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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  July 17, 2019 5:00am-6:01am +03

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across the world so no matter how you take it. we'll bring you the news and current of the matter to al-jazeera. this is. a learned welcome i am giving apology or watching the news hour live from doha it's good to have your company coming up in the next 60 minutes. the u.s. house condemns president donald trump for racially charged comments against 4 congress women. if we are united on the insight no body will divide us from the outside. germany's defense minister becomes the 1st a woman to hold the european union's top job. the u.k.
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government is accused of discriminating against visa applicants from africa. and the u.s. imposes sanctions on some of me and marched top military officers it's a reaction to the ongoing growing get crisis. the u.s. house of representatives has voted to condemn quote racist comments by presidents on a trump against for minority congress women now the resolution was approved largely on party lines with only 4 republicans backing the democratic measure on sunday president trump posted tweets telling the for politicians to go back where they came from and he's refused to let up that's despite growing criticism both at home and abroad mike hanna is in washington with the latest for us so mike can you tell us how this is played out in. congress. but certainly for democrats it was an
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opportunity a rare opportunity to publicly censure the president and place on record their disapproval of that and discussed in some cases at the language that he uses for republicans it was also a rare opportunity but one in which they may not have enjoyed and that is an opportunity to go on the record the republicans generally have supported president trump they have not criticized his comments through thick concern on this occasion however they were forced to go on the record in support of the president's controversial statements only for republicans joining the democrats in censoring the president one of them incidentally the only black republican within the house so certainly it was a day of great drama and this is how it went without objection the motion to reconsider is laid on the taper the vote went largely along party lines only for
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republicans joining house democrats in their rebuke of president trump it was a rare occasion on which all in the house were forced to go on the record in response to intemperate comments made by the president these comments from the white house are disgraceful and disgusting and that comment are racist the vote was delayed by republicans who attempted to have the accusation of racism made by the house speaker introducing the bill struck off the record i urge you if you go and you know that the balance of my house is going to the general speaker of the house if you would like to rephrase that comment i had cleared my remarks as a parliamentarian before i read them the unprecedented argument delayed the vote for hours many republicans clearly more angered by the speaker's words than by those tweeted by the president zuma making that demand of the words be taken down. request for jones words are on parliamentary question to be taken out despite the
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republican fury a vote was taken and the house ruled the speaker's words should be kept on the record then another moment of drama for the 1st time a formal attempt in the house to move articles of impeachment against the president impeaching donald jiang trump president of the united states of misdemeanors the move is likely to intensify what has been at the bait among house democrats about impeachment more than 80 representatives are on record as urging such a move others including the house speaker have been arguing that it would be better to continue investigating the president through house committees rather than risk a failed move to impeach therefore donnel john traub by causing such horror to the society of the united states is
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unfit to be president and warrants impeachment trial and removal from office a decision may non need to be made one way or the other on my can it's been a captivating few days in washington for good or bad but the house the rest of the country reacting to this. well there has been widespread condemnation of the president's original tweets that went out on sunday shortly before he went off to play golf and certainly there has been massive debate throughout the country about the nature of these particular tweets the racial connotation that many believe that they contain and which the house now says they did contain so this has been an ongoing debate for republicans a real problem though they are well aware that in the elections coming up next year many of those in their constituencies in the areas they represent would also have been very strongly disapproving of the manner and the words that president trump
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used so this of various issues to the source of something that's not going to go away it's going to play out in the months ahead but republicans in a very difficult position in the course of the day forcing in effect to go on the record noted no doubt by those who live in the areas that they represent but then again for democrats a very difficult time coming as that motion off impeachment that was introduced at the end of the day's proceedings certainly going to ratchet up the debate within the democrats in terms of what are they going to do next the house speaker has been attempting to push away this debate now she has got to decide that democratic leaders have got to decide where are they going to go point pietschmann or not whether they're going to refer this to a judiciary committee whether they going to table it which would anger many democrats within their caucus or indeed whether they do nothing in which case within 2 days 2 legislative days the motion for impeachment may be introduced in
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congress thank you very much mike hanna in washington. less than 24 hours after new u.s. asylum rules went into effect they're facing their 1st challenge immigrant advocacy groups have filed 2 separate cases they say the policy violates the mystic and international law it is course migrants from central america to ask for asylum in one of the countries that they travel through and if that claim is rejected then they'll be able to apply for safe haven in the u.s. it is part of president transplant to stop the flow of migrants the european parliament has narrowly elected to ursula under law and as president of the european commission the german defense minister will become the 1st woman to hold the post to ensure places john claude younger in the vendor so how has more from sharpsburg. approval from the european parliament vote for the long term becomes the 1st woman to hold the e.u.'s top job as commission
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president she will set the policy agenda for the next 5 years i feel so all notes and i'm overwhelmed and i see things you for the trust you place in me you're the trust you placed in me is confidence you've placed in europe your confidence in the united and a strong europe from east to west from south to north. as a german a woman and a close ally of angle a merkel on the line will be seen as an extension of the chancellor's dominant role in european politics she owes her career to merkel and like merkel she's a political conservative and a passionate supporter of european integration. but big spending promises designed to sway down to any peace are a departure and may prove hard to fulfill we must take bold steps to get mrs from
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the lion is indebted for their support to opposing quarters from the socialists to the nationalists which means someone will have to be disappointed supporters in the heavyweight center right european people's party bloc to which belongs brush those concerns aside she managed to get the support of $27.00 after $28.00 heads of government in the european union so western europeans eastern europeans were supporting her representatives from a different political families and what she also managed to do is together with us to bring france and germany closer back together the french german cooperation is not everything in the good opinion that sure but without a close friend german cooperation things really don't move forward in the unity in unity among the promises that. has made is reform of the very electoral process that had failed to produce a democratically elected candidate with her name emerging instead from behind closed doors as the preferred pick of e.u.
