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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 14, 2019 7:00am-7:34am +03

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higher and higher following the detention of the greats one the iranian oil supertanker iran essentially said to the united kingdom that there would be repercussions then the british say and the iranians deny this that a british warship had to intervene between a british oil tanker in the gulf that was being threatened they say by 3 iranian vessels as a consequence of that the british raised the security level for all of their merchant shipping in the gulf area and how farce tracked the deployment of an extra warship which has been on deployments in the black sea and is now heading to the gulf so after all of this at least we have these 2 countries beginning to talk to each other again with al jazeera live from london much more still ahead. we're scared to. hear a knock on the door protest against president trying to immigration policies the planned sweep in several american cities has migrant families living in fear also.
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very very low. and the tree for their ancestors the amazonian tribe that's fighting to protect the rainforest from oil companies. hello again it's good to be back we are watching a very messy situation down here across much of the southeast that includes victoria new south wales as well as tez mania and a lot of rain is going to be coming into play here on sunday particular down here towards tasmania where hobart will expect you to get a high of about 9 degrees and a lot of rain there so in the overnight hours that rain is going to be turning to snow particular in the higher elevations and that is going to be a messy situation really on the roads up here towards sydney a day for you of 16 degrees plenty of sun and as we go towards monday the winds are
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going to continue out of the southwest which means it's going to be cooler there adelaide you'll see some clouds melbourne some more sun there but it is still going to be chilly a little bit of improvement by the time we get towards monday for hobart and your time just coming up to about 12 degrees there well for the north in the south island of new zealand that is where that storm system is heading and we do expect to see very messy weather few over the next few days raining all across much of the the country auckland very heavy rainfall with the winds in your forecast at 15 degrees they're going down to about 14 but it's christ church it is going to be a windy day 2 with rain at 12 degrees and speaking of rain we are watching the rain here across much of japan tokyo we do expect to see rain if you are 24 and osaka more rain in your forecast with a temperature of 26. conflict . to any successful south for
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mexico's most loved it is no different behind the cameras this week tensions run high as the produces are fools to balance creative and social issues with the to moms of commercialisation. our soaps of olives episode 4 of soap box mexico on al-jazeera. welcome back just a recap of the top stories this hour protests as in hong kong have fought with police in a town near the boundary of mainland china as thousands rallied against the presence of chinese traders and shoppers from the mainland are accused of driving
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up prices by a bulk buying tax free products to take home and sell. thousands have been rallying in sudan's capital to mark 40 days since a crackdown by security forces they want an independent investigation into the killing of more than 100 protesters in june. and at least 26 people have been killed in an all night attack on a hotel in the somali city of kismayo al-shabaab has claimed people behind the attack. when all the stories we're following flash floods and landslides in nepal of killed at least 43 people after 2 days of incessant rain overflowed its banks destroying roadways and flooding towns police evacuated some homes in the capital katmandu. the heavy rain is expected to continue throughout the weekend. floods and mudslides of also left a trail of destruction in northeast india killing at least a dozen people their homes have been submerged and more than a 1000000 people displaced thousands of people in assam state are living in relief
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camps environmentalist say it's a clear sign that climate change is affecting the ecosystem. i'm also following tropical storm barry which has now made landfall in the u.s. 8 of louisiana this despite weakening from a category one hurricane it's still forecast to dump heavy rain that could last for days the storm called ashore near intercoastal city about 257 kilometers west of new orleans more than 70000 people were already without power on saturday morning in louisiana and mississippi louisiana as governor gave this message for residents in his state. also a question of read this is just the beginning. i ask everyone to stay vigilant. and be safe. this is always been projected to be rain flooded and it ruby vast majority of the rain that's falling right now is for a number growth that will soon change as the storm continues to move north
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let's get the latest now from jay gray who joins us live from new orleans so obviously it has now made landfall describe the conditions there for us. right. and we've had a spitting rain gust of wind at times though it's relatively calm right now as the governor just talked about though that's going to intensify it is starting now and we're going to see that intensify of the next 24 to 48 hours here we expect heavy rains in some areas more than they can bear so standing water and flooding is definitely still something that is a big concern for so many in this area because this is an area that's below sea level for once the water gets in this by pumping stations as it builds to a certain level there's absolutely nowhere for it to go through all of this is just a bowl here and that water begins to fill but bowl. right but we are seeing certainly some activity that behind you people are out in the streets
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that driving that cause what is the general advice from the authorities that. in the lower parishes the lower lying areas there are mandatory evacuations and place some that were instituted today after the storm made landfall so people are scrambling to higher ground here in the city not what you would normally see on a saturday night and all of this city known for its jazz known for its food and known for its party it is relatively upbeat yes there are people on the street you're absolutely right and people kind of milling about many of them just want to take a look but there is a shelter in place order that does go into effect for the 2nd night in a row at 8 pm here i think you'll see things clear out they certainly did last night and that's when we'll start to see a bulk of some of this rain as well so people got to get to a place where they'll be safe and kind of ride this thing out and that's what authorities as well as 1st responders are asking those who decided to stay to do exactly because it is the rain that poses the biggest threat isn't it what measures
