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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 16, 2019 8:00am-8:34am +03

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al jazeera. whenever you want. we cannot we will not be silenced. for us congresswoman hit back at total trump is accuse them of being anti american. markets in this is al jazeera life and also coming out. changing the rules the us unveils a new asylum policy aimed at limiting the number of central americans driving from mexico. us politicians vote overwhelmingly for a bill that would sanction those responsible for the murder of saudi journalist
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jamal khashoggi. the e.u. foreign affairs chief says she is committed to the 2050 nuclear deal and calls to her arms breaches in significance. for democratic u.s. congresswoman have responded shant plea to attacks my president donald trump on their patriotism and citizenship they are among the highest profile members of the new house of representatives and all 4 reacted strongly to trump's tweets and comments as we all know the recent tweets and words from the president are simply a continuation of his racist is you know phobic playbook we cannot allow these hateful actions by the president to distract us from the critical work to hold this administration accountable to the inhumane conditions at the border that is separating children from their loved ones and caging them up in the legal horrific conditions. well trump is refusing to back sang despite the growing criticism of
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his racially charged comments about the women and says he's calling on them to apologize to america for what he describes as the foul language they've used in the terrible things they have said well this latest storm began at the weekends when he attacked the women in tweets widely condemned as racist white house correspondent kimberly hawke it's just more these are people that in my opinion hate our country despite widespread outrage and accusations of xenophobia u.s. president donald trump on monday escalated his twitter tirade against 4 democratic congresswoman from diverse backgrounds arguing they should return to where they came from if you're not happy here then you can leave so far as i'm concerned if you hate our country if you're not happy here you could leave trump's comments follow a series of tweets sent over 2 days attacking democratic party representatives
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alexandria cast your cortez of new york and omar of minnesota where she did to leave of michigan and they are not press lee of massachusetts of the group only omar is foreign born but all are u.s. citizens democratic house speaker nancy pelosi and elster resolution condemning trump's tweets as the congresswoman fired back this is simply a disruption and a distraction from the callous chaotic and corrupt culture of this administration all the way down i am not surprised at what he's doing. but i also know that we're focused on making it better because we don't leave the things that we love and when we love this country what that means is that we propose the solutions to fix it we love all people in this country despite pushback from democrats congressional republicans have been slow to can
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down one senator charged crossed a line another one of the few black republicans in congress accused of using racially offensive language but another top republican senator defended trump's attacks on the democratic congresswoman their socialist they are anti semitic they stand for all the things that most americans disagree with one analyst argues that all this is part of trump's reelection strategy and the president believes that he got elected because he talked about the war he talked about the immigration he talked about the muslim being and so what we're seeing is donald trump $2.00 for his part donald trump denies any racial atomised both of his record of lowering unemployment to take it literally among people of color and despite the shock of millions who abhor donald trump's latest statements there exists in the united
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states millions more who support the president's attacks can really help at al-jazeera the white house jennifer perle see them as the cool friends are over republican women for progress she blamed the republican leadership for lesson donald trump go this far. this is no surprise republicans have been constantly tested under this administration and they consistently fail when it comes to leadership issues like this what's worse than their typical silence on trump's davis' defense of language is how they're trying to victim blame here and how they're trying to talk about how these women they don't agree with their political positions but you know this doesn't rise to racism or you know they're silent or like lindsey graham they're doubling down on this type of rhetoric you know as a republican it is despicable to me it is shameful and i am ashamed of our republican leaders and our republican leadership that they have let this go on for
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so long and created this environment where donald trump continues to feel like he can create that he can treat american citizens like this so our hope is that we can get more elected officials who can actually serve the people why republicans like us and republicans for progress why we keep speaking out as we don't want to lose the party to racists like this we don't want to lose the party to donald trump and we want to take back that party and create a new party that can actually stand up for immigrant stand up for people of color and women and minorities and you know we just aren't seeing that with our current public and leadership and led by donald trump because they are owning all of the racism donald trump has brought to america. the u.s. has announced a few asylum rules which seem to stem the flow of migrants crossing the us mexico border the rule goes into effect so in choose stay bonuses expected to be