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heads of government and state it's not only far right populists talking about a democratic deficit in the e.u. anymore many other any p's a saying it as well. and try as she might to be the consensus candidate for all her promise of a green climate deal for europe wasn't enough to sway the greens what is this dream deal for europe can you explain that to me i can't well if you can't either i mean again a slogan it's not a program what is it how much in which direction. but they'll be an abiding sense of relief an autumn of crises beckons a trade war with trump and britain sliding towards a no deal breaks it at least europe no knows who's in charge join a whole al-jazeera strasberg. chilean hoess the managing director of think tank the vocal europe explains founder alliance main campaign pledges. in effect there were
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3 main promises that's when so different camps 1st of all courting the sensorites slash rights wing party of the european parliament the european people's party and members of macros renew europe was a promise to reinforce the european use from 2 is an issue or so is more difficulty in getting free borders for migrants and those escaping crises which doesn't play very well we have left wing groups following on from that for the left wing groups there was more of a talk regarding a green europe a green a climate deal for europe but as many people have says there were details there are many details in play not much has actually been so then quite frankly nobody is really going to see anything until october when there's a sort of come from a to reverse for the european commission president and the final one that was quite interesting form of policy point of view was that the promise for a reinsurance program to underpin national insurance programs of support in the
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vigils was quite interesting but again there's no cost thing there wasn't many details in place and they'll be quite knows if this is actually were to happen we'll have to see how those will affect the amount of style of a still carry over behavior from there that may have cause allegations and i believe there were some allegations of problems with using sort of contractors funds on approach projects which in your pink case may cause severe problems the british pound has plunged to a 27 month low against the dollar markets are pricing sharply higher risk of britain leaving the european union on october 31st without any transition trading deals they're concerned by rhetoric from the 2 candidates who are vying to be the next prime minister the favorite boris johnson and his rival jeremy hunt are both hardening their stance on negotiations with brussels that's despite the e.u. saying they were drawn agreement has been finalized and will not be renegotiated.
