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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  July 14, 2019 2:00am-3:00am +03

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and stabilize the high level of crimea their concerns around just that being a temporary measure one of the greatest concerns is the police and how they're under-resourced and they've also been accused of corruption protecting in some cases gang bosses and also just being under resourced not being it not having the capability to deal with the extent of the problem here in cape town so head on al-jazeera the us politicians take action to stop arms sales to saudi arabia and stop the killing in yemen. plus we'll have the latest on heavy monsoon rains causing havoc and nepal. hello it's getting hot even in iran now of course it is hotter this time of year throughout this part of the world apart from turkey the caucuses were quite often
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see clouds and showers and temperatures drop but i've overlaid the high temperatures there not surprising you wouldn't think at 1st glance but look at tehran at 41 degrees the average is this time here's the cities for he said he arrived and the record is about 41 so tauren is approaching record values over the next couple of days because the heat extends a long way north as you can see and unsurprisingly further west but this is more usual the coast is clear a cooler bayrou to 29 degrees on shore breeze is probably very pleasant and baghdad's 42 is by no means hot we've seen 50 recently just to the science and in the western side of iran but those temps are a little bit down maybe because he's transferred to try and knock the record up in tehran the hot breeze is blowing out of the iraqi plane of the gulf and so affecting bahrain qatar it's a little bit dusty but it's maybe just breezy but more humidity in the air but it's still $44.00 degrees max temp time and it's much the same further west in mecca and
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medina whereas the coast of amman is now expecting clouds and of course a breeze. indicates that you have or. at least a partner has the potential to be biased in a number of different ways. for the computer to do. is wrong to be saying that your son this is road to. becoming a suspect before the actual crime and in-depth examination into preventative policing pre-crime on al-jazeera.
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hello again the top stories on al-jazeera. riot police in hong kong have confronted protesters complaining about visitors crossing the border from china shoppers and traders from the mainland are accused of driving up prices by both buying tax free products to take home and sell. the u.k. says it's willing to help facilitate the release of peering in all tanker that was seized last week if they can guarantee it won't go to syria british foreign secretary jeremy hunt made the offer to iran's foreign minister mohammad javad zarif who said he's not looking to escalate the situation. protesters are rallying in sudan's capital to mark 40 days since a crackdown by security forces that killed more than 100 people a political transition agreement between sudan's military pro-democracy coalition is expected to be signed later on. the u.s.
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house of representatives has voted for a 12 month freeze on weapon sales the saudi arabia and the united arab emirates but the amendments and stopping the killing in yemen still needs the approval of both the senate on president donald trump. reports from washington. in an effort to send a message and stop the killing in yemen the u.s. house of representatives voted friday to prohibit the sale of air to ground munitions to saudi arabia and united arab emirates for one year they have been used in the war in yemen the amendment to a u.s. defense authorization bill was sponsored by congressman tom aoun now ski and passed 236 to 182 mostly along party lines but 5 republicans also voted in favor of it breaking party ranks all it will do is stop something that is categorically harmful to our national interests the provision of all offensive
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weapons that enable saudi arabia to keep defying our advice by bombing yemen and prolonging the war there. more than 200000 yemenis have been killed or died of starvation in the saudi and u.a.e. led war now in its 4th year the united nations estimates more than 22000000 people or 3 quarters of the population need humanitarian aid and protection before being elected to congress last year now and housekeeper was an undersecretary of state for democracy and human rights and on the house floor he said saudi arabia indiscriminately wages the war in yemen under both the obama and trumpet ministrations we have given the saudis specific lists of targets not to strike we have told them do not hit this specific hospital where this port facility or that bridge and then repeatedly they have gone ahead and hit the precise coordinates on
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our no strike list and then we just keep on selling them the bombs what does that say to the people of yemen what does it say to the leadership of saudi arabia as part of the same defense authorization bill the house also voted to require president donald trump to get congressional permission before he launches any attack on iran the senate rejected a similar measure last month the 251 to 170 vote was unusually bipartisan with 27 republicans joining all but a handful of democrats in support on both of the amendments iran and the saudi u.a.e. arms sales negotiations now are between the senate and house on which of those amendments might make it into the compromise final defense bill gabriel zonda al-jazeera washington turkey has taken delivery of a 2nd shipment of a missile defense system from russia more components of the s 400 system are
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expected over the next few days in defiance of a warning from the united states turkish pilots are no longer being trained to fly the f. 35 war plane and the pentagon's warned deliveries of america's most sophisticated stealth fighter will be canceled since the latest from istanbul. the delivery of those $400.00 russian missile defense system still continues and it is expected to be complete by the end of summer according to turkish officials the missile defense systems will be operational by october following the 1st batch of the down of a turkish an american defense minister had that ministers had a 30 minutes of call to the turkish side it reiterated that turkey is committed to its nato membership and its nato allies and the acquisition of the russian defense system was another choice but unless the city for turkey also. the turkish opposition supported the acquisition of this russian defense system saying that if