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have been taken to pass the flooding. well never before in the history of this city have all the floodgates surrounding it and around the area been closed they are and have been for the last couple of days over 120 popping stations 118 are on line of questioning ready to work if the magnitude of water that's going to be the issue here sandbags are in place in certain areas some windows were boarded up and now it's a waiting game for many in this area it's been a frustrating waiting game because this storm is moving so slowly that's why authorities are urging people to pay attention i understand that it's not here yet but it's definitely still coming. thank you very much with all the latest from new orleans jay gray reporting. or in other developments in the u.s. an operation to raid the homes of thousands of undocumented migrants intensities
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across the country is due to begin on sunday protests against the mass raids have been held in philadelphia the operation is expected to target hundreds of families who've recently been told to leave the u.s. has not yet gone president donald trump announced plans for the raids on twitter last month but they were delayed partly because of disagreements within his administration it's left on documented migrants across the country fearing that they will be targets. ferrous. every time the laws become stricter it makes it difficult it causes a pop it's more repression with the law but as human beings we go on coming up with ways to survive in this country and i say survive in this country because we a persecution that imagine how we are in our home countries. for the children of migrants we're scared to. hear a knock on the door because we think that it can be we can take our parents.
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for example when going to hear someone knock on the door and tell my sister be quiet we can't make noise because somebody is inside the house and we don't want. we don't want anything to happen and we live with this fear day by day and we just we just wanted to stop. marcella esperanza is from san francisco's immigrant and legal education network and says people need to be aware of that rights today isis operations are a lot more covert they conduct extensive surveillance and we outside of people's homes and wait for them to come out or to let people open the door and let them inside and then conduct collateral arrests. and that is why people need to be prepared and know that they do not have to open the door they do not have to let ice officers inside they do not have to give any information other than their name
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if they are arrested and i know the stories has been as leader says the trump administration is seeking channels of communication with the group despite imposing new sanctions on it the u.s. designates hezbollah as a terrorist organization and for the 1st time some of its m.p.'s in lebanon have been added to washington's sanction and sacked sanctions list zain holder has more on this now from the capital beirut. they conveyed a message of business as usual but 2 of hezbollah m.p.'s are now on a u.s. sanctions list including the head of the bloc in parliament mohamed rod the u.s. has long considered hezbollah a terrorist organization not differentiating between its military and political wings but it's the 1st time its elected politicians have been targeted this way this deed would be what's new about sanctions as adding elected representatives of the wise there's nothing new such tactics one side line is because we are a big force the latest move is seen as part of the trumpet ministrations maximum
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pressure campaign on iran and its allies across the region while in beirut in march u.s. secretary of state mike pompei o told lebanese officials to stand up to the group but has below and its allies control parliament and government making it hard to target it without targeting the country sanctioning someone who's an elected parliament area and head of the parliamentary block for the last 24 years is not simple this means that the us government has no problem and also legally it has the right to sanction action the parliament or any government abuse government institution this has to be a clear message that the lebanese have to fall in line and to be part of the international community or actually face sanctions themselves. the u.s. state department did say the lebanese government needs to sever its dealings with the hezbollah politicians it's sanctioned along with one of the group security officials will fix his job is to coordinate with lebanon security agencies the
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government cannot do much because i got to the house we saw it was hezbollah which is. a major part of the government but this would put him in contradiction with the hold work. order here to. to be to to comply with. with the u s and this is impossible to do it has become difficult to disassociate lebanon from hezbollah has. and its allies denounced the sanctions they say the members of parliament were elected in free and fair elections but the trumpet ministration says hezbollah has been using its political power to advance iran's agenda and using state institutions to support its financial and security interests the u.s. expects action to be taken against the most powerful player in lebanese politics but opponents of iran's domination are weak raising fears that the next round of sanctions could target the lebanese state itself senator beirut. power
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stations fueled by coal shutting down in many countries but pakistan is bucking that trend its 1st power plant burning coal from an open cast mine is now operational electricity generated is lighting up the edges creating jobs and cutting the cost of fuel imports but it's a solid binge of aid reports from far pukka projects causing environmental concerns as well this will community in a remote part of pakistan is changing brick homes are replacing traditional huts solar lights taking place of oil lamps and there's a new temple and a mosque. krishan family is happy to move in their new home unlike the old hut it has electricity and running water there among the 350 families who've received compensation for the land many residents are getting training for new jobs after the discovery and extraction of pakistan's largest coal reserves company i n n n n when this company got operational many people from other areas arrived here for