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new research has found that africans seeking short term visa in the united kingdom are more than twice as likely to birth fuse than other applicants their report from the home office responsible for financial discrimination and careless decision making the barker us more details from london. cato louis is twice mayor of the london borough of enfield before entering local politics she spent 40 years working as a midwife to many she's a pillar of the community but her success hasn't helped her only sister to visit the u.k. from nigeria she's been denied a visa 3 times on financial grounds despite showing evidence that her costs are being covered by her sister in london on the way says her family of victims of a prejudice visa process is very emotional is very disturbing i'm 70 i'm not getting younger you know so maybe when i die and then they come and go to my remains you know she's not paying anything under one painted and if there's
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anything that i've gone which is the reason why they want to know. according to a new report african bees are applicants for more than twice as likely to be refused to people from other parts of the world the authors blame a catalogue of careless often offensive decisions the cost applicants sometimes hundreds of dollars per application the home office piece or processing system is broken and africans are paying the price and this has been outsourced to private sector companies and we find just to all bitch so you have a scientific delegation some of them will be refused others with exactly the same background qualifications finance. this is british gambian perform a solid job she's a rising star in the world music scene she recently attempted to bring over session musicians from gambia to record a new album but they weren't allowed in and she's not alone leading academics diplomats ngo workers and world famous performers have all been barred from
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entering the u.k. for seemingly arbitrary reasons we've just found it really difficult. when we were applying to have people come over for the person long it's so expensive sometimes they're having to go to neighboring countries to get the visa sitting around waiting for interviews in those countries flights i mean it's really big we contacted the home office for comment and they gave us the following statement that the u.k. welcomes all genuine visitors from africa and wants his visa system to support are important and increasing business and trade ties with the continent these are applications from african nationals are at their highest level since 2013 said the statement and decision makers do not discriminate on the basis of age gender religion or race the statement also says that the home office remains committed to making the right decision on visas 1st time every time after 3 successive
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rejections. determined to challenge the home office is to sit in regarding his sister a move she believes is anything right the. london. a british uranian aid worker jailed in terror on is being held at a psychiatric hospital after being moved there from prison. radcliffe's families say she's being kept at the facility under the control of the iran's revolutionary guard she was sentenced to 5 years in prison on spying charges after she was arrested a terror on airports in 2016 months she went on a 2 week hunger strike along with her u.k. based house spend designed to push for her release and there's plenty more still ahead this news hour including former president alexander toledo is arrested in the u.s. on corruption charges linked to a brazilian construction giant. and protesters in hong kong vowed to defy what they
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see as china's efforts to tighten control. and support this former world champion claims he's set to fight one of the biggest names in boxing. the united states government is imposing its strongest sanctions to date on main marse top military leaders this is in response to the mass killing of one good muslims in 2017 sanctions target me and marks commander in chief and several other senior military brass washington says the government hasn't taken any action against those responsible for human rights abuses matthew smith is the co-founder and chief executive officer of fortify rights and he joins us live from washington d.c. thank you very much for being on the program my comp aoa says the u.s. is the 1st country to target military leaders to single them out and name them. do
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you think that this is this sets a precedent for other countries to follow and will this be effective. thanks david actually the u.s. government is not the 1st government to target military leaders however it is the 1st government to target senior general men on lying the commander in chief governments around the world have taken several measures including the us government to apply certain sanctions against people responsible for genocide this is the 1st time however that a government has come out and acknowledged senior general men on lyings responsibility for those crimes and that is significant but there is certainly more that the u.s. government could and should do and what impact will this have well you know sanctions like this or this particular set of sanctions really only prevents these generals from entering the united states but you know it's good news if this
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is the 1st measure that the united states government will take in addressing genocide and be in margins the right to get people it's bad news if this is all busy that secretary pompei in the administration are planning to do so we are hopeful that they'll do more and the impacts can be serious this will flag the responsibility of these individuals for international prosecutors for example the international criminal court it will give pause to business leaders going to me and more in doing business with the me i'm our military or military owned enterprises so there can be significant ripple effects it is speaking of the i.c.c. the un investigators have said that the violence against their own hang exhausts warrants prosecution of the top generals for genocide and the international criminal courts has any but look i have any moves been made towards that. there has the chief prosecutor initially requested jurisdiction the i.c.c.
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granted that jurisdiction and it's moved from a preliminary exam examination into a preliminary investigation so there are certain steps that the prosecutor has to go through the process that the prosecutor's already gone through with respect to the crimes against her hinges is actually quite fast compared to other situations globally so the prosecutor's office is moving swiftly in this case which should certainly give pause to military generals in myanmar who are still responsible for atrocities that are ongoing and you said that you hope that this steps we've seen in the u.s. so far these sanctions are the 1st step against that mean mean mars general of. the u.s. state department says that this is this will help. the military regime what more that do they need to do to move towards further towards a civilian government well you know i think i should say that there are members of
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the civilian government who are also responsible for mass atrocity crimes we would argue in me and maher but apart from that the government now could name these 4 individuals and others under the global magnitsky act that would that would bring forth other significant sanctions against these individuals and there's legislation right now in the us pending legislation that would also enable more sanctions against military owned enterprises and me and maher and. legislators and congress in the united states in washington d.c. should get behind that legislation matthew smith good to speak to you thank you very much thanks to the. former proven president has been arrested in the united states for extradition on corruption charges he is the latest politician caught up in latin america's largest ever corruption scandal