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the turkish military says it is a mess the city then they will not be opposing this talk is the 1st nato country it to buy the russian air defense systems and it is the only one for for now and this is the debate that's why the us congress still threatens that turkey should be sanctioned but according to turkey based on the meetings that of presidents agile and present donald trump back in last month and during the g 20 summit turkey believes that it has promised not to impose sanctions but of course time will show whether trump will be able to persuade his congress in order to stop these sanctions monsoon rains in nepal have caused flooding and landslides killing at least 43 people many more are missing and sabina shrestha reports from katmandu more is on the way. cars are moved by xperia to march after
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rivers quickly rose above the danger levels and burst the banks streets have been flooded the water flowing into homes since thursday it's been raining steadily across nepal triggering flash floods and landslides hundreds of people have been evacuated from their homes and rescuers have been searching for. reported missing emergency services have also recovered some bodies in skirts of the capital that men do the heavy rains brought one wall crashing down crushing a section of a heart. of iraqi of the one the wall suddenly crumble we thought it was an earthquake by the time we came out the house was broken 20 members of one family were asleep at the time 3 of them died 2 women one of them pregnant and a child were sleeping in this little cottage over here when this wall came crumbling down crushing the entire quarter most of the people over who have been living here are construction workers and the structures that they're living in it's
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very unsafe every monsoon season now faces floods and landslides but in the cities people have been allowed to build houses and businesses to close to the rivers and the water then has nowhere else to go major highways have been blocked by landslides and the security forces have been called in to help in the rescue operations now but big you it should be 80 to 90 percent of all of our units have been deployed for rescue operation but disaster response is not only about human resources we need resources like a quick means and transportation as well. meteorologists say more rain is expected through to sunday scientists have been warning that because of climate change monsoon patterns are also changing and the region needs to prepare for more extreme weather severe droughts as well as more intense periods of rain it's been
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a fresh to us era but i do. tropical storm barry has been upgraded to a category one hurricane it's gaining strength as it bears down on the u.s. food of louisiana and donald trump has declared an emergency tens of thousands have been left without power and b c news correspondent wednesday will focus more from new orleans the winds are picking up here along the mississippi river and we have felt rain bands from barry all morning long at this point at least 60000 customers are without power along the gulf coast right now there is a shelter in place order in the city of new orleans coastal those low lying areas are already taking on water with as much as $25.00 inches of rain expected in some areas historic flooding is possible this is the 1st time they've closed every floodgates surrounding the city because the mississippi was already so high before very formed the deadly storm surge that comes with these types of storms will put
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the levees that protect the city to the test right now officials are confident those fortified levees that are taller now and those improved pumping stations will keep the water back only though time will tell officials though say no matter how very comes ashore whether it is a strong tropical storm or a weak hurricane thousands of people in the state of louisiana as well as into mississippi and alabama are in the path of what could be disastrous flooding president trump says really deporting undocumented immigrants will begin in 10 cities this weekend he's coming under renewed over his immigration policies with some democrats accusing him of cruelty because of conditions in detention centers on the border my kind of reports from washington d.c. . the trumpet ministration is trying to change the narrative of 2 weeks of negative
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attention vice president mike pence toured a migrant detention facility along the us mexico border different from what we hear from many of the critics. i couldn't be more impressed with the compassionate work that our cause and for border protection to doing here at this facility on capitol hill the house oversight committee heard a different version of conditions inside the centers and what was worst about this mr chairman was the fact that there were american flags hanging all over these facilities that children being separated from their parents in front of an american flag that women were being called these names under an american flag we cannot allow for this as we have seen this current strategy unfold intentional in cruelly created by the trump administration dead set on sending a hate filled message that those seeking refuge are not welcome in america and or
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america president trump has dismissed the claims of mistreatment of their phony sources that even after they write whatever they want but the scrimmage he made clear it considered the details of maltreatment fully substantiated the report considered by the committee was based on data provided by president trump's own administration officials under subpoena among the facts that they confirmed is the fact that as many as 18 children under the age of 2 infants and toddlers were separated from their parents for periods ranging from 20 days to 6 months. the house efforts to investigate claims of abuse do not end here the judiciary committee this week approved a number of other subpoenas to be served on those dealing with migrants the intention to establish whether the implementation of the administration's 0 tolerance policy contravened federal law my kind of al-jazeera washington