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challenged in court the plan bloats migrants seeking asylum in the united states if they have traveled through another safe country 1st without applying for asylum there whatever those who have been trafficked will be excluded from the new rules are likely to affect central american family. he's in trouble through mexico to seek asylum in the united states the announcement comes as a court and guatemala bloke's president jim morales from signing a separate deal with the u.s. that would have designated the nation as a safe 3rd country mexico has also rejected the new u.s. measurements menorah polo has the reaction from mexico city there was pushback in mexico in response to that change in policy announced by the united states the asylum laws and i'll give you we need to talk about the context here if you were a migrant traveling from central america say hunter a sort of solved or making your way through guatemala and through mexico that automatically disqualifies you from being able to seek asylum in the united states
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under this new policy now there's a reason why there's so much pushback here in mexico on one end mexico the united states have no agreement that would force mexico to house asylum seekers that's something that mexico would have to ratify via legislation it would be up to the mexican congress to determine that mexico is to be designated a quote unquote safe 3rd country without approval from congress mexico is in no way obligated to adopt or accommodate to this new change in policy in the united states this is something that the foreign minister of mexico my sent abroad has said is not going to happen the foreign minister has also said that he does not agree with this decision by the united states and and in no way will mexico be changing its own immigration policies or its own asylum policies to accommodate for this new change in the united states furthermore this is one aspect of the migrant crisis that keeps getting brought up in this stemming the flow of migrants it being up to mexico to stem the flow of migrants that's the pressure that the united states has
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on mexico yet these policies do nothing to address the root causes of migration in central america countries like honduras guatemala as well as a salvator which are rampant political corruption. widespread poverty and of course the high levels of violence plaguing these countries. the lower price of the u.s. congress has passed see bills on saudi arabia condemning human rights abuses and seeking accountability for the murder of saudi journalist jamal khashoggi it's also criticized riyadh for detaining female human rights activists that has received an overwhelming $405.00 to $7.00 votes bonce despite a strong bipartisan backing the measures may be challenged in the republican dominated senates now is the time to make clear that reckless behavior whether the murder of an american resident or the kidnapping of the lebanese prime minister or the blockade of cutter carry a price that the men who rule saudi arabia need to take our interests and values
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into account rather than always counting on us to cover up for them gabriel amazones who has more from washington d.c. . this was the saudi arabia human rights and accountability bill and it sought to do just that as you mention seek accountability for the murder of washington post journalist jamal khashoggi overwhelmingly passed monday night house of representatives 405 lawmakers 4 it only 7 against it it has 3 key components number one the bill asked that the director of national intelligence dan coats provide answers to a series of very simple questions who planned ordered executed and then covered up the murder of a that's number one it's important to note that already the central and terror teligent say agency or cia in the u.s. has already identified saudi crown prince mohammed bin solomon as the one that ordered the murder of khashoggi but number 2 the 2nd part of this bill is that
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anyone then identified by the director of national intelligence as being part of in any way the murder of a show he would then be sanctioned by the u.s. have their visa or ability to travel to the u.s. then revoked again already 17 saudis directly associated with the show she's murder are already sanctioned and and that those are the key elements of this bill john jones is a former senate snuffle security threats around former senior congressional advisor he says overall the u.s. government is happy with citing arabia. right now this is basically a strike across the bow from the house of representatives to basically put them on record on where they stand in terms of u.s. saudi relations especially speaking and declaring their position as it pertains to the human rights situation and saudi arabia as well as the u.s. response at least from the legislator as it pertains to the murder of jamal
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khashoggi but as we look ahead it is rather unlikely that the republican dominated senate is going to take up this issue in the near term some would say that again the administration is perfectly happy with the u.s. saudi relationship as it stands from economic point of view a security point of view or even as you look at the larger our relationship in terms of maintaining u.s. interest in the middle east region on the other hand you have those that will say look at the end of the day saudi arabia has opened up now there are steps that they have taken in terms of human rights have been incremental but they have been short and small positive steps so there are those that feel that it's better to continue to engage with saudi arabia rather than saying shit and push them away turkey
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is the thing to continue drilling for gasol fight for us despite european union sanctions this essay you disagree see suspend talks over an air transport agreements and calls for financial constraints on turkey so far on korea has ignored the u. demands to stop calls illegal trimming to keep sea brickley north and parts of siphesihle cypriots control the such. still to come on al-jazeera we're in mozambique where people are still struggling to be the open minds for months after seeing major cycling. and indonesian officials for a solution to the plastic pollution threatening its coastlines.
