on that why was the government. virus knott's wife maurine devi is lead singer with the band and inexperienced.
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you know mary my. dear little girl i also know you don't but only. if you buy stuff that i mean. if it is not what i needed even know me get it here meaning of me out here let me let me really well meaning. yes a lot to. you and they. read it all good thank you so did i did you know i think i did. certainly. the dancers have costumes elaborately embroidered with silver thread mirrors and shells black the color of the snake with white spots or stripes.
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the mother says a lot so there's a lot of other color and. things. you can see they. go manic a lot they're. already that ever get it called ever get. so what they were going to use that as they were not then look you've got the legs and you see that a lot more people now are so we would again there is someone out there. yes. yes exactly is that. the thought.
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it is that. you're doing them like that. it is a limb then things. really. and supplanting. first then really are the stem. the only make up belly and dances there is sort of which is extracted from snake venom this it's why they have sharp eyesight. stake fandom is now used by the commercial cosmetics industry as an anti wrinkle each and. william generalisable of the did a good job rupert grint goes who among the middle of them was go along with it there was another calmness i would only husaberg margo was a little of the are going to warm ground on most of it
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and call you personally gave me a bad day i see to get past bad then we said good bye as though you could even. though the dr did care mccann but when i looked with the daughter like time i took over that. period we will now take every but school bit don't but go school with their free will like taking. a school main but they may not like that though but the luck of the sick. you know it's cool down now doesn't that what talk about. it will be a bit. local i'm a little mad by the way but don't go by oh my order classico.
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you need babies family comes from a village about 80 kilometers from george bush city. brothers live here but her mother had died a month before dispossess. a hindu by religion but do not create that. one reason for this is that they do not believe in the afterlife. baby's mother is barrett our father has made.
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more any babies older brother fog it's not has lived here for the past 18 years. his father bought the land after having worked all his life as a stake. over time the infrastructure. the surrounding area has developed in a modest clean and now has a water supply and tom actually it's. so bonded not slam has considerably appreciated in price since his family originally bought it for $120.00 that piece less than a couple of u.s.
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dollars today they laid him there they're about equal cardinality many germans done it well but then we got other yeah bad to get our money but good they're only going to double down about i mean we are darby did it and we did the matter pass that there might have opposed us cutting the base of them go bottom article or go proposed any doggone murder those guys border but other than a motherboard we're going to could have been able to. take them we boarded the m w by a gear door sort of dialogue or be a mother but i but. not father played the punky and passed the skill on to his son he wants to do the same but his own son's farm in yonkers putting in gujarat state some 600 kilometers away it always could be that other dog dug up on it or was going little bit about the the year later they just go. on by like any
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good bellotti will get ready. in a look here do you bother dickie once again. here's what i want. in go i'm going to work a lot about already. got there to be. a man and man your market in the market was come and you're demanding the number that the local county. or owner legarda but our lord that they ahd with. the ear man it's up to me you know at the age of. i. thought of long ago as sort of well then bill is sorta kinda yeah yeah. yeah yeah
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that is it is odd to. hear it in his car sort of that is in and out on the road either if you go so in that. movie they be returned home to george poor because the don's group had received a job inquiry. they had been contacted by the tourist authority in become their city 250 kilometers away asking them to take part in the camel festival. of course they accepted the invitation.
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week on air was founded in 14 in the pattern wilderness of the hard data an area known as john not the ish and has developed into the 4th biggest city in rochester . in the distance the city was a trading post on the ancient caravan route westwood's from central asia. the modern city has developed into nagar ford built in the 50 nineties and which of
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course never having been taken by invaded. the city is also famous for its home babies mansions built by wealthy much and and traded as a status symbol in the 19th century. coming up the authorities are very happy for their code to perform at festivals. and. but this doesn't always translate into benefits for the tribe as a hong kong. because. i live in the real thing this is the end of the 3rd and. the end of the sort of god we're telling. this.