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so you saw the vice president visiting one detention center in that report while he also toward another facility crowned with almost 400 men in sweltering heat. they've been there about 40 days and complained of being hungry pen said it was quote tough stuff and that he expected it to be overcrowded but he also said the facilities are something all americans can be proud of. women in countries all over latin america say men are literally getting away with murder cases of what's known as femicide are rising in many countries with men not being prosecuted for reasons including police inaction legal loopholes and sexual discrimination new government figures in bolivia so the rate is at a 6 year high priyanka gupta reports. on the way to the funeral home in bolivia may even last family screams for justice. the 26 year old was allegedly
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hit in the head with a hammer several times till she died the police have detained her partner although we have. local we say. she was all beaten her head was swollen her face was swollen it's such a shame that my daughter was killed by these murders man he killed my daughter i ask for justice that this man goes to jail. her death adds to the rising number of femicide cases oblivion or $73.00 women have a ready been murdered this year it's the highest rate in 6 years. some survivors say they're free to seek justice in court others hide their identity and then we'll see other i'm afraid of being murdered i fear for my life and for that of my baby i only ask for justice. and peace in bolivia passed a law 6 years ago making femicide a crime attackers can be sentenced to up to 30 years in jail but bolivia remains
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one of the most dangerous countries in south america for women activists estimate only 15 percent of all cases get a conviction the last one of the factors i think is that in all cases a family side there is impunity that is very serious because the signal that you give to the aggressor is that nothing happens here government ministers and bolivia say there are deeper issues. we have regulations in place that are recognized by pioneering international organizations but it's clear that the law is not enough therefore our strategy includes work in everyday life because it's what happens on a daily basis that needs to change many believe in women have taken their fight to the streets and on stage 2 with a common goal of spreading awareness. and demanding justice for the crimes committed by men. the dizzier facebook's reported to be facing the largest
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fine ever imposed by u.s. regulators for violating users' privacy and mis handling their information various media says the federal trade commission will find facebook $5000000000.00 that's not expected to hurt the social media giant too much it made 56000000000 last year according to ecuador has upheld a ruling preventing the government from selling land in the amazon rainforest to oil companies the ruling was celebrated by the indigenous while ronnie people who argued they weren't properly consulted on the sale of their ancestral land. as communities have been taking action against oil companies since the 1960 s. . hello again the headlines on al-jazeera right police in hong kong have confronted protesters complaining about visitors crossing the border from china shoppers on
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traders on the mainland are accused of driving up prices by both buying tax free products to take on and sell. has more from hong kong. it's moved beyond the extradition bill now as you can see it was all about it was it was all about a labor issue here it remains to be seen what will be the concessions that will be offered by the hong kong government that will appease many of the protesters what is clear here though is that after almost a month of protests there is still no shortage of anger and frustration here and that it's been manifested by what's happening on the streets constantly. well the u.k. says it's willing to facilitate the release of the iranian oil tanker that was seized last week if iran can guarantee it won't go to syria british foreign secretary jeremy hunt made the offer after his rainy and counterparts hold him he's not looking to escalate the situation the ship was detained by british forces off gibraltar on suspicion of taking oil to syria in breach of e.u.
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sanctions 4 crew members were arrested then later released on bail without charge and british foreign secretary jeremy hunt elaborated on his phone call with his rainy and counterpart the homage of odds are if our concern has always been the destination of the tank and the fact that it was taking oil to syria not the origin of the oil i said that if we could receive sufficient guarantees for that time to was not headed for syria then we would be able to resolve the situation following of course due process in the gibraltar courts it was a constructive call for mr zarif reassured me that iran too wanted to resolve the situation protesters are rallying in sudan's capital to mark 40 days since a crackdown by security forces they want an independent investigation into the killing of more than $100.00 protesters on june the 3rd there were also demanding a civilian led government a political transition agreement between sudan's military and the pro-democracy
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coalition is due to be signed plater on saturday tropical storm barry has been upgraded to a category one hurricane it's gaining strength as a bears down on the u.s. state of louisiana tens of thousands have been left without power those are the headlines inside story is coming up next on our jazeera. turkey defies u.s. warnings to buy a russian missile defense system why is the sale so controversial and could turkey be risking its position in the nato military alliance this is inside story.
