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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  July 20, 2019 2:00am-3:01am +03

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and turkish and iraqi authorities are looking for this 27 year old man muslim dog who is the main suspect he's believed to have joined the kurdistan workers party or the k n 2014 the group is deemed a terrorist organization by turkey and the united states that's also going to name has more from erbil on the investigation so far. investigators now have some answers regarding who assassinated turkish diplomat awesome on costa and why the shootings which took place in erbil restaurant on wednesday and killed a total of 3 people were all caught on security cameras now police are widely distributing a photo of a man they say is their primary suspect he's one of a team of 3 people that investigators say with inside the restaurant to execute this hit his name is muslim dag he is 27 years old he's from a car turkey it's
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a kurdish region in the south of turkey sources say that he joined the kurdistan workers' party or p k k in 2014 the p.k. k. is an armed group it's deemed a terrorist organization by turkey and the united states this morning turkey conducted air strikes at a peak a k. training camp on the outskirts of a town called more they believe that dad was there 4 times last week and that he had trained there and that there was a possibility that they may have he may have fled there after the shootings all vote the p.k. k. is being pinpointed by investigators it's important to note that on wednesday hours after the shootings a spokesman with the military wing of the p.k. k. denied involvement the group is very big and has been described as decentralized a political analyst tells us one thing is certain the motivation of this is sas the
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nation is intended to destabilise the relationship between turkey and the kurdistan regional government the heads on al-jazeera extending a humanitarian hand taiwan's president says the self really island could give refuge to protesters from hong kong and. open for business the world's 2 largest economies try to end their yearlong trade war as they announce a new round of talks. hello having broken a few records the last couple of days in the lower ground of the levant we now look to see anything happening in iran or turkmenistan as breeze in fact quite a strong breeze i'll bring the dust down is still quite hot in tehran it was near record values cooler maybe
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a little bit because the strength of that wind otherwise it's just sunshine of course it should be hotter than the plains of iraq but 46 is no record breaking that he has been brought south and we've got typically middle or lower forty's from west and south east with this drop down to below 40 in doha implies more of a humid air that's true through us as well temps in the highs thirty's rather than the low forty's and it's $27.00 pretty regular now this is a hobby for this is the monsoon the edge of the monsoon so it's moisture has brought up on the higher ground and solar turns green it lasts for 2 or 3 months in a seasonal thing southern africa quiet time the cold nights fine days sometimes quite story weather comes through the western cape it's certainly been breezy in the clouds around st i think the eastern cape will see that rain on saturday cape town the mia 12 degrees the obree is coming up from the antarctic you know phil that's we're out rather better on sunday with 16.
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hello again the top stories on al-jazeera this hour iranian state television has released a video which it claims shows a u.s. warship filmed by a drone that washington claimed it destroyed the iranian revolutionary guard says this is tangible proof that the unmanned aircraft returned to its base on thursday president all trump said the warship the u.s.s. boxer a downed an iranian drone in the strait of hormuz. south africa's corruption watchdog has found president cyril ramaphosa deliberately misled parliament over campaign donations from a post called the findings against him unfortunate meanwhile the former south african president jacob zuma had withdrawn from a corruption inquiry but has now decided to take part. in turkey has launched airstrikes on the kurdish region of northern iraq as it hunts down a suspect in the killing of a diplomat turkey's deputy consul general was shot dead on wednesday by a gunman believed to be a member of the armed group. libya's high council of state says warlords 44
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have to his forces are planning more attacks on the capital tripoli has been trying to capture the libyan capital since april the council says have to it is backed by france the u.a.e. and egypt it released a statement saying this the council eagerly considers the intelligence information received which proves that certain states are providing military gear and personnel to have namely france the u.a.e. and egypt those countries are preparing for and involved a larger scale a new attacks on the capital using jet fighters and advanced weapons mahmoud explains what this means for the battle for tripoli. the high council estate in libya says it's received intelligence information indicating that the united arab emirates egypt and france are planning to support to the world for have to do with advanced weapons including sophisticated weapons and fighter jets and personnel to
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launch a new offensive to seize the capital tripoli that's after $100.00 days of the fighting to take control of the capital tripoli. sources with the government of national called say that french fighter jets namely c. $135.00 and also a boeing $202.00 french fighter jets were noticed over tripoli during the past 24 hours and. high council estate is issuing this statement probably for 2 reasons the 1st is to uncover the 3 countries which issued a statement on the july 18th saying that all calling on the rival factions to stop the fighting and the 2nd reason is most of probably toward the international community including the united nations and the european union and also the government of national accord one of them of the consequences of this new offensive
