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count on number 5 you cut the number who are shit out should ha. ha ha. that's been caused 3. can you know one or more. not everyone agreed with marco polo as verdict on the unimprovable chinese city. for many mongols it was too chinese for a nomadic people. but the chinese took their conquerors creation to their hearts. and for 700 years it remained a living emblem of everything chinese. since 949 the people's republic has sought to remove everything that had held china back . the past had become the enemy of the future. since the 1990 s.
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nothing in history has matched the speed and scale of beijing's transformation. over 85 percent of its buildings were cleared to make way for a new age. just as in the time of kubelik khan a new beijing is being built. and it is sending out the same message. a new power is marching to the center of the world stage. so. woman kwan's audra leisure. so when you see how many you need to. say it really. let's
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hear it. from the trolley. see by us you can mail. was. my car he's an hour not. nice hansei naga me and you home and. away nice of that diana and now it's. mainly flush weenies. would.
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say sure. guy told me. nice hunting the movie. sure i'll treat that. being guides teaching tool chemi a uni sure. chen is one of china's leading architects. and. beijing to.
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beijing has been transformed in a generation but the scale and ambition of the projects show that the city is still a work in progress. morgana or 18. or 5 in. one office. if you very quickly. but you're in with. male who are on the top. floors
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and their loss. mr zhao is old beijing he lives in a who talk. one of beijing's fast shrinking old neighborhoods some of which date back to the days of marco polo. mr is a good citizen he will not stand in the way of history but he hopes that when history comes knocking at his door. she will treat him kind. of on so on the young. among them. and the. good in our hearts here i don't.
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know. if. you know called on and are. going to share. too much i know it's you don't go on sunday you use the sound. of a sound chance you had 10 counting. your feet on shannon wanda your child shooting. phage on things that. drew water sigurd time trying.
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to get china's into single one random chance. and none delaying this one sure to make. troubles on monday the tender no go controlled want to try no one want some of my mates. take up the whole you want a mammal before sunset. to come. beijing child how hordes at. lot of babies how hoarders i mean that she moved out to.
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being bored on meat woman's home room a shame there why jewish. woman are sure of all that he would she woman the buttons on a. woman male mean back marco polo the way nice by and you live b.l. walk hood ga short of meat. marco polo had been to none and to best. he was appointed globally khan's envoy. to every corner of the new empire. now he set out again i am this i'm into the heartlands of china. i am the route took him south. getting an unconscious. and dacia.
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across the globe river. towards man she's. the last stronghold of the chinese song dynasty only recently taken by koblick khan's mongol army. you consume onboard he. email you should our new home of the fighting in general in trying chan. nasheed go cool all the trench you will be true to me. he does sword has so many jumbo sure way can follow me at times. nice of all 5 hello my spirit. than the homeless and all saluted and try your shoes surety. the
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route into this new and undiscovered world astonished marco polo. he travelled on a huge waterway that goodluck on had opened up the ship grain to his new capital beijing . marco polo was the 1st european to record the grand canal. logan can fit to cause 3 requests still cannot it. rain or to make good on the law to get taper from the. ether to score a lot. from a full share in that on the fuel but. commerce on a vast scale. and on its banks the smoky signs of a stocking the advanced civilization. picked up will be entered into a block or more than any other. cat of the home and that all the.
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europeans at the time knew nothing about call. mr putin a thing morning for their lives. it's the sheer scale of this endeavor that amazes marco polo. saw father the father enforce a law to get it on p.c. may not be done on fuel may allow a little it on who are alive or lot but all. the nations thought they knew about canals but this was the longest manmade waterway in the world. 1800 kilometers long and built more than 600 years before global a car. by the chinese. we had a war there you go you don't mean that. janet i'm not one of. the nation doesn't do people call
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a biker for your years are sure. to go down it'll be religion doing a sabbatical and. so i was with the financing. for the dolphin. sit out on time dot com for some of the better. than the hard core city which has them they tell you what. as marco polo travelled further and further downstream he must have asked himself what force could have made this happen. we. know mockable or. holiday. you would will.