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thanks. hello and welcome to the program i'm dennis now a battle appears to be looming within the west the world's most important military alliance the 2 nato members with the largest armies are in dispute over weapons from russia the u.s. is threatening sanctions against turkey for taking delivery of the russian s $400.00 anti missile system this faces russian weapons inside nato territory washington had warned that if the sale goes ahead turkey would be kicked out of a program to build the new f. 35 war plane and turkish pilots learning to fly the jet would be sent home well let's take a closer look then at the weapons the s 400 missiles can similar taina see track
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and destroy incoming targets up to 400 kilometers away the u.s. is concerned turkey's s 400 purchase will compromise the security of its aesthetic 5 jets the self is the backbone of the u.s. and nato its future power and turkey's already bought for a month another $116.00 bot. the u.s. believes russia may use the s 400 system to collect sensitive data about the f. 35 but turkey's president rather tired bedouin the may have had good reason to think the deal would have been ok with the us the president was not allowed to buy the video. so when he got the other one the 200 to 424 that. he wanted to do this but he was allowed all your volatile situation to play a. little over 3000000 to buy
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a little missiles. a little of the solicit where you can now buy a missile you know to go to this is that. it's a book my. right let's introduce our guests now in istanbul we have osman sat research director at the ankara institute and former advisor to the turkish prime minister ahmet devah tolu in too long in france via skype we have and that matter via for a visiting senior research fellow at king's college london and in tallinn via skype we have marco mickelson who's a member of the a stony and parliament and says as the deputy chair of the foreign affairs committee a stoner of course is a member of nato welcome to you all but also man let me come to you 1st in istanbul which just heard donald trump at the g 20 giving some sort of assurances in a way to president at a one as you think president a might have made a serious miscalculation in going forward with the receipt of these s 400 from
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russia or do you think that maybe president trump maybe misled him either. it's true that you know deep for turkey the only trustable ally in washington in trump and all the know that mr trump the american president is not the most important actor in washington he can yes of course choose between dissensions of cuts or. 12 sanctions but he is the only one who can sit and talk and make negotiations regarding as 400 deal the americans because of the you know the lack of dialogue you know psychology of corporation between turkish parliament and took shouldn't strain and the congress. is the only one but nobody can say that trump can guarantee any kind of policies against turkey but it is of use he made a very important gesture against turkey during the summit right and market coming
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to you then in tallinn. president trump there being ambiguous i suppose is the best way of describing as to how the receipt of these s. for hundreds would be taken but it has been left by nato hasn't it pretty much to the americans to deal with this issue or kind of a bilateral deal where is the rest of nato on this issue. i think nato is stronger there we have fought this for months what has a. way this deal with russians on us for hundreds and. i don't think that you're going to find in alliance in the alliance today as single member who is very much satisfied of a current situation because there are so many controversies and what is the most important actually question here i don't think that very. question about tony
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f. $35.00 and t. tell about their. flight let's say. sequence. i see here is much more important we have to look at the russian diplomacy and russian strategic aid to actually break down. very wide pull. connections within the alliance and of the day to push away america's influence from european continent and this is something what we see and witnessed today and it is very serious step and right i must it is for russian we not rushing to mark de blas so right and coming to you then some a victory as a teaching victory that president putin and his diplomacy particularly in the middle east. to some extent yes but also iraq has it is
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a big player in the middle east and against which you ask oh it is fairly intimate. in the center each other to which do you want to either help now also or have the answer which track it doesn't quite like like where it starts army to kurdish forces which turkey many times to it as you said that it is very much against. syria what has our supplies of our effort systems so we. are just 300 and deployed in syria so if you just quell all yes the talk you would want to have some kind of response to that. yes obviously the seat in similar sales elsewhere it would like to project himself 1st as a acknowledging leader but also as a leader which causes solutions to
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a lot of real life security problems right and also and so on it has raised the serious thing you wanted to say something i want to make a contribution. just i want to make a contribution both you know and michel made in and did the underlined the role of russia on the issue that's right then we are thinking the issue and looking at it as 400 discussion from today it is a misunderstanding of what is happening today in the region but the deal the negotiation started with russia between turkey and russia started in 2016 not during trump easier than when you know there was obama's policy the frustration in turkish public after the july 15th attempt to which you know the americans turned blind but the putin was just next to president turned on and the american didn't reply any kind of security threat coming from sure and then russia gave just. to make a corporation in syria and between this you know psycho. this x.