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if launch it by forces the netherlands has accepted it is partially responsible for the deaths of $350.00 bosnian muslims in the 1905 srebrenica massacre the supreme court said dutch peacekeeping forces could have allowed the men to remain at a un safe haven during the war but the court also reduced the blame put on the state saying peacekeepers could have been overrun by bosnian serb forces now d.n.r. mallette spoke of a chance the latest from the hague. the supreme court didn't find the state liable for the debts of men and boys outside the compound but find them partially liable for that so boys and men who were in the compound during that time. the supreme court means 10 percent and not 30 percent as the court of appeal decided before the court concluded even if they were not forced to leave the base the possibility that
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these 2 is not higher than 10 percent mothers of 70 eight's are not satisfied with the court decision they say it's a political decision based on compromise the netherlands is liable but not the consequences for the country they're reminded also then in july 9095 under article com and more than 8000 bosnian muslims where killed infidel been in and when did nothing to prevent it more than 12 and boston muslims are still missing in 7 it's well let's take a closer look at what happened in 1902 the bosnian serb army laid siege to sarajevo the capital of bosnia and herzegovina more than 11500 people were killed in july 1905 bosnian serb army captured the town of srebrenica killing more than 8000 bosnian muslim men and boys it was europe's worst mass killing since world war 2 among them were 350 people who were taking refuge in the dutch italians based near
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the town but they were expelled by the peacekeepers and later murdered by bosnian serbs earlier my colleague martin diana spoke to thais back next he's a researcher at the netherlands institute for warhol of genocide and he thinks even though the supreme court upheld the earlier ruling it's also reduce the liability of the dutch states. they also ruled that. the level of responsibility considering the entire context and all factors and factors at that time stands at 10 percent where the earlier courts still sense that the model of responsibility laid at 30 percent so that's actually the only difference in today's ruling by the supreme court's in the hague how did they arrive at that value of the state being responsible for 10 percent of this tragedy and what are the implications of that it is
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a bit of an odd exercise of mathematics calculating what is the responsibility for deaths during a situation that actually courts have rendered to be genocide what the courts did specifically about this for a $150.00 men in specific circumstances is that it sets there were different factors at play there were different factors at play and. considering all those other actors so perhaps they are 90 percent dutch peacekeepers and only for 10 percent have responsibility for d. and tell your. obviously this has a consequence for possible future litigation concerning reparations where the relatives of these victims of course will now apply for reparations but with the dutch state's only being liable for 10 percent the amount of money they will get
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will be less cost of a prime minister has stepped down after being called for questioning by a war crimes court in the hague the court has been investigating crimes against ethnic serbs during and after the cost of a war in the late 1990 s. ramos hard's in ai was a top wartime commander of the kossovo liberation army at the time a u.n. tribunal had cleared him 3 times of war crimes charges. the german chancellor angela merkel says she understands the questions surrounding her health after bouts of shaking in recent weeks merkel has been seen trembling at public ceremonies raising fears her schedule could be affected by her health she initially dismissed the 1st episode but sparked renewed concern when the shaking happened 2 more times merkel who turned 65 this week says she's feeling good and will be able to serve until the end of her term it's meant as a person i also have a high personal interest in my health because 2021 is the end of my political work
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but then i hope that there will be another life and i would like to continue that healthy well japan has summoned the south korean ambassador to settle a dispute over world war 2 compensation the 2 countries are at odds over a court decision ordering japanese companies to compensate south korean victims of forced labor during japan's colonial rule at the same time a trade route over high tech exports between the 2 countries is adding to a ready strained relations taiwan's president says her governments will follow humanitarian principles when dealing with asylum seekers from hong kong sighing when was responding to reports that a group of protesters fighting a controversial extradition bill in hong kong fled to taiwan to seek protection they're concerned they could face severe punishment for taking part in mass protests that began over a month ago rob mcbride the latest. according to media reports in taiwan dozens of protesters involved in the storming of hong kong's parliament have now arrived on
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the island seeking refuge of people who would otherwise face arrest here in hong kong the taiwanese government has not confirmed the story but it has said interestingly that it will be prepared to offer refuge for political reasons and it is a position that supported by siding when taiwan's president it comes at a time of course as taiwan prepares for presidential elections so local politics could be at play here but it also further complicates the relationship between mainland china hong kong and taiwan of beijing will be infuriated at the prospect of taiwan interfering in what it considers its internal affairs here in hong kong and the way that hong kong is reintegrated into mainland china after years as a british colony is meant to be a possible model for the future reintegration of taiwan in