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we see it. was marco polo for sure for. you at the top of. your mentored always let's hear. you you. are you a susie lytle sure jihad they're. firing guns. timeless china. the china of yin and yang man living in harmony with nature. but there's always existed another china. where rulers with absolute power will stop at nothing. to force nature into a beating. they did it with the great
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wall. and the grand canal. today they're doing it again. and i don't. know. turning out to. watch off as others are. the north south water reversal project tunnels for 3.5 kilometers under the yellow river 14 meters above market. so what are kind of the years there are you. needed the grand canal to feed beijing this new grand canal is to stop beijing dying of thirst. astonishingly the capital and surrounding regions with the
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200000000 inhabitants living in what is in effect a desert. payphone tricity triggered. by survey don't consider it all but you know. since we went to see this was to. read about yamaha french and on our phone on the bus. it appeared. water moving north through these tunnels without much anything ever attempted before. 3 gigantic waterways 3000 kilometers of canals and tunnels will transfer 36000000000 cubic meters of good to reach from the yangtze river basin in the south and channel it. shanghainese from the ocean and separate from beaches and trying to tell. crazy sharks act out or jumping into what's on the
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top of your sheep won't don't you be in some while you'll not. want baiting. drunk old friend dede whole. luxury. would you bill why shelter hole dug a coal hall jr and. who didn't you. crimp in. the sure way nice. each year we are. drunk was. each all dried cinda. totally. gens all you saw way nice loose shit in china. traditional wrestling in senegal has a village festival. now it's
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a national male and female school board in large arenas with big prize money. as their love looks for this unifying cultural force. and a way of achieving. senegal wrestling with reality on al-jazeera. the latest news as it breaks as more people move here for opportunity space gets limited. with detailed coverage with the full faith that they've been without electricity and water for several days. from around the world all the day new years ago and yet this area one of the most heavily in the world. information indicates to me you have the forest service here to rid of the least apartment it has the potential to be biased in
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a number of different ways there are too many opportunities for the computer to get or all who's checking those offices who commit those data entries is wrong to be saying that your son the true knight is wrong to smile and say you are kilo becoming a suspect before the actual crime and in-depth examination into preventative policing pre-crime on al-jazeera. hello i'm barbara starr in london these are the top stories on al-jazeera iranian president hassan rouhani says his country is ready to talk to the u.s. if washington is willing to lift sanctions and return to the 2015 nuclear deal in a televised speech rouhani said tehran is ready for talks quote today right now and
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anywhere tension is heightened between the 2 nations since his u.s. counterpart donald trump withdrew from the nuclear deal last year and reimposed economic sanctions. or directive was only when a big pair is a bully we have to stand up to it it must stop being the bully we have always believed in talks right this hour right this moment if they stop the oppression if they stop the beleaguered if they lift sanctions return to the table return to logic we are ready. well all this comes as tehran says it's exploring legal options to force the u.k. to release an oil tanker seized off gibraltar iran's foreign minister mohammad javad zarif made the comment during a phone call with british foreign minister jeremy hunt the u.k. says it would be willing to allow the ship to leave if iran guarantees it will not deliver oil to syria in breach of e.u. sanctions iran has vowed that it will continue exporting oil under any conditions
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they have been violent clashes between police and protesters at a home shopping mall police beat protesters and were in turn attacked with umbrellas during a riot in the shouting plaza earlier officers used pepper spray on the crowd this is the latest in a series of protests to hit the territory in recent months triggered by an extradition bill which would allow people to be sent to china for trial in sudan the opposition sudanese congress party says government forces have opened fire on protesters in the southern eastern town of and suki this video put out by the party shows a gunfire attack by security forces in the town the sudanese congress party is a member of the forces of the declination of freedom and change which is in the process of finalizing a deal that promises to eventually return sudan to civilian rule the central committee of sudanese doctors it says at least one protester was killed and 7 others were injured in the violence those are the headlines marco polo
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a very modern journey continues next and i'm going to have the al-jazeera news hour for you in just under half an hour hope you'll join me then. the young venetian merchant marco polo has been traveling the mongol empire for 6 years. he has now reached china the new heartland of this empire.