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400 deal happened and that's why this is not an issue of having a defense system or you know did a technical think this is a political shift india to an extent but yes there's a track there's a crack in nato alliance but this is really a result of a crack between turkish american relations right and. trying to find an economy for its security and that you wanted to agree i think with us yes i would like to say that was or not there's or i'm going to isolation as just an issue about late turkey has been moving together with russia in a lot of projects which would load up into a lot kind of a major corporation excess energy and as pipeline deal. nuclear power stations that are things which you feel that there is a commitment to have a strategic relationship in which this kind of weapons deal is also possible it
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cannot be isolated for a wider strategy either so just rather lesions and astral in the middle east or the alignment of turkish and russian positions on the global right yes windows is our right marco in tallinn then this is being presented perhaps given that the this conversation began. in 26 a november 26th in an can obviously at a time when president obama was in the white house so this is being presented perhaps as a policy failure if you like on the part of the a bomb a administration would you agree that that. part of this is correct and this is not only perhaps going at it with obama administration but we have seen that they're also trying to kind of administration hasn't been successful in gauging turkey in in terms of. security arrangements in northern syria in perhaps also then we think about the growing tensions around iran and so but but
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again i would like to come back to this point that this is something sometimes we we don't see the bigger picture and i agree with ana here that this is not isolated to any goal let's say military given sale be sure it's not don't need the u.s. turkey's relations or u.s. turkey or russia relations they should this is much bigger game which is going on which is. that at least then what we see from the russian side is to push to reshape your atlantic security architecture and what suits better in this picture if russia it is successful in there to go on a city to i. don't know look at a major relationship that serious and let me just interject and i'll ask you then where has nato bayne and to let allow russia this amazing amount of penetration into what is meant to be the. the main bastin if you like of western
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security architecture. i. i'm sure nato has been a solid there but they don't change is what we see in witness both in the middle east but also internally in turkey in recent years given a very little opportunities for democratic allies within nato to have a more serious impact on on turkey i think there is disagreeing with you and out now yeah i have to say i disagree i think that i make that absolutely if you're tired to our real life our security problems in the middle east one turkey ok and that is what a lot of controversy what happened but again has been that syria they thought didn't look all that any response to that it was that little bit kind of
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space was here and they had. their real life supplies sought the kurdish forces so if you look at other. kind of middle eastern problems it was i don't i'm not i can actually look what that goes together with the coalition ringback what they're all off there whether it was so up one day to acting in afghanistan it was so a lot of. that kind of that they just by force and is done here about but in the middle east there was not only a terrorist right from almost every ism and i asked him i've had something tangible to offer but. also us men also men i think he wanted to get to come in there if you had just i want to make a correction and a contribution as well to god in the correction then just i'm underlining the role of obama here guiding the frustration and disappointment on the turkish administration i'm not trying to clean the hands of trump administration when you
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just look at can they make a satirical playing in the hands of you know turkey's adversaries if you does the right. for instance in adamic a is attending a meeting especially in the eastern mediterranean between egypt cyprus greece and israel in order to balance or counterbalance turkey and that's why i say trump administration is not playing a good role to engage turkey into nato this is one thing regarding the nato role it's so obvious when i was just on talking to the nato officials as well they do not want to dirtied their hands because it's a clash between americans and turks and they think that the americans will you just just just balanced a key or give a panel to turkey whatever it is and that's what they've bates and turkey tried to engage nato to the game and then tried some you know papers or ideas from nato to formulate a middle way between turkey and the americans regarding us 400 and nato didn't want to do anything about it and another contribution an addition to turkey try to find
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a middle way regarding its 400 because turkey sees the cost of as 400 but the problem is that now the russia is coming into the game and russia didn't let turkey to find a middle way between the americans and especially when it look we have seen their heart attacks against you know the syrians between the damascus regime and it created a risk of true true 3000000 rice was ready to turkey and others i didn't didn't let turkey yes we can't play mentioning obliquely at this point syria us then let me ask you how far is the purchasing of the s 400 a matter of appeasing russ a if you like in order for turkey to keep a certain amount of influence over what happens in northern syria because that of course is is strategically exceedingly important to ankara. local russia is the only only partner for $32.00 major corporation in the region that is on number one
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thing and as as an order to just put it it is a part of a part of a general corporation between russia and turkey but it is not the end of the game with as for hundreds you know it is not you know all the problems russia has city and some his own you know its own interests in there in syria and probably will try to limit turkey in the region but city russia is unfortunately the only actor making a corporation with turkey and giving just providing tricky bit you know a security in the region and that's why this corporation is is important and the nato alliance itself is getting cracked not because of turkey's you know it's 400 deal you know the trump instruction is itself could to sizing and questioning and the flaws of your for a nato and this is the shift of wild west what is the alliance what is secure to structure against russia marco can i come to you then and ask how far has has nato's coherence be undermined if you like not just by the.