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but as you go that well and people know about the main mini bar. and the difference that dancing promises made to archaic social customs only a generation of cold cold medicine would be a say in what movies out of the lead will we will admit it because you don't get to meet miles. and i was making any. more minute or dealing with. education is struggling to keep pace often failing to prepare children for today's world. but some schools are changing the rules are good to have how they use and
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how they give each with its staunching results. by. giving our. rebel education early learning mexico on al-jazeera. the big breaking news story it can be chaotic and frantic behind the scenes. people shouting instructions in your ear you're trying to provide the best most curious up to date information as quickly as you can. it's when you come off air and being seen kids that you realize you witnessed history in the making. for 23 years has collected objects. enough to fill his museum enough to break a guinness world record. with
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a story for every object he's become an environmental activist and inspired artists and their voice for the part of countless markets. march music. there's of a problem in doha with the headlines on al-jazeera police offices and hong kong are trying to clear the streets of protesters they're accusing some of vandalizing cars and the office of china's representatives in the city tens of thousands of protesters have been marching through hong kong for the 7th weekend then in straight just want to keep up the pressure on the government to officially withdraw
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a controversial extradition and to launch an independent inquiry into police crackdown against protesters. and other news versions during a defense minister says he's sending assets to the strait of hormuz after iran seized one of its tankers version and the ship was an armani territorial waters the u.k. government is rushing to the un security council calling for the ships release but also has the latest on the investigations from. nicol investigation is now under way in the port city of bandar boss where this u.k. tanker that's been seized by the revolutionary guard is being kept along with the 23 crew members on board the pair o. has been taken to this port city where the officials have said that they are looking into what actually transpired on friday the revolutionary guard has said that the vessel risks maritime safety in the strait of hormuz and the reason for
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the seizure was that it had turned off all tracking systems and it was not responding to warnings and choosing the wrong route to ensure the strait of hormuz considering that it was seas around 8 pm local time in iran on friday the tanker was passing through the route for about 8 hours without any coordination a suicide bomber has killed at least 6 people at a hospital in northwest pakistan the attack happened in the city of there this mine calm sinatra government open fire on a police checkpoint killing 2 offices the boss a stunning taliban have claimed responsibility. polls have closed in japan's upper house election the governing coalition expected to win a solid majority promise to needs 2 thirds of the vote to pave the way for planned constitutional reform and shooting a change to restrictions on japan's. ukrainians are voting in a snap parliamentary election president from autumn is the lenski newly created party is predicted to win nearly half the vote well those are the headlines on
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al-jazeera al-jazeera world continues next. in northwest indiana. home once known for their expertise in handling snakes someone called them. in my $977.00 to be assessed that each. and some have built up a reputation as musicians and dancers recognized nationally and internationally. this group based in georgia has received an invitation to perform at a festival in city 250 kilometer away from.
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the festival itself last a couple of days and celebrates its vital role in life and economy. and. also has a. the
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international camel festival takes place and every year for 2 days. it includes camel racing. and different breeds of camels. and become an object to. sing which is medical command. has been a breeding region since the city was founded. to animals have even served in the
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indian army corps is known as the gun guard and set up in foreclosure well. he still maintains a regiment which works as part of the border security force. and . his band staying in a small hotel in. they are there to perform and so stay focused on their mission away from the festival site. many gold 1000000000 songs are taken from stories based on foreclosure and mythology though the singles also have a reputation for improvising during performances.
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their songs and dances are part of an oral tradition handed down from one generation to another and there's no organized training system school manuscripts or text to help teach cal barely a song and dance 6 . i'm loathe. me i look where they got a better body when i lived there not that bad they were doing it when i lived there gonna where did they all come by then and there. where they were they will go now
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when i lived is a go but i'm not one i like them lol. been go but when i lived there. when i lived there all of gongs there though my. one on. one go to be unlocked when i left i don't like is the girl but i'm looked good when i get there that i was thinking that it would be hard to let it go for that i think and i get what they need all the only thing to make you've been sick nicky but don't go there look at but did me so look on the what they gave when i lived. in the. us was the. us was the.