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and journeying down the grand canal he discovers a city which to him is even more sophisticated than his hometown venice. because. causey mayme very. necessary medical ball or. levee ketamine they call me off. the west lake in the heart of hollows you a lake that is almost a sacred hold on the chinese imagination for nearly 2000 years the poets painters and storytellers who've been inspired by the west lake have mapped the soul of china you sure you mark her border.
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so who are you me and. where ye turley should appear in the hurried. yishuv true true. no mark hope will mortal much and i'm. sure harm. no study of it will be to meet up on the. dedicated. it was that he try to. move in asia. but venice didn't invent the compass venice didn't give us the printing press
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venice did not use paper money. to save this to cation eclipsed anything marco had ever seen. 100 on the movies offered on fire alone colleague how. are you. just really uneasy. the chinese mandarin elite no longer in charge seized new opportunities presented to them. a member of the visitor from behind. their offers on fields and as a further. pothole a mere yard was an easy almost a fox brazil you're on your boss it's to the who thought it. so when marco polo arrived he found holmes who in the midst of its very own renascence. goal. winning feeney doesn't win said it was 21 thing.
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that all lives in think was that it. opens on all the while to look at the last quarter of a bout of the the da. lend. the kid. sequence internal sunni and. the lesser to the. woman. all order. gee do you hold your. own google its you don't. be a cozy. can you will pour
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this. ac evil. ily but only. for marco polo it seemed the streets of hangzhou were paved with gold. anyone could get rich here. or modalities served on the ends of my. tallys list. foster. families in the bottom of this is. going to want to know. to the mines since you are the.
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only one to look into it and is out of this. week. due to pushing pushing one. more soil to the. cigarettes madea. goes for the top of the. lady kids. in order to eat and all that will not. be there not equally good and that kid echoes of the known clay that city. to tint
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or not allow go. on the woman genteel award for the notes they can be thrown. at this she found in also a lot of us the domain. of. the canister still could have survived. only the water of the lake separates hong and her fiance sierra from the island marco polo wrote about full of the ghosts of ancient weddings. mako bull or sure to me all who knew renda. now co-anchor rules charlie. diesel.
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she found arian car and. move along. laid on the. sun is at the mean they call me other rather new warmer. the 1st year he saw. a lot of you know. trying my demented. cause he thought the cows are a c. equal yes it has that in a lot but i. bet a c. . or not to the sake. of
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a lot of that a lot of the will support. so you end marco bull or monk were in that shanghai and. so i hung pod league would all she. would you sure honduran good 20. 4 true or should she shot. down 200. from paul function. you know so much for you but you should have. you were with. hooping is an actress working in ancient chinese opera sounds like
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han french and you can see outsourcing. simply. by own home. pup which is she good where you yell trivia the. yes she go oh you peer you're. each all quiet should you call long run. you should all find ingenues a. home
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pin dear. pool wouldn't good one try and. she wouldn't want your trunk. so you made a full nearly. new doll. come and create a rule i. traditionally and change. the past the present and the future. great risks taken for a great prize. temple's a visitor for blessings. every rites of passage is a journey. everyone who dares to change takes
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a leap into the unknown. what will happen to the snake 80 days to transform itself into a woman. what will happen to the poor boy desk to strike out on his own. what will happen to china now that she has dared to join the race. in modern china as a new folk hero. the poor boy from the country who is turning himself into a millionaire. it's a good. omen for the couldn't cool with the whole book comin the so go so they're going to go to the ball you know whether. she was going to come
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from england she failed to go though the senior is the fear that the city down goes oh so he has a decent old woman's the there's all those other guys he isn't going to. follow just the way oh i shall be on the mice are the ones of. the clues for later was a commune the home feeling that's was here simply a little sincere like. you paying far as a young economist much in the good shoeless or jujutsu my pleasure. to join the last movie i was. doing and suitable. to sign actual tangible on. sunday on the song of the year. the companies have all been. to shimla long