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which is centered on a brazilian construction company called bret marianna sanchez has more details from lima. he's been living freely for some time in california and last night his lawyer said that he had spoken with him and there was no indication that little was a aware that this arrest would be imminent but this has been indeed a result of a very intense work by the government which requests that the extradition one year ago also very intense work by the prosecutors the prosecutor's office in peru that is working on the case and that has gone through thousands and thousands of papers paperwork to be able to prove that during the little government between 20012006 there were bribes. paid as well another very important matter in this is that there's been intense work in brazil itself with the carwash investigation the other
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bridge scandal has put the man out that the link between peru. government proves companies and all they would have to testify in the old rich case he has given all the information he continues to give out information and a result of this is that this has had peru has been the country most impacted by the scandal. mainly with arrests from the most important politicians in peru to more importantly the house arrest of former president bill. and as we all know of course the suicide of former president alan garcia who killed himself just minutes after all arrived in his home in lima to arrest him really in relation to the case eric farnsworth is the vice president of the council of the americas and he says. shaken the entire region. the tentacles of
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the other british investigation and scandals have really literally reached throughout latin america you named any number of countries there are others you could have named as well venezuela certainly cuba there have been allegations in mexico about some of these issues and they go right to the top of some of these countries and what it's done is that it's not just impacted the people who have been accused of corruption obviously but it is also impacted the willingness of the people the voters to continue to support many of their elected officials and some would say have led directly through recent elections to the election of outsider candidate who are elected based on their claims to be not corrupt that is something that i think voters have increasingly been sympathetic to and it is driving elections now across the region so the implications of this are very very broad and very deep anti-government protesters in hong kong are promising to fight on carry alarms government has been forced to withdraw an extradition bill that would have sent suspects to mainland china but many activists say they'll continue to defy
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what they call attempts by china to control or to tighten control so well and that has this report. to say yet how those who you know. years among the smoke of the future knock on the golden. all they hoit the light disappears and it starts to get dark as a silent policeman are barking in the deepest places upon kong. the words of a poet sandwich on convey anger grief and resolve can mean the base will show you they only care about policing beginning not the people this is why i am inspired by these people who take to the streets risking their lives to fight for the future of hong kong jason doesn't use his real name and wants to stay anonymous says 22 years ago they're already back to slowly and slowly hong kong. used
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to have freedom since june a proposed law change that could lead to hong kong extradited to china sparked huge protests and the level of violence and seen in yours. ceiling chang is one of the thousands of mothers who staged a protest and filed a petition in support of the use movement carrie lam claimed herself to be the mother of hong kong people who behave like a movie children and don't know what's best for them and she was there to help us this is our future our right of freedom of expression of assembly all these. are guaranteed by the basic law most protests are planned online where security logistics fund raising and exit routes can be decided without anyone having to meet in person across hong kong ordinary lives have been transformed by
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a wave of solidarity protesters tell us the 2014 umbrella movement provided a lot of lessons because it led to imprisonment and factions now they've adopted a new wave of dissent a leaderless movement they say is harder for the government to pin down. hong kong is widely seen as the place of constant change and innovation and is one of the world's most visited cities. and many here want to make sure none of that's lost protesters here have adopted a slogan of the late famous martial arts star bruce lee the water my friend the sea like water they'll be fluid and adaptable and accept that what do you see is a fight for fundamental freedoms will be a long term struggle to. 0 hong kong. and
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still ahead on our desire. no justice no peace the rallying cry after the officer who choked eric garner to death escapes charges. and why you need a kind of cell phone is prompting a response from mexico's government. out of one of the world's most successful football coaches suffers his 1st defeat managing in china details in sport. had other slightly better weather picture across much of central and southern china we've been dealing with the floods lately but the last year as you can see actually some land appearing on the satellite or we all watching is this this massive cloud pushing across the philippines now this is tropical depression 6 w. or down this will be in the picture of the next few days producing very heavy very
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widespread rain so very wet couple days in manila 29 degrees on both days will keep an eye on this storm system because it could well develop into a tropical storm but it will continue produce as heavy rains and again on thursday a fine day in hong kong with a high of 35 degrees celsius then 2 was the southeast about it was born yes march a however where we all seen the weather is farther to the north vietnam thailand and cambodia some very have an extensive rain in the forecast here through wednesday and on into thursday time which is not in singapore on both days 31 in kuala lumpur but again we could have those often showers and thunderstorms for you then pushing across towards india it's been about the north it's also been about bangladesh some to break that again for the next couple of days though what we will see is more rain across much of the north particularly through new poll again through new delhi 32 braincells on wednesday sunny draw a better day there on thursday with a high of 32 and rain for the to the east of the country. the weather
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sponsored by catalona this. information indicates to you have or associate to those looked at least a part of it has the potential to be biased in a number of different ways there are too many are for sure for the computer to get wrong who's checking those offices who commit those data entry is wrong to be saying that your son the true knight is wrong to smile and say you kill of becoming a suspect before the actual crime and in-depth examination into preventative policing pre-crime on al-jazeera water an essential resource for all humankind across europe pressure to recognise water as a human right and put its management back into public hands is increasing i think that the european commission would be very very true those would be privatization on anybody stonyfield. those people who see every 2 years something to divest a profit of the $1.00. to the last drop on al-jazeera.