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after the 2 or 3 days of the camel festival the crowd small walk to the desert around 25 kilometers from becoming our city. the. land and there are. opportunities for the cult you have to haul flights already. so fairs and festivals that attract visitors from around the world can increase their profile and generate more work in the future was mostly the smart word.
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not the.
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back enjoyed color and away from the stage lights and music is a modest office housing the development organization. its president is booth. has had no formal education but keeps a records of as many of the tribal groups as he can.
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then the group of the big umbrella some of. whom looked it up it was the sort of dog we are telling. you some. of the. but there's a good one jumping all over the main room but i. want to put it on the moderate muslims will be in the ok is done was a bit of a good. for him to order things out what really. it's not unusual for groups like the to have problems with indian bureaucracy one of the biggest challenges for the can balia is getting the community certifications messire to benefit from government development programs like subsidies for building
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a home. the british brought administrative processes to the subcontinent. but they have become truly labrinth pine over the decades. official procedure and procrastination are speciality. and difficult to navigate if you have trouble reading and writing. it's not easy either for nomadic groups to get id cards to enable them to board when a local or general election comes around. the government an aid to the small piece of land to the development organization. but
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it claimed it was unusable due to the lack of funds available to develop it. nonetheless some called 1000000000 families decided to settle here and try to make it home. with. the state capital of rogers thought it is jeff or it's known as the pink city because of the predominant color of the building and is
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a world heritage site. it's a largest city in the states and in the 2011 census had a population of 3100000. jep or is also home to the. she sculled bailey and became a dancer later in life and is now quite well known. to live in a camp outside the city but now lives here. she was born in 1000 sixty's and has an extraordinary story to tell about her own. in 2011 she featured in a reality t.v. series. when she spoke about the week girls like her used to be treated in the community before dancing give them a value they had never had before. was going to. do it when a writer to walk them out of some magic you know to get the injured are 2nd with
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the male image at the end not ilithyia thought i was already a holy god you know what honestly. that was going to be a miracle was how your they made a good litigator you told me but isn't this a log bridge for docketing a thought of us and willing that the medical if you mileva nights in. the open made out as. it was going to be. the look of what i'm going to ask of it or walk toward me because you know when i meet up with the a cup or a bowl of medical leg a key that of it can i tell this is that it might be a need though all of a minute that i do survive will a program. that was in the 1980s since then bilabial has not stopped promoting gold band in dance at home and abroad . she's won many awards and in 2016 the indian government gave her its 4th highest civilian honor. but it could all have been very different.
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adenoma what the medicine odds of a letter get up to any. you're going to get up there back a little bit then there are those from out of the. the medicine to be a saver maybe it's out a number where we met up with. the lyric about me i was metheny judaism at the world medical. one and though by the middle market but that's a lot of mileage and about the medium are a little more see that side with a bit of with. that out the gym in may of medical. with. the military or are going to calculate. the military committee but then it can be done in with one idea there is that you only do need a bit to get the forced abortion of female fetuses still takes place in several
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indian state including raja's. the cultural tendency to favor boys has also made parents abandon baby girls in rubbish dumps. bus stops and on real be tracks 90 percent of the $11000000.00 abandoned babies in india are girls and rogers time $674.00 children were abandoned between 2007 and 20. the 2nd highest state figure in india but the popularity of belly dance has helped change the perception of girls within the ethnic group. let out up or walk or sort them about you where your mother got a miller cup where there were a big ol billiard owns the arm of the law mama who thought there could be the other lady you know the. other could see you go all out to get us that the that's the bottom and. let the other lucky but over the water like.