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a unified china obviously the way that the unrest has unfolded on the streets here of on kong over the past couple of months will give ammunition to the very many vocal parties in taiwan who say that at all costs they should be keeping a distance from beijing any whining is the acting director of amnesty international taiwan and she says taiwan's governments can provide hong kong protesters refuge based on existing regulations. so look like this although we don't have we have country without refugee laws so far however we do have regulations between taiwan and hong kong and macau there's this act all called governing act governing their relations with how kind of make out in article 18 they're saying the necessary assistance show be provided to how come in macau residents who safety and they were i mean for political reasons so we believe there's actually
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a way that taiwan and his government could a sabs those those of syrians because we're amnesty international and human rights organization we do we do believe that when time and saying we should make those decisions based on humanitarian principles that's what we should do that's that and that's the right thing to do. to see that. government has thing really supportive towards. the state so we believe that saying that and and mean it. trade officials from china and the united states have spoken by telephone as the world's 2 largest economies look to end their year long trade war and as wayne hay reports from beijing businesses hope that will provide some good news for china's economy. this is an uncertain time for chinese companies selling things at home and overseas retail sales are forecast to slow down faster than expected this year and exports are being hit by
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a trade war with the united states chinese furniture makers are among the most affected after the u.s. placed a 25 percent tariff on their products last month that we're waiting to see what happens next we might have to adjust the price is that a bit but we're at the moment of just wait and see now no decisions yet. president donald trump believes china's trade relationship with the united states is not a fair one so last year he began placing tariffs on some chinese goods beijing retaliated with its own taxes a truce was declared when transmit his chinese counterpart xi jinping at the g 20 summit in japan last month but in china there is a sense that a deal is a long way off and the government is settling in for a long fight a resumption in trade talks is welcomed here in china but it is tempered with a realisation that some of the things the americans are asking for will take a long time to deliver if they can be delivered at all the dispute goes way beyond
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simple trade in goods and services the u.s. wants china to undertake broad economic reforms to make it easier for american companies to do business here but that could be a step too far for the communist party which is likely to view that as an attempt to undermine china's sovereignty there are something that can be talked about like pure trade importing more of the natural gas agricultural products but then when it comes to industrial policy production or you name brazing liberal values these are very hard questions. to proceed but china has to balance that with the likelihood that a drawn out trade dispute contribute to a slowing economy increasing the risk of political instability in the meantime many businesses in china. will be watching closely for any sign of an improvement in relations between the world's 2 largest economies wayne hey al jazeera beijing.
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hello again the headlines on al-jazeera this hour iranian state television has just released a video which shows a u.s. war show filmed by a drone that washington claims that had destroyed their raining revolutionary guard says this is tangible proof that the unmanned aircraft to return to its base on thursday president donald trump said the warship the u.s.s. boxer downed an iranian drone in the strait of hormuz trying called a defensive action because it came within 100 meters of the vessel and ignored multiple calls to stand down. a cordon gibraltar has extended the detention of an iranian oil tanker for another 30 days the british royal marines assisted with already isn't seizing the vessel after suspecting it of carrying oil to syria to her and had rejected the accusations the government in damascus is under international sanctions south africa's president cyril ramaphosa is rejecting accusations that he deliberately misled parliament the allegations centered around
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a donation by the company to run the post those 27000 presidential campaign the anti-corruption watchdog says failed to report the $35000.00 donation and denied any knowledge of the funds when asked about it in parliament last year he says he will study the report and decide on further action. i have come to the conclusion that day of these in marriage to the allegations relating to this suspicion of money laundering as alluded to in the complaint last and again his explanation that he didn't know of the at the door ness in the donations he acted the dinette see actress that ernest and it is if it means also that he was very actively involved in speaking to some of that donna's while the former president jacob zuma has agreed to continue giving evidence at a corruption inquiry he had earlier refused to do so saying he was being treated unfairly the commission is looking into allegations of corruption in government and state owned companies those are the headlines on al-jazeera and side story that's
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coming up next stay with us. a world war 2 trade is a trade dispute in 2019 japan and south korea remain at loggerheads over the forced labor controversy of more than 70 years ago so why has it come to the fore now and how can it be resolved this is inside story.