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again you know what you've got is there a let me take you through our main stories this hour the u.s. house of representatives has voted to condemn president donald trump for racially charged comments against 4 minority congress women a tribe had told them to go back to where they came from for republicans back the democratic measure. the european parliament has narrowly elected or still have under law and as president of the european commission the german defense minister will become the 1st woman to hold the post when sure places young john paul young.
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the united states government is imposing its strongest sanctions to date on me and marched top military leaders it's in response to the mass killings of. 2017 sanctions target me in march commander in chief and several other top tree. ok let's give them not get more on our top story and that's a vote to condemn president trump for racist comments we can speak to bill schneider is live in washington d.c. for us is a political analyst and a professor of public policy at george mason university as always good to have you on the program this vote is largely symbolic but what kind of a significance does it have in can it have any kind of an impact well it's more than symbolic it's a really rather unprecedented vote to condemn the president by the house of congress you don't see that very often and it will make it much more difficult in the future for the president to seek cooperation from congress particularly any
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kind of collaboration with democrats who are the ones who are sponsoring. the resolution some republicans joined in but basically what we're seeing is a poisonous party divide made worse by this episode indeed emma you say some republicans did vote for this resolution but. they largely most of them i would hardly follow the party line what kind of a quandary are the public and members and. oh they have a big quandary especially those who come from swing districts in states that have large minority populations like texas and colorado and arizona where republican senators are up for reelection next year if they criticize president trump he comes after them and he gets his base rallied and they could be defeated in a republican primary on the other hand if they show too much support for president trump they're going to lose a lot of support in their larger electorate in the general election they are really
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between a rock and a hard place and many are saying that this this is trump's move to galvanize his base. towards the 2020 elections do you think that is that is what's going to happen given how we've seen this escalate. every move he makes his president has to galvanize his base he governs on behalf of his base he's a very unusual president most presidents seek to unite the country seek to create consensus this president governs by dividing he deliberately exploits the division of the country that was there long before he took office it's been building for 50 years he sees it as an opportunity and round it rallies his base in defiance of those who are on the other side it's a very divisive strategy it's resented by a lot of americans and it's unlikely to work so bill on the flip flip side of this can democrats gain anything from this. well they certainly gain unity the
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president clearly thought that what he could do here was to put the face of these 4 minority congress women on the democratic party because they tend to be on the left they are on the left they're very radical and he wants that to be the face of the democratic party he runs against but i think it backfired on him what happened was democrats united not behind the views in idiology of these 4 women members of congress but against president trump democrats are simply horrified and scandalized that a president of the united states would deliberately use racist language which is what go back to where you come from means it means you don't belong here and we don't want you here that's horrifying to democrats and he's united the democratic party really solidly against him. another significant action that's come out of this is a motion impeachment was introduced to think this could eventually lead to the president being impeached or at least lead towards that. well the leaders of the
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house the democratic leaders in the house know that that's a very risky move the house could vote to impeach the president just about any time he wants one 3rd of the death of the majority party the democrats already have signed on to support a motion of impeachment well if the democrats are pretty solid behind that kind of motion they can impeach the president then he goes to trial and what will happen the senate will support him they will not remove him from office they have a republican majority and republicans are frankly terrified of trump and of his base so he will survive and what will happen well he'll run for re-election next year as a martyr as somebody who they tried to assassinate he will say and as someone who beat them at their own game this is a very risky move if democrats decide to go forward with impeachment and whatever happens it's as always it's interesting times ahead bill schneider great to get
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your thoughts and your insight thank you. trump repeatedly mentioned the 2020 alexion and those controversial tweets and some saw that as an attempt to rally his base and to maintain a strong support in the rural midwest john hendren went to livingston county illinois. in the. big leagues a. route 66 the mother road of the u.s. highway system grooves through rural america trunk country voted for donald trump there and then november of 2016 president donald trump's leadership skills are unprecedented. maybe unorthodox the route known as america's main street stretches from chicago to los angeles through missouri kansas oklahoma texas new mexico and arizona even in the states that did not vote for donald trump in 2016 this is where many trump voters live did you support him in 2016 oh yes it is the