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jobs or youth were also inspired to get educated and good for jobs themselves the development of this place should be owned by us rather than others. this is pakistan's 1st open pit coal mine which could be the answer to prolonged power cuts under the china pakistan economic oradour sur china is investing in 21 and edgy projects many of these are called powered while other plants include hydro wind and solar power as well the company running the coal plant expects more than $1000000000.00 yearly savings in foreign exchange wanted reaches full capacity for its mining coal plants there are 3 issues in the country the 1st issue is the supply and demand ok the 2nd issue is expensive energy and the 3rd issue is in 4 to 4 and the answer to all these 3 questions is just one solution and that solution is relying on an indigenous fuel. the power company says all call plans are the ones
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which have lived their useful life spans are being shut down internationally with an estimated 2000000000 tonnes of energy rich reserves called from per parker could be pakistan's indigenous solutions to provide electricity for 100 years but with coal power being replaced by eco friendly plants all over the world environmentalist here have also got some concerns called environmental impact include air pollution by burning sulfur in 1000 particles in the air in very high extraction of water from the actor for environmental manner and ground game lamentation implementation and monitoring of environmental plans is where the problem lies most plans include the environmental and social impact but unless it's executed properly the people suffer nothing can remove the negative impact of using coal but you can minimise it a plantation drive and renewable energy projects are being set up to offset the carbon footprint the company insists it's complying with all regulated requirements
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and following international standards the environmental impact from their technology will think you're off it and you are very very within the limits are that are allowed by the regulatory authorities pakistan must reduce its imports to stabilize the economy and it also needs energy those running the new called project c. it will be a win win situation if they can fulfill these requirements while minimizing the damage to the environment and bringing positive social change. some of the job either 0 protocol by the park or. a court in ecuador has upheld a ruling that stops the government selling land in the amazon rainforest to oil companies. the ruling was celebrated by the indigenous while ronnie people who said they were not properly consulted on the sale of their ancestral land ecuador's indigenous communities have been taking action against oil companies since the 960 s. . this for the 3rd year with this victory shows that other people should make
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themselves heard others should join this fight to keep fighting or. that because. of all this speak to remains that our people and the future generations the children or our children will live healthily and without contamination and that also means for the world that we contribute to the air that you breathe which is from the amazon gift. and a catholic bishop in colombia has a unique way of fighting evil he has been traveling around in a fire truck sprinkling holy water in the hope it will curb violence and crime he went through one of colombia's most crime ridden cities went out ventura throwing water he blessed hoping it will stop the illegal groups and drug gangs cajun was mostly festive despite the seriousness of the bishop's message it looks like they're having a good time. just
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a quick recap of the top stories this hour protesters in hong kong have fought with police in a town near the boundary with mainland china as thousands rallied against the presence of chinese traders demonstrators threw umbrellas and hard hats at police in retaliated by swinging patterns and firing pepper spray shoppers and traders from the chinese mainland are accused of driving up prices by bulk buying tax free products to take home and sell the anger follows weeks of demonstrations against a controversial extradition bill that has now been shelved to maryland over. has more. it's moved beyond the extradition bill now as you can see it was all about it was it was all about a labor issue here it remains to be seen what will be the concessions that will be offered by the hong kong government that will appease many of the protesters what is clear here though is that after almost a month of protests there is still those shortage of anger and frustration here and that has been manifested by what's happening on the streets constantly protesters have been rallying in sudan's capital to mark 40 days since
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a crackdown by security forces they want an independent investigation into the killing of more than 100 protesters on june the 3rd are also demanding a civilian led government a transition agreement between sudan's military jointer and a pro-democracy coalition has been agreed in principle but that agreement has not yet been signed at least 26 people have been killed in an all night attack on a hotel in the somali city of kismayo a suicide bomber rammed a car containing explosives into the sauce a hotel gunman then stormed the building it took the security forces around 12 hours to end the siege 3 kenyans 3 tanzanians 2 americans and one briton were among those killed in the attack flash floods and landslides in nepal of killed at least $43.00 people off to 2 days of incessant rain river overflowed its banks destroying roadways and flooding towns police have evacuated some homes in the
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capital count and do the rains are expected to continue throughout the weekend those are the top stories this hour coming up how to make a successful tele novella you can find out in soapbox mexico which is coming up next. as iraq rebuilds itself following the use of the one flags women struggle to play a bigger role politically and domestic violence also remains a problem. some of the brave women battling abuse talked al-jazeera about the struggles they faced and the pursuit of justice. for the world they're so goes the story of this interview with us a moment. to. look to a level that is fine with that of this is for most. the cement but they said so many of the misconceptions with the little ball going to run off.
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