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slim below but for. all the little put on hold up there are. a lot of those who follow trends who want. to do something good. but there's also. a little of all so and this is. i was going to be a little. on the syllabus and a lot of the. beach new bucket of gold is
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celebrated. first ali baba makes its clients rich and then it helps them to get rich. this is ali baba's anonymous global headquarters it could be anywhere in the world . ali baba connects manufacturers and merchants from china with the rest of the world . it has changed people's lives. it is revolutionized how china
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trades with the west. the brains behind it is jack ma 13 years ago. he explained his plans for a new internet trading company to his friends today everyone in this photograph is a billionaire. think of it were child church each child your child is just chest that's where she was that it's over not too well that's good enough. to just get the labor. while getting back to. ali baba is huge an international internet trading company bigger than e-bay and damns and combined. the chinese businesses it's a gateway to the world. worth
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it. anybody's book is on you cause up at the end that was that they added that i'm going to miss you and. that it is done while a cosy ground a symbol causing you sent idiot a. result oh well that's what's taught to us also this. is the us. woman who a common. so moch hope all of the union. deeds. of
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the. now go should i old roll. away like. the. weenies the trying to ease you. to a jewish human to human i yeah he cuts hein khuda sure sure so would he and you hadn't. been. well after. iowa where is the one.
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to assume one part. good can be a lot or why yes. here's a the one. says oh yeah this is like. it was for less than a. year but who wears a helmet for. the wedding day. like millions of couples the world over. in syria have opted for a western style wedding in a glamorous hotel. room when you shop too impatient. the only element left of a traditional chinese wedding is the husband's bond.
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non-country see sure holy day you'll. make her an. she don't. marco pull off hi who are you going to try on the hondo ma. geometry awana she to when you. can pound.
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i go mean jenkins uncle hotel come by your home she. says i mean here was i kind of the whole going to fight i do you know. the whole debate on. the scale of china's future ambition can be gained from the ali baba control room which monitors every deal that struck every 2nd every day. he left home age 17 in 1271 he returned 24 years
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later when he was 41 he had traveled to where no other european had ever been he had learned to appreciate difference and he had made an unbearable discovery. that the west was not the very center of the world that in fact europe was behind the game. without ya chula us. down home says our turbans rooty. ball. week iron and shoot tongue for way to shoot it.
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but of the mess at america ball of. the. sheeple to sort of. way nice of the equal call for an old top. new tool should. be good in the. shield she will come a quick. or not. reach it.
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sure g.n. . hello
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again it's good to have you back well we have been seeing some very windy conditions across parts of south eastern australia over the last few days for certainly you saw some winds in there cause some delays and cancellations at the airport all dealing with the storm system right here where you can see those clouds we have been seeing a lot of problems in not only that in terms of wintry weather in the higher elevations that has been a problem as well we're going to be seeing the winds continue across much of this area here on monday they're going to be a little bit weaker than what they were on sunday but still quite a problem across much of the area as we go towards tuesday the system pulls out across the tasman sea we're going to be left with some wet conditions across much of the area for hobart you can be saying about 13 degrees there overnight you could be seeing some flurries up towards city though it is going to be a little bit better with the temperature of $1000.00 degrees now that same weather system is making its way towards new zealand we're not going to be seen too much in
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terms of a problem here on monday we're going to be seeing some are partly cloudy conditions across much of the area but by the time we get towards monday evening and into tuesday conditions really do deteriorate for christ church we'll be seeing a lot of wind and rain in the forecast at about 12 degrees there and also up here towards auckland it is going to be a rainy and cloudy day for you we do expect to see a terms there of about 14 degrees. perception is validation we believe what you see but in one lifetime we cannot see everything. we would lie if on experiences of others and the legacies of previous generations. at that testimony we would know very little.