5:38 am
path disaffected oklahoma farmers wiped out in the dust storms of the depression followed to elusive hope in john steinbeck's grapes of wrath i'm here can you not see of my and many rural americans in places like pontiac illinois remain hopeful in the past couple of years i think our economy has been booming especially here in our area where we've got a very vibrant downtown we've got route 66 we've got the interstate here so this community has been growing but even here economic threats on the horizon have deemed that hope were in some tough economic troubles in agriculture and when agriculture is a tough economic troubles the rural economy is going to suffer too obviously have been undecided right now here in conservative rural america president trump remains
5:39 am
popular but all the controversy and the growing economic uncertainty have taken. and so has the president's bare knuckles diplomacy especially his trade war with countries that buy what rural america sells right now i think with the tariff on the soybeans and stuff in china and mexico i think it kind of scares people that it could get worse i think some of our. relationships of some of the foreign countries is marginal at best you know if it is one to 10 probably 5 to 6 but trump voters are a stubborn lot we can't necessarily count on all the support he had in 2016 oh i think that he's got to he's got a huge base i mean his base still follows him still believes in him and i think that. that will stand true whether enough voters here along route 66 and elsewhere remain in that base or turn left could decide the election for the
5:40 am
next u.s. president john hendren al jazeera pontiac illinois. a new york police officer whose actions helped spark a national movement against police brutality will not face charges for killing a black man he was trying to arrest the u.s. justice department maybe announcement on tuesday 5 years after the death of eric garner kristen salumi has more. than 60. officer daniel panta layo was caught on video putting eric garner in a choke hold that led to his death police were attempting to arrest are now on charges of illegally selling booze cigarettes in your neighborhood if you're. going to examine it but after what was described as an exhaustive review the department of justice decided the evidence did not meet the high bar required to bring civil rights charges against the officer when we evaluated all of those actions and white
5:41 am
his training and experience. mr gardner size weight and actions to resist arrest and the duration and escalating nature of the interaction we determined that was insufficient evidence garners family and their supporters were quick to have jacked 5 years ago my son said i can't read. it today we can't. because they have let us down. by the way those words i can't breathe became a rallying cry for the black lives matter movement against police brutality after garners death in 2014 bringing thousands to the street in protest. the mayor of new york issued a statement expressing disappointment with the justice department's decision but clearly that wasn't enough for activists and members of their governors family who gathered outside city hall demanding that the mayor now fire officer panda leo
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while panta layo won't face criminal charges he could still face disciplinary action by the new york police department but the department is known for protecting its officers. u.s. attorney william barr a trouble appointee approved the decision not to charge panta layo a fact that was not lost on activists and local politicians it's a pretty clearly to communities of color. which on the mystery of the show and yet again they don't give a damn about those protesters are again vowing to hit the streets in a country where race relations are already strained and a city where the mare is running for president as a democrat the pressure to act will be intense kristen salumi al jazeera new york douglas sloan is a senior leader and. that's america's oldest civil law civil rights group and he says police officers across the u.s. need a completely training on how to deal with communities of color. well i think the
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message that's being sent out and particular by the u.s. justice department is that black lives don't matter this was a this was caught on tape this was ruled by the new york medical examiner examiner to be in illegally placed chokehold on eric garner eric garner died from compression of the neck and we all saw this and we all saw what happened and not only did the grand jury decline to indict or bring charges but also now we have the department of justice that declining to bring federal charges and declining bring civil rights charges william bar came down and broke the log jam and decided that there would be no federal civil rights charges brought against officer pants alayo so i think this sends a very clear message because this is not the only incident of excessive force used
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by the new york city police department nor by police departments across the country we need a whole sale. retraining and of police departments across the country about how to deal with communities of color we are seeing this time and time again disparate treatment of blacks and other minorities at the hands of the police it is unacceptable we have to make a fundamental change in how our law enforcement agencies in departments police our communities. iran says its ballistic missile program is not open for negotiation with anyone or any country now that contradicts comments from the us secretary of state mike pompei you who said iran is prepared to talk about its missiles earlier president donald trump said a lot of progress has been made with iran and that he was not pushing for regime