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hello and welcome to the program i'm fully back a rift is deepening between south korea and japan over what happened during the 2nd world war japan as occupiers of the korean peninsula force koreans into work the issue has always stirred up deep emotions but tension has recently escalated a south korean man set himself on fire outside the japanese embassy in seoul on friday his death followed japan's ban on some eggs forced to south korea imposed after a court ruled that japanese firms should compensate the victims are forced labor japan's foreign minister summoned the south korean ambassador when seoul rejected a proposal for arbitration with the fed country. it's very regrettable that an arbitrator or 3rd country arbitration has not been set up in addition i strongly urge the south korean government to take immediate steps to correct this by ablation of international law that drew
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a strong response from south korea. it was japan to violated international law by committing on humanitarian illegal acts a supreme court ruling pointed out that funds also japan has continued to demand a resolution of this issue through operations to settle problems concerning property and claims but we never agreed with the unilateral deadline set by japan such as. so how did we get here well relations between the 2 countries have been fractious for decades since japan occupied the korean peninsula between 191-1945 but things came to a head last year in october south korea's top court ordered japanese companies to compensate koreans who were forced to work for japanese occupies during world war 2 japan said the issue had already been settled under a 965 treaty n threatened visa restrictions in tabs then this month japan
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restricted exports of 3 chemicals vital to south korea's electronics industry citing national security concerns so far so hasn't taken any counter measures saying it would raise a dispute with the world trade organisation but sums koreans are taking the matter into their own hands and boycotting japanese products. well let's bring in our guest now for today's inside story joining us by skype from tokyo is tomohiko taniguchi who is a special advisor to the cabinet of japanese prime minister shinzo abi in hong kong robert kept director of the economist corporate network and by skype from stuttgart in germany he won't call who is a publisher of the korean exposé an online news magazine that focuses on contemporary south korea welcome to the program gentlemen thank you so much for being with us mr taniguchi if i could start with you in tokyo japan said it's restricting exports of soft korea because of national security what exactly are
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japan's consequence and what is at the core of this dispute. these 3 materials that you cited extremely important because they are potentially going to be used for dual purposes one civilian and the military. given the sensitivity south korea and tokyo. made consultation mechanism at work. one has to say that the hasty fashion that the south korean. customers use the japanese to provide them with materials ending up with. breaching of the regime that we are all after i mean south korea and japan are after and
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consists arguably a source of security concerns as you mention mrs on who she is a japanese move to restrict exports from south korea not retaliation for the south korean course ruling that allowed access of japanese companies to be seas and used to compensate victims of the wartime forced labor is that not retaliation these 2 completely separate issues because the export control regime is strictly and the japanese government decisions and it is as a result by nature a domestic decision as has been the case with many other exporters exporting some sensitive materials materials to other countries such as south korea ok let's hear from c. one cohen should guard mr taniguchi says the japanese move is a separate
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a show you has nothing to do with the court rulings in south korea would you agree with that what the pens the tensions outside south korea is concerned. well this is i mean the line that we have heard from the administer russians or. the export restriction has nothing to do we'd be developing in south korea or what japanese companies should do when we got to compensating victims or forced laborers during the colonial period as far as the government in seoul is concerned and this far as the public is concerned these 2 are completely related matters and the timing is most extraordinary in fact a measure has taken the government is vote by surprise and we have not really seen any official measure current from the government yet but of course situation only gets worse by today and unfortunately the damage to the right of relations is going to be quite extraordinary as he will go japan's position is that the issue of compensation was addressing the 1965 treaty that normalize relations between the 2
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country and so japan already gave millions hundreds of millions in aids and knowns to south korea why is it coming to the fore now what is that issue for south korea . we have to accept that there has been a significant change in the brain political landscape 2 years ago we had a new president elect it wins in and one of his campaign promises was actually to revisit the agreement between japan and korea to address the issue called for women it was supposed to be final when the remark was signed in 2050 but it probably opposition to this was quite significant the government currently in so it has taken a harder line on the issue and they have maintained that they will not see what dave or seem to be a turning by the minute ministers who are the more right wing tendencies not just over the issue of war time crimes but also over the issue of political or tactician
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and the rocks between korea and japan that have been disputed by the 2 countries for quite some time all right robert capt let's talk about the economic implications of this dispute the us china trade war has already resulted in quite a lot of negative shocks for asian trade flows do you think this dispute between the other 2 big economies of the region has the potential to escalate into another trade war. was certainly has the beginnings of what it is worth pointing out that actually south korea and japan had been suffering from. impact of the us to a trade war because they are very much integrated in this global supply chain which is centered around china or has been and so when the tariffs are put on chinese exports in fact it's south korea taiwan and japan very significantly the high tech area that feed into that so they've already been suffering and now they have this