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with this documentaries that open your eyes on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. where ever your. this is al-jazeera. hello i'm barbara sara this is the al-jazeera news hour live from london thank you for joining us coming up in the next 60 minutes ready to talk iran's president says
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he is willing to negotiate but only if washington lifts sanctions and returns to the 2015 nuclear deal. violent clashes between police and protesters at a hong kong shopping mall as anger grows over beijing's political influence marching to demand justice protesters in sudan go for a full investigation into the deaths of more than $100.00 protesters last month and boldly going into a new chapter of space exploration india prepares to launch its mission to the moon . and i'm here to serve in doha with your sport know the joke of a cheese wimbledon champion a game and 1st time will. be easy to pick cricket world cup final at lord's.
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we begin with new diplomatic moves to end the months of heightened tensions between iran and the united states iranian president hassan rouhani says his government would be willing to talk to the u.s. but only if washington lifted its economic sanctions and returned to the 2015 nuclear deal or direct it will go when a big pair is a bully we have to stand up to it must stop being the bully we have always believed in talks right this hour right this moment if they stop the oppression if they stop the belief if they lift sanctions return to the table return to logic we already are. shortly after his comments european leaders who are signatories to the deal issued their own statement calling for dialogue between all the parties to resume in a joint declaration france germany and the u.k. said we are extremely concerned about iran's decision to store and enrich uranium beyond the authorized limits but added we believe that the time has come to act
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responsibly and to look for ways to stop the escalation of tension and resume dialogue the risks are such that it is necessary for all stakeholders to pause and consider the possible consequences of their actions that has more now from paris. it was clear in the statement from france britain and germany that they are increasingly concerned about the future in the survival of the j c p o a now the 3 powers say that the 2015 iran deal should be supported they continue to support it they say it's the best deal out there to ensure regional security and code iran's own nuclear ambitions but they say there is a real risk that this deal could collapse because of the ongoing pressure from u.s. sanctions on the iranian economy now what they are asking for is for all sides to deescalate tensions to really calm the situation they also once again urge iran to
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reverse some of the steps it's taken recently to exceed some of the uranium enrichment limits that it agreed to under the 2015 deal they are not to break any more commitments that is made to the j c p a a and they say they will continue to work as hard as they can to try and find some sort of solution to all of this now what we know is the french president a week ago spoke to the iranian president and said that the 2 had agreed to find some sort of climate or context for talks in the coming week so far we haven't heard anything more but in that elise a statement there was a date july the 15th now they lease are now downplaying that that date they say that it's not a deadline it simply shows that there is a sense of urgency and there is a real desire to try and find some way to break the deadlock and calm the situation on meanwhile iran's says it's exploring legal options to force the u.k.