5:45 am
change tensions between the u.s. and iran escalated last year after washington redrew from the 2050 nuclear agreement. iran's supreme leader has spoken for the 1st time about the u.k. seizure of an iranian tanker near gibraltar the grace one tanker was detained earlier this month. the vicious british government committed piracy and a top down ship they commit crimes and legalize it they're trying to legitimize this maritime robbery republic will not leave such vicious acts without a response. has more from terror. this supreme leader also went on to comment about the current status of the 2015 nuclear agreement he said that according to our foreign ministry the europeans have 11 commitments to fulfill under this deal and they have yet to fulfill one now when we decide to scale back our commitment they voiced their concern he said this is an act of insolence that they will not tolerate it the said he also said that iran will continue to scale
5:46 am
back its commitment under this agreement and advance its nuclear program and that is something the country has the side to do because the europeans have not upheld their and of the deal the supreme leader the highest authority in the islamic republic has made the position of this country very very clear when it comes to these 2 very important issues the tanker the seizure of the grace one oil tanker will not to go on respond that the iranians will respond to this and the nuclear agreement is something the iranians will now for the foreseeable future slowly gradually cup back their commitments to because they feel that the other signatories since united states withdrew from this agreement last year have not upheld their end of the deal. qatar has confirmed that a missile seized in italy once belonged to its military the weapon was discovered during raids on a suspected new nazis cuts or says it bought the missile 25 years ago but has since
5:47 am
sold it on to another nation although it has a name the country a joint investigation by cutter and italy along with a 3rd country has begun. south african singer an anti-apartheid activist johnny clegg has died at the age of $66.00. was one of the few white artists to defy segregation laws and criticize the apartheid government nicknamed the why he was famous for blending to dish the african rhythms with western music styles he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer 4 years ago but continued to perform around the world until his death. every year tens of thousands of mobile phones are stolen in the mexican capital it's become such a huge problem the government's been forced to act on the apollo has more from mexico city. yet i think that other set of this video is a robbery taking place inside
5:48 am
a commuter bus in mexico city in less than a minute everyone on board has already handed over their phone stormed men robberies like these have become exceedingly common in the city. with mobile phones and other personal electronics being the top prize for thieves in response the city government has launched a new initiative to stop the sale of stolen phones at street markets look at this and we're in the end if you miss that and that by leaving them with a view that will look at this is a government call center that handles everything from missing persons to suicide prevention recently they've been tasked with assisting robbery victims in blocking their stolen phones you can also register your device using its unique number one recommendation they give toward reducing cell phone is for people to stop buying stolen phones having what's on the street or hearing to city we all know that when you go to the market you can buy a phone without a box and we've got a receipt and where do you think it came from you don't have to be a genius to know that these are probably stolen phones. while the new measure seeks
5:49 am
to punish the sale of stolen phones at street markets most actually end up at indoor elec tronics markets like this one t.v. cameras however are not welcome inside. we're not allowed to film where secondhand electronics are sold so we're going to have to hide the camera and go undercover you can find just about anything you're looking for here it's an open secret that most of these goods are stolen. one. i asked one vendor if i could get into any legal trouble for my purchase he guaranteed me there would be no problem. ironically there were several police officers present some of them doing a bit of shopping themselves critics of the new measure say authorities are going after the wrong people that don't impact them any i think this is a populist policy that will only have an impact in the media there of a christian and speaks regarding the policies such as banning the sale of stolen
5:50 am
funds and street markets as if that is the only place you can buy one more than 5000 people registered their mobile devices with the city within the 1st week of service authorities estimate that 2000 cell phones are stolen every day in mexico city alone many are now opting to purchase a 2nd dummy phone just in case of a robbery and up and i just needa mexico city. it is exactly 50 years since the apollo 11 set off on a mission that few mounted to the moon for the 1st time that's marked the day astronaut michael collins returned to the spot where he was launched into space along with neil armstrong and buzz aldrin on july 16th 1969 armstrong took the 1st small step on the moon died in 2012 the space suit he wore is back on public display for the 1st time in 13 years vice president mike pence and on strong unveiled it as part of a week long celebration of the apollo 11 say voyage and
5:51 am
. tiger woods will be aiming for his 1st open championship win since 2006.