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acquisition of s 400 but the trumpet ministration itself which has made a great point of of denigrating if you like the alliance. look if you look back at their history of alliance which is more than 70 years old not we had a lot of trouble done before or this particular moment as well but i agree before we must see much more sort of active group all of nato or nato members not only of americans in that region and we don't about middle east for instance but also where are there france u.k. germany and other european members of nato we for us. the total situation in not in the middle east is much more closer in many ways to the united states but i wouldn't say that we haven't seen we've been alliance
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recently any significant change in terms of everyday work between allies and and also including the turkish participation in their rides and and then you were suggesting that this is part of a much greater. city to move on the part of president putin's russia and what what does what does russia get out of this obviously they've got a foothold a foothold within nato territory but what else is russia that house at this arrangement. yes well we should say it again is a broader context in up in the night is iran has been very involved looking and retreated from what a lot of it is it's international commitment level and it was from lies. left to hang out to dry yeah so. it lost a lot of its absence abroad lies felt let down by them so
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now after 25 years the tables have reversed america retreated into all of their own internal agenda and has been retreating prove what a lot of active and gauge console it is a gauge was given to controversial are very much like sanctions on criticizing the allies which was a must start space to act and it started right then in plate away and started to get traction right so every little helps if you can play a role in middle east infrastructure and then have something to contribute politically economically or socially or weapons wife but something which is not left went on and it's up to grabs right now and i could tell there is a risk taker he can add quickly and has to leave behind him would take up the
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opportunity it's not to look in and says then shall i ask because lace right ok all right if this is a may day go ahead i need to now move on to osman because also as we understand it right now they've been to shipments of equipment pertaining to this anti this defense system another shipment is g.-u. possibly by sea it is quite possible that turkey would take this this defense system and just keep it in crates will it necessarily activate the system having already given the scare if you like to its nato allies or do you think that president is committed to activating the s 400 system. you know what is important for it you need to look at the cost of having as 400. different system if you look at the you know the american laws it is saying that not the activation but the transsexual itself it means when you are paying it and
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buying a russian defense system it is creating a result in washington d.c. and that's why. the ball is already kicked the crisis i think all of the started now turkey and the trump inspiration and plus you know to an extent moscow is trying to. manage the crisis and i truly believe that turkey is looking at some middle way some alternatives which can ease the tension in washington d.c. but i have real question marks regarding how much these new you know measures will . just stop the american administration but still for now it worked just as the defense secretary the pentagon canceled the press statement regarding turkey but the real player in washington d.c. is the congress there are 2 miscalculations in both sides one the americans never believed that turkey viewed by as 400 system because turkey made
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a deal with it or started the deal with the chinese and canceled it and the americans thought that always to keep bill stop at some point this was a miscalculation god knows his point one took he didn't do thought that the americans will exclude turkey from f. $35.00 system but american started to exclude you from f. $35.00 which is talk important for turkish a security as role and another think turkey thought that they can use turkey can use it and 400 together and it didn't work out in the right ok so marco given that often there's already alerted us to the fact that there is indeed a crisis now he suggests that to try to find some kind of way out of this crisis. but the white house has been silent the pentagon has said nothing we had i think one word pretty much from they said and that is that it's concerned as an organization what options does nato have in front of it if indeed turkey goes ahead
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activates a system which everyone has decried what options all that for they said can nato expel turkey for instance no i don't think that we get a. dog good in these categories that we could not be expelled from nato no way i think that turkey 1st and foremost must make clear a barrister cheap game because well and if you look at the soviet economy and trade relations source that historical connection we have by the nato alliance or lost so many daycares i think that this crisis if you could call this as a small crisis we've been nadir. is going to be settled down but we have to understand that here is again much bigger interest behind a peace deal which is coming from moscow and moscow's interest east to g.'s mantle
2:45 am