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dispute brewing i guess the one silver lining to this is the export controls involve a review period so there's like a 90 day window from which the 2 sides might be able to reach some sort of resolution but if there isn't a solution to the impasse i'm afraid it could make a bad situation much worse japanise said it may escalate measures in august how far can they actually take this especially given that japan's exports have been falling because of the us china trade war is the thing. well that's the interesting thing so currently we look at these very specialized components they represent about one percent of the value of japan's exports to south korea so things like hydrogen fluoride are very important to south korean ship manufacturers and panel manufacturers but they are very important to japan's export base but if indeed they start ratcheting up tension not only were their own companies of course suffer as
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a consequence just as by the way american companies in consumer suffer under tariffs that are just increasing the cost of inputs from china but there's another factor that needs to be considered in that is south korea might start retaliating and so it you know this is where you get what's known as a tit for tat trade war and if things get more and more heated the ramifications for those 2 economies and the global economy could become bigger and bigger missa taniguchi japan says it may escalate the measures when it go as far as removing south korea from its list of preferred trading pardons perhaps the list you are just referred to in some list that listed 29 countries with which japan has given blanket. branka. permission when it comes to exporting sensitive materials to the importance but south korea has been the only and sole nation in the entire part of asia that japan
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has maintained this arrangement over the last 15 years european union has given no such permission out right south to south korea japan has given no such permission to other men's members of asia so south korea is going to return back to where it was 2004 and in addition no ban whatsoever no ban whatsoever either about the 3 sensitive materials. or the future in the future other materials is going to be imposed upon japan's export it's going to make the process slow and cumbersome if you like but that's the one. any country is having with any other country. the economic aspect of this relationship has been the glue supporting political cooperation between south
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korea and japan until now to what extent korea's domestic politics complicating the situation and do you think there is a certain willingness domestically to improve things with japan. no i would say this is very unlikely the timing of the situation is most unfortunate because korea already was feeling the pressure from the trade were between china and the us and there was a lot of henry meager messick really over what the government could do to improve the business climate and then came to school by japan and building on the existing n.t. chip and the sentiment in korea which is very widespread it's put tremendous pressure on the government to not yield to any demand by the ministration that the government has said it is open to diplomatic negotiations or compromise that if they're open to diplomatic negotiations as you say why did they reject 3rd party arbitration where there is certainly the danger that if matter goes to
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a 3rd party korea might not kept it willing that it wants it is also the case with this situation or talked at all or. which south korea effectively controls and japan has increasingly asserted that should be returned to its control and in japanese that calls for 3rd party administration or at least the case with the international court of justice to result is what this is an issue that south koreans said not interested in pursuing arava kept which side is suffering the most and which side will suffer the most states this is not resolved japan a south korea. well currently it would be south korea's were exposed because it's manufacturers are so dependent on those specialty materials from japan it's worth pointing out japan is not the only source but it is the primary source it has the right quality that these manufacturers rely on and it's already integrated in their
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supply chains however. it could be that japan ends up suffering again if this starts to escalate one thing that for example south korea has it's very important japan is tourists it's the 2nd largest source of tourists to japan after china which by the way is another country where there is often these political flare ups of a cultural historical nature so in that sense the japanese economy which is increasingly service based is in fact exposed and could suffer. as you heard they if japan is if south korea rather is not able to get its resources a resource this way is technology industry is not able to talk to japan it opens the door to other supplies like china for instance and this could backfire on japan could it not. because this is not for south korea's and this is not based on the concerns about south korea's domestic are not because
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to me it is about the japanese domestic regime for export control if indeed south korea and the companies are going to find other sources well that somewhat does south korea and the companies should decide on and that's a totally south korean companies but when it comes to the export control regime that the japanese government ministers that is what does this happen he's government is going to look after so what will it take for the japanese government to roll to roll back the export restriction. there the console taishan mechanism is very much a linchpin for these 2 nations to push to continue having some ongoing economic and trade relationships especially about sensitive matters that could be put into do all use but one has to point out that
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out consultation mechanism has not been. working the design of which. urges these took these 2 countries to and so that's something that both come countries have to work on but the ball currently is on the court of the south koreans ok c one call that a good she says the ball is on the court on the side of south korea what is it going to take for south korea for the tensions to deescalate. well we hear about consultation going is a more misuse of materials and all that but ultimately everybody recognizes this issue comes down to how a south korean government will address the key court ruling that has essentially exposed japanese companies that operate it we korean labor force in the in your period to a potential compensation claims and as far as the government in seoul is concerned