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hello model forecasts for to run for the last few days as suggested temperatures really high close to record rallies and there's not much cloud around there are no showers any significant in the last 24 house and the forecast is still stuck at record levels now yesterday it was $41.00 so we're not far off at the average about $35.00 so this part of iran is particularly hot but again is in contrast with iraq baghdad's not this time of year no $42.00 yes but average really on the breeze is still quite strong running down across the dusty ground secured and beyond the keep going to the arabian peninsula clearly further west it's nothing like as hot the onshore breeze for the lebanon makes things pleasantly cold about 32 so that's still a rising temperature middle forty's now for bahrain qatar and all across saudi arabia that brazen particularly dusty knows in particular humor about halfway between the 2 so it's just about bearable mid-summer and as you know the how to set in quite
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pleasantly facilities in days of overcast weather some drizzle and eventually it will tune green back to the south of all this we expect dry fine weather has been warm recently but i think probably not nack. on counting the cost $3.00 decades after the collapse of the soviet union russia is engaging with africa to raise its political clout and we look at the economics behind surtees decision to buy the s. $400.00 and f. $35.00 stealth bomber counting the cost on a just. to. go.
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this is on to see a quick reminder of the top stories this hour for us democratic congress women say they will not species silenced by president donald trump in responding to his comments that they are anti american and his call for them to go back home. mexico and guatemala have rejected new u.s. measures aimed at stopping more immigrants seeking asylum the new rules require migrants to request safe haven in other countries on the way to the u.s. and a little higher is some of the u.s. congress has passed 2 bills on saudi arabia they condemn human rights abuses and seek accountability the murder of journalist tamara shoji but the measures could be challenged in the republican controlled senate. and the iranian foreign minister
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john serif says the door is open to negotiations if president donald trump lift sanctions on to her own so he has told us media he does not believe washington is preparing for war. i do not believe the president front wants war but i believe there are people around him who wouldn't mind do you think they have a sense where you worry that they have more sway than a i think president trump has been on the record that they are trying but i don't think they'll succeed because at the end of the day i think prudence will prevail people know that iran is a big proud country and we will not take a military attack likely well his comments came as european foreign ministers called for dialogue between the u.s. and iran to try and save the 2015 uclear deal the leaders held talks of brussels a little tempting salvage the agreements which the foreign policy chief insists is
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still alive on a cane reports now from brussels. for more than a year the e.u. has trying to preserve the nuclear agreement with iran devising schemes to help the tech run government reduce the impact of u.s. sanctions but now that deal is in danger like never before we are looking to find a way to preserve the nuclear deal which we think is the best way of keeping the middle east as a whole nuclear weapon free. iran is still a good year away from developing a nuclear weapon we think there are still some closing thoughts more window to keep the deal alive one of the brokers of the original deal known as the j c peer a is clear about what must happen next we want to see iran going back to full compliance at is that has been in this in these years. but we notice that technically all the steps that have been taken and that we regret having taken are reversible so we
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hope and we invite you to reverse the steps and go back to full compliance with the agreements but how much sway do european voices have although the strength of feeling here in brussels is pretty clear no amount of words from the e.u. alone can compel the u.s. and iranian government's to negotiate with each other for that to happen there has to be a willingness on both sides to give ground and on that the view from the government into is clear. when a big power that is a bully well then we have to stand up to it it must stop being a bully we have always believed in talks always right this hour right this moment if they stop the oppression they stop the belligerence if they lift sanctions return to the table return to logic we are ready so iran denounces the current us administration while maintaining its commitment to the nuclear deal it negotiated with the previous one and yet iran is also operating outside the terms of that deal in some areas for several weeks iranian your anian enrichment has exceeded agreed
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limits. all of which has emboldened the trump administration with the u.s. president recently warning officials in tehran they were treading on very dangerous territory which means that on the face of it this meeting on its own risks achieving little and over while iran is technically in breach of its commitments under the nuclear agreement dominic a al-jazeera brussels. former south african president jacob zuma is expected back at say state commission hearing on government corruption in the coming few hours on monday zuma told the inquiry that enemies plotted against him he maintains he never broke the law of the group says while the indian family implicated in an influence peddling scandal has more from johannesburg. this doesn't happen often in africa a former leader appearing before a corruption inquiry more than