nato of crises with our nato allies must take very seriously all right we're running out of time so if i can ask you to be brief please ana coming back to you do you think then that we're witnessing effectively a strategic realignment on the part of techie of facing much more towards moscow than its nato allies. always be an art saying it's for some time and it just became all kind of that was noticeable but. honestly what always tried to be square the circle and try to find a compromise between holes so now we will not see it as our kind of good time to minister to choice but the idea all right but some are right and also one last word to you is this a fundamental shift in terms of turkey's outlook on the world or where its strategic alliances lie it is an important shift if you look at the he sort of
2:46 am
chokey and you know autumn an empire and before you know the autumn and empire it is sold rare almost none any kind of such kind of a strategic cooperation with russia but it is not the end of the game it is not the end of the world and turkey is not quitting the nato alliance this is a very important crack but it is not just because of the turkish frustrations but it is the crack of wood and the nato alliance and the western alliance and we need to find there is a reply for this crack india once great thank you all very much indeed awesome and sir in istanbul and i'm mad to be ever in too long and marco mickelson in tallinn thank you all very much indeed and as ever thank you for watching the program you can see it again any time you like by going to the web site out is there dot com should you want more discussion there's always a facebook page facebook dot com for slash a.j. inside story and there's the to his fair of course i had liz at a.j. inside story i'm dennis thank you again for watching for me and the whole team here
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in doha it's 5 and. i. every reclaim news cycle brings a series of breaking stories is maximum jail term has jumped from 5 years to 175 years during their listening post as we tend the cameras on the media donald trump should be the one deciding who is a journalist and who isn't to focus on how they were caught on the stories that matter the most they move closer and closer to a list of tire shutdowns both international and domestic news coverage on
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you're watching the news hour live from the headquarters. coming up in the next 60 minutes widening anger in hong kong thousands of protesters focus on a new target traders from mainland china. the u.k. says it's willing to facilitate the release of the iranian super tanker that was seized last week but it comes with conditions. marked 40 days since a military crackdown killed more than $100.00 protesters. with. the latest efforts to revive the owl's sea which is now a desert poisonous old school. sports. the new wimbledon champion in the process the romanian didn't mind serina williams what could have been a record equalling 24 grand slam title. hello
2:50 am
what began as protests over an extradition law in hong kong has now turned into. a much wider movement over the influence of beijing fighting broke out on saturday after thousands of protesters marched in the town of shang shway close to the border with mainland china shoppers on traders from the mainland are accused of driving up prices by both buying tax free products to take home and sell jamil and dog on reports from hong kong. the protests in hong kong began more than a month ago and shown no sign of easing up with much of the activists frustration directive at the territory's chief executive as a home call people we love our place we are on call has always filed us by small rise only uses our cities or on the protocol. just to operate our day of protests
2:51 am
our citizens hear about $30000.00 demonstrators gathered to protest against traders from mainland china who make short trips over the border to buy tax free goods pushing up prices in hong kong but what began as a peaceful march turned violent i. the police clearly outnumbered struggled to contain the situation. police officers who were initially asked to just man the perimeters had been pushed back they were clearly outnumbered what we're seeing here now at this point are the protesters basically advancing towards the riot police. they too are unable to fill their position and were forced to retreat around 500 meters from their original position i i this is shocking show
2:52 am
a border town between hong kong and mainland china young people here tell us of their bottled up this content at what they see as china's increasing interference in a. hong kong's affairs. the 1st protests began last month when the government proposed amendments to a law that would allow criminal suspects in hong kong to be extradited to china to face trial public demonstrations forced chief executive carrie lamb to suspend the bill she said it was dead but that's not enough for activists who are calling for her resignation. many of these protestors were babies or not even born in 1907 when the united kingdom ended its said ministration of hong kong and past good shoulder of its former colony to china but they say they are the ones most disillusioned about hong kong's future their way of life they see is being threatened by creeping
2:53 am
tarion isn't. dogon al-jazeera hong kong for u.k. says it's willing to facilitate the release of the iranian oil tanker that was seized off gibraltar last week if iran can guarantee it won't go to syria the british foreign secretary jeremy hunt made the offer after has a rainy and counterpart told him he's not looking to escalate the situation the ship was detained by british forces off the rolls or on suspicion of taking oil to syria in breach of you sanctions 4 crew members were arrested then later released on bail without charge let's bring in richard allen who's joining us from london what more are british authorities saying about this development torie. well jeremy hunt sent out a series of tweets earlier on saturday talking about surf phone conversation that he had had with is rainy and counterparts the foreign minister of iran mahmoud zarif and what jeremy hunt tweeted was that just spoke to foreign minister zarif