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it cannot really do anything as i said before the public opinion is against japan and it's against yielding to japanese demands and the kind of consumer boy caught that was referred to by the commentator in hong kong this is a very likely possibility we're starting to see a growing movement of consumers which is not led by any particular interest group calling for a boycott of travel to japan and also a boycott of japanese companies and japanese products and the rhetoric only starts to grow angry about it right so you're saying that there are political benefits domestically to go to continue down this road for south korea even though it hurts the country anomic. that's another way to see it south koreans also believe that mr abbott is playing this partly for his old political gain in the run up to his only less and at the same time in south korea this can be of benefit to the
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government which was suffering from a falling approval ratings it is facing its all election campaign next spring and it needed of course to support trouble support for its own party and i am not saying that this is being done intentionally well certainly it does play to the benefit of the current administration ok your response missed a ton of virtue before i bring back robert cap into the conversation and many in south korea believe that the production is prime minister shinzo lobby is going down this road for political gain what is your response. well it may sound as if it is the case but the truth of the matter is that decisions taken by the japanese government of late about the export restriction or the strict implementation of the export control regime have been backed by 7080 percent of the people polled so it is not so much party's on as an issue and i have
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to say that all of those conflicts and differences of interpretation must be solved in accordance with the basic treaty that the 2 nations forged with each other and there is a clearly written consultation and conflict solving mechanism and south koreans court and the government have chosen to pay absolutely no attention to the basic treaty and the basic treaty treaty has been the very foundation legally speaking upon which the bilateral relationship has flourished to the extent that you now see now and one final thing i should say is that out in the broadest context a korean labor could not find any other places to work for during the war time but
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the companies doubt employed those laborers paid money to those people and those people who failed to get money tearing compensation during all time. able to get compensation from the south korean government because they saw in such a way to nations chose to go ahead in 1965 but that shocked history is being opened. again and again see one car get you to respond on this question an issue of compensation a 2nd but i just want to bring robert back into the conversation and talk about the u.s. robot which says it has no plan to mediate between its 2 our allies should they get involved though i mean would it be not in the u.s. interest to try and broker some sort of agreement between japan and south korea because this could play well in to china's hand your analysis is correct but let's
2:42 am
not forget what current u.s. administration we're talking about of the presidency of donald trump regardless of what one thinks of the gentleman is not known for its diplomatic finesse we say granted he has taken a personal interest in a certain korean leader and he seems to get along well with jeans ave and the u.s. has indeed a vital interest in seeing both japan and south korea get along especially as you mentioned so maybe that will come about currently the u.s. response has been we want to stay out of it but we want you to solve it and they're hoping it's to chief allies in not only asia when you think about but indeed principally within the world given the tensions that are going on both through china and north korea certainly the u.s. must be thinking it would be great if this issue could be settled and have one less problem on the global sphere to deal with and how does
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a dispute benefit china and north korea. well it benefits both those adversarial powers vs a v the us viewpoint. because in fact you have won a distraction 2 other issues into you don't have any sort of unified front so north korea actually more than any pressure from the us has faced either some form of could joleen or or attempts to bring a resolution to the issues across the 38th parallel from both seoul and tokyo so those have been 2 principal actors in north korea's position in asia of course the other key actor there is china backing north korea the japanese and korean south korean interests have been trying to bring north korea around to a more global way of thinking but there's that and there's also again just the fact that china can thrive in this atmosphere of divisiveness and play cards you can
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either try to get better relations going with japan or south korea or threaten either to its own ends this divisiveness simply is not in u.s. interests or in the interests of its allies so in that sense it's been a fitting adversaries more than allies i see won't go in should got to have the last word your response to mr taniguchi on the issue of the question of compensation and also what does it come down to as far south korea is concerned is it just an apology that south korea wants. perhaps indeed although the japanese government will say apology has been given we talk about compensation and of course money is very important but the heart of the matter is not money it's about sincerity their way that the japanese government has maintained or years and decades that the matters of historical significance have been so cold this is what offends the sensibility in south korea and more broadly in china in other parts of asia as well. what a korean probably wants to see is
2:45 am
a kind of sincere apology contrition the kind of which you often see from the german government with regard to its own wartime crimes but this is certainly not what's been seen from japan and that's what really continues to fuel this kind of culture of r.c. we leave it there gentlemen we've run out of time thank you very much for a very interesting discussion to make a ton of gucci see one cool and robert kept thank you for being on inside story and thank you as well for watching you can always watch this program again any time by visiting our website at al-jazeera dot com for further discussion go to our facebook page that's facebook dot com for sasha a.j. and side story can of course also join the conversation on twitter i handle it as that a.j. inside story from me for the whole inside so 18 thank you for watching i found out you.