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a year after he was forced to resign so that because former president jacob zuma is responding to allegations he allowed people close to him to plunder state resources and influence government appointments he says he's a victim of a conspiracy i've been a subject of. talk in this country for more than a decade. i've been vilified alleged to. the killing of. corrupt people the most corrupt i've been. given every other may and that never. responded to those zuma admits the doctors the businessmen at the center of an influence
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peddling scandal are friends but he and the group has say they did nothing wrong but many want him held to account for his suspected role in state corruption there's a much broader issue of corruption that isn't just around him and what was going on but the issue was that he was a man who was at the very top of governments who allowed himself to be captured by these elite interests. however not everyone believes he is guilty jacob zuma is still believed. that his friends are in top is that right is not only . congress and. waters there's a lot of what. is politically motivated. believes him as enemies are trying to end any remaining influence he has on a fishing expedition hope that somehow this is something that they can use i can see what is happening here if they're if they're real real evidence of any
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wrongdoing he would have been in court. or has been advice if they get into that in politics for decades he seems defiant and is threatening to name and shame people provoking him. al-jazeera janice berg. at least 24 people are feared dead following heavy rains and flash flooding in the neelam valley in pakistan administered kashmir several people are missing the floods have damaged roads more than 250 homes officials warn the death toll may increase as rescuers struggle to reach affected areas but people across central mozambique are struggling to rebuild their lives for months on from 2 devastating cycles really 650 people were killed and more than 160000 were displaced and as regular mohamed reports many of them are still waiting to return. so what's left of their homes. in mozambique sports city of byron life is slowly getting back
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to normal for. dorinda lost her entire home after powerful cycling swept through the area it's a bad thing but do you the house was ripped apart the iron roof was damaged we were later able to repair it but before that we were not able to sleep every time it rained we couldn't sleep. a family are not trying to come up with creative ways to make a living. i'm making these donors to help support the family so we can eat because none of us has a job or used to have a hair salon that's where used to make money but now with the current situation it doesn't help i need to pay for water food and look after the children. cyclonic i was one of the deadliest storms ever recorded to hit the southern hemisphere it tore through southern africa in early march flattening villages destroying roads and bridges and triggering the 9 flights it was followed by
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a 2nd one in april cycled kenna which devastated infrastructure in mozambique's north overall hundreds of people were killed and more than a 1000000 thomas. remnants of the damage still remains students at this school can only attend class when it's not raining. there was a problem of the day just that we have a problem with the classrooms most of the infrastructure was destroyed by the so we don't have on roofs that's the biggest challenge we're working in difficult conditions. around 46000 people also living in camps like this with no prospect of going back to their old neighborhoods. also i simply were mostly building my dream was always to have a piece of land and a place i could call home for my family so that we safe that's the thing i want the most i cry a lot i used to pray to god for a piece of land and now i thank god
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a lot for having this space. the u.n. secretary general visited mozambique last week the pealing for $3200000000.00 to help with the recovery effort but so far it's received less than half of the money requested aid groups say without international support mozambique could face another problem of food security crisis for now communities are doing everything they can to rebuild their lives for him mohammed al jazeera. self professed neo nazi has been handed a 2nd life sentence for deliberately driving his car into and see racism protesters in virginia james alex fields jr was attending a white nationalist rally in charlottesville when he attacked counter protesters 2 years ago killing one of them last month he was sentenced to life in prison on federal hates charges the trumpet ministrations says facebook's digital currency could pose a security threats president has dismissed the libra of having little standing or