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to release an oil tanker seized off gibraltar britain says it would be willing to allow the ship to leave if iran guarantees that it will not deliver oil to syria in breach of sanctions has more now from tehran. for the 1st time since this incident happened on july 4th the rains are hopeful that the british government will soon release this vessel it's carrying 2000000 barrels of crude oil arabian oil and it's worth over 200 $1000000.00 now the iranians say that it is an act of piracy what the british have done and they are demanding that this bessel grace one be released as soon as possible we've been hearing from the iranian government spokesperson earlier today in the capital this is what he had to say it was almost . as to what we have adopted than a series judicial process in regards with the old tankers seized by the british military forces and we think courts in gibraltar are influenced by to publishers of britain were chasing up our legal measures fortunately the court itself hasn't
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found a strong evidence and they have released the sailors considering the situations and the comments i predict that britain will change its mind for now the iranian officials have said that they've hired a legal team and they're pursuing all the political and legal ways they can get this tanker back and they have said that the destination of this vessel is not syria but they haven't specified where it was going they say that the reason the british government seized this tanker was because of its destination that is under sanctions since 2012 and the iranians don't recognize those sanctions on the syrian government because they haven't been indorsed by the united nations for now it appears that this tensions that have developed between the iranian government and the british have said there is some hope that they will be deescalating them in the near future by the british government possibly trying to release this tanker in the iranians getting back what they've been requesting. tens of thousands of people
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were back on the streets of hong kong to protest against what they say is beijing's growing political influence in the city's affairs but what started as a peaceful march in the suburb of shunting and that in violence as riot police charged towards demonstrators in a shopping center jimmy to end organ reports though from hong kong. after bringing central hong kong to a standstill on previous sundays protesters are taking their fight to the suburbs. and government leaders are struggling to clamp down on the wrist systems movement that is largely leaderless most of the protesters here are young people who tell us they are disillusioned about hong kong's future. protesters set up barricades in the center of schatten and riot police arrived from different directions trying to close off access routes. the situation is tense protesters remain
5:56 am
defiant and the patience of police is wearing thin. by 8 pm the police sent out a warning. they are ready to charge but yeah you can see the benefit to them even i think the interesting thing is the 5th amendment to the police even if you know you're leaving them and you're not going on in a sling and the fact is she. wasn't even me because in fact and even using me any more you do want to make it seem some of the protesters retreated to a nearby mall copland's the police presence to them and that's when the situation became even more great i like so many protests here this march is meant to be a peaceful one most of us. on phone on people to not trust the. chinese government
5:57 am
and they did they do not have. the gold transparency for the past 5 weeks these have become familiar scenes in hong kong tens of thousands of protesters showed up here today surprising even the movement's organizers and president it for a suburban area like that send the message is quite clear to caroline's government enough is enough the controversy over the proposed law to extradite suspects to stand trial in china sparked large scale protests last month now demands have broadened protesters want reassurances that their fundamental freedoms are protected britain returned hong kong to chinese rule in 1997 the so-called one country 2 systems and over agreement guaranteed the people of hong kong freedom is
5:58 am
not widely available in mainland china. but people here tell as those freedoms are being eroded by creeping story tyrion ism from beijing it remains to be seen what sort of concessions chief executive caroline can offer that will be enough to pacify young people here for now protesters vow they will continue to push back until they achieve meaningful political reforms. dogon al-jazeera hong kong. joshua wall is a leading hong kong pro-democracy activist who was jailed for his role in the on brylin movement and he joins us live now on skype thank you so much for joining us here on out so we've seen these pictures tens of thousands of people still back on the streets of hong kong what exactly are they trying to achieve. more than $100.00 and people good are on the street again government slowly withdraw and
5:59 am
terminated the extradition bill and in the long term is some must to apply election in hong kong especially when one country 2 system eroded to be one country one in a half system. the government correct me if i'm wrong the government did in effect the withdrawal of the proposal or to be able to extradite residents of all kong to mainland china to be tried there so what do you want them what do you want to see them do regarding that specific law which of course that proposal was what sparked these latest protests the government has not moved toward a bill yet in fact abuse still exists in the legislative program of course the leader of hong kong provide a misleading narrative claim that the bill is that but when we check on the largest live programme of the parliament of hong kong that bill is do exist and can be
6:00 am
easily reactivated again in the next trial that's why movements do continue and we urge government to terminate it to be you know i guess so that's one of us every quest that you have to definitely kill that bill what are the reassurances i mean at this point if it does seem that it's gone beyond just that particular bill that that's become almost as a catalyst for other things so what are the reassurances of what demonstrators like you people you have spoken to would want to see from the chief executive. free election is the way it is specially half of the city of legislative come so not democratically elected the leader of hong kong is selected by beijing instead of elected by hong kong people that's why we continue our strike and hong kong people deserve freedom and democracy and if you seen any indication from authorities that they are taking you seriously that they are perhaps thinking of some concessions.


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