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i got now more about a woman than see. the subs as other who see you at the level. of the dollar got people seeing the. in 2015 rogers town started a project putting cradles in public places for parents to anonymously leave their unwanted babies the success of kill bill in music and dance should mean this practice dies out within their community it's cultural leaders look to the future to maintain and develop their art and look around at a world of our leaders were meet at the will of the living with us in it i mean separate r.e.m. in a bizarrely cut the new us of a few committed to committed and we end of oakley it a school of any brokerage or giving them
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a dance we've got over 6 on our own corner but i only cow. look i'll be here for just the tea party would anybody around me for a day or maybe they have a balance of the. well medical of the right has always received a look at the giving of the governor was or will be if there was a lot of good at organizing you know we would like that that we have a lot we're going to do it as they were on their way you know but she gradually while a long while ago i got over there was i was you know well it you know what it was as though what it was as they go over this girl was so social there was a lot of your little you know the old rag on the dollar being the is which again i'm one of the other but if they're going to do the ukulele but if they go well. you can now baikal 1000000000 tons costumes online and more action owns a small shop in short for. some of his designs can sell for as much as $200.00 u.s.
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dollars each and it's not just dancers who are buying. women are very sad because they did and i. learned that if. you're yeah you're going to go to learn. mandarin and. be.
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was. several my local bands government up and 1st of all my unit i think the free world or 3rd verse i think you know if there's anything you'd listen for such person there are some could be the. year might include for mum reduce the amount i thought i'm looking at this need there's a medical really addressed this it could be there's a paramedic ally your mother son this year some dancer a symbol of barely an identity as a traditional channeling lifestyle and rule in society feed out. so far they manage to stick to traditional methods of producing costumes playing music and
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marketing themselves but they may need to resort to new technology to continue to adapt to india's changing social economic conditions even if they do have friends in high places like the former maharajah jodhpur. as he calls. become. a. good pull down because up and. down with him. allowed to maybe. one course. will be a mighty body on what someone did on cooking. t.v. remember that i was. just found so bad but i. found to be. the only.
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thing. that's. a. good. thing.
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scholar and lawyer thinker. and politician. radical and prisoner in a 2 part series al-jazeera world tells the story of one of the most enigmatic figures in sudan's turbulent history. whose influence is still felt on events in the country to their city alto robbie's life and politics on al-jazeera.
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hello we've got a little bit of everything in south america the moment we got some snow we got some tropical showers sweet girls and he said he got some cold as well but the wet weather there into central pos between want to say there is over towards the santiago and that's why you got the snow 9 celsius there in santiago and sending over the high ground there will be another dusting of snow but here's some hay $23.00 celsius in bonus or some rain as well for good measure $29.00 there in the sunshine and then of course the trouble showers in the fall north of the consonants much of brazil does that logic dry over the next day or 2 as we go on into monday 31 innocence in temperatures picking up further here but temperatures in one of sarah's full back around 10 degrees 13 celsius the high on monday afternoon that as we pick up a cool southerly wind into the caribbean well any a tropical showers around that set in the case into cuba western side of the region
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seeing some showers as well just around nicaragua costa rica maybe into southern parts of mexico. still seeing some of those showers but want to creeping towards the last around to this looking last fine and a little more widespread as we go on into monday but for the great run to this by then it's fine and sunny. weather sponsored by countdown and. her. holding a painting of the sugar baby there go. right into the top. of the photo it's. very
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kind of the stuff we did with the prime minister to talk about all the fun of it we believe about. going you know we're going to do when you're going to the west. are all of the global food on the back of the box no kin of that disease sad event that started 26 years ago just thought up by gordon green to bring toys mentality where i was and it's growing by 15 percent every year and already as we track record numbers really for this time of day we've already got people of next 4 to one to say one minute 2738 on the black female lab but a fact that they're female deaf but she's just smashed the world record of them down will and so he's got to. live there's no bill white trained dogs no plane is nothing like silk and in the in egypt or in sharm el sorry but basically the people that tend to get the best times are going to go to the price up to bush because
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they think that they can talk to them greet them and they just seem to go down that book and back off its side and 55 knots and all the touch the right coast and come back up with that thing i had in the state bumped into the bank or something but between august bill bennett who spoke in 20 cigarettes a day come to look up the price of all this was going to look at i think i can switch off the diet book but that's my stock ticker so it was very rich in the scope of this come down to the one this is i didn't know until this minute it would do it if so which driven into a field and i worry that. love america than anything. else. oh i would love.