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dependability that's treasury secretary comments went much further steve nugent warned the currency could be used for money laundering or drug trafficking the u.s. congress is expected to start hearings on facebook's libra plan this thursday. the united nations says millions more people went hungry in 28 than in previous years around 820000000 people worldwide students have enough to eat last year that's 9000000 more than 2879 and it's the 3rd year in a row that the total has risen the u.n. says armed groups are using hunger or control over food supplies as a weapon but even as hunger increased levels of obesity were also on the rise. and uneasier has been cracking down on illegal fishing on destroying encroaching vessels the measure has helped boost its fish stocks 1st so as foreign slowly reports from summer an illegal boat sank the only threats to marine life. after
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half a day out at sea it's time to sort the whole small boats such as these in tomorrow city central java contribution 70 percent of the nation's catch a few years ago these waters were in danger of being overfished foreign vessels illegally worked off the indonesian coast stocks only recovered after the government started thinking unlicensed boats significant improvement compared with other countries in the war one of the main reason because of the very top quality that we called up in the recent assaults and the impact impacted not on not only. the fisherman indonesia but also the other industrial board but now the industry faces a new threat indonesia's fisheries exports may have improved but this country is also the world's 2nd largest plastic waste contributor some of that waste inevitably ends up in its waters and makes its way into the food chain as plastic
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degrades it breaks into small chunks some of which get eaten by fish and other marine life pieces smaller than 5 millimeters are called micro plastics food technologists in a kahan total is starting micro plastics in seafood in indonesia and its effects on humans so far we've fallen from about almost $200.00 samples we we've done with the digestion and microscopic observation we found that almost. all samples contain particles that we suspect that this micro plastics are not far from the laboratory our fish farms movie has been working in the aquaculture industry for 15 years. more and more of his. involves clearing rubbish . plus the pollution is a big problem every year the trash accumulates in the river making it more and more shallow it's really bad for the fish farms to fish caught in plastic waste can
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suffocate or water quality also affects their growth the government wants to cut plastic debris by 70 percent by 2025 but until that happens plastic will continue to be on the menu for fish and us lawrence leigh al-jazeera somalia indonesia. this is al jazeera and these are the top stories for us democratic congresswoman say they will not be silenced by president donald trump they were responding to his claims that they are american answers call for them to go back home we ran on a mandate to advocate for and to represent those ignored left out and left behind our squad is a bit our squad includes any person committed to building
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a more equitable and just world and that is the work that we want to get back to and given the size of this squad in this great nation we cannot we will not be silenced mexico and guatemala have rejected new u.s. measures aimed at stopping more immigrants seeking asylum the new rules require people to request safe haven in other countries on their way to the u.s. the lower house of the u.s. congress has passed 2 bills on saudi arabia they condemn human rights abuses and seek accountability for the mars or of saudi journalist jamal khashoggi the measures can be a challenge to in the republican controlled senate. turkey is vowing to continue drilling for gas off cyprus that's despite european union sanctions this comes after the leaders agreed to suspend talks over an air transport agreement and cold for financial constraints on turkey so far uncorrupt has ignored the e.u.
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demands to stop what the block calls illegal drilling turkey backs the breakaway northern part of cyprus all greek cypriots control the south. european foreign ministers of cold for dialogue between the u.s. and iran in a bid to save the 2050 new clear deal leaders held talks in brussels as they try to salvage the agreements which the e.u. foreign policy chief insists is still alive former south african president jacob zuma is expected back it's a state commission hearing on government corruption in the coming hours on monday zuma told the inquiry that enemies plotted against him similes forced from office last year accused of overseeing the looting of state funds he denies won't doing well those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after counting the cost. traditional wrestling family guy has the ability. now it's
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a national male and female. or to log arena big. al-jazeera while unifying cultural. and the way alcohol the. pentagon wrestling with reality on al-jazeera. alive has a seeker this is counting the cost on al-jazeera your weekly look at the world of business and economics this week 3 decades after the collapse of the soviet union putin's russia is in gauging with africa to increase more than its political clout . miss are systems that could still up and turn the economy look at the economics behind the s 400 and the f. 35 stealth bomber. and as google prepares to launch its.


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