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it's 50 years since the world watched as u.s. astronauts lost it off on a mission many to impossible or whatever then marveled as they made those 1st uncertain steps. join us as we look at the ingenuity and those who made the journey of a 111 possible. landing 50 years on and al jazeera news special. education is struggling to keep pace often failing to prepare children for today's world. but some schools are changing the rules that
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are good to have top of a county and how they did meet. with but still mission results last 5. different books are in. rebel education early learning mexico on al-jazeera. new yorkers are very receptive to al-jazeera because it is such an international city they're very interested in that global perspective that al jazeera provides. now all jews iraq. with and for your. water an essential resource for all humankind across europe pressure to recognise water as
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a human right and put its management back. interpublic is increasing i think that the european commission would be very very. words from. anybody still in the fields. people who see everything as something to invest the profit of they want. to the last draw on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. they're watching the news our life from our headquarters in doha. coming up in the next 60 minutes to her on reveals evidence that it says proves the u.s. warship didn't shoot down its drone. south africa's president says an anti
2:49 am
corruption report finding that he intentionally misled parliament doesn't tell the full story. i maryam namazie and london with the top stories from europe including the dutch supremum court upholds its ruling that the netherlands was partially to blame for the shrubbery meets a massacre in bosnia in 1990 fine. and piece them into a tiger woods is among the big names missing because the open championship. ring cynical as the country gears up for the africa cup of nations final against algeria. hello iranian state television has released a video which it says shows a u.s. warship filmed by a drone the iranians say that proves the drone was not shot down by the american military the iranian revolutionary guard says this is tangible proof the. unmanned
2:50 am
aircraft returned to its base on thursday president donald trump said the worship the u.s.s. boxer downs an iranian drone in the strait of hormuz trump called a defensive action because it came within 900 metres of the vessel and ignored multiple calls to stand down. has more from to her on. iran's revolutionary guards aerospace the vision has released the footage that shows the surveillance drone over the strait of hormuz and over at the u.s.s. boxer vessel apparently the revolutionary guards say it is standard procedure for them to send out these surveillance drones once any vessels enters the strait of hormuz and that is exactly what happened on thursday morning the revolutionary guard drone it went out on a reconnaissance mission to survey what was entering this area and they spent 3 hours recording what was on board this u.s. boxer vessel now the iranians have said that any claims by the united states
2:51 am
government that there was any kind of confrontation between this drone and this vessel is simply not true that this mission was carried out without any incident and this drone returned to its base without any difficulties and they said that this video that's been released is evidence that there was absolutely no issues between the 2 and what the american government to say now is absolute sheer lies this is not the 1st time there has been disputes between the iranians and the americans in the strait of hormuz there has been escalating tensions in this area the iranians have said that the american since withdrawing from the 2015 nuclear agreement have waged economic war on the country and they're trying this maximum pressure campaign to try instigates the uranium into some kind of negotiations to renegotiate the 2015 nuclear deal in the iranian state that simply will never happen and they are asking the international community to confront the u.s.
2:52 am
government to try and deescalate the tensions in this region that's a view from iran let's cross over to our white house correspondent kelly halkett standing by for us in washington d.c. for any reaction from american officials on this video that's been released on iranian state television. you know there has been reaction from the u.s. president donald trump well he didn't reference the video directly he did speak at a photo opportunity marking the 50th anniversary of the apollo 11 moon landing and he said unequivocally that when it comes to that iranian drone the words the president used were we shot it down now we do know that the u.s. military says to be more precise it was brought down using electronic jamming but that's the wording that the president used he referenced his national security adviser john bolton saying there's no question that the iranian drone presented a threat and this is something that was echoed by the u.s. secretary of state mike pump aoe as he was speaking in argentina essentially that
2:53 am
the administration is speaking with one voice pointing the finger at iran now the u.s. president we should note in all of this was asked by reporters whether he was concerned about these escalating tensions with iran concerned about a potential clash because you have to remember where just about a month from when there was a very close call between not only the united states but to iran iran rather with regard to the potential military strike following the downing of a u.s. drone so the president responded saying that he was not concerned about a clash he said no not at all he said we hope for their sake meaning a wrong that they don't do anything foolish if they do they will pay a price like nobody's ever paid a price so some very strong words coming from the u.s. president. kimberly stand by for just a moment because we're getting breaking news and we're hearing that the iranian revolutionary guard says that its forces have captured
2:54 am