2:54 am
a constructive call i reassured him that our concern was the destination not the origin of the oil on the grace one that's the super tanker that was detained off the coast of gibraltar and that the u.k. will facilitate the release of it if we receive guarantees that it would not be going to syria following the due process in gibraltar courts now jeremy hunt also says that he was told by zarif that iran wants to resolve the issue and is not seeking to escalate so what does all this mean while at the very least it means there is now some diplomacy going on after a week of escalating tensions and shouting following the detention of the grace one over a week ago the arraign ians called it a violation of international law and said that there would be repercussions the british insists that in the last few days the iranians deny this of course but one
2:55 am
of the british a british warship in the gulf had to get in between a british tanker and 3 iranian vessels that were trying to stop or seize it the british then raise the security level for all of their shipping in the gulf region and how fast tracked the deployment of another royal navy warship which at the moment has been on appointments in the black sea that's heading to the gulf straightaway so after all of that we are now at least seeing these 2 countries talking together once more ok royal challengers thank you. protesters are rallying in sudan's capital to mark 40 days since a crackdown by security forces they want an independent investigation into the killing of more than $100.00 protesters on june the 3rd they're also demanding a civilian led government a political transition agreement between sudan's military and
2:56 am
a pro-democracy coalition was due to be signed later on saturday that deal sets up a joint sovereign council that will govern for about 3 years until elections are held let's speak to ali but he's a member of the f f c that's the forces for freedom and change which is part of the umbrella protest group of people demanding civilian rule he's joining us from at this hour about thanks for being with us on the al-jazeera news hour we know that there have been delays to that signing ceremony in the political transition agreement which raises the question what divisions in disagreements do remain right now and how far apart does your side continue to be from the t.m.c. or law actually what we can say that our disagreements about it is just for more consultation i think between the 2 parties so we should have signed the agreement ordered the but actually it was put off for this reason can you elaborate
2:57 am
a little bit more on the consultations taking place that is. the consultation is between the different parties for example no here in ideas above and now there are a group of some of the groups there are also trying to reach some agreement on some crucial points concerning the transitional period and also concerning the situation of groups. so i think these things need more consultation because. actually nobody is willing to hold anyone out in the future so was there is a audience are now so what you're saying is there are divisions right now between your group as well as some of the armed groups over that political transition because at the time when that agreement was reached some of the rebel groups did denounce the agreement is ill timed and they said that was it was
2:58 am
a betrayal of the revolution so is everyone not on board at this point no i can't say it's a division actually but they said that it is just. small that there should be discussed now a description of time of our history so therefore you can see that these groups have been outside of the can to be for almost 50 years so they should be part and parcel of everything going on and so therefore i think everything now is going ok and we are quite sure that nothing is left behind apart from just signing the agreement between the f.f.c. and the m.t.c. when you look at i know you speak to us from ethiopia where you are right now but when you look at what's happening in sudan today and the protests and the protests that have come out does this rescue jeopardizing that transition deal at all and the mediation efforts by the african union as well as if you.
2:59 am
i don't think so for one particularly them as far as i know now that brooke this is going on and it really is going it's mostly in the city so hopped on people kind of . remembering or it's a memorial actually for the massacres the top one of the gentlemen is from a done so i think part of that is peaceful protest so they are not because he has actually do you can say so after the news is ok is that i mean he's more than just most of you. i would say any kind of threats or dangers facing that all right thank you very much for speaking to us from. al shabaab fighters in somalia say they attacked a hotel killing at least $26.00 people and injuring dozens it happened in the port city of can small you know in the autonomous region of jubal and among the dead are
3:00 am
people from kenya tanzania the u.s. britain and canada welcome what has more from nairobi in neighboring kenya. officials who survived the attack say it began with a suicide bomber in a car there was a bomb in the vehicle in the vehicle was rammed into the hotel causing a large explosion gunmen then followed on foot attacking the premises and a gun battle ensued between them and the security forces who were posted at the hotel the gun battle went on for hours but eventually those security forces were able to take the situation on the control this kind of violence is common in some parts of somalia but in recent years it's been rare in the town of kids. but it's widely believed to be connected to an upcoming election which is meant to take place there in august the time of the attack it was a political gathering going on inside the hotel elders plan representatives and legislators were meeting in preparation for that election and the armed group al shabaab of.


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