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to see significant facing america she found. her. lying again dan how are you going to listen if you're going to. be. one. long. welcome to the al-jazeera news hour live from my headquarters in doha with me it is a problem coming up the next 60 minutes the u.k. says it's looking at sanctions of the iranian seizure of an oil tanker in the
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strait of hormuz but iran says nothing wrong. attacks on police and a hospital in pakistan's northwest killed at least 8 people. a 1st test for ukraine's new president a new parliament elections he called early. becoming the old world wide. delirium among his. party in the philippines the reaction from iraq. demands foreign ministers accusing the u.s. of trying to drag into a quagmire after the seizure of the british oil tanker mamma says u.s. national security adviser john bolton is turning quote his venom against the u.k.
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bush and says it wants to deescalate tensions and it's rushed into the u.n. security council expressing its concern at the detention of the stana and peril and the strait of hormuz yvonne insists the ship was violating maritime rules when its forces boarded on friday bush and says the tanker was an armani territorial waters . and has not commented on the position of the ship at the time but has joined calls for it to be released. that's got out of our correspondents nothing barba he has the latest from london the government they're talking a lot even if they want to go into details and again what are they saying. that's right elizabeth the government in the form of the junior defense minister tobias l. word speaking on national t.v. on sunday has stated that this was in its view a hostile act by iran and now a by selwood said it's the the government's the government's 1st responsibility
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was this to make sure we get a solution to the issue to deal with the current ship to make sure other british flag ships are safe to operate in these waters and then to look at the wider picture of having a working proper professional relationship with iran that does sound like the government is really aware of the dangers of acting swiftly and harshly that letter that you referred to to the united nations security council clearly stated that britain believes iran broke international law by boarding that vessel which it says were in a money territorial waters but to buy or sell wood has clearly. hinted that the government wants to reduce tensions just as foreign secretary jeremy hunt said on saturday the priority must be deescalating the situation now on monday
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we're expected to hear from hunt when he speaks to parliament about what measures britain might take to via selwood was asked whether those would include reapplying sanctions he simply said we're going to look we're going to be looking at a series of options and what will ministers be weighing up and i mean when they look at those options this is a very fine balancing act for the u.k. . that's right firstly the british government domestically is under pressure to explain how this happened some people said it was predictable after just over 2 weeks ago britain seized an iranian vessel in gibraltar which it says was violating e.u. sanctions against shipping the oil to syria and jeremy hunt spoke to my mage of odds or if his are a near counterparts by phone over the weekend after that he said it was clear tehran saw this latest caesium as retaliation for the touch he said it wasn't busy
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right the 2 events were comparable but given the i think it think what will need to be sorted out aides how britain tries to get iran back to the negotiating table over this nuclear deal the j c p a which has been under such pressure because the government here is admitting that part of the underlying problem is the fact that the u.s. is walking away from that deal they're under pressure to to be seen to be acting and they are sending we understand another destroyer and a support ship to the region but they're stressing they can't send escorts for every single vessel so really there does need to be some kind of why do discussion presumably involving other countries thank you very much for that naveen babu with all the nations live in london thank you now iran from bath and to the u.k. 5th head on stands firm and ready for any scenario buffeted by have the latest from
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iran's capital. a technical investigation is now under way in the port city of on that bus where this u.k. tanker that's been seized by the revolutionary guard is being kept along with the 23 crew members on board the pair o. has been taken to this port city where the officials have said that they are looking into what actually transpired on friday the revolution guard has said that the vessel risks maritime safety in the strait of hormuz and the reason for the seizure was that it had turned off all tracking systems and it was not responding to warnings and choosing the wrong route to enter the strait of hormuz considering that it was seas around 8 pm local time in iran on friday the tanker was passing through their route for about 8 hours without any coordination meanwhile we've heard from the speaker of parliament larijani who spoke about the issue and he had one very strong sentence to say about this event he said the british committed
9:55 pm