5:52 am
well again it is that time for sports and here's. thanks very much goals final major of the year the open championship returns to northern ireland for the 1st time in almost 7 decades the game's top players are gathering at the royal portrush course ahead of the tournaments which begins on thursday harder woods will be
5:53 am
aiming for his 1st open win since 2006 for russia last hosted the event in 1951 the security situation in the country meant a return was off limits for many years northern irish player and former champion darren clarke will strike the tournaments opening tee shot bombs are going off quite frequently and you know a lot of people don't foresee a happy heavy penalty for being in the wrong place at the wrong time but that was that was our life back there at that stage. you know you think about the stage when everything was going on whether we were going to have a tournament such as this you know it was beyond the realms of possibility just was never going to happen now woods hasn't played a competitive round of golf since the u.s. open 4 weeks ago after winning the masters at the start of this year the 43 year old metz his form and fitness isn't where he'd like it to be. it's not quite not
5:54 am
quite as sharp as i'd like to have it right now. trying to grievances right where where i need to have it. i still need to get the ball she put the golf ball a little bit better than i am right now. especially with the weather coming in and the wind winds are going to be changing francesco molinari is the defending champion for the 100 and 48th edition of golf's oldest major tournament he became the 1st italian to win the clare jug trophy with his success in scotland 12 months ago i'm well aware of the challenges and you know it is a lot of guys capable this week of winning the trophy and. yet all i can do updates to my best try to. put up a good defense and be in contention i'm on sunday rafael benitez has suffered his 1st loss in the chinese super league the spaniard now coaches dillion yet fact
5:55 am
after stepping down as manager of english premier league side newcastle on tuesday he watched his team lose for want to get in swank shout ever grand result follow as big a test overseeing 2 victories. neymar has returned to training at p.s.g. for the 1st time since his unscheduled absence from the club side released this footage of the brazilian striker arriving for pre-season training a week late he wants to leave the french champions and p.s.g. who said he can go with an acceptable offer comes in neymar was signed for a world record feat of 250000000 dollars 2 years ago a few weeks ago paul pogba said he was ready for a new challenge away from manchester united or the club's record signing is still at united and is with the squad in australia head of a pre-season game against english 2nd tier team leeds. we have a strong team would players who want to give everything. there's always rumors
5:56 am
speculations about money and i could play a sport when the league starts we batten the hatches down and stick together a city for my lines welterweight world champion amir khan claims you manny pacquiao have signed a deal to fight each other. a lower tear it championship winning in jeddah last week were in who's suffered 5 losses in 34 bout since the showdown could happen in november in riyadh back arrow is set to fight keith thurman on saturday the 40 year old's publicist denies any deal to fight khan has been made and if i can be back in saudi arabia again it's going to be in riyadh this time. and it's going to be a hopefully it could be the money park your father we have both signed and i got the fight is done for this past this fight and we came down and we're going to fight if not there will be a debacle plans like said money pack your all the best on this weekend's flight.
5:57 am
has won his maiden soakaway braley title in china along with french navigator matthew bunn mal completed a clean sweep of stage wednesday secure the victory subway ads to the 48 year olds 3 dakar rally wins agreed in the latest 2019 edition. at the emmys most valuable player piano city to pose showed us that basketball and baseball just don't mix well walking bugs started to batting practice with the new york yankees but looked a little out of place holding a bat the 24 year old who says he'd never touched a baseball before probably won't need to learn any time soon a green form players already been touted as the favorite to be the league m.v.p. next season. ok and that is all your support for now war later. and before we say goodbye a reminder you can always find a much more on our web site to find that go to al-jazeera dot com that is set for me to pick up pollen for this news hour.
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recruited to win a war exploited to on the battlefield the cold the new regime for us the different value on our feet from where you're going when you appear and then abandoned for life time we should be ashamed for producing food for all concrete all the region over to people in power investigates the plight of imperial britons african troops begin tonight the forgotten heroes of empire on al-jazeera across the united states indigenous families are searching for their loved ones for relatives of people who go missing finding closure is often impossible people are meeting here to raise money for the search efforts of the young woman advocates and family members have started to raise awareness about the high rates of violence that disproportionately
5:59 am
impact indigenous communities most tribal police departments are understaffed and under resourced another factor is that tribes don't have jurisdiction over non-native americans for all crimes there but a lot of concerns that the federal agencies don't respond that they don't take these crimes seriously a lack of evidence is the main reason federal officials give for declining to prosecute crimes on reservations that shouldn't be the end of the discussion. there should be then a ok let's see we're wrong in this case why the is no evidence or why the evidence isn't good enough and make sure that doesn't happen yet. go in behind the scenes of one of mexico's most loved soaks using fiction to mirror the struggles of real life . giving a voice to those suffering in the dark this week the story line focuses on hiv and aids an illness still shrouded in superstition and fear the making of them is that
6:00 am
the little meter attitudes the writers want to tackle had gone. soapbox mexico breaking to beliefs on al-jazeera. model. the u.s. has condemned president donald trump for racially charged comments against 4 congress women. on how long he's in this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. i feel so honored and i'm overwhelmed germany's defense minister is live on the line is elected to the e.u.'s top job becoming the 1st female president of the european commission. the u.s. imposes sanctions on some of myanmar's top military affairs officers over abuses
6:01 am
against ring of muslims. and supporters former president of the 100 so they go is a restaurant in the u.s. on corruption charges links to.


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