a british oil tanker in the strait of hormuz for allegedly violating international laws so this is once again according to the iranian revolutionary guard and the british ministry of defense is saying that is it is looking into this kimberly back to you i don't mean to put you on the spot at all with this breaking news that we're just hearing of right now but do we expect the u.s. to come out and react to on this new information we're getting now. well certainly it is likely to react and we can reach out to our sources to respond to these breaking news developments but what i can tell you is that already the u.s. has been very clear about how it wants its allies to treat iran and approach these ongoing escalations in this commercial waterway we heard from the u.s. president that he was calling on other countries to condemn iran to condemn iran and to protect their own ships meaning other countries it's not just the united
2:55 am
states using the strait of hormuz it's a number of nations using this very busy waterway so not only we've had these words from the united states president but also from his treasury secretary when he was speaking in france to g 7 leaders he very very carefully worded his statements but make no mistake about it it was a warning to european allies that have been suggesting they would be willing to extend a financial lifeline to help iran saying that if they want to be a part of the u.s. financial system they need to feed the iran sanctions the united states sanctions with respect to iran so the united states there's no question about it whether it is militarily whether it is financially whether it is that the highest levels of the leadership is looking for its partners to support them but because of the differences of the united states when it comes to the iran nuclear agreement the fact that it has withdrawn while other countries are still strong trying to support
2:56 am
that apparatus the u.s. has found itself very isolated so it will have to react in those terms i should add one more piece of information that we got from a senior administration official today with respect to these escalations comes from the national security council in fact they're saying that once again the u.s. president is willing to have a conversation with the rons leaders if iran makes a serious gesture to end the. the way that they can do that is to end its uranium enrichment immediately so the u.s. taking all of this very seriously of course we will reach out on this breaking news to see what further statements will be coming from the trumpet ministration and kimberly road is there any sign at all the u.s. is willing to back down from. some pressure campaign as it calls it towards iran. just the opposite the u.s.
2:57 am
has been very clear in terms of its maximum pressure campaign and we can see that even as it is as a ron has said really there's nothing left to sanction but the united states seems to think there is then is continuing to seek new opportunities to sanction iranian officials high level business leaders is continuing to try and isolate iran from the global financial system the problem the united states faces and donald trump faces is part of his america 1st policies is that the many of these world leaders have been somewhat reticent to join along in this maximum pressure campaign a so it will be interesting to see in light of these breaking news developments whether or not there is going to be a further support of the u.s. actions of this maximum pressure campaign but in terms of backing down it does not appear that the u.s. has shown any willingness to do that as of yet ok kimberly halakhah thank you for that update from washington meanwhile
2:58 am
a quarter has extended the detention of an iranian oil tanker for another 30 days british royal marines assisted a authorities in seizing the vessel off they are suspecting it of carrying all to syria to ron had rejected the argues ations the government in damascus is under international sanctions. south africa's corruption watchdog has found that president cyril ramaphosa deliberately misled parliament when questions about a 27000 campaign donation. head said he knew nothing of the $35000.00 contribution but the public protector says he was lying for me that miller has more from pretoria. cyril ramaphosa came into office vowing to fight corruption we must fight corruption we must fight for order and. as well as in the private sector with the same pair pause and intensity that we want to fight it in the public sector but the public protector says he
2:59 am
deliberately misled parliament when answering questions about a campaign donation made 2 years ago come up also who was defeated president of south africa at the time receded a nation of the tea $5000.00 when he was running for president of the african national congress but he told parliament that the money was for his son and did his foundation it turns out there's no foundation for my post or issued a correction saying the money was for his own campaign and he didn't know about it i have come to the conclusion they do these in marriage to the allegations relating to their suspicion of money laundering as alluded to in the complaint lodged the interested exposed to serve to the risk of conflict between his private interest and he's of the show's responsibilities the public protector says she has evidence that as much as $28000000.00 was channeled through various campaign trust
3:00 am
and other beneficiary accounts linked to rama porsche and good one this is from a poor search should have declared the donations to avoid a conflict of interest she wants both the president and c.e.o. of the company gavin watson investigated for money laundering this has gone beyond the parameters of simply a parliamentary misdemeanor it has got into the realms of criminal justice and certainly it will provide ammunition for several romal pools of enemies within them within the a.n.c. who we know are many to go after his continued leadership of the party the public protector's verdict means that i'm up or so i will have to declare all donations to his campaign within 30 days the president says he'll study the report and make a decision on any further action corruption continues to be an issue the governing african national congress is battling not only is president facing a scandal of his own his predecessor president jacob zuma is appearing some would say reluctantly.


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