piracy and the revolutionary guards responded to them that is the sentiment here a better fish if the revolutionary guard to saying that this vessel violated international maritime law and that is why the iranians have seized it we've also heard comments from the british the iranian diplomat in the u.k. who has tweeted about the issue and he said that the u.k. government should contain those domestic political forces who want to escalate tensions between iran and the u.k. beyond the issue of ships and this is quite dangerous and unwise at a sensitive time in the region iran however is firm and ready for different scenarios the general feeling here is that the iranians have carried out what they believe is their due diligence when it comes to securing the waters of the strait of hormuz and that is what the revolutionary guard has said they've done with the act that they carried out on friday. now the tension of a ship sailing in the gulf and the tank a seized in gibraltar earlier this month have highlighted the politics of flag
9:56 pm
ships the grace one through. flag of panama in gibraltar which is now stripped of its registration animal leaves list of flags of convenience with more than $7000.00 registered vessels adam has the largest shipping fleet in the world it allows owners to easily register ships of what in tax as well as safety and labor laws in their home country but in recent months panama has just about 60 iranian and syrian led ships as part of a drive to clean up its registry liberia is the 2nd largest ship registry in the world with 3726 vessels followed by the marshall islands where the 3719 guy platen is the secretary general of the international chamber of shipping and he says all countries must abide by maritime international laws including panama. gippi is a very international image and through flags is the newest of the black states as well and is regulated internationally as well at the international maritime
9:57 pm
organization and the rules really this is a very straight mountains environment safety crew well most countries have signed up to what's called the maritime labor convention which guarantees wages and rights the sea coasts well so it is such an international industry now that it's in its regulated quite tight the. you must remember that every court state has the right to inspect ships that come in there what is the make sure that they do why they have an obligation. to. all those are international rules and it includes environmental issues who are critical so you can say to navigation. but i want to move on to other news from now on a suicide bomber has killed at least 6 people at a hospital in northwest pakistan the attack happened in the city of vadis miles card soon after a gunman opened fire on a police checkpoint killing 2 offices their bodies were being brought to the hospital when the bomb struck the blast damaged the emergency one and wounded more
9:58 pm
than 20 people the pakistani taliban have claimed responsibility the attacks followed the 1st elections in a nearby tribal region on saturday hi this is following that story from islamabad. and word appears to be a planned and coordinated attack the. men carried out their security checks for. the room and the. air through a guard bomber aboard rating and a deadly fact of explosives that killed a number of policemen at the hospital and injured a number of civilians. including in the number of civilians. coming at a time or involved on her just concluded. election and ward was gone former driver of the region that there you get the other one gone her responsibility for this attack to hong kong now where police are trying to clear
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the streets of protesters off to tens of thousands of people marched through the city for the 7th weekend demonstrators want to keep the pressure on the government to officially withdraw a controversial extradition bill and launch an independent inquiry into the police crackdown on the protesters and in a move that will likely end the beijing some protests have targeted the office of china's representatives in the city they threw eggs at the building and vandalized china's national emblem it's the 1st time a large group of demonstrators have taken aim at mainland officials since the protests began last moment let's go now to our correspondent draw bride who has been monitoring those protests throughout the day tens of thousands of people showing up rob what's happening there behind you now. that's right elizabeth the mood here is changed markedly you just in the last couple of
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hours or so as you mentioned there it has been a largely good that you day the peaceful protests by hundreds of thousands of demonstrators in the streets one small but we are into the evening now and it is certainly not that good natured to be there is. a feeling as though the we are about to see a clearance by hong kong police as you mentioned that we are down near the china's liaison office is probably the most significant representation of china here in hong kong if i can step back a bit let jolles you mean we are in the western end of hong kong island and further down the road here about a kilometer down the road in that direction is the liaison office now that is where the demonstrators ended up many of the demonstrators they were going to be held at a place called one char which is a couple of kilometers from here but the size of the crowd was such that the police wisely perhaps allowed them to continue their march they went to the and